Conversion - 2

By rubbrsome -
published July 31, 2018

Scott is introduced to the new workers of the lab.

As the four naked men stood, Scott’s heart began to beat really fast. He heard loud pounding in his ears like drums. Directly across from him stood Kevin and the other three men were to his right. It wasn’t the nakedness that scared or made Scott uncomfortable. It was how all four of them simultaneous turned their heads to stare at him in unison. And the fact that none of them seemed to be like men anymore. Something seemed to be missing from them; the light in their eyes were gone. In its place, a singular malevolent red glow on each of their foreheads.

Below him, Nathan whispered: “R-r-run!”

Scott didn’t need to be told again. He dropped the cardboard box he was carrying. He heard it hit the floor, spilling economy sized boxes of Twinkies and Ding Dongs. But he didn’t care. Turning on his heels, he made a mad dash to the lab’s door. With his heart still racing, he felt like he had somehow stumbled into a horror film.

Where were they? He thought to himself. Are they right behind him?

As he ran, he glimpsed over his shoulder. He saw them for a fraction of a second. All four of them stood silently in front of their chairs. None of them moved or said a word. They just stood there watching him; their red lights still shone brilliantly.

For one small second, Scott felt relief. Bringing his head back around, he suddenly saw a large robotic arm swing downward from the ceiling. Swooping around and downward like a baseball bat, it hit Scott directly across the center of his chest. There was immediate pain, and Scott found himself thrown backwards like a rag doll. He hit the cement floor with a sickening thud and the air was knocked out of him.

Stunned by the blow, he began wheezing for air. He lay on his back, looking directly up at the ceiling. He saw many other hydraulic devices move in and out of his range. Things were going in and out of focus. He felt vibrations in the floor. It wasn’t the humming of the equipment. It took him a moment to realize that they were the sounds of bare feet moving along the floor. The sounds were getting closer.

Still looking directly upward, four bodies came into view. It was a perspective Scott never imagined he’d experience. Towering above him were Kevin and three other naked men. Each of their cocks, still slightly erect, dripped semen onto Scott’s body and face. Each of the scrotums hung as if weighted. And Scott saw a small metallic device; an implant placed on the back side of the scrotum towards the anus. In unison, all four heads looked downward at their prey. Their eyes still blank, yet the light still glowing red.

He tried to move, but his body seemed to lack energy. He gasped repeatedly. He tried to lift his arm. It felt heavy. He brought it off the floor several inches. But then a barefoot stepped on Scott’s wrist, forcing his arm back to the floor. The four men stood at each end of Scott; one near the head, one at his feet and two at each side. One of them crouched low; Scott felt his hands seize his ankles and hold them firmly.

There was a voice. It sounded human. But it also seemed to lack anything that made it human. There was no warmth or emotion. It came from Kevin standing directly above him. “You will not move. If you resist, we will inflict pain and damage.”

Scott thought two things. First, he wasn’t sure if he even could move. The pain in his chest still hurt, and he still wheezed lightly. Also, the hands grabbing his ankles seemed strong; the strength seemed incredible. Second, he was simply too scared. Looking directly at Kevin, an intense fear washed over him.

Without a word, the two men at his side crouched down low. Their hands grabbed at Scott’s clothes. He could feel them tugging at his khaki pants and polo shirt. He heard tearing, and felt a rush of cold air. Within moments, the two men had shredded his outer clothes, revealing his white undershirt and boxer briefs. They pulled the torn garments off and quickly focused on the underwear. He also felt his shoes being untied, and pulled off. Seconds later, the underwear and socks were pulled from his body leaving Scott completely naked.

An intense fear settled over Scott. He began to shiver. One of the men reached down. Scott tried to flinch away but the man seized him by the forearm. With an incredible strength, the man pulled him from the floor and Scott landed on his bare feet. The floor felt strangely solid and cold. Then there was hand on his other arm, and another had grabbed him by the shoulders. Scott suddenly knew that he was being forced. He instinctively began to resist; he tried to thrash out at these men, hitting them with everything he had.

“You will not resist us,” said a voice. And a soft blow punched him in the chest. Again the air was knocked out of him, and he found his body go limp. But hands caught him and held him up by the arms.

Then in a strange sensation, he felt as if he were swimming in the air. The four men had lifted him off the floor; two of them lifted him by the legs, and the others at the torso. They carried the helpless body back towards the center of the room. They walked into the inner circle of surrounding chairs. All four of them lifted Scott’s naked body a little higher, raising him over one of the dentist-like chairs. They brought the body down onto the leather. Each man, held a limb; they placed them on the armrest and stirrups.

Scott tried to talk. His mind was racing. “What? What? Don’t. Let me go …”

The Chair seemed to have a mind of its own. As each wrist and ankle was placed, a metal band encircled the limb. He felt a palm of a hand rest on his forehead, and pull his head back towards the headrest. As soon as his head touched the surface, another metal band extracted under his neck, and held his head securely. There was a humming. Scott felt his body tilt backwards slightly. His whole body was angled backwards as the chair began to recline.

All four men let go of Scott and walked away from the circle. Scott felt his strength coming back, and he started to struggle. He felt he could left his back off the chair a bit, and even his thighs. But his arms and legs were uselessly glued to the armrest and stirrups. Likewise, his head held down; he couldn’t turn his head left or right, but only stare directly ahead.

He looked at the other naked men resting in their chairs. Now sitting in his own chair, he had a better view of each man. He saw the black hose fastened to their cocks. He noticed that each had a freckle-size mark in the center of the foreheads indicating the deactivated red light.

He heard another voice. It came to his left. Barely in view, he saw the side of Nathan sitting in his chair. He didn’t have a clear angle; he could only see the side of him including his arm, legs and the black cock hose.

Nathan’s voice seemed small and far away. “So s-sorry. We d-didn’t mean this. Sorry.”

Suddenly Nathan’s body seized. He gave a loud gasp and went rigid. The black hose came to life and appeared to suck furiously on Nathan’s cock. Looking at him from the side, Scott saw Nathan clench his armrest tightly. His fingernails dug deeply into the leather.

Then there was a definite moaning. It came from deep within Nathan’s throat. If Scott had to describe it, it as if Nathan was trying to resist something: like he was restraining. It sounded like he wanted to moan louder or cry out … or something. But it was as if he was holding back.

It wasn’t working though. The soft moaning became louder and louder. As if activated by the sound, the black hose began to suck the cock harder as the moan grew. Nathan dug even deeper into the armrest. Scott saw the man’s feet in the stirrup; his toes curled as if making a fist.

Then the sound exploded. Nathan let go of everything. He gave a loud moan of ecstasy, and Scott recognized the throes of an intense orgasm. As the sound climaxed, the black hose began to move back and forth along his cock, looking very much like a large snake devouring and eating its prey. It seemed like the orgasm lasted half a minute. Still feeling the intense energy and pleasure, Nathan’s naked body began to shake. Scott could see sweat percolating along his skin.

Then everything went still and quiet. The moan died away. His fingers released the leather and rested flatly. There was a soft humming. Nathan’s body came more and more into view as the chair began to tilt forward, and position itself upright. At the same time, each of the restraints around the wrists and ankles retracted back into the chair. There was a soft pop, like the sound of a suction cup being pried from glass. And Scott saw the black hose detach from the base of the cock and retract off the shaft. Glistening white semen dripped slowly. A large strand of milky white liquid hung from the tip by several inches. It finally broke and the drop fell to the floor.

Then Nathan rose from the chair and stood up. His body turned and his face came fully into view. His eyes were open but the lights were out. Instead, the red light in the center of the forehead shone brilliant and steady.   Scott stared at the glowing red light, perfect positioned in the center of Nathan’s forehead, and began to scream. Nathan simply stared at Scott impassively, turned around and walked away. Scott was left to struggle in his chair. The restraints wouldn’t budge. He could only move his body within a couple of inches, but remained fastened to the chair. His head, however, he couldn’t move at all. It remained perfectly fixed, held tightly by the neck clamp.

“Y-you can’t get out,” said a voice. “Pointless. W-we’ve tried.” It was barely a whisper but Scott heard it. He stopped struggling. The voice had come from his right side. He saw a naked man in a chair. As with the others, this man also had a black hose on his cock. But unlike the others, a hose also penetrated into the man’s ass. Scott looked into the man’s eyes, and found that he looked strangely at peace.

Then there was another voice. “What? Where am I?” A man, sitting to the left of Scott, had his eyes opened. Like Scott, he began to struggle against the restraints.

The hidden voice spoke again: “No use.” He gave off a dejected sigh.

“Well, fuck that!” Spurred by the man’s words, Scott began to struggle.

No sooner had Scott began to fight, that the man on Scott’s left spasmed. His chair had activated. The black rubber hose began to suck his cock. His eyes went wide with shock. He didn’t seem to know what was happening to him. Scott had a perfect view. The black hose was sucking … feeding on the man’s cock. The mouth, clamped at the base of the groin, tugged at the skin.

A deep moan began to arise within the helpless man. He began to groan with pleasure. He closed his eyes. His body struggled instinctively, trying to move out of the chair. But his naked body was held down. The moaning within him continued to grow. The black hose increased itself upon him, becoming a frenzied animal that feasted on the cock.

After several minutes, he released himself. Scott heard the pleasurable sound of the man orgasm. Scott stared at the black hose. He envisioned the cum being sucked away. He watched the hose work itself furiously on the organ. The man’s body shuddered and went limp. Sweat glistened over the surface of his naked flesh.

Scott looked with horror. The man slumped in his chair and rested silently. And then on the man’s forehead, Scott saw the red light go on. It shone brilliantly for several seconds, flickered and then died. The man continued to rest in his chair, as if he had suddenly began forced into a deep sleep.

“W-what?” Scott stuttered. “What the fuck is that thing?”

The man, to his right, spoke: “Int-interface. Links com-p-puter to brain.” His voice seemed very week. “Mak-ing us r-robots.”

Scott’s mind was racing. “But I thought you guys were supposed to building robots! You know … making them out of metal and shit!”

The man sighed. “Couldn’t. Computer said we c-couldn’t. Out t-tech .. nology not good enough.” The man stopped for a moment, trying to collect his thoughts. “Gave computer new .. new … new para-meters. Make robot with ex-existing technology. It d-din’t understand. Began to make us in … into robots.”

“So what’s the thing? That red light?”

“In-indicator …” but as the man tried to talk, one of the hydraulic arms along the ceiling activated. With his chair partially inclined, Scott had a view. He watched the hydraulic arm pivot and move along its track. The device rotated, swiveled and positioned itself directly over Scott’s head. A silver device, some kind of tool, extracted itself and aimed at Scott’s forehead.

“What the fu …”

But before Scott could finish, a red laser activated and began burning itself into Scott’s skull. After a two second burst, the laser shut off. Scott screamed. He struggled in his chair. His body violently pressed itself against the bands, but he couldn’t move. Then the laser activated again, beginning another round. It continued short bursts, burning itself deeper and deeper into Scott’s skull.

It finally stopped. Scott continued to scream and struggle. Above him, the mechanical arm activated and returned to its original receptacle. Scott’s vision blurred. He found himself breathing uncontrollably. His mind barely comprehended the horror of what had just happened.

Panting in his chair, Scott saw another person come into view. A naked man walked into the inner circle of chairs, and approached Scott. His face was impassive and void of emotion. His eyes remained blank and yet the red light seemed to shine with life.

In his hand, Scott saw the man holding something. It looked like he was holding a worm. The man held the tip of it between two fingers. The worm’s long thin body writhed, squirmed and tried to wriggle itself free.

The naked man stood directly next to Scott’s chair, bringing the worm over Scott’s face. For a brief moment, he suddenly got a clear view of it. It wasn’t a worm. It was made of metal. It almost looked like a miniature metal spine. It was made of different coils that had miniscule ports. But this baffled Scott; the metal worm seemed like it was alive. He watched it the thing writhe and wriggle between the two fingers. Then he saw the head of the worm … but it wasn’t a head. It was a red light and that glowed dimly.

A light clicked on within Scott’s mind. But no sooner as he knew what was about to happen, the naked man placed one of his hands on Scott’s head. He seized Scott by the hair, as to make sure he remained still. Then with the other hand, he brought the worm over the laser-burnt hold. Scott felt the tip of the worm wriggle and squirm across the surface of his skin. For a brief second, he actually felt the tip connect with the hold, and plunge itself inward. Then a strange sensation of something burrowing and squeezing. There was a tightness and pressure; something began to push itself into his skull. Scott’s vision blurred and there was a sudden ringing in his ears. His body began to twitch; his right leg spasmed uncontrollable. He felt warmth on his belly. Scott didn’t know he had just urinated on himself.

The pressure increased. The worm burrowed itself deeper and deeper into Scott’s skull. Its body penetrated the brain. Microfilaments emerged from its many ports, darting out to various areas and connected itself. The entire worm pressed itself inward until the red light become flush with the surface of the forehead. Tiny teeth, surrounding the rim of the light, protruded and clamped itself to the skin. The dim red light glowed faintly for a second and then turned itself off.

Scott lay quietly in his chair. The neck clamp retracted itself into the chair, and Scott’s head rolled onto its side. The naked man stood silently over Scott. He looked down into Scott’s blank face, stared for a moment, and then walked away.

Scott sat in his chair in a stupor. Several of his arms still twitched involuntarily. His eyes were partially open with a drunken stare. His mouth hung down and slack. A long thin silvery drool dripped from the corner of his mouth. It moved slowly down the side of his check, and fell slowly to the floor making a puddle. The room was perfectly quiet. The only sound came from several cock siphons, slowly trying to stimulate the men. Even though Scott heard the sounds coming from the siphons, he didn’t care. All he wanted was to wake up from this nightmare.

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