STORIES TO DISTURB: the farmer pt. 3 (final part)

By published June 1, 2016
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the final part in this disgusting tale. What’s to become of Jack?

…a little earlier still…

Jack tore through the barn doorway and ran out towards the car. He never looked back, reaching the driver’s door he pulled at the handle. Locked. “No way” he thought trying it over and over again. He looked back at the barn, the ghostlike smoke was twisting and snaking out past the doorway. It was moving faster and faster, slithering towards him. Jack heard screams from the barn and truly terrified made a run for it through the farm’s grassy field. He ran and ran alongside the driveway but cutting off the bit that curved around. He could hear rustling in the grass behind him. He was panicking and sweating and heaving for air as he sprinted away from the barn. He risked a look back and saw the smoke spiraling and circling the barn, but none of it was coming as far as him. He stopped running and rested his arms hands on his knees panting like a dog desperate to catch his breath. For a moment he felt safe, and began collecting his thoughts.

What happening? What should he do? What could he do? He had no idea where he was or what he was up against. He was begging with himself to wake up from this nightmare. Let it be over. Please he thought.

Finally believing he had caught his breath he took one huge inhale stretching out his back and looking up at the sky. At that moment, out of what seemed like nowhere, the ghost of a dog pounced from the grass his open mouth aimed at Jack’s neck. But right as the beasts teeth should’ve sank into his flesh it was completely absorbed into Jacks body, knocking him back.

The transformation this time was far less gentle. Jack rolled in the grass holding his head unsure of what was now attacking his mind. His eyes opened wide as he felt the connections of his brain breaking away. His limbs twisted and bent into weird joints. His hand and feet compressed and morphed into paws his fingers shrinking away one by one. He clawed at his neck feeling scruff grow course and thick. The scruff grew all down his legs and across his back. It grew over his chin and face into a thick beard. He felt his nose stretch and he let out a howl in pain. His back arched and he crawled on his “hands and knees” until his legs shrank enough so that he was standing on all four paws. He felt the rip of a tail grow out from his spine as the fur on his back stood on edge. Suddenly constricted he ripped and slipped out of his clothes scratching his back on the grass.

Then the burning sensation in his crotch came. The incredible sensation that spreads across his entire body. He howls at the night sky as he feels his foreskin peel away into a sheath for his now pink cock. His balls shrink into a little pouch tucked away closer to his asshole. He is overwhelmed by the smell of his dick and he bends and stretches his tongue, not surprised at all when he easily licks the entire thing.

He licks away at his balls and cock, feeling the double pleasure of tasting his dick and having his dick licked. His tail wags against the grass as the smell of his own ass hole reaches his nose. He’s entranced by it and as it flows into his brain he cums all over his own tongue. The dog swallows his load as he sniffs at his ass. Then he starts licking his own asshole, loving the flavour.

Jack happily lick away at his privates, letting the changes wash over him. He feels himself growing defenseless. If there was any bit of him left inside he was happily letting it leave. He wanted to be a dog. He wanted to lick his privates and jizz in his mouth and fuck the barn animals. And be fucked by his master. Wait.

The last part stirred him from his licking for a moment. Master? Did he have a master? Yes of course he did, the farmer who owned the farm. He served his master happily, whenever his master desired.

He returned to licking at his asshole, feeling a shit coming on. He could faintly hear a pig squealing from the barn but he wouldn’t let it distract him. He crouched over the grass and let the shit fall from his hole. Little did he know he was shitting out whatever was left inside of him. The last bit of Jack the human. Now he was Jack the dog. Without a second thought he returned to licking his hole and privates, taking load after load.

In the distance a new smell drifted towards him. The smell of his master. His masters manly stinking scent drifted towards him. Horny and hungry he ran towards the barn. His deformed dog human body not nearly as fast as a regular dog, but he was on a mission to find his master. He tore into the barn and hurried into the basement. He saw his master sitting in the mush with his legs up. He tracked his masters sent to the pile of shit that was being fed to the pig. Jack whined at his master.

“There you are boy,” Mark said, expecting him “Don’t be upset. You can get it from piggys other end,”

Jack perked up and went around to sniff at the pigs asshole. He could smell his masters seed ad licked at the shitty hole. The pig pushed out the masters dirty cum and Jack ate it all growing hard. When he had his fill he mounted the pig. Driving his red rocket deep into the pigs hole.

They fucked for ages, Mark eventually growing hard again and jamming his cock into the pigs throat. He pumped until his seed fed the pig and Jacks seed filled the pigs ass. When jack finished he quickly began licking his seed out of the pigs hole but Mark needed to stand and look at his creations.

He stroked his limp cock unable to remember what they may have been before all of this. He had made a bore and then castrated it into a greedy pigslut. His obedient dog Jack obeyed his every command. He smiled. Stroking slower he began to piss on the heads of his pets, soaking them, marking his territory. In the end he had found his bathroom and it was where he wanted to stay.

The ghost of the farmer looked on at Mark, just as impressed with his own creation.


…a good while later…

Mark sat on his porch, stroking the tuff of Jack’s neck, enjoying a beer and a cigar as the sun set in the distance. He stared at the old, dust covered car that hadn’t moved from that spot for as long as he could remember. Jack licked away at his balls while the pig ate from a trough Mark put next to the porch. He liked when they were all together. And the farm always seemed to provide everything they could imagine.

Mark puffed a cloud of smoke taking it all in. suddenly a little red car rolled down the driveway. Mark sat up surprised. As it pulled to a stop behind the other one. A single passenger stepped out of the car. He was quite the man, covered in muscle from head to toe. A huge young lad taller than Mark, stretching after what appeared to be a long drive. He took a drink from a carton of milk and wiped his face.

“Hi there. Can you point me back to the highway. I’m lost!” The man said.

A twisted smile curved over Mark’s face.

The man then noticed the man-beast at marks feet and the enormous pigman eating from the trough. Terrified, he turned back to his car.

“Never mind!” he yelled stumbling over the hood of his car.

“Wait!” Mark ordered and a cloud of very different smoke poured from his mouth.

It spiraled and hit the man square in his back, knocking him behind the car.

The pig couldn’t be bothered to look up but Jack’s head rose in curiosity.

“It’s okay boy,” Mark whispered.

Mark heard screaming and agony and long drawn out moans coming from behind the car. He heard rips of clothing and another long moooooan, loud and deep. Finally it had stopped.

Mark hefted himself up, his gut having grown quite large, and walked over to around the car. He smiled as he looked at the thing sitting against the tire of his car.

The man was now completely naked, his gut was a big round ball and tight, his feet were hooved but his hands were still the same, and with them he stroked his enormous animal cock letting out deep guttural moans.

His face had stretched a bit and he had two short stubby horns growing from his forehead. But what turned Mark on the most was that he was licking at his two large chest teets. His nipples had grown and taken the shape of tiny dicks and dripping from them was a creamy white liquid, like a sticky runny cum. The Cow couldn’t get enough, sucking it down while his dick shot the same liquid all over his belly. The beast sweated in the hot sun and as he spasmed let out a loud mmmmhhhmm.

Mark smiled and ran a finger under the cows tit. He sucked on it and savoured the flavour. Just one more pet for him to play with.

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