A Jog in Central Park

By Willie Cici
published July 8, 2018

Daniel takes advantage of the warm weather and decides to go for an early evening job in nearby Central Park …

Daniel Lewis stared at the clock on his desk. The mahogany and marble-topped furniture of his office screamed pretentious. The bookcases lined with volumes of resource materials collected dust from months of idle banter. Technology had rendered the bound volumes obsolete. Daniel could research and review materials at a touch of his fingers without opening the crusty books.

Again, Daniel stared at the clock. He tugged at his tight-fitting collared shirt and necktie. “I’m outta here.”, Daniel said. It was 6:30pm, a Friday. The early arrival of summer warmth in May beckoned the stud. He closed the door of his office and locked the door. He quickly stripped out of his trousers, socks, shoes, shirt and tie and donned the gear he preferred: a pair of shorts, his comfortable white Reeboks and his favorite baseball cap, donned in reverse. Had Daniel perfected his curve ball and slider, he would have dominated the baseball diamond. Instead, luckily for him, the former college baseball athlete also cultivated his mind, attended law school and earned the reputation as one of the firm’s up and coming associates. For Daniel, it was a prison sentence. The non-conformist hated his life. What he wanted could not be. He did not bemoan the paycheck; it was the old guard mentality that infuriated Daniel.

Daniel grabbed his knapsack briefcase and his t-shirt, opting to go shirtless. As he exited the glass-lined lobby of the office, heading for the elevators, one of the partners stopped Daniel. “A little early, Mr. Lewis?”

“Not really, Mr. Baldwin. Actually, it’s pretty late. Have a good weekend!”, Daniel replied.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”, Baldwin said.

“No, Sir. Like I said, ‘Have a good weekend’.”, Daniel answered, as he hurried out of the lobby and headed towards the elevators. As he entered the first available elevator, Daniel smiled. “There’s no fucking way I’m coming in this Saturday. I did it all winter ‘cause I had nowhere to go. Not tomorrow, and not Sunday.”

Daniel exited the front entrance of his building on Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side and headed home. Daniel and his parents purchased a cooperative apartment, practically fifteen blocks away from Daniel’s office, just off the Avenue on West 84th Street. The city streets were less crowded then they are at 5pm when most people leave their offices and business. He walked down the sidewalk, shaded by construction awnings and the occasional tree. (To see Daniel, click here). Those who traversed the busy Manhattan streets could not help but admire Daniel’s attractive looks, his incredible physique and confident, manly swagger. Eventually, Daniel reached his coop. He ran the two flights of stairs, opened his apartment door, tossed his briefcase and belongings near the door, and hurried back down. Daniel had no intention of wasting the fading daylight of late May by cloistering himself inside his apartment or a bar for that fact. For Daniel, the shaded paths of Central Park beckoned. He wanted to enjoy the coolness of the evening. He wanted to chase the hotties that dotted the park, jogging and looking incredible. He struck up a conversation with a redhead and brunette on Wednesday. Daniel hoped to find them again. Bill fold, credit card and keys: Daniel had what he needed for an early evening in the park and maybe, a carefree seduction.

Daniel entered the edge of the park and started his jog along the tree-lined paths. After twenty minutes, Daniel slowed down and rested for a moment. As he walked down the path, Daniel spotted an acquaintance from his gym. The young stud, blonde, fit and incredibly attractive, raised his left leg and stretched his muscles. (To see the blonde stud, click here).

“Hey, Sean.”, Daniel called out.

Sean turned to face Daniel and smiled. “Hi, Danny. Just getting here?”

“No. I’ve been at it for a while.”, Daniel replied. “You?”

“I’m just stretching. Join me. I’m up for a couple of miles.”, Sean said. The two friends started their jog along the winding trails of Central Park. Machismo invaded the jog with occasional sprints and test of manliness. After an hour, the two friends wound their run, found a water fountain, and took a sip of water.

“You doin’ the 5K on Governors? In two Sundays?”, Sean asked.

“Yeah. The office is doing a fundraiser for Breast Cancer.”, Daniel said, as he swallowed a swig of fountain water.

“Me, too. Getting there is a pain in the ass. Subway, ferry, shuttle.”, Sean moaned.

“As long as the sun is shining, I don’t care.”, Daniel said.

Sean’s cell phone rang. “Yeah. Yeah. Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. Yes.” Sean ended the call and said, “The Master says ‘it’s time to go.’”

Daniel heard Sean’s words. When his cell phone rang, Daniel answered the call. “Yeah. Yeah. Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. Yes.” Daniel ended his call and stared at Sean. “Master says it’s time to go.” The two studs finished their run, bolting along the trails of the Park, jetting out at West 81st Street and heading down 81st, along the architecturally beautiful American Museum of Natural History, until they reached the 100 block of West 81st. They slowed their pace when they reached a renovated brownstone. The studs ascended the imposing granite staircase, entered the brownstone, and climbed the stairs to the 2nd floor.

When they entered the 2nd floor apartment, Daniel and Sean encountered an attractive younger man wearing jeans and seated on a large comfortable couch. “Nice.”, the young man smiled. “Get naked bitches.”, the young man said. (To see the young man, click here).

“Yes, Master.”, Daniel and Sean responded. Immediately, the two studs stripped down to nothing. They stood naked before the young man, known only to Daniel and Sean as ‘Master’.

“Kiss each and fondle each other.”, the young man ordered. Daniel and Sean obeyed their Master. They kissed, tongues awash, and caressed each other’s breasts and groins. The young man smiled and marveled at his control.

Two months ago –

“Quick. Call an ambulance.”, a man shouted. Daniel and Sean, dressed in their exercise gear, ran towards the bottom of the staircase. Their trainer, Nick, had fallen down the staircase and lay at the bottom of the stairs, unconscious, a small cut near his chin. In minutes, an ambulance from the nearby Mount Sinai Westside Hospital arrived to cart away the unconscious Nick.

At the emergency room, doctors and staff ordered a battery of tests. They attached all the necessary wires to monitor Nick’s vital signs, his heart and his brain activity. A passing thunderstorm caused a freakish power surge that electrified all the wires connected to Nick. In the scurry to make sure that patients on life support had adequate support, no one in the emergency noticed that Nick’s body experience convulsions for over two minutes. When nurses checked on Nick, they found him catatonic, his body frozen, his vital signs stable, but no sign of responsiveness. From the ER, doctors transferred Nick to the Intensive Care Unit for round the clock observation.

For three days, Nick lay still. Presumably, his body was rejuvenating and healing naturally, doctors opined, from the fall. On the fourth day, in the late afternoon, Nick finally opened his eyes. Nurses and doctors scurried into Nick’s Intensive Care Unit room to question and examine the young man.

“You gave us a scare.”, the doctor said.

“Where am I?”, Nick asked.

“Mount Sinai Westside.”, the doctor answered. “You’ve been here for four days.”

“4 days? But … I feel fine.”, Nick replied. He tried to rise from the bed, but fell backwards, experiencing some dizziness.

“Hold up, son. You need to rest.”, the doctor said.

“I need someone to suck my cock.”, Nick said. He turned his gaze towards the blonde, buxom nurse standing behind the doctor and smiled. “I wish she would suck my cock.”, Nick thought to himself.

“Well … I’m sure you can … take care of that when you leave the hospital.”, the doctor said, trying to change the subject. “For now, just rest.” The doctor entered some notes on the computer tablet in the ICU and exited, leaving the nurse to tend to her patient.

Nick stared at the blonde, buxom nurse. “Can you fix my pillows?”, Nick asked. The nurse smiled. As she leaned over, the nurse pressed her bosom into Nick’s face. “Show me those tits.”, Nick thought to himself. The nurse looked puzzled. She lifted her tunic and showed Nick her breasts. “Can you help me to the bathroom?”

“Are you sure you’re strong enough?”, the nurse said.

“We’ll see.”, Nick replied. The nurse helped Nick to his feet. She disengaged the wires and walked Nick to the bathroom in his hospital room.

“Close the door.”, Nick said. The nurse closed the door. Nick sat on the commode and lifted his hospital gown. “Now, get on your knees and suck my dick.” The blonde, buxom nurse stared at Nick as he wiggles his man meat. Without objection, the nurse squatted on the bathroom floor and sucked Nick’s cock.

As he sat in the bathroom, enjoying the nurse’s sexual favors, Nick knew his life would never be the same.

The present –

Two months ago, Nick was just another gym rat, a part-time trainer and full-time body builder. A month ago, Daniel and Sean, Nick’s clients, were running sprints up and down the staircase. The careless duo tripped Nick, causing him to fall down the flight of stairs. Two months ago, the young man, after three days, opened his eyes, found himself in a hospital room, and experienced a new dawn. Nick embraced his new power, the force to command the will of anyone who heard his voice aurally or telepathically.

Since his hospital stay, Nick took full advantage of his new mental powers. He found a new luxury apartment and ‘convinced’ his new landlord to rent him the unit, furnished, for $200 a month. When he returned to the gym, Nick studied the backgrounds of his clients. From his clients who were Wall Street insiders, Nick extracted kernels of top secret financial information and purchased stocks poised for meteoric rise in value. In less than two months, the part-time trainer and full-time body builder had amassed a sizable fortune, establishing a financial independence that would afford him the lifestyle and opportunity to pursue his dream of competition-caliber bodybuilder.

Two months ago, as the buxom blonde sucked his cock, Nick realized what he always suspected: that he was gay. Now, with his new power, Nick merged his awareness to his fetish: fucking straight guys. Who would he choose first? The obvious. Daniel and Sean. Their carelessness led to Nick’s concussion and his transformation. It was only fair that Daniel and Sean serve as Nick’s cherry busters.

“Crawl to the couch and start undressing me.”, Nick ordered. The naked studs knelt and crawled towards Nick. They removed his shoes, his socks and his shirt. “Suckle, bitches.” Daniel and Sean nursed upon Nick’s perfectly carved pecs, with the tiniest of areoles. They licked his smooth chest, devoid of hair, and traced their tongues down towards Nick’s groin. Methodically, they unbuttoned Nick’s jeans and removed the pants, leaving Nick wearing his tight black satin jockstrap. His cock curved deep into the basket of the strap, as blood filled the stud’s member. Daniel pulled the fabric of the jockstrap aside, allowing Nick’s monster cock to pop out. Daniel and Sean stared at Nick’s throbbing, engorged cock. “Suck it, bitches. Don’t forget the balls.” The boys leaned in towards Nick’s groin and banged heads. Nick shook his head. “Amateurs.”, he thought to himself. Daniel licked Nick’s cock, while Sean nibbled on his huge, juicy balls, smooth and hairless. After minutes, Nick said, “Switch.” Sean swallowed Nick’s cock, while Daniel suckled and bobbled Nick’s balls in his mouth. “Don’t stop, bitches. Get me hard.” Daniel and Sean joined forces as they locked lips and ran their mouths along Nick’s elongated shaft. “No. Suck it.”, Nick insisted. He shoved his cock down Daniel’s throat and said, “Deepthroat. Swallow it and release.” Daniel followed orders. “Now, you try.”, Nick said to Sean. He watched the blonde stud negotiate the length and girth of Nick’s massive cock. When he gagged, Nick said, “Okay. Just play with my balls. Daniel can suck my cock.”

For minutes, Nick enjoyed the warm wet mouths of his entranced studs, rendering him pleasure. When he was ready, Nick rose from the couch and said, “Kneel on the couch.” The boys climbed upon the couch. Nick fingered the two studs, left digits in Daniel’s hole, right digits in Sean’s. The studs cooed as they felt Nick’s wet fingers slide in and out of their holes. Nick then lubed his cock and slid the slick monster into Daniel’s ass. “Kiss him, Sean.”, Nick ordered. As Nick plowed Daniel’s ass, Sean kissed Daniel. Daniel moaned from time to time, but never stopped kissing Sean. Nick changed asses and fucked Sean. The two kneeling studs continued to kiss each as Nick bobbed back and forth, getting his cock hard and ready to blow.

Nick sat on the couch and said, “Sit next to me boys.” Nick drizzled Daniel and Sean’s cock with lube and said, “Jerk off until you cum.” The trio sat on the couch masturbating until they all climaxed. Nick’s jizz shot landed on his chest and core, while the boys sprayed their cum on their groins. “Now, lick my cum.” Daniel and Sean leaned over and licked every drop of pearly goo from Nick’s chest and core.

“Good job, boys. Now, lay on the couch and suck each other’s cocks.”, Nick ordered as he rose from the couch and walked into the bathroom. The entranced studs lay upon the couch, in a 69, and sucked each other’s cocks.

Nick showered and toweled himself dry. He walked into the living room and watched Daniel and Sean sucking each other’s cocks. For tonight, Nick would enjoy his studs. Tomorrow, Nick would debut his boys at a sex club he recently subscribed, ‘The Masters’, just across the river, where leather and masks would protect identities of his slaves, but not their throats and asses.

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