Lately Park Chapter 3

By BenConners published August 11, 2014
Alexander finally beings to understand his new community
Authors Note: I am sorry it took so long to update a lot of things came up. Although this is the last installment in Alexander’s transformation I will eventually be writing about Erik’s, Bradley’s and Trey’s prepification and am currently planning on those being only single chapter stories.

Smiling to myself, I re-read the e-mail. A friend of mine, Ben, had at last given me away out of Stepford. I could stay on his couch for a while and interview for a job at the company he work for. It seemed that I had been living in Lately Park for a year instead of only a week or so and already I had become part of their routine. I woke up at 7 am not of my own choice but because that was when their workout started. Every morning my father, James and Erik were all awake and exercising to some throbbing beat in tight black briefs before moving onto the rest of their day. I had joined in once or twice, but it wasn't really something I put much effort into. Dad would then go to work and James would do whatever he did during the day which seemed to amount to a few errands. They were overly affectionate even for newlyweds, both of them kissing each other and touching constantly. Erik would go off with his friends to the country club playing golf or tennis or whatever. Sometimes, if they felt particularly adventurous, they would go sailing on the lake that was about a mile away. They had even spoken of a trip to the Hamptons before school started again and had invited me to join them. While I wasn’t completely against going, I had every intention of leaving as soon as I could.

Walking downstairs, I glanced up at the door to see Erik walking in. “Hey,” he called looking up at me. “You should have come with us, bro. It was a great round today.” I nodded my head. I had forgotten what he was doing this morning almost as soon as he had said it. “Trey smoked us all. We didn’t think he would actually be that good.” Erik turned to me. “What have you been doing?”

Turning to my brother, I shrugged. “I answered some e-mails. I think I may have gotten a job.” My chest puffed out slightly in pride. “One of my friends from college got me an interview at his non-profit.” Erik ’s expression changed slightly, he frowned and raised an eyebrow.

“Why would you want to work with them? It’s right there in the name, no-profit. That means you’re not going to make anything.” He walked forward into the kitchen and pulled a protein bar out of one of the cabinets. “The new guy at the club used to want to work for one, but thankfully he’s changed his mind. I think you met him the other day or at least my friend Peter saw you talking with Trey a while ago.” I turned toward Erik biting my lip.

“Trey?” I hadn’t bothered to spend that much time with anyone outside of my immediate family and the others that I had met were not really worth remembering- a simple, never ending parade of Sperrys and Khaki. “I don’t know anyone named Trey, but it’s odd that you should mention someone new…” I thought back to Rob, the only seemingly normal person in Lately Park. We had met once more after our chance encounter outside his home.
“This place is, it does something to people,” he had said worriedly. When I asked what he met, Rob looked around before he turned back to look at me. We were taking a long walk through the street and no one seemed to be around. “I mean when we moved here my dad was at least normal. He dressed in big Hawaiian shirts and cargo pants and then he just started to change. He put a tree in our front yard but then took it out because it made our house different. He started dressing like them and his opinions changed. He played golf and started telling me to study business. People come here and it makes them into something else.”

“What? You mean like the body snatchers?”

Rob looked at me with a grave stare. “That’s exactly what I mean.”
“You met someone new?” Erik said suddenly drawing me back to the kitchen. I hadn’t seen Rob since and even when I called him it either went to voice mail or he texted me back a while later saying he was too busy to talk. “What’s he like? I mean are you going to let us meet him anytime soon?”

I hadn’t thought about it. In fact I didn’t actually think I would be around long enough for anyone in my family to care about meeting Rob. “His name is Rob. He lives just a little ways down the road.” I smiled slightly picking up an apple.

“The white house?” I nodded yes. “So you have met Trey! See I knew you would like him.” Erik laughed. “He came to play golf with us today. You should have seen him, never anything over five strokes.” He grinned. “He used to go by Rob when he came here but now that he’s started to fit in he’s gotten a new name. He’s the third ‘Rob’ in his family so Trey makes perfect sense.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.” Shaking my head I set the apple down and started slightly at Erik . “Rob doesn’t even like it here. He hates all of the preppy people here he wouldn’t even wear a tie-“

“Are you kidding? Trey loves wearing a tie. “ Erik laughed. “I mean, yeah, he used to be like you but then he started fitting in. I mean, it’s not that weird. It looks like you’re starting to get with the program too.” He gestured towards me and I glanced down. I had woken up this morning and simply put on the first things my hands found. It turned out that was a green Vineyard Vine’s polo and a pair of Khaki pants. “I mean you look good you just need to put on a little muscle but at least you got rid of that beard and the terrible hair.” I turned my eye’s back to Erik and yet I couldn’t disagree with him. I mean I wouldn’t have gotten rid of my hair if I had liked it that way.

“You know what?” I shrugged slightly moving back towards the stairs. “I think I’m going to take a nap. I promised Ben I’d send him a response as soon as possible.” It didn’t matter that I had just given two different excuses, I wanted to get out of these clothes and away from Erik. He couldn’t be telling the truth. Rob had spoken so harshly against the entire community of Lately Park there was no way he would end up like them.

Closing the door in my room I sat down on the bed typing out my e-mail. I would be there tomorrow and early in the morning. Tearing off the clothes and hanging them carefully back in the closet, I slipped on a pair of blue-jeans and an old Panic! At the Disco t-shirt and started to pack. Stuffing the old clothes I had brought with me in my suit case, I sat down on the bed. Lately Park was not somehow taking people and making them preppy. The idea was ridiculous. Nobody came here and was suddenly overcome with the desire to play tennis and join a country club.

Reaching out I took the suite case and started down the stairs when I heard my dad call my name. “Hey, Alexander,” he smiled. I paused setting my clothes down. It must have been time for their work out because my dad was wearing nothing but a pair of tight black boxer briefs. When my parents had been married Bradley Barnes had let himself go. His body was overweight and he seemed to have an abundance of hair but now he had completely reversed that. My dad had defined his stomach and his arms rippled with muscle. Not a single hair was visible below his neck or on his chin. “Erik told me you met someone. I'm glad to see you finally settling into the community.”

“I did met someone, but he wasn’t who I thought he would be,” I swallowed slightly. I wanted Rob not Trey or whatever name he was going by these days. “Listen I don’t think that me staying here is really-“ I was cut off buy a sudden burst of noise. My dad turned back to the living room and sat in position with James and Erik, my presence forgotten.

“Come on Alexander,” he called. “Join us.” I felt a sudden lurch in my gut and began to strip off my clothes. The three of them moved in a perfectly synchronized motion, bending and flexing along with the video and the beat. All of them were well muscled and a small pang of jealousy rang through me as I thought about just how skinny I was. Stepping into the living room, I had stripped down into my underwear, a pair of black boxer briefs just like the three of them. I started to move to the beat, doing as the video instructed me.

We didn’t say a word until the end. The music and the screen suddenly turning off abruptly. James pulled me in and held me tight against his chest. He presented me with a small white pill. It was something to do with the workout I thought, protein probably. After taking it, I felt dazed. I was led up in the master bedroom and the four of us stripped down and tossed the briefs to the side stepping into the shower. I felt my dad’s hands on my washing my body with soap as I scrubbed Erik. We were sweaty. We needed to be clean. It wouldn’t make sense to go out smelling like we did, I justified. Feeling a hand take my wrist and looking over I noticed my Dad leading me to the mirror. “Wait here,” he instructed. I looked over into the shower. Erik was on his knee’s sucking James’s cock eagerly while my dad picked up some shaving cream and spread it over my cheeks and chest, even taking care to spread it over my public hair. “You’ve let yourself go son” he said stepping back to the water. “It would be a shame for Trey to see you looking like this.” Dad placed a razor in my hand, the cool chrome finish like ice in my hand.

I turned towards the mirror and looked hard at myself. Dad was right. My beard had grown back slightly and my chest was nearly covered in a layer of fur.
You always have to be different, I thought to myself. You needed to have your own thoughts your own idea’s and look at where they have gotten you, begging your friends for a job and sleeping on a couch. Your father is happy, Erik is happy, James is happy, even Trey is happy but you’re not. Why is that? You could be like them. You could be like all of them, just going with the flow. Just being like everyone else. I took the razor and began shaving off my beard and then moving downward. With a satisfied glance I looked at myself my face was clean shaven and while I hadn’t put on as much muscle as the rest of my family the overly healthy diet of Lately Park had done its job and most of my body fat seemed to have vanished. You look good, soon you’ll look just like those cute boy’s you saw, the one’s you’ve been so obnoxious to they only wanted you to have a good time. They only wanted you to fit in.

After the shower was finished, we all went our separate ways. James was downstairs making dinner with Dad. Erik invited me to go with him to the country club. I had one thing to do before we left. Picking up the trunk of ‘clothes,’ I drove it down to a dumpster and got rid of it all for good. Coming back we hopped into the range rover and drove down to the Carrington Country Club. I was in a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and green chino’s while Erik wore a Brooks Brothers yellow oxford with a light khaki’s our hair combed and gelled to the side.

“Hello.” I said to his friends when they waved us over. “I’m sorry I’ve been so rude to you lately, my name is Alexander. I’m Erik ’s older brother.” A hand reached out and took mine and with slight surprise I looked down to see it was Trey’s. He certainly did look better now in a blue gingham shirt and a deep red tie with gray slacks.

“You certainly look nice.” I grinned helping him up from the table. The rest began to talk around us but we didn’t hear them. It may have been rude but we became so engrossed in our own conversation.

“Would you all excuse us for a moment?” Trey smiled and took my hand and led me away. We moved through the club until he brought me to a large wooden door. “They showed me this when I started coming here.” He opened the door and started leading me through. “Only club members are allowed.” I smirked as I looked around There were numerous sliding doors in the long hallway but they were all open a small rope keeping them from being accessed at all. In nearly each of the rooms there was a single couch. Men moved back and forth some fucking vigorously others were just starting or just finishing up. “Here we go. It’s lucky, sometimes there’s not an empty room. I guess it’s just meant to be.” He laughed pulling me into the room and kissing me deeply.

I reached for Trey’s tie, pulled him close, and began to undress him. I felt his hands on my belt starting to unbuckle it. In a matter of moments we were both naked our clothes folded well in the corner and his hand wrapped around our cocks jerking us slowly. “I was hoping you would be showing up soon.” Try grinned slowly pushing me down onto the couch. “You were just so sexy.” I raised an eyebrow and spread my leg’s apart. He reached over to a small table picking up a bottle of lube and spreading it over me. I moaned at the cool sensation starting to stroke myself.

It was almost impossible to stop myself from begging. I had never thought of myself as a sexual person. Sure I wasn’t a virgin, but I never been so desperate as I was then. “Please Trey,” I panted trying to spread my leg’s wider. “Please fuck me. I need you.” I couldn’t help but smile as his fingers started to slip inside my hole. It wasn’t his cock but it was something to fill the emptiness I felt. Trey spent much of his time this way teasing me with his fingers before finally slipping them out.

“Don’t worry baby I’ve got you. I won’t let you get away from me again,” he smiled thrusting into me. I arched my head back and took a deep breath as Trey began to move inside of me. It wasn’t long before he started to become more active, moving faster and faster. “You feel so perfect.” He grinned. With another thrust I gripped my own cock tighter both of us cumming together. My body relaxed. My leg’s wrapped around his body. “I’ve got you.” He grinned I laughed slightly leaning up and pressing my lips against his.

We cleaned up quickly moving back to the large entry way where our friends had gathered. Erik gave me a knowing look. “I’m glad the two of you decided to join us at last. We were just about to start a golf game. Will you be coming with us or are you going to be staring at each other?"

I couldn’t suppress a chuckle. “We can do both, bro. Come on, the course is waiting for us.”

James stood in the kitchen stirring the pot slightly. He was proud of his boys, all three of them. It just proved that the process was getting better. Bradley had been a struggle, moving slowly and painfully until he gave in. He had met the man some time ago when he had been attached to that woman and had let himself go developing a bit of a gut but James prided himself on seeing potential and after one ‘business’ dinner James had decided that with a little fixing up he had discovered his perfect man. Erik didn’t take as long but he put a fight the blue hair had been the first thing to go it had been repugnant and now there wasn’t a single non-conformist thought in the boy’s mind. . Alexander, however had only taken two weeks to fit in he wasn’t actively rebellious like his brother had been simply apathetic and seemed to slip into his position in their new little family. His supervisors would be thrilled at the news entire community built around the technology seemed like it was to grand to work and now the expansion of Lately Park and communities like it would be moved up in priority. He frowned slightly as he picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Oh James it’s you, I was hoping it would be someone else.” The man rolled his eyes. The other voice was easy enough to recognize. Lacey Barnes had been married to his husband once upon a time but their marriage had been faltering before he was even involved. “I was wondering if Alex was home he hasn’t responded to my e-mail in some time.”

James sighed slightly. “No Alexander isn’t home. It’s the weekend. His boyfriend is visiting from State. I actually believe they’re celebrating tonight. Trey has just completed the pledge process of his fraternity.” He smiled. “I can tell him to call you a-“

“Boyfriend?” The woman gasped. “Alex has never shown the slightest bit of interest in guy’s.” She paused. “No please, I prefer you don’t.” Lacey said quickly. “You told me you would do the same thing with Erik and I never heard back from him.”

James chuckled slightly. “Oh yes they’re quite cute together practically inseparable.” He smiled. “We had dinner with them on his last visit of course Alexander and Bradley were deep in conversation about his law school applications.” Lacey interrupted quickly going on about how Alex had never wanted to go to law school either, James rolled his eyes.”He has had a revelation of sorts you know how it is between lawyers or you did at least. Trey and I had a pleasant enough conversation but it was like we were speaking a different language.”

Lacy sighed. “I don’t care. Look you can keep Brad, I don’t care about him if that’s what you’re thinking but those are my boys.” James raised an eyebrow, Lacey didn’t usually go with honesty. He glanced down at the phone pausing for a moment, Bradley was an incredible man he still couldn’t believe that anyone would let him go as easily as she did.

James chuckled. He could hear Bradley’s car pulling up in the driveway. With the boy’s out for the night, it would be just the two of them and Lacey was ruining it before it even began. “Alexander and Erik still have their computers and cell phones. If they really wanted to talk with you they would. It’s not me that’s keeping them from you. They simply must have better things to do.” James smirked. “Listen I have to go. Bradley just arrived home and I have quite a night planned. He is happy. Erik is happy. Alexander is happy. We’re all happy here.” He hung up the phone without waiting for a response.

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