The Family Business

By Willie Cici published July 10, 2018
Times have changed. Attitudes have changed. The Family Business -- has it changed?

The sun weakly pierced through the drawn blinds and heavy fabric drapes. The mahogany-paneled walls and bookcases, accented by leather-bound volumes and the occasional brass statue or figurine, obscured even the imposing figure of the well-coiffed man seated behind the marble-topped desk. A brass lamp poised atop the desk provided the only source of additional light.

“Today, on the day of my son’s wedding, you ask this favor.”, the man seated behind the marble-topped desk.

“On this day, Don Domenico, I knew you would not refuse me.”, the man said as he stood in front of the desk.

“Do you know what you are asking?”, the Don asked. The Don bid his guest to take a seat. He motioned to his associate to bring the man an aperitif, an anisette. As the associate poured the clear liquor into a small crystal flute, the Don said, “Does your son know about this?”

“My son has not spoken to me in over a year. My wife and I did not … accept the situation, at first.”, the man said.

“Why the change of heart?”, the Don asked.

The associate served the anisette to the man, who sipped the sweet liquor. “We live in modern times. My son is my son.”

“And yet, you ask …”, the Don insisted.

The man gulped the small flute of anisette. “Must he be … so effete.”

“There are tops, and then, … there are bottoms.”, the Don explained.

“If he has to be gay, then he must be a top. Someone that …”, the man wanted to say.

“You can be proud of.”, the Don said, finishing the man’s thought. “Get out of here, Silvestro. I cannot help you.”

The man stood up from his seat. He walked towards Don Domenico and knelt before him in homage. “Do not make me beg. You know I am a proud man. I came to you because of …”

Don Domenico lifted Don Silvestro’s cowered face. “Your wife … my sister.” Domenico paused for a moment. “I will grant you this favor. The price is this: your son will work for me.”

Still on his knees, the man bowed his head. “Whatever the price, Don Domenico.”, Don Silvestro replied.

“Now, get up.”, the Don said. Don Silvestro stood up as did Don Domenico. The two Dons embraced and kissed each other on the cheek, as did their ancestors in the old country. “We’ll talk some more tomorrow. Va bene?”

“Si, Don Domenico. Domani. Lo giuro.”, Don Silvestro answered.

The two Dons walked out of the dimly lit library and entered a sun-filled room. As the two men walked throughout the house, they encountered the wedding party and some guests. “Finally, you two. We have to leave for the church.”, Don Silvestro’s wife announced. Don Domenico gathered all the groomsmen to the front of the house, along with his sister and his brother-in-law, Don Silvestro. Don Domenico stared at Don Silvestro’s son, Peter, one of the groomsmen. Don Domenico never suspected Peter’s sexual preference, but, upon closely examination, should have guessed. His portamento, his carriage, his mannerisms: everything pointed in that direction. The handsome, ruddy youth, a college graduate, was smaller in stature than his cousins and the other groomsmen. As the Don eyed the situation, he understood his brother-in-law’s concern. Peter was a twink. In his tuxedo and with his partner for the wedding, a petite, yet buxom blonde, Peter camouflaged his being, at least for the day. Tomorrow, his ‘twink’ would shine, he had no doubt.

Don Domenico motioned for his associate to approach him. “Rudy, I need a full dossier on Peter Silvestro. Deep and secret.” The associate nodded his yes. He knew Rudy would have a full report in two days. On Monday, the Don could begin his work.

“Rudy, are you kidding me?”, the Don said. “This is not the time to joke. Peter is my nephew.”

Rudy took a breath and said, “Domenico, better to hear it from me then your enemies.”

“So, of course, he moved from Vegas to San Fran when his parents rejected him. But, he’s a finance major. He should work at one of the financial firms in the city.”, Don Domenico whined.

“To spite his parents, I presume. He took a different path.”, Rudy said, as he handed a photograph to the Don. “His stage name is ‘Sly Din’.”

Don Domenico stared at the photograph. A pale, thin twink of a man, his hair cropped short, his body covered in gold glitter, wore a gold-strapped harness and gold straps on his thighs. His jockstrap, also gold, covered his bulging member. The Don could not believe his eyes. “What a fag?”, he thought to himself. (To see Peter, click here). “How do you get this … selfie?”

“Photo was on the Cloud. I … intercepted it. He sent it to his boyfriend. On stage he routinely wears a gold mask. I wasn’t able to get footage of his stage act, but …”

“Let me guess: he gets tied up, stripped and fucked.”, the Don answered, in disgust.

“He just strips for currency.”, Rudy answered. “Everything else is arranged. Privately.”

“When you’re done, destroy this photograph and the digital one.”, the Don ordered. “Now, the plan.”

The black van parked in the service alley behind the ‘Hunks’ strip club. The driver and crew, dressed in black commando gear, waited patiently until their target exited the strip club. At 3:35am, Peter exited the strip club and walked down the dimly lit alley. Before he knew it, three men wearing black commando gear hopped out of the black van, assaulted Peter and subdued him, by covering his nose and mouth with a rag drenched in chloroform. The men carried Peter’s limp body into the black van and hurried away, undetected by anyone.

The passenger in the front of the van texted his contact. “M/A. ETA 0600.” When the passenger read the reply, he said to the driver, “Hailey Airfield. Jet is waiting.” The driver hurried down the streets of the Castro, towards 16th Street until the driver entered US-101 and drove south, towards Brisbane to the airstrip where the private jet awaited Rudy’s crew and parcel.

By 5:30, the private jet arrived at Folsom Aviation, a private airport associated with McCarron International. By the time the crew arrived in Las Vegas, they had donned their suits and ties, carried the body bag, disguised as a golf bag carrier, and drove away in the Don’s limousine.

Rudy and the crew drove towards Don Domenico’s villa outside Las Vegas. When they reached the compound, they drove to the multi-vehicle garage. As the garage doors opened, Rudy telephone Don Domenico to let him know of their arrival. When the garage doors closed, Rudy carried the body bag out of the van and placed it on a gurney. With that, Rudy dismissed the crew and ordered them to return to the villa.

Rudy pushed the gurney towards the corner of the garage. He slid a panel, revealing an elevator door. He opened the horizontal doors of the service elevator and wheeled the gurney. He then closed the doors and navigated the service elevator down two floors. When he opened the elevator doors, he called out, “They’re gone.”

A door opened from an adjacent office. “Bring him in.”, the voice said.

Rudy wheeled the gurney into the office. He opened the body bag and gingerly removed the unconscious Peter from the body bag. Once Peter lay on the gurney, Rudy said, “I’ll help you undress him.”

“Thank you.”, Domenico said. “I’ve never performed this procedure on someone I know.”

Rudy removed the sports gear that Peter was wearing, his sweatpants, hoodie sweatshirt, socks and high-tops. The twink lay naked on the gurney, save for his Armani baby blue jockstrap. Rudy wheeled a metal tray upon which there was an EKG machine. Rudy began to attach the adhesive metal connectors to Peter’s chest, arms, and legs, and connected the EKG contacts to the adhesive connectors.

Meanwhile, Domenico found a pair of rubber gloves. He prepped Peter’s arm with hydrogen peroxide, disinfecting the area for the hypodermic needle he would inject into Peter’s arm. Once the hypodermic port was inserted and secured, the Don attached a bag of saline solution and began the IV drip into Peter’s arm.

“How long will this take?”, Rudy asked.

“Three days.”, the Don replied. “Personality and body.”

Rudy shook his head. “Like Remy Palmieri’s kid.”

Don Domenico nodded yes. “Like Remy’s boy.” The Don paused. “Are you surprised that … our colleagues are not asking for us to ‘undo the queer’? We could, you know. But they don’t ask for that. They just want …”

“Alphas. They’re boys can be homos. They just can’t be fags.”, Rudy answered. He approached his Don and kissed his master. “Do this for your nephew.”

“If only to eradicate ‘Sly Din’ from the face of the earth!”, Don Domenico concurred. He walked towards the refrigerator and retrieved a yellow hypodermic needle. He injected the contents into the IV solution bag. The Don and Rudy watched Peter’s body tense and become rigid, as the transforming liquid coursed through his veins.

Rudy watched intently. “Is this what happened to me?” The Don nodded ‘yes’. “Why did you tell me?”

“Because I thought you deserved to know the truth. Because when I decided to make you my second-in-command, you needed to know the truth.”, the Don replied. Rudy stared into the Don’s eyes. “I saved you from a pit worse than the one Peter dug for himself.”

“How long does this part last?”, Rudy asked.

“Six hours. His body’s metabolism has to change to accept the growth that he will experience. He’s going to physically change. Four, maybe six inches taller. Pounds of muscle for sure. His whole body will change.”, Don Domenico answered.

“Okay. I’ll return to the house to handle business.”, Rudy said.

Before Rudy exited the office, Don Domenico said, “We’re going to accept Peter into the crew. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, Don Domenico.”, Rudy answered.

“Swear it.”, the Don demanded.

“I swear it.”, Rudy answered, his voice stilted, his expression dumbfounded, his eyes glazed.

Don Domenico approached Rudy and whispered, “Whatever affection you have for me, you will in time transfer it to Peter. You and he will become lovers. Do you swear?”

“I swear it.”, Rudy replied, deeply entranced.

The Don walked around Rudy and continued to whisper. “You will protect Peter as he enters into the Family. Do you swear?”

“I swear it.”, Rudy answered again.

“Good.”, Don Domenico said, as fondled Rudy’s buttocks. “Before you leave, you will have this desire to pleasure your Don.”, the Don added. His lust for Rudy demanded one more pleasurable experience. “You have sworn well.”

The Don walked away from Rudy and returned to the gurney to check on Peter. Rudy made his way to the door, but stopped short of exiting, turned around and approached his Don. Standing behind his don, Rudy coursed his hands about the Don’s chest. The Don turned around to face Rudy and kissed his underling.

Don Domenico stared at the sedated Peter. The first stage had little visible effect on Peter, but Don Domenico knew the extent of the changes. The bio-chemical engineer, the son of a gangster, understood all the science behind the process. His original capo, Don Tomaso Scassapalle, an old-timer who did not understand that murder was bad for business, did not appreciate the sophisticated thinking that his underling, Domenico Masculo, advanced. Domenico proved to Don Tomaso the cost-effective means of resolving debt collection: take the debtor, wipe his memory, sell him into sexual slavery and satisfy the debt.

When Don Domenico said to Rudy ‘I saved you from a pit worse than the one Peter dug for himself’, he was not exaggerating, but he did not tell Rudy the whole truth. Rodolpho, the son of Don Tomaso, had come out of the closet. That sealed his fate. The Don’s son, living a prodigal life in San Francisco, had concealed his orientation for several years. Don Tomaso could not accept the situation. He ordered his son’s murder. Don Tomaso could not have ‘one of those’ for a son. Domenico, who was ‘one of those’, decided that the time had come to take control of the ‘Family’. Domenico staged an assassination of his Don, disguised as the intrigue between rival Mafiosi. Then, Don Domenico, in control of the Family, transformed the young, sexy Rodolpho into ‘Rudy’, manly, fit, and handsome. Domenico could not resist the finished product and took his new prodigy into his bed. The recently widowed Don Domenico lusted for the sexy Rudy and immediately filled the void in Domenico’s life.

Domenico retrieved the next syringe and inserted its contents into the IV bag. In minutes, Peter’s body began to convulse. Domenico activated a switch on the EKG device. In addition to monitoring heart rate and blood pressure, Peter’s body experienced a continuous series of electrical impulses that interacted with his muscles and limbs. Domenico then also placed a helmet upon the crown of Peter’s head. Once he secured the helmet, Domenico activated another switch. Suddenly, Peter’s body convulsed wildly, his restrained arms and limbs flailing, his muscles in spasm, his mind reeling the chemical surge of endorphins and adrenaline. Domenico retrieved yet another syringe and inserted the contents into the saline solution.

When Peter’s cock tented his baby blue jockstrap to the limit, Domenico knew that it was time for another syringe. “We’re almost done for today.”, Domenico whispered, as he watched Peter experience an orgasm, cum oozing from his erect cock.

Six months have passed –

Peter finished his reps and dropped the 80-pound dumbbells to the ground. He stood before the mirror and admired his ripped physique. His silver-grey muscle shirt accentuated his tanned complexion and the curves of his arms, shoulders and lats. The matching silver-grey compression leggings hugged his legs and groin. His smile betrayed his modesty. (To see Peter at the gym, click here). As he finished his exercise for the day, Peter walked to the locker room. En route, his cell phone rang. “Yo! About thirty minutes. Sure.” Peter ended the call and hurried to the locker room. He showered, toweled and dressed quickly.

As Peter drove on to the compound, he knew that he was underdressed. He was not wearing his suit, tie and jacket. Peter did not expect a business meeting on a day that he had planned to tackle some personal chores, but, when the Boss calls, you jump. As Peter parked the car, he opted to enter through the patio entrance, preferring to gage the situation before he entered the fray.

Through the window of his private study, Don Domenico observed his nephew. The transformation in Peter left even the old man marveled. The twink nephew had disappeared, replaced by the alpha stud whose sexual and physical prowess ever on display turned the heads of heteros and homos alike. Don Domenico was proud of Peter, who was also learning the ropes of the family business.

Don Domenico also sighed, as he knew that his time with Rudy soon was ending. Rudy and Peter grew closer every day, as the Don wished it, but his lust for Rudy had not disappeared. His love for his protégé prompted him to pair Peter and Rudy, but his lust wanted Rudy.

As his capos and consiglieri entered the Don’s study, Domenico greeted everyone as befitting their position. When everyone had arrived, Domenico took his seat behind his desk and announced, “I am relinquishing of the day-to-day operations of the family business to Rudy. He has proven his worth and his loyalty. All of you have benefitted from his hard work. Are we in accord?”

“Yes, Don Domenico.”, the guests acclaimed.

Rudy did not know what to say. “I did not expect this.”

“I will still serve as the figure head of the family. To make sure no other family tries to put the squeeze on our operations. But, Rudy is in charge. Chief Executive Officer.”

All of the capos and consiglieri filed out of the Don’s study, taking this opportunity to offer the Don their respect. When all had left, Domenico rose from his leather chair and said, “Rudy. Sit.” Rudy took his place behind Domenico’s desk. The Don took Rudy’s hand and kissed it. “Ti bacio il mano, Don Rodolfo Scassapalle.”

Rudy took Domenico’s hand and kissed it. “Ti bacio il mano, Don Domenico.”

The Don walked out of his library study. At the threshold of the door, Domenico turned to face Rudy. Peter knelt before Rudy and kissed Rudy’s hand. Domenico heard Peter say, “Ti bacio il mano, Don Rodolfo.” Domenico exited the library study as Peter lowered Rudy’s trousers and serviced his Don as befitted a man of his position.

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