Ticket Please!

By Mutabear published August 7, 2018
A commuter longs to make the ticket collector on his morning train ride into his ideal jerkoff fantasy.

It was another Monday on the train, and once again I had to conceal my hard-on as the ticket attendant came up to me. He was a young guy, in his late 20s with a shock of dirty blonde hair. He kept a short goatee, but it was clear he hadn’t tidied it recently as his cheeks and neck were covered in dense stubble. He had grey eyes, and just a little bit of a Southern accent when he asked for my ticket. His muscles showed rather well through his uniform, and as he walked away after taking my ticket I got to scope out the thick ass on him. He was the same guy every weekday on my commute, and over the last several months I had watched him make some really big life changes. He had started working out, and done it with a vengeance. He must have dropped what little body fat he had and begun piling on the muscle. I was a little saddened to see his rather cute love handles disappear, and the roundness of his chest was almost all gone now. Don’t get me wrong, I thought his thick arms and beefy calves looked great, but I was a little disappointed that he was opting to go for the traditional bodybuilder look. I like my men a little beefier, and definitely with a little bit more of a rugged look than this guy. But still, he was a walking wet dream that I interacted with five times a week. It didn’t help that he had a fantastic smile, and always seemed to be happy when talking to people. I had no idea if he was gay, or would even be interested and I rather average-looking guy like me. That morning he looked particularly sexy, as though he had arrived to work straight from the gym and was still rocking a fantastic pump. I knew right then and there that I couldn’t let this to stud go another day down his path of cookie cutter bodybuilder transformation. As I arrived at my job as a process engineer of a pharmaceutical company, I hatched a plan to use some experimental serums from our research and development team to indulge in my fantasies just a little for this ticket collector. As I rode the train home, with a few bottles and containers shoved into my messenger bag, I resolved to not feel guilty about this. It wasn’t like I intended to hurt the guy, just help him realize his full potential on the bearish side of things.

My hands were sweating while on the train this Tuesday morning. I had mixed the various chemicals several times last night, and finally arrived with a solution that should give me the results that I wanted. It was a fast-acting chemical that could be absorbed through the skin, so I had taken an extreme amount of care not to let it touch me. Despite the average weather, I was wearing a pair of gloves this morning to be extra careful. As I saw the sexy ticket attendant coming through the train, I pulled out my solution and let a few drops fall on my ticket. When the attendant came to me, I made sure to hold my ticket out with the chemically altered side facing him. He grabbed it in his bare hand, and put it through the device on his waist. If he noticed the dampness or faint tingling that I theorized would occur, he did not react to it. I watched him walk further down the train, anxious but giddy at what would happen next. I spent the rest of my train ride concealing my rock-hard erection over what I anticipated might occur the following day.

The Wednesday morning commutes were always a slog, as it seemed they were some people who only worked this one day, making the train ride extra crowded. I had another dropper of transformational serum ready to go, eager to dose my crush with a second round of chemicals. I saw him coming towards me, a little later than usual, and I felt my pulse begin to quicken. It had only been one day, but the serum already had a noticeable effect. He looked just a little bit round rounder, some of the angularity fading from his features. The muscle tone on his body was still quite evident, but it was clear that there was a little bit more body fat than before. In addition, the stubble on his face was quite dense, bordering on a full beard with extra length around his mouth from his old goatee. I almost swooned as he came up to me and asked for my ticket, his voice just a hair deeper than it was the day before. I managed to keep my cool and handed him today’s ticket, with three fresh drops of liquid soaking the rough paper. Just as before, he grabbed it and ran it through his device, not noticing my alteration. In addition, while it might have been my imagination, I swear his bulge was just a little bit more pronounced than it was in the past. As he left, I saw an ass that was noticeably thicker than it was the previous day, and had to stay very still to resist rubbing myself through the seat of my slacks to the sight of this sexy man beefing up.

By Thursday, my anxiety was completely gone. I no longer felt any guilt or remorse or what I was doing, and instead was only focused on watching the object of my attention grow larger and burlier. With the Wednesday rush having retreated back to whatever holes they hit in turning the other work days, my attendant was once again on time. Today when I looked at him, I saw there was even more change than the day before. He had trimmed his beard to an even length, but I also noticed with surprise and elation that he swapped his messy haircut for a shorts crew cut. I was surprised to see how much larger his arms were around today, easily another inch and a half in diameter. I was rather surprised, as I had not anticipated be chemical solution I mixed to increase his muscle mass, just his body fat percentage. As he drew closer, I noticed a bit of a gut forming on him. It was not saggy and droopy, as though he stuffed himself with food all of the time, but firm and solid like a powerlifter. There was also a slight look of boredom and mischievousness on his face, as though he were in on some sort of joke. When he took my ticket today, he pause longer than normal. He had grabbed it firmly just like he did before, but I noticed his eyes shut and a faint moan escaped from his lips. It was not unlike the expression I saw of when the first hit of poppers takes effect, a strong and powerful headrush type of feeling. I saw his body shudder faintly as he ran the ticket through this device, and I could see his face flush a bit. I had to contain my surprise as I watched his waist grow before my eyes. Most of the effort seems to be focused on his ass, which inflated the seat of his pants almost to the point of splitting it in two. I watched him adjust his package as he walked away, muttering something under his breath. I had to carefully keep my messenger bag over my lap for the rest of the trip, as I had blown a load in my pants sat watching the brief exchange with my bearish crush. I knew I could not stand waiting any longer, and that night I prepared the most concentrated batch yet.

The Friday morning train ride was always the fastest, as there were a few people who took short days or worked from home on Friday. The added benefit of this was that the ticket attendants tended to go a little slower and take their time in their duties since there were fewer people that they needed to attend to. I had worn a good pair of compression shorts under my slacks that morning, as I knew I would be sporting a raging hard-on during my entire morning commute. I made sure to get a seat near the back of the train today, and as luck would have it I was the only person in the last car. I had to wait a bit longer than normal for my crush to work his way over to me, but I spent my time putting eight drops of the ultra-concentrated solution evenly over my ticket, taking care to make sure none touched my skin. When finally the door opened, I almost passed out. In front of me was the man of my dreams. He had a solid muscle gut, and he must have switched to a larger size of pants or borrowed someone else’s, because they clearly did not fit him comfortably. A large, meaty bulge stood half hard, and he adjusted his package frequently as though he was unused to size. His ass was doing most of the work to keep his pants up, as it looked like two soccer balls had been shoved right below his back. His shoes were different as well, as the soft brown leather loafers looks like they had no chance of containing his huge feet. Instead, a pair of dark black combat boots, easily size fourteen, stuck out from the rest of his uniform. His shirt looked like it was doing its best to avoid disintegrating, while his pecs did their best to escape the confines of their sartorial prison. His beard was full and almost two inches long now, dense and thick and luscious. His hair looked like it started to thin a little bit, and his face had a line or two around it that were not there yesterday. Overall, he now no longer was a lean bodybuilder, but his physique matched much more closely with that of a power lifter or rugby player who hit the weights particularly hard but didn’t watch what he ate. He walked over to me, and spoke in a voice almost a full octave deeper than I was used to. He asked me for my ticket, adjusting his crotch again while doing so. When I held it out, instead of taking it from me and running it through his device, he let his fingers rest on it. He trapped the ticket between his thumb and index finger, and began moving his thumb up and down the half of the ticket that I extended from my gloved hand. I watched as this cock got harder and harder, creating a large but prominent bulge in the front of the slacks. His whole face flushed, and I could tell he had started to sweat from all over his body. I could smell it too, a raw but potent musk that one could normally only achieve after several hours of intense weight-lifting. I watched as his chest grew outwards, his muscle gut the only thing seeming to take more pronouncement now. His ass was already as big as he could handle, and now he had a firm gut to balance it properly. I heard the zipper straining at his pouch, and looks down to notice that he was probably almost ten inch and quite thick and hard, making me shoot a huge gush of pre into my compression shorts. I watched this is exposed skin was covered in thicker and thicker quantities of hair, until his hands and arms were completely covered. His beard grew a little bit longer, and his face looked even more weathered. Gone was a man who spent all of his days working as a ticket collector for a train. Now he had the body of someone accustomed to manual labor, of spending days in the sun working up a sweat with the body to show for it. As eventually processed my ticket, his cock pulsing as he ran it, and begin to waddle back up to the front of the train, I knew I would have jerk off material for the entire weekend. Without more continuous doses, his body would develop an immunity to the serum and its effects would fade slightly, but as I got ready for work on Monday morning I knew I would see a beefy bear of a man collecting tickets, and I would do my best not to start jerking off in the train.

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