the transporter 2

By the guardsman
published September 26, 2014

Henk explains about the functioning of the Transport Co

(muffled voices… the camera flips to Henk)

"Here we go, Tim is just getting ready for todays asignmnet. As you have seen, the dildo is now expanding inside his mouth blocking his tongue from moving and effectifly banning him from makeing any noise. This how we like our transporters. The silent efficent types.


But now lets get the thing started. Are you ready?

Tim can’t speak but we can see his ready because he is nodding. So I put the chair into reclinging position. Then I have to secure him to the chair: this is fairly easy, you can see this leather straps, I just have to put them across his chest, arms and feet.


Even if he wanted to escape he can not as he is tighly bound to his chair.

OK now I plug in the helmet, that goes to this USB cable, and the programming starts.

As you can see the visor is comming down and now effectifly blocking all sensory input. This is a crucial phase. As the programming is entering his brain, his higher brain functions are effecticly shut off. He will not remember what has happend in the minutes around the programming and he might even react with a small sizure. No reason to worry, they are a side effect of the intense brain stimulation but no harm is done. This is reason transporters are programmed when they are latched to the reclining chair with a safety dildo locking their jaw.

So while Tim is getting programmed let me lead you a little bit through our facility. Here you can see my dutiy station, where I manage the transporters on the left we come to the stable, here we keep our motorcycles. We are in the process of upgrading our standard motorcyles to

BMW S 1000 RR. So here you can see our horses.

Tim has already been upgraded to one, as you can see the bike looks mostly standard but has some customisations and our unique paint scheme. The paint scheme is more or less unremarkable except for the fact it blocks radar and for aestheic reasons is nicle harmonised with the suit.

Oh and the guy in the black and red tight overall who is standing next to it a little bit shy is one of our mechanics: Joschua.

I like Josh because he is one of our very best mechs and he looks good.

Joshua come here. As you can see our mecanics are the strong and silent types. We keep maybe in even better shape than the transporters. The overalls are really a piece of clothing that should only be worn by someone who is in good shape.

Our mechs have the same standard underwear then our transporters. Every Mornung after cleaning they put he butt plug on each other and a cather. Then the chastity cage for the underwear and they are set.

We keep in the same bodyshaved condition as as the transporters. The fitness programm is maybe event more strenous as we don’t have to go for the slim body type as weight is no concern. So over time our mechanics are usually really muscled studs. They don’t have to drive a motorcylcle so with them its more on strength to carry aroudn any spare parts or do stuff here.

We usually try to get them short after they finished their job training and then go offer them jobs away from home, so that the families do not become suspicous when they are no so into calling home or visiting around. Someone just after job training is of legal age so no guardians and some wandering aroudn is nothing unusal. They are usual fit and when they stay with ous they will become so even more.

From this biceps you can see that Josh is in his thrid year with us.

Once they are done and ready for the day they recieve a special programming thorugh a head set. As they don’t wear a helmet we gave them these little earplugs that connect to our internal system here. That way I can always direct them.

Most actually prefer to plug a silencer into the other ear as to be better able to concentrate at work.

(the camera zooms to Josh, a voice starts talking to Josh, its maybe the camera crew or a reporter)

“Josh how do you like working here?”

(Josh smiles and nods)

“Can you say something into the camera?”

(Henk pushes himself back into the picture)

Josh is one of the shy ones, he would never talk to you. Even not really a lot to me when we are alone. (He pats Josh on the short blond hair)

Well done Josh. Here take a little treat. You are my favorite. Now go and do the servicing with the machine.

Ok now we should be back and Tim’s programming is finished.

Ah I can see Tim is getting restless, I better remove him from the programming. Once the transporters are programmed with their daily job they really want to get moving and they are onl happy they can feel they are making progress. That is really motivation for an employee, isn’t it?

(Tim jumps up from the reclining chair, the visor and the mouth piece retract, he smiles)

Are you ready?

(Tim give a thumbs up)

Give me the checksumm!

(Tim starts numbling a long row of numbers)

Yeah I just check this with the system.

Yeah thats good.

So then go.

(Tim gives a goodbye kiss to Henk then hurries off to his motorcycle)

How do you become a supervisor? Well, some of our drivers are sometimes getting older and can’t go around that often anymore. So you either become a clerk and do some paperwork shuffling, if you look good you can go into customer relations, or you go for indoctriantion and become a trainer for new drivers. Or like me station supervisor. I really like it.

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