Sometimes getting a tattoo is a bad idea

By Miknave -
published May 30, 2016
2919 words

A bad boy gets a tattoo while drinking alone, hi-jinks ensue.

Sometimes getting a tattoo is a bad idea. By Miknave

Scott wanted to avoid any of his friends and just get plastered. They had all sided with his girl friend Alison, well XGF now as she caught him and Tara in his shower. Tara being a busty red head he couldn’t resist even though she was in a relationship with Pete. So he had banged one of his circle of friends girl friend. It wasn’t the first time, it was just the first time that he’d been caught. He genuinely thought it wasn’t his fault if chicks spread for his cock. His cock wasn’t gigantic or freakishly huge but it was the just right combination of longer than average and a little thicker than average that really pleased them. So now he was on the outs with all his friends and the best cure for drama was distance, time and getting drunk. With almost everyone he knew out of town or off campus for the break it wouldn’t be hard to avoid being social. So he headed out alone to a dive bar a mile and a half from campus and a mile from the house where he rented a room. “The Hole” flashed a red neon sign, there was apparently another section of green neon that read “In the Wall” but it was either shorted out or turned off. It was down a open staircase with a railing and surrounded by grey concrete. As he walked down the stairs leaves crunched underfoot and he knocked the small pile away from the door with his foot before opening it. The door was old and looked like it was made form planks of oak with heavy metal banding. The bar was very dark with brick walls and the only real light was at the bar along the wall. Scott walked up to the bar and ordered a pitcher of draft and looking at the chalk board menu picked a plate of nachos supreme. The bartender, a potbellied bear of a man, grunted, checked his ID and after taking his credit card pulled the pitcher and then walked off to get the nachos. Scott sat down and poured his first of many beers. With Winter break most of the students were either going on vacation to ski, get warm or go home, and it seemed that the locals weren’t at the bar this late on a Wednesday. A minute later while the bartender was still gone a man walked in the empty bar and sat down next to Scott. After a minute of the bartender still not showing up the guy reached over the bar and snagged a mug. “Hey, spare a beer? When Lou gets back I’ll swap you back.” “Sure.” Scott looked at the man, he looked to be in his 30’s with red hair and green eyes in decent shape. He poured the beer and slid it over. “I’m Joe.” “Scott.” “Are you really that blond or are you bleached?” Scott laughed “Yeah, did yard work all summer and it gets real bright in the sun.” The ice broken they got to talking about shit jobs they had done and Lou showed up with the nachos. He knew Joe as a regular apparently and gave him a draft which he poured back into the pitcher. Scott talked about his courses and Joe told him about tattooing. “Worked out a new way of doing it, it’s awesome, just need to get the money to patent it and have to do testing but it works so well, check this out.” He pulled up his sleeve and showed Scott the most beautiful tattoo he’d ever seen. It looked like a photo instead of a tattooed drawing. It was a beach scene with the sun setting and the waves catching the rays making their various thicknesses distort the colors. “Holy Fuck! That’s so cool!” Scott never wanted a tattoo before but he was suddenly jealous of this amazing tattoo. “I know, right? Did it on myself with my system.” Scott had only had 2 beers and the nachos were helping him to not be too buzzed yet and he pushed the beer away. “Dude, could you do me?” “Sure, like I said, I’m still testing it, you’d have to give me permission in writing, and I need to do a small test spot first to make sure it’s ok for your skin, you know?” “Ok, yeah sure, but I could get one like that?” Pointing to Joe’s arm. “After I test you, sure, or whatever you want. My shop’s around the corner.”

Joe lead Scott down an ally off of a side street where a sign pointed, “Jump’n Joe’s Tasteful Tattoos” . Joe opened a heavy steel door and then locked it after they went in. Lights flickered on and Joe disarmed the alarm. The waiting room was surprisingly nice considering the neighborhood, Joe unlocked a second door and ushered Scott through. Starting up his computer he waved Scott to a reclining chair. “Take your pants down.” “What?!” “To test the system I’m making a small black square, like the size of a penny, do you want that on your arm where people can see it or on your leg where you can see it and keep an eye on it but have it covered up?” While he calmed Scott down his tattoo was visible to Scott and his need for it resurged. “Oh, ok, yeah. Um…” “Yeah?” Joe asked while handing him a clipboard with a legal form on it. “Thing is I’m commando…” he said signing the form and handing it back. “I’ve seen them before.” Joe took the clip board and tossed a towel over to him.

Scott slid down his jeans, letting his cock spring out, he’d not realized he had a hard-on till it popped free. He sat down on the towel and laid back in the recliner, feeling nice and relaxed. Joe rolled over a tray covered with electronics and adjusted a mechanical arm with a weird head on it. He gripped Scott’s thigh and positioned it like he wanted. The recliner had straps and Joe secured the leg with them. Scott still felt relaxed and didn’t mind. Joe shaved off a small spot and washed it with a chemical wipe. Scott trusted Joe to know what he was doing. The machine started with a whir and started moving. Scott flinched with the first pinch, but the straps held him down firmly so he wasn’t able to move. Twenty seconds of a noise like an old printer later and it was done. “Ok, that’s it, call me if you start to get a rash or anything and be back here in 3 days and start thinking of what you want.” Scott looked down at the small black square, it didn’t look solid, and it was a little sore but not red like he’d seen on other guys who’d gotten tattoos. “How was it?” “That felt kind of good…” His cock was even harder now. “Obviously.” Joe smirked and Scott realized he was looking at his cock. “Oh, sorry.” He pulled up his pants. Joe gave him a card and a pamphlet about tattooing and signs of infection to watch for with his new tattoo. They parted ways and Scott abandoned his drinking plans and went home instead.

The whole walk back his cock wouldn’t go down, and he adjusted it to point up so the soft fabric of his t-shirt rubbed the head instead of the rough of his jeans. Reaching his room he tore off his clothes and jacked off furiously. His left hand roamed his body from his nipples to his balls and then lower. He’d done that before but this time when his fingers traced his hole he geysered in the most intense orgasm he’d had in years. His mind blank from the shock of the intensity he didn’t register the cum raining back down on his chest, face, neck and sheets. Still breathless his right hand was on autopilot as it smeared the cum all over his chest and face, gathering some up he reached it down to his ass and poured it on his hole. The left hand started fingering him on it’s own and used the cum for lube as it started to finger fuck himself. The bliss passed and the fucking continued. Shocked Scott raised up to look in open mouthed shock as the hand inserted a second finger. Unable to comprehend what was going on he moaned loudly and felt a third finger. Suddenly his cock spasmed and a huge shot flew into his mouth, the second and third also hit his face, some of it running into his mouth. As he passed out he thought with surprise that his girlfriend was right, his cum was yummy.

He was on time to get to the gym for his work out before class. As he started working out it occurred to him that he was naked. Had he forgotten to change into his workout clothes in the locker room or had he walked to the campus gym naked? He started for the locker room hoping to get dressed before anyone noticed his nudity. To make matters worse he was embarrassed and started to blush and get hard at the same time. As he hustled to the Men’s Locker room the other people working out noticed his nudity and began cat calling and wolf whistling him. He felt odd as he entered the locker room, the attention had sent a thrill through him. He had never thought of himself as an exhibitionist but being naked where he wasn’t supposed to be was… naughty. Naughty had always been a turn on and part of why he gave in for cheating, he had never thought of other ways to be naughty as a potential source of arousal. Of course, going to college was supposed to be about getting to learn new things, embracing new ideas. While he was processing this he walked in on a circle jerk. Five frat bros were standing in a semi circle jerking their cocks. Without hesitation Scott walked over and started to join them, jacking his hard cock. But as he did it started to feel odd to him, wrong somehow. Blushing furiously he realized that he shouldn’t be doing this, it was wrong. Not naughty, not the arousing act of flaunting societal rules and norms, but deeply wrong, incongruently acting against his true nature wrong. With that thought he dropped to his knees and began sucking off the nearest frat man, taking his hand away from his cock and instead sliding it behind him to tease and stroke his ass. That was it, that was what he was supposed to do, suck cock and not touch his cock, suck cock and tease his ass instead. It was wrong for him to play with his cock and right to play with ass and especially hole. The frat man who’s cock he sucked stepped back and another took his place in Scott’s desperately hungry mouth. He stepped behind Scott and announced “Look at what a good cock sucker he is! He’s even getting his boipussy ready!” While the frat men laughed he pushed Scott’s legs apart, pulled his hand away from playing with his hole and then slid the cock Scott had just gotten wet into him. Scott moaned into the delicious cock he was deep throating and nearly came from the pleasure of being entered. The man with the cock in Scott’s mouth reached down, placing his hand on the back of Scott’s head near the notch where the spine enters the skull and began pulling and pushing, helping Scott to better time his thrusts to meet the man’s thrusts as he throat fucked Scott. “Good boi, good cocksucker, that’s right you’re a good boi!” With that he groaned and shot his load in Scott, causing Scott to shake with pleasure and cum too, shooting his spurts up onto his smooth chest. Almost immediately the next man took his turn and as Scott hungrily licked and sucked the cock he felt the cock behind him, fucking boipussy start to swell. He had been on the swelling side before but this was the first time he was receiving it! He felt a rush of joy as he realized a man was cumming in him and as the man behind him flooded the boipussy with his cum Scott came again. His cock was harder than it normally got and even if he were to do something so distasteful as touch his cock while men were using him for their pleasure he wouldn’t be able to get it away from his belly. While they kept telling him that he was a good boi and a good cock sucker the frat men continued to fuck Scott. Everytime they came in or on him, one of the men using his throat like a fleshjack pulled out and partially blinded Scott with his load, Scott came too. Powerful orgasms better than any he had before, flooded over him washing away any thoughts other than suck cock and please men. Scott was exhausted as the frat men finished with him, having cum in his mouth or ass at least three time they picked him up and rolled him in towels, wrapping his arms and legs to him body, Scott could feel the cum coating him hardening to the towels gluing them in place around him as the frat men carried him away, helpless and concealed in a cocoon of cum and towels. Scott could feel the cum in his stomach and boipussy soaking in, feeding his need, his addiction to cum. He felt himself carried across campus and heard the frat men proclaiming that they had a great cock sucker inside and voices responding that they wanted to try it out. Scott felt a warm feeling grow with in him as he felt himself growing and coming out of his cocoon springing out a full grown cock sucker and complete pussyboi. Scott fell out of bed, his sheets and blankets tangled around him and wet with cum. He looked around and since his roommate wasn’t around and he was so turned on Scott started to jack off. He sat on the bed and unbidden he moved into a position that instinctively felt right. Bracing his back against the wall beside his bed he got up on his shoulders and head so that his legs and ass were in the air and his cock was pointed straight at his face. He sucked his index and middle fingers on his right hand into his mouth and lashed them furiously with his tongue, coating them with saliva to use as lube. Then with his left hand he began to slowly and lightly tease his cock and balls in long light touches that ran from his leaking head to his balls. Delirious with lust and hunger Scott pulled his fingers from one eager cock hole and put them in another. At the penetration Scott’s cock twitched and sent out a huge drop of precum that he caught in his mouth. Taking his hand away from his balls he put it on his ass and gently but steadily he pulled his ass towards his chest, applying a little pressure from the inside as well with his right hand Scott gradually brought his cock head to the tip of his tongue, then inside his mouth where he practiced the same eager lashing that he had preformed on his fingers earlier. The combination of a full boipussy, the sensations on his cock and having a cock fucking mouth caused Scott to quickly orgasm, with an intensity that nearly knocked him out. Sated he sucked his load out and swallowed it. As he lay panting he gradually came back to himself. And realized what had happened. Then with horror he reviewed how while he had been in that dream or fugue state he had thought about himself in alien and disturbing ways. He had thought of his throat and boipussy as not being his own but there for the use of men. No wait he thought, boipussy, no boipussy! Summoning his will he struggled with his thoughts. The hole between his legs (boipussy came the response immediately in his own inner voice) no, the hole is not called boipussy he thought. And as he consciously thought “boipussy” a trill of pleasure ran through him as thought he were a harp string and he had just been plucked. Not boipussy (another trill of pleasure) it’s… he struggled to think what the term was, then he thought what would I call it if I weren’t me. With that he immediately thought of the proper term, mancunt. No! that wasn’t right either. And It wasn’t true, not like boipussy, since I’m a boi for men to fuck and… Scott dropped down onto the bed huddled the cum stained bedding around him and began to rock. This must still be a dream he thought. Desperately.
Must be a dream…

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