Changes Bar

By Stroppy Author published July 9, 2018
A beer delivery man makes some changes


GOD I hate this bar! What the heck did I ever do to the management that I ended up at a Gay bar delivering Beer to a group of fufu queens who drink appletini’s? Our regular delivery guy, Jacob just suddenly failed to show up. He was a good bud! We used to run and work out together. He pushed me and I pushed him. We were pretty evenly matched but he was shorter than I (201 cm versus his 179 cm) he was more compact and dense.

He was a proper mate. Sometimes he and his wife would meet us after church for a picnic. He made quite a scene at work complaining about this very bar, shouting about God’s wrath and all the things I wish I had said and shortly after he was gone. I’d assumed they just laid him off. I tried calling him but to no avail.

So here I am making his deliveries. Being Big and Irish doesn’t help my cause. I throw kegs around for a living so I’m built, Plus red hair and matching beard and white skin and them poofs is drooling fer a piece of me. There’s one behind the bar cleaning up. Fer Lords sake, Cover Up!! he’s shorter than me and built like beach ball. His fat arms and waist stuffed into his string bikini jock and that obscene bulge in the front. I see the top of his… genitals like a snake hunched over waiting to spring out. His skin is hairless and pale and his bum looks like two soccer balls wrestling under a hammock! As if that weren’t bad enough he’s wearing glitter and make up. What a show!

He looks up at me and though he looks slightly familiar to me he appears startled, like he recognises me or something. He blushes hard but then his face goes slack and his eyes glaze over and he smiles seductively at me licking his pink puffy collagen flled lips with an impossibly long tongue and begins playing with his nipples. I’m bloody shocked! He makes me wanna puke! I turn my back on him and gruff harshly clenching my fists and shaking my head and in my mind I know he’s still behind me tweaking his nipples! My boss warned me not to make a scene and to keep my gob shut… I guess they’re a big account. The guy owns several bars and off license stores so I put on my best.

I placed my MP4 loaded with Christian Rock and try my best to disregard them but Why do they have to play that ’Boom Boom" music so loud?! I feel it to my bones and it makes my head spin. Plus they’re closed but that dang disco ball keeps throwing laser lights at me hitting me in the eyes while I’m trying to work And what in good graces is that smoke machine on for? THERE’s NO ONE THERE!

I finally finish stocking the walk in and the bar and I see the time. Good Lord! I’ve been here for an hour and a half? No Way! The owner comes over and hands me a cheque. I hate to touch anything that’s been in his hands. He’s almost as buff as me except jet black hair and a thick handlebar moustache.. Heck, he has hair pouring out from everywhere, not that it takes any imagination with his bare chest under his leather vest and his leather chaps over his Wranglers and engineer boots. I can’t wait to hit the confessional tonight.. I’m having some serious thoughts about causing bodily injury to someone.

I finish my day of delivery to normal bars and markets and head home. I can’t wait to wash the day off my body. I’m in the shower and I’m checking meself out thinking " I look better than I did in my secondarys". My round belly is all muscle and my chest is hard like a rock. My shoulders are boulders which I pictured squeezing the owner of the changes bar as we wrestle. Wait.. WHAT? Filthy sinful bastard, making me think such things. I rinsed off with cold water brushing against my rock hard cock. It’s Tuesday and my wife and I had our conjugal only five days ago so I’m sure it’s not that. Strange. I dress and head downstairs and sup then help clear the table so we can do our Bible studies but for some reason my mind keeps wandering to workout routines and … Dance moves? I haven’t danced in years. Hrmphhh. I must be more upset than I thought. I excuse meself and tell her I’m tired and have to go to bed early.

I slept fitfully but finally drifted off. I awoke early and hit the gym as I do every morning. 5AM and so few people are there. I can relax and zone out. But this morning there’s someone new in the corner on the bench press. I’m impressed: 90.7 KG! and he’s hardly working. But as he sits up I see the unmistakable fur and hair of the CHANGES Bar owner. He looks at me and nods. I’m stunned. How is that sinner lifting so easily! I carry on with my routine but can’t help but sneak glances to see him curling 22.6 KG on the preacher bench and 136 on the squat racks! Not to be outdone, I match his weights and find I have to push to get the same number of reps out as he.

After each set I looked his way and he gave a nod of approval then went on to his own sets. Had I not seen him at his bar I would have thought he was another proper mate just going for a work out. Maybe the chaps and vest and dress was just a show to bring in patrons. Maybe he’s straight and I judged him. “Judge not lest ye be judged” I recalled and suddenly I found myself relaxing a bit. I struggled with the last set and sat up with the intent of apologising to him but when I racked my weights he was gone. I was disappointed

I showered and went on with my day making deliveries. A new call came in at the end of the day for the CHANGES BAR and I actually felt a bit of positive anticipation. I could offer my apologies after all. I loaded up with the requested 24 case of Ales and Stouts and entered. Again, The Boom Boom was playing and as soon as I entered the lights began hitting my eyes and there was that damned smoke. I coughed a bit and loaded the fridges and as I was preparing to leave I saw the owner. My head was spinning a bit, but determined, I made my way to him. My vision was a bit distorted. As I reached out my hand, my arm seemed to move slowly and it was so much longer. He gripped my hand firmly like a proper man would and I spoke: " I have to apologise.. I was harsh and judgemental when I came yesterday and I meant no disrespect". The owner looked at me with surprise and I continued. " I thought you were one of them sinners who work for you but after seeing you at the gym today I know better now. No hard feelings, right"? He held my hand and for a moment he looked seriously pissed but then his face softened and said, “None at all, Jimmy.. none at all”. He held my hand and we stared in to each others eyes until he suddenly dropped his grip. Just as suddenly my head was clear and I headed back to my truck. Logging this call I looked at my watch and was shocked. 2 Hours? How could that be? It was only two dollies of beer!

I headed back to the depot, turned in my truck and changed to go home. I turned the radio on my Renault cleo to my favourite Christian station but for some reason I felt the need for something stronger.. There was Dance and “Hi NRG” but when it landed on Amon Amarth and Five Finger Death Punch I found meself head banging to the music. Holy Fuck this was good!!. I got home and my wife had supper. I walked straight to her and grabbed her around the waist to kiss he. She hit my chest with close fists yelling about the sins of lust and fornication. She protested that we weren’t due for intercourse for another 11 days and ran to her room crying. I considered going to her room to apologise but shrugged and grabbed half of the chicken she had roasted, a fist full of potatoes and headed to my room. My hands were greasy from eating without utensils and I found myself fist stroking my cock. It felt so good. I hadn’t masturbated since High school. It felt so wrong and so fuckin good. I came within seconds and pumped out another.

After my second load my head cleared and I looked at myself in horror. I quickly cleaned up and ran to my wife’s door apologising as deeply and sincerely as I could. When she opened the door and looked at me she asked if I would pray with her and I nodded yes. We knelt on the floor in her doorway and held hands and asked for God’s forgiveness. While she was talking to the big guy I imagined myself wrestling her to the ground, forcing meself into her, mounting her from behind and pounding her arse while pinning her arms and chewing on her beard… Huh? WHat THE FUCK? I heard her say AMEN and look at me expectantly. I looked at her , kissed her on the cheek and said Goodnight.

Surprisingly I slept well and in the morning I awoke even earlier and ran to the gym, leaving my car at home. I felt my feet pounding on the cement and my chest bouncing, feeling the rush of a pre-workout warm up. I entered the gym and there was the bar owner again, waving all friendly to me. I was elated that he had accepted my apology. I asked if I could work out with him and he waved to the bench, wet with his sweat and hair. I lay right on it not minding one bit. Thats what fuckin men do! I lifted better than I had ever. My concentration was unbreakable. He was shouting out encouragement and saying things like, “Use that anger” He would slap and hit my chest when I was lifting. He would spot me on the bench so I could smell his musk. At one time his jock, stretched to overflowing, left a sweat track across my face and I closed my eyes and leaned forward to smell it. My tongue shot out to lick his sweat from my lips. I re-racked with a roar and pounded my chest. I was burning with energy.

“Good Workout, Man. Good concentration” he said. I grinned , gritting my teeth. I wanted more and he saw it. He pulled his dripping shirt off and handed it to me. “Imagine I’m here with you and keep going, Mate”. I ripped my shirt off with one hand and forcing his shirt into my face and beard I smothered myself with it, coating my hair and face with his smell and pulled his shirt over my head. It looked more like a bra than a shirt on me but I loved it. Normally I’m naturally hairless but I saw tufts of hair in the crevice of my pecs and peeking out of my gym shorts. I worked out even harder for another hour and seeing the time I made off to work without showering. Real men smell like men.

I loaded my truck and pulled out. Half of the deliveries I carried in without the use of a dolly. Normally I would take an hour loading and unloading but today it took half the time and I felt powerful from the additional workout. Bar owner and manager alike either leaned away from my strong body odour or they leaned in to get more of a whiff. I intentionally raised my arms into a pose at every chance. By mid day my shirts had been shredded from a stretch I could never have made before. I had definitely grown bigger in one day.

End of the day came and I had turned in my truck. As I headed home I opened my car windows to let the cold air in. “Vikings love this shite” I thought to myself, singing along with “Lamb of God”. Not normally the way I go home, I happened to pass by the CHANGES BAR. I decided to stop in and say a quick thank you to my new buddy and workout partner. As I walked through the door I felt my head brush the top of the door frame. I wasn’t that tall, was I? And both shoulders touched the sides of the frame as well. Passing it off I entered. There were only a couple of people in the corner watching me. “Right fuckin sinners”, I thought. “I’ll give them something to look at. They’ll never have these” and I struck a double bicep pose. The Boom Boom music wasn’t offensive at all this time. I found myself tapping my foot along to it. When the laser lights hit my eyes I didn’t blink and that damned fog was everywhere. “Makes me look like a predator in a steamy jungle” I thought.

The bar owner approached me with a warm smile and commented on the great workout this morning. He suggested tomorrow we work on lats, traps and capitus muscles. Wow. He really knew his shite! He asked if he could feel for something and I said of course. He came around and asked me to put one foot on tip toe and flex my bicep femoris and calf. I did expecting an approving look but he had his chin in hand shaking his head. “We can do better.. much better”. I was heart broken. He wasn’t impressed. “Tomorrow” he said and handed me a beer.

I felt like a puppy who had been left at home while everyone went out and played. I finished my beer and went home. When I opened my door, my wife turned and looked at me and screamed. “What have you done? Who are you? I want my Jamie back” and ran off to her room crying. “Wot the Fuk” I thought and walked over to grab another handfull of food. I hadn’t noticed I was eating with my bare calloused hands now. no more knives and forks. My beard was matted with tatties and grease. I sucked my fingers clean and brushed my flaming read hair back so it fell over my shoulders. I walked in to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. "Wot the fuck was her problem. Nothing had changed. Plugs stretching my ear lobes. Bar across the bridge of my nose. 0g septum … what the hell? I turned the water on in the sink and let loose a stream of piss in the basin, traced my new Danzig skull chest tattoo with my fingers and went straight off to bed.

When I woke in the morning there was a note from my wife: “I’m stying at my brothers until you’ve come to your senses. I ’ll pray for you daily”. Fuck all that. I went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers (Why get up for the inevitable). Funny, I don’t remember ever having alcohol in the house.. I could get used to this. I ate the rest of the chicken and mash up that hadn’t been put away the night before and headed to the gym. Day two without a shower.

There was my new buddy. I really should learn his name. He’s so important to me now. We worked and pushed and he drove me harder. Half way through, all of my clothes had shredded. My shorts were just a band with loose cloth keeping my junk covered. Well, they tried to at least. My cock was a monster; 28cm long of uncut thickness. After three hours of lifting I rose to sit up and the bench crushed under my weight. There I was in a gym, stark fukin naked laughing on my arse. My new buddy helped me up and walked me to the lockers. He told me to shower while he ran to the front to get me some proper clothes. I washed my hair and beard but fuk it. This is how real men smell. He looked pleased with my cleaning decision and handed me some XXXL gym sweats, flip flops and a muscle shirt. I made my way to work

AS I made my way to change several of the men in the changing room smelled me before seeing me. When I walked in their eyes dilated and they stood uncomfortably close to me to smell more of me. My Boss, hearing my deeper voice, came in to give me a lashing about my tardiness but when he walked in the room that was humid from my sweat and smell he fell silent. His face dropped and he sniffed the air. He walked over and standing as close as he could he spoke softly, stuttering.. “Glad to see ye, Lad… get dressed.. loads of work, eh”? but he stayed close smelling my chest.

I grinned and raised my arms over his head trapping his face in my chest. I felt him go slack and when I released, he dropped to the ground, a large cum stain in his pants. I stepped over him and wiping my hand under my arm pit I wiped the palm on David, a workmate standing near by.

I loaded my truck and made straight for the CHANGES BAR. Master was sitting at the bar waiting for me. When I entered he stood and handed me another beer. I took it gratefully as he said he was preparing todays order and had me stare directly into the disco ball. He moved my hand holding the beer to my open mouth and tipped it up for me to drink. I stared and inhaled the fog machines product. When he came out of the office he handed me a printout of his order and a cheque. I was about to thank him when I noticed six more empty bottles of beer on the counter.

I finished my rounds but I kept fucking up the orders. At the last bar, my previously favourite bar, I got so mad I punched the owner and threw a keg at the mirror behind the bar. I ripped off my shirt and walked half naked through Leicester until I came to the CHANGES BAR.

The twink was behind the bar again. Still almost naked he made eye contact with me. I hadn’t had conjugal sex and I was fuelled by anger. I walked straight over and grabbed him by the waist. “You’ll be my wife tonight” I said as I forced him across the empty ice bin. I gobbed in my palm and slicked my cock, peeling the foreskin back, I slid in his loose and sloppy hole. It was slippery, wet and warm. He had been used. Repeatedly and recently. I pounded him, lifting him and bouncing him on my cock. I used him like a toy or an object. He took the pounding moaning like a whore. I pulled him off then rammed him down again and again until his body was limp. I came with a roar and bit into his neck leaving bite marks. Anyone I took would be known by my new mark. There would be plenty. I let his limp body fall to the ground and he moaned contentedly, smiling, bringing his fingers from his arse to his mouth to suck my cum off of them.

The Bar owner watched with an approving glance and handed me another beer. Damn, he knew the way to my heart. As I drank the beer and watched the lights he brought out some piercing equipment and placed too large of rings in my nipples. As he stretched the plugs in my ears again and added a 00g through my nose he said “I bet you don’t recognise your old mate, Jacob. Seems you’re still his best mate. I like you more this way and I know for certain he does too”.

He placed a thick leather collar on me with tags that read “PROPERTY OF CHANGES BAR”, not that I could read anymore anyway. I worked as a bartender and bouncer for changes but still worked out every day with the owner. Sometimes I would zone out and awaken to find meself fucking some stranger. Once in a while the owner fucked me. It’s OK.. he’s a real man. Three weeks later I was opening the bar to receive an alcohol delivery and in walked David, my old workmate. I had grown more since our last meet but he remembered me by smell, I think. Oddly he also recognised Jacob.

When the owner came out to give him a cheque he greeted David warmly with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and brought him over to meet me. “Jamie, I want you to meet my son David; David, I think you already know my newest … project”? Dave smiled and answered yes then gave a big shite-eating grin and said “Thanks so much for my graduation gift, Dad, He’s Hot!” as he clipped a lead to my collar. I knew something important was happening here but I didn’t know what to do. I must have looked confused so the owner grabbed both nipple rings and twisted them sharply causing me to wince. FUCK I loved pain!!! David leaned in to smell me and took some of my beard into his mouth. Fuck I was Horned! I felt the owner move behind me and rip my already too tight shorts open as he kneaded my arse cheeks. I don’t know how or when but my balls had doubled in size. Already low hangers in a soft sagging bag, one nut would fit in each palm. It would take two hands to gather and pinch off my scrotum. And my cock was cm longer. Just brushing against it make it burp a glob of pre-cum..

I started humping David as he took over my nipple rings. My cock rose above my waist band and started drooling pre-cum but when the owner suddenly filled me with his cock, I came. Hard! my mind was spinning. All I could do was moan and growl. He pounded me from behind while David worked my cock with his hot deep throat. Each thrust in my rear forced me deeper into his throat. When the owner came in my arse, he pulled out and my ring slammed shut. Tight. I should have been gaping from that huge things deep inside.

“Another of my designs. Your arse will always remain tight for me and keep strangers out”. I was soaring. I was theirs exclusively. I felt so powerful and owned! Complete. David whipped around and sucked his Dad’s cock that had been in my arse. I was jealous! His dad began to plump again and David turned to let his dad inside of him. It was my turn to watch. I wanted to join in but I couldn’t make meself move. I was like a statue. I wanted to speak out but I didn’t know how to talk. All I was capable of was Grunting, growling or panting. Finally when he came inside his son, he presented his cock to me. His glorious cock. Though I had never sucked a cock before I took it all the way down. I had to crane my neck to get it to fit and it was so hard I almost hurt. He held my head in place and stood for a second before letting loose a stram of piss. F U C K M E!! I was in heaven. Next to beer this was my new favourite drink!.

I knew to hold a little and when he released me I dove down to suck on Davids gaping and quivering arse hole. I spit what piss I had in my mouth inside David and sucked out what cum and piss he had inside. My face and beard were soaked. I passed out from the over stimulation and when I woke up I was in a cage too short to stand in but I could walk like a dog. My hands, knees and feet were calloused so it didn’t bother them at all. Somehow waves of hair covered my body. long sheets of fur. I was sweating and my tongue shot out and licked my cheeks and nose free of the salt. I could curl my tongue and extend it long enough to see beyond my nose!

I heard someone at the other side of the kennel doors so I doggie walked to it, my cock and balls dragging on the ground. It was … Wait, I know his name…. I loved .. uhhhh.. Whats his name? MASTER! When the door opened my cock shot straight out and dropped a load of pre-cum. I was so happy to see Master!!I crawled out of the cage and sucked on his bare feet/ I rested my head on his leather chaps and licked the top of his foot with my wonderfully long tongue. Then I saw him, Behind Master.. It was his son.. Uhhhh.. WOT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME. his name is.. Uhhhh MASTER!!!! They’re both Master!!! Master came around and mounted me, fucking me on my knees while Master crawled under me and I filled him with my huge Cock! Master pounded me making me pound Master. My massive frame completely hid the Master underneath me as I slid my sleek and sweaty body all over him. Master was about to cum when he shouted “RELEASE” and all three of us came at the same time.

Momentarily sated, I was extricated from the tangle and led over to another cage that held Jacob. Him, I remembered. He was sleeping on his belly when I entered the cage. I didn’t wait. I Pounced on him scaring him awake. I slammed my 53cm cock into his arse and pounded for all I was worth. Only gutteral cries and yelps came out of his mouth. I saw part of his rectum come out with my cock then shoved deep inside again. He gasped and moaned and cried until I bit him in the neck again drawing blood. I shot my load deep inside and kept pounding.

Jacob began mewing like a kitten, moaning and fucking me back. When I tried to pull out, he grabbed me and pulled me back in.

The owner and David were watching. He said " Your cum is now infectious and addictive. A single dose is all it takes. I am fortunately immune. David shot a panicked look at his father and seemed lost in thought. The owner looked at him and said, "You don’t remember but you were a delivery man as well. You were worse than these two religious nuts. You actually broke in to burn this bar down so you were my first change… here. David looked even more puzzled until the owner handed him a beer and said “Meet me upstairs. Plug yourself in. you need a recharge”. David chugged the beer, turned and walked away.

I doubt you can understand this but the changes are permanent and you’re going to make me a lot of money. When your popularity slows. Not fails but slows, I will sell you off to some wealthy sod so I would encourage you to do your best to keep us amused. I did understand him. All I knew was that I would rather die than be torn away from Master. I knuckle walked behind him to the bar where he had his son “plug in”.

There, sitting on a thick dildo barely visible mounted to a rolling mechanics stool was David. Staring at the disco ball. His thick rod was rock hard and bouncing off his chest. His breathing was shallow and rapid. I was so hot for him: His body was shiny with sweat as if he were working hard. Master said “Stand” and hi did, slowly, labourously as a half meter long snake dildo pulled his rectum along with it. He stood the last few cm when the head fell out with a “POP”. Master said “Plug yourself in” and David held the cock to his arse again slowly, haltingly but constantly feeding the fullness into himself. I could see the form of that thickness as it passed the navel and moving to the right and up towards the sternum. Master told David to suck his belly in and he traced the perfect outline in flesh of the massive head. He stood behind David pushing him down on the stool then rolled him forward to the dance floor and had him drink another beer. It was my turn. He had me repeat the same exercise but my dildo was much thinner just as long. Once seated the dildo activated and began vibrating and the head made circular motions inside in random patterns. Oh Fuck I was in heaven!

I closed my eyes but master made me open them. and He knelt before David and with a 60cc syringe, he stabbed each testicle and I watched in sexual horror as his scrotum filled to the point of stretching into a taught shine. this time he brought a 100cc syringe and injected both of my testicles as he had Davids. I moaned at how full they were. Not pain but an urgency to cum, which I did as soon as he withdrew the needle. “Clean” he said, to no one in particular and both David and I dropped to the floor, dildo’s still inserted, dragging the chair behind us to clean anything that looked like cum. . We returned to the seated position and waited.

Though we were closed men afetr men came through the door. One, two or three at a time. They were ined up for a go at us. Today was oral only as we were in training but I made my throat dance with each cock that was in it. No one could take more than 30 seconds of me wbefore coming. Master ordered us to slow it down and edge them for at least 20 minutes before making them cum. We did and most were begging for release. Fueled by our pheromones they would come back again and again.

This went on every day. Master and I would work out: I always behind him in weight or reps but where he seemed to tone and define I would add bulk and mass. I was grotesquely overbuilt for my size. I looked more Caveman than I did like my former self. At the end of each day Master would lock me in a gas mask with his mornings workout shirt. I would smell him in my sleep and in the mornings I was more than addicted to him: My very life depended on me smelling or seeing him.

David, however, returned to work. Yes, he was well built by human standards. Any body builder or jock would love to have him but he served a greater purpose and so normal he remained though totally devoted and addicted to master and me.

One day while carrying four kegs to the front for Master I saw someone bringing in Office supplies. He was a beast of a man; almost as big as I was before my change. My cock rose to full length beneath my sweat pants and I looked hard at him. “Fukin Freak.. Servant of Satan” he said and clenched his fists. I hoped he’d hit me" the pain turnes me on! I started burping pre-cum from my cock and he turned in disgust. Master was watching the show through the one way glass from his office behind the bar. He nodded and I dropped the kegs. The delivery man looked frightened for a moment but turned to face me.

The fog machine was having a noticeable effect on him but the strobing laser lights dancing off his face and eyes had him slow to respond. I raised my arms and as soon as I saw his nose start to twitch and his eyes widen, I wiped my hands under my cock catching ball sweat and armpit sweat. I wiped his face with both and he leaned in to lick my palms clean. I tweaked his nipples hard under his shirt. I made him feel good until I saw his eye lids flutter. I gave him a deep passionate kiss and kept his face buried in my beard until he started moving. then moved back to my original location. He closed his eyes but Master had him open them and look at the lights flashing. Master gave him a shot in the arm, whispered something in his ear, placed a set of ear buds on him while we returned to our duties, leaving the delivery man to stand staring at the disco ball as the smoke poured out of the vents. An hour later he seemed to wake up and grumbling, he retrieved a cheque from Master and he stormed off. Master looked at me and said.. You done good, Lad. I think yer a keeper". And my heart soared.

Queue the dance music

Next time: Jamie gets some smarts back and becomes a partner. Let me know if this is of interest to you and where you’d like to see it go. I was thinking of making the next bar a fetish location near a a very white oriented church

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