Piggy Hubby

By Mutabear published August 7, 2018
A couple has intimacy issues, and turns to a mysterious online seller promising to fix thier issues for assistance.

Ian and Mark seemed perfect for each other. The two had dated for almost a year, and had just moved in together. They had a small one bedroom apartment together and they were head over heels in love. Both of them enjoyed working out and were in good shape. Mark was more of a runner, keeping his body trim, but Ian was much more into weightlifting and had a good bit of muscle mass to him. They had a great deal of similar interests, and both of them loved to hike and be outdoors.

The only big issue they had was there difference in sex drives. Ian enjoyed sex at most once a week. He just was not horny that often, even though when he was he was a very dominant top. Mark however would go out of his mind if he didn’t get laid several nights a week. At first he had been able to content himself with some fat dildos, and for their six month anniversary, a silicone copy of Ian’s dick using a clone-a-cock kit. But they had been together barely a week in their new place before Mark broke.

He invited a guy from his gym over to fool around while Ian was working late one night. The beefy thirty-something guy ate Mark out like a champion before shoving his short but thick dick into him, and he proceeded to jackhammer away at Mark. Mark ended up blowing his load with the other guy’s dick inside him before he was rewarded with a big load of muscle bear jizz up his ass. They made out a little bit before the man left, promising to hit Mark up sometime.

As guilty as he felt, Mark had a sinking feeling that this would happen again. He just loved cock too much to be able to stay loyal to his boyfriend now that he had a much greater ability to host. It was with this in mind that he was browsing around on some questionable websites. He had been Googling ways to try to stay loyal to his loving boyfriend, and other than advice of mixed usefulness and a brief interest in trying chastity, none of it seemed practical or useful. Eventually, he came to a site that promised a way to definitely help guys like him out. It was catered specifically to gay relationships, and promised him a drastic change in the relationship dynamic. It offered a pair of rings, with the steel band to be worn by the bottom, and the copper one to be worn by the top, in order to help fix their issues. Mark could not tell if it was supposed to help increase Ian’s sex drive, cool off his, or do something else. The page had quite a few testimonials from both tops and bottoms, raving about how much the product helped them. But it only cost $5 with shipping and handling, so he figured he would order it and give it a shot.

The package arrived three days later, surprisingly prompt despite it coming from Singapore. Mark made a big deal about how much he liked the simple metal bands, and put the steel on his middle finger of his right hand and gave the other to Ian. The burly man slid it on and proceeded to make out with his boyfriend, and the two of them had a very hot night of sex. Thinking that the issue was solved somehow, Mark went to bed happy. But the next several nights had Ian back to his usual self, and he simply was not interested in fucking. He was happy to watch a movie with his boyfriend, or work out with him, but he was just not nearly as motivated by sex as Mark was. image

That Saturday morning, while Ian was meeting a buddy of his to work on his powerlifting, Mark broke down again. He placed an ad online offering his perky ass up for whoever wanted to claim it, and before long a beefy daddy-type was knocking on his door. They didn’t even exchange words, and Mark took him into the bedroom. He was already all lubed up and wasted no time and getting on his knees on the bed and presenting his toned ass. The guy behind him was clearly excited at this, and wasted no time shoving his dick right into Mark. He fucked loudly for a couple of minutes before grabbing Mark’s hips and thrusting in deep. He grunted as he orgasmed, and Mark could have sworn he felt the warm jizz enter his body. He sighed in happiness has he felt warmth spreading up to his stomach, groin, and chest. He was rather surprised by how much the man was shooting. Usually It only took a few pumps and then they would pull out, but this time the guy unloaded in Mark for what felt like almost a full minute. When the man popped his dick out, Mark was surprised that it was completely clean. No jizz on it at all. The daddy pulled his clothes back on, smacked Mark on the ass good-naturedly, thanked him for the fuck, and left.

After this bout of infidelity, Mark was surprised to find that he felt next to no guilt over his cheating. When Ian came home though, Mark did a double-take. He could have sworn his boyfriend’s shoulders were not quite that broad when he left, and when he hugged him, the slight bit of softness in his chest that Mark had felt before was gone. Conversely, Ian spent a little bit extra time and grabbing Mark’s chest. He good-naturedly pinched what was slightly more flab than had been on there before, joking about how he enjoyed his boyfriend’s softness. Instead of feeling ashamed or upset at himself, Mark started to grow hard from his boyfriend’s lighthearted judgment.

This started to set up a weekly pattern for the two men. Every Saturday, Ian would go with his buddy to go lifting. Mark would have the house to himself for two hours, and he spent it trying to get all the dick he could find. The first month it was only one guy coming over, but by the second month he was trying to fit two or three into his narrow window of availability. The other guy would come in and find Mark already lubed up and waiting. They wouldn’t need to talk much, and before long Mark’s eyes would be rolling in the back of his head with pleasure as he got deep-dicked by a cute guy. Bear, daddy, jock, even some muscular twink types all got to enjoy some time in Mark’s ass. Just like the first guy, whenever they started to shoot, Mark was filled with a deep-seated sense of contentment fullness. The men fucking him were initially surprised by just how long they were able to shoot, as instead of the few pumps they normally were used to, if it like they were cumming for quite some time. image

Mark never realized it, but as soon as a man would finish inside him, his ring would glow little bit. He never took it off, and had forgotten about it in the first month of wearing it. At the same time, Ian’s would flash in unison. It would drive him to lift harder, go longer, and push himself even farther than he thought possible. After two months of intensive physical training, almost all of his body fat was gone. It was like his body simply wasn’t storing it anymore, and instead converting all of his food directly into muscle. He also felt his personality changing slightly, becoming more cocky and aggressive. He and his gym buddy were not just equals, but men directly competing with each other to see who could grow bigger faster. It bled over into a few other aspects of his life as well, becoming more of a natural alpha male at work, and leading him to be far more competitive with his friends when they hung out. He also started to explore kink a little more, discreetly purchasing some leather and trying it on in front of the mirror when Mark was picking up dinner one night. He loved how big and strong he looked, and how well the leather complemented his growing body.

By the third month, Mark could no longer deny what he had been dreading. He had just gotten a little bit fatter, he had gained almost a full twenty five pounds. He was baffled, because he was still working out and eating decently. It wasn’t until a Saturday, after he managed to get spit roasted by two guys with seemingly endless stamina, each one dumping multiple loads down his hungry ass and mouth, that he realized was happening. He had weighed himself before the guys came over, and out of curiosity wait himself afterwards. He had gained three pounds in two hours. He realized with horror that all the sex he was having away from his boyfriend was fattening him up. As soon as he understood that, thick silver lines etched themselves around his ring and he relaxed. He had no reason to be afraid, in fact, he should welcome it. If he was going to be a pig and cheat on his man, he should embrace his pigginess this full time. From that day forth, Mark was an unabashed cheating hog. He encouraged his boyfriend to take more trips, or to work out even longer with his friend, and to go visit his family back in Montana. He loved how big and strong his boyfriend was getting, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but spread his legs for any man with a dick who showed half a modicum of interest in him.

Now the cum was working double duty growing him. The daddy he first met up with started to incorporate his growing belly into their love making, talking about how he was going to pump Mark fuller and fuller with his baby batter. During one particularly long session, after he had been to deep dicking Mark from thirty minutes and had him on his back, he buried himself to the root and begin cumming. Mark saw his ring glowing as he was getting fucked and mentally leaned into it. He watched his belly start to slowly expand just a bit, growing wider and longer with all the jizz being pumped into it. Upon seeing Mark’s gut grow before his very eyes, the daddy started rutting again, and blew four more loads in fifteen minutes. Afterwards he smacked Mark on the belly, complimenting him on being such a good hog. image

Mark’s ring changed again after that, and black mixed with the silver. He started getting lazier and lazier, no longer wanting to work out. He began embracing his growing gut, and started only wearing tight jockstraps around the apartment. He would joke with Ian about how soft he was growing, and surprisingly his boyfriend was okay with it. Ian stop wearing clothing entirely in the apartment, wanting to show off his strong, muscular body frequently. He was growing even larger now, and what’s more, he had started to become more dominant outside of the bedroom. He had Mark start doing most of the cooking and cleaning, opting instead to lounge naked on the sofa and play video games. His sex drive was still on the lower end, but when they fucked now, he always would do it in gear. Harnesses, leather shirts, boots, caps… Mark had no idea where the letter from, but it looked hot as hell on his chiseled body. Ian could really open Mark up, and could fuck him longer than any other guy. Strangely, when Ian came inside of him, Mark didn’t feel a sense of fullness and he didn’t get any bigger. He was a little disappointed actually, as he had the hope that his boyfriend’s sperm would be more potent than any of the men he had been cheating around with.

In addition to his growing gut, Mark embraced his piggy side in other ways as well. He switched his haircut over to a short buzz, not wanting to have to worry about it, all at the same time he started letting his beard grow out too. He stopped trimming up his back and upper arms, and unbeknownst to him, his body hair started to grow in more evenly and thicker. He also stopped bothering with soap or deodorant after showering with just water, enjoying how strong his musk was getting. When one of his regulars, a cute otter in his twenties with a particularly fat uncut cock came to play with him, he made a joke about how Mark smelled. Mark lifted is sweaty armpit and shoved the guy’s face in, and then the fucking increased at greater pace and effort, the otter growing more verbal the more of Mark’s musk he inhaled. The otter fucking him had a dazed look on his face, and said Mark’s musk was better than poppers. While originally claiming he only had time for a quickie, it was able to nut in him twice

It was during the fourth month of living together that Ian proposed. Mark of course said yes, but he rarely said no to Ian anymore. He had quit his job, and I was taking care of his boyfriend full-time. He was managing the household while and worked hard and worked out at the gym hard, and Mark began enjoying the fact that he was put in his place. He might be getting all the dick he can handle when his fiance was out too, but he was completely under Ian’s control when his man was home. Ian spent more and more time lounging around or weight lifting, and he had started to copy Mark’s lack of deodorant and soap. He started making Mark give him tongue baths after his workouts, saying it made him feel big and strong having his husband’s tongue start at his balls and ass and work their way outwords. Even though they rarely fucked afterwards, Mark would finish those sessions with a belly full of his fiancee’s sweat and precum, somehow more content than when he was getting double penetrated by a pair of bears earlier that morning. Once Ian had proposed, he made him and Mark remove the rings they had been wearing before, saying they no longer needed them. He simply toss them in the trash, and from then on Mark never bothered worrying about his sex life again. He had embraced his inner hog, a total slut for dick and men, and was totally submissive to the love of his life.

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