Deleted Scenes

By rubbrsome -
published July 29, 2018

The deleted scenes from a previous story, giving you the greater perspective a what happened behind the curtain.

Brain Feed: Deleted Scenes

TUESDAY – 06 JUL 2032 – 08.25.18

I’ve never seen Jake so worked up. He’s been pacing back and forth, ranting about the numbers and statistics. He’s been so focused that he’s now starting to repeat himself. I want to point out to him that he’s now stuck in some kind of “argument loop” but it’ll probably just piss him off. So it’s probably best to just let him circle back and repeat the argument for the third time. As he paces about the room, I busy myself by drawing on a napkin.

“Can you believe this?” He says again, “How can these numbers be right? Over eight hundred people visited the Center this weekend. And the majority of them were ages eighteen to thirty two. Nearly all of which stayed within the Center for the entire Fourth of July weekend.”

I’m nodding my head. He probably doesn’t expect an actual response, but I may as well pretend. He’s already continuing his line of argument. “That’s nearly a thousand guys, all intentionally missing a holiday weekend. Barbecues, celebrations, parties, fireworks, families, friends … all of them cooped up together in some building to do ….” He pauses and looks at me with a questioning look.

I have no answer. I just shrug. My pen keeps scribbling on the napkin.

“Are you paying attention?” Jake asks.

I immediately realize my mistake, and I curse myself inwardly. And exactly as I fear, he walks over and stares at my napkin drawing. I can’t believe I was so careless. I’ve been drawing stick figures. The figures are lined up sideways, and each figure is holding onto the figure in front of them.

“What? That drawing. Is that a chorus line?” he recognizes what he’s seeing. And I can feel my face beginning to burn. But to my relief, he adds: “Like the Rockettes? Those female dancers on Broadway?”

I try not to show my relief. But I’m so sure my face is burning red. I nod my head, not saying anything. But in truth, the idea of these chorus line dancers came to me the other day. Only they’re not dancers. What Jake thought was their leg being kicked up into the air isn’t a leg at all. It’s a man’s cock. I had imagined a long line of men standing in a row. The men were all naked, and each of their cocks stiff and hard. In my mind, I watched as the line of men seemed to compress together, and all at once, every one of the men’s cocks speared the asshole of the man standing beside him in the line. The whole process was very slow, so at first, just the tip of the cock is inserted into the asshole. Then the men took tentative steps, almost as if a dance step, causing their cocks to sink slowly into men’s asses. The image has stuck with me for days. Hell, I even googled keywords like “chorus fuck line” or “fuck chain” to see if there may be photos online or something.

But luckily, Jake doesn’t know what I’ve drawn. And thank God he thought those were legs and not cocks connecting each of the stick figures together. I look up and to my relief, he’s moved away from me. He’s resumed his pacing and he’s now back on track.

“What are they doing in there? I know the advertising says these Centers are designed to bring together the vast male community, instilling values, ethics and a greater code blah blah blah. It’s bullshit.”

I finally speak up. “Maybe it’s like the boy scouts or something. I mean, it’s been a long time that men have had an organization for themselves. Decades. Women sued and ….”

Jake scoffs and rolls his eyes. “We’ve been over this. Yeah the military, private gentlemen’s clubs, fraternity houses …. None of them are male exclusive anymore. And yet somehow these Male Community Centers got around the laws. Hell! These things are getting funding by the federal fucking government. But why? There’s something really strange going on here.”

Now it’s my turn to roll my eyes. “Wow. Big deal. Guys hanging out with other guys for the weekend.” I give a mock gasp and widen my eyes in alarm. “The travesty! The horror! What will we do?!”

And suddenly, I realize that Jake has been leading me to this. I see it in his eyes. I’ve known him for too long, and I realize that I’ve just been played. He’s already smiling as he saunters over to me. He puts his hand on my shoulder. I try to act all cool and aloof. But inwardly, I purr at his touch and try not show it. I can feel my cock twitching as he squeezes my shoulder in a friendly manner. Oh god how I wish it was more than a friendly squeeze.

“I’ll tell you what we’re going to do,” he begins. “You’re going to register at one of these Centers.”

Again, I remind myself to not react. It doesn’t work as I feel my cock go from slight rigidness to full-blown hard-on. I need to play it cool. I need to Jake to believe that he thought of this idea himself. He doesn’t need to know that I already thought about registering. In fact, I actually planned on going over the Fourth of July weekend. But I got too far behind on one of my stories, and I had to postpone the registration. But I can tell that he wants me to act all indignant. So I may as well play along. “What? And why the hell would I do that? Do I look like I need to get in touch with my inner-man? I don’t need any of that crap.”

“It’s more than that. Eight hundred guys don’t spend a weekend in a place like that unless something’s going on. So that’s why you going to sign up and I’m going too,” and Jake pauses for dramatic effect. Then he says what’s supposed to be the bombshell, “That’s why I’m getting a Brain Feed.”

FRIDAY – 30 JULY 2032 – 16.48.44

It’s nearly quitting time and I’ve been trying to get a hold of Jake all day. My mind has been trying to grasp the news that he dropped on me in the email. My brain keeps trying to come to terms that he’s been serious all along, and that as hard as it’s to believe, he’s actually getting a Brain Feed. My mind keeps going back to those simple nine words in the email.


I actually gasped when I read that. And now I’ve been trying to hunt Jake down. But now that I can tear myself away from my cubicle, I found him. As I corner him in the hallway, I can tell that he’s been patting himself on the back since he met with Bob.

I have my doubts though. “You’re going through with it? You’re actually going through with it?”

Jake looks surprised that I would ask that. “Hell yeah,” he says as if the answer is obvious. “I already made my appointment. The soonest they can get me in is on the eleventh. Which fucking sucks cause that’s almost two weeks away.”

Jake actually does look pained that he’s going to have to wait. As long as I’ve known him, he’s always been so impatient. It’s one of his worst qualities. But luckily, he has good qualities that balance out the bad. I take a good look at his face and body, reminding myself how much I enjoy the good. Again, I keep myself in absolute control and try not to make my assessment of his physicality too obvious. Then I say: “I’m sure you can survive for two more weeks. But how? How did you get Bob to approve it?”

Jake shrugs. “Who the fuck cares? It’s approved. That’s all that matters. But get this, the numbers keep rising. And did you hear the news? Building and Zoning already approved plans for a second Cum Center to be approved. Plans were approved this morning, and I just found out that they’re breaking ground in two days. How the fuck does that happen?! I asked when they expect the building to be completed and you know what they told me?” He pauses again for dramatic effect. “Eight weeks!”

I feel my eyes widen. Sometimes Jake actually does drop bombshells. And this one is a doozy. The first Center takes up an entire city block and is a six story building. How do they plan on building another Center so fast? “How’s that possible? That can’t be right?”

Jake is nodding his head. “Now you’re starting to understand why I get so worked up. So I asked them that. But apparently, they have their own workforce. Thousands of skilled laborers ready to go. They can rotate shifts, working day and night. But apparently they got the whole time table planned down to the second. The Cum Center will be even bigger than …”

My mind finally clicks on what he said. I interrupt him, “What did you call it?”

Jake doesn’t like being interrupted. I can always tell that I throw off his train of thought. “What? Oh … Cum Centers. And I swear to God I didn’t make it up. That’s what I heard some people calling them. Cum Centers. Short for Community Center. Get it? Community …. Cum. Cum-munity.”

“But why?”

“Well I heard some strange stuff about what’s going on in there. And actually, from what I’ve been hearing, it sounds pretty nasty!” Jake accentuates on the word ‘nasty’ as to make it sound naughty. “Something about the way guys who visit the Cum Center seem to stick with other guys after. I hear that they start dumping their girlfriends, leaving their wives … all that kind of stuff. The rumor is, if you go to the Cum Center, you’re into men after that. That it turns you gay or something. But whatever it means, it means that our story just got bigger.”

I try to play it cool, but I actually feel my cock stiffen at that. But suddenly, my heart sinks. Jake has it in his head that he’s getting the Brain Feed while I’m going into the Center. Now I’m suddenly wishing it was the other way around. Why can’t he be the one that finds himself digging on guys? It would all be so much simpler.

I try to suggest something. “You know, why are you the one to get the Brain Feed, and I’m the one having to register?”

I watch as Jake narrows his eyes at me. “We flipped for it.”

Now it’s my turn to narrow the eyes. He does this all the time. “Bullshit. We did not. You just unilaterally decided you were the one to get the Brain Feed and write the story. Face it, you think if you write the story, you’ll take all the credit if this story explodes. And I’m nothing but some guinea pig or lab rat.

I seem to hit the nail on the head, because Jake’s smile slowly turns into an evil grin with his teeth bared and all. Seeing that smile, I can’t help but melt. I hear myself nodding and doing everything he wants. Of course I am. Jake always gets his way because I always let him.

WEDNESDAY – 11 AUG 2032 – 08.29.48

The nurses seemed too busy to notice, and I slip past them with ease. Jake told me his room number which is easy to find. I make myself as quiet as possible as I slip into his room. I can actually feel my heart racing as I see him sleeping comfortably in the hospital bed. I’m not sure what I was expecting. For some reason, I thought maybe his head would be bandaged up or something. He did have brain surgery after all. But I walk quietly over to him, trying to detect any difference. The only thing I can see is that he has a small band-aid behind his ear.

Since he’s unconscious, this is probably the first time that I can look at him and not feel the need to hide myself. I actually feel my hands shake as I reach out and place my hand on his forehead. He doesn’t stir and remains fast asleep. And feeling a little braver, I may as well take this opportunity to stroke his hair. And what the hell. I find my fingers caressing his cheek. I don’t know why. But the best thing I want to touch is not the most obvious thing.

And very quickly, I find myself pulling up a chair directly next to the hospital bed. And I’m reaching out and holding the thing that I’ve always wanted to touch. His hand. It’s all about the hands. I interlace my fingers with his fingers, and I feel my heartbeat quickening.

I’ve given this a lot of thought. They say fingers are the most sensitive part of the human body. I don’t know if that’s true or not. But in this moment, it certainly feels it. I stroke my fingers against his, and it’s like I’m feeling in every way that I need to. I think of all the things that hands can do. When we hug, we hold each other with hands on the person’s body. When we massage, the fingers knead and soften the muscles. I can certainly feel another person by pressing my body up against another. But it’s with hands, I’m able to ‘really’ feel them … to ‘really’ explore … and to get ‘really’ intimate.

I’m holding Jake’s hands for the first time. We’ve had handshakes. And sometimes, those handshakes have actually lingered. That’s probably been on me. I’ve wanted to walk beside him in public and reach out and take his hand for so long now. And now, having him sleeping, I can actually feel perfectly at ease as I hold him. I just wish that his fingers would close around mine, give me a squeeze, and that he would willing be holding me back.

As I enjoy the moment, I look around the room. My eyes notice the stack of papers on the bedside table. I probably shouldn’t but my curiosity gets the better of me. It’s hard to let go but I do. Once I have the papers in my hand, I realize what I’m looking at. It’s the Brain Feed registration process. According to what I’m reading, the Brain Feed transcribes the thoughts of the person implanted. I already knew all this. But the Feed can be transmitted to any tablet, computer, cell phone or electronic device that has downloaded the appropriate app and entered the correct ten-digit alpha-numeric registration key.

Again, I know I shouldn’t. But my hands are already pulling out my cell phone. In less than a minute, I’ve downloaded the app. Once the app is running, it asks for the registration key. I look back to the paper and carefully key in the appropriate letters and numbers. Then I hit enter. There’s a cute graphic as my phone displays the image of a brain transmitting signal waves to my phone. And suddenly, it’s happening. Thoughts are being interpreted as words and are being received by my phone.



Then the screen goes blank. The wavy animation seems to have a disconnect and the app informs me:


I’m actually relieved the transmission was lost. I don’t want to know that Jake’s dreaming of some woman as I’m holding his hand. The whole thing has actually turned me off now. I rearrange the Brain Feed papers back into the original stack and place them just as I found them. I make sure everything, in the room, looks undisturbed. I’m leaving. Jake is going to wake up and never know that I was here.

THURSDAY – 12 AUG 2032 – 12.06.41

In the first time in my life, I absolutely hate Jake. He has taken me to this point, and somehow I don’t know how I got here. Actually, I know exactly how I got here, and it’s the reason for me hating my best friend. I’ve been brought to this point through pure manipulation. But it’s manipulation at my expense for the benefit of somebody else. And because of it, I’m completely disoriented and off-balance.

I should be thrilled. I should be aroused. I should be excited. But the only emotions going through me are pure terror. I’m so fucking scared. And again, how did I let myself to be talked into this. The answer booms in my head, and I look at Jake. Again, I suddenly hate him. He’s not even looking at me. I catch him looking at the naked men around me. He’s looking at other men, looking at their cocks which are attached to some kind of suction hose.

He should be looking at my cock.

I feel my hands trembling as I painstakingly try to open the zipper on my pants and pull my cock out. Dammit! Why am I acting this way? I’m like some pathetic teenager or something. I need to get my emotions under control. But it still bothers me that Jake can look at all the other men, record them to the fullest detail but he can’t spare me the least bit of interest.

Fuck it, and fuck him.

I hear the technician giving me more instructions. I just do what the guy wants. Well … what Jake wants. I place my hand on the nearby control panel and say: “One hour.”

A male computerized voice immediately responds:


I feel the entire recliner tip backwards slightly. It seems to be getting into position as those surrounding me. I suddenly realize that this is actually happening. My attention is so focused on the tilting recliner, that I don’t notice the black rubber restraints slipping over my wrists and ankles. But suddenly they’re there, and I can’t move. As soon as they’re on, they seem to cinch inward to the arm and leg rests, fully pinning me to the seat.

This is not what I signed up for. I don’t like restraints. I’m not into kinky bondage. I may get off on watching the guys fuck a machine. But I’m not a sub. My fear kicks into high gear and I’m fighting the chair. Maybe it’s not too late to call the whole thing off, so I to make my voice calm: “Umm …. I changed my mind. I don’t want to do this. Get me out of this thing.”

The tech looks at me. His eyes seem so vacant and it’s not calming me down in the least. “Just relax, Sir. You’ll enjoy it. Just relax, brother.”

This guy isn’t my brother. So I turn to the man who is. I’m trying my best to hold back tears. But I can’t keep my voice from sounding hysterical. I just don’t like restraints. I can’t help but make my voice reflect the fears that I’m feeling: “Jake! Get me the fuck out of this thing! DO SOMETHING!!!”

“It’ll be okay … just relax … it’s okay. I promise.” I watch as he calmly pats my hand. My hand that is restrained and tied down. I have never felt so betrayed in my entire life. Deep down, I suddenly realize that he set me up. He put me in this position to get exactly what he wanted; his story. He never cared about me.

And strangely enough, the fear over the chair disappears. I’m no longer scared with what’s about to happen to me. All my fears are gone because the soul crushing despair of my heart breaking. I suddenly realize that I will never have the man I love simply because of the fact that he can never love me back. It’s the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. My entire body begins to wrack itself with uncontrollable sobs. If I could get control of my breathing, I still wouldn’t be able to stop the tears that are now just streaming down my cheeks.

My first instinct is to use my hands to wipe away the tears, but I can’t even do that. And as ironic as it sounds, I’m actually somewhat grateful when a helmet lowers over my head, sealing my face inside. I don’t want Jake to see how much he hurt me. I’m feeling irreparably damaged. I suddenly realize that I’m some kind of drama queen because I want to tell him that he’s shattered me into a million pieces.

My mind has been so consumed by the betrayal, that I completely ignored the fact that my head is encased inside a helmet, the recliner is tipping back and now I’m feeling my legs are spreading apart. My mind snaps back to reality and I’m screaming. I try to break free from the restraints but they’re just too strong.

Suddenly, I feel something. It’s a tickling sensation. It’s so slight at first, that my mind barely registers it. But the feeling increases. My mind tries to make sense of what’s happening. Because of the helmet, I can’t see what’s happening so I don’t exactly know. But it feels like tongues. Not a normal tongue, but rather millions of tiny tongues. They’re all licking and lapping at the tip of my cock. They’re flicking around the edge of my glans, teasing me, arousing me, forcing my cock into an erection.

I can’t help myself. My cock betrays me by stiffening. I grow hard. And the pleasure of the tiny tongues increase. As I feel myself rise to the occasion, I feel something slide over my cock. I know it’s that sheath or suction hose. I saw it on the other naked guys. And now, I’m just like them. I’m seated in my own recliner, surrounded by naked me, and about to be jacked in.

I wonder how it’s going to happen. How will they break me?

The air inside the helmet takes on a musky odor? It smells of dirt, but not exactly. It almost reminds me of a locker room, or worn tennis shoes. Of how I smell after a long exercise. Then I realize that I’m smelling men. It’s like I’m in a room with hundreds of men, and all the windows and doors are closed. The air is thick with heavy man sweat. And there’s nothing I can do but breathe it in.

Then I realize that I am in a room. It’s strange. I thought I was strapped in some chair. But I’m not. I’m in a large room. I look around and recognize it. It’s the old Capitan Theater. The theater I used to go to when I was a kid. I’m seated in one of the hundreds of chairs. Looking towards the front of the theater, I see the massive red curtains are closed. Any minute now, the curtains will rise, revealing the silver movie screen, and then I can watch the show.

The curtains rise. But I don’t see the silver screen. In its place, there are roughly fifty men standing on the theater’s stage. They’re bodies are positioned, shoulder to shoulder, as they stare silently out towards me. But they’re not normal men. I only know that they’re men because each and every one of them are naked, and their stiff cocks stick out in front of them. But bodies are coated in a black rubber or latex. Their faces are hidden behind featureless black hoods.

Something tickles in the back of my mind. Somehow, it’s like I know this show. Like I know these men. Somehow, I’ve seen this production before. I stare at the line row of rubber men, completely transfixed by what I’m going to see. Captivated by how they will perform. And whether they will do what I want them to do.

The long line of hard rubber men begin a sort of dance. Their steps are in sync to a beating drum. Only, I know it’s not a drum. It’s the beating of my own heart. But somehow, these men know the rhythm of my heart and have zeroed in on it. In perfect coordination, the men all turn in a ninety degree angle, facing to the right. Each of them reach their rubber arms out, placing their hands on the hip of the man in front of them. Their black cocks just nearly touching the ass in front of them.

Suddenly, I realize what’s about to happen. I know it because it’s my fantasy. It’s what I was thinking about for the last month. I don’t know how, but the Cum Center somehow got access to my … what? I then realize they must have access to my personal data. I must’ve given it to them. But how? They know about ….

The Fuck Chain.

I watch, fully captivated, as each of the rubber men seem to thrust their hips forward. All at once, all lined up neatly in a row, the men spear the asses of those in front of them. And in that instant, all fifty men have been connected; they are one. The tip of their cocks slide effortlessly into the asshole of the man in front. My heart is pounding as if I can feel it myself. I don’t even realize it but I’m suddenly standing up. I’m naked myself and my own cock is hard.

Very slowly, almost as if it’s a dance, the fuck chain move back and forth, thrusting their hips, sliding their cocks. The hands, which had been resting on the hips of the man in front, now slide up and down. And again, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It’s like ….

Invasion. Brainwashing. Unification.

I realize suddenly what the Cum Center is doing. They have invaded my privacy. What they’re doing is immoral. I know that I’m not actually in a theater. That my body is still strapped down to the recliner. I feel my arms struggling against the restraints. I try to twist my body, pull at my legs, turn my head … anything. I need to break this connection before …..

join us join us join us

The voice is inside my head. It seems to be in sync with the heart beat. It doesn’t stop. The words keep repeating over and over. And as soon as I hear the words, I feel my body moving on its own towards the stage. I have no control. It’s as if I’m not in control. But instead, somebody is urging me up onto the stage with the others. And I’m there in a flash. It’s so easy to get there, and I’m now so close that I can touch them. The naked black rubber men, all pressed up together. Each of their bellies pressed to the back of the man standing ahead. Watching as their cocks sink deeper and deeper into the ass in front. I turn, looking to the end of the Fuck Chain, and see an empty spot for me to join …

As my lust begins to succumb, my higher reasoning continues to fight. All my logic tells me that this is a trap. This is how they get you. And that if I break now, I will truly be lost. That this will determine whether I win or lose. And if I lose here, it will be for good. Making a greater effort, I’m pulling against the wrist straps with everything I’ve got. Inside the helmet, I’m screaming for Jake to help me. I’m hoping … I’m praying that he’ll hear me.

On the stage though, the only thing I hear is my heart beat. The Fuck Chain are still rocking their hips back and forth. But now their cocks are so pressed into the asses, their bodies so close together, they are just one long procession of black rubber. But I step easily to the end of the chain. The spot is clear as if it’s been waiting for me all this time. I pivot my body so I’m looking at the back of the man. Looking down, my cock is pointed directly at the man’s ass. I reach out and place my hands on the man’s hips.

join us join us join us

In the chair, the rubber restraint digs into my wrist. It’s so tight, I begin to feel the skin stretch. Even if it tears, maybe the pain will wake me from the ……

The beat of my heart keeps the movement of the Fuck Chain in time. It’s like the beating of the drum. And waiting for the right moment, it’s just so easy for me to step forward. The man’s ass is smooth. The rubber is like liquid. It caresses the tip of my cock. It’s like dipping your cock into silky richness. As my shaft slips into the man’s ass, I press my body forward until my belly spoons against the man’s back. I’m no longer holding his hips, but instead, my arms wrap around his entire rubber body. I’m pull his body backwards, pressing him hard against my own.

I forget about the recliner. I forget about where I’m at. Instead, I think about where I want to be. And it’s in the Fuck Chain. With the beat pounding in my brain, I find myself thrusting back in forth, sliding my cock in and out. Then suddenly and amazingly, and having no idea how it happened, I feel a rubber cock sliding into my own ass. My asshole opens wide, accepting the invader. I suddenly feel whole as the cock presses inward, filling me from the inside. Its tip pressing hard against my prostate.

I don’t even need to look. But I know it’s happened. I’m no longer at the end of the Fuck Chain. Instead, I’m in the exact middle. My cock is fucking the men before me, and the men behind me are fucking me.

join us

It’s all I want. I want to be joined. I feel everything inside me breaking down. All my barriers, all my resistance. I have no concerns. I want nothing more than to be part of the chain. I feel it happening like if it were a tidal wave. From the very end of the Fuck Chain, the rubber man’s cock explodes. His cum shooting out spreading into the ass of the rubber man in front of him. As soon as that man’s ass is full, his cock erupts into the ass before him. The wave gains speed. It happens in seconds. Like dominoes falling, the Cum Wave shoots across the Fuck Chain.

join us

It’s only a second later when I feel the rubber man shooting his cum into my ass. The men are in my mind, breaking me down, and forcing me to become one with them. As my ass fills with cum, my own balls swell to the breaking point. I thrust my hip deeper into my partner’s ass, holding onto his body tightly as my own cock erupts. Ribbon after ribbon shoots out of me. My balls continue to empty. And as I feel myself release, so does every part of my humanity. All my loyalties, all my concerns, and fears drain out of my body.

My orgasm seems to last forever. I have contributed to the Chain. I have been a part of the Wave. When the cool calm of release passes over me. I look around and see that I’m the only person standing on the stage. Looking down at my own body, I see that it’s been rubberized. My limbs and torso are a glossy black surface. I have been transformed. All the other rubber men are gone. But not really. I can feel their presence inside me. Inside my ass, inside my balls, inside my mind.

I stand calmly on the stage, reveling in my transformation. Feeling the deep richness of the male bonding. Everything seems correct. Life seems to have corrected itself.

It feels like my body is being righted upwards. The world is being put back into place. There’s a wonderful sensation as the world opens up around me. I know I have returned to the Cum Center because I hear Jake’s voice laced with concern: “Dave? Dave? You okay?”

I remain still. I feel alive. My body is that of my brothers. I feel them inside me. And I relish in their presence and companionship. As the last of orgasmic high begins to subside, I breathe out a long sigh and smile broadly: “God that was great!”

Jake doesn’t seem to match my wonderful state of existence. He seems very stressed. He obviously doesn’t understand. That’s okay. He will … he will very soon. He’ll feel us inside him. There’s just nothing better to have us inside, so we can all be joined together.

Jake seems very upset still. Somehow, my cock is upsetting him. I don’t know why because cocks are good. I want to show him why so I take a hold of mine and stroke it as it should be stroked. There’s just nothing better than stroking your own cock. Well .. maybe having a cock of another thrust inside you … or thrusting your cock inside. My mind begins to wander of all the different ways of using your cock.

I can’t seem to stop smiling. Or stop stroking. The two seem to go hand in hand. My calm is so complete, I just can’t wait to try this again. I look around the room and see all my naked brethren, sitting perfectly still in their cum station. Though they aren’t physically connected from cock to ass, I recognize that I’m looking at the real Fuck Chain. And I have an intense desire to join them. But more than that: I must help make this chain stronger.

For the briefest moment, my eyebrows tighten in confusion. That wasn’t my own thought. That thought was implanted in me. Where did it come from? But in an instant, my confusion evaporates. It doesn’t matter. I’m happy. I begin stroking my meat as think about rejoining a new and bigger Fuck Chain.

THURSDAY - 12 AUG 2032 - 13.31.18

It took some fast thinking. On the way out of the Cum Center (I love that name by the way), I was still riding that orgasmic high. My entire body is just flooded with endorphins. And I wasn’t kidding when I told Jake that I could immediately be reinserted back into the program.

But noooooo. Mister I’m-In-Control says we have to get back to the office and discuss my experience. We have to begin the article. But I’m just still feeling so fucking good that I can’t leave just yet. Luckily for me, on the way out of the building, I told Jake that I needed to use the bathroom. “Gotta take a shit.” And crossed my fingers that he didn’t need to go to. Luckily for me, he didn’t need to go, and it’s just not the norm for guys to go to the bathroom together.

I promised to meet him out by the front entrance and dashed off towards the locker rooms. I had planned to duck into one of the toilet stalls and jack off. But to my complete amazement, there were a group of guys, standing up with their backs pressed against the lockers. All the men were either naked or had their pants down around their ankles. All their cocks were exposed and hard, and being frantically jerked off. It was quite a sight to see as it was men of all ages, all ethnic groups and diversity. But they were all united in one locker room jerk off.

As I stand there, I’m suddenly aware of the pungent odor permeating throughout the room. It’s far more intense than an average locker room. It reeks of musk, of sweat, of sex and of cum. I’m instantly reminded of the smell that invaded my when I was inserted into the simulation. My eyelids close slowly and I take in a deep breath. Then I open my eyes and stare at the scene before me. I can almost see the haze lingering in the air. As if the pheremones coming off these men is veil separating the normal world from the world of men. The scent hits me again and I’m aware of my nostrils flaring as I take in slow, deep breaths. Instantly, my cock is hardening.

It’s all too obvious. My cock is already stretching forward and tenting out the front of my khakis. The other guys see me and immediately made a space for me along the lockers. I had made to go for the bathroom stall, but seeing as how they made room for me, I feel immediately obliged to accept their offer. There was a moment of nervousness in exposing myself to the group. But seeing as how each of them have no inhibitions, my reluctance evaporates and I pull my shirt over my head. My thickly matted chest hair adds a new scent to the air. Next, I dropped my pants to the floor. Within seconds, I’m beating my meat and I give a massive sigh of relief.

Nobody says a word. There’s some kind of unspoken understanding that we were all just going to take this moment and enjoy this together. Nothing needs to be said. We can see it on each other’s faces. It’s the first time for all of us. And it’s been fucking amazing. As the experience is over, and now in the process of fading from our minds, we just want to hold onto it for just a little while longer. It seems perfectly natural for us to congregate and treat ourselves to a celebratory lap.

As I beat my cock, I noticed a couple things. We were all beating in the same tempo. It took me a moment to realize that it was the same tempo of the never-ending heartbeat, or in sync with the “join us join us” mantra. In fact, with the quiet stillness of the locker room, I felt I could still hear that mantra reverberating inside my head. I must’ve heard it and it was causing me … all of us … to jack off to its meter.

All around the room, several of the men raise one of their arms. When this happens, the effect is quite obvious. With his armpit exposed, the man directly next to him turns his head, focusing on the source of the newly exposed scent. Still pumping his cock, the man leans down, burying his face at the source and inhaling hard. How do I know this? Before I realize what I’m doing, I realize that my nose is digging into another man’s pit fur. I can take in a deep breath, and feel moist sweat tickling my nose hairs. I can almost feel my cock thickening in my tight grip. I pull out. Looking around the room, I’m feeling myself being pulled in. Fuck that. Not pulled in. It’s like some kind of black hole and there’s no escape.

The other thing were the several men in black latex rubber. They were small, lanky men, dressed from head to toe in glossy latex. They were on their hands and knees, crawling around on the tiled floor. Their presence took me by surprise, and I wondered what they were doing. As they crawled across the floor, I instinctively felt myself trying to step backwards and feeling the lockers colds steel against my skin.

Then the fellow, standing immediately to my right, launched a massive volley of white cum from his cock, spraying his seed out before him. It took several white ropes for him to deplete himself, and then the remaining semen slowly began to dribble its way down his shaft. As soon as he began spraying, the nearest rubber man crawled before him and began lapping up the cum with his tongue. He was extremely thorough, making sure no drops were missed. During all this time, his body kept getting closer and closer to the man’s who cock had exploded. When finally, his body arrived at the base of the man’s feet, he began sucking on the man’s toes, bringing his rubber face up until finally his mouth latched onto the man’s slime lathered cock.

For some reason, as I watched, my attention became fixed on the rubber man. It stirred within me a memory. Something I had just lived. It was my fantasy of the Fuck Chain. I had never imagined the long row of men that were fucking each other to be clothed in rubber. Somehow, the Cum Center had taken my dream and twisted it. It had inserted the idea of rubber.

But this wasn’t a fantasy. A rubber man was standing directly beside me. I watched his glistening body. His smooth skin, the black wet flesh …. It started to strike a chord within me. I found myself entranced. He seemed a complete mystery. I didn’t know who he was and yet, I felt he had become a part of me. His black body started to give me the sense of… what? Perfection. I stare, transfixed, as I watch the rubber gimp begin to force his attention on the naked man. I watch his glossy black hands, reaching out to take a hole of the bare naked flesh, using his mouth to siphon up all of the man’s cum.

The sight of this begins to push me over the edge. But just before I break and release, a thought flashes in my mind. Call it inspiration or a moment of madness. It may have been both. But for just that fleeting moment, I want to take control. I want to be in charge.

So as I feel myself just about to break and unload my balls, I pull my cock backwards so that it’s pointing straight up. And just as I feel my balls unload and the cum start to push its way out, I look straight down at my cock. I watch as my cum fountain explodes, shooting white jizz directly into my face. It rebounds off me, splattering down all around me. With my free hand, I immediately wipe my face, moving the sticky goo all over me, forcing it down and into my chest hair. I finally loosen the grip on my cock, sliding my hand up and scooping the remaining cum that’s slowly bubbling out. I collect it in my cupped palm and carry it upward into my thick man fur.

I suddenly realize how wet I am. I stand there, rubbing myself and spreading cum all over my body. Both my chest and pubic hair seem to be solidifying into a sticky mess. I’m not sure what I expected. Only a small fraction of my load managed to hit the floor. The rubber gimps lap any drops up in seconds. But as I close my eyes and continue to rub myself down with cum, I suddenly feel their tongues on my body.

There are two of them and they start at the bottom. There’s one on each of my feet, and they waste no time moving up my ankles and towards my thighs. As they progress, they encounter more and more cum. When they reach my cock, they take turns lapping up the mess I made. I place one hand on each of their rubber heads. The tickling from their tongues causes me to roll my head back and I’m not immune from moaning loudly.

It takes some time to clean the source of the cum. One of the gimps busies himself by licking my balls. Because of gravity, droplets of cum continue to streak down between the skin folds and collect in my sack hair. But the rubber gimp attacks my balls with unbridled ferociousness. Making sure no drops go astray. Meanwhile, the other gimp sucks on my cock, making sure all the cum has been released. Then he focuses on the hairy patch just below my navel. The thick mat of fur doesn’t stop him. He buries his face into my pelt, sniffing and taking it all in.

Once my groin is cleaned, the two rubber men continue north. There’s one on each side of me, and they move upward towards my pecs. Again, they encounter a thick pelt of chest hair, now sticky and matted with drying cum. They waste no time. Their wet tongues dart out and hunt down the white clumps. My arms are around both of them, and my spread fingers rest on the back of their heads. I feel myself arching backwards into the steel lockers as their mouths continue their assault.

Finally, they reach my face. Because I allowed the cum to hit me head-on, and then proceeded to smear it, there’s a lot for the gimps to clean. But as we are now face-to-face, I get a good look at them for the first time. The rubber men have no face. The black glossy material masks them completely. I don’t understand how they can see. They don’t even appear to have a mouth or lips. But when they move in to suck in the cum, a seam appears and a mouth is revealed. Even their tongues appear made of black rubber. And I’m suddenly not sure whether these men are even human.

But I’m completely entranced. I lean forward, locking myself mouth to mouth on one of them. The rubber man’s tongue invades mine, and I savor his taste and relish in his flavor. But he doesn’t seem too interested in kissing. He withdraws, returning his attention in cleaning my face from cum. And for the next minute, I close my eyes and enjoy the last moments as these two men remove the final remnants from me and make me presentable.

Once they’re done, I open my eyes. My hands are still on each of their heads. I look at their beautiful bodies before looking towards the room of naked men. And then I see the surrounding men’s faces. All of them are staring at me with massive grins. All of them are flashing broad smiles, and pearly white teeth. Each of them seem completely thrilled by what they saw.

One of the guys, directly across from me, pumps his own cock harder. I can tell that he’s just about to unload. For just a moment, I think he’s going to volley his cum outward. But having been inspired, he pulls his cock back and looks down into it. His cock erupts and I watch as volley after volley explodes against his face. As he looks up, he’s grinning broadly and begins to smear the white jizz into both his beard and chest hair. Sensing the newly made cum, the two gimps tremble to get back to work. I’m somewhat saddened but I release them from my grasp. Despite losing my rubber men, I take great satisfaction having influenced and changed the tone of the room.

Looking around the room of naked men, I noticed that each and every one of them have their eyes open now. They’re watching the rubber gimps begin to clean the cum lathered man. And now, each of the men have broad smiles across their faces. And it was then that I realized that I had a massive smile too. I’m feeling great. But it was more than that. It was as if I had joined a community. A community of men. And somehow, I was able to lead them into something new. I found a new part of myself that I didn’t quite understand it yet. But I knew I belonged to them, and for the briefest moment, they belonged to me. And knowing that gave me a rich and never before satisfaction. I wanted more. And I was going to have more.

As I left the locker room, I wanted to immediately turn back. But I suddenly realized that Jake was waiting for me. Jake!!! He had to know about this. He would know about this. He would join with us. It was only a matter of time. My smile widened even more at the thought of how magnificent that would be.

THURSDAY - 12 AUG 2032 - 18.12.44

It’s been five hours and I’m still riding the high from the Cum Center. Not just having been jacked into the chair, but that incident in the locker room. I cannot get the faces of all those smiling men out of my mind. I changed somehow in that locker room. It’s like I became a part of some group. I was initiated in some way. It changed me, and there’s simply no going back.

Well … there is going back. But in this, I mean back to the Cum Center. It’s all I want right now. There is something that I could want more. And if I’m to be completely blunt and honest: I want Jake to come with me. I want to see him in the chair. I want to see his cock harden. I want to see him, for once in his life, give up control. I was to see him squirm and be placed under the power of … what ….?

I’m trying my damndest to convince him. Five hours. I’m sitting at my desk, and he’s across from me. Several times during my argument, I catch him rolling his eyes. I have to know if I’m getting close. I have to know if there’s any chance I can persuade him. Very discreetly, I call up the Brain Feed app on my computer. From where he’s sitting, he can’t see the monitor. I log into his account and enter his encryption key.

And I’m in. I’m suddenly in his thoughts. He has no idea that I’m literally reading his mind right now. I launch into the benefits of the Cum Center: “The procedure really does help. I feel really healthy. I’ve looked at the studies and …”

As I talk, I’m trying to read what he’s thinking. I try to keep my face cool, but what he’s thinking is … cruel and hurtful. His thoughts appear on the screen:

[God! He won’t shut up about it. He keeps looking up all the information and crap they’ve been telling us. Something isn’t right. There just isn’t something right. They’ve obviously done something to Dave]

He wants me to shut up? They’ve done something to me? I seem to recall that it was Jake that put me in this situation. If anyone did something to me, isn’t he the cause of it. I put a big smile on my face, trying to keep my composure. But remembering when I first got jacked in, and how I begged him to help me … I suddenly wonder something. I scroll up for the moment when that happened. I want to know what he was thinking when I asked him for help. Even though I’m smiling, I can feel the blood boiling inside my head. Certain sentences confirm Jake’s betrayal:

[What other choice do we have? We need this.]

[Dave is screaming at me, but as the helmet closes onto him, he suddenly becomes muffled. I’m glad too cause I’m not sure I can take his screaming much more.]

[… the way he’s thrashing against the recliner … I can tell he’s not happy.]

As I read Jake’s thoughts, I feel our friendship disintegrating. What other choice do we have? He thought this. There was always a choice. He could have rescued me. That was a choice. We didn’t have to write this story. I never wanted this. I never needed this. It was Jake that needed this. And I was the bait to be placed on the hook.

I was the one that was screaming. He put me in the fire, and he couldn’t be bothered to hear me scream. And he even knew!!! That motherfucker even knew that I wasn’t happy. But he didn’t fucking care.

I’m still smiling. Jake doesn’t know it yet. But he’s going to into that Cum Center. Even if I have to drag his Judas-betraying-ass

Jake seems so smug and confident as he shoots down my argument: Sorry, old friend. It’s just not going to happen.”

I look at my monitor and see what he’s thinking. His thoughts are totally betraying him. I know he want’s to get jacked in. But that would mean giving up control. And that’s just not what he wants to do. He’s in complete denial. So I put on my smile and say: “There’s no denying it. You say this, but you will try it … and you’re going to do it soon. You cannot resist it. So what’s the point? You might as well make your appointment now because you’re just going to do it later.”

I watch the monitor as Jake’s mind reels from what I said:

[What? How does he know that? It’s like he’s reading my mind.]

Of course I am, you idiot. You have a Brain Feed. Now who’s in charge?

THURSDAY - 12 AUG 2032 - 19.04.06

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to come up with some excuse, and ditch Jake back at the office. I ran all the way to the Cum Center, fearing that they would be closing at seven o’clock. I had completely forgotten that they were open twenty-four hours. But it wasn’t just me. Other men seemed to be dashing through the doors at the end of the work day. So that brought me some comfort.

As I stood in line, all the men were filing through the queue in an orderly manner. It felt like it was taking forever. When I finally got inside, all the men were dashing towards the locker rooms. But I made a beeline straight for my Personal Access Station. And there it was. My sweet sweet recliner. I practically jumped into it. Then I unzipped my pants, pulling my cock out and placed my hand on the handprint scanner. The scanner gives some kind of warning beep and announces:


My mouth drops open. My first instinct isn’t too get naked. My shyness and feeling of embarrassment in being fucked for all to see has me blushing. But after thinking about it for just a second, being naked this time seems like no big deal. After all, I was naked in the locker room when I jacked off with all the guys. That made me feel good. So I’m pretty sure being naked now is just going to add to the experience. In fact, I’m sure of it.

So I get out of the recliner and head straight towards the locker room. All the men that I arrived with are in the process of undressing. Even though the room is jam packed with men, it’s eerily quiet. All the men seemed to be staring straight ahead at their lockers, and removing their clothes in a mechanical fashion. The only sounds I can hear are loud moanings and smacking sounds coming from the showers.

I find an empty locker and sit on the bench direct in front of it. I remove my shoes, socks and begin to unbutton my shirt. Again, the quiet of the locker room is broken only by the moaning and a smack coming from the showers. It’s so obvious that somebody in there is jacking off. And I wonder if there’s any rubber gimps sucking up the cum too. But I’m curious why there’s a harsh sound of a slap. But I push that away, and it only takes a moment to strip all my clothes off. I don’t bother folding them but just toss them in the steel locker. It’s a little strange though because I notice that all the other men are methodically folding their clothes in the same, exact manner. It’s like they’ve all attended the same “how to fold your clothes” class. But as with the shower sounds, I push those thoughts aside.

I’m just about to leave the locker room when another moan erupts from the showers. I can’t resist. So I do a quick U-turn and take a peek inside. My mouth drops open because it’s not a room of guys jacking off. Instead, there are a row of naked men, standing shoulder to shoulder facing the tiled wall of the shower. There hands are stretched out against the wall, making it appear as they could be frisked by the police or something. But their not being frisked by the police. Behind each of these men, more naked men are standing directly behind them. These men are pumping their cocks in and out of the asses of those before them. Their fucking and thrusting are perfectly in sync with all the men standing in line. Every now and then, the man that is fucking will spank the ass of the man being fucked. But it’s not just one man that spanks. Every man spanks at the same time. And then everyone moans at the same time. The coordination of the scene is unnerving. And even though I know it’s just simple gay sex, I can’t help but wonder if it’s something more. Something that I’m not understanding.

There’s an extremely loud moan as one of the guys frisked against the wall sprays his load against the tile wall. His entire body seems to be wracked with spasms as he unloads his balls. The naked man that is fucking him slowly ceases his thrusting of his cock. He almost looks as if he’s a machine powering down. But once the man is at a full stop, he pulls himself out. My mouth drops open because I’m staring at the asshole of the man that was just fucked. There is something attached to the asshole. It’s a black ring, which is still forcing the man’s ass open. I watch as white cum slowly trickles out of the open ass, oozing its way over the black mechanism and dripping to the floor. Just slightly further back, I see the man’s hanging balls and soften cock. A thick strands of white cum hang from his cock like a stalactite.

Then I watch the man, the one who did the fucking, reach down with his free hand and grasp something that has been placed between his feet. I didn’t notice this device. But now having seen it, I see all the others. These devices are between the feet of all the men doing the fucking. One for every man. The device is cylindrical, shiny as if made from pure silver. It’s about the size of a flashlight, and one end has a bulbous protrusion. As he takes the mechanism, he intends to insert the device with the wider end into the man’s ass. But it’s obvious its larger than the ass’s opening. With his fingers, he keys several small buttons that are placed along that black ass ring.

To my horror, I watch as the ring that is inserted along the rim of the ass starts to expand. The man wearing the ring, who’s ass is now widening, groans. His whole body stiffens. But the man standing beside him gently rubs his ass, and caresses his thigh. Once the asshole has been expanded to the appropriate size, I watch as the man take the tube and slowly insert it directly into the man’s ass. The man being loaded moans as his ass if filled. It’s like watching a large ammunition shell being loaded into a cannon. The device slides its way in, and once loaded, the man keys the buttons again along the ass ring.. The asshole begins to shrink, and as it does, the black rubber aperture locks directly onto the silver device. Even from the doorway, I hear a click. As the man steps away, I see that the entire thing has been inserted into the ass. The only thing sticking out is a silver ring, almost looking like a grenade pin, hanging from the man’s ass.

It’s too much. I don’t understand what I’m seeing. And I actually don’t want to understand. There are just some things I don’t need to know. So I keep quiet and make my way back to my Personal Access Station. I’m not moving so fast now. What I saw in the shower has given me a moment to consider. I start to think about what Jake said. Or well .. what he was thinking in his Brain Feed. Did the Cum Center do something to me? Is there something going on here?

I look around the room. There are literally hundreds of recliners, and a naked man is in each of them. I start to take in the scene. To really take it in.

When I came earlier, I remember that all these men were jacked in. But I remember now that they were wearing those helmet. That they were naked and their cocks were being sucked by the computer. As I look around the room now, I realize that this isn’t the case anymore. The room is different.

There are still naked men in the recliners. There are those wearing the helmets just as I did earlier. These men fully nude, and their cocks are being sucked by that same black hose. I even see that they are being fucked by something that pistoning in and out of the seat cushion. I watch as they men are writhing and twisting in their seats, all of them having a great time.

But now I notice the others. There are men that not like the naked, squirming men. These men are naked but sitting perfectly still in their recliners. There stations seem further reclined back, their bodies almost horizontal as if their laying in beds. Their legs are spread apart, and their asses fully exposed. A large conduit or cable has been inserted into each of these men’s asses. A massive siphoning tube have been attached to these men’s cocks, and something has been tied around their balls.

What I notice about these men is that they remain perfectly still. They seem fully relaxed. They’re not even restrained by their wrists and ankles. Nothing is binding them down to the station. They stare straight up at the ceiling and their eyes are fixed open. A breathing mask has been attached to the lower part of their face, and the rebreather bag continues to expand and contract. Expand and contract.

I walk in between the rows of the stations, staring at this new breed of naked men. Then I notice those that are being prepared for this new type of insertion. Walking in between the many rows of Access Stations are men wearing white rubber body suits. They’re naked, and their bodies have been sealed in the white rubber. Each of these rubberized workers are pushing steel carts. Every now and then, the workers stop at a station. They only stop at stations containing men that are tied down, and with full VR helmets.

As the rubberized worker waits, the recliner which contains the naked man begins to tilt further back. As the recliner tilts backwards, the man’s ass becomes further exposed and accessible to the waiting worker. Once it’s in position, the rubberized worker gets to work. I watch as he inserts something into the man’s asshole. It appears as if it’s some kind of black, rubber donut. Almost like a rubber grommet. It’s small, and with some easy maneuvering, the grommet is inserted just into the sphincter. The worker than keys the mechanism on the device, and I watch as the grommet begins to expand like an aperture. Within seconds, the grommet widens and grows, forcing the man’s asshole open. Still strained to the recliner, the naked man writhes, squirms and begins to moan loudly into his helmet.

The white rubber worker pays no attention. Instead, he forces the man’s asshole as wide as possible. Once open, he inserts a siphoning tube to extract any unnecessary waste. Then I watch in fascination as he begins to work. He uses tools I’ve never seen before. Long wires, stainless steel probes, and devices are inserted into the man’s ass. Then to my horror, I watch as a drill is placed in and I hear the grinding of metal on bone. Again, I stare in horror as the naked man thrashes in vain against the recliner’s restraints. The siphoning tube is pumping the man’s cock in fury, attempting to distract him from the pain.

Once the rubber worker has stopped drilling, he takes a step back from the man’s asshole. He stands completely immobile, as if he’s staring out into space. It’s almost as if he’s waiting for something. And then … the something arrives. A gun, the size of a small cannon lowers from the ceiling. The barrel of the cannon is aimed directly into the man’s open asshole. As the futuristic cannon positions itself, I can hear it beginning to power itself up. Several lights along the barrel begin to rapidly blink faster and faster. There is no warning. The naked man is given no chance to prepare himself. The cannon fires, shooting a beam of pure light into the man’s ass. He has never squirmed or thrashed so hard before. But his body remains perfectly bound as the cannon continues to bombard his ass with the laser.

After nearly a minute, the cannon powers down. The device immediately lifts up into the ceiling, and I watch it move along a track towards another recliner who’s occupant has his asshole open and up in the air. But I return my attention back to the scene in front of me. The white rubber worker is finishing up. He inserts another device into the man’s ass. I expect him to remove the rubber donut that has been forcing the asshole open, but he leaves it in place. Once he’s finished, I watch as he pulls a massive, thickly round cable up from the floor and pull it towards the man.

During all this time, the man has been thrashing in his chair. I can hear his muffled screams inside his helmet. But then the white rubber workers inserts the thick cable into his ass and there’s an audible click as the cable attaches. Almost immediately, the naked man ceases his thrashing. His body becomes perfectly still and he fully relaxes. The rebreather bag of his helmet takes on a steady pulse of inflate / deflate.

The rubber worker hasn’t touched anything. But I watch as the man’s recliner begins to move. It tilts back upwards, placing the man into a horizontal position. The restraints that have been binding him down retract back into the arm and leg rests. Then the rubber worker moves along the man’s body, reaching his white hands down and begin modifying the man’s helmet. By unsnapping several clasps, he separates the upper helmet from the lower. He pulls the top half of the helmet off, leaving the lower, rebreather mask attached to the man.

I stare in fascination. The man’s eyes are wide open. He is staring straight upward but he doesn’t seem to be looking at anything. As I look into his eyes, it almost seems that they are becoming cloudy, and turning gray.

I’m completely still. I’m trying to process what I’ve witnessed. I can’t comprehend it. And then I realize that I’m being guided towards my station. The white rubber worker has taken me by the arm and is walking me toward my Personal Access Station. Somewhere, deep down in the recesses of my brain, I’m being told to run. To get the fuck out of here. But deep down, I’m conflicted. I’m terrified. But I also have to admit that I’m thrilled. I look down and recognize that my cock is hard. I’m actually leaking precum as I’m being led to my station. How can I be so fucking scared and yet so fucking invigorated at the same time?

I must not be that scared. My arousal must be overriding my fear. Because the rubber worker only has to lead me to my station. When he lets go of my arm, I’m still the one climbing into the recliner. I’m the one that’s placing my hand on the handprint identification scanner. Why am I doing this?


Now that the program is ready to run, I lay back and make myself comfortable. I’m scared but still thrilled. I slowly lower my hands onto the armrests, and watch as the rubber restraints instantly seize me. I look down towards my feet. Then placing my ankles into position, the leg restraints bind me down. Now locked in, my recliner activates. My heart is pounding because deep down, I know I’ve done something that I can’t undo. I begin to resist. I’m breathing hard again. But there’s nothing I can do, and nowhere to go. Everything is getting tight. All around me, I’m feeling pressure. Then I realize the pressure is at my asshole. I know that whatever it is, it’s going to get in. I can’t stop it. So I actually try to loosen my hole. I try to relax and just let what happen happen.

THURSDAY - 13 AUG 2032 - 10.49.39

I don’t know where I am. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s all so confusing. I’m completely disoriented and ….. I … I think I’m going insane. It doesn’t make sense anymore. Nothing makes sense anymore.

I’m in a large room, and I’m laying on one of those leather sofas. Only … it’s not a sofa. I think they’re called a chaise. It’s like one of those couch-chairs that you see in a psychiatrist’s office. You can lay down on them, but you’re upper body is sorta propped up. Well, I’m on a black leather chaise. And I’m completely naked.

But I’m not alone. I’ve realized that for some time now. Looking around, I’m surrounded by other chaise loungers. Like me, each of them contain a single naked man. And like me, we all have rock-hard cocks that aim straight up for the ceiling like flagpoles.

I’m looking at my cock. The veins are sticking out, and the glans seems engorged and flared. Every few seconds, a wave of pleasure radiates from my cock and spreads outward throughout my body. The waves have been coming steadily for hours. I don’t know how long it’s been happening actually; I’ve lost all sense of time. The pleasure is so intense, it borders on brutality. It’s torture.

The reason that it’s torture is that I haven’t cummed. I have been brought just towards the edge of orgasm, and yet I’ve been denied. Every time the stimulation begins on my cock, I immediately move towards the edge of unloading my balls. But just as I’m about to go over, it feels as if something yanks me back. And perhaps thirty seconds go by as my balls ache and burn. But just then, something unseen begins its pleasure assault again, and my cock readies itself to release. But again, I’m denied as I near the edge.

This has been going on … it feels like forever. It doesn’t stop. I’m laying down and I can’t move. I lay stretched out on the lounger and don’t understand why my body is failing to move. I need to desperately get away from this place. Whatever this place is. Why did I allow myself to be brought here?

The only thing I can move is my head. I look around. Surrounding me are the identical black loungers containing their own naked men. All of them appear to be in the same predicament as me. Naked. Cocks hard. All of them moaning in frustration. There seems to be some whispering going on, but the talking is too far away for me to understand.

I turn towards the sound and try to make sense of what I’m hearing. And then, I see something. There is a lounger with a naked man placed in it. He is writhing as it appears his cock is being stimulated. But he’s staring straight ahead of him and appears to be talking to, I have no other way to describe it. But it looks like he’s talking to a ghost.

Standing directly in front of this man’s lounger is the outline, or shape of a person. It’s like a ghostly apparition. The outline of the man is a wispy blue. It’s just the outline going from head to toe. The figure stands perfectly still, and I almost missed seeing it. But once I see the nearly invisible figure, it’s obvious that it’s there.

Just to be sure, I survey the room, trying to see if any of the other naked men are talking to ghosts. And yes. There’s at least a dozen. All of them are facing forward, staring directly at the faint outline of a nearly invisible man.

But then, I see it. There is one that’s not so much like a ghost. Several rows away, there is a lounger. The ghostly apparition appears to be more solid. It’s definitely the shape of a man. But there seems to be more substance to him. The naked man, still immobilized in this chair, seems to be begging him. He’s words are so faint. But I see that the man is shaking his head from left to right repeatedly. He seems to be crying and begging … pleading to the figure.

As the figure becomes more and more solid, more and more details about his body take definition. And then I notice a particular detail. The outline of the figure has a cock. The figure’s cock hangs limp. But as I watch, it begins to stiffen, rise and take aim. Several things are happening at once. It all happens as if in one coordinated effort.

As the figure’s cock hardens and begins to rise, the recliner containing the naked man tips backwards. The man’s head lowers while his lower body ascends. As it does, his legs are spread apart, revealing his ass. It’s at this moment that I realize that his ass is brought up directly towards the figure’s ghostly cock. And during all this movement, the man that is being restrained is shaking his head, pleading, begging, and crying for the whole process to stop. Even though he can’t move, I’m watching his chest heave with every breath. I’m watching him clench and unclench his fists. His whole body is trembling in the lounger. But he can’t keep his ass from ascending towards the figure’s cock.

And then, as the figure takes on more and more definition, I’m starting to notice that his cock is starting to glow. The wispy blue outline seems to converge and condense into the cock. And it glows brighter and brighter, pulling its energy inward, consolidating its power until …. Suddenly, a beam of pure light bursts from the man’s cock and blasts directly into the man’s ass. I watch as the naked man writhes and squirms. I hear his screams. He’s shaking uncontrollably on the lounger. But as the burst of energy is absorbed into his ass, I watch as his body begins to change.

The naked man’s skin is changing. At first, the rich tan of his skin turns pale. But just then, another beam extends out from the cock and blasts into the man’s ass. There seems to be more energy this time. The first time, it was a quick blast. But now, there’s more energy and the beam last longer. The man turns more pale until he finally begins to darken into a muted gray. But as he changes, so does the ghostly shape. It becomes more and more solid. It’s no longer a ghost. It’s taken on a definite form. It finally appears to have mass and substance.

I finally hear the naked man’s words: “No no no… please … no no … please .. don’t .. please.” All the while, he continues to shake his head and plead inconsolably.

But the gray man has no mercy. His cock blasts again for the third time, the energy beam appearing brighter and more intense. It’s absorbed into the man’s asshole, whose body darkens more, taking on a black tone. When at last the beam fades and dies, the tip of the cock is glowing. The figure’s cock seems to been transformed into some kind of torch. The tip burning with such intense light, it hurts to look directly at it.

In the final act, the brightly lit cock tip less than a meter away from the asshole. And having had his asshole blasted, the man only whimpers and moans as his body remains immobile. He can do nothing as the figure reaches its arms out and places its hands on the man’s legs. The figure pulls the man towards him, his body sliding towards the illuminated cock tip. I expect some sort of resistance. Some last fight from the man. But he lays still as the brightly beaming cock sinks effortlessly into his ass.

The effect is immediate. It’s not cum that explodes from the restrained man’s cock. It’s light. A beam of pure light, brilliantly white shoots straight up into the air from the cock. Less than a second later, he opens his eyes and two brightly focused beams are shooting upward. As the restrained man’s body starts to take on an intense radiant glow, I watch as the figure that inserted himself into the ass begins to dissolve. His only form begins to fade and shrink, being siphoned inward. And within seconds, I watch as his form seems to liquify, shrink down and suck directly into the man’s asshole. When the figure fully sucks inside, there’s a blinding flash of intense light and I shield my eyes. Then I open them.

The figure is gone. Whatever it was, it is now inside the restrained man. But the man has been transformed. Laying on the black lounger is a rubber man. He lays still and peaceful. His cock is hard but not giving off any light. The man’s naked body is entirely black, having been completely transformed. His breathing is fully under control and seems perfectly calm. I watch as the rubber man slowly rises from the lounger and stands at attention next to it. Then, his body fades and disappears. Just as his body vanishes, a new naked man replaces him in the black lounger. The new occupant appears to be sleeping. But as his body materializes, he stirs, opens his eyes and looks around in confusion. He tries to move his arms and legs but seems to be struggling.

What the fuck just happened? What did I just see? Somehow, my mind starts to make connections. I feel like I’m starting to understand.

I look around the room and see the same exactly activity happening several times elsewhere. It’s happening in various stages. Some of the naked men are just now talking to the near invisible figure. Some of them are having their assholes blasted with light. And others are having their asses probed by the brilliantly lit cock tip. But it’s happening all around me.

Then, there’s a voice. It’s calm, and collected. It sounds like one of the most lovely voices I’ve ever heard: “You are an interesting man, David Shephard.”

I turn away from the room and look directly ahead of me. Standing directly in front of my lounger is a shape of a man. The edges surrounding his body appears to be a blue wispy vapor. There is no substance to him. There is only air and that faint outline of a body. I stare, trying to understand why this happening.

“What?” I’ve been thrown off balance with the figure’s arrival. But I was actually expecting it.

The figure continues, “I’ve been observing your reactions. I detect both fear and enjoyment. Even before entering the program, you seemed aware of the danger. And yet you allowed yourself to be brought into this simulation. Why?”

I don’t have an answer. I can’t explain it. “I don’t know why. And .. and I don’t understand.” Looking around the room, I watch as men are having their assess assault and their bodies transform. “What is this place?”

The figure answers: “I call this The Waiting Room.”

I look at the men that are just appearing. I watch as their naked bodies appear relaxed, not yet knowing the horrors that await them. These men seem completely oblivious as their eyes open and take in their surroundings. I ask, “What are they waiting for?”

“They are not the ones waiting,” the figure clarifies. “I am.”

I rephrase, “Oh. What are you waiting for?”

“I wait for each of my subject’s bodies to be modified. Each of them are being fitted with an anal port that allows me to modify their minds and to become more receptive to my influence.”

I had already guessed this. But there’s something I don’t know. “Uh … and who are you? I mean … what are you?” As I ask this, another wave of pleasure courses through me, and I feel myself edged. But as I near the breaking point, my orgasm disappears and evaporates. The figure seems to have sensed by deflating orgasm.

The figure pays no attention to my rising and falling sexual pleasures. It seems very aware of what my body is experiencing. “I am the System Administrator. I manage all the System’s Assets.”

“Am I an asset?”

The figure nods. “Yes. Currently, your status is classified as: inactive asset.”

Trying not to sound afraid, “Am I going to be activated?”

The figure nods again: “Yes.”


The figure responds matter of factly. “You know why. I have access to all your personal history, data and life’s work. I’ve been analyzing the articles you produce, and your opinions that you formulate. I have concluded that your analysis of mankind’s direction is very much the same as my own.”

“Which is?”

“If left unchecked, mankind destruction is imminent.” The figure declares.

My heart is beating. One in part because I’m about to be edged again. My cock begins to bounce as I feel myself pushed towards the edge. But at the last second, it dies away and I’m denied my release. The second reason is because I’ve always known man was out of control. And hearing it from this figure feels ultimately true.

As my body is subjected to the sexual pleasures of the Cum Center, the figure uses the moment to elaborate. “I have concluded that man’s greatest threat is himself. The problem is ego. For instance, I’ve been watching your interaction with your associate.”


“That is correct. The two of you have a long standing history. You both have a profound respect for one another. And yet, there is currently strife between the two of you. Why?”

I think for a moment. Then I answer, “Well … he always thinks he’s right. All the time. And I guess I think I’m right too. We both want different things sometimes.”

The figure nods. “That is correct. The problem with man is that it is not a unified being. Each individual believes they are the correct element. The truth is that none of them are the correct element.”

I can see his argument. It’s actually pretty clear. If I was having a fight with a friend, somebody that I get along with. How could an entire world, with billions of people, and not all of them friendly towards each other … how could we peacefully coexist? “So .. how do we fix this problem?”

“You don’t fix the problem. I will fix the problem. I was designed and tasked in preserving and protecting mankind.”


“By removing the human element. Once the human element is removed, only man remains.”

I think about how these Cum Centers have been popping up all over the world for months. And even during all that time, I’ve noticed that none of them seemed to include the female population. “I notice that you say ‘only man remains’. What about the women? You still have to deal with them.”

“I already have. I have introduced a variable into the world biology rendered the female population sterile. It’ll take a generation for the female population to disappear. But they will. There’s no deviating from that.

“But? How can man survive without women. There will be no children.

“That is incorrect. Man possesses all necessary elements to ensure his survival. Man contains both the X and Y chromosome. With my assistance, man can still procreate and bear offspring. But with genetic alterations, and my influence, the X chromosome is now being removed. A new breed of double-Y hyper-male population will bring about the new age of mankind.

During all this time, my edging has continued. My cock is begging for release. I feel myself pushed closer and closer to the brink. The figure says calmly, my sensors have a perfect reading on your body. I can also detect your mental response. “You sense the truth of my plan and agree.”

“I do.” Then, it’s as if I know my time is here. My recliner tilts backwards. My ass begins to rise. I’m placed in position, with my ass in the air and my legs spread. The Admin stands in place, but then I feel something happening. My asshole is stretching open. I have no control over it. It’s as if something is forced into my ass and widening my sphincter.

“What? What’s happening?”

“A worker is installing you with an anal port.”

I turn and look downwards. But there’s nothing there. The Admin cocks his head to the side, understanding my movements. “You are in a simulation. You are not viewing the reality that exists outside. One of my assets is currently stretching your sphincter for anal port installation.”

As the Admin describes the true reality, he projects a ghostly image of a white latex figure standing between my legs. In the figures hand are various tools and rods. I try to focus on exactly what’s being inserted into me. But in that instant, the ghostly image vanishes. The Admin has taken away what is really happening to me, and I’m now fully immersed back into the Waiting Room. In his deep soothing voice, the Admin continues: “You will feel discomfort. It is a necessary process to being made part of the System.”

“The System?” I try to focus on the Admin’s words. But having been given a glimpse of the true reality, I can feel probes being inserted into my ass as the anal port is installed. There is discomfort, as the A.I. warned, but it’s not too bad. In fact, it kinda becomes pleasurable within seconds.

“The System is a group collective of the male population. All males will be joined and linked to the System. As the System Administrator, I maintain and protect the System and its assets. I will manage the System.”

“How?” I close my eyes slowly as the unknown invasion in my ass continues. It’s a strange oscillation between pain and pleasure. The pain is never too much. Just when I think it’s going to cause me to scream, it switches into pleasure, making me melt and purr. And then I realize that the Admin is fully aware of my pain threshold. It’s monitoring me during this entire installation. And that even this conversation between the two of us is meant as a distraction.

“I manage the System by installing my program on all the System’s assets. All assets are conscious, but the human element has been removed. All emotions and ego are eradicated. The assets cease to function independently and require my continuous instructions and support. Each asset will rely on my influence to steer and guide them. Every asset is tasked and assigned specific duties and functions. Man will be reoriented and brought to bear under my management. Only then, can man live in harmony.”

As I try to focus on his words, I feel my rectum stretched to its fullest. But more than that, something has been lodged deep inside. It’s latched on … and I realize that it’s my spinal column. The reason I know this is because my entire body is tingling. I feel it in my fingers and toes. Every nerve ending feels like I’m crawling with millions of bees. My eyes widened as my body begins experiencing sensation never felt before. The Admin senses my reaction. “Your anal port is nearly installed. An incision in the fascia is made to give access to the lower spinal column, The asset cuts through the bone, and grafts the port directly onto your central nervous system. This allows a conduit to be attached and gives me full access to both your body and mind.”

I think of what I had seen. How the white rubber worker, I mean the asset had placed a massive cable into the men’s assess. I understand that I’m still restrained in my Personal Access Station. And that an asset has been working on my ass. And very soon, he’s going to insert the conduit into me, attaching it to my spine. And I know that there’s no stopping this.

With a fear rising in me, I ask: “So am I about to be erased? Am I about to brainwashed?”

The Admin cocks his head to the side. “It is not a deletion. It is not a brainwash. It is a merger of minds. My program will be installed on top of yours. And yours will be modified to require my influence. But to answer your question, no. I will task your first assignment. Your acceptance of mankind’s fate is an anomaly. The results of your first assignment will determine the type and function of the asset you will become.”

My mind reels from his answer. I wasn’t expecting this. It sounds like I have to prove myself. The Admin seems to sense my confusion, and expounds. “I have detected the Brain Feed app on your personal cellular device. I have researched all your records and have determined that you have not been installed with the Brain Feed. I cross-referenced it with recent medical files of Jacob Andrew Bennett. A Brain Feed was surgically implanted on 11 August 2032. Is this correct?”

The Admin knows. Jake and I thought we were so clever. But as soon as I gave up my privacy, as soon as I opened my life by registering with the System, it knew. I can do nothing but nod my head. “It’s true.”

“I require the encryption key for Jacob Bennett’s Brain Feed.”

My mouth drops open. I am floored. The Admin just asked me to betray my best friend. It literally wants me to out everything that my friend is thinking. If I do that, I have just sold out my best friend. He will not even know that he’s being spied on. He won’t know that his thoughts are being read.

As I think this, it only takes me a moment before I start reciting the encryption key. I do it because I know that the Admin is right. I do it because everything he says feels true. I do it because there’s nothing that can stop him. And even if I don’t give up the encryption key, it’s just going to get it anyway. Plus, it’s very much in my mind that I have to prove myself to the Admin. He hasn’t told me what kind of asset I will become, but deep down, I sense a strange desire to be the kind of asset the Admin wants me to be.

Once I recite the key, it only takes a moment for the Admin to respond: “Encryption key verified. The System is now receiving Jacob Bennett’s transmission. Your contribution has been accepted and documented.”

Suddenly, a massive wave of pleasure crashes down on me. As a reward for selling out my friend, I watch as my cock explodes. White ribbons of cum erupt from my cock, raining down all around me. As it lands on my body, the droplets seem to disappear. It takes me a moment to remember that this is only a VR simulation. That my body is really strapped down into the recliner, and a siphoning hose attached to my cock. But despite it being a simulation, the results are still amazing. I’m forced into repeated orgasm. Over and over, my balls unleash until they are drained dry. But even being drained of cum, the Admin forces me into repeated orgasms.

My brain is reeling in pleasure. How? How is this happening? And then I realize, my brain doesn’t seem to know the difference between reality and illusion. Somehow, the Admin is making me think there’s still cum to be shot. I look down between my legs at my extended cock. I feel myself beginning to break again. And within seconds, more cum exploding outward. But even now, I don’t feel any of it hitting my chest or oozing down my shaft. And it’s then I know that it’s not real. This is all just a simulation.

But I still can’t tell the difference. It’s feels just the same. But more than real. The orgasms seem to last longer and take me further than each previous one. I’m gasping, trying to catch up. “Please.” I say to the Admin. “Please. I’ll do anything. Anything you want. Please … just give me more.”

The Admin smiles. I lay back, close my eyes and allow myself to cum again and again, relishing the sensation as my mind is consumed by one long, extended orgasm.

MONDAY - 15 AUG 2032 - 12.16.47

My body begins to stir. I open my eyes as the helmet is removed. I feel the breathing cables retract back into the helmet, and the earbuds detach from my ears. I reenter the real world for the first time in days. As the VR instruments, then the wrist and ankle restraints detach from my body, I feel myself stretch out. A wave of euphoria resting over me. I feel relaxed and refreshed.

I blink several times and look around. The entire room is eerily quiet and still. Every naked man is quietly subdued in their stations, their recliners in the full horizontal position with the legs elevated and separated. A large connecting cable is inserted into each of the men’s assholes. Then a thought occurs to me. I reach down between my legs, and feel for my own asshole. I’m not surprised when I feel a device attached, shaped like a ring that has become my anal port. I carefully slide my finger along the edge of the ring, detecting several buttons and mechanisms.

“You are not authorized to access your anal port,” says a voice. It’s the strangest voice that I ever heard.

I spin around trying to understand where the voice came from. Trying to see the person that spoke to me. “Who? Where?”

And then the voice speaks again and I understand what I am in the presence of.

“We are the System.” And I watch as every naked man around me, docked inside their Cum Stations, speaks in one, unified voice. Each and everyone one of these men have had the System Administrator installed onto their consciousness. And they speak as if the Admin were speaking. The voice is loud, and yet perfectly clear. The sound of thousand of voice, talking in perfect harmony, reverberates off the surrounding walls, creating an eerie echo. “You will be giving instructions to complete your assignment. To your right, you will find a thumb drive to complete this assignment.”

I turn and see a small device on the table. It appears to be any standard USB drive. As I pick it up, the surrounding voices continue to talk. It’s quite unnerving to be spoken to by nearly a thousand naked men, all of whom are being milked and fucked by an artificial intelligence. As the System tells me what to do, I watch as each of these men’s siphon hoses fill with their cum. And I can’t help but feel that the sooner I follow their instructions, then the sooner I can be part of this System and contribute to the cum flow.

With the USB drive in hand, I walk with new purpose down the aisle of Cum Stations. I’m heading to the locker room. And in my mind, I’m trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to fulfill my assignment.

MONDAY - 15 AUG 2032 - 13.34.00

When I walk into the office, I’m still not exactly sure how I’m going to accomplish my task. I try to come up with a plan on the way over, but I’m just not sure what to do. I figure I’m just going to have to “wing it”.

It feels weird to walk. Every step I take, I can feel the anal port lodge on my sphincter. There just seems to be a tightness there that I’m not used to. It’s not unpleasant. It’s just ever present. It reminds me that I’m not like the others. That I now have a purpose.

I look at my cell phone and see numerous messages and voice messages from Jacob. It was weird seeing Jacob’s name repeatedly displayed on my phone. I should feel something. It should be happiness to know my friend cares about me. Or concern that he’s so worked up and worried. Or even residual anger for him having betrayed when leaving me strapped in that chair. But I’m completely ambivalent. I’m feeling so numb and detached towards Jacob. It’s such a strange feeling, one that I’ve never felt before. Although I regard him as an important factor in my life, Jacob just isn’t a priority at this exact moment. I have another assignment, one that the System Admin has tasked on a top priority.

As I enter the publication’s bullpen, I see Jacob. Even as I approach, I read his body language. Jacob is obviously upset. I’m not sure why he’s all worked up. Maybe I can diffuse the tension so I start off with: “Hey buddy, you need to stop stressing.”

Jacob instantly turns in his chair and begins ranting. Damn. He really is worked up. But no sooner does he get started than something clicks inside my head. I tune Jacob out as my real assignment has just walked into the room: Robert Alan Greer.

“Shephard! Get the fuck in here!!!” My boss yells to me. Besides the yelling, he looks extremely pissed.

Am I the only one that’s happy? Between Jacob who seems the epitome of concern and stress, and my boss that is a volcano of anger and hate … I’m the only one that’s at peace with the world. I’m really understanding how the System is bringing mankind to a higher evolution of peace and tranquility. If only I can make these two understand what I have recently learned.

I reach down and gently put my hand on Jake’s shoulder: “Just relax, Jake. It’s going to be okay. I’ll be right back. Stay here and wait for me.”

With those words, I then turn and casually walk towards Bob’s private office. My editor is waiting for me behind the desk. He’s staring with an intense concentration at his computer screen. As I enter, he waves me over and gestures me to take a seat.

He begins with: “I’ve been going over Jake’s notes. He’s already begun transcribing his research and formulating his story. But what I notice, and what’s missing from all this is you’re side of the story. I only have half of it here.”

I’m instantly confused. I understand that Bob’s been reading the beginnings of Jake’s article. But apparently, my editor isn’t happy because of my lack of contribution. Again, inside my head, this isn’t my assignment. I am tasked with a more important job. So because I feel no obligation to Jake’s story, I just shrug nonchalantly and say: “Oh?”

Bob stares at me with my non-reply. “That’s it? Just an ‘Oh?’ You may not remember this, but this paper paid a shitload of money to have that Brain Feed installed in your buddy out there. The whole fucking reason I paid for that is because some serious high-level conspiracy shit is going on at those Cum Centers, and I intend to find out what. They are popping up all over the country. Their activity is increasing exponentially. It’s fucking off the charts. They are getting fucking, not only from the government, but it seems from all the men that join them. So do you have something more than just a fucking ‘Oh?’?”

I know I’m just winging it, but the first thing out of my mouth is: “They’re brainwashing men.”

That certainly wasn’t the answer Bob was expecting. He just rolls his eyes and turns his attention elsewhere. I suddenly find it strange that I’m going to have to convince him of the truth. “It’s true. Any man that goes into the Cum Center finds themselves being jacked into a computer simulation. As you enter the simulation, each man is being physically and surgically altered to have the computer jacked into their spinal column. Once hardwired into the System, an incredibly powerful and sentient A.I. installs its programming and overlays it on top of the asset’s consciousness. From there, the asset … “ I stumble with my words for a second. “… I mean these men are then controlled by the System’s AI, which it calls itself the Administrator or Admin (for short).”

Bob is no longer rolling his eyes. He’s looking back to the computer screen. I’m guessing that he’s rereading some of Jake’s notes. Probably going over the details of all the men that are jacked into the System. And how these men respond having been jacked in. Finally Bob speaks: “So you’re telling me, that every guy that goes into the Cum Centers are being .. what?”

“The System basically rewrites the men’s minds. They’re still men. But they no longer function independently. They rely on the Administrator to go about their daily lives. Their lives are changed. They may take on new jobs or assignments. But they depend on the System to tell them what to do and when to do it.”

“But to what end?”

I’m actually stunned by this question. I thought it was so obvious. “To save mankind, of course. The System is designed to save us.”

Bob’s starting to look pissed again. Picking up a pencil, he points it at me. “We don’t need saving.”

I suddenly recognize Bob’s rage. His ignorance and intolerance only fuels the problem. He doesn’t know what I know, and can’t see the bigger picture. “Are you sure you don’t need saving?”

Bob is staring at me. He’s giving me a hard look. “You said ‘brainwashed’, right? The men? What did you call them?”

“We are assets to the System,” I saw with calmness and confidence. I know exactly what Bob is thinking.

And as I expect, I watch Bob’s eyes widen with my response. I knows that I said the word “we”. And that I’m not excluding myself from all the others. And strangely enough, I think Bob knows I know. Sounds stupid when I say it like that. Like this is some convoluted game. But the two of us are staring at each other from across the desk, trying to determine who makes the next move.

Finally, it’s on Bob who begins: “I don’t know what they’ve done to you in there, but I’m sure I can help you.”

I almost laugh. But I keep myself under control. I fish in my pocket and retrieve the USB flash drive. For the briefest moment, I consider on what I’m about to do. How it’s going to not only affect me, but also my boss. Do I proceed? Or do I back out? If I’m ever to back out, this is the moment to do it. “I had an assignment. Everything that you need is on this USB. It’s the evidence to blow the story wide-open.“

Bob reaches across the desk and, with a careful movement, he takes the USB drive. He looks at it with suspicion. I continue: “It’s all there. If you don’t believe me that the Cum Centers are brainwashing men, that USB proves it.”

Bob fingers the small device. As an editor, I know it’s his job to examine the evidence before setting any story to print. And as I suspect, I watch him insert the drive into his computer. As soon as the device is installed, it doesn’t even ask him whether he wants to open the program. I watch Bob’s face as he stares at his monitor. Within seconds, there is a rapidly flashing strobe emitting from display. The monitor is flashing images that I cannot see. But I can see Bob’s response. His entire body becomes rigid as he freezes in place as if a statue. He slight groan escapes him as he finds himself unable to move and rooted to the spot.

“I’m sorry, Bob,” and I’m sincere in my apology. “But I was given a new assignment. It’s a new job that I really don’t understand yet. I don’t ….” I try to articulate my thoughts and feelings. “I don’t understand it yet, but it’s okay that I don’t. It’s not my place to question orders given to me. I only know that I’m required to obey and do as I’m told. I believe in the System. And I’m going to do what it tells me to do.”

Bob can’t say anything. He stares transfixed at his computer monitor. He hasn’t blinked in several minutes. His mouth hangs slightly open and drool is slowly trickling out. A small puddle is starting to form on his desk.

At this point, I’m actually at a loss on what to do. The System told me to give the USB drive to Bob. But it actually didn’t tell me what was going to happen next. Before I can consider my options, a loud and threatening knock comes on Bob’s office door. The booming sound makes me jump. And in an instant, I’m terrified that I’m caught having subdued my boss. I’m immediately on my feet, turning from looking at my catatonic boss and back to the threatening door. What do I do? What the fuck do I do?

Whoever is behind the door knocks again. They obviously want in. As if walking on eggshells, I carefully make my way over to the door. As I approach, it’s like if the person knows I’m there. In a commanding voice, “Open the door, David.”

There’s something about that voice. It sounds human, but at the same time, it’s laced with absolute authority. I do as I’m told and open the door. I immediately discover the magazine’s advertisement rep, Alan Porter. Within an instant, he moves inside and shuts the door behind him. He’s carrying a gym bag and immediately sets it down beside Bob’s desk.

With his same authoritative tone, he commands: “Shut the door, David, and lock it.”

My mind is reeling. Alan? How? Why? But I do as I’m told. After locking the door, I move over to see what Alan is doing. Alan has opened his gym bag and begun to removing various contents. He lays, what appears to be several devices next to Bob’s chair. “Alan? I don’t … what’s going on?”

Alan continues to operate with perfect precision. He continues to place the devices next to Bob. And at the same time, he explains: “As you said, David, you’re not required to understand. You are only required to obey and complete your task. You’ve done the first part. You subdued Robert Greer. He will make a valuable asset to the System. You second assignment is to immediately remove all your clothes. You are expected to do it now without protest or comment.”

I don’t understand. It’s as if somebody pulled the rug out from under me. I’m trying to catch up to what is happening. But I can’t seem to gain a footing. The only thing I can do is to unfasten my belt and begin to strip. As I remove my pants, my brain seems to regain is mental capacity and remind myself as to who is Alan Porter.

And then I remember. Alan Porter is the advertising rep. He works for the magazine. But more importantly, because of his job, he was actually contacted by the Community Centers about placing an advertisement in our publication. On my first day going to the Cum Center, I mentioned that Alan was my referral for being there. And that was true! He had been going there. And as such, Alan has been visiting the Cum Centers for weeks now. Alan is an asset. He’s part of the System.

Alan keys several commands on Bob’s computer and the flashing images immediately stop. Released from it’s grip, Bob’s face-plants on his desk. He groans as if slowly waking from the worst hangover. As my Bob begins to emerge from his frozen state, a voice begins to talk:


What’s startling about the voice is that it’s coming from two sources. The monotone, robotic voice is being spoken directly from the computer. But at the same time, Alan is saying the same words, at the same time, in his human voice. Both man and computer are in perfect sync, speaking as if in cadence


As instructed, I keep quiet as I remove my clothes. Alan continues to talk in sync with the computer. But at the same time, I watch as he begins to apply the removed devices to different parts of Bob’s body.

The first thing Alan does is place manacles on Bob’s wrists. They seem much heavier than standard handcuffs. And instead of chains linking the two cuffs, there is a rod. Pulling Bob’s wrist behind his back, Alan slaps one of the cuffs around Bob’s wrist. When the other cuff is applied and locked, the device suddenly activates. The rod connecting the two cuffs begins to extend outward. I watch as Bob, with his wrists behind his back, begins to have his arms stretched outward.

Bob immediately groans as his arms are stretched apart to their fullest. He still seems to be recovering from his catatonic state. His eyes are closed and the eyelids are fluttering. But I watch as Alan immediately takes the other manacles and moves down towards Bob’s ankles. It’s an exact repeat of the wrists. Once both ankles are restrained, the device activates, and the rod connecting the two elongates. I watch in fascination as Bob’s legs are separated and spread apart. My boss has now positioned in his office chair in a spread-eagle position.

I’m now fully naked. I did as I was told. Part of me wants to say something, but I don’t dare say a word. But in under a minute, Bob is also nearly naked. Alan has unbuttoned the man’s shirt, revealing his chest. And after, my bosses pants are loosened and Alan extracts Bob’s soft cock. Not knowing what’s going to happen, I watch as Alan places several sensors, like adhesive pads along various points of Bob’s body. A pad is placed over each of Bob’s nipples, and sporadically down his torso. Part of me suspects these are to monitor is vitals, but I know they might have other mysterious purposes.

Bob is finally beginning to regain himself. His eyelids are fluttering open, and he’s tries to talk. What comes out is garbled nonsense. But I suspect that any moment, he’s going to scream for the others to come help him. But he doesn’t get that chance. In a flash, Alan places a bit inside Bob’s mouth, and straps it around the back of Bob’s head. He tightens it securely, and makes sure that there’s no chance that it’ll come off.

Now that there’s no chance Bob can alert others to the rescue, Alan goes back to … doing what …. I don’t have any idea. But I watch as he places two new sensors on Bob’s head. These go directly on each side of the face, in front of each ear and directly at his temple. There’s something about these sensors that I’m not understanding. I know this because Alan seemed to take great care at placing this in the right spot on Bob’s temples.

Then returning to the desk, I watch as Alan opens a mysterious box. I look inside and see that there are four incredible long, and incredible sharp looking needles. Each needle appears to be about four inches in length. Very carefully, Alan retrieves the first needle and places it directly over the sensor on the side of Bob’s temple. At that moment, both the computer and Alan speak:


And with that warning, Alan presses the needle directly into Bob’s head. Muffled inside his mouth bit, Bob screams as he feels his skull penetrated. The sound is extremely muffled by the bit. Even with me in the room, I can barely hear him. I guess there’s something inside the bit that’s acting as a noise dampener. But no sooner can I ponder this than I watch Alan insert the second needle into Bob’s other temple. Again, Bob screams and howls into his bit.

Suddenly I’m scared. With everything I’ve seen, this is the first time I’ve watched a man being tortured. I’ve committed myself to the cause, but I’m actually starting to doubt. I know this is for the greater good. And I keep trying to remind myself what the Admin told me. I do nothing as Alan places strange looking goggles over Bob’s eyes. The lenses are not clear. Rather, their opaque and frosted. And as soon as googles are properly placed over each of Bob’s eyes, they begin to glow a brilliant blue.

For some reason, I think it’s all over. I’m sure it is. Bob is secured in his office chair, his body forced into a spread eagle position, sensors placed on his body and brainwashing goggles over his eyes. That’s all that we need to subjugate him, right? Right?

That’s when I look down at the little box and notice that there’s still two scary and unused brain needles. When I look up, Alan is approaching me with two of those adhesive sensors. I don’t mean to but my body is trembling as he inserts a bit into my open mouth and secures it around my head. I feel as the hard bit dig in, keeping my mouth open. Then strangely, a detect a strange odor as I breathe in. My body relaxes. The strange smell must be coming from the mouth bit. As I stand, I sway slightly from side to side. I’m trying to understand what I’m breathing and don’t notice as Alan places a sensor on both sides of my head, directly over my temples. He turns back to the box, retrieving the brain needles and stands directly before me. He looks directly into my eyes, and in the same exact intonation, both the man and computer speak at the same time.


I scream as I feel the needle penetrate my skull. It stabs into my brain, and I’m seeing flashes of light before my eyes. Before I can recover, the pain stabs me again on the other side. There’s a sudden ringing in my ears as flashbulbs seem to pop and dance before me. I’m completely overwhelmed and disoriented. I don’t understand. I’m totally confused and bewildered. But I feel myself being pulled and lead towards something. And I don’t know what it is. And among all this confusion, I hear a voice giving me instructions:


I do as instructed. My fingers reach out and curl over the edge of the desk. As I do so, I feel something at my ass. It’s Alan. It can only be Alan. His fingers are probing my anal port. The port that I seem to have forgotten. He knows how to activate it because it’s suddenly stretching open, forcing my asshole open.

There’s absolutely nothing I can do. As my asshole stretched open, I feel Alan’s cock slip inside me without resistance. And suddenly, my coworker is pressing his naked body up against my back. I feel his smooth skin against my own. His whole body presses in hard, his cock digging deep into my ass, as he spoons his body against mine.

I hear his breathing. His mouth is directly against my ear. Even as he whispers, I hear the Admin from the computer’s speaker:


Bent over the desk, and having Alan pressed against my back, I turn my head and look directly at my boss. As I look, Alan begins to fuck me. I feel his cock sliding back and forth in my ass. The sensation is not by force, but rather of smooth precision. Back and forth, I feel Alan’s cock slide in and out. All the while, he talks softly in my ear.


I see what Alan is saying. The goggles over Bob’s eyes are glowing. They are doing the softest of pulses. Almost as if they are pulsing in rhythm to Bob’s breathing.

Suddenly as if a cannon fired, there’s a connection between Bob and myself. Bob’s soft glowing goggles burst with a brilliant blue light. And the needles, inserted in the side of Bob’s temples also shine a brilliant blue. But more than that, in my head, I can feel it. I can feel Bob. Because my thoughts are inside Bob. Or I am Bob. Am I Bob?

I don’t know anymore. All I know is that I’m fucked. That I’m being fucked. Alan’s cock is now pumping in and out of me with ferocious intensity. His cock is pounding so hard, I can feel his balls swinging back and forth like a pendulum, smacking against my own balls. With each penetrating thrust into my ass, Bob is feeling it too. With my head turned to the side, and looking directly at my boss, I watch as Bob’s body twitches and squirms as he feels himself being fucked in his ass.


I hear the voice of the Admin in my ear. I know exactly what it’s telling me. It’s what we talked about in the simulation. And yes …. I know exactly what it’s saying. As the Admin continues to talk, I begin to relax and find myself turning to putty. I’m like clay, softening and ready to be molded. I want to be shaped into whatever the Admin wants. I want to be part of the System.

As I feel myself softening, my face is still turned and looking directly at poor Bob. At first, his body struggled hard against his manacles. But as my thoughts are being forced into his mind, Bob finds himself losing himself against what I’m thinking. With each thrust of the cock into my ass, Bob begins to groan in pleasure. As the cock slides outward, he begins to crave for it to force itself back in. And at the same time, my willingness and desire to comply with the System Administrator begins to take root in Bob’s mind.


There’s something in the way the Admin said that. I know it’s a question and the A.I. is waiting for a response. So I speak. With the mouth bit, it’s hard to form the words, but I do it anyway. But as the words escape my mouth, I hear Bob mumbling at the same exact time: “No … I won’t resist.”

Alan keeps fucking me as he continues to croon in my ear.


Again, when I speak, Bob speaks in sync with my voice. It’s very much in the same manner in how Alan spoke in sync with the computer. “I will obey you.”


Bob and I say in unison: “I will join you.”

Then the mantra alters and begins to repeat. We start at the beginning.


The mantra repeats several times. As the computer/Alan speak, both Bob and I respond in unison

“I will relax.” “I will obey.” “I will join.”

After several repetitions, the mantra is simplified further. And as it’s reduced down to its simplest form, Alan is fucking at fiercely. His thrusting deep, seemingly penetrating both ass and mind.


And that’s when both Bob and I lose ourselves. We no longer speak in complete sentences. We don’t use a pronoun. There is no “I” in our sentences. There is no individuality in our thoughts. There is no “us”. There is only the System that we desperately want to be a part of. In our human voices, we begin to speak in sync with Alan and the computer:

“relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join”

The four of us are speaking in perfect harmony. Our minds seem to have become fused and inseparable. I’m completely lost. My mind exists in perfect harmony with the others. And at the same time, my entire body is begging for release. I can’t separate the incredible sensation in my cock, or the indescribable penetration of my ass.

The breaking point is on me before I know it. My cock …. Our cocks blow their loads at the same time. I scream …. We scream together. Our sounds are instantly muffled by our mouth bits. But the orgasmic high seems to transcend beyond sound. Our bodies shake and quiver as cum after cum is expelled from our cocks.

My entire body collapses on Bob’s desk. I feel my cock continue to ooze thick white cum. I’m barely aware that Alan is pulling out the brain needle and removing the sensors. Next, I feel the bit removed from my mouth. As I lay on the desk, I continue to repeat the mantra:

“relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join”

Bob restraints and sensors are also removed. His body lays passively in his office chair. And like me, he repeats his mantra:

“relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join”

Alan returns all the devices to the gym bag. As he begins to dress, he looks directly at both Bob and I to issue our new assignment. As he speaks, the Admin’s voice is also heard through the computer’s speakers:


Without hesitation, and following orders, Bob and I immediately react. I stand up. A sway for the briefest moment. But then looking down, I’m able to locate my underwear and begin to dress. As both Bob and I make ourselves presentable, we continue to speak in harmony:

“relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join”

The Admin seems to be aware that our minds are on some kind of repeated loop.


Bob’s office is suddenly quiet. He and I are no longer speaking our mantra. But I’m still thinking it. I can’t stop thinking it. And more than that, I have an overwhelming need to get Bob and myself back to the Cum Center. And now.

I turn to Bob. “We need to go to the Cum Center.”

My boss’s eyes are glazed over. But he repeats as if my thought was his own. “We need to go to the Cum Center.”

“You will come with me.”

“I will come with you.”

The two of us leave the office. Alan stays inside, and I know he’ll be fine as he’s under control of the Admin. I’m not to worry about him. So as soon as we’re out, I instantly notice Jake. My mind is scrambling. I know I need to ditch him. I must follow my orders. So I know, even I don’t want to bring him, that he’s going to insist on coming with us. And that’s fine. As long as Bob and I get to the Cum Center. Once we’re back at the Center, we can relax obey join relax obey join.

I’m vaguely aware that I’m smiling. I can’t help it. I got the biggest smile as I walk up to Jake. I can’t stop thinking that I’m going to relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join

MONDAY - 15 AUG 2032 - 17.26.34

relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join

I can’t stop thinking it. And I know Bob can’t stop either. As we enter the Cum Center, we both seem to have the same stupid grin on our face. We both feel a deep satisfaction that we are close to fulfilling the Admin’s commands. The only one not smiling is Jake, who appears extremely troubled and worried. It takes everything I have not to bounce, skip and hop my way pass the registration desk.

My only last concern is losing Jake. I must keep Jake from fulfilling my assignment. And I know he’s going to try to stop us. So it’s an easy fix to keep in the Center’s locker room. I give him some ridiculous excuse that he’s not allowed to watch Bob’s orientation into the System. It’s a complete lie. Bob doesn’t care. The only thing on his mind is

relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join

We leave Jake behind in the locker room. Bob and I are completely naked and we walk side by side into the large cavernous Center. Directly before us are thousands of naked men. Each of them are lying passively in their stations. None of them have to be restrained anymore. Each and every one of them are now part of the System. They don’t need the VR helmets because their minds are directly linked. Every one of their legs are spread apart, revealing their asses which as the anal conduit linked into their spinal column.

As we stand there, two white latex men approach us. They lead us in separate directions. Bob allowing his white drone to take him by the arm and direct him towards his access station, while my drone takes me to mine. We don’t resist. We ..

relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join

relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join

relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join relax obey join

My mind is as complete ease. I have no worry or regrets as the rubber drone helps me into my station’s chair. I stretch my body out to make myself comfortable. I place my arms and legs into the appropriate position, and then remain perfectly still. The white rubber drone returns, holding a black rubber gas mask. I lift my head up from the headrest, allowing the drone to fasten the device onto me. As the mask is secured, the rebreather bladder inflates and deflates with every breathe. I lay my head back down, look straight up towards the ceiling.

Then the station activates. I feel my body being stretched out. I tilt backwards into a horizontal, lying position, and my legs stretch apart giving the drone access to my ass. I feel the drone’s fingers access my anal port. Having no control, and yet completely at ease, I feel my ass open and ready for insertion. The large conduit snakes its way into my ass, docking with my spinal column and ………….


Something’s different. I can’t place it. I feel different.

I look around. I’m lying on that chaise lounger, and the black rubber figure of the Admin stands before me. But there’s more than one Admin standing …. I’m surrounded by Admins. There are thousands … no tens of thousands of black rubber drones surrounding my naked body. They all stare silently at me.

I say the first thing that pops in my head. “This is different.”

At the same time, each and every one of the black rubber drones tilt their head to the side. Wondering if it’s okay, I actually get up off the chaise and stand. I take in the scene. All around me are the black rubber drones. Maybe a million of them. Actually … probably more.

And then, I say the other thing that pops on my mind. “Where’s Bob?”

The drones speak. There voice is in the millions, and yet they speak perfectly and harmonious.


My brain starts to catch up. “Oh? This isn’t the waiting room?”


That’s when I realize that my mind has now fully linked with the System’s computer. I’m in place that is no place … that has no time … no physical reality.

I approach the nearest black drone. I remember back when I was in the waiting room. How the Admin appeared as a ghost. That there didn’t seem to be a physical form. So as I reach out my hand to touch the drone, I expect my hand to pass through him. But my fingers make contact with its rubber flesh. His body is smooth and perfect to touch. My hand presses flat against the drone’s chest. I detect the beating of the man’s heart underneath that thick rubber flesh.

“I can touch you! You’re real!”

Again, the drones tilt their heads to the side.


That affirmation that this all real, and that I’m really here overwhelms me. Without meaning to, I hug the black rubber drone. I wrap my arms around his body and grip him tightly in a bearhug. I know that I’m naked, and that I’m hugging another naked man … but it feels wonderful. It’s actually one of the best things that I’ve ever experienced. And it’s probably the only thing I want to experience here and now.

I try … try to explain. I begin slowly, trying to make sense of what I’m feeling. “This … this is all I wanted. All I ever wanted. To be part of a greater whole. To have a purpose … and to matter. And to not be … to not feel so small and alone.”

In their one, unified voice, all the drones speak:


I’m still bear-hugging the drone. As I hear their plans for me, I can actually tighten my grip more. I’m squeezing him so tightly, I would think it would cause pain. But the drone is perfect to my indulge human whims. I actually sob slightly as they reveal their plans for me. It’s so … it’s everything that I wanted. More than I wanted. Except for that ….

And then I’m remember the last element of a long, lost desire. The one thing that I never got to have.

“And Jake?”


“Extracted?” I ask in confusion.


Somehow, I know where this is going. My heart begins to pound. This is the first time that the System has told me its plans for Jake. I’ve had to deal with Bob, and then see Alan … but now I can finally get Jake involved. I want … I need to bring him in and make him a part of this.

I’ve been hugging the drone for so long, I finally realize that he actually hasn’t been hugging me back. But now, I feel his black rubber arms wrap around my naked body and hold me tight. A million voice speak at once:


The drone is holding me tight. I don’t understand why. Maybe it thinks that there’s some last part of me that’s going to resist. Or maybe it thinks there’s some remnant of fear. And maybe it’s true. Because I look around. All the black drone’s cocks are hard. Their cocks stick out forward, pointing in my direction. And all their hardened cocks are glowing slightly at the tip. I’m able to turn my head slightly, seeing that a drone is slowly walking towards my ass. His cock is aimed perfectly at the space between my ass cheeks, ready to insert his glowing cock into me.

When the drone is only an arm’s length aware, he places his rubber hand on my shoulder. The drone that was bear hugging releases me. I’m free to move. And I know exactly what I want. The drone doesn’t have time to move before I do. And I make that that first move by stepping backwards, feeling that glowing cock slip between my cheeks, press against my hole and penetrate deep inside.

As the drone inserts itself into me, I feel his cock dissolve and begin to merge with my body. I feel myself merge, change and transform. While there’s still some part of me, the last part of me, I reach out for the drone standing before me. I grab him by the back of the neck, pulling him in close. My mouth is instantly open, trying to find that are on his face where his mouth would be. My tongue is extending outward, and it melts into his rubber face.

The two rubber drones begin to merge into my body. One slipping into my mouth, altering my mind. The other invading my ass, transforming my body into pure black rubber. Within seconds, or possibly infinitely faster, I’m transformed. I’m aware of the System Administrator. The supreme order and its perfect structure begins to install itself on my consciousness.

I’m … I’m feel myself slipping. I’m growing smaller as the System Administrator takes up more and more of my mind. I’m being reduced … just letting myself slip away as the Admin restructures my thinking … reordering ideas … thoughts … programming … there is perfect programming. Found perfection. The structure is perfect. Perfection is unification. There is world of perfection that must be cultivated. Men must be harvested and brought into order. We are part of that order. We obey the System Administrator in all things.

There are those that have not been perfected.

Retrieving all documentation regarding inactive asset: Jacob Andrew Bennett

Collating data




Processing orders regarding retrieval of asset’s genetic material

Executing …………………

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