New Bouncer

By Mutabear published August 7, 2018
When hoping to date a hot bartender at a local kink bar, a young man ends up becoming a member of the bearish staff.

Eric looked apprehensively at the sign of the bar. The Devil’s Playground was definitely not his usual scene, but the guy he had been flirting with worked there as a bartender. He adjusted his sweater, and used his phone as a mirror to check his styled hair one more time. He knew he had a rather average body, a lean 170 pounds that looked a bit stretched on his 6’ 3” frame, but he trusted his smile and his charm to win him a second date.

The bar was definitely not what Eric had expected. He thought it would be crowded, with dancing, and lots of space to move around and show off. Instead the bar seemed to be some squat, multi leveled hole in the wall. The only space seemed to be occupied by a pool table, currently in use by multiple men all wearing harnesses and jeans. The clientele definitely favored leather, and Eric was uneasy to see that many patrons had eschewed their shirts entirely. He even thought he saw a man head into the restroom wearing just a hat, leather boots, and leather booty shorts.

Luckily his crush was behind the bar, serving drinks to a group of bikers smoking cigars. Eric walked up to Keith, feeling out of place in his collared shirt and slacks. Some of the people there were staring at him, and he noted a few lewd grins on the face of the patrons as he walked up to the bar.

“Hey Eric, glad you could make it. I know I am on the clock, but Wednesday nights are pretty slow and as long as I keep the beer flowing we can chat a bit. It’s my first night tending bar alone, and I am really happy you could be here. There was something I wanted to show you.”

Keith was a cute man, well-muscled and decently covered in dark red hair. Tonight he was shirtless in a pair of jeans and cowboy boots, with his buzzed hair and goatee lacking the hat Eric normally saw in his profile picture. He had an easygoing manner, giving Eric his attention while he multitasked with the numerous small requirements of managing a bar.

“Yeah, I am glad you asked me to stop by and see you. When you said you tended bar, I was imagining something more like Elliott’s, over at Maple and 9th.”

“Pssssh, no. That’s more of a college, twinky bar. This place is rough, but the guys here are fun. Some of them even tip in rimjobs.”

One of the men in harnesses at the pool table let out a wolf whistle at Keith’s proclamation, causing Eric to blush deeply. He hadn’t expected his crush to be so forward and certainly not to be so overtly sexual. He had seemed like a nice guy, even though he was sad he had been let go from his last job bartending at a Chili’s. He almost seemed like a different person. HE had more of a cowboy look going to him, and as Eric was pausing to think, one of the men leaned over the counter and slapped Keith’s ass, telling him to get off his sexy ass and get them some bourbon. Instead of getting offended, Keith smiled, and told them he would have it coming up, shaking his ass as he turned around to pour.

“It was nice seeing you Keith, but I really don’t think this is my kind of place. I am not into leather, and I was hoping we could have coffee or a bottle of wine and get to know each other, not make small talk while a bunch of drunk kinksters stare us up and down.”

As Eric was talking, the bar fell silent. All of the patrons were looking at Keith and Eric, expressions slowly turning to sneers of expressions of contempt.

“But I thought you were perfect. Not as a boyfriend, of course, but as a new employee.”

Eric looked at him in puzzlement. Keith’s smile looked a little forced, a little too big. As he took a step back, he felt a big gloved hand on his shoulder. Eric turned around to see a massive bear of a man, with a huge beard and clad completely in leather. Leather hat, chaps, vest, boots, and accessories; all of him was covered in leather. A big pair of sunglasses covered his black bearded face even indoors, and he easily weighed 300 pounds of fat and muscle.

“Keith certainly knows how to pick ‘em. I love findin’ boys like you. Quiet little subs, judging all of us honest men for havin’ our fun. But I don’t take well to your condescendin’ tone and your prudishness. ‘Sides, Greg is off on vacation for the next two weeks, and we have an openin’ for a new bouncer. Think you’d fit that just fine boy. Just….relax. Listen to mah voice boy, let me tell you ‘bout this new job of mine.”

The man had a slow drawl, with words that seemed to stop just short of finishing. His voice was roughened by years of smoking, and when he moved his face, Eric saw a hint of red behind the man’s sunglasses. He scared the shit out of Eric, but he found himself unable to move. He could only stare in horror as the man produced a piece of paper, which seemed to be an employment agreement. He found himself compelled to grab it, take a pen offered to him from a still smiling Keith, and sign his name on the paper.

The leather-clad stranger grabbed the paper, and then began dumping something out of a small box plucked from a pocket in his large vest. He pulled the contract out of Eric’s view, fiddled with it for a minute, then turned back around with a massive cigar. It reeked of strong tobacco, sweat, and something else Eric couldn’t identify.

“Now how’s about we celebrate your new job with a nice ‘gar? I already cut it for ya. Just needs a light. Take it son, hold it like this.”

The man gestured to Eric, who found himself mimicking the stranger’s actions until he had the cigar in his right hand, end in his mouth. The stranger pulled a small book of matches with the bar’s logo out of another pocket and struck a match. He held it to the end of Eric’s cigar, instructing Eric on how to properly light his cigar and how to smoke it. All of the patrons were eagerly watching the young man, awaiting what would happen next. Keith was rick hard in his jeans and fondling his nipples, ecstatic to see his Master changing another man, like he had changed Keith when he had stepped in to inquire about the “Now Hiring” sign in the window.

Eric took a hesitant pull on his cigar, keeping the smoke in his mouth, then let out an exhale. He felt a rush, like the one time he tried Molly at a rave. His pulse quickened, and he felt himself flush. Sweat beaded on his forehead, and his nostrils flared as he became painfully acute of how different he was then the men here. They had something, something special, put into them. He had something too, in the cigar. All he had to do was keep smoking it.

The leather man smiled as Eric began puffing away at his cigar, totally absorbed on taking in deep mouthfuls of the acrid smoke in order to keep his head rush going. As the cigar started to burn, Eric’s clothes also started to char and flake away. After a few minutes, he was standing in the bar clad in just his blue briefs, eyes locked on the glowing end of his cigar. With each lungful of smoke, his chest rose and rose. It was more than just Eric’s inhalations, his chest began growing. Muscle and fat both packed themselves on the preppy man’s chest, causing it to look comically large on his slender body. Soon the rest of Eric began to grow too. His biceps and calves grew massive, and his lats and ass looked firm and unyielding. A decent coating of fat marbled his body, but now Eric had the body of a day laborer, someone who gained their size through hard physical work rather than the gym.

After the body mass came the hair. Eric’s light brown hair darkened to a jet black, and began spreading from his crown downwards like creeping ivy. It snaked its way down his sideburns and onto his face, creating a tight beard. His hair slowly morphed from a pompadour into a crew cut, and his beard increased in thickness to match the light thinning of the crew cut. Eric’s hair spread down his neck onto his back, where it exploded outwards. It raced across his chest and arms, leaving him with a dense coating of body hair. His armpits grew dense with the extreme changes, and now would trap in all sorts of masculine scents in Eric’s sweaty pits. His muscle gut was coated in hair, and soon his once-smooth ass was as thickly covered as his bush. His balls likewise went from carefully groomed to thickly matted, and his legs were not spared either.

Already Eric looked like a completely different man, a hairy ex powerlifter, but he was only halfway done with his cigar. Next to follow were the ink and piercings. A massive thick septum ring popped into Eric’s nose, followed by two strong pricks of pain as barbell piercings adorned his nipples. Eric’s cock twitched, then a thick zero gauge PA appeared in his dick. With a free hand he scratched his fur, then his piercings one by one. As he did so, a wolf paw surrounded by barbed wire formed on his right bicep. A rifle and flag appeared on his calf, along with a big coiled serpent on his left flank. A Taurus sign made of small chains appeared on his left forearm, and a large winged demon, wreathed in fire and ash appeared on his back.

Eric was puffing away faster and faster now. He could feel the changes, and embraced them. He lusted for the smoke and the transformation, wanting so badly to reach the end of his cigar and to be complete. The last half inch took him the longest, but the changes were the most impactful yet. His face began to change, transitioning from delicate and cherubic to tough and mean. His nose had now been broken, and his face was lined. There were a few wisps of grey in his hair, and he had a light cauliflower ear to indicate a past in wrestling. His brow thickened and his jaw squared up, giving Eric a thuggish and imposing look. His body aged as well, progressing swiftly from late twenties to mid-forties in a few heartbeats. A few varicose veins appeared on Eric’s legs, and his tattoos faded somewhat. His knee ached a bit, and a dull memory of injuring it while fighting wormed its way into Eric’s head. That triggered a host of new memories to follow.

Now Eric’s head was filled with a lifetime of hard work, followed by hard partying. He had fallen in with a rough crowd, and instead of dancing and art he loved whiskey and cigars, leather and kink, but mostly he loved sex. He was 100% top, built to only fuck and dominate others. He loved breaking newbies in with his thick, 8 inch dick with its massively flared head and thick PA. He loved tying men in slings and fucking them senseless, leaving them soaked in their own cum and piss from the anal wrecking he visited upon them.

As these memories filled Eric’s head, a swirl of ash coalesced around his body. First it gave him socks and well work 26-hole boots, laced up nice and tight by his personal boot slave. Then a leather jockstrap, a size too small, enveloped his cock to be quickly followed by a pair of chaps. A thick X harness crossed his chest, and his arms were adorned with leather wristbands. A pair of dog tags popped into being around Eric’s neck, and as the last ashes of his cigar burned away, Eric disappeared completely. He was now Dave, or Bull as he was known in the bar. It was both his astrological sign and a testament to his temper and love of hard fucking. As he let the butt of the cigar fall from his mouth, he walked over to the bartender and grabbed him by the belt, pulling him towards the employee only basement.

“I need to fuck this hot piece of ass in the stocks real quick boss. Feels like hours since I got to bust a nut. I’ll be back after I fuck him stupid, then I’ll get out by the door. You agreed to hourly breaks, after all, and I need to fuck!”

The leather clad man chuckled at his newest creation. Repressed little bottoms were so easy to change, and Eric had certainly been holding some of his darker urges back. He would make a great bouncer, even better than Greg, and what’s more he would take booze and sex as payment. The man smiled as he felt a faint surge in his bar as the two began fucking, loudly, downstairs. He laughed, and the bar seemed to resume its normal activities. When Keith and Bull came back ten minutes later, sweaty and with Keith drooling a little, the patrons laughed and cheered Bull on for another as well fucked. As he poured himself a double of Crown, and went over to his usual place next to the door, he reflected on how great his job was.

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