Sex Doll

By Stroppy Author published August 8, 2018
A college jock has sex toys made in his image

Jamie pounded the poor lass beneath him with a fury normally reserved for the field. He was a Quarterback and as such he knew how to drive an opponent down. if you stood next to his bed (And Jaimie would never let you stand next to his bed…that was too Faggy) you would see only glimpses of a womans flesh underneath him. He was so large he completely covered the body of his victim, I mean, Lover. No bed would support the pounding he presented. He tried platform beds but they too crashed down. No, Jaimie was too much of a man beast . His box spring and mattress lay on a double layer of mattress foam topper and still made a pounding noise no neighbor would dare complain about. Jaimie. He could be a vindictive man.

After 12 minutes of pounding he arched his back and gave one last thrust with a barbaric roar that scared the dumb thing below him. “Thanks babe, that was great… I gotta get up in the morning, do you mind showering in your dorm”? Jaimie rolled over onto his back replaying his conquest in his mind. How was he going to retell this story at drill tomorrow?

His words pierced her. No sooner had she knelt on the bed then he was inside her. She hadn’t even cum yet. That selfish bastard! He had been so nice. He was a gentleman in class. He held to doors open for her and even quoted a line of Whitman. She lay there in disbelief! “Hun.. I said I have to get up early.. mind taking an uber back to your dorm” Jaimie said with a tone of direction which must be obeyed.

She jumped and gathered her clothes. Jaimie Watched her dress. Her face was beet red. She gave him a look of pure hate and exited his room. He wondered if he had gone too far when he heard his bro’s in the hallway Cat calling and Whooted, some chanting “JAI-MI, JAI-MI, JAI-MI” “Naw”, Jaimie reassured himself. Jaimie walked naked out of his dorm room for his victory lap. THIS is why he was Captain of the team. He was a God among men for his sexual antics. He turned to the wall next to his room and taking a sharpie he made another hash mark on the door jamb. “27” and he had only been there three months. What a Stud!

It had been several weeks, almost a month since #27. Jaimie was up to 36 when there was a knock on his door. There stood a FedEx delivery guy in his stupid purple uniform. When Jaimie opened the door the man took a step back and gasped. He had never seen such a mountain of perfection before. Straight as he was his cock gave a twitch. “WHAT”? Jaimie shouted at the poor man. "I..I.. Uh.. “the boy stuttered and just held out a letter for Jaimie. Jaimies hand made the delivery guys hand look like a baby grabbing the finger of his Papa. “Go” Jaimie said without looking at the boy. The delivery guy held out his palm pilot for a signature. Jaimie looked at him as if he were stupid. " Y..y…yes Sir” the delivery boy stuttered and walked backwards out of the dorm.

It was a special delivery letter from some manufacturer here in Los Angeles. Based on his reputation with “The Ladies” and the collective adoration of his team mates they would like to model a line of sex toys after him. At first Jaimie as disgusted but as he read on the letter seduced him with the number of women who buy his product; how they would fantasise about him while using a life-replica of his “gifts” and he would receive a $100,000 retainer plus a share of the profits for his participation. Later, if he chooses, they can discuss using his image for an additional fee. The letter was on very expensive stationary and the owner/operators signature was gold inlay. Jaimie pulled out his cell phone to see if this place is legit and sure enough Wikipedia had several pages of their movies, products and even associated holdings on Wall street. All he had to do was cash the attached cheque and make an appointment set for one week later.

Jaimie ran, not walked to the bank and made his deposit. As if to test the validity of the cheque he took $1,000 cash back which they counted out in $20’s and $50’s. Fuck Yeah.. Maybe he can fuck him some bitches and send them home stuffed with one of his sex toys so they’ll be nice and loose. he always wanted to fist some sloppy hole. No doubt he would get his wish.

Jaimie arrived a few minutes early for the 9:00 appointment at the address provided. The tower was impressive. The entire 21st floor of the Larry Flynt building housed the offices. Ironic! The receptionist was a Hot babe with what couldn’t be real tits. They were perfect! So smooth and round. The nipples looked like something off a plastic doll but when she saw him enter the room he noticed them firm and harden. yeah.. when he was done with their meeting they were going to play.

The door opened and a distinguished gentleman in a custom tailored suit interrupted his lascivious thoughts. The suit fit him perfectly. Yeah.. maybe he would use some of his profits to buy himself a suit like that. Always thoughts on how to bed babes… that would get him laid. “Jaimie.. so glad you could make it” the gentleman said. “My name is Oliver Steingarten. Please come in”. Jaimie entered a plush office situated with a full wet bar and a view of the Hollywood Hills. He was impressed. Fuk yeah, he made a good choice in coming here.

“I’ll come straight to the point” said Oliver. "You have quite a reputation having been called JOCK THE RIPPER, Sword of Destiny, The Plumber, and so many other colourful names. We have a complete line of toys to be named after each of your nick’s as it were. Jaimie looked puzzled. “Why so many names? I only have one cock”. Oliver chuckled and said “Our toys don’t just lay there. They have several functions from vibrating, movement, expansion, locking mechanisms. Some even predict impending climax and edges the user, denying them until their own passions leave them weak and pliable. Here, let me show you. " Jaimie waved his hands and declined. " I donwanna see no cock toys, Doc”. Oliver looked flustered for a moment and said “Nothing so crude, Jaimie.. I was going to show you a chart with the various functions and the science behind it”. Jaimie was embarrassed for the first time in his arrogant life. “Sorry professor.. I’m not used to working with true professionals. I work with some pretty dumb people, yaknow?”

Oliver considered his words before speaking. “Yes, I would imagine”. With that he slid a panel away revealing a 72" television monitor above the bar. “A celebration drink”? Oliver offered. “Sure.. ya got beer” Jaimie returned. Oliver flushed a bit but produced a large brown bottle with German writing. “Only import, I’m afraid. No Miller light”. Jaimie was disappointed but accepted the bottle.

Oliver droned on about “sine waves” and “electro-encephalumpolus” or some shit. Jaimie noticed flashes and images in between the slides. His eyes remained fixed on the screen even when nothing was displayed. He finished his beer and another appeared in his hand. He hadn’t noticed the professor replacing it. More about demographics and using cell phones to measure impedence. " Hey.. I have a cell phone" Jaimie offered. The professor smiled and said “Yes.. we know. I’ve downloaded an app for you”. Jaimie was so comfortable. Finally the meeting had ended. That lecture had to last an hour but when Jaime looked at his watch it had actually been five hours.

“The last thing we need to do is place a recording device in you”. Jaimie didn’t notice the word “in” versus “on” but said “Sure”. The professor tilted Jaimies huge head to the right. Movement was severely limited by the sheer size of the head and thick neck muscles. The professor actually had to stand on a stool to perform the procedure. He then pulled out a 6" probe on a long thin needle. Jaimie had a flash of panic but something in his mind said this was perfectly normal. There was a pressure behind his ear and a sudden rush of sound. An image appeared on the screen and Jaimie saw the his skull and the shadow of his ear. The needle pressed against the bone and left a shiny object behind. The professor repositioned the needle behind the other ear and repeated the procedure. He then rolled a podium with a head rest like a massage chair in front of Jaimie and had him lean in to it. A similar needle was brought to the base of the sull and Jaimie felt a similar prep then a pin prick then numbness. Again there was a sense of pressure and he felt a tingling shoot down his spin to all of his extremities. A residual tingling in his finger tips remained as the professor sat him up right.

“That should be good. Have another beer and relax for a few minutes”. Jaimie accepted the fresh bottle while Oliver played with some instruments. Jaimie heard voices but they were so soft he couldn’t make out their words. He felt a pleasant buzzing in his arms, fingers and toes then his lips and suddenly his cock filled out and went full mast in seconds. The professor looked pleased. “This will allow us to copy the engrams of your brain so we can pass the impulse on to the user of your product. You should also experience what the user is doing to the product. You can go now. See you tomorrow” and with that Jamie left the office.

He sat in his car for an hour before a Policeman tapped on his window. Jamie looked around unsure where he was. The cop asked “Are you all right, Sir”? Jaimie still looked confused but said “Yeah.. great. Must have zoned out waiting for someone”. The cop was satisfied with that answer and offered Jaimie a Good day. Jaimie still heard small soft voices in his head. Odd but not uncomfortable. His neck felt a bit stiff and he had a strange tingle in his fingertips. “Must have been allergic to whatever that Dildo pusher (Hahaha.. love that name) mixed my drink with but who has $100,000 in the bank? This guy!!”. He started his car with the intent of driving to the Mercedes dealer to look at something flashier than his old 2017 BMW 8 Series coupe but he had arrived outside his dorm room instead.

Jaimie made his way to his room barely registering his teammates and other people in the hallway. As soon as the door closed he headed to his computer and logged in to a new site. He didn’t recognise the WWW address but somehow he knew a log in name and password. As soon as he hit enter the screen lit up and his ears buzzed.

Jaimie was startled back to awareness as one of his teammates pounded on his door. “Dude.. Hurry the Fuk up.. Supper time!”. No fukin way! Supper isn’t for another 7 hours but when he looked at the clock on the computer he saw it was 7:PM. He stood stiffly feeling something in the corner of his mind. He felt somewhat off balance. Almost disconnected. . Slowly as he moved he regained muscle coordination but the feeling of something in the distance stayed with him. Jaimie opened the door and saw the face of Ryan looking at him. Ryan asked if he were OK but Jaimie waved him off and said yeah.. just tired. They walked to the cafeteria with Jaimie telling Ryan about the letter and the offer and the $100,000.00. As they walked several women from around campus saw him. Some moved away rather quickly, others fell in closer. Jaimie, always the horn dog chubbed up and using the fingers in his pocket pushed his hardening cock forward into the pant material . He loved seeing the expression on their faces but he kept turning towards Ryan showing his member off to him. Ryan not wanting to challenge the Captain of the squad just pretended not to notice and they continued their walk.

They ate in a section of the cafeteria reserved for staff and star players. Their trays loaded with food, Ryan, a couple of other players and Jaimie sat down at a table. No sooner had Jaimie sat down when he suddenly gasped and began moaning. His tit! Fuuuuuck.. something was happening to his tits! It felt like someone was sucking and chewing on them. It felt bloody Fantastic! Everyone looked at the huge man in front of them puff his chest out; they noticed his nipples getting hard and if they had looked under the table they would have seen his cock drooling pre-cum. Paul leaned over and said “Dude, you all right in there”? Jaimie couldn’t speak. He just nodded is head. Sweat beginning to form on his brow. He stood very suddenly and excused himself mumbling something about the bathroom. As he stood they saw the wet spot on his pants and looked at each other.

Jaimie barely made it to the bathroom when he suddenly felt pressure on his lips and something in his mouth. There was a sensation like someone invisible kissing him and Fuck if they weren’t expert at it. He entered a stall and sat down. As his legs spread to sit down he felt something rubbing across his hard cock bringing out an incredible wave of pleasure. The tongue in his mouth had him sucking back. From the outside he looked strange French kissing the air and moaning as his hands felt for an arse which wasn’t there. Suddenly he felt something pushing on his cock.. it felt like his cock was receeding into his groin and something was jacking him off from inside his cock. He was humping the air and sucking harder on what wasn’t in his mouth when he felt his body rocking and a shake erupt inside him. He was in a sexual haze. The whole thing lasted less than five minutes. Holy fuk he wanted more. Suddenly there was a tapping on the stall door. Paul and Ryan had entered the bathroom. “Fuck I hope they didn’t hear me” thought Jaimie. Dude.. what the fuck, Man whats going on?

The voices were back and calming him down. They were familiar and comfortable. All he needed to do was listen to the voices. "I’m fine.. Food poisoning. Gotta go to my room. You guys stay and finish. See ya tomorrow. He went back to his room and found a package on the floor at his door. Picking it up, he went inside closing and locking the door, he opened the package, he found a ring with LED lights covering the entire circumference of the ring. Without instructions he placed it on his head. It fit snugly and perfectly. Once in place he pulled out his cell phone and opened a new app which had recently been downloaded. Using his thumbprint scan to unlock the app, he felt a buzzing in his ears and the familiar tingling in his fingers and toes. He laid down robotically on the bed and fell silent: unblinking, unfeeling and unseeing.

At 5AM he awoke. Not woke up but more like he had been reactivated. No drowsiness, just awake. He left the ring in place and fit a baseball cap over it. Jaimie dressed for the gym and headed out. Once there he went through every exercise he knew. He repeated two or three reps of every exercise in order of their cycle for every day of the week and at Football practice. Even though it was only one or two of each exercise it still took him two hours to finish his demonstration. Despite being sweaty and stinking to high hell he skipped his shower staying in his work out sweat shorts and wife-beater, gathered his things from his locker and headed to Olivers office.

Once there we walked in not noticing the receptionist was gone. He simply entered the Foyer then Oliver’s office. Oliver looked up and said “Ahh.. right on time. Perfect”. Jaimie stood in the centre of the room wondering what he hell was happening. His thoughts were his own. He just couldn’t move; not even his eyes. The Doctor moved him with his four fingers backwards into a chair and Jaimie sat down.

The Professor removed the ring from Jaimies head and using a similar ring with spikes on the inside of the ring he replaced it on Jaimies head. The professor pulled out a syringe and injected the contents into the large vein on Jaimies forearm. Jaimie felt a flushing and a strange numbness then nothing. His eyes did show alarm when the professor began to speak.

“I know you can hear me. I know you have questions” the professor said calmly. Professionally. dispassionately. " I am linking your mind with the rubber sex doll in the chair opposite you. Everything you experience is being transmitted to the doll. It will respond to it’s owners touches and advances just as you would and vice versa. You will feel everything that happens to this rubber doll. How did you like the sample this morning? Would you be surprised to know that was your coach you experienced this morning? Let me demonstrate".

The professor walked over to the obviously rubber doll and pinched it’s nipples. Hard! Jaimie, despite him paralysis, gasped and bounced in his chair. His cock filled and rose to it’s impressive height: 14" by the Dr’s estimate. he professor placed one then two fingers in the dolls vagina which Jaimie experienced as his cock being fucked from the insides. His breathing increased. his nipples responding to the stimulation. but when the professor lifted the doll, Jaimie felt himself flying only to land on a small by comparison 8" dildo. His insides feeling full and something else.. his prostate maybe.

The professor added an update to Jaimies iPhone app and pressed a button. Jaimies vision failed for a moment. his arms and legs shook like a tremor as the spikes dug into his skin then with a crunch, through his skull. he felt something pressing on his mind. His head felt full, like someone had inflated it with a tyre pump. Then just as suddenly the shaking had stopped. He felt the spikes withdraw, then a humming then more withdrawl then more humming again and again until they had fully retracted. The professor replaced the spike ring with the one Jaimie had worn to the office.

Jaimie awoke. it was morning and he was still wearing the ring, laying in bed. He made his way to the gym as he did every morning, repeating his sample work out routine two reps at a time. He moved to the showers after his especially hard workout. He was beaming with satisfaction at having lifted for almost three hours until some faggot in a skimpy posing jock walked by and grabbed his nipple. Jaimie was about to teach that little fag a lesson when suddenly he felt something.

First there was nothing then he felt incredibly strong hands grab his arms then he was so suddenly full; so completely and deeply full that he arched his back up and his butt out. He leaned against the lockers as if someone were power fucking him. Then the hands were on his nipples pulling them impossibly far from his body. He was soaring in a sexual haze. He was sure he felt someone chewing on his neck but when he looked in the mirror he saw nothing but himself acting like a fag getting fucked from behind. Some invisible hand on his forehead and one on his lower back was bending him painfully as his arse gaped from an invisible lover. Someone powerful and hung, by the feel of it. Finally it ended and he collapsed into a heap on the floor of the locker room.

As he had yesterday, he skipped his first class to see the Professor. Once there he stripped and sat himself in the now familiar chair while the professor ignored him and continued typing on his laptop. The professor seemed to finish when he hit ENTER and looked expectantly at Jaimie. That’s when Jaimie felt it. Like he was floating face up. His arms bent at the elbow like the rubber doll from their first visit. His legs were straight out also like the Dolls. As if moved by invisible hands, his legs flew up one at a time to touch his chest. His huge legs trembling from the effort and unfamiliar position. His bubble butt spread apart and his thick trunk like legs and heart shaped calves were stretched to the max. The professor could see Jaimies arse open and close like an iris lens. Jaimies breathing came in short gasps and much faster. Utterances and squeaks issued from the huge man sitting legs up in a chair. Jaimie thought he’d lose his mind as his legs were scissoring or bending into impossible positions. His nipples reacted to an unseen torture. His arse turning deep crimson where he felt several hard slaps. Jaimies eyes were fully dilated when suddenly he could see his invisible lover. Jaimie was in the dolls body suspended in a sling getting fucked by a Brute of a man.

Larger than Jamie. He looked like a ’roided out monster with impossible V-shaped lats. His traps, serratus and levators wouldn’t allow him to move his head any way but up and down. His hands were calloused from years of lifting. His thighs were impossibly large tapering down to massive gnarled feet; feet used to being stuffed into work boots over a lifetime of abuse. Scars racked his body and tattoos covered every free skin possible: Up his throat and his entire scalp. Even his face hadn’t been spared. He was mean looking and even fucking the sex doll below him one felt sorry for his partner. Jaimie considered for a second and realised HE was the poor partner by proxy.

The monster- Brute came with a roar which Jaimie heard and felt. The monster was choking him and Jaimie couldn’t breathe. Several spasms of the cock later and the entire contents of this bulls balls had filled the doll. Thinking it was finally over, Jaimie felt a shudder of pleasure as he felt a cock sliding out of his cock then incredible emptiness. He didn’t have time to consider the emptiness, though. The monster Brute had picked up the worn abused doll and threw it across the room. Though locked in position in the chair, Jaimie felt the panic of being flung and discarded. The professor watched the brute in the monitor above Jaimie then to Jaimie to watch his reactions. Once done he made some notes on a tablet and entered some function keys and Jaimie was asleep.

It was morning and Jaimie woke up again. “WHAT THE FUCK” Jaimie thought to himself as he looked in the mirror. His highly cultivated and maintained muscular body was stuffed into a rubber suit. Sure, it looked hot as fuk on him: what didn’t? But he didn’t put it on. He stared at himself trying to remember how this could have happened when he suddenly realised he had to take a dump. Bad! He clenched his arse cheeks closed but it felt as if he had half a log in the chute already. He waddled to his bathroom and frantically searched for a zipper or something. Finding a seam he pulled the top off his massive chest and gasped out loud. His nipples were pierced! WHaT THE FuCK!!!

There were little bumps all over the suit with little wires running along the outside. He noticed the bumps were over the major muscle groups and at each joint. It reminded him of one of those suits they use when making animation films and they want to capture the natural movements of the actor. God he was desperate… He peeled and rolled and finally got a finger hold on the lower half of the rubber suit but when he tried to pull it over his bum, he felt a resistance in his arse. God, was it too late? Had the Lincoln log dried to his hole? He shimmied and jiggled the pant section down and felt a pain in his sphincter when all of a sudden he felt a pop and a sharp pain that quickly went away. There was a Butt plug integrated into the rubber suit… and it was in his Arse?!?!

How the Fuck did all of this happen. Looking down he suddenly noticed a Ring through the head of his cock! Oh Holy FuK!!! Thinking to himself “This couldn’t get any worse”, he felt like something was leaking from his arse and when he reached down, rather than seeing blood as he had expected; as he had hoped, it was white and creamy.. it was cum. He squatted over the toilet and ejected what had to be a litre of cum and a silvery fluid into the bowl. He was suddenly aware of how empty he was.

He searched his apartment for anything he could use. He considered a toothbrush, then a garden hose. He had to get it out of him but while rummaging, he found an enema bag in his closet. He didn’t remember having one but fuck.. it’s a good thing he did! . He ran to the bathroom and filled the sink with hot soapy water and sucked some up then bending over, he fed it into his gaping hole. As he filled with warm water he suddenly flashed on a hulking monster, easily his match at the gym plowing his arse in a sling. He remembers the pleasure and the vocalisations from him and his master and the warm water in his hole gave him an instant hard on. He moaned as he pistoned the douche nozzle in and out. Once he shot his load he regained his senses again and wondered what the hell just happened. He was a wreck.

The spy cameras the Professor had installed all through out Jaimies dorm room and bathroom recorded and relayed every moment to the professor. Numbers scrolled like a scene from the Matrix on the monitor above the chair where Jaime sits for his sessions. Again it was 5am. Jaimie made his way to the gym and over to Kong Island, the area named for only the hard core real body builders. There was so much testosterone and post-injection juice floating that the professor himself felt strong! There doing squats was a brute of a man, easily seven feet tall and 400 pounds of pure man meat. No steroids so his balls and cock were as God gifted them, with a few more miles on them.

Jaimie saw the brutes rod was so hard it could impale someone like a lance. It’s foreskin could cover a bicycle! and his balls were like a sock filled with quarters. He was in a posing jock and shoes. Nothing else It was only a formality that he wore even the jock. His cock and balls showed magnificently as if hiding behind dental floss could cover them.. The bar was so heavy with weight the ends sagged as he hefted them. His body was covered by a thick layer of sweat and musk. Men stopped and watched in awe.

When he finished the set he re-racked the ten plates as he made eye contact with Jaimie. A small change of facial expression, a smile appeared on his face. Leaving his towel on the bench he walked over to Jaimie. Jaimie gasped and jumped back seeing the man from his horrible sling fuck dream standing before him. “Wot the fuk you staring at, Fag”, the brutes deep voice boomed. Jaimie stammered out an excuse then in a calm voice offered: “I’m making a shite ton of money by an adult toy maker. I thought you’d be interested”. The man reassessed Jaimie and said “In the Larry Flynt building”? Jaimie nodded his head in obvious surprise.

"I already do. Got my own gig. I test the fleshlights and inflatable women. They got a new hot one that reacts like a real woman would. I even have a cock modeled after my own. Maybe you’ve tried it out before? Jaimie flushed beet red. He couldn’t understand why he was letting this bloke talk to him this way, but he just nodded his head no, to which the brute just said “Not yet, anyways” and walked off.

Mortified, Jaimie never noticed the LED’s under his ball cap flashing furiously. He finished his sampling of lift routines then again, unshowered he headed back to the Professors. In the pit of his gut he wanted to turn around but he couldn’t disobey the voices. He knew something was happening to him. He arrived at he offices and through the door. The professor again sat Jaimie down in front of the monitor. Not saying a word, he turned on the view screen to the rubber sex doll from yesterday. Jaimie felt disconnected from his body, as if he were in another room. The LED’s were no longer flashing but a steady glow now. The professor took note and adjusted the settings. Now Jaime was really disconnected. He watched the rubber doll in the next room on the monitor but at the same time he saw what was happening in the room from the dolls perspective. He heard a door open on the monitor. The brute from the gym appeared and stepping out of his posing jock stuffed it into the dolls mouth. Jaimies jaw distended feeling, tasting and smelling the jock in the other room. This was obviously a live feed. The professor noted the change and said “Yes, it’s all working perfectly. You can taste him, can’t you”? Jaimies eyes dilated and he nodded his head affirmatively.

The brute brought his thick rod up in his hand and rested his balls on the dolls face. Jaimie felt everything but worse, he smelled and tasted the brutes Taint. He smelled an unwiped butt hole and jock sweat. The brute removed the panties and fed his monster cock down the dolls throat. Jaimie panicked. he couldn’t breather and he began choking. He heard/felt the man face fucking the doll and moan appreciatively at the undulating throat of the doll. The doll was reacting just as Jaimie was. What Jaimie did and felt so did the doll. The brute began face fucking in earnest when he suddenly pulled out. Jaimies cried out at the sudden loss of meat in his throat. The Brute picked up the doll by it’s nipples and Jaimie felt it in his nipples, moaning and crying out as the mans teeth sank in to the dolls rubber flesh. Lowering the doll onto his cock, he took it from behind, anally. Jaimie felt the familiar intrusion and his gut began it’s familiar undulation. milking the cock invading it’s depth. Jaimie was in heaven but as the thrusts became harder and faster he felt the pleasure turn to pain. The brute threw the doll on the floor and splitting it’s leg began scissor fucking in earnest. He fucked both holes then down the throat again. He choked the doll and bit hard into the neck and tit. Jaimie would have cried out in pain if he could but after an hour of non stop pounding the brute came with a roar.

The professor entered the room with the naked brute and the doll asking how he liked the improvements. The brute looked up at him, unashamed of his maleness and post coital sweat and said “Incredible. it felt so real. How the fuck did you do that?” “Trade secret” said the professor. Stay and have fun. We have a few results to go over. Take as much time as you need.

The professor re-entered the office and looked at Jaimie. “Do you get it yet”? he asked. Jaimie just looked at him, terrified. “Number 27… that was my daughter”. Initially, Jaimie didn’t know what he was talking about but then he remembered the post on his door. She must have been one of his conquests. He only hoped she was good. The professor saw he didn’t know which was his daughter so he showed him a picture. He still didn’t recall. Flustered and angry, the professor continued.

I heard her come home. She took a sleeping pill;a single sleeping pill but combined with the traces of Rohypnol and GHB the autopsy found in her system after her date with your, she overdosed. You destroyed my beautiful little flower. I had the ring you’re wearing now in my briefcase to work on at home. I placed it on her to capture what I could of her persona before she passed, which she did only minutes before the paramedics arrived. The ring and the rubber suit copied your muscle movements and reactions sexually, in and at rest. The silver fluid was actually nanite sending units so your internal and autonomic nervous system will synch to your new host. That doll will be your new home. Your current home will be inhabited by the mind and memories of my daughter. I know it’s not really her but I’ll at least have part of her with me always and you will be nothing more than a filthy piece of rubber.

With that comment, Jaimie again felt his body moving. He looked at the monitor to see The brute bring his arm around the dolls head forcing it’s mouth open. His long thick tongue came out and licked the face of the doll/Jaimie then forced it’s way inside his mouth then forced the dolls face into his stinking pit.

The voices pushed Jaimie to open his mouth and taste the sweaty mans musk. The body builder dominated Jaimie, pulling on his nipples piercings, eliciting moans and pleasure through the pain. As his fuck stick engorged the voiced directed Jaimie to suck and nurse on the growing member. The body builder began fucking Jaimies face with a power and cruelty reserved only for hate fucks.

Jaimie never stopped. He was in his own mind and had no idea why he was submitting to this man, he just knew he had to. The man put the Jaime Doll into a doggie position pulling its arse cheeks apart. The giants lined his cock up to the hole and entered with a savage thrusts. Jaimie was paralysed with pain. His mouth and eyes open in a silent pain/pleasure. Incapable of moving the giant began an earnest sawing motion pounding his arse.

Jaimie was taken in a dozen positions: Scissored, On his back, on his knees, on his stomach, sucking the giants toes while being plowed; At one point, almost sucking his own cock while bent in half by the giant. Finally they both came; Jaimie passing out from the intensity and the giant beginning another slow fuck of the unconscious doll/body. Jaimie came to with the giant still inside him, slowly moving in and out, pulling more and more of his now sloppy arse lips out with his cock Jaimie looked at the window and saw it was dark out. Grunting with the intrusion he looked at the clock: My God, it was almost midnight. He had been fucked for almost 5 hours. He groaned from his chair in the other room at the weight of the giant inside him, or rather on his dolls body, his body pushing him down into the soiled carpet. He never wanted to be without cock again

The giant turned beet red and began pulling all the way out and slamming it back in again and again until he came for the fourth time in as many hours. He dropped the doll on to the floor and Jaimie realised all he could see was floor. He was inside the dolls body. Every fuck made him more and more into the doll until he had abandoned his natural body completely.

Back in the office the body that was once Jaimie Stirred to life. He looked around and flexed his fingers and toes then craned his neck. He saw the professor looking sad and expectantly at the huge man in the chair. Daddy? What happened, Daddy"? said a soft gentle voice coming from Jaimies body. Oliver cupped Jaimies head and said, It’s OK buttercup. You went away for a while but you’re back now". Jaimie looked at his reflection in the television, and startled, felt his own face and began shaking. “Wha… Why do I look like a man”? Oliver said, You were dying. I put your mind in the body of a volunteer. But its still you, sweetheart. We’ll always be together. I told you I would take care of you.

A year later in the house of the Body builder/Brute another sex party was going on. When not using the doll the lab had given him for his service, he let his buddies use it, which seemed to be every night. It never lost it’s shine and never seemed to wear out. Hell, the batteries which made it swallow or fuck back never seemed to need replacing. He started charging his friends for the use soon after he brought it home. at $20 a pop he was raking in the bucks. At 100 rentals a month that doll was a keeper. He recently discovered how flexible the doll really was when he experimentally fisted the doll. No live person could take his hand before but this doll had like a trooper and he noticed after fisting it, the undulations inside it’s snatch afterwards were twice as strong.

The man Jaimie now occupied by the professors daughter went on to graduate with a degree in Psychology. He had dropped out of Football when he came out as as a woman trapped in a mans body and began dating other men. He was reputed to be the gentlest lover and so thoughful in bed. He was the poster child of the Gay community speaking out against sexual violence and domestic partner abuse. He entered the Fielding INstitutes B.A. to Phd programme Masters degree with an emphasis in Rape crisis management.

The professor was able to patent and store the memories of people in a mnemonic circuit for reconstitution later. Complaints of rape and abuse had disappeared from campus but not before several of the Football players had been solicited by an adult toy company who wanted to hire them to model for a new line of sex toys.

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