Father Son Reconnection - Chapter 2

By Jacob Lane - jacoblane6541@gmail.com
published June 1, 2016

Damion’s first night of programming is complete, so his dad decides to fill in his son on what’s going on.

Damion woke up slowly, stretching his body out and enjoying the damp crustiness underneath him. As he opened his eyes, he suddenly sat up, confused as to why his sheets felt so different. He pulled the headphones out of his ears, which were still playing a steady stream of nothing but static, and hopped out of bed. Turning around, he could see that the entire middle of the bed was covered with a dark stain, and that some of it had even started to dry and form a white crust. Damion leaned in to smell it, wondering what had happened, and was hit with a scent that reminded him of the cum rag he had used all through high school. He also thought he might have picked up on a hint of piss, but didn’t get close enough for a second whiff. His stomach flipped around and he could almost feel himself getting ready to throw up. Heading out of his bedroom, still naked, he stepped down the hall and into the bathroom, where he braced himself on the sink counter, inhaling and exhaling deeply. He hadn’t had a wet dream in years, and his mess on his bed looked like it was the biggest load of his life. Looking down, he noticed his cock was half hard. Stepping to the toilet, he took his penis in his hands and closed his eyes, trying to get soft enough to take a piss. After a couple minutes, he had success as a slow steady stream came out. It didn’t last long, and Damion still had the feeling that he needed to pee, but at least it was slightly alleviated. He flushed and looked back in the mirror. His chest and abs were still covered in the cum from his jerk off yesterday before his nap. The hair there was sticky and clumped from the white substance clearly caking his upper body. His abs, pubes, and thighs were coated and glistened, and Damion thought about hopping in the shower and cleaning himself up, but knew there would be time to do it later, and just headed back to his room. Once there, he saw his sheets again and sighed. He would have to figure out a way to get them into the washer without his dad finding out. It was embarrassing enough to have to deal with this problem alone, let alone let his involved. Plus he had been upset enough about the couch cushion last night – Damion reached behind and lightly touched his ass, wincing from how much it still stung – and he would hate to see how upset his dad would get if he saw this. When he thought back to his spanking last night, his dick gave a little involuntary twitch, and Damion saw a drop of clear liquid form in his piss slit. He closed his eyes and breathed, confused by what was going on with him. Damion headed to his bag and pulled out his jockstrap, slipping it on over his legs and straightening the straps under his ass cheeks, then stepped toward his bed to pull off the sheets. Before he could start though, his door clicked open and in stepped his father, dressed today in a shiny yellow thong. Thomas smiled, looking at his son, and opened his mouth to say good morning before the dark stain on the bed sheet caught his eye. Thomas looked from the bed, to his son’s shocked and guilty face, to his son’s jock pouch, tenting slightly from a dick that was clearly rising, then back to the bed.

Thomas shut his mouth and cleared his throat.

“I’m so sorry daddy, I can –“ Damion began, then stopped. “I’m sorry dadd—“ He couldn’t stop himself from adding a second syllable to what he wanted to call his dad.

“Damion,” his dad began softly, “if you would have told me that you have accidents –“

“I don’t have accidents,” Damion shot back quickly. “I didn’t piss the bed, it’s…” The end of Damion’s sentence trailed off slowly, and he looked down and away from his father, embarrassed. As if to illustrate his point, Damion saw a dark splotch on the front of his jock strap pouch and realized that his cock, which was now almost completely hard, was leaking again. He closed his eyes and wished to disappear into the ground.

“If it’s not piss then what is it?” Thomas demanded, crossing his arms. “I have a pretty good idea but I want you to say it.”

Thomas could feel himself growing red from embarrassment, but he managed to look back up at his father before saying, “it’s cum. And precum.”

“Just as I thought,” Thomas said gruffly. “Last night’s punishment didn’t leave enough of an impression on you?”

Damion’s hands instinctively jumped to his butt cheeks, which he realized now lay exposed to the wind in his underwear choice. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me da – um, yeah, I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s like I’m so horny I can’t control myself. I’m hard almost all the time, I couldn’t even take a leak earlier because I couldn’t get my dick to go down. And I’ve never leaked this much precum before. I swear, daddy, I think there’s something wrong with me.”

Thomas stepped towards his son. “What do you keep calling me?”

Damion felt himself flush even more. His dad took another step and another until there were only inches separating them. Damion could feel and smell his father’s breath on his face as they looked at each other, but the young man remained silent.

“What’s my name Damion?” Thomas asked slowly.

Damion knew his father’s name was Thomas. He had called the man dad ever since he was a toddler. But opening his mouth, Damion could feel his tongue press to the front of the roof of his mouth, trying to form a soft D sound. He stopped and closed his eyes, his heart pounding. He felt his father’s hand under his chin and Damion opened his eyes back up and looked into his dad’s.

“Daddy?” Damion said softly.

Thomas smiled, and Damion recognized a hint of malice in the man’s eyes, something he hadn’t seen before. A wicked enjoyment. “Good boy,” Thomas said. “Looks like the doctor’s tape did the trick. I guess it’s time for you to find out the truth about the doc’s program for our reconnection. Follow me downstairs.”

Damion was confused and wanted to stand and wait for a minute, to ask his dad what the fuck was going on, to yell and shout and demand, but instead he found his legs compelling themselves to take step after step after his father. Damion was concerned slightly, but couldn’t bring his mind to really be upset about not being in control of his legs. As they headed down the hallway, Damion looked at the hairy globes of his father’s round ass swallowing the slim yellow string of silky fabric that connected to the waistband. There was something else in his father’s ass too. He could barely make it out behind the thong, but it looked black. Closing his eyes in disgust, he headed down the stairs and into the living room, where he took a seat on the couch next to his father.

The two nearly naked men looked at each other silently for a moment, then Thomas cleared his throat. “Damion, I’m not going to have you leaking all over my couch again. Look at your jockstrap. It’s already pretty filthy.” Damion glanced at his crotch and was mortified that he was still rock hard and that the pouch was indeed dark and moist and slick with his juices.

“I guess I can stand,” Damion said softly, moving to do just that, but his father’s hand connected with his abs and the older man pushed him back down.

“Don’t be ridiculous. There’s a solution that doesn’t involve you making yourself uncomfortable.” Thomas smiled, leaving his hand on his son’s stomach, letting his fingers rub through the stiffened and cum caked happy trail that lay there. “Besides, do you think I would prefer to have your semen spewed all over my carpets?”

Damion hung his head. He could feel his dad’s hand on his body and it did make him feel a little uncomfortable. He knew that this wasn’t the normal way a father should treat his son. Hell, this wasn’t the normal way any man treats another man. However, his nauseating discomfort was abated by a louder thought in his head, reminding him of the five years father and son had missed out on. How many hugs, how many high fives, handshakes, and noogies. Damion knew his dad was just trying to make up for lost time, so he said nothing about his father’s hand, which was now rubbing his cum crusted belly in circles.

“Here,” Thomas said softly, and his hand moved lower suddenly, in between Damion’s thighs. Damion’s breath caught and he could feel his dick strain against the fabric of his jock. Thomas stuck his finger in between his son’s thigh and the damp mesh of the jock strap and pulled, allowing Damion’s hefty meat and balls to spill out. Damion gasped as the cool air slapped his moistened dick, and he could embarrassingly see a thick white glop of his presplooge emerge from the head of his quivering cock. Thomas’ finger continued its movements, pressing into the space right below the root of Damion’s erection, then slowly gliding upwards along the underside of his son’s cock. Damion learned back, trying his hardest to suppress a moan. His dad’s finger continued until it reached the head, then it scooped the creamy whiteish liquid up. Damion whimpered as his dad’s finger brushed his piss slit, his eyes widening as he watched his dad’s finger continue its trajectory, heading up towards Damion’s face. Even though he was crying out inside, Damion found himself opening his mouth slightly in anticipation, and Thomas’ jizz covered finger entered his son’s waiting mouth. Damion didn’t need to be told what to do. He sucked his father’s finger, tasting the saltiness of his own dick’s excretion on his tongue. As quickly as it started, it was over, and Thomas removed his finger, leaving Damion feeling extremely confused.

“That’s how you can protect my furniture, until we can figure out a more permanent solution,” Thomas said, smiling at his shocked and appalled son. “Scoop it up and eat it before it gets on anything. It’s not like it’s not coming from your own body.”

Damion knew this was so wrong, but simply nodded slightly. He brought his own hand down to his cock and stroked it slowly. Feeling his dick head belching out another dollop of cream, he moved his other hand down to scoop it up while he continued stroking, and brought it into his mouth, licking his own fingers.

Thomas grinned wider. “Good boy!” he beamed, and Damion felt a surge of overwhelming happiness at having earned his father’s praise. “Now, I guess we should do what we came down here to do. I want to tell you about Dr. Richards and me.”

Damion nodded, continuing to absentmindedly jerk himself off. He was now leaking so steadily that his left hand was constantly moving back and forth between his cock and his mouth, and his fingers were now sticky and coated in a mix of precum and saliva.

“After your mom died I was a complete wreck, you know this,” Thomas continued, leaning back and letting his hand rest on his own package, contained for the moment by the shiny yellow fabric of his thong. “I couldn’t do anything for myself. I became a complete alcoholic, lost my job, lost my son. One day it was too much. You had been at your friend’s house for a few weeks and I was so disgusted with myself. I drove down to the West River Bridge and was gonna do it. I was gonna jump and kill myself. I honestly couldn’t find one reason to live.”

Damion wanted to ask questions, to ask why his father gave up so easily, how he could have tried killing the only parent Damion had left, but he was too busy getting his tongue in the crevice between his index and middle fingers.

“A car stopped as I stepped up onto the guardrail. The guy who got out started talking to me, asking me questions about my life. He invited me back to his house to talk this whole thing over, to try and give myself a second chance. I broke down in front of him and agreed. Turns out, he was a psychiatrist, and a damned good one at that. I couldn’t believe my luck. The Doc showed me how I could turn my life around. He helped me get back on my feet. He paid off my house, made sure I didn’t have to work anymore. Gave me pretty much everything I wanted. He gave me peace. And all I had to do in return was give myself over to him completely. What did I care, I was about to throw everything I had away anyway. I might as well have let someone else take it and mold it.”

Damion’s eyes were widened. “So you became his slave?” As he continued stroking his cock slowly, up and down, he had his other hand laying under his cock head, catching all of the white goop that was being discharged. Once his hand was pretty full, he moved it to his lips and sucked it out, using his tongue to wipe up any he missed.

“I guess that’s one way of putting it,” Thomas said. “I did anything and everything he asked of me. Nothing in the world ever made me feel as happy as I did with his cock buried in my asshole.”

Damion coughed and hacked in surprise, and bits and globs of cum flew out of his mouth as he did. He saw the specks of clear liquid fly through the air and land on his father’s hairy chest and stomach.

“Shit daddy, sorry!” Damion sat up, looking around for a towel or napkin. “I was just shocked by the whole dick in your ass comment.”

“It’s ok,” Thomas said, grabbing his son by the back of his neck and pulling it down to his belly. “Just clean it up.”

Damion revolted in his mind, but again, felt out of control of his own body. He got so close to his dad’s stomach that his nose was rubbing the hair there, and he could see the silky yellow thong pouch directly below his chin. The younger man stuck out his tongue and began lapping at the cum splatters he had coughed up onto his father. He could feel the roundness of his dad’s belly as his tongue explored it. Slowly, Damion made his way his dad’s torso and reached his chest. After another minute he was finished, and Damion sat back, smiling despite his internal disgust. He was pleased that he had remembered to keep his left hand under his dick head, and eagerly brought the palm full of splooge up to his lips.

“So I became the doc’s slave,” Thomas continued. “And I lived that way for years, worshiping him, taking care of him, offering my body and soul to him. Until a few months ago, when I was nose deep in our daily rimming session, he could tell something was distracting me, even through all of his programming and assurance that I was happy. I told him I had been thinking about you a lot lately. It was coming up on the five year anniversary of your mom’s death, and I was filled with a lot of regrets about how we had left things. So I told him our whole story, and I showed him some pictures of you, and the Doc made me a deal. He knew that before, when I was with your mother, and other women, I’ve always been very dominant in the bedroom. Your mother was a submissive little thing, loved being tied up and handcuffed.

As wrong as he knew it was, Damion’s dick seemed to give an extra throb thinking about his dad and mom fucking.

“So the Doc knew I wasn’t satisfied sexually with him. I mean, I was happy to serve him in any way he wanted, but Dr. Richards is a total top, very dominant. He maybe has more of a sadistic side than me. I’ve learned some things from him over the years.” Thomas chuckled slightly. “So he knew that I wanted to reconnect with you, and he knew that I sometimes missed being the sexual master I used to be with women. So, he came up with what I think is a fucking brilliant plan.

“We brought you out here, and the doc did the same thing with you that he did with me when I first met him. I’m not really sure what it is, but it works. Anyway, he helps us feel more at ease with each other, makes it easier for us to connect, in every way, in ways we never connected before. He promised me that for a month, I could have you. With the recordings you listen to every night, which the doctor makes himself, it keeps your programming up to date, and lets him make any changes I might need to. With the Doctor, I’m the lowest of the low. I’m his cum rag, his fuck toy. He told me I couldn’t do anything to change any of my own programming. I’m still stuck wearing these faggy thongs all the time, and constantly needing something in my ass, and all the new changes he’s made to me over the years. But I could have free reign over your programming. I can’t do anything to raise myself up, to make myself better or more masculine, but I can bring you lower than me. Do you see?” Thomas reached out and took his son by the shoulder. “I can turn you even more depraved and feminine, slutty, all of that. I’ve lived the last five years of my life as someone else’s sex slave. I’ve had everything I’ve ever thought about myself torn up and thrown away and burned. All I have left is what the doctor wants me to have, and right now, all I want is to make myself feel like more of a man. And my only option for that… is to make you less of one.”

Damion was in complete shock. He didn’t know whether to laugh or scream and run away. As he brought load after load of precum from his dick to his mouth, he suddenly realized that this might have been the explanation for his strange behavior lately. It was difficult to wrap his mind around. He suddenly found his brain very fuzzy, but knew that something was very wrong.

“Daddy, I don’t understand,” Damion said softly. “I thought you wanted to reconnect with me.”

“I am,” Thomas said, moving his hand down to his son’s left nipple and pinching it firmly. Damion gave an involuntary squeal, then clapped his sticky hand to his mouth, eyes widened. He had never felt anything like that before. Like a live wire connected from his nipple to his brain to his dick and back again.

Thomas grinned wickedly. “I know you’re not even going to be aware of what’s going on most of the time. Your brain is gonna be kind of mushy for the next month, but it will all wear off eventually. Dr. Richards told me I’m too valuable for him to give up, so after 27 more days, you’ll be returned to normal and I’ll be returned to him. You just have to make it that long.”

Damion gulped, tasting the hot salty splooge he’d been shoveling into his mouth for the last thirty minutes. He knew that what his dad had just told him was horrible and unethical and probably involved enough crimes to put him and this Dr. Richards away for a long time. But on the other hand, he also knew that this was dad’s way of finally reuniting with his son. From the sound of it, it might be the only way the two men would ever be able to reconnect, with this doctor looming over the both of them.

“Alright, son?” Thomas asked, almost hesitantly. “You ok?”

“Not really,” Damion answered honestly. “I knew something was going on, but… well, I can’t fight it really. Like, I don’t even want to, even though I know I should.”

“Things are going to get a lot worse for you,” Thomas said seriously, moving his other hand to Damion’s right nipple and pinching them both at the same time, eliciting a gasp from his son. “A lot worse.”

Damion couldn’t speak, just rolled his head back as his father teased and twisted his nipples, as his own right hand quickened his pace on his cock, and within seconds, an explosion of color erupted behind Damon’s eyelids as he shot spurt after spurt of thick white cum all over himself and his father. His orgasm lasted almost an entire minute before Damion could feel himself beginning to come down. After a couple minutes of silence and heavy breathing from his son, Thomas smiled and flicked Damion’s tit, making the younger man jump.

“I hope you enjoyed that,” the father told the son. “It’ll be the last time you get to cum for a while. You can leave your load on yourself, I think the cum drenched look is good on you. I can’t have it though, so come on and clean your daddy up.” Damion, still reeling and out of sorts from the mind blowing load he just shot, simply moved his head forward and began licking his cum from his father’s hairy skin once again. This time there was a lot more, and Thomas grabbed his son’s head by his hair and led him around his body, making him pay special attention to the older man’s nipples. After he was cleaned up, Thomas pushed Damion away. “Alright, go into your room and find some clothes to wear from the duffel bag I put in your closet earlier. We’re gonna go shopping today.”

Now that he had come down from his post-orgasmic bliss, Damion could feel snakes writhing in his stomach and he wanted to sock his dad in the jaw and run out of the house. Instead, all the young man could do was stand, slip his now only half hard cock back into the pouch of his jock, and head up the stairs to his bedroom, muttering a “yes daddy” as he passed the man he had sacrificed a month of his life to reconnect with. He didn’t yet realize how much he had sacrificed.

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