The Contagion - College Change

By Heru Kane -
published July 25, 2018

There is a disease rapidly spreading that seems to target gay men and women and leaves them changed and enhanced in body and mind. A college nerd has been infected, and his life will never be the same. In fact, neither will that of his two roommates.

“Hey are you okay Tony?” Asks Chris, a man with Hawaiian features and a surfer’s build, to his roommate while leaning at his open bedroom door in there three bedroom apartment.

With a slight greenish flush to his face Tony shakes his head, but stops as that makes his stomach roll. “No, no I’m not. I feel terrible.”

“Did you need me to do anything for you?”

“No, at least not right now. I already contacted my Adviser to tell them I’m sick. She said don’t worry and that the school is already making plans to suspend classes.”

“Good to know.” Chris says with a some happiness. Not at Tony’s sickness but rather not having to go to class. He then nods. “Well I’ll look in on you from time to time, make sure your not dead!”

“Thanks buddy,” Tony comments as he lays back down, already tired from their talk.

“Dude you need to get up!” Says Frank, a man of African American descent with the body of a basketball player (which makes sense as that is the sport he plays), to his roommate as he stands over his bed.

With a groan Tony rolls over and pukes into a bucket. He then turns towards Frank and gives him some sad eyes, “Can’t. Not alone. Help?”

With a soft chuckle and a shake of his head Frank comes forward to do just that - help. Because honestly, for all that they are ‘simply’ bros there is no way that he can let him wallow in his filth.

As he moves over to Tony, Chris also arrives and gives him a look. He just shakes his head and says, “While I help Tony to the bathroom why don’t you strip the bed.”

A deep put upon sigh is the response followed by a nod of agreement

As Frank moves towards Tony he reaches down to help pick up him. After a grunt he turns to Tony and says, “Ug, have you gained muscle, I can’t pick you up.” He then turns towards his roommate, “Hey Chris, come here, help me lift Tony up.”

Chris sighs but agrees to help. With a bit of a push both men get Tony standing up. The two jocks then place their sick friend’s arms on their shoulder leading the three to slowly shimmy to the bathroom.

As they do so Chris can’t help but take a deep breath, which leads him to smelling something surprising. While he expected to smell sweat and sick what he smelled was instead a sort of pleasant scent.

As he moved back to give Tony some room he couldn’t help but think that he smelled sort of attractive.

“Do you think we should take him to the hospital?” Frank asks Chris about four days into Tony’s sickness.

“I called the school’s hotline and they said that as long as Tony remains at this state doctors are saying it’s fine. That there is nothing to do but let it play itself out.”

“It’s spreading, whatever ‘it’ is.” Frank adds.

“I know. but at the same time it’s not really contagious. At least that is what the doctors say.”

“Okay then.” Frank then sighs. “Right. So I will go to the school store and get some soups and such. He is going to need it.”

Chris nods at that. "You can use the medical account set up for those sick. It should provide all the food you need to get for him. Plus some other goods.


“You know it’s creepy to watch Tony sleep.” Says Chris softly as he moves next a silently standing Frank.

“I’m making sure he is okay,” Frank says in a tone that says he is trying to be convincing.

Which is why he is not surprised when Chris calls him out on his bullshit. “No your not, nice try buddy.”

A soft chuckle. “I know.” He then trails off. “I don’t know why but there is something new about Tony, though I don’t know what.”

“It’s fine cause I know what you mean.” Chris then takes a deep breath. “Your right, there is something.” A shake of the head. “Anyway, come on, lets watch some TV.”

Frank simply nods, takes one more deep breath to smell the sweet smell, and follows Chris to the living room.

A week. That’s how long Tony was sick for.

Which is a consistent number for the sickness that doctors have already begun calling the Contagion.

As the sickness began to fade his moments of focus increased in length. To this point. He was standing in the bathroom and looking at himself in the mirror.

He was shocked.

He was taller then he used to be. But even more he was more muscled then he used to be. It wasn’t bodybuilder in size, rather it was more working outside day in and day out. Which was amusing as before the sickness he was a bit nerdy in appearance.

Which was when he realized he was looking at himself in the mirror - and he didn’t have his glasses on, and he could see perfectly.

As he scratched the beard on his face, which was surprisingly well groomed for a man who had been in bed all week.

With a shake of his head he turned around to get back into bed, still a bit tired. He was just glad he still looked like himself.

“Do you need anything Tony?” Frank asks warmly, in a tone that states how much he wants to help.

Turning towards his roommate Tony smiles and gestures for both him, and Chris who was also there, to come closer. As they do he says, “I’m okay. A bit hungry but that can wait a moment.”

The two nod before tilting there head and sniffing the air, as a sensual smell wafts passed their nose.

“What’s that, what’s that smell?” Chis asks with a bit of a purr in his voice.

Tony chuckles, “Sorry, I haven’t taken a shower yet, I know I must smell ripe.”

“No, it’s fine, your fine. In fact, don’t worry about your smell, it’s not bad.”

A sniff to his armpit, “Really? After a week with nothing but a bit of wash towel cleaning. I smell good.”

“Yeah,” Frank says with a nod. “You smell great actually. Really great.” His eyes then roam down Tony’s body as he lays on top of the covers. His gaze stops at Tony’s crotch, a tented crotch. A much larger tent than what would have shown before. Which makes sense as his cock and balls had gotten much bigger over the week of his sickness.

Noticing Frank’s look Tony blushes, “Yeah, sorry. Ah, if you guys would head out, I’m going to rub one off.”

“Nah,” Chris says immediately. “No need for us to leave.”

“Yeah,” Frank says with a nod and a smile, “in fact your still tired, so why don’t we help.”

“What?” Tony says shocked and surprised. For yes, he might be gay, but no, he knew they weren’t. Not that they were ever homophobic towards him, not at all, in fact they have always been kind. “Why would you help me, your not gay.”

“No we’re not, but you smell so good, and it would be only right that we continue to help you.” Chris adds quickly before moving forward towards the bed, an action quickly followed by Frank.


Is all that Tony is able to say before he is ‘attacked’ by Frank and Chris. Well, maybe attack isn’t exactly the right word.

Though that’s how it felt.

Especially in how quick Tony lost his underwear.

But even more in how they pulled a deep, manly, masculine, moan from him the moment there mouths and tongues were on his cock, balls, and genital region.

He could feel them, could feel their tongues going up and down and around and over his cock.

As they did that his hands went up and he began rubbing them up and down their backsides - which had just been put near his face.

With a smile Tony says, “Frank, Chris, shift your hips up a bit and move more towards the middle.” As they do so he grins, “Perfect. I’m so glad that you are wearing mesh shorts!”

With that said he reaches up and then in one action pulls down both their mesh shorts, which revealed to his gaze their gloriously naked butts.

“Hmm, jockstraps, how nice. Makes your butt stand out better. Which is an important thing to do,” Tony says out imperiously as the two continue to pleasure his cock and balls.

“Yes sir,” they moan out.

Frank then pulls back for but a moment to look Tony in his eye and say, “You taste delicious!” Which gets a nod from Chris as he goes back to sucking.

With a rub and a gesture the two butts come even closer to Tony’s face. Which is perfect for whole they are worshiping his cock and balls he begins playing with their butts, and their pretty little untouched till now holes.

A tongue out, then around, then up and down. “Hmm, delicious!” Tony gasps out as the taste of manly ass comes to him. Clean and yet musky, the sign of a good ass in his opinion.

His hands come up and fingers extend to rub around and within the glistening holes.

Holes which Tony doesn’t hesitate to go back to pleasuring. As before his tongue plays - up and down, and in and out, and all around. He even moves from their hole and down and around the crack. As he does so he takes a deep breath, enjoying the musky smell of straight boy.

‘Oh man,’ Tony thinks, ‘I could get used to this.’

He then starts gasping as the feelings the two are giving him increase in strength.

As he feels his climax coming he reaches up with his hands to finger the holes, going far enough in to touch their prostates.

“I’m cumming,” he yells moments before he cums, which is exactly at the same time that they do.

He cums, and cums, and cums. So much so that both boys drink their fill and spill some out of the enlarged cheeks.

The three collapse to the ground. With a moan Frank and Chris look up slightly to meet Tony’s eyes.

Eyes which seem glazed and faces that are out of it.

It’s like they are drunk.

Then Frank speaks, “Oooh, your delicious, like candy, want more.” He then goes back to nuzzling Tony’s cock.

Chris nods twice at that before grinning and doing the exact same thing.

Tony looks at his cock and realizes something - he is still hard.

So he looks up towards the butts of the two, smiles, and dives back in.

Two hours and dozens of orgasms later and to Tony’s eyes both Chris and Frank are so completely out of it for all that they are still worshiping his body, especially his cock.

He gives a pat to the two quivering buts in front of his gaze before chuckling as a new idea comes to him.

“Hey boys,” Tony says with a smile. He waits for eyes to look up in an attempt to track him. When they do he gestures for them to move, “Get on all fours boys. As I’m gonna fuck you!”

“Ooooh,” Frank moans.

“Yeah,” Chris gasps, “fuck us, fuck us hard!”

“Will do boys, will do!”

With that said Tony heaved himself from his laying position and moved so he was on his knees behind the two - technically straight - boys.

With the way their butt holes were puckering in and out as he looked at them he could tell their owners wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard.

He then smiled gently and put a finger into Frank’s butt as he lined up his cock to Chris’ hole. If asked he would say he had no reason for picking who he did to fuck first, that he just made a random decision.

Then he pushed in, no lube required. Not only due to all the rimming but also due to the slickness of his own cock.

Heat, blessed heat, and tightness, almost overwhelmingly tight in fact.

It was perfect though, and so was his thrusts. In and out and deeper in and then out to almost the edge of his cock before all the way in. Again and again and again. At the same time his other hand, and an extended finger, was rubbing fingering Frank’s hole - not wanting Frank to be left out.

Two minutes, that was all he could handle at this moment, before he gasped, shouted, and came into Chris’ ass. Bucket loads it would seem if the the signs of a bit more pudgyness in Chris’ belly could be seen.

Who came without any contact on his own cock.

What was even more fun was so did Frank, from just the fingering.

Pulling out with a groan and a moan Tony didn’t even hesitate before moving over to Frank and pushing in just as well. One thrust later and he was balls deep into his other roommate. A roommate who was moaning and gasping and who looked like the lights were on but that nobody was home.

As his fingers moved to Chris in order to not have him feel left out the thrusting became even more eratic. He held back for at least two minutes, wanting to give Frank the same feeling of pleasure that Chris got.

Which he did and then he lost control, his trust became as powerful as he had ever given before, and he was moaning and cumming.

He collapsed. Frank collapsed. Chris, who had just cum as well, collapsed too.

The three males gave each other a smile, though only one of which seemed to have intelligence behind the eyes, and the group passed out.

It was a few hours later before the three stirred from their marathon fuck session.

Tony was first, not a surprise as his body had been mostly asleep for the last week and was ready to get up and go. But not long after he began moving so did Chris and then Frank.

“Hmmm,” Chris moans out, “what happened? Why do I feel like a freight truck hit me?”

“Ah, do you remember what we just did?”

It is Frank, who had just woken up, who answered. “If you mean us fucking, yeah, I remember, it was hot.” He then turns to meet Tony’s eyes and grins, “Why didn’t you tell me it was hot getting fucked by a guy huh. I mean if I knew I probably would have been doing it for years now.”

“Yeah, same with me. It’s so hot. Especially with someone like you, hmmm, you are so sexy, and you smell and taste delicious.” So said Chris licks Tony, not his cock, but his chest.

This gets a laugh from Tony. “Thanks, glad you like it boys.” He then rubs his hands up and down their bodies, lingering especially on their ass, where he fingers them for a moment, to their moaning pleasure. “Hey, let’s get up and take a shower.”

“We should save water, let’s take one all together,” Frank says with a slight giggle. Which is not like him, but which was entirely sexy nonetheless.

“Oh yeah, lets, that would be fun.”

Tony simply nods before beginning to move and stand up. As he does so he stretches a bit and looks down at the clearly messy bed. “Gah, it’s not going to be fun to do the laundry.”

“Don’t worry,” Chris moans, “we can do it for you!”

At that Tony turns and kisses Chris, then pulls back and kisses Frank. Both of which get fully on the mouth kisses, to their deep moans. “Thanks boys, glad your helping!”

With that said the three then make their way to the shower.

Eventually they exited the shower and began to dry off. Eventually is the word for what had started as a simple, regular, shower before ‘devolving’ into a fuck session. One in which cocks and butts and mouths all came together in multiple combinations within and around the three men.

As they are standing in front of the massive mirrors in the bathroom Chris hums as he notices something. “Hey guys, do my lips seem a bit more puffier then they were earlier?”

“Oh,” Frank then adds as he looks down, “same with my butt, is it bigger?”

Tony laughs at first, thinking that they are kidding, but then he actually looks at both males. Like really looks. Which has him gasping.

“Oh wow,” Tony says in shock and awe. “You are both right. Your lips, well, pardon me for saying it this way, but your lips have become the perfect cock sucking lips.” He then turns nad points towards their butts, “And your butts, well, they have gotten more bubbly.”

“So are now perfect for getting fucked.” Frank states somewhat amused.

Chris shakes his head. “But why, and how? I mean what natural disease causes you to become some sort of muscle god?”

“Right,” Tony says in agreement. He then pats their butts which gets a moan. “And what sort of disease causes cum to have a transformative ability on others.” He then tilts his head in thought before saying, “So answer me this, what about girls?”

“Still sexy,” Frank says after thinking about them.

“Yeah, would still do em.” Chris adds. He then laughs, “But they aren’t as sexy as you, or, thinking about it, other men like you.”

At this Tony growls, he doesn’t know why, he just can’t help it. He then grabs both boys and brings them close to him. “While other men might fuck you your mine, remember that!”

Shivvers of pleasure, and there cocks get rock hard in a moment. “Sir, yes, sir!” Both boys yell out.

Tony smiles with authority before shoving a finger up both their butts in such a way that their prostates get touched strongly. They come a moment later. “Mine!”

The End, For Now!

Author’s Note

So while this basic idea has been in my head for a while I randomly opened a word document and wrote this today. I just couldn’t help it.

there might be more, or there might not be. That depends on personal motivation and whether developed ideas come to me.

I will say that my thoughts lie that the Contagion was quite unique in what it could do, though I think scientific rather than magical and such. Basically it effects gay/lesbians the most, bisexuals a bit, and straights as a side effect.

Gay and Lesbian men and woman become absolutely dominant, alpha figures in both mind and body, which increase in height and strength and potency, both physically and intellectually. Their length of sickness is a week. With this comes acceptance of who they are on a soul deep level, so even gays who hated themselves for say religious religions loose that restraint in the aftermath.

Bisexuals (lads for males, lass for female) are sorts of switches. They submit to the men but dominant the boys. They get a smaller form of the Contagion, which lasts about three to four days, and an equivalent lesser amount of physical and mental changes.

Straight boys and girls (adults, the term is applied erotically rather than based on age) are submissive to those of their gender. They come to enjoy, accept, even crave being dominated by those of their gender. Boys and girls still are attracted to the opposite sex, still can love, and get married - they are just opened to the potential of having sex outside of marriage.

Though the Contagion started in the US by the time people really realized it was more than just a particularly viral outbreak of say the floo it was worldwide.

Anyway this is what I have for now, and I thank you for reading and hopefully enjoying!

Till next time folks!

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