TF Tailgate

By Mutabear published August 7, 2018
A frat boybecomes a slob when he investigates a neighboring tailgate.

It was another home game, and Sean coundn’t wait to tailgate with his bros. His fraternity always threw awesome tailgates, with plenty of booze, grilled food, and tons of hot girls. He got showered and took a picture of himself nice and clean. He wanted to have a fresh picture to send to the ladies they met today, wanting to have plenty of options for the evening. Afterwards he slipped on a pair of shorts and a tank top, along with a pair of tennis shoes, and went outside.

The tailgate was already in full swing. There were dozens of men there, and plenty of ladies too. Sean tossed the football around a couple times this friends as he waited for some wings to come off of the grill. It took no time at all for him and to be for beers deep, deciding to play catch-up with some of the men that started drinking at sunup. It was while he was in line that he looked over to the lot next to his fraternity house, usually empty, and saw someone there. Somebody, it seemed, was hosting their own tailgate. A stocky older guy apparently had brought a small pavilion and a grill and was cooking up some food. He had on a dirty wife beater and a pair of too-tight athletic shorts. He was barefoot of all things in the weed covered patch of land, seemingly without a care in the world. His grill was smoking a lot though, and Sean rolled his eyes. He did not want his house to catch fire from this guy’s negligence, so he jogged over ready to take care of it.

As he came over to the pavilion, Sean had noticed that it already seemed quite well supplied with food. In addition, he seemed surprised that the man had a full keg of his own sitting behind the grill. The man greeted Sean, asking him if everything was all right. Sean was about to tell him off, but then he noticed that the man seems to be making some kind of huge bratwurst. It was as if he could smell every piece of it too, the beef, the beer they had been soaking in, and the heady scent of the wood chips in the grill.

Before he was able to complain, its stomach rumbled loudly he begin drooling a little bit. The man laughed, and offered Sean some food. Well he might have wings waiting for him back at the house, this looked too good to pass up. Sean grabbed a bun and soon was enjoying a delicious bratwurst. The man offered him some of his sides, and some burgers too, and before he knew it Sean was sitting down at the small table, devouring everything put in front of him. He was quickly offered beer as well, not even needing to get up out of the table. His host was quite generous. Sean continued pack away the food, his hunger growing with each bite, and his stomach never felt before.

Sean eventually recovered from his overwhelming hunger. He tried to stand up to go back to his frat house, but ended up over balance. He looked down at his chest, and where before there was a lean frame there was now a large ball gut. Sean gasped in fright, and was about to panic when he felt pain radiating out from his chest. He watched a little lumps of fat slowly moving out of his gut and traveling across the rest of his body. They nestled themselves and his thighs, thickening them and causing them to rub together as he walked. They moved into his arms, hiding any visible muscle tone. A few of them went up into his face, softening all of the edges and giving him an extra chin. Most of it, however, seems to head over towards his ass, causing it to balloon outwards. It did at least act as a counterweight to his gut, so he was able to stabilize himself with a hand on the table.

After that, Sean’s skin started to itch. He ripped off his shirt and watched as thick dark hair blossomed outward from his navel. He usually kept a light treasure trail, wanting to show off his runner’s build, but now Sean’s chest was a forest of hair. He felt it spreading around him, giving his back a healthy coating as well. He felt an itching around his groin, realizing he would now have a very dense bush. There was a tickle around his ass, and he realized was going to be just as hairy as his legs. His face itched horribly, and several weeks of unkempt beard grew from his chin. He felt a little bit of pain on his head, and he can tell that his hair was sitting down to a horseshoe.

Sean I was mortified at what had happened to him. In the course of a few minutes he had changed from a fit college frat boy into some kind of older and overweight man. He felt like he was about to cry, but then the man in the pavilion set out some desserts in front of him. His horrors were immediately forgotten as Sean began shoveling cookies and brownies into his chubby face, just losing himself and his cravings for sweets. His body felt a little heavier, a little stiffer and weaker at the joints, and he subconsciously knew he was no longer a young 21 year old man, but a guy closer to his late thirties. He polished off the desserts and let out a loud belch, scratching his furry chest. His body started to swell again, his meal distributing itself evenly across his body, and he realized he would need to step out of his shorts.

With an effort Sean kicked off his shoes and pulled down his pants. He was left standing there in just his briefs, but he was starting to no longer feel self-conscious. In fact, he was starting to feel good about himself. He shook his chest, admiring the way his belly would jiggle. He ran a hand through his furry back, cupping his ass, admiring how hirsuit and solid he felt. He grabbed himself through the front of his briefs, feeling his cock and balls harden up a little bit at the attention. He looked at the man, who had returned back to the grill, and smiled. He realized he would need to invite some of his old fraternity brothers over here for some food too, so that they change with him.

The man kicked over a small duffel bag which had clothes that would not be in Sean’s size. He slipped them on, then grabbed a tray and began loading it up with freshly smoked chicken wings. He smiled, grabbing a pitcher of beer as well and began waddling back over to his old frat house, cock hardening in his new double extra-large jeans at the thought of taking some of his fit and handsome friends and ruining their bodies too.

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