The Slob Couple

By Mutabear published August 7, 2018
A random roommate turns out to be more than a lazy shut-in, and soon Brett finds himself swept up with his slobbish ways.

Brett was a somewhat reserved computer science student starting his junior year of college. He was ready to meet his roommate for the year, having opted into the upperclassmen apartments and selecting a random roommate. He didn’t have too many friends, as his first two years he had been working while attending classes to make ends meet. He had managed to land a good internship that summer, and while hardly flush with cash, was planning on enjoying a year without devoting all his spare time to working to get by. He was not at all expecting to get matched with a guy like Jack based on his answers to the questions used to pair potential roommates. Jack’s biggest hobby seemed to be doing nothing but reveling in his own sloth. Brett rarely saw him do anything other than go to class, as he just seemed to enjoy staying in the apartment, eating junk food, drinking, and watching porn somewhat loudly. There was always a faint smell of microwaved food and old jizz wafting out of Jack’s room into the common area, and Brett could not stand it. It wasn’t that he had to have everything immaculately neat, but he believed in maintaining certain minimum standards.

He had tried complaining to Jack, but he rarely saw the guy after they were introduced during the move-in. The door to his rank-smelling room always seems to be shut too, and he never answered when Brett would knock. It seemed like he had the supernatural ability to only come into the common area when Brett was at class or had his own door shut. If it weren’t for the clutter, the smell, and the occasional grunting, Brett would have thought he was living with a ghost. Brett wasn’t sure how Jack managed to get so much take out when he never heard someone coming or going, but the mystery of his lazy roommate’s food procurement paled in comparison to the sheer quantity of the visible empty bags, boxes, and containers used to transport the food. Jack was a pretty chubby guy, but Brett felt slightly worried for his health, as the guy always ordered crappy food and rarely seemed to get any activity.

One night after class, the kitchen would be looking fine and Brett would take out the trash and sit down in his room to study while listening to some music. He would come out several hours later to put on some coffee, and the place would be a stye. There would be empty takeout containers littering the countertop, and it seemed like whenever Jack did bother to cook, he dirtied every single pot and pan in the apartment. The first two times this happened, Brett cleaned them out of necessity, as he tended to cook his own meals most nights. But soon it became a matter of principle that Jack be the one to clean them. Brett had taken to jogging the mile and a half to his favorite poke bowl place, justifying the tasty food by mentally balancing it against the exercise he got from the activity.

Brett soon adopted the same standpoint of refusing to clean on principle for the common area as well. Empty wrappers for snacks, empty beer bottles and cans, and even random dirty laundry soon covered it. Brett had taken to tossing it out for the first two weeks, but it was starting to pile up. He was not a pushover, and had no intention of letting his roommate take advantage of his tidiness. Thankfully, the two shared separate bathrooms, because Brett only imagined what Jack’s bathroom looked like now. He had peeked in on one occasion early on, when he was checking to see if he could borrow some shaving cream, and he almost vomited when he saw the condition it was in. It look like it had never been cleaned, despite only being occupied by a new resident five days ago. In addition, for someone who never acted like he took his hygiene into account, they were empty bottles and containers everywhere. Jack must have used a surprising amount of aftershave and shampoo, for they were empty and half empty bottles everywhere. There was a pink ring around the tub, which was odd because Brett rarely heard the shower or bath on. He didn’t even need to open the toilet to know that Jack hadn’t bothered to flush, and the overall odor coming from the room was unbearable. He tried to click on the fan, but it didn’t seem to work, so he settled for shutting the door and escaping before he heaved.

Brett found the odor coming from the common room to be rank, but he was worried it would seep into his clean room and restroom. He ordered some oil diffusers and a plug in air freshener to combat this, and it seemed to be working just fine. He was rather surprised that the oil diffuser level went down so fast, but it had come with several refills, and he was liberal in using them. His room hardly smelled like clean linen, but at least it didn’t smell like Chinese leftovers or sweaty clothes, so he was content.

As the semester wore on, Brett’s classes got harder and harder. He still had not been able to sit down and talk with Jack about the state of their apartment, so it had remained messy. He had started to order more take out himself, since it wasn’t worth it to clean the pots and pans every time only to have them stay filthy. With the increase of his workload, he was only able to jog to get dinner on weekends as well, and also found it harder and harder to justify the high cost of the poke bowls, sushi, and other decently healthy food against the speed and inexpensive food from nearby restaurants catering to poor college kids.

He also had been spending more and more time in his room, unwilling to invite company over to show them the disgusting apartment. This in turn cut down on his desire to jog in the mornings, and without realizing it, Brett was slowly putting on weight. His firm stomach soon had evidence of the freshman fifteen, even though it was only four weeks into the semester. He also was starting to skip days on his shaving routine, and regularly was sporting some surprisingly itchy stubble on his otherwise smooth body. He initially attributed it just to his business, but seen it was getting difficult to ignore. He also noticed that his air freshener in the bathroom seemed to be malfunctioning, and hurried to replace it with an oil diffuser, as it worked well enough for his bedroom. This one somehow went through far less oil than the one in his bedroom, but Brett had little time to notice and compare such things.

Because he was unable to have female guests over frequently, and was not the type to invite himself over, or to use things like Tinder, Brett had not been getting laid. He was hardly a ladies man, but he had enjoyed the company of several women the last two years of college with some frequency. With his decreased activity and heightened sex drive, he was naturally jerking off more and more too. At first he had tried to limit the amount of time he played with himself, but soon he started doing it at least once a day. He started to view it as a problem when he went to reach for one of his shirts to use as a cumrag, only to find out he must have used it the night before and not tossed it in the hamper. Somehow, last night’s load was still wet in the shirt, and he felt it squelch around his fingers as he wiped himself up. His stomach heaved, and he made sure to toss it across the room into the hamper and go and wash his hands.

With his declining physical appearance, Brett got invited to fewer and fewer parties. Luckily, one of the few things that Jack was good for was always stocking their fridge with plenty of cheap beer. There always seems to be an open cardboard container of some low quality domestic beer, and one night Brett guiltily went in and took one. He was surprised to find a taste of rather good, and in short order and helped himself to another. He rationalized it by claiming that it was the one thing his roommates contributed to the apartment, so he should be able to have a few. Jack never confronted him about it, or perhaps he simply did not notice, but when that container ran out, a new one replaced it.

Brett settled into his new lifestyle for junior year. Wake up, jerk off, eat Pop-Tarts or something else that didn’t require breakfast prep. Go to class all day, get homework and studying done in the library between classes, come home, jerk off again, order dinner, have some crappy beer, jerk off again, and go to bed. Even with his decreased dieting, it was hard for Brett to believe he managed to put on almost twenty five pounds in eight weeks when he hauled himself to the gym one Sunday morning. He also had almost missed a few morning classes on nights he had stayed up too late drinking. Brett slowly had started to give up on women thinking he was attractive, as he was now needing to jerk off several times a day just to keep the edge of horniness off. He shamefacedly caught himself needing to go to the mostly deserted bathroom stalls in basement of one of his lecture halls in between class one Friday in order to rub one out, since he had barely been able to focus on what his computer logic professor had been saying with regards to machine learning in class.

With a face full of stubble, clothes that were not fitting him too well with his burgeoning gut, and a slight air of desperation about him, Brett returned to the dorm that day. His cheeks still burned over his need to masturbate in the public bathroom, and he had felt queasy though his group meeting that afternoon. He was rather surprised to find a Jack reclining in one of the armchairs in the common area, watching TV. He was wearing just a pair of ratty gym shorts, his large gut sticking out over them. It seems he had not bothered to use any of the body care products he somehow went through with great frequency, as his hair was now buzzed away completely. He had however growing out his beard, and with revulsion Brett could see several tobacco stains on it. It appeared that Jack had taken up dipping.

Jack chugged an entire beer, crumpled the can, and tossed it to the floor. With the sound of the door shutting, he looked up from what he was watching.

“Hey bro. Figured we could just hang out, split a couple pizzas tonight. Neither of us got shit to do, and it might be cool to get to know each other a bit. I’ve been busy as fuck with all my projects so far, but taking eighteen hours will do that to you.”

Brett was about to tell him to go to hell, to demand that he clean up the place, and to ask if he was not the least bothered by the massive increase in garbage in their small common area. While it had been cluttered before, Brett had difficulties seeing the carpet in some areas. But he felt a little bit guilty about drinking the beer, so he just stayed silent as he thought quickly. Jack reached his hand down into a box next to him, removed an oatmeal crème sandwich, ate it in two quick bites, smeared the residue on the side of the chair, and then tossed the wrapper to the floor.

“I’ll take that as a yes. C’mere, I was just about to turn on some Sci Fi movies.”

Jack heaved his bulk out of the chair, and managed to half-heartedly brush off another armchair in the room. It still had a few pieces of dirty laundry and wrappers on it, but now at least it looked like it could fit a person into it. Still unsure about what he was going to say, Brett found himself automatically walking over and seating himself in the chair. While in his decision paralysis, he heard Jack call a pizza delivery guy and order three extra-large pizzas, along with breadsticks, wings, and dessert. Before he could even blink, Jack was at the door handing over money and bringing in the food.

“Since I invited you to dinner, I’ll get it this time. You can get it next week.”

With that, Jack cracked open a beer and passed it over to Brett. Brett mumbled a thank you, and after taking one sip, drank the whole thing to calm his nerves. A second and a third followed it quickly, and soon he found himself much more relaxed. He and Jack attacked the pizzas with ferocity, each of them devouring a large by themselves and getting their way mostly through the third. They snacked on breadsticks, chicken wings, and the cookie pizza that Jack had ordered. Brett hadn’t been that hungry when he came home, but the smell of the pizza had made him ravenous. He had tried to wipe his greasy hands on the napkins that came with the food, but it seemed they were shortchanged, and soon he was discreetly wiping his hands on his jeans to clean them. His gut felt like it couldn’t fit anymore, but every time with Jack cracked open a beer and handed it to him, he found himself draining it and no time flat.

By the time the movie ended and the second one started, Brett was feeling nice and drunk. He watched as Jack brought out a can of Skoal, and packed a wad. Soon he was spitting it out until one of the cans he had emptied, when he noticed Brett looking at him.

“Shit, that was pretty fucking rude of me. You want some?”

Brett was about to say no, that he was already worried enough about his health. That he didn’t want anything remotely addicting right now, since he was having trouble with his other addictions. That it was going to stain his teeth, and make it even harder for him to get a date. But instead he reached his hand out drunkenly and took the tin. Jack coached him on how to pack a wad, how to place it between his lip and gums, and how to properly spit out the juices into an empty can. Soon both of them were enjoying the effects of a nicotine along with their food and beer.

By the time the second movie was over, both boys were nice and drunk, and just a little bit buzzed from the chewing tobacco. As he looked over at his hairy, flabby roommate, Brett felt a twinge in his crotch. Was the site of his slob of a roommate making him hard? He tried to stand up quickly out of the chair, and ended up knocking over the empty boxes of pizza as well as his can of dip spit. He stumbled into the bathroom, and spat out the tobacco into the clean sink. He spent fifteen minutes trying to brush his teeth, to wash his face, and to try to sober up. He had never had a gay thought in his life before, so why the hell would he have one to his out-of-shape and hirsute slacker of a roommate?

That was the first night that Brett went to sleep without jerking off in almost two months. He had a raging hard-on, but refused to touch it. Instead, he tossed and turned until his booze-soaked body eventually passed out from need of sleep. That night, he dreamed of him and Jack relaxing. Of the two of them on one couch, both in just their underwear. Each of them had a pair of tights white Hanes briefs, a little stained from frequent wear and infrequent washing. Their large guts rubbed against each other as they both drink beer and watched TV. When Jack saw Brett start to get hard, he reached his hand under Brett’s underwear and begin massaging his dick. Brett relaxed, and was surprised to find himself playing with his own fatty body. He jiggled his gut, pinched his nips, and even raising his arms to sniff his own rank pits before eventually blowing a load in his underwear. Jack pulled out his hand, licked it clean, and then gestured towards his own hard-on. Just as Brett started to reach for it, he woke up in a cold sweat. He pulled away his blankets and realized he had shot a massive load while he slept. It had been forever since he had a wet dream, especially with all the masturbating he did, and he was incredibly anxious.

He spent the rest of the day trying to get back to his roots. He had a chicken salad for lunch, refrained from touching his hard-on in between classes, and tried to drink plenty of extra water and walk around campus on his breaks. He stopped by the campus grocery store to pick up some overpriced food, planning on not getting take out that night, and instead making himself some grilled chicken and veggies. He got home and manage to clear away a small section of countertop to cook, and was relieved to see that Jack was back in his bedroom, the door once again shut.

He made his healthy dinner, and refrained from taking any of Jack’s beer that night. He tried to tidy up his room a bit, and was surprised with how bad it had gotten. There were empty cans everywhere, overflowing out of the trash can. He hadn’t done laundry in a while, and realized he was wearing a shirt for the third time recently without washing it. Strangely, the level in his oil diffuser was full, but he had thought he remembered it being empty that morning. Sighting, he delayed his dinner in order to get his bedroom in a semblance of order. It took almost an hour, but he restored some measure of cleanliness to the small bedroom.

As the evening or on, he felt a weird twinge in his gut. He had walked to his bathroom, one of the few bastions of cleanliness left, to get some water when he realized the wad of tobacco was still in the sink. He hadn’t even bothered to clean it yesterday. In addition, the whole rest of his bathroom at taken on a tinge of grunge to it. The tile was dirty, they were marks all around his toilet bowl, and there was clutter that he could have sworn he hadn’t bought littering the trash can and the edge of his area around the mirror. It was almost like whatever contagion had taken root in Jack’s room had finally reached and spread throughout the entire apartment. A vague sense of dread filled the pit of Brett’s stomach. There was nowhere else left to run now. No place he could sequester himself in, to try to fight back against the tide of general uncleanliness.

What was worse though, he was finding fewer and fewer reasons to object to it. It was easier to just be lazy, to not be worried about that kind of stuff. He could always join a gym after he graduated college, and no one really cared if a college student had beers on a weeknight. He was having more and more trouble with the mental gymnastics he was doing both to justify his new lifestyle and why he should go back to what he had done before. He paced the grungy bathroom and took deep breaths to try to calm himself.

In between all these conflicting thoughts, he felt this cock start to get hard again. This time when he sat down to watch porn, he found himself drawn to videos of big chubby guys fucking. At first it was these hairy, large that fooled around with girls, but eventually he watched a video where two of these men started making out with each other before the girl came in. He was actually surprised to feel his boner wilt a little bit at seeing the woman, and ended up pulling up a couple of videos of something called “bear porn”. For some reason, the images of these beefy, hairy, bearded men getting it on with each other tripped his wires like nothing else had recently and he ended up cumming all over his stomach. He blew three loads watching this type of porn before going to sleep, dinner forgotten. When he woke up he found his cock still slick. Using last night’s load as lube, Brett worked another load onto his gut. He was surprised to find that hair had started creeping up from his admittedly thick bush and now he had the beginnings of a treasure trail.

He looked at it, and tried to find the will to go get a shower and to shave it. He struggled for a good five minutes, but then his cock got hard again. He looked at it, and was surprised to see it and gotten a little bit thicker, and there was a large angry vein on the right under side that hadn’t been there before. His cockhead seemed much bigger than before too, and the gaping piss slit started drooling pre as he examined himself. The more he stared at it, the harder it seem to get, before eventually his will broke and he grabbed his dick more forcefully. Instead of getting ready for class and following his normal morning routine, he jerked off one more time. He had no time to shower or shave, so he didn’t do more than wipe up his loads, got into a pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt, and went out to class.

The day felt like it was so much easier in the day before. Between every class he ran into a bathroom stall, pulled up a couple pictures of bears sucking each other off, eating each other’s asses, or cleaning each other’s bodies with their tongues and was able to shoot in minutes, with plenty of time to get to his next lecture. Without showering and putting on deodorant, he found he had a faint musk to him, which was surprising, as he felt he kind of liked it. His own scent made him chub up more than once, especially after his long walk to his afternoon class on the other side of campus.

When he got home to the apartment that night, he found Jack once again reclining in a chair. An empty sports drink bottle next to him was already filling up with dip spit, and there were a bunch of empty cans littering the floor. This time Brett walked in, tossed off his shirt, and sat in the vacant chair. The room had gotten dirtier than last time, but Brett found himself less bothered by it today. He was a busy student, why spend what little free time he had cleaning?

“What are we watching tonight?” Brett asked.

“I figured we could watch some wrestling. I know it’s all fake, but it’s still pretty fun. Plus, some of the guys are kind of hot.”

Brett wasn’t even phased by this, and soon he had grabbed on open beer from Jack and the two of them were watching some WWE. The fights were from a previous week, and Jack made sure to point out some of the techniques used, and how attractive the various muscled men were. Where Brett should have felt repulsed by the lecherous stare affixed on Jack, instead he was having trouble remembering why it should be so off-putting. How was this any different from when and some of his buddies watched the Victoria’s Secret show their freshman year?

“Since I bought last time, it’s your turn to get dinner tonight. I was thinking we get some Chinese takeout. They’ve got a special going on tonight, called the ‘Buffet Delivery’. I figured two of those would suit us just fine. Sounds good?”

Brett nodded in the affirmative, and soon Jack was placing the order. Brett pulled a couple bills out of his wallet when the delivery person knocked at their door, and soon the two of them were pigging out on General Tso’s, fried rice, and egg rolls. Just as before, he found himself ravenously hungry around Jack, and ended up eating three times what he might normally have consumed. Brett had attempted to justify the large order by planning on having some leftovers, but it was clear that at his current pace he might be moving on to some of Jack’s food before his hunger diminished.

They really got into their beers as well, and soon each of them had easily had almost a dozen beers before midnight. Both men were feeling nice and drunk, so when Jack said he was going to get more comfortable, Brett told him to go for it. The large bellied slacker stood up, took off all the rest of his clothes, and soon was relaxing naked in the chair. His gut jiggled as he stripped, and Brett felt a twinge of arousal. Jack’s surprisingly firm ass and his rather long cock also contributed to Brett’s flushed cheeks.

“I didn’t want to tell you, in case you freaked out, but I’m a bit of a nudist. I just really hate wearing clothes, and pretty much only do it when I have to. Seeing as you’re a cool bro, I figured you wouldn’t have an issue if I just start wearing clothes in the apartment anymore.”

Since he was already a little drunk, Brett couldn’t think of a reason either and said it was fine. Jack smiled warmly at this, and stretched his flabby body out after shucking his clothes. Brett could swear he was bouncing his cock a lot as he did so, but said nothing.

“Awesome man. And hey, if it looks comfortable, feel free to join in. At the very least, I bet you there’s no need to wear those sweatpants anymore. It’s not like you have anything to cover up around me man, I think a guy looks pretty good with a hairy gut on him.”

Surprised at his roommate’s boldness, Brett felt empowered to stand up and strip down to just his briefs. Soon the two of them were watching TV, and Brett felt himself get hard again looking at Jack. The guy was really hairy, and dark fur seem to coat him like a second skin. Except for the shaved head, his beard practically connected to his chest hair, and his back was just as furry. His pits and pubes were intensely coated, and seems to trap an extra helping of musk to them. They were damp and matted, and Brett had plenty of chances to see both as Jack was very animated in how he talked when he was buzzed. By now, Brett was rocking a bit of a manly smell to him too, and he was actually thinking that Jack smelled pretty good. When Jack reached an arm over his head to scratch his right pit, Brett’s cock twitched.

“Hey man, you need to take care of that? Looks like you’re going to put someone’s eye out.”

Brett turned crimson, and tried to cover up his own obvious erection. It was now thick enough to be easily visible through his briefs. With the precum he had been leaking, the white cloth was semitransparent, making his beet red cock look even more obvious.

“No need to feel like that. You don’t have to be embarrassed around me bro”

With that, Jack reach down into his own tangle of pubes and gave himself a few tugs. Soon his own dick was standing at attention. It was nine and a half inch of hairy meat, incredibly thick, with a large overhanging foreskin that he had to pull back. His balls were also rather large, and his left nut seem to twitch with his heartbeat. Soon a dribble of pre-cum oozed out of his slit down onto his hand.

“Whoops, I forgot how much I can leak. Something about another dude, throwing wood, completely at ease with himself like that, it’s just a turn on.”

Soon, almost without him doing anything, Brett had adjusted his underwear and saw his dick was sticking up out of his fly.

“Much better bro. We’re both dudes. Nothing wrong with us jerking off around each other. Here, maybe I can put on something a little more fun.”

Jack reached over and fiddled with the computer attached to the TV for a minute, and soon a steamy scene made its way onto the TV. A young cub of guy was jerking off in his bed when an older, bearish man walked in, and soon he was having his way with the younger, furry man. Both college men were soon moaning as they jerked their cocks, and Jack was dripping so much precum he was able to use it as lube. Right when the bear flipped the cub on his back and he began fucking him hard, both guys came almost at the same time. Each sprayed a massive load all over their chest, and the room soon was ranked with the smell of sperm. While Brett had the presence of mind to look around for a cloth to wipe it up, he was surprised to see Jack just wipe it into his chest hair.

Brett thought he must have blacked out after shooting, because he woke up in his bed the next morning. He rolled over, his morning wood poking into his mattress, as he went to grab his alarm. He snoozed it several times, and only woke up with barely enough time to dress and run to class. He felt weird today after feeling so liberated to hang out around another guy in just his underwear. His sweatpants and shirt felt constricting and uncomfortable, and he wasn’t able to pay attention in class at all that day. He couldn’t wait till he walked in the door of his apartment and stripped down to just his underwear. Unsurprisingly, Jack was already in a chair watching TV.

Today however, he wasn’t drinking and didn’t look like he was that focused on what was on the television. As soon as the door shut, he stood up and walked over.

“Hey bro. You okay? You came so hard last night I was worried about you. You passed out as soon as you blew your load, and I had to carry your fat ass to bed. If you have a habit of falling asleep right after getting off, I feel sorry for whatever guy you hook up with.”

Brett tried to protest, but there wasn’t much he could say. It had happened exactly like that, and there was not much he could say in self-defense. As he thought about it, his eyes widened the slightly as he realized he hadn’t once cleaned off the cum from his chest. In fact, he was struggling a little bit to remember the last time he had showered at all. Without thinking, he raised his arm and tried to take a sniff of his own pits, in order to best gauge how long it had been since he cleaned his own body.

“Damn man, you’re rocking a nice musk too. Here, let me get a hit of that.”

With that, Jack stuck his face right into Brett’s pit and took a big inhale, sticking his tongue out to taste the slightly damp fur underneath Brett’s arm. He ground his face into the sweaty pit, reveling in Brett’s developing musk. Brett should have felt repulsed by this, but instead he felt flattered that Jack liked his own scent. Indeed, Jack was throwing major wood after just a minute of sniffing his underarms.

“Fuck dude, you smell amazing. Look, you already got me rock hard.”

It was true. Jack’s hard on stuck out from his furry pubes, already leaking. The sight of it made Brett just a little envious of how free and relaxed Jack was, but then he realized he could take off the rest of his clothes too. He tossed his underwear off and stretched, taking a sniff at both pit as he did so.

“Holy shit you look hot. Look at that furry chest man!”

It was true. Somehow, almost overnight, Brett’s chest went from lightly furred to coated. The whole front of his body was covered with light brown hair, all the way from his toes up to his neck. As he had not shaved in several days as well, he already had the beginnings of a solid beard on his face, particularly right around his lips, almost like he had a goatee with heavy stubble forming.

“Fuck, instead of dinner and beer and movies, I’ve got a better idea of what we can do tonight. Here, come with me.”

With that, Jack grabbed Brett by the wrist and pulled him into his room. It was a complete and utter pigsty. Dirty clothes covered the room. Every single article of clothing seem to have been used to wipe up jizz at least once. There were multiple empty cans and bottles around his desk, all of which were filled with varying levels of dip spit. Empty cookie boxes and candy bar wrappers covered free space there, and there was an old empty pizza box on the queen sized bed.

Jack hauled Brett into the room, taking care to step around some of the more dangerous pieces of litter. Soon the two of them were laying on Jack’s bed too, their big hairy chests rubbing up against each other. Brett moaned, as the feeling of his roommate’s gut against his made him incredibly aroused. The two of them rubbed their bellies against each other for several minutes, and soon Brett could feel Jack leaving a snail trail all over his legs.

“Shit man, I’m so fucking horny. Suck me off man!”

Brett paused at that. His roommate, the man he had then disgusted with for weeks at a time, had just told him he was hot, but also expected him to suck his dick. What little resistance Brett still had struggled with this. He moved his body off of Jack, and started looking up and down at himself, the gears in his mind starting to turn. In a moment of clarity, he reflected on what had been happening recently. Upon seeing Brett start to think, Jack acted quickly. He used his hand scooped up a huge glob of his own precum, and when Brett turned and opened his mouth to speak, Jack shoved his fingers in there. Brett’s taste buds were seeing assaulted by the salty and earthy taste of Jack’s pre. He instinctively found himself sucking on the chubby sausage fingers, relishing the taste. His own dick started burping up precum, and while it was not as leaky as Jack, it was dribbling a respectable amount.

“So close. I almost got you here completely on your own. I’ve been working on you all semester. A little bit here, a little bit there. You had no idea I was slipping into your room, and dribbling my pre into your oil diffusers as you slept. Why else do you think you started to care less and less about how clean it was? About why you started to eat unhealthily? About why you let your body go to shit? It’s because I’ve been getting you hooked on my musky cock drool. It’s been what’s making you into this pot-bellied, sloppy cum-covered cub. And I just gave you a big hit. Which means it’s time for the final change. Go ahead and pop me into your mouth. I want to see how good you are sucking me off.”

Brett’s brain started to hurt, but soon he accepted what Jack said as the truth. He leaned over and took his roommate’s dick in both hands as he lowered the head into his mouth. As Jack let out of growl, Brett slipped the first several inches past his lips. It was salty and sweaty and earthy and delicious. It was just about the best thing Brett ever tasted, and he wasted no time slurping up and down the shaft. He slowly worked at deeper and deeper into his mouth, inch after inch, until his nose was buried in Jack’s sweaty pubes. He felt his body spasm, as Brett loved the odor coming directly from Jack’s unkempt bush.

He savored Jack’s dick like it was a fine scotch. It was almost like he was tasting it he used so much tongue. He slurped and licked and sucked and made love to Jack’s cock, his own dick throbbing and leaking like crazy pressed into the bed sheets. He soon was working at a steady rhythm, deep throating Jack to the root and only coming up for air, really massaging the thick shaft with his throat. He paused for a minute to push Jack’s meat into his abdomen to tongue his balls. They had not been washed in some time, and they smelled even more divine than Jack’s cock. Brett slobbered all over them and got them a drenched in his drool. His own thoughts were turgid and slow, and the only thing that had his attention was the groin of the man in front of him.

He alternated popping one single large nut into his mouth at a time, swirling his tongue all around it, and then switching to the other one. He spent several glorious minutes doing this, his mind starting to get fuzzier the more he savored Jack’s sack. Jack’s dick was drooling even more than before, and then he instructed Brett to resume sucking with a renewed passion.

After a few minutes of enjoying Jack’s dick, which drooled more pre than Brett thought possible, Jack tapped the side of his head. He got off the bed, and rolled Brett over on his back, leaving his head hanging off the edge of the bed. Brett smiled at this. From this angle, Jack would be able to face fuck him without issue. Soon Jack grabbed the side of Brett’s head and was thrusting away with abandon. Jack loved this angle, because he got to observe Brett’s body change more directly as he mainlined Jack’s pre. Brett kept getting chubbier and chubbier, soon settling in at around 280 pounds on his six foot frame. Brett’s goatee grew in nice and wild, and the rest of his face maintained its dense stubble, growing thicker and more uneven as Brent pigged out on Jack’s meat.

He really was working up a sweat now, and the additional musk made Brett grunt and snort like a pig. He felt Jack’s balls pull up, and soon Jack started cumming. He fired two bursts right down his throat and into his stomach, then two went to Bret’s mouth, and then four more all over his face. Once Brad felt Jack’s seed coating his face, is own dick shot everywhere, covering his belly without needing to be touched. Jack groaned loudly, as his balls hadn’t been emptied in such a spectacular fashion in some time. He grabbed the base of the shaft and shook his dick over Brett, leaking at a few more drops on his roommate’s new sweaty, chubby jizz-soaked body.

“Fuck you’re beautiful like that. On your back, covered in my seed. Your face smelling like my ripe balls and musky cock, your chest smelling like you own rank seed. That’s it sexy, wipe it in there. No need to shower if you’re just going to keep smelling like your own loads. Here, go ahead and lick me off.”

Jack brought his dick back down to Brett’s face, and allowed the other man to lick him clean. Once he had finished, Jack got into bed besides Brett and pulled him in for a sweaty, cummy hug. The two of them cuddled before passing out, and when Bret woke up that morning, he could not remember feeling happier. He looked over at his new boyfriend and smiled. He figured he would surprise Jack with a morning blowjob. As he got between his partner’s legs and began teasing a soft, uncut dick, he heard his alarm blare in the other room.

“I was just going to snooze it anyway”, he thought. “I can just let it make noise. After all, I know I’ve only got 10 minutes before I have to get up anyway. Might as well use it as a timer for how quickly I can get Jack off.”

And with that, he began the first of many mornings by acting has his boyfriend’s personal cock-sucking alarm, with Jack only waking up when he felt himself shooting down Brett’s throat. The two got up, shared a cum-filled kiss, and both got dressed to head to class. Jack picked out a cum and sweat stained t shirt for Brett, along with a pair of rather short shorts that would emphasize his much larger ass. He smacked it as the other man left, and told Brett he would wait until noon for Brett to send him a video of himself jerking off in the stalls between classes and eating it. Brett’s slobby heart soared, as he loved how Jack came up with new ways to show off his raunchy side. After burying his face in Jack’s sweaty balls one more time as his boyfriend got dressed, Brett waddled out of his dorm and off to class, mind no longer troubled by thoughts of cleanliness, fitness, or anything other than Jack’s amazing body.

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