Under the Pier

By Willie Cici published July 12, 2018
A day to spend near the water's edge proves life changing . . .

Jake could not resist the lure of the ocean. On Friday, the first chance he had, Jake raced to his motorcycle and sped away from the military base. He had not had a day off in months. Jake drove along U.S. 60, towards the Cape Henry Lighthouse, to catch the cool breezes as they waft across the bay towards Norfolk Sound. The worn piers that lined the coast, the former docks of an industry that dried up after the war, provided a comfortable place for the stud marine to enjoy the ocean waters and catch some rays.

Jake parked his motorcycle in a secluded forested grove off Shore Drive. He methodically removed his uniform, packing his clothes in plastic bags, making sure to keep each item dry, and storing them in the compartments that flanked his motorcycle. He crossed the road and walked towards the piers. When he reached the pier, Jake ran onto the pier and dove off the pier into the ocean waters. The descending pier allowed for a short dive into the water. The youthful daredevil loved the ocean. For at least twenty minutes, Jake swam and enjoyed himself. Eventually, Jake climbed out of the water and onto the pier to rest and enjoy the sun. (To see Jake, click here).

Jake thought about what he would do the rest of his day. He had packed some civilian clothes in his motorcycle. Jake knew of a little place, ten miles away, where his aching muscles would enjoy the soothing hands of a naked Asian masseuse. He had enjoyed no female companionship since he broke up with his fiancé three months ago. The tight confines of the barracks also did not provide for ample privacy. Jake needed the soothing hands of the naked Asian masseuse, no matter what the cost.

As Jake stood upon the pier, he heard an odd sound. At first, he could not make out the sound or where it originated. It sounded like wind willowing around the poles of the pier. Then, it sounded like a voice. Jake could not discern the sound. He walked along the length of the pier, towards the water’s edge. Nothing. He returned to the base of the pier, at water’s edge. Nothing. He decided to climb down and walk the length of the pier, underneath the docks, at water’s pass. As Jake tread water, with the planks of the pier forming a tent, the sounds grew louder and louder. Jake continued his trek, walking in the shallow waters underneath the pier.

Suddenly, Jake stopped. The water had reached his legs and groin. He stared towards the ocean. A beam of sunlight captivated the studly marine. He felt a hand caressing his body, tickling his core, and then massaging his groin. He felt the water, as if two hands, lower his underwear. His cock flopped about and felt the wet touch of the water, as if two hands were stroking Jake’s cock. Jake did not understand what was happening to him. How could water feel like a human hand? Jake walked further into the water. The water-hands grabbed Jake and restrained him to one of the pier’s mooring poles. Suddenly, he felt a surge fill his ass, a watery rod. It resembled ice, but it was hot to the touch, not frozen. The wet rod pumped Jake’s ass while the water hands continued to stroke the stud’s cock. Jake did not understand what was happening to him. Soon, Jake felt his balls churn. He moaned, “I’m … going … to … cum.”, as he blast his wad into the ocean’s waves. The water rod continued to pump his ass. “This feels … so … incredible … I can’t …”, Jake thought.

And, then Jake looked around. He was standing on the top of the pier, in his underwear. Had he daydreamed the entire episode? “It felt so real.”, he thought to himself. “I must need some pussy bad. I’m having dreams of the ocean jerking me off.”, Jake said, laughing at himself, as he walked down the pier, towards where he placed his clothes. He gathered his belongings and returned to his motorcycle. He retrieved his civilian clothes from the compartment underneath his seat. He quickly changed into some dry underwear, a pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt. After he stored away his wet underwear, Jake revved his engine and headed down the road. He had precious little time. Jake raced down the country road, to the little place that housed the naked Asian masseuse.

As Jake drove down the country rode, he watched a Jeep Wrangler drive towards the docks. Jake recognized the Jeep and waved to his buddy, Danny, a fellow Marine, whose hours of duty delayed his day-off by six hours.

Like Jake, Danny could not wait to enjoy the solitude of the ocean and the pier. Danny, however, opted for the fishing pole, a cooler of beer and cheap cigars. He hopped out of the Jeep, stripped out of his uniform and changed into a pair of bathing trunks and black athletic shirt. He grabbed his gear, walked upon the pier and set up shop near the water’s edge, hoping to catch nothing at all. He dropped his line into the water without an ounce of bait. Danny cracked open a beer, sat in his foldable beach chair, and let the early summer heat warm his tired bones. Between his visor, the beer and his smoke, Danny soon fell asleep.

About three hours later, Danny opened his eyes. He checked his watch: 7:10pm. He wanted to take a short swim. He removed his athletic shirt, walked towards the water’s edge and walked underneath the pier. When he reached a certain point, Danny grabbed the bars of the pier, opting for some chin-ups and pull-ups. (To see Danny exercising, click here).

As Danny finished his impromptu exercises, he noticed the figure of a man standing in the distance. The setting sun cast a beam of light that obscured Danny’s visibility of the man. (To see the man, click here). At first, Danny had no intention of getting closer, but then, Danny heard a sound, like the wind making music using the poles of the pier. The sound changed to something like a voice. “What is that sound?”, Danny said. All the while, the man remained still and yet, inviting.

Danny walked towards the man. As he drew closer, Danny could see that he man was naked. His ripped physique, cobbled core and incredible cock demanded nudity. “The sounds must be coming from him.”, Danny surmised. He drew closer and closer, until the man stretched his watery hand and touched Danny. Danny could not understand how this man had a hand that looked and felt like water. The man took Danny by the hand and led into the water. He had not even noticed that the man had removed his blue jeans shorts. Danny walked into the water until the water touched the bottom of his buttocks. Danny felt the man position him so that he hugged one of the pier poles.

“Aaah!!!”, Danny shouted as he felt the sting of the man’s water rod fill his ass. “What … is … that?”, he shouted. Suddenly, Danny felt a hand upon his cock, a water hand stroking his member. Danny enjoyed the wet speedy touch of the water hand, jerking him off to climax, as the water rod pumped his ass until the warmth wet goo fill his ass. Danny closed his eyes, taking a moment to enjoy the revelry.

When he opened his eyes, Danny found himself seated at his chair, the line of his fishing pole bouncing as if he had a catch. “What just happened?”, he thought to himself. Danny looked at the sun setting and hiding in the ocean’s folds. He gathered his belongings and headed towards his Jeep. “If I’m lucky, I can still get to that little place that Jake brags about.”, Danny said, a wry smile pursing his lips.

As the sun set, the naked man opened his mouth and sang a song, like wind caressing the poles of the pier. The naked man, a water nymph, danced about, from wave to wave, releasing water droplets, taking form as fluid as he was liquid. The nymph smiled. It was a good day. He seduced two males, taking their spirits, changing them, making them his own playthings.

The nymph did not know their names, but he knew the boys would return to play with the nymph – under the pier.

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