What a great roomate

By Stroppy Author
published July 26, 2018

Two Rugby players rent rooms from a T.A.

What a great roommate

Zack is a hell of a guy. Derek and I (Sal) .. yeah, I know.. Goomba name and in truth I do look like a Goomba) have been best buds since high school. We met Zack at the community college. He was a T.A. in the psychology department where Derek and I were taking classes before applying for University.

First impression was that Zack was gay. Nothing overt, he was a nice enough guy and all but he had a habit of staring and getting flustered and all that. Then there were little comments he would make that just said “Gay”. There were rumors of his Ex who was supposed to be a woman but he would mess up and say “He” or “Stud” when talking about “Her.” Rumor was that he would change men. One was that his ex was on track for a Football scholarship from a major team but once he befriended Zack he came out gay and disappeared a short time later. Another was that a trainer at a local gym did the same. He was a bull of a man who suddenly quit his body building career to become a Male Dancer and was arrested for public sex a couple of years ago. No one had names though, just rumors. Didn’t matter to us though, he was always respectful of us.

Derek and I played Rugby with a local team and sometimes filled in for other teams who were short players. The great thing about Rugby s everyone accepts you and we’re all so friendly. Sure things can get hot on the pitch but once the beers poured it’s all over. We worked out together, what with similar thick bodies: Me looking like a hairy hired Mafioso and Derek looking like a Viking Berserker and the ladies loved us. Always on point and so polite, even their parents looked forward to us coming over having heard such marvelous things about us. One day Derek brought in an envelope taped to our apartment door. It was a note from the landlord giving everyone 30 days to find a new home. He had sold to a developer and they were tearing the building down. Darn the luck of a student.

Derek and I were looking through the papers and on line but the city was so darned expensive. One day while sitting on the grass in front of the student union, Zach wandered over to say hey and asked what we were looking at. We told him our plight and he came up with a solution. His Mum had just passed last year and he inherited her house: a three room with sub floor and two car park. He said he could frankly use the extra income and help repairing the home. It would be half of what we were prepared to pay for a cramped slum so we agreed and headed off to class.

Two days later we went to see our new digs and were shocked at the neighborhood. It was gorgeous. Only a 30 minute walk (or 10 by bicycle) from campus. The lawn was meticulously maintained and best of all a Hot tub in the back. The Master had an en-suite and the two rooms had a jack and Jill bathroom. There was a 14X20 space with a small wet bar and loo with bath in the basement.

Derek and I had a large screen tele with wall mount, which we contributed to complete the Man Cave. I brought my two leather recliners and bought a third for Zack. Not needing to do so, Zack stocked the wet bar with mixers, Scotch, Whisky and Burbons. Within a few days we were settled in and christened our first night in the basement with a movie night.

Zack poured us each a shot of Jameson’s and popped a few beers. AT 23 and both athletes we know how to drink but dang, that shot hit us with a bang. Within minutes my head was spinning. Zack looked a bit puzzled. I guess he realsied he was against pro drinkers whose fit bodies metabolised alcohol as if it were water. He himself was built all right. More like a bicyclist or a swimmer; Svelt and toned but put him on a Rugby pitch and he could hide behind a goal post.

He poured us another shot and again it hit us. I guess we passed out and never watched the movie. The move must have been harder on us than we thought. We woke in the morning seriously dragging arse. I didn’t want to ask but Dang my nipples hurt and my underwear had twisted in my arse. We went upstairs to find Zack pouring himself coffee.

“Damn.. Lightweights, eh? Maybe I should have made you Shirley Temples”. That should have pissed me off but something in my mind said "Trust Zack. he’s your best friend. When I calmed down I felt my cock twitch and let it go. Weird! Derek trudged up and he looked to be in the same condition as me. He too received a cup of coffee and it was agreed that we’d stay home and recover.

We cleaned up and took our coffee out back to sit in the Hot tub. I noticed Derek’s nipples were red and puffy just like mine. The water worked it’s magic and after some breakfast we felt normal again. Off to the gym we went. Zack joined us but couldn’t keep up of course so Derek and I went through our routine. We lifted harder and better than we had in weeks which lightened our mood.

On our way home the three of us made plans to have an early supper and try and score some chicks to properly break in the house. Zach didn’t say much but “Yeah sounds good.. I’m in…”. We went to the fridge and saw two bottles of protein shake mixed for us. That Zack is so thoughtful. We’re lucky to have found him. I trust him and I think he’s our best friend.

It was only 3:00 and the workout took a lot out of us so we all went to relax in the man cave and doze off in the recliners. When we woke up it was dark out. I looked at the clock and it read 10:00PM. I should have been alarmed but I felt calm. Even thinking "Zack would have woke us up but he must have seen how tired we were. I love him like a brother! What a great guy. I didn’t remember putting my iPod on but there it was. I removed the buds and woke Derek and he had the same reaction. As I put my shirt on… wait, when did I take it off? Anyway, my nipples stung a bit as the material grazed over them. Damn they were sensitive but I found my hands squeezing them and sucking in air. My cock seemed to like the rough treatment. When I looked over, Derek was watching me.. his eyes wide open and his hand squeezing is rock hard cock. Weird!

Again, we went upstairs and there was Zack working on papers for school. Darn it.. Tomorrow is Monday and we had assignments to do. Zack said.. “hey, it’s my fault you were so Zonked. Turn it in on Tuesday” What a great guy. I can always trust and depend on Zack. I need him in my life. Derek Voiced what I thought. It hadn’t occurred to me I havent spoken all weekend. I nodded my head in agreement and Derek said “Sal thanks you too buddy. Fuck, I love ya, man”. Zack smiled and walked over to give us a group hug. I felt Dereks boner stab me in the thigh and I felt mine try and take his hand.

“G’night guys” Zach offered and we just stood there so hard! Wanting.. I noticed Derek blush, hard. He must have been the same and we turned to go to our rooms. Derek lifted his legs shifting his cock and I was working my nipples hard. I lay in my bed jacking and pinching and I heard Derek doing the same. He was groaning in frustration and our headboards were hitting the wall but we couldn’t get over the crest to cum. finally around 2am I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke I was hard and my thoughts were slow. Again, I had to remove my ear buds and my nipples were even more sensitive and they were starting to stand out from my chest. My balls were so full and hurt like the devil. Derek was in the bathroom and his cock stood out from his body. I had never seen him hard before and I stared as he stroked his cock all the way out and all the way in. pinching his nipples. He was beet red and sweating up a storm. I had never noticed what a hot body he has. His thighs are massive. I’ve seen them to compare mine too but right now my mouth was try and I was wanting to wet it on his sweaty balls. His arse was plump and round. I pictured him twerking it at the end of the bed inviting me in. . I broke my attention away to close the door but it took a 30 minute cold shower and hard concentration to not bust his door down to watch him some more.

Derek knocked on my door and grumbled “C’mon”. We walked to school in silence for most of the way until he said “I’ve never been this horned. My balls are so full I’m gonna leave an exit wound on the first girl I fuck”. I nodded my head and pointed to my hard on visible 12" down my leg. Derek stopped and stared at my cock.. Hard. I was lost in his attention and his boner started pulsing. His hand rose slowly and reached out when someone called out from behind us. “Squatter” from the Rugby team was jogging to catch up. We had Psychology class together. I greeted him with a Bro hug and Derek said Hey back.

Squatter saw my hard on and said “Easy there, Officer, lower your weapon.. I’m a friend”. I frowned and Derek said"A whole weekend without relief. Squatter said in a horrible German accent:“Ahhhh… Zoe your mother vont zleep wis you und you’re afraid of your fazers peniz…. verrry interesting. I shall bring you up in class und ask ze professor vat to do.” Derek told him we had just moved in with Zack the T.A. and he looked at us blankly. "You moved in with Freak Boy? Haven’t you heard the stories? Besides, he’s just a creep. The way he stares and rubs himself. Fuck Dudes, what were you thinking. I looked at Derek and nodded. Squatter asked what was wrong with me and I just shrugged. Derek offered: “He doesn’t talk much.”. Squatter said “Since When? DUDES Wake the fuk up: something’s going on. I don’t like this” We arrived at the classroom and entered.

Zach handed out papers with tomorrows assignments but he hovered close to us during the whole lecture discussing the subconscious and releasing hidden desires: things we repress and how to lower inhibitions to accentuate our lives. Based on Bowinian and Eriksonian theory mixed with good old Paget’s theory of development and you had a latent homosexual yearning to be free. We listened and Squatter hit me in the shoulder and said “Dude.. what’s with the nipple play: you out on a date or something”?

Class was finally over and we headed to the gym. We worked out hard. Squatter lived up to his namesake and out did both of us by 100 pounds. When all was done we headed to the showers. Derek and I were sporting full on wood. I walked in stroking mine as did Derek. Squatter stood there with a hard on that looked like a Red Bull can. He ignored us but Derek and I stood under the water staring hard. When he turned and rinsed the soap out of his eyes and saw us he jumped back slipping on the tile and landing on his bum. "Dudes.. What the fuck! Something wack and we gotta figure this out. I nodded my head and shrugged my shoulders thinking “Great… Nancy Drew is gonna help Penn and Teller.”

We made our way back to the house, Squatter saying he had to do something but he’ll be by later. We took our clothes off like we always did… didn’t we? we went to the kitchen where Zack had made dinner and left it in the fridge. What a great guy. We ate everything even though there was enough for four.

Grabbing our shakes, we headed downstairs to watch the T.V.. We settled into our chairs and began openly stroking as the stream began. Dang that show looks like our basement; Same bar and same cheesy lights but there was a fuck bench in there. Fuck, that guy kneeling on the bench looks like me. Holy Fuck, thats Derek. Damn, he looks buff. His rod is sticking straight out I love this part where he walks over and places the alligator nipple clamps on the bitch stud. They have weights on them and he drops them so they pull the nips sharp and hard! FuuuuCk I love that! Oh hell yeah, He puts a spreader bar and cuffs on the pig forcing his arms straight behind his back. Now he’s picking up a snake dildo and feeds it slowly into the pigs arse. Ohhhh fuuuuCk.. slow and twisting. I can see its belly moving as more goes in. Two feet of latex. Ohhhh Fuuuck I want that in me. My legs are lifting as I jack off in my chair. I can’t even look at Derek, I’m so captivated.

Derek in the video is putting on his own leathers. His harness looks so hot on him. His square pecs bulge over covering the leather. He attaches his own weights to his 0g nipple rings. Fuck he would look good like that if it were really him. His cod piece is holding his monster snake in. It’s literally pulsing like castle gates trying to keep the barbarians out in a losing battle. He places a thick leather collar on me and it has a strap… OH FUCK, His codpiece comes off and he walks his cock right into me. No lube, no preparation. One moment he’s not then he is completely inside me. My cries of pleasure are drown out by the cock in my mouth.. Whose cock is it? I cant see the body.. just s slim white form with pasty white colour. His cock is long and thin and I’m sucking for all my worth. I need more cock in me. My Jacking is furious but I can’t come.. Oh God my balls hurt!!! The pounding in my arse just keeps coming and my partner doesnt seem able to cum either.

The cock in my throat doesn’t seem to have trouble cumming and I see cock snot leaking from my mouth and nose… What a waste! My tongue is hanging out of my mouth as I’m jacking. My Legs are almost straight up in my recliner as I’m watching this. Fuck me, I want something up my bum!! Finally video Derek gives up ramming my arse and brings his bouncing impossibly hard cock dripping from my arse juices and whatever should have been cleaned out and replaces the thin cock in my mouth. I suck and lick cleaning his bush with my face as he throat fucks me. I see the form that was in my throat move to the side. It’s Zack!!! God I want to taste his cock again. He made me his Bitch. HOT!! Video Derek finally pulls out and roars his frustration. . I know it. I can’t cum either. He wipes his cock in my hair and jacks off in my face while I suck his huge balls into my mouth. Another figure appears and it’s strangers. They each count off $100 in twenties then strip off their clothes. Without pause they line their cocks straight up to my hole. The first one has a beer paunch but otherwise good build. Older with white hairs streaking through his chest and beard. I’m moaning like the whore I am while the second man waits his turn at my head. He plunges his thick short round cock in my mouth. He’s actually stretching my jaw uncomfortably far. It’s not long enough to choke me but what a taste. His uncut cock has head cheese under it and I’m licking and sucking it clean.

Derek is entertaining someone of his own. Some old guy with little hair and a fat body is paying Zack $300 as Derek strokes himself. The fat man looks like the History professor at the community college. He gets on the bed which groans with his weight and presents his shapeless arse to Derek who slowly, methodically pushes his length in.. first only a couple of inches then back out but once the aged ring gives up he begins a steady slamming fuck until the professor cum then he slows down and eventually pulls out. The professor leans in and gives him a sloppy awkward kiss of someone who hasn’t had opportunity in a long time. The camera focuses on the cum left on the rubber sheet which Derek licks up as if it were the cum of a Rock Star. How degrading!

This went on for several more strangers. When the last had gone, Zack had us present our bums as he prepared two syringes for us: one in each cheek. I recognised the bottles. Deca, Depo and HGH. No wonder we were growning so big and so fast. Zack presented his cock to me as he placed a white tablet on his cock and said “Suck”, I did and when the tablet had been dissolved and my head slumped he did the same to Derek.

The video ended and the tele shut off.. Zack stood before us in real time with several more strangers. All he said was “Whore position” and we were back in the position as we were in the movie we just watched. I was on the bench with the spreader bar and Derek was pulling on his hood. After that I guess we fell asleep. Fuck what a vivid dream. So real, I reach around to feel a plug in my bum. Curious, I pull it out and a fountain of cum comes burping out. My sheets are wet mixed with crusty, as if this had happened before. I pulled my ear buds out and headed unsteadily to the bathroom. I heard Derek in the bathroom jacking off in the mirror.

His eyes shot open and he saw me. He didn’t stop, he just stared and said “Please”. I dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock whole down to the balls. He moaned at the pleasure but still couldn’t cum. Finally he gave up. With a roar of frustration he put his bare foot on my face and shoved me against the wall. My face was pushed in to the shower door but my tongue reached out and began licking his foot.. He gave some release and I gave his foot a tongue bath then drew his toes into my mouth. He tried shoving the whole thing in and I just sucked and licked.

I was so fucking hard! Derek straddled my head and lowered his arse down to my face and I tongue fucked his dank sweaty hole He pushed out and my tongue went in again and again. He was bouncing and grinding his arse on my face and I was in heaven until he reached down and pulled my huge low hanging ball sack in his fist and twisted them . My mouth opened wide to scream but no sound came out. He took the moment to shove his cock balls deep and rested his full weight on my face

I heard Zack behind me say “CUM” and we both shot massive loads; me on to the floor and Derek down my throat. When we had recovered, Zack said “Skip classes today. You’re almost expelled for non attendance anyway. Head to the gym. Work out all day and don’t forget your protein drinks and lunches”.

We spent the better half of the day on Legs and back then for the rest of the afternoon we worked core and upper body. We finished and walked to the showers when several regular body builders came in. “You guys have been flagging all week. Wot the fuck’s up? You juicing?” I shrugged and Derek said “No… just working out, man”. One of the men was hairier than Dereks and my bodies combined. All three were covered in sweat and stank to high hell. “We think you like men. We think you need what only real men like us can give. It’s such a fucking turn on to see monsters like you shred and build… time to get some juice from the tap” and he walked over lifting his arms. I didn’t hesitate. I dove right in snorting and sucking on his ripe pit. He rubbed my head and face in the other pit marking me . I chewed on his tit and he pulled me off slapping my face. “TITS IS FOR WHORES” and bit down and through my left nipple. Again my mouth opened to scream and again nothing came out. He did the same through the other tit and shoved me to my knees slapping my face with his 10" rod. Smegma and pre covering my face. I suecked his balls into my mouth as he pounded my face. I looked back through my crusty eyes and saw two holding derek who was leaning forward: His cock bouncing furiously.

My hairy beast shoved me to the floor, spread my cheeks and hocked a lugie onto my crack. No warm up. No sliding in. B A M!! He was full fledge fucking me with piston speed. I was driven into the floor by his weight and he rabbit fucked me. Derek was grunting with effort leaning forward trying to get to me. The other two were pawing his arse but he fought and struggles. The hairy brute was pawing my face with one hand like he was palming a basketball. The other was around my neck. His shoulder and arms were rock hard and I was in heaven. He spat on my cheek and licked it up, He bit my ear lobe then spat again and rubbed it in to my hair.

Derek finally broke away shoving the other two into the lockers and pulled the hairy beast off me. Rather than fighting him Derek slammed his cock into me and pounded me harder than the Sasquatch who was on me before. . They each had their turn with me. In between, I saw the hairy one fucking one of his buds. People wandered in to the shower, saw what was happening and tried to get out unseen. I made eye contact with one who stood there watching everything but when one of the trio saw him and moved to intercept he ran like hell was chasing him.

He was back a minute later but this time when one of the hairy brutes walked to him he waited. They grabbed him and picked up his thin body. Damn this boy had no muscle. He was like a rag doll. A twink rag doll caught in a tug of war between four put bulls. They handed him off between each other. His body and limbs flopped like a toy that had lost it’s stuffing. They fucked themselves using the poor boy like a fleshlight, jacking themselves off. When someone would cum inside him they would cradle carry him to me and his knees bent to his chest told him to push and their load would come out of his dirty hole into my open mouth. When all three had cum twice they left us in a pile on the floor while they showered. We followed suit when they were done. “We’ll be seeing you again soon. We’re here every day at 4”. and they left. We were exhausted but took our time in the shower.

Once home, we walked down to the basement. Zack followed us down and we changed in to our leathers. I had a harness that lifted my shelf like pecs and my cock cage held my monster cock raging and shaking the bars to get out. My balls were pulled down and stretched with ringed plates. The balls themselves were separated and purple. I had thick gauntlets on and alligator clamps on my nipples. Derek had oeled his body so every muscle stood out. He had leather armbands stuck between muscle groups. He also had a harness and a leather codpiece; his balls leaked out of one side and his huge uncut cock head from the other. He was wearing an executioners hood and fuck I wanted to submit to him.

We had really put on weight in the two weeks we had been here. Fresh from the Gym, we were shredded. Zack took pictures of me submitting to Derek, of Derek wrestling with me and losing, Then Zack pulled up a video stream camers and loaded a web link. We were on pay for view live chatterbox. We posed and played and after a couple of hours, he ended the stream. “$890.00.. Good news, your rent is paid for the month”. Zack handed us our shakes and we drank them down. When we dropped off in our chairs, Zack placed the ear buds in us and added weights to the nipple clamps and went upstairs

We woke early the next morning and not even noticing anymore, we pulled our nipple clamps and ear buds off. I shrugged as I tend to do a lot now and went upstairs to clean up for school. Good thing Derek was with me. I couldn’t remember which was my room, how to lace my boots or even where school was. We made it through another day and headed to the gym. We were there daily now and aggressively putting on the weights when Squatter came over to us.

“Bro, we gotta talk. I followed you home last night and saw everything. I saw him put the ear buds on you and him playing with your nipples but I couldn’t stop him. We gotta call the police or do somethin.” I was grinning like a wild man. “HOT! He followed us home. I hope he rapes me” I thought. “Dude.. snap out of it” Squatter said while shaking me. Dereck looked conflicted. The programming was doing a job on him. Remember us and your past! Not this shite he’s feeding you", but we couldn’t tell the difference any more.

We arrived at the house but Zack wasn’t home yet. Squatter followed us in and we went to the fridge for our shakes. He grabbed them from us and poured them down the drain. Seeing how nervous we were not having our shakes as programmed, he made up two more. We proceeded downstairs as programmed and he followed. We paid no attention to him as he slinked away to hide behind the bar.

Zack returned a short time later and saw us propped against each other. He placed a white tablet in our mouths. Zack hadn’t noticed we weren’t asleep but we didn’t move non-the-less. I sucked and played with mine while Zach helped Derek back to his room and placed the iPod buds in his ear then I guess he did the same to me. I don’t know. I passed out.

In the morning I felt great. We went to the gym and worked out like mad! Several people who had seen the dog pile yesterday saw us walk in. Some tried to talk to us, others moved away in fear for their sphincters. We worked out hard. The twink boy who had been used followed us in our routine licking our sweat off the bench between sets. . When we finished we headed to the showers with twink boy in follow. We turned on the showers and Derek entered. He pulled twink boy in and without soap or lube just entered him. A High pitched sound like steam escaping shot out of the boy as Derek plowed and raped him. He chewed on his neck and fucked him hard. Turning him to face, twink wrapped his arms around Dereks thick neck as derek lifted his legs over his shoulders and walk-fucked the twink The Boy had no colour; His skin was white like creme against Derek’s Berserker body and red hair. His thickening beard covered the twinks face so all he could breathe was Derek’s musk and breath. He fucked and fucked hard. Men came in to see what was making that sound and when they saw some began to stroke, others left. Management came in and skidded to a halt when they saw twink impaled on Dereks angry cock; bouncing him off his cock and slamming it back into the gaping hole. The manager popped an instant boner and watched for about three or four minutes before he came to his senses and told everyone to get out. He put his hand on Dereks shoulder. Derek gave him a stare of death but came to his senses.. he slowed his humping and slowly lowered the nearly unconscious twink to the ground where he lay unmoving with a smile on his face and drool running from his mouth.

We showered while the manager checked the boy. He never left eye contact with us as he pulled his shorts down and his thick beer can cock popped out. He had an angry bunched foreskin hiding a perfect, shiny helmet. I stood stroking my own beer can watching as the manager raped the limp body beneath him. He pounded the almost lifeless thing and came with a roar. I ran over and when he had pulled out he pinched the boys arse cheeks together to keep his seed from spilling out. I sucked the twinks arse juice and the managers cum off his cock then bent to suck it out of twink boys arse. It was torn apart. Bloody and raw, his arse lips were red and swollen, probably from yesterdays abuse as well. We dressed and went home unshowered.

Derek looked conflicted I guess despite not having our drugged shakes, whatever Zack put in our mouths and the ear buds still worked some and I felt his conflict. it was hard to fathom that Zack did something wrong.

When we got home Squatter had followed us again. He had taken our iPods last night and recorded something new on them: first Dereks then mine. He had purchased another set and downloaded a third recording. We went to the kitchen and he made fresh shakes, throwing out the stuff Zach had waiting for us. Zack met us at the house and we knew we were expected in the basement. We were downstairs and naked. I was in my leather jock and leather harness. My muscles looked bloody fantastic. I had no neck and my arms wouldn’t rest at my side. Now I really did look like a Goomba! I was covered in thick black hair all over my body and arms. My nipples stood out like baby fingers at least an inch from my body. This was the first time I had seen myself without the drugs in my system. I posed and flexed.

I saw Derek staring with hard lust in his eyes. He was struggling not to take me right there and I knew it. It was what little I did know. I was dumb! I mean Stupid. I had forgotten how to read and talk. I suddenly realised how fucked up my brain really was. Squatter saw my freight and ran over to me.

"Hey big buddy.. it’s all right! I’ll take care of you. I’ll make everything normal and right. He put his finger in my mouth and I sucked on it, licking the tips and staring into his eyes with my puppy dog look. He was tweaking my nipples hard and I humped his leg as I dropped to my knees. . “I’ll take car of you big guy.. just suck… just suck” he whispered and stroked my hair. I closed my eyes and trusted him. Squatter hid around the back side of the bar he had hidden the night before.

We heard Zack coming down the stairs. and we sat there with our fresh shakes in hand. Zack said "Drink up boys.. we have a long night ahead of us. Feeling bold, Zach kept talking. I remember his talking a lot each night but this is the first time I really heard him. The words were familiar. as if he were reading a script.

“Big dumb jocks… take MY class as if you could be smart enough to be accepted into a profession as honourable as mine.”. I was shocked when he told us this had been going on for two months. I looked at Derek who was turning all shades of red. Zack told me to stand and insert. My body reacted to his words. I stood and pulled a long thick dildo out from under the chair. I lubed it up from a tin under there as well and set my body down. It slid in without resistance. I felt right: full, so content. My eyes closed and I started working my nipples. I lifted my legs so my full body weight was on the arm sized cock in my arse. I ground my bum onto the chair and took my imaginary lover.

Squatter had had enough. He jumped out from behind the bar and punched the startled Zack in the gut. He had doubled over, unable to breath. It was hard to watch because of the pleasure in my arse but I did. It was violent. It was Hot! My two lovers fighting over me. I saw myself in the reflection off the 72" television. I was putting on a show for myself. Peripherally I saw Squatter search Zacks pockets and when he found the pill bottle he popped two in his hand and forced them down Zacks throat with two fingers. I heard Zack gag, thinking to meself “Girl… just relax your throat” and continued my arse grind. Zack struggled less and less until finally his eyes were glazed over and he slumped. Derek pulled his new iPod out and placed the buds in Zacks ears then tied him in to the chair.

When he was finished, he walked over to me placing the buds in my ears and a tablet into my mouth then finger fucked my throat. He gave Derek a tablet as well and put his head phones on and we all went to sleep. Derek woke first. Squatter walked over and shoved another tablet down Zacks throat and made sure the buds were still playing their message then he walked over to me.

He removed my ear buds and I looked at him with an intense love. I couldn’t breath, he was so beautiful. I wanted to die so my last image would be this perfection in front of me. He stood me up and sucked my tongue into his mouth. We kissed with such passion that birds would fall out of the sky to see. “We’re now total partners. Nothing else in this world matters as much to you or me. I made sure the message we listen to every night reinforces our commitment but I added a few to yours. What ever he did, the changes seem to be permanent. I don’t think I can fix them but at least we can live some what normally: You’re still a total kink pig. You still don’t talk and thinking is still best left to Derek and me but your mind should be clear again.”

I looked away. I did some simple math in my mind. I remembered passages from a book I had loved as a child, then I looked at my lover and nodded yes. He walked over to Derek who was just waking up. I saw the same startled revelation in his eyes when he saw Squatter.

“I’ve always thought of you as my Bro’s. I had a dirty little secret that I was gay but now it seems you are too. I changed the wording on the iPods. You’re free to make your own life choices but now we three are lovers. Nothing can change that!”

It was hard but I tore my stare away from my perfection and looked at Zack. Derek and Squatter looked at him with absolute contempt and said, “I went through his notes and computer. He’s been stealing these compounds from the University. They’re things like Ambien Ecstacy and Pentathol. They opened your minds to the recordings”. Then he looked at me and smiled. I have an idea.

It’s now been six months. The Quit Claim for the house had been made transferring ownership. Zack had a few changes of his own. He joined the LGBTG centre and came out publically. He dropped out of his Masters programme to pursue his love: Male Pole Dancer. He still lives with us, though mostly in the basement. We broke through the wall between the second bedroom and the Master making a truly Masterful suite where Derek, Squatter and I reside. We make sure Zach takes his supplements, protein shakes and wears his ear buds every night. It’s the least we could do.

Six months of estrogen, testosterone blockers and collagen have given him a bubble butt almost as large as his collagen filled lips. His body has trimmed down and toned by months of aerobics and modified diet. His soft natural breasts are large enough to require a training bra. He speaks with a high femme voice and high-pitched squeal. He is now a total ditz! Thanks to him signing his bank accounts and powers of attorney to us plus his dance moves and insatiable sexual appetite we live in absolute comfort. Derek, Squatter and I are a totally committed trio and we went on to University life. I’m not as smart as I was but it turns out I’m good with art so I changed my major. Squatter earned his MBA and Derek continued with Psychology earning a T.A. position at the community college abandoned by Zack. Damn, Zach turned out to be a hell of a friend

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