The Stud Farm -- The Boys On Vacation

By Willie Cici
published December 4, 2014

The boys vacation during the Winter Break in a Caribbean paradise. Or do they?

The HappyTime Ranch was no different from other entertainment-driven businesses: there are high seasons and low seasons. From December 20 to the Sunday after New Years, the Ranch experiences a severe low season. Knowing this, Mr. Collins planned a holiday excursion to a Caribbean resort for the staff of the Ranch. Luckily, Mr. Collins’ good friend, Harry Johnson, manages an exclusive gated resort in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Collins chartered the resort for two weeks. When Mr. Collins arranged the holiday, Harry advised him that the boys would share the resort with a company that booked a photo shoot for a European magazine’s swimsuit edition. The resort would host the boys and over 15 swimsuit models. As far as Mr. Collins was concerned, it was a win-win situation.

At the beginning of December, Mr. Collins called a staff meeting for 10am in the dining area to announce the trip. “Boys, the Ranch closes at the end of December. I’ve planned a two weeks holiday at a beach resort in the Dominican Republic. You will be able to relax and do whatever you want. You may want to hit the gym a little harder before we go. The manager of the resort tells me that there will be a bevy of swimsuit models staying at the resort.” Needless to say, all were pleased.

Five days before their departure, Mr. Collins received a call from a business associate from California, Todd Jackson. Todd also worked in the sex-entertainment industry – films. Todd presented Mr. Collins with a business proposition.

“Todd, run this by me again.”

“I want to film your hottest guys for an orgy movie.” Todd replied.

“Can’t do it. I have identities I need to protect.”

“That’s okay. I’ll rework the script so that they guys wear masks, tight clothes. Say yes, I wanna shoot this movie before the end of the year.” Todd stated.

“Sorry, we’ll be in the Dominican Republic. Harry Johnson’s resort.”

“That’s perfect. I know Harry. I’ve used his resort several times for film shoots. Even better.”

“I’m not sure.” Mr. Collins opined.

“Your finder fee is $50,000.00 for the use of your guys. The guys get the standard pay scale.”

Mr. Collins pondered that hefty sum of money. Always the consummate businessperson, he knew that the finder fee would cover part of the cost of the holiday trip. “Okay, on one condition. You film at night. My boys respond better at night.” Todd agreed to Mr. Collins’ condition. With the deal finalized and call ended, Mr. Collins paged Ted. “Ted, you were coming on this DR trip weren’t you?”

“Swim suit models. Hell yes.”

“Good. We have work to do.”

Mr. Collins chartered a private flight from Nevada to the Dominican Republic. The charter transported only the entertainers of the Ranch. Mr. Collins and Ted were able to cajole the flight crew to follow their instructions instead of typical protocol. When the flight took off and the plane had reached cruising altitude, the flight attendants announced that they would be serving a beverage. Mr. Collins provided the beverage to the flight crew for distribution. As the flight attendants distributed the beverage, Mr. Collins announced, “Boys, just because you’re not working, doesn’t mean you can slack on your health regimen. I’ve brought your workout protein shakes to enjoy while on the flight. Drink up. I’ll also have a protein shakes available after morning workouts. Trust me you’ll be glad I did.” The daily protein shake contained the testosterone boosting formula the boys needed for their daily work routine. Ted and Mr. Collins also added the trance-inducing agent to the shake.

About thirty minutes passed after the boys consumed the protein shakes, a deafening silence fell upon the cabin. The trance-inducing agent kicked in and the boys sat in their seats, blank stares. Mr. Collins used the PA system and asked the boys to put on their headphones and tune into station number 9. When the boys had followed suit, Ted activated the pre-recorded instructions. The boys sat still as they listened to their orders. On the recording, Mr. Collins reminded the boys that they were on vacation and that they were to have sex every day with all the females they could seduce. This was their time to fulfill their desires, their lust, and not to seek pleasure for pay. The boys slept through most of the two hours of continuous recorded instructions. The boys reached the DR rested and refreshed.

A tropical island paradise awaited the boys. The calm, azure waters of the Caribbean, the glistening white sandy beaches, the cool tropical breezes: all these elements created an environment for relaxation and play. Except for their 8am workouts with the personal trainer, the boys had no schedule. After their workout and morning protein shake, the boys could run free and wild. Their enjoyment of the resort was heightened by the presence of some of the most beautiful models to don the most revealing of swimsuits. It took little encouragement for the boys to nestle up and seduce the young women. Of course, Mr. Collins wanted to guarantee a twelve-day fuck fest. Ted and the doctor developed a serum that elevated a person’s sex drive. Ted bribed the resort’s kitchen staff to spike all of the breakfast juices with the serum. The poor girls practically had no inhibitions. A good time was in store for the boys.

On the 27th, Todd Jackson arrived on the island with his three-man film crew and equipment. After a survey of the resort and the beach, Todd decided to use Horseshoe Cove near the beach as the set to film the orgy scenes. With the use of modern wireless camera equipment and robotics, no camera operator need be on sight during the shoot. The film crew would oversee the filming via remote. Mr. Collins inspected the set up and found it most accommodating to his desire to protect the identity of his boys.

After dinner that evening, Todd, Ted and Mr. Collins enjoyed a cocktail at the resort’s bar. They began to discuss who should star in this film. The boys were scattered about the bar, mingling with the swimsuit models.

“Well, definitely, he has to be in this movie.” Todd said, as he pointed towards Van.

“Sky, too.” Mr. Collins said, as he pointed towards the bar where Sky was ordering a drink.

“For me,” Ted commented, “you have to include Hunter and Tyler.”

“Okay, that makes four. And the fifth is …” Todd asked.

“The fifth. Who to choose?” Mr. Collins queried. At that moment, TJ walked into the bar area followed by a sexy, buxom blonde. He blew a kiss in the direction of the blonde, who winked back at TJ. TJ wore a smile that belied his recent, good fortune. As he approached Mr. Collins, he said, “Boss, this vacation is unbelievable. I can’t thank you enough.” As TJ walked away to meet up with Sky, Mr. Collins said, “That’s your fifth.”

“Agreed.”, said Todd.

On the evening of the 29th, Mr. Collins and Harry Johnson planned an island masquerade party. The resort would provide guests with island attire and masks. Cabanas and specially created secluded areas would be arranged and available for the guests to engage in their lust-filled activities. With the appropriate chemical inducement, the party’s host would advise the guests that each man and woman would pair off according to the color of their mask. The ladies wore silk masks. The gentlemen donned a pirate-style headscarf mask that tied securely at the base of the neck. As for clothes, the resort provided the ladies with a sarong-style dress and matching thong; the gentlemen were given white linen Riviera pants and shirts and white one-size-too-small microfiber trunks for underwear. The party started at 9pm; the sex started at 9:30pm.

As the clock struck midnight, Mr. Collins gathered Sky, TJ, Hunter, Tyler and Van together at a booth in the poolside bar for a cocktail. He ordered a beverage for the boys. When the bartender served the beverage, Mr. Collins said, “Cowboy whore.” Immediately, all the boys fell into a deep trance. “Boys, I’ve decided to give you a bonus for your work performance this past year. In order to collect this bonus, you need to go to Horseshoe Cove tonight. When you are there, you will hear a man’s voice. Do whatever he tells you to do. Just remember to have a good time. When you’re done, come back and I’ll hand you your bonus check. Understood?” The boys nodded yes. “Good, now finish your drink and go to Horseshoe Cove. Remember, do whatever the voice says.”

The gang of five finished their beverage and proceeded to Horseshoe Cove. As they approached the cove, they saw a light that emanated from within. The boys entered the cove and found it decorated with comfortable mattresses adorned with sumptuous fabrics. When the boys inspected the inside of the cave, they heard a voice say, “You’re feeling horny, boys.” With that, the boys began to feel aroused. Again, the boys heard a voice. “Start removing your clothing, very slowly.” The boys did as commanded. Slowly, they removed their shirts, bearing their solid pectorals, nipples pointed and hard. As each boy watched the other disrobe, they began to rub themselves all over, some tweeking their nipples. The boys then removed their pants, revealing their bulging cocks, clearly visible through the pale white stretched fabric of their trunks. Each boy began to stroke their cocks from the outside of their trunks. Sky leaned in to TJ and began to suck on his nipples; Hunter and Tyler following suit. Van began to play with Hunter and Tyler’s ass cheeks. “Now lie down on the mattresses and position yourself in a circle so that you can suck each other’s cock.” The boys did as ordered. The boys expertly licked, fondled and suck each other’s cocks. Once they were rock hard, the voice said, “Blondes pair up, the others group up. And keep licking and sucking the boys in your group.” Sky and TJ were the two blondes, Hunter, Tyler and Van, the brunettes. Sky and TJ lay down in a 69, licking and sucking in tandem. Hunter, Tyler and Van positioned themselves so that Hunter and Tyler pleasure Van. Van later got down on all fours and let Hunter face fuck him and Tyler penetrate his tight hole. All five moaned with pleasure. All the boys engaged in their sex play with a lust indescribable. Van lay down as Tyler sat on his throbbing cock, reverse cowboy, while Hunter face fucked Tyler. Sky lay down as he penetrated TJ’s man box. Tyler then jumped ship and approached Sky and forced his cock down Sky’s warm, delicious mouth. The heat generated by these boys was palpable. After forty minutes of continuous sucking and fucking, the voice spoke again, “Boys, lie down on the mattress and begin to stroke your cocks. When you shoot your load, shoot on to your chest. When the last one is done, then at the same time, take your fingers, scoop up your cum and eat it.” The boys did as requested. The boys lay down, side by side, stroking their hard, throbbing cocks. Sky came first, moaning with pleasure, following by Hunter, TJ, Van and Tyler. The boys wiped their chests and, using their dripping hands, ate their cum. “Now, go down to the beach and bath in the ocean. When you’re done, come back, dry yourselves and return to the poolside bar.” The boys rose from the mattresses and jogged to the beach to bathe in the clean, still warm, Caribbean waters. They returned to the cove, dried themselves and returned to the poolside bar.

Back at the poolside bar, Ted and Mr. Collins waited for his boys in the booth. “Boys, here’s your checks. When you awaken, you will forget everything that occurred in the last hour. Understood?” The boys all nodded yes. “Now, those girls in the corner booth have been asking about you. Take them back to the cove and fuck them silly. Understood?” The boys nodded yes again. “On the count of three, you’ll wake up. 1-2-3.” The boys found themselves at the same booth at the poolside bar. They resumed enjoying the drinks they found at the table. Mr. Collins said, “Guys, the party is over. You can take off your masks, and don’t keep those ladies waiting.” As the boys hurried over to the booth where the five models were seated, Mr. Collins leaned over to Ted and said, “Did you add the testosterone boost to the last drink?”

“A double dose. They’ll be fine. The vodka acts as a catalyst to the chemical agents as the drugs make their way in their blood stream. And yes, the girls’ last round was spiked as well”

“Good job, Ted. Why don’t you call it a night?”

“After I seduce that sweet little red head near the dance floor.” Ted high-fived Mr. Collins and began his pursuit of pleasure.

Mr. Collins remained at the poolside, slowly sipping his island cocktail. Five minutes later, an employee of the resort approached Mr. Collins. “Señor Collins, may I have a word?” When Mr. Collins nodded yes, the young man said, “Mr. Johnson tells me that you manage a bordello where men entertain women. I would like to work for you.”

Mr. Collins was startled at the request. At first, he dismissed the thought, but then he scoped the physical specimen standing before him. The young man was strikingly handsome, classical Castilian features. He had long black hair, tied in a ponytail. He had that face that reminded him of the soap opera stars on Spanish-speaking television in the states. His skin tone was golden, kissed from the tropical sun. He had broad shoulders, a muscular chest and defined triceps and biceps. His skintight waiter’s uniform accentuated his narrow waist and six-pack definition, clearly from hours of training and exercise. As Mr. Collins further surveyed, he bore a spectacular bulging shaft that hung substantially down his thigh. All in all, the young man was the type of physical specimen he would hire.

“What’s your name?”

“Guillermo. My Anglo friends called me Will.”

“Will, are you done working for the night?” Mr. Collins asked. The young Dominican stud nodded yes. “Sit down and have a drink.”

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