By Potentialsinner published August 8, 2018
A young catholic man strays from the right path and wants absolution through confession and penance

This story includes sweat and hair-play. These are my two biggest fetishes. If there are others that like the same, I would love to hear from you. Maybe I can get inspiration for other stories!

Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Keep in mind that writing stories is a hobby for me and I am not a professional writer!


I have always been a deeply religious person. Since I was young I always found the rituals, the confessions, the priest on the altar, the doctrines even the smell of the incense deeply fascinating. I was so enthralled by the catholic religion that when I finished high school I proudly announced to my family that I wanted to become a priest. They were, of course, horrified when they heard that! They convinced me to pursue instead a higher education in the computer and programming branch.

I hate to admit it, but they were of course right. At 30 I had a lucrative job and I could afford to live in the trendiest part of town. Unfortunately, I have not been so lucky with girls. Even though I was in good shape after all those years of swimming, girls simply didn’t want to respect my position of no-sex-before-the-wedding. I really didn’t get how girls have become so loose in their morals! So right now, it’s only work, swim and the church … until the right girl comes along, of course. I have faith in God and he will arrange things in such a way, so that I can continue to worship him with a pure body!

I had a great friendship with father Michael throughout all the turbulent teenage years and through my parents’ divorce and I was so sad when he told me that he was going to retire. He said that a new priest will soon arrive, father Robert, a 40-year-old recently appointed priest on his first assignment. I had my doubts and prejudices about new priests in general, especially young ones. They are too progressive! Father Michael told me that he met the new priest and that he seemed nice, maybe too stylish for his taste but otherwise a good person. He reminded me to be openminded and give Father Robert a chance.

The first Mass I attended was on a Friday evening. Not many people were there. A bunch of old ladies and me. In spite of my doubts, Father Robert gave an excellent liturgy. His presence was commanding but his voice was strangely calm and melodious. I could have sat there listening to his voice for hours. When I was leaving he was standing at the door greeting the small flock of people. While I was waiting for my turn I had a chance to have a proper look. He had a chiselled face, with brushed back hair slightly gelled and green eyes. The rest of his body was covered by the long robe. When my turn finally arrived, I was the last one in the church.

He shook my hand quite forcefully and stared me straight in the eyes. Those emerald green eyes seemed to go straight down to my soul! He told me that he heard a lot about me from Father Michael but he expected someone who looked different. When he saw my confused expression, he laughed and said that usually young church goers are more on the geek or on the hippie side. He said that I looked more like a mythological Scandinavian god with my long blond hair and beard! I was unaccustomed at receiving compliments about my looks, particularly from a man and a priest, so I blushed red like a beetroot! He laughed again and put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed while fixing me with his eyes. A shiver ran through my spine and I felt an unusual tingling in my groin.

I broke eye contact and mumbled something about needing to go home. He became serious again and said that he looked forward getting to know me better and he really hoped that I would consider him, not only a priest, but also a friend. He shook my hand again and fixed me with his emerald gaze and again something in my groin stirred. Weird! Even though I am a virgin and almost never masturbate, I have always identified myself as straight and the only people who can make feel something down there are girls!

I didn’t pay much attention to any of that until I went to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes I could see his emerald eyes staring at me and almost felt his powerful grip on my shoulder! The feeling was far from unpleasant, it made me feel warm inside. The feeling was so pleasurable that without giving it a conscious thought, I started jerking off. Slowly at first but after few moments the rhythm increased. Since last time I masturbated was more than a year ago, it took literally few seconds and I was ready to shoot. That’s when I woke up, fully alert and realized with horror what I was doing. I stopped immediately touching myself but it was too late. I arched my back in pleasure and cum shot all over my body, reaching all the way up to my hair and beard. The pleasure was so great that my whole-body shook for few long seconds in spasms of pleasure.

I instantly felt crushed. Not only I did an impure action but I fantasized about a man, a PRIEST! Still covered in cum, I went down on my knees and prayed God for forgiveness. My prayer was so earnest and my shame so great that I started crying! While taking a cold shower, I was considering my next actions. I needed to confess, of course, but how could I admit to Father Rober that I was jerking off while thinking of him. Nevertheless, it had to be done! The shame and humiliation would be the price I was going to pay for my sin!


After a real bad night of sleep, I woke up in the morning feeling as if I had a boulder on my chest. The guilt was killing me! But I was still reluctant to confess. Even though it was Saturday, I had some work to do and tried to really concentrate on it but to no avail! After lunch I decided that I would go to the last mass of the day and ask Father Robert to confess. As soon as I took that decision, I felt instantly better!

When the mass was over, I hung around waiting to talk to Father Robert but he was really busy that evening. I went down on my knees on the pew and started praying to God. After few minutes I felt someone kneeling close to me, when I opened my eyes Father Robert was there. He put an arm around my shoulders, fixed me with his eyes and asked me if I was ok. Against my will, I felt a shiver running down my spine and my cock started stirring. I couldn’t answer but my eyes filled with tears.

When I was finally able to speak again, I looked in to his extremely concerned and compassionate eyes and asked if I could confess. He answered that he had 2 more confessions for this evening but that I could wait in his office until he was done. Without waiting for an answer, he stood up and showed me the way. The room had not changed much since Father Matthew left. There were many more books now and on the ceiling, there was a thurible (a metal censer suspended from chains, in which incense is burned). It was golden and really shiny and it was hanging just above a small couch.

He noticed my puzzled gaze and explained that, this special mix of incense that he personally prepared, would help purify the air from any evil influences and at the same time clear the mind from any impure thoughts. He opened a drawer and handed me a rosary made of wood. He suggested that I should start reciting some Paternoster until he came back, just to calm my mind and to get me into a more spiritual mindset in order to accept penance and to finally receive forgiveness. At that stage, I was so full of guilt and shame that I asked no questions. I took the rosary while he lighted the incense; and then I was left alone with my thoughts.

At the beginning it was hard to even concentrate on the well-known words of the paternoster but the perfume of the incense soon filled the room and almost instantly my wild thoughts of guilt and remorse stopped spinning in my head. The more I said my prayers the more relaxed my mind became. I soon lost track of time; I guess I entered the state of trance that was experienced by saints. The feeling was so good that I kept reciting the Paternoster with even more fervour! I heard a voice telling me to look at the thurible. My state of trance was so deep that I simply obeyed without even stopping my prayers. It was now swinging like a pendulum. My eyes started automatically to follow it, back and forth, back and forth. I was still reciting the Paternoster even though my mind was completely blank.

Then Father Robert voice started talking to me in a soft monotone, saying that I was doing really well in letting go of all my worries and sense of guilt. That he would make sure that I would be forgiven for my sins, all I needed to do was to keep reciting my prayers while following the thurible. He continued to repeat all this until my eyes started to close of their own accord. He urged me to keep my eyes open as long as I could but I couldn’t hold them open anymore. I closed my eyes, stopped reciting the Paternoster and fell backwards on the couch.

I woke up with a start when I heard Father Robert apologizing for hi delay. He sat in front of me and asked me if I still wanted to confess. I nodded and started talking. I was avoiding looking directly into Father Robert’s eyes because I was still ashamed of what happened but also because I felt that if I looked inside those emerald eyes, he would see everything about me, he would read my soul. I tried hard to avoid his gaze but, once I made eye contact, words started pouring out of my mind without restrain. I soon revealed every single detail of what happened the night before without sparing anything.

When I finished confessing, I felt such a deep relief that I laid back on the sofa and smiled to him. He broke eye contact and his eyes wandered on my pants. When I looked down, I saw with confusion and mounting horror that I had an erection! I quickly covered myself and started apologising. I simply couldn’t understand why I was behaving like this! Was I possessed by the Devil? He didn’t answer but fixed me again with his emerald eyes for few long seconds. Finally, he asked what I was thinking about when I jerked off the night before, what was I fantasizing about? I didn’t want to tell him but as soon as I looked in his eyes, again words started pouring out in a torrent and I was reliving it all over again. Him kissing my neck and licking my ears … the powerful manly smell of his armpits … licking his armpits … his erection pressing on my naked body … his fingers pinching my nipples … those piercing green eyes.

I stopped my second ‘confession’ because I became so engulfed in my lust that a moan had escaped my lips. Without any control on my part, I laid back on the couch and started pinching my nipples through the fabric of my shirt, pinching them really hard. After few seconds I felt a sensation of wetness between my legs … I just came in my trousers! I was shocked and mortified by my behaviour that I jumped almost immediately out of the couch and ran away from that room … I kept running until I reached the safety of my apartment.


I wanted to shower, to take a long cold shower but decided for some mysterious reason against it. I simply undressed and went to bed. It was past 23,00 and I couldn’t believe that I confessed for more than 4 hours! What would Father Robert think of my behaviour? He must think that I was a sodomite, a pervert that should almost surely burn in Hell for my lust … how could I have done this? The more I thought about it the more my mind became dull and heavy … I was slowly falling asleep.

The sleep was not restful but it was deep and full of vivid dreams. I could see his emerald eyes on me, mesmerizing me, holding me captive. In my dream I was naked in my bed, arms and legs sprawled. I tried to move but it seemed as if I was tied by invisible ropes. The powerlessness that I felt was exciting and soon my cock was fully erected! His hands were undoing my man bun and were massaging my scalp. How did he know that my hair was my weak spot, one of the most erogenous parts of my body? He massaged my scalp slowly and I became putty in his hands. I could feel his tongue on my neck, licking slowly and then gently biting my neck and shoulders. He then found my right nipple and started playing with it with his tongue. The pleasure was indescribable! When he bit into it my cock started to leak precum on my stomach.

When he moved to my left nipple, I was engulfed in his manly smell. I don’t know why but that smell turned me on even more. When he bit my left nipple, I couldn’t hold it any longer and I came all over my stomach and his face. He took some of the cum in his fingers and tried to shove it in my mouth. I shook my head, not wanting to do that but he grabbed my face in an iron grip and forced me to lick my own cum. I should have felt disgust but I liked it instead. I liked it so much that I moaned while I licked his fingers. As soon as I was fed all the cum from my body and his face, my cock was hard again! He started fondling my balls while pushing the foreskin back from my cock and licking the head. I gasped! Nobody had ever taken my cock in his mouth and given me so much pleasure. He then opened his mouth wide and swallowed my whole cock. I started moaning again, begging him to stop…that this was all wrong! His head went up and down for few seconds, until I arched my back and shot my second load in his mouth. The way that he sucked the cum from cy dick, could only be described as supernatural. It felt as if he was determined to suck all my insides through my cock!

I was gasping for breath and drenched in sweat! Both orgasms have been extremely powerful; they shook me to the very core of my being! But Father Robert was not done yet! He moved to my feet and licked slowly the plant of both my feet. I thought that I would be ticklish but strangely enough the feeling was deeply exciting. When he started sucking and licking all the toes on both feet my cock got hard again! When he started to suck my big toe, I couldn’t help myself but moan in pleasure! I would never have imagined that having my feet liked and sucked could be so pleasurable!

He was soon done with my feet and, starting from my ankles, he started licking the inside of my thighs. He did it really slowly and the further up he went, the louder I moaned. My cock started leaking (how was it even possible!) pre-cum. In some ways he released my legs from bondage and his tongue went all the way to my hole. I said that he could not possibly lick my butt-hole, that it was disgusting. Since this was a dream, he didn’t bother to answer but continued licking my hole with even more determination! My protests died in my throat and were replaced by deep moans of pleasure.

The pleasure I was getting from the rimming brought me close to my third orgasm. I felt it building up from my guts, all the way to my balls. I felt as if there was a tsunami building inside of me. I had the chance to curse loudly before my cock showered my body, face and hair in cum! It felt as if I was pissing! Where all this cum was coming from? I knew it was a dream but still … I regained consciousness for few seconds and I felt as if someone, a physical presence was close to me, that was looking at me with his emerald eyes. I managed only to say “Father Robert” that I fell again into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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