The Fine Print

By Willie Cici published July 8, 2018
Rob needs to find a new job. The employment agency sends him to an interview, a man who demands that Rob sign a confidentiality agreement . . .

“You’ve gotta find a job. Your unemployment runs out in a month.”, the voice whined.

Rob Charles lay in his bed, as his girlfriend dressed for work. “Tell me something else I don’t know.”, he said to her.

“If you don’t have a paycheck, how you gonna pay the rent?”, the girlfriend insisted. Rob knew the answer to that question, but discretion is the better part of valor. Rob understood the agreement: he pays the rent, utilities and cable; Jenny gives it up nightly. A fair contract that, under normal circumstances, favors Rob. Of course, Jenny enjoyed the added benefit of having a boyfriend that actually triggers her to orgasm. The babymaker Rob sported, in its flaccid resting status, impressed many a lover.

Rob rose from the bed and walked into the bathroom. “Might as well shower.”, he thought to himself. Before he entered the shower, Jenny walked into the bathroom and said, “Did you call that agency I found?”

Rob stared at his girlfriend. (To see Rob in the bathroom, click here). “Honey, what makes you think I want a job as a valet? Parking cars all day long. Fuck that.”

“No, stupid. A valet is a … gentlemen’s butler.”, Jenny answered.

“I repeat: Fuck that.”, Rob said. He shook his head at his dim-witted girlfriend. “Do you know the qualifications you need to serve as a valet?”

“How hard could it be?”, Jenny asked.

“This from the girl who refuses to suck cock.”, Rob thought to himself. “Thanks, Jenny, but I’ll find something.” Rob quickly finished showering, toweling himself dry and dressing. His friend, Billy, who managed the local health club, offered him some hours at the gym, training clients for cash, under the table. As he hurried along, Rob called out, “I’ll see you later.” He did not hear a reply. As he walked around the apartment, he could not find Jenny. “Bitch didn’t even say ‘goodbye’.” As he walked towards the front door, Rob found the business card of the employment agency near his keys. He shook his head and said, “She ain’t letting this one go.” Rob grabbed his gym bag, his keys and the business card and headed out of the house. He decided to call the agency after his hours at the gym.

“Now, Mr. Charles. I’ve reviewed your resume. There’s not much here to work with.”

“I know, but … apparently, my girl, Jenny, your friend thinks you can find me work as a valet.”, Rob replied.

“I think she misunderstood me. I said we had openings for domestics.”, the man answered.

“You mean liking cleaning houses?”, Rob answered. He leaned back in his chair and lowered his head, thoroughly disgusted. “That dumb bitch!”

“Well, I … I think that’s rather harsh.”, the man replied.

“Mr. Anderson. I’ve worked construction, bartending. I’m a certified personal trainer. My girl thinks I should clean houses. That’s a dumb bitch!”, Rob said angrily.

Anderson continued to type on his computer and smiled. “Well, I . . uh. I . . I found a possible job opening, as a personal trainer/chauffeur. The client is a very wealth man. He needs a chauffeur but also wants someone who can also serve as a personal trainer. Would you be interested?”

“Sure. That I can handle. What does it pay?”, Rob asked.

“Salary at $40,000, plus a residence on the grounds his estate.”, Anderson answered.

“Like an apartment?”, Rob said. He did the math in his head. He would save almost $2000 a month.

“Yes.”, Anderson replied.

“How fast can you arrange an interview?”, Rob asked.

Anderson nodded yes. He quickly typed on his computer and sent the client an email. In minutes, Anderson received a reply. “If you’re free, he can see you in an hour.”

“That’s great. Just give me the address and I’ll get the directions.”, Rob said. Anderson wrote down the address of the client’s home and gave it to Rob. “This is in the Colony.” Anderson nodded yes. “Sweet. Thanks, Mr. Anderson. I’ll do my best on the interview.”

Rob hurried to his care and entered the address into the GPS of his cell phone. He would have to drive at least an hour, but if all went well, Rob would have his new job in hand and his position significantly improved.

Rob arrived at the address on Carbon Mesa. As he approached the driveway, Rob pressed the button at the gate.

“Yes?”, the voice asked.

“I’m here for an interview with Mr… . Alloway.”, Rob said.

“Come in.”, the voice said, as the cast-iron gate opened and granted Rob admission to the million-dollar estate. The expertly manicured landscape impressed Rob as did the modern architecture and design of the home.

The servant led Rob to the pool pavilion at the rear of the home. He found a man reclined upon a stone bench. The young, virile man sported many tattoos and a deep California tan. “He’s too young to be Mr. Alloway.”, Rob thought to himself. The young stud soaked in the sun, naked, except for a towel strategically covering his groin. (To see the young stud, click here).

Suddenly, the man turned his head and faced Rob. “Are you from the agency?”

“Yes. I’m Robert Charles. My friends call me Rob.”, Rob said.

The man stared at Rob and smiled. He rose from the stone bench and walked towards Rob, towing his towel. As he passed Rob, the man said, “Follow me.” Rob turned and followed the naked man. He could not help but notice the naked man’s perfect ass.

When the naked man entered the house, he continued his walk until he reached a room lined with steel and glass bookcases. The floor-to-ceiling windowed walls allowed for the room to wash in natural sunlight. The man grabbed a pair of cotton slacks, which resembled surgical scrubs, donned the pants and sat at table that served as a desk. Rob followed the man and stood standing near the glass table.

“Have a seat, Rob.”, the man said, as he inserted what appeared to be hearing aids in his ears. Once Rob took his seat, the man said, “I’m Damon Alloway. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is mine.”, Rob replied.

“Did the agency explain to you the position I’m looking to fill?”, Damon said.

“Chauffeur and personal trainer.”, Rob answered. “I’m a certified personal trainer. I’ve never chauffeured formally unless you include the girlfriend.”

Damon smiled. “So, you have a girlfriend?”

“For now.”, Rob said.

Damon nodded ‘yes’. “I understand.” Damon struck the keys of his laptop. “You do not know who I am, but I … am very protective of my privacy. If you work here, you’re going to have to sign a confidentiality agreement.”

“The position comes with housing. Is that correct?”, Rob asked. Damon nodded ‘yes’. “How do I have a private life and protect your privacy?”

“You can’t have … guests in your apartment.”, Damon replied.

“Great.”, Rob answered. Damon appeared confused. “My girl expects to live with me. I’m the one who foots the bills. This is perfect. This is my way out.” Damon appeared puzzled. “Jenny is …” Rob paused for a moment. “Suffice it to say that I need an excuse to … end the relationship.”, Rob added, opting for polite language.

Damon smiled. He struck some more keys on his laptop. In seconds, Damon retrieved the confidentiality agreement from his printer and handed it to Rob. “Please review it. Especially the fine print.”

Rob took the agreement, motioned to Damon for a pen, and signed the confidentiality agreement without reading it. “I trust you, Mr. Alloway.” Rob signed the agreement and handed it back to Damon.

Damon struck another set of keys on his laptop. “From now on, you will address me as ‘Master Damon’.”

“Yes, Master Damon.”, Rob replied.

“Do you understand that you’ve agreed to obey your Master in everything.?”, Damon asked.

“Yes, Master Damon.”, Rob replied.

“Good. Let me have your cell phone. You won’t need it anymore.”, Damon said. Rob handed Damon his cell phone without hesitation. “What’s your email password?”

“812inches.”, Rob replied. Damon smiled. He found Rob’s girlfriend’s contact information. Damon typed on his laptop. He watched Rob’s expression changed from alert to stunned. Damon sent Rob’s girlfriend an email from Rob’s email account. In less than a minute, Rob’s cell phone began to ring.

“That’s your girlfriend. You just sent her an email ending your relationship. Now, answer the call and end it. For good. Be cruel.”, Damon said.

Rob listened to his girlfriend curse and mock him. Finally, Rob said, “Are you done? Because I’m done with you and all your bullshit. That’s why I’m dumping your ass, you miserable cunt.” Rob ended the call and handed the cell phone back to Damon. “All ended, Master Damon.”

“You did very well. Let me show you to your apartment. It’s above the garage. You have access to the pool and the sunbathing pavilion except when I am entertaining guests. I expect my employees to sport sexy, tanned bodies.”, Damon said. “Let me have the keys to your apartment.”

“Yes, Master Damon.”, Rob answered.

“I’ll have your personal property and clothes packed and delivered to your apartment here on the property by the end of business.”, Damon informed.

“Yes, Master Damon.”, Rob answered.

Damon typed on his laptop. He watched the expression on Rob’s face change from stunned to zombie submission. The infrasound waves which bombarded Rob’s sensory perception receptors since he entered the library subject Rob and placed him under Damon’s control. The young stud developed his technology and sold it to the Federal Government for a high eight-figure sum that will keep Damon comfortable until he dies. He managed to recreate the technology using his laptop and Bluetooth stereo speakers strategically positioned throughout the entire library. The ear buds Rob thought were hearing aids were noise cancelling, designed to reject the infrasound waves.

“Follow me.”, Damon ordered.

“Yes, Master Damon.”, Rob replied. He rose from his seat and followed Damon towards the garage and the second-floor apartment.

When they reached the apartment, Damon opened the door and said, “This is your new home.”

“Yes, Master Damon.”, Rob said.

Damon walked towards the closet, opened the doors and said, “This is your work uniform. You will wear this uniform every afternoon. In the morning, when you train me, you can wear your workout gear. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master Damon.”, Rob answered.

“Now, we need to work on your tan. Get naked. Leave your clothes in the hamper. The staff will do your laundry.”, Damon said. Rob stripped his clothes and stood naked in the apartment. Damon smiled. “You have a nice cock, Rob.”, Damon said, as he stroked Rob’s cock. The stud reacted quickly to the warm velvet touch of his Master. In seconds, Rob became hard, like rock. “What do you say to your Master when he strokes your cock?”

“Thank you, Master Damon.”, Rob said.

“You’re welcome, Robert.”, Damon remarked, smiling, as he fondled his new employee.

Rob finished his morning training session with Damon. He returned to his apartment, showered and donned his afternoon uniform. He loved the feel of the lycra-smooth material upon his skin. He descended the stairs and walked across the pool pavilion, towards the main house. Rob then meandered about the hallways of the first floor until he reached Master Damon’s bedroom.

When Rob entered the bedroom, he found the bedroom empty. He stood near the bed waiting for Master Damon. Finally, Master Damon exited the bathroom and entered the bedroom. Damon stared at his new chauffeur/trainer. Damon did not need a chauffeur. He wanted a personal trainer, but he also wanted someone who would fill his ass with cock. Rob fit the bill. Damon stared at Rob in his French maid uniform. The muscled stud looked silly in the girly uniform of black satin and lace. Even more silly was the sight of his erect cock sticking out from the uniform. (To see Rob in his uniform, click here).

“Robert, you look hot in your uniform.”

“Thank you, Master Damon.”, Rob replied. Damon approached the uniformed stud and stroked his cock. “Thank you, Master Damon.”

“You like that, Robert?”

“Yes, Master Damon.”

“Can I suck it, Robert?”

“Yes, Master Damon.”, Rob replied. Damon smiled. He had removed ‘no’ from Rob’s vocabulary. He would only answer ‘yes’ to Damon’s requests. Damon knelt before the studly dressed maid and sucked his massive cock. Damon loved the feel and texture of the velvety cock in his mouth. He twirled his tongue and licked the shaft of Rob’s rod, making sure to play with his balls and fire up his mojo. Damon wanted Rob’s cum down his throat. The alpha-sub, who desperately wanted control, longed for a man’s cock to fill his throat and his ass. He deepthroated and tongue Rob’s cock, making sure that every suck, every stroke brought him closer and closer to orgasm.

Damon then lay upon the bed and lifted his legs. “Slide it in, Robert.” Rob leaned over and fill Damon’s hole with his rock-hard cock. “Aaahhhh!”, Damon moaned, as Rob slowly pumped Damon’s ass. Back and forth, Rob bobbed his cock, making sure that every inch tickled the inside of Damon’s ass. Damon stroked his cock while Rob fucked his master. When he blew his wad into Damon’s ass, Damon wiggled his cock. Rob understood. Damon demanded that Rob suck his cock until he orgasm.

As Damon stared into Rob’s eyes, he smiled. “He should have read the fine print.”, Damon thought to himself and burst in laughter, his humor interrupted only by the spray of cum upon Rob’s chin, lips and face.

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