changes Bar II

By Stroppy Author
published July 21, 2018

Changes bar opens a new location

CHAPTER 1: The Sex Toy

The Changes Bar was enjoying phenomenal success.. so much so that they set their eyes on a new location. Settled on a four acre plot, the owner envisioned a warehouse for all of his liquor storage and distribution plus a nice loft for his enjoyment space away form home and in the front would be the new CHANGES bar; double the size and larger capacity, which will be sure to double after the play space is complete. It’s still within a few kilometers of the current bar so transition shouldn’t be a problem. The only possible impediment is the "Our Lady of the Immaculate Contraption church next to the free property.

The owner dressed in his best and attended the next Sundays church service. As he suspected he found intolerant hell, fire and brimstone preacher and parishioners talking about the sins of lust and the temptations of Christ. Quite pleasantly, though, he found the wholesome kids to be quite attractive. Young fathers taught to breed and multiply the flocks from an early age; some of those fathers looked barely old enough to shave, let alone maintain an erection. In the front were two of the churches model members; Twins, Jebediah and Jeremiah, from the community college Football team. A plan began to form.

The owner returned to Changes Bar and summoned Jaimie. He had refined Jaimies looks to be more imposing and brutish. People responded and tipped better when they felt subservient to this God like mountain of hair and flesh. You were a member of the Immaculate Conception Church, weren’t you"? Jaimie scowled, not speaking much since his change. He shook his head yes and spat on the ground. Jacob, always in tow and already on his knees licked it up.

Without a pause, the Owner asked, “How would you like to bring a few of your old brothers over”? It took a minute to get through Jaimies thick testosterone laden brain but his scowel softened and he actually began to smile for the first time in months. Suddenly Jaimie “woke up”. One second he was in the bar talking to the owner and now he’s standing upright in front of a mirror. His piercings missing from his face; his hair neatly and expensively styled and in an “Off the rack” suit. His frame and face still unrecognisable as the old Jaimie, he looked like a young Football Player from the pro’s.

With clarity of though he proceeded to his old church to bring enlightenment. Carrying an attaché case full of Fog Machine propellant, off he went to present his confession to his Brothers and Sisters. It was cold out so all of the windows would be closed. He made his way to the utility room and adjusted the temperature so it would slowly heat up in the worship room. He placed his attaché case in the main duct for the ventilation and set the timer for two hours; when services would be concluding and it was time for the Baptism.

It was an inspiring service. Men were on their feet dancing a little Jig while the women stood with their hands reaching out to God when the preacher asked if anyone felt the calling for a Baptism and to swear their devotion. Jaimie stood and shouted back in an American accent, “I do! I am!”! to which the preacher praised the holy spirit and said, “Then come up and let us hear your confession, Brother”. The temperature had risen fast. Women were fanning themselves and the men were wiping their brow with handkerchiefs. Jaimie stood perfectly dry and organised before his peer; The gas not affecting him in the least.

Brothers and sisters, I stand before you a sinful man (“Amen” chanted the congregation). I have sinned more than many others. to quote the good book, “I am not worthy to serve the man who washes my feet”. (Oh that got them. Hands shot up amidst the exclamations of “Amen”. The men were showing signs of the gas taking effect. They fell silent and their eyes blinked less and less. The women were oddly hyperactive and verbal but oblivious.

Jaimie started removing his coat and the men followed. “I fornicated! I indulged in the sins of the flesh. I touched my partners in places not necessary for the single purpose of reproduction and I enjoyed it”. The women began holding hands and swaying while the men sported erections. “I pleasured myself by masturbation (A Gasp went out by women and men alike). I penetrated my partners again and again asserting my might over them. I filled their pussies with my hardness and I liked it”! The women swayed harder, holding each other up but the men pushed their palms against their crotches. The younger men in the congregation actually released their cocks and squeezed them.

I had many sexual partners, some at the same times. I would force myself on them and sometimes they begged me to take them harder. I would chew their nipples until they cried out in pain." (Oh, the boys liked that one!). “Sounds of wet flesh on flesh drawing God’s attention to my transgressions! Seed spilled is a sin and I spilled many a seed, my Brothers and Sisters. I reduced my partners to tears as I took them for my own pleasure. I would take my cock out of their tightness and force it into the next partner using the ass juices and their cum as lubrication. Men would line up for me to show them who yields the power of the all mighty. Is there anyone here who hasn’t been filled with such desire? Judge not lest ¥e be judged”!

All of the men in the congregation were now openly stroking their cocks. "Walking among the men, Jaimie would use his warm slick hand to stroke the parishioners. He would tweak their nipples as he walked by them. “Do we not seek the company of our brothers for all other matters? Women are Satan’s instruments of destruction of Gods perfection! Women gave Adam the Apple. Women introduced him to modesty and shame. Women forced us out of Eden. I don’t know, brothers, but in my eyes, a brother can only depend on another brother! Think of it: Pleasure without the sinner. Even Lilith resented man and sought his destruction. Shouldn’t we seek the comfort and safety of another man? Who, but another man knows the pleasures of the flesh and without the sins and legacy of guilt women bring to the table”?

Head after head nodded in agreement. “Would you trust your sons to the gender who introduced sin to the first man”. The men shook their heads no. Do you trust a man will teach your boys how to be a man rather than the apron string tied mamma’s boy who needs her approval rather than heeding the men who are too busy working and forging a life for their families?

With that, Jaimie removed his shirt and showed off his super body. His pecs and 8-pack abs on show for the world to see. He stepped out of his pants allowing his forearm long cock to spring up into full erection > Strings of precum made a slow, molasses drip to the floor as each man and youth watched with open mouthed awe.

Trust me with your future. Is there anyone in the room who could doubt my faith? My ability to lead? Isn’t this what you want for your young men"? Jaimie asked while flexing and posing for the congregants. Take back the power! End the reign of terror… Trust your young men to my care. I will make them Kings among men. I will show them how to bond and become strong as men should be"!

The men stood and applauded. One by one they lined up to accept communion from their new spiritual leader. Jaimie placed one of the owners tablets on each of their tongues. Jaimie noted the young ones who would suck on the fingers placing the white pill on in their mouths and especially the ones who would suck his finger deep into their throat. Following their communion, each stripped off what clothes remained and jumped in the baptismal. Some forced their boys over to Jaimie. Jaimie was careful to only accept those above the age of consent. One by one, the boys all came to feel Jaimie and bathe in his touch.

Jaimie spoke in to a hidden earpiece and on cue, David and Jason entered, wheeling kegs of the owners special Brew. Women were escorted outside with their underage children, both in various staged of undress and given a beer while the owner gave them instructions. Jaimie watched them all shuffle off in different directions while the owner re-entered the small church. Men were separated from the boys. A laser light show was put on and the men and boys all stared unblinking. Red headphones were put on the men while Blue coded headphones were placed on the boys. Pre-recorded instructions were fed through the headphones instructing the men to see how normal intimate touching is; how the only way a boy will know how to love unconditionally is to love each other and give their love freely. How can you love God if you don’t love his creations? And did you hear that? We refer to God as “He” The answer is obvious".

Poor little piggies. Only with a momentary unimpeded thought did the piggies realise what their new positions in life would be before the euphoria overtook them and the pleasure began again. Such pleasure is not without cost as their minds slowly and consistently rerouted their higher function to maintain this state. All knowledge of their previous lives were being overwritten by their new purposes and functions. For the moment they were both shamed and inspired that they were embracing this willingly and they came. Again and again shots of cum followed by after spasms as cock pleasure rocked the congregation.

The neighbors hearing the shouts and moans commented to themselves how the “Holy Rollers” were in rare form today and walked by unphased. Jaimie stood before the cum drenched men stroking his powerful cock as the new flock watched in adoration of their new God. Jaimie and the owner set up kegs of their special brew and set the timers on the laser show and the last gas canisters before exiting the church while the drugs did their final work.

The owner and Jaimie sat on the park bench in partial dress and supped on a lunch basket David had set before them before entering the church with his previous brothers.
“You know, Jaimie.. you’ve done well for me. That should be rewarded. I’m going to let you keep your position as it is. I want you to be the manager of the new CHANGES Bar. This church will make a fine bar and you’ll be my right hand. What do you say”?

Jaimie stopped eating and stared at his God. He began crying and thanking the owner on his knees. He kissed and sucked the owners cock through his gabardine pants and confessed his love for his owner. The owner offered Jaimie a tablet like the one passed out for confession and brought Jaimie in for a kiss. They shared the tablet, passing the liquified contents back and forth in their long wet kiss until all had been absorbed then sat quietly staring into each others eyes.

When they awoke, the now totally devoted couple roused and smiled lovingly at each other. Adoration reflected in their eyes. There would be plenty of sex partners in their future but there would only be each other for love.

They re-entered the church to find a full on orgy. Fathers mounted their sons. Belly after pendulous belly nestled into the small of their offspring’s’ back. Brother taking brother; Brothers taking fathers. It was so beautiful to see a cummunity come together. all hands were full, of arse, legs, nipples, wrapped around throats as they fucked. Jaimie rose to the podium and moved aside the two teenagers bent over the table as the preacher and the prayer leader took them from both sides.

All hushed but none stopped their fucking as Jaimie spoke: “Return to your homes. Gather your personal possessions, you’ll never return. The sign that the Devil has moved on and no longer has you in his power is the loss of affection from your spouse. The you will know that the veil has been lifted, my Brothers”!

And with that the service had been concluded. The men reticently withdrew from their boys and re-dressed, walking home hand in hand with their boys. Upon entering the house, the women seemed disinterested in the men or sons and took the carefully prepared food normally served to the family after a service, out into the back yard where all the women folk sat at picnic tables and under the porch. All men were totally disregarded. Their new spiritual leader told them this would happen. By the lords flowing robes, he predicted evils disinterest in the truly saved so off they went to clear their personals and financial documents, loaded up their panel vans, pick up trucks and station wagons and headed back to the church.

Men were paired up with neighbors who had room in their homes now that the women folk had moved out. “Feast and Celebrate today, Brothers for tomorrow the real training begins” and all fell in to the food and special brew provided by the Changes Bar.

Morning came finding the men and boys in strange positions.

Room 16: The two brothers, Jebediah and Jeremiah awoke chained into a slings side by side, Mirrors above each, they could see their naked bodies and thanks to the angle, they could see the exposed bums of the other brother. Far from being concerned, they were in a sexual heat but for different reasons.

Jebediah was the older brother by two years. He had already developed his body through hard work on the farm and school athletics. His chiseled abs looked even deeper because of the curved position he was in. A hard steel object was inserted into his rectum. He had bruises all over his body. he had been shaved hairless and several piercings were placed and healed: in his septum, across his brow, through his nipples and largest of all, through the head of his cock. His balls were obscenely huge. He didn’t remember them ever being even half this size but here they were, weighted and pulled downward by a parachute looking thing with a five pound weight attached by chain.

His cock was an angry purple and thick. It looked like his Dads cock (to which he licked his lips). It was thick and heavily veined. He watched in sybaritic amusement as his cockhead crew and peeked out of a long ugly bunched sleeve of foreskin. “Something wicked this way comes” he mused. He humped the air as if it would encourage the beast to come out even faster but it made it’s slow progress at it’s own pace. He wanted to call out but the probe in his arse kicked in and flowed pulsing warm deep electricity into his prostate. He growled in anger and lust as his cock shot straight up

Six built studs entered the dark room wearing only leather harnesses and sporting equally impressive cocks. Jaimie followed behind. The new Spiritual leader? In here? Wearing that? Jebediah spurted pre-cum and licked his lips remembering the church and the blow job he gave Jamies finger at cummunion. Jamie kept his eyes on Jebediah but stepped behind Jeremiah He spat into his hand and applied the thick phlegm to his brothers butt. Thanks to the mirror jebediah could see the pink puffy pussy lips that had replaced his brothers former tight hole. He remembers it recalling the time they had experimented in bed putting things up each others butts and putting each others cocks in their mouths. Kids will play. He remembered the time he forced his brother to suck him off then frequently then all of his football buddies. His brother was such a bitch. A cum dump whore He never realised these were all implanted memories thanks to LCD screens and ear bud fed messages. Though he felt as if he were only out for hours or days, his bull nuts were thanks to months of injections directly into his testicles and prostate. He produced cum non stop and would spontaneously cum every couple of hours.

Jaimie slathered lube on his monster cock and kissed Jeremias arse lips with its head. He slowly fed the entire length in , held it deep inside and slowly pulled all the way out. He was making his brother moan like a whore as he was taken like a woman. Slowly he rocked back in, then bottoming out, slowly pulled back leaving a pink and red gaping hole Jebediah could see in the mirror. Filled with rage and lust and cum he struggled against the chains holding him in place. “MY BROTHER! MY WHORE” he thought as the other six men split up. One took to massaging and pinching his brothers soft pink body. He hadn’t noticed the soft breasts that mounded his brothers chest. He watched him squirm as the beasts made love to his brother while the other three men began slapping Jebediah in the granite hard pecs and rock hard abs. They slapped his arse and thighs and choked him out. They beat and punished him but Jebediah wanted his brother. Jaimie taunted him:

"Awwwww.. big bro don’t like seeing his whore used by someone else? Fight back. Be one of us. Any man is your whore if you want him to be. Take it. Be a man!” Jebediah rocked and fought hard enough that one of the eye bolts holding the sling up snapped out of the wood. The men pounced and held him down, re-securing him to another bolt. "Almost there, Brother.. Harder.. make him your bitch. One by one the men face fucked his soft pink pretty brother. Jebediah growled and humped the air with his steel had cock watching his brothers newly puffy wet pink lips make love to the cock in his throat then down to his arse to see the soft pink insides pull out with the cocks going in and out. Dollops of cum making a splattering sound as it hit the floor. Jebediah bucked and fought and struggled until (by plan) his restraints failed. Rather than running or attacking the men in the dungeon, he pulled Jaimie off his brother and drove his hard cock in and out mercilessly. His brother moaned like a whore. His eyes wide and his mouth gaping open. His brother spat in his open mouth and came in his arse with a roar. He pulled out and his arse drooled the many loads of cum onto the floor . he pulled himself up on the sling and leap frogged his cock into Jeremiahs mouth plugging his soft, sweet whore brother forcing him to clean a dozen mens loads and his own arse juices off his cock. Jebediah sighed contentedly as e collapsed onto his brother who wrapped his legs around him protectively. Their sweaty bodies making a sliding pleasurable rub on each of their nipples and Jebediahs piercings. Jeremiah felt his brother chub up again, He pushed him back cupping his brothers handsome masculine, now almost brutish caveman like face just nodding his head yes while raising his arse up to meet Jebediahs cock.

Room 3: In another room in another wing, piggy rolled over and roused, smiling as he felt the soft hay under his plentiful skin. He rolled onto his back and kicked his arms and legs like a dog in the grass on a sunny day. “MMMMmm…” he thought. Piggy smelled the slop in the bucket near his makeshift hay bed. . He rolled onto his feet and hefted his 400 pounds up to walk on all fours, sticking his whole head in the bucket. He suckled and lapped with his tongue. His face was a mess from eating but no problem; his unnaturally long and well cultivated tongue reached up to his cheeks and even into his new pug nose. No, not pug nose.. “Snout”. Piggies have snouts. He was so happy he remembered he was a piggy he went down on his back and scratched and kicked some more. A smile plastered to his face. He always felt high and good after eating his slop. No meat product. All vegetable and special brew. The owner saw to it that he could gum and swallow everything, what with no teeth and post plastic surgery to give him a sows ears and snout. His mouth had been widened too to give the former preacher the look associated with the ubiquitous pig.

He was always a pig. One of the worst sinners in his day; he stole, he raped, he blackmailed. The coup de gras was when he broke in to a real preachers house stealing his clothes, bibles and garb so he could slip by the police. Not one to leave a stone unturned, he raped the preachers wife and the preacher himself taking pictures in case he thought to tell the police. And thats how he became the spiritual leader of this fine community. Still a rapist and a thief he used his Farmers build (honed from seven years in prison) to attract the women and bond with the men.

Now here he lay; his mind a permanent mess by the drugs and programming by the Master and Jaimie. When someone entered his room, he struggled his unfamiliar 400 pounds and scurried over to suck his favourite dessert from one of the guests. Sometimes men would come and use his mouth. Other times they would remove his curly tail, throwing the clever long, jell filled butt plug into his slop bucket (YuM!) then take him in the arse. Some men loved kneading his fatty fleshy pink body and when they slapped him they laughed at the genuine pig squeal he would let out.

After each use someone would come in and feed a hose into his bum and clean him out. He was always clean; Piggy had a scrap of memory: a Beatles song from the 60’s " Look at all the little piggies, in their clean starched shirts, you will find the pig of piggies rolling in the dirt…" The only human words he remembered any more. He was such a happy piggy!

Room 11: It awoke. It was needed again. It was neither pleased or annoyed. “It” was an object to be used. Objects dont feel or care. They’re on or off. The man who would use it stood ready. The temporary master held what looked like an X Box hand control. He clicked a button and “it” dropped to it’s knees. The probe in it’s arse pulsed and blasted and it’s cock responded as programmed. A flick of the control and it rocked back on it’s haunches: it’s now longer, thicker and modified cock rock hard and angling upwards 14 inches. The temporary master faced away from it and lowered himself on it’s cock. The implanted beads along the shaft shaking the rider into ecstasy. Another flick of the box and it began a humping and gyrating. The guest double clicked putting “it” into a random pattern of humping. It placed it’s hands around the riders throat and began a well programmed sequence of “hot verbal”. Fuckin Cunt.. Take it.. Unghhhh… Fuckin slppy loose whore hole.. ".

“It” growled and moaned. It bit the riders neck and choked him into a panic so his arse would clamp down. It pounded the rider until he was limp then took his arse in a well choreographed dance. “The programmers were most efficient”, It thought to it’s self. The temporary owner came and collapsed onto the ground but checking it’s internal clock, It understood the owner had him for another 18 minutes. It’s cock began a dance inside the renters hole. The renter felt the assault begin again and began pleading in a hoarse voice “..nnnoooo.. uh…puh.. more”. “It” calculated this customer did not mean the words he spoke and began a gentle deep insertion allowing the renter to feel it’s fullness. When It felt the man contract his arse he began a humping, leaving the cock buried deep. The man humped back grinding his arse onto the cock. It began a deeper and deeper fuck. Harder and harder; further out and further in until it was pulling all the way out and plunging all the way in.

Again, the renter came and fell limply to the ground. Still.. this customer had 6 minutes remaining. “It” released a stream of piss into the renter. Laced with the same chemicals that has enslaved and reduced “It” and the rest of the congregation to sex objects available for rent in the new bar space where once stood the Immaculate Conception church", this subject will awaken with an insatiable desire to return again and again to this private mens club. Eventually This 30-ish Farmer and father of three would apply to become staff here. “It’s” job done, “It” stood up and walking backwards robotically, took it’s position in the alcove and plugged it’s self in to the cock tether closing it’s eyes and waiting for it’s next customer. I suppose it was still in fact, an outreach pastor, only this time it didn’t kidnap congregants and brainwash them into submission to his Lord. ..well.. he didn’t kidnap them ;)

Room 7 Important to the congregation, The preacher and youth outreach minister hand chose those who would help re-populate the world with proper kin folk. They recruited men who would breed and seed the lucky chosen bearers of their loins product. They referred to themselves as “Gods Bulls”. They were known to help breed wives and daughters of the congregation. At only 100 strong (not counting the ministry staff) it wouldn’t be long before the congregation would double then quadruple.

Billy was one of Gods Bulls. When he awoke he simply opened his eyes. A good thing since his nose ring and nipple rings were clipped into the matching rings on his partner, whomever it was he was attached to. His partner awoke and seeing his Billy looking in to his eyes, he smiled and brought their lips together. They tongue sucked and searched for a few minutes as Billy’s thick calloused hands began massaging his beefy partner, pulling him closer. His cock was straining but now so was his partner. Only now, as they filled, did he realise their cocks were joined by matching Prince Alberts. Beefy thighs hooked over beefy thighs. As Billy sucked on a tongue and felt the hard bears hairy body against him he smelled Rubber. Oh, right.. this man was all in rubber last night. Billy reached around and felt his arse and sure enough, there was a rubber plug in his bum.

So lost in the pleasure of the piercings pulling and tugging as they writhed and kissed that Billy closed his eyes to savour the moment. When he opened them he found himself in a leather harness woven in to a leather sling with his leather chaps straining against the sheer muscle in his legs and calves. His furry beach ball arse straining in the chaps themselves. His leather codpiece was losing a battle to contain the monster cock that lay behind. Dried cum matted his arse and crotch hairs. Leather gauntlets had chains below his well positioned body immobilised his thick bear arms to the floor below . He was startled and aroused. His partner to whom he vaguely remembered being clipped to just a moment again stood above him attaching nipple clamps to his huge finger like nipples. He didnt remember his almost flush and only lightly pink nipples before.. he only remembers what he see’s now. Every day is his first day, so to speak. His master pulled his 310 pound body up by his nipples and he groaned out in pleasure. “Fu…fu.. fuck me.. Please” he moan-whispered to his master". Master played with his arse, slipping in a finger, then another.. he poked and drilled and tagged his prostate. Billy moaned and humped shamelessly. and just when he was about to cum he blanked out again.

Billie’s eyes opened and he was immobilised. Encased in a rubber cocoon, his arms to his side and a hood over his eyes, Billy had no idea what was going on. There was no sound. His ears were plugged and his mouth gagged. He was face down; his chest resting across something thin and flat. His hands were bound at his sides and his legs spread wide and bent back secured to something at a diagonal. Cigar smoke filled his lungs, Special brew and the taste of piss filled his mouth and belly and Light filled his eyes as LCD screens built into his gas mask flicked to life.

He was bombarded with images as more special brew and piss was dripped into his mouth gag. as the drugs took action, he saw images of himself: As a Leather Dom; As a Leather Sub. Billy saw his naked and impressive Farm Body, not gym toned but earned through hard work. His shoulders were broad, His cock was hard and bent to the right His uncut foreskin bunched still over his erection. His beefy hands could cover the back or head of a partner or grab the arse of a master and drive his cock deeper into his throat. Each image filled Billy with his purpose. The same images he’s seen for days? Weeks? He didn’t know. Images flashed showing his face and head seamlessly attached to a woman’s body and being used by beast and man. He was the bottom of a Rape pile. Another image and it was his hard body and face but wearing a womans vagina: He was a MF-FTM: A totally masculine hairy body but where his once ample cock lay (or stood) was now a vagina! A soft pink, double fold vagina. So pink and moist, as if it had only recently been abused. He felt the pain, pressure, pleasure and fullness of being fucked through a vagina. Another image and he was encased in rubber as a urinal at a club. There were all real images. Billy remembered each and every one of these events. In his mind he was there. Truth be know, he was. Draped over the edge of a bed, customer after customer walked in and dumped a load into the cocooned man not knowing that he was oblivious to the sounds and questions of the man inside him. He just felt the arse pounding of man after man while he watched his slide show inside his gas mask.

Room 14 Karl, Aaron, Levi and Derek no longer thought of themselves as Karl, Aaron, Levi or Derek. They were 1, 2, 3, and 4. They no longer taunted the other kids in the neighborhood for the colour of their skin or their lack of interest in the bible. There would be no beatings with a Bible until the poor beaten accepted our Lord and Savior into their lives, bleeding onto the asphalt just as their new Lord had done, according to these 4 terrorists.

All four awoke, if you can call it awake, daily, hourly… it’s all irrelevant really. They awoke when they were programmed to or required for service. Gas masks kept the sun from tanning or thickening their creamy white aryan proud skin. A constant stream of Cigar smoke, Poppers, Anesthezine gas, each others or their masters sweat, dirty jocks or arse sweat penetrated their now open minds.

Their training had them cocooned in rubber. Tight rubber. Sometimes thick rubber suits which made their limited movement (on command of course) very robotic and stiff. Their cocks, nipples and mouths exposed to the custom and tailored pieces. Their electrolysis denuded bodies were under constant e-stim isometrics and high dose steroids to develop comically massive and hypertrophied bodies. Their muscles would soon enough limit their movement even more than the rubber suits.

Needles passed through their nipples daily had thickened and lengthened the nubs and the constant flow of synchronised electricity had them throbbing to the same drum as the sounds in their cocks, the ever increasing metal and charged plugs in their bums and the estim pads on their enhanced cock, balls and groin. A cock gag in their throat stimulated swallowing and sucking so when ever a cock was inserted, it was massaged for maximum enjoyment, at least for the person using the object below him. No moans or utterances form these sex toys, though. A quick swipe of Silver Nitrate had burned their vocal chords away. Easy to access, Sex toys don’t need teeth and it made the pleasure receptacle so much wider to accommodate the largest cock or two medium ones without the risk of scraping.

Buds in their ears repeated the same message set for each scenario. After 4 months of sleeplessness and constant programming, the message was well received. “You are a (rubber, Leather, Beast) sex toy. You are for the pleasure of your master. Whomever uses you is your Master. If their cock is inside you they own you! You must be encased. The rubber is your skin. You will die without your skin. This is the rest of your life. When in rubber you must submit. Your limbs are useless to you. Your pleasure is your masters pleasure. ..”

When posed, their legs, arms, head; whatever was posed will remain in that position. When an object is inserted into their arses, their colon will begin a rhythmic pulse matching the estim training that otherwise occupies their emptiness when not in use. When a cock is inserted, a single hump or bump by the Master would have them sucking and milking the phallus, but a hand on the back of the head had them passive waiting to drain their Masters piss.

Their other outfit was Leather: Bindings, straps, collars, stretchers.. In this mode they are pain pigs. Their granite hard bodies are a show piece. Their Bull like balls and cocks on display Months of sounding and estim have rendered them incapable of maintaining their own continence. As a result, they drip pre-cum and urine constantly. One crowd pleaser is to watch them become love beasts. The four are positioned to watch each other being taken by animals. Drugs and training have them lay immobilised as if there were tethers or bindings but it was all in their minds. Each watched as Dog after dog: Boxer, rottie, German Sheppard all knotted and bred their bitches. Not one to waste, at the end of the night, they were plugged again and the animal semen made for a wonderful electric conductor.

Yep, all hate crime and unreported beatings in alleyways and schools ceased and it was as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

ROOM I The owner and Jaimie sat in their leather chair. Jaimie on his knees sucking his masters cock. Sometimes, when Jaimie sat in the chair, it was the owner who was the cock sucker and Jaimie the Master. They marveled at how receptive the community was to the Changes II. Since they opened, abductions and missing persons dropped from a state wide high to none. Crime and STD’s were down as well. The set of Three warehouses joined by glassed atriums offered visitors just the experience they had hoped for. Warehouse one was a fern bar. Comfortable leather chairs and loads of wood paneling with copper and tin ceilings: The perfect place to rendezvous for a cocktail or socialise before heading home. Enter the centre warehouse through the glass atrium and security would restrict entrance to men dressed in fetish gear. on the left side of the warehouse was the leather, rubber or biker gear favourite. No bar stools: sling seats which could double as rim chairs. Restraints at various heights on the wall were the perfect “Day care” for young pups and slaves in training. . On the right side of the warehouse was a country and Farm theme. Together, the place was referred to as “The Sling and Swing” bar.

Walk through the centre corridor and you would be stopped by yet another layer of security at the glassed foyer leading to the third warehouse containing two levels of rooms. . For members only, this was a sex club where partners could fulfill fantasies they never knew they had. Each of the 21 rooms had a vinyl bandanna skinned door. Choose your fetish and enter: Tops the left of course; submissives on the right. Private rooms available and for the VIP, a choice of three sub basements. One was a luxury suite to make a King envious. A dungeon and the third was a play space that could hold 20 men complete with cameras and video recorders.

We mustn’t forget to plant seedlings now so we have a forest after the harvest. The younger kids were sent home with their mothers or fathers or guardians. To maintain the training and re-orientation, all would take their vitamins and sleep with ear buds in reminding them of their new or soon to come position in life. Surreptitiously chosen, some would be fed daily supplements of Oxandrolone to enhance the stretch and grueling workout regime. They would be inducted into sports and ultra macho orientation. They would depend heavily on peer approval and the need for physical contact. Others would be fed daily doses of estrotabs and female supplements along with testosterone blockers. They would learn to be the perfect wife including how to walk properly, how to maintain their svelt bodies through high repetition exercises and aerobics and to shun personal muscle hypertrophy. Muscles are for real men who would soon show them what it means to be the wife. Their arses would endure larger and more bizarre anal intrusion constantly worn so they developed a perfect arse lips and physical dependence on being filled. Bull, Horse and animal semen would be used as skin cream to orient them to musky smells and so others could smell it upon them. They would learn to worship anything that had a cock and pleasure it for their husbands or masters.

Both would bed any classmate, team mate, community member or partner given the opportunity. Pfluggerville would soon become the most openly gay friendly city rivaling San Francisco, The Hague or New York for the title.

“Jaimie, this is the best Friday night we’ve had since we opened Changes West. Happy second anniversary, My love”. Jaimie looked up softly at his partner, The owner and said “Happy anniversary to you too my love”.

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