The online revenge

By Voodooweaver
published August 10, 2014
13240 words

A young man is transformed into what he mocks. Contains age progression, balding and weight gain

The online revenge

(The following is my first attempt at writing a story so any comments would be very much appreciated. The main focus of the story is weight gain, age progression and baldness. Thank you - voodooweaver)

Will was putting the finishing touches on the website he was designing. The client had placed the order since a month ago and it had kept Will quite busy throughout that time. He felt a sense of pride as he gave one final surveying look at his work before sending the confirmation email to the client stating that the project was complete.

As he clicked the send button, he lay back in his chair and placed his arms behind his head.

“Life is good” he muttered to himself.

It has been a hard couple of years, beginning as the underdog of website development trying to get a client, trying to prove that despite his young age that he had the talent, to today where he was considered one of the best in the business. With his excellent services came excellent paychecks from clients. Will had it all; he had his own wonderful apartment decorated with a modern minimalist decor, plenty of money in the bank, and was still only 26. Unlike other successful men Will made a lot of money but still had time to spend taking care of himself by engaging in many activities be it walking, going to the gym, cooking classes etc. And he was handsome to boot, with jet black hair complementing his dark tanned skin and handsome Mediterranean features. His trim and toned figure was the result of many hours spent in the gym and he was proud of every inch of it. He had also spent quite a bit of time, effort and money in keeping himself perfectly smooth which aided in showing off every gorgeous muscle he had. He knew all too well that many men wished they had it as good as Will did.

A beeping sound awoke him from his daydreaming. A sound that he realised was from GayLuv4U, an online dating service he was a member of.

Bringing his hands forward and grabbing the mouse he clicked the tab to switch to the dating website.

Will had opened hundreds of messages from guys on the site. Gorgeous twinks that were begging for a piece of Will’s cock, the whole nine inches of it. There was no denying it he liked to have sex and had no qualms about that. It was only natural he thought; dating and monogamy were simply not his thing not to mention that they felt unnatural. “Why settle for one when you can have them all” was his ideology and for the most part it worked. There were awkward occasions where a guy he would meet for simply sex would “develop feelings” and “want to try for something more” but Will had none of that. Will couldn’t blame them; he WAS a catch he thought as he smirked. But to this day no man had ever shackled him into a relationship and he was intent on keeping it that way. He would simply fuck a guy once and then never again. He knew the moment they walked out of his door that they would never be receiving a phone call from him or stepping back in, ever.

As he opened up his inbox, he saw a message from a user called HarOLD-Man.

The message was simple:

“Saw your profile and thought I would say hello. You have wonderful pictures and amazing features. How are you this morning?”.

Will smirked. The guy was right; his stats were flawless. He took a second to open up his profile page and marvel at his half nude photos before bothering to answer.

Username: WilNY


Height: 6ft

Weight: 160 pounds

Body Type: Athletic

Body hair: Smooth

Hair: Black

Hair length: Average

Eyes: Brown

Facial hair: None

Preference: Gay - Top

Penis size: X Large

Smoking: Never

About me:

Cute guy looking for good sex and fun with other cute young guys

It was short, it was sweet, and it was to the point Will thought. And it got him sex, which was all that mattered

Will clicked the profile to get a better idea of who he was talking to before he replied. The thing that struck him like a sore thumb was the man’s age-63. “Hell no” thought Will. “Why is this fucker even bothering, he’s got a snowball’s chance in hell” he thought. He was into young and cute guys, an older man would have nothing to offer him not to mention that the idea grossed him out. Before he clicked the X button to close the profile page he noticed a small badge at the corner of the profile. The badge looked more like an emblem and said “Site moderator”. Funny, he had never seen the badge before despite the bucketloads of men he had talked to on the site.

“Doing good thanks. At home working and being lazy” he typed. He hoped that his cold reply would give the hint that he was not interested. He had no time to waste on talking to people he was not going to fuck.

Within a minute he got a reply:

“Same at home smoking a cigar and having some whiskey alone. So what are your interests? Names Harold nice to meet you”

Will posted a bland reply, simply stating his name and interests but not posing a question in return again. He hoped that if he kept this up that it would deter Harold from contacting him again. Yet Harold insisted, posting a reply with a question each time. Will was getting bored of this, it would lead to nowhere and he preferred to be spending time arranging for sex with a cute guy. 5 minutes into the conversation Will decided that Harold had wasted enough of his time and he replied:

“Look I’m sorry but I am not interested. Can’t you take a hint? Don’t you even bother reading a goddamn profile? I’m into cute and young guys. I don’t like fat bald hairy men. A young guy like me with an older man just looks wrong. So why are you wasting my time?”

A couple of minutes passed and Harold replied:

“I am sorry I did not mean to offend you. I was simply having a friendly conversation with you. There is no need to be aggressive”

Will was bothered by the way the man kept his cool and went on the attack:

“If you want friends then go on a goddamn social media website. I have wasted enough time answering your questions. Not my problem that you can’t read a profile. Seriously just move the fuck along.”

Minutes passed and for once Harold did not reply. Will thought the old man must have simply felt embarrassed and moved on to another profile. He sighed, he hated it when he had to do this but it was necessary filtering. As he was about to get up from his chair, he heard the familiar ping, and opened the message.

“You are as rude as you are handsome. You have completely offended me when all I tried to do was try to strike a conversation with you. No matter. Mark my words, in 10 days you will be begging to be with me.”

“Yeah right you senile old fart” was all Will replied and closed the inbox window. Despite his anguish, Will left the website online. Even though the last thing he could think about now was sex, he hoped that by nighttime he might feel like having sex.

He got up, flustered. The nerve of that guy he thought. Who would ever want to be with an old fart like him? Will kept himself occupied for the rest of the day, lounging around the living room, and watching some TV. The day went by, uneventful. Will quickly forgot about Harold and the argument they had. He retired early, it had been a long day and he wanted the day to simply end.

Day 1

Will woke up and looked at the alarm clock. He had overslept a bit. But that was fine, he worked from home so there was no one on his ass to clock him on how many hours he spent cooped up in an office. That was one of the benefits of his job. He got up and without putting any clothes on went to the kitchen to make his morning coffee, had a nice light breakfast and sat at the TV for a while. He made plans to go to the gym during the afternoon for his regular workout, followed by a brief walk around the neighbourhood. Walking after his workout always calmed him down. It was close to noon when he heard an unfamiliar beeping sound from his computer and he got up and approached the computer and leaned down as he was standing to investigate. Turning on the monitor he saw that he had another message. Smiling, he figured that he would be getting a nice piece of ass before going to the gym, he certainly was back in the mood for a good fuck. He clicked on his inbox. There was a message there alright, but it was a status message.

“Profile and pictures updated. Changes made to your profile are now visible to all and are highlighted for you to review”

“Whaaaaaaat?” thought Will, as he clicked on the link to his profile. The first thing that struck him was the absence of his pictures. All his pictures had been deleted. Glancing through his stats he noticed the alterations that had been made:

Username: WilNY


Height: 6ft

Weight: 160 pounds

Body Type: Athletic

Body hair: Smooth

Hair: White

Hair length: Average

Eyes: Brown

Facial hair: None

Preference: Gay - Top

Penis size: Large

Smoking: Never

“What the hell?” thought Will. Was he having a dyslexic moment? His age and hair colour couldn’t be right. He hurriedly clicked the edit profile button wishing to restore his profile to its former glory. But to no avail, he simply got a message that access to edit the profile was denied. He tried again and again but that proved unfruitful. A numbing feeling of pain and tiredness enveloped his body and he let out a low moan. Something was very wrong he thought. He tried to stand up straight quickly, but felt pain in his back. He placed both his hands on the small of his back and raised his back slowly. Something was very VERY wrong he thought. He walked over to the full body mirror he had next to his front door with a walk that felt both slower and more taxing than his usual walk. And was shocked.

As he stood naked in front of the mirror he could see himself changing. He saw the face he was used to seeing everyday developing wrinkles. The first to go was the forehead as horizontal lines formed deep into his skin. The next to be affected were his eyes and mouth, where crows feet developed and he formed wrinkles on the side of his mouth. His skin was also losing its elasticity and firmness, becoming saggier. He felt his ears and nose enlarge, his ears becoming big rounded and pushing out of his face and his nose swelled up and became more bulbous. As the changes continued downwards, he saw his body lose its muscular definition. His muscles were simply wasting away. His firm pecs and abdominals deflated, and in their place he now had a flat chest and midsection. His arms lost their hard-earned biceps and triceps and the definition of his legs was also gone. In their place he was left with skinny arms and legs. He then saw his skin throughout his body acquire the same wrinkled and worn look that his face had succumbed. He found himself unable to move, purely out of shock. He then felt a wave pass through his body as his skin turned from a dark Mediterranean tan to alabaster white. He was now so pale that one would have simply thought that he had never exposed his skin to the sun. Liver spots began to decorate his skin in all places including his arms, legs and face. The white skin only helped to accentuate the dark liver spots. Just when he thought nothing more could happen, he saw his full head of jet black hair turn a lighter and lighter shade until it was a brilliant white.

For a moment, Will thought of crying for help but he stopped himself. If he cried for help, then his neighbours would probably knock on his door. But then how would he talk to them? Granted he still had the same features that he had, but his features were now that of a 62 year old man, not that of a 26 year old. Even the police wouldn’t be able to help he admitted.

He walked slowly to the computer, each step taking tremendous effort.He lowered himself slowly onto his desk chair, and opened up his profile page to attempt to change his stats one final time. This time however he was finding it harder and harder to see the letters with each passing minute, finding himself at one point squinting to make sense of what he was reading. He realised that even his eyes had succumbed to the ageing process, and his eyesight was ruined. Luckily for him he had worked with his computer for so long it was easy for him to find the accessibility settings and set them to larger fonts, which made it easier to navigate. He realised though that this was a short term solution and that he would need something else to navigate himself around the flat. He found an online glasses shop, which provided same day delivery and an online vision quality test. Brilliant he thought, he wouldn’t have to leave the house in this state. He clicked on the “initiate test button” and was quick in carrying out the test and ordering the glasses, though he struggled with reading his VISA card number. Part disappointed, part relieved, and part hopeful, he clicked on the place order button, and prayed that they would indeed send the glasses soon.

Will was in a way a prisoner in how own flat for the next three hours, he was unable to navigate himself easily. Granted he knew where everything was since it was his own flat, but he realised how he had always taken his sight for granted and how difficult it was to maneuver himself around when he couldn’t see properly. Not to mention the fact that his body felt tired and aching.

Within three hours there was a knock on the door. Will instinctively went to open the door, but stopped himself before he did. He couldn’t open the door like this.

“Sorry just came out of the shower please leave the package at the door. Thank you” he instructed. It was the only way to get the glasses without being seen by anyone. He waited a couple of minutes and hurriedly opened the door, snatched the package, and closed again.

Unwrapping the package, he found the much sought after glasses, and placed them on his head. Within an instant everything became clearer. It was as if someone had suddenly switched on the light in a dark room.He moved to the mirror again, mustering up all the courage he could, and gazed at himself.

In front of him stood a 62 year old man. Thin, lanky, the body a remnant of the once virile and athletic body that Will had this morning. The white alabaster wrinkled skin dotted with liver spots, coupled with the full head of white hair and the thick glasses shocked him to the core. He felt tears running down his face and unable to gaze any longer at his desecrated body turned away from the mirror and walked slowly to the bedroom. He felt exhausted, and the only thing on his mind was to go to sleep. He slowly took off his glasses and placed them on his bedside table and slowly lowered himself on the bed.Within moments he drifted into a deep sleep.

Day 2

Will woke up the next morning. As he regained consciousness he remembered the events that had taken place the previous day. He briefly wondered if it had been a dream rather than reality. He rubbed his eyes in order to get a clearer view of his surroundings. Yet as he continued to rub them, he realised that his eyesight was not improving and he looked to the side of the bed. There, where he had left them the night before, were his glasses. He placed them on his head and he lifted himself from the bed slowly. Looking at the clock on his nightstand, he saw that it was close to 15:00 in the afternoon. He had forgotten what time he had fallen asleep last night, but surely he had overslept. Then again, he thought, with such a worn out and tired body he guessed it was normal for him to sleep long hours. He got up from the bed, feeling the same aches and pains of age that plagued him since yesterday. With some effort he put on a light blue shirt and some sweatpants; they certainly did not match but they were the first things he saw available in his closet, and in his state he did not want to waste any energy looking for clothes nor look at this body anymore. They were both a bit loose on him and he attributed this to the loss of muscle mass that his body had undergone. He slowly walked to the mirror, praying that somehow somewhere there had been a reversal of yesterday’s events despite the fact that he had already received confirmation having to put on his glasses to see. As he approached the mirror, his hope was shattered, as he saw the same 62 year old version of Will staring back at him.

“Fuck” he thought. What can I do?

He began to explore his body with his now wrinkled hands. He ran his hands over his face, feeling the wrinkled loose skin. He tried to push it back in, to stretch it to get rid of the wrinkles but to no avail. No amount of Botox was going to get rid of those wrinkles he thought. He then lifted his shirt and moved his hands down to his chest and midsection. A flat chest and a flat stomach covered with loose skin was what was left of his pecs and abs. There was simply no amount of muscle left from before.

A beeping sound from the computer startled him. He walked slowly to the computer and lowered himself steadily onto his desk chair as he switched on the monitor. Again he had a notification reading:

“Profile updated. Changes made to your profile are now visible to all and are highlighted for you to review”

“Please please may my profile be back to normal” he said as he shackily clicked the link to open up his profile:

Username: WilNY


Height: 6 ft

Weight: 280 pounds

Body Type: Bellied

Body hair: Smooth

Hair: White

Hair length: Average

Eyes: Brown

Facial hair: None

Preference: Gay - Top

Penis size: Large

Smoking: Never

Will opened his mouth to protest in some way but instead his voice was superseded by a loud belch. He felt a bubbling and grumbling sensation emanating from his midsection and felt that he was going to burp again. He quickly covered his mouth trying to stop any further belches from rising. He felt the grumbling and rumbling from his midsection increase in intensity, and managed to withhold his burps. Seconds later though he felt a loud deep fart escape his backside, resonating throughout the apartment for about 5 seconds. He felt stuffed, overstuffed to be exact. As he was leaning towards the computer screen, he suddenly felt his top half being pushed away from the screen, and found himself leaning backwards onto the back of the chair. He looked down at his midsection and saw that instead of the flat midsection he had seen in the mirror only moments ago there was a bulbous potbelly which was pulling at his shirt, stretching it. In shock, he removed his hand from his mouth to touch the potbelly that was now somehow attached to his body. As soon as he removed his hand he let out an even larger belch and watched in horror as in response his belly began to grow again this time right in front of his eyes. The shirt began to stretch and the buttons strained under the weight of the belly that was forming.

“PLEASE STOP!!!” he yelled at his own body.

“PLEASE FUCKING STOOOO UUUUUUUURRRRRRPPP” he tried to yell as his pleas were drowned with the biggest belch he had released so far.

Yet Will’s body denied his pleas and continued its transformation; the now substantial potbelly began to grow even faster, forming a round ball on Will’s midsection. It began to creep upwards, reaching right below Will’s chest. The buttons of the shirt began to pop in all directions, giving Will’s gut freedom to continue growing. Will could feel himself get heavier as the belly grew to form a massive ballgut that now dominated Will’s body. Will could even hear himself getting fatter, the sound resembling a balloon that had been overinflated and was stretching. Will gritted his teeth as he felt sudden pain on the sides of his gut and watched as red dashes appeared on the side of his gut as his skin lost the battle of trying to keep up with his expanding gut. As his ballgut grew it touched the computer desk and actually pushed Will’s chair backwards in an effort to obtain more space to grow. The sense of pressure continued to increase inside his gut to the point where he was feeling intense pain. He wondered if childbirth pains were similar; he certainly was looking the part. The pressure kept increasing and Will’s face became contorted with pain. Just when Will thought he would explode, he felt his shallow innie bellybutton turn inside out with a loud pop, forming a large outtie bellybutton. His belly began to slow down its growth until it completely stopped similar to a wild rampaging animal shot with a tranquiliser. He glanced down at the now beachball gut that dominated his frame, pinning him in place onto the chair. He touched his gut with both hands and was shocked at how rock hard it was. He tried moving it shifting it to the left and right, perhaps in an effort to separate it from his body, an effort to regain his former lean body; but to no avail. It was stuck on him. He was officially fat.

Will tried to get up using only his legs, but found himself unable to. He placed both his hands onto the desk chair arms, and hoisted himself up. He nearly lost his balance when get finally stood as his whole centre of gravity had changed. Regaining his posture, he walked over to the mirror to see what had happened to his body.

The first thing he noticed was the humongous gut that jutted out from him. He guessed it must have been about 52 inches in circumference. It formed a perfect sphere beginning from his chest, curving outwards and then finishing its perfect arc right above his crotch. He could feel the weight of his gut pulling him forward and down. To counter this Will threw back his shoulders with a low groan and arched his back which seemed to help but made his gut seem even bigger. Will also noticed that the rest of his body had also obtained a healthy layer of fat relieving him of his lanky look, with his arms and legs now no longer thin but with a normal size, and his face looked healthier. The fat had somewhat helped to smooth out some of the wrinkles on his face though they were still prominent. Below his jaw line he saw a faint double chin forming. He looked ridiculous he thought. The normal sized arms and legs attached to his bloated body made him seem like some caricature of a pregnant man. He placed his hands on the sides of his belly again this time feeling how sensitive the skin was. No wonder, he thought, his skin had stretched so much in the last couple of minutes. He was astounded by how hard his gut felt, almost like a piece of rock. He then explored his outtie bellybutton as it was a sensation completely alien to him. As his fingers passed over the bump of the bellybutton, he shuddered as he felt how sensitive and ticklish it was. He briefly tried sucking in the gut, giving the brief illusion that his gut was somewhat smaller, but he soon found himself unable to hold it in, and with an exhalation the gut grew again to its full glory.

“What the fuck is happening to me?!” he yelled at the mirror. “WHY is this happening to me?!” He simply could not comprehend how his body, the temple he took care of his whole life, would simply change like this in less than 24 hours. He felt lost as something which he had devoted so much time and effort in taking care of, had betrayed him in such a way.

Will was not about to give up though. “Fuck it I won’t eat all day. I WILL lose this and I WILL find a way to get back to normal. This can’t be permanent same way that it was done there MUST be a way to undo it” Just as the last words of the sentence left his mouth, he belched and farted another time, the feeling of being overstuffed never leaving him. Despite his determination, he felt exhausted by early evening. He couldn’t blame himself since his body had undergone so much and he was starving. He retired to his bedroom, a creaking sound emanating from the bed as he rested his massive weight on it and drifted to sleep

Day 3

Will awoke near to noon by the sound of his own loud belch. His sleep had not been a comfortable one as he had had to change the position in which he slept overnight. He was used to sleeping on his stomach face down with his cheek resting on a pillow, but his giant gut now got in the way; every time he tried to turn to rest on his stomach he found that the mass of his gut prevented him, and even when he did manage to rest on top of his gut he was prevented from breathing properly. As a result he had had to sleep on his back, his beer gut sticking out into the air. He must have snored he thought to himself. He remembered vaguely beginning to drift off to sleep and all his muscles in his throat relaxing and him beginning to snore. Not to mention that his throat was dry. He did not want to get up but did not want to stay in bed either, he felt that doing so would be admitting defeat. He rolled sideways and touched his feet on the ground and using his feet and arms on the mattress gained enough leverage to hoist his now heavy frame upwards from the bed, and then stand. He had slept naked, no piece of clothing he owned fit him.

Will put on his glasses and began to walk through the apartment to make his way to the living room. He noticed that despite his weight, he had more strength in his steps. Perhaps, he thought, with some of the fat that was added to him came some muscle. There was no other explanation, his lanky body from yesterday would not have been able to support all this weight. Will consciously sucked in his belly as much as he could, giving the illusion of a smaller sized gut. Yet despite this Will found that it was hard to get around the house, and he frequently forgot the heft that he now carried, often bumping into things. He thought about weighing himself, but he knew all too well that he was 280 pounds. That’s what it said on his profile. He did not understand how changes in a profile could affect him in real life. It simply did not make sense anymore.

Will walked to the living room where his computer was, noticing for the first time how his footsteps were now heavier. He stood in front of the mirror to survey yesterdays damage. There he was, old and fat with a gut stuck to his midsection crowned by a large outtie bellybutton and decorated with large red stretchmarks. Curiosity got the better of Will, and he decided to stop sucking in his gut and see how big he had truly become. Wil relaxed his abdominal muscles and saw his gut grow larger and rounder, jutting out further and further from his body reaching the size of a beachball. Despite him not eating anything the entire day yesterday his gut did not seem any smaller. In fact it may have looked slightly bigger than yesterday. But Will did not want to even consider the possibility of it being bigger than yesterday. Seeing himself with that giant gut in the mirror was haunting enough; to be even bigger than that would have been ludicrous. Oddly, even though he expected himself to feel empty since he had not fed himself anything the previous day, the overstuffed feeling never left him, which explained the continuous belching and farting he was now experiencing. Not wanting to look at himself anymore in this state, he turned away from the mirror, remembering to suck in his gut as much as he could.

Will went back to his bedroom and opened up the closet in an effort to find something, anything that would be able to conceal his large body. But after half an hour of digging through his designer shirts, t-shirts and pants, he gave up. There was simply nothing that would fit his huge frame. Will hopefully saw this as an opportunity to try and lose the weight. He knew that a trick fat people often fell for was buying bigger sized clothes. If he simply did not buy bigger sized clothes, then he would be forced to lose the weight. With a feeling of disappointment but also hopefulness, Will packed his clothes back into the closet and headed again for the living room.

As he entered the living room again he felt a cold breeze on the top of his head. Had he opened a window yesterday to let some fresh air in and forgot to close it? He simply could not remember. He went to the computer screen. He did not want to look, but he had to; he had a hunch that something was amiss. He lowered himself onto his desk chair, the chair creaking under the new heavy load it was subjected to. Will tried to bring himself as close to the screen as he could, or as much as his belly would allow him to. He found that his belly was getting in the way and that he had to type and use the mouse with outstretched arms. As he turned on the monitor he again was greeted by the familiar notice that his profile had been changed. He clicked on the profile:

Username: WilNY


Height: 6 ft

Weight: 260 pounds

Body Type: Bellied

Body hair: Hairy

Hair: White

Hair length: Bald

Eyes: Brown

Facial hair: Moustache

Preference: Gay - Top

Penis size: Large

Smoking: Never

The cold breeze he had felt on top of his head all of a sudden made sense as he moved a hand onto the top of his scalp and was greeted by the new feeling of smooth skin on the top. Through reflex he tried to jump from his chair and make his way to the mirror to see what had happened. He felt his body lift briefly from the chair only to be pinned down by his enormous gut and had to use both hands on the chair arms to hoist himself upwards, regain balance and then walk as quickly as his large body would allow him to the mirror. He gasped. The rich hair on his head was gone, replaced by a horseshoe fringe of brilliant white hair surrounding a bald dome of shiny skin. As he moved his shaking hand over the skin, he was amazed at how smooth the skin was and how the light reflected off it. No one would have guessed that the previous night his head was a full head of hair, albeit white. There was simply no sign of hair growth on the top of his scalp and it looked like hair had not grown on top of his head for ages.

He wanted to cry, feeling his eyes fill up at the image of the old bald fat man staring back at him in the mirror. As he nearly felt the barrier holding back the tears break, he was brought to his senses when he remembered what else he had seen on the profile.

“Oh god….. hairy…. a moustache” he whispered

No sooner than he had finished uttering the words, he felt a prickly sensation under his nose. He witnessed in shock as thick white hairs grew on his top lip, coalescing together to form a white moustache which grew thicker by the second. He felt the same prickly feeling in his nose as his now white nose hairs grew thicker and longer poking out of the bottom of his nostrils and meeting his moustache. It tickled him and he sneezed once. His ears were next as he noticed an eruption of thick white hairs emerging from his ears. It spread down his back and on his chest, as he noticed a forest of white hairs spreading over his chest, shoulders and back. The hairs were long and thick, causing swirls of white to appear over his skin. Under his armpits he noticed long white armpit hair begin to grow. As the prickly feeling travelled further down he expected the forest of hair to cover his entire belly next, but to his amazement his belly remained smooth and protruding for all to see. The last to succumb to the transformation was his once smooth crotch as it was enveloped by a forest of white pubic hair, making his cock look smaller. The prickly feeling dissipated, leaving his legs and arms smooth, typical of an older man.

Sadness made way to frustration which then evolved into anger:

“Fuck this!!” he shouted as he walked made his way to the bathroom. Opening up the cupboard and looking for his trimmer he muttered to himself:

“At least this CAN be reversed. Maybe I can’t lose the weight and maybe I can’t fix all this shit but this I CAN shave this fucking hair off”

He picked up the hair trimmers and turned them on and without a second thought passed them over his moustache, nose and ear hair, armpit hair, chest hair and pubic hair within minutes. With a little more effort he managed to get his back smooth again. Within minutes his body had no signs of the white hair that had suddenly grown in all the wrong places. Switching off the trimmers he looked at the mirror and smirked:

“Guess I won this battle” he exclaimed.

His eyes widened as he felt the same prickling sensation he had felt not more than half an hour ago, but this time it was stronger. He watched in horror as white bristly hair grew back wherever he had shaved. Not only that, he noticed, but they were thicker and denser, his moustache becoming even puffier and fuller, his back and chest hair thicker and denser and his pubic hair nearly concealed his cock. It would have been completely lost in the white bush he was now sporting had it not been for its huge size.

He threw the trimmer on the bench in anger. He gazed at the old, bald, fat hirsute man in the mirror looking back at him, and he could feel the tears forming and running down his cheeks as his bottled up frustration, desperation, anger and sadness that had accumulated over the past couple of days were released. He kneeled on the bathroom floor and cried till exhaustion, his sense of time lost between the tears. The last thing he remembered was laying down, completely exhausted on the bed to take a small nap. Everything had been taken from him, he thought. His youth, his good looks, his trim smooth body, his voluptuous hair. Sleep took him quickly.

Day 4

Will awoke the next morning to a tickling sensation down below. Putting on his glasses, he was greeted with the now familiar sight of the giant ball his former abs had become. He felt something prodding him below his gut, and heard an odd slapping sound. Reaching down towards his cock he realised that he had an erection, his large cock towering above the white thick bush of hair that had sprouted yesterday, and that it was hitting the bottom curve of his gut. Will was amazed at how his cock had a mind of its own, oblivious to the fact that the rest of Will had undergone a painful horrible transformation. Will was amazed at himself for even being able to think about sex at a time like this, but then again this was the only pleasurable sensation he had felt within the past 4 days and he wasn’t about to miss this chance. He grabbed his penis, wrapping its girth using his entire hand and began to stroke it, feeling the blood rush to his penis giving him a fuller raging hard on. He let out a soft moan. Gazing down he could only see the tip past his gut, a disappointment as he had always loved to marvel at the erect nine inch beast between his legs. He shifted his body in the bed, the bed protesting with a creaking sound as Will got into a better position to pleasure himself. He placed his other free hand on his chest and found his left nipple through the forest of white hair. He began to tweak it as he began to imagine the Will he had known fucking a nice smooth twink, one of the myriad that had given up their body to Will in the very same bedroom. Will began a faster and more rhythmic stroking of his cock, eager to climax and feel the euphoria of cumming that he was so addicted to. But no matter what, Will could not bring himself to climax.

“Looks like I am going to need some reinforcements” he said panting.

Rolling to the side and heaving himself up he made his way to the living room, his erect penis pointing the way and the rest of his fat old body following. He went to the TV and DVD player, and turning on the DVD player pressed play, his TV now blazing the images of a porn that he had been watching a coupe pf days ago.

Will went to the couch and rested his weary heavy body. A neon yellow dildo was laying on the couch and he shoved it aside. It was not for him but for pleasuring the any young twink that sucked him off. He would use the dildo to tease and penetrate their ass while they sucked him off; pleasuring them but also loosening them up for what would come after. He wondered if he would ever get to use it on a twink again, he wondered if he would be lucky enough to ever get sucked again.

He got into a comfortable position, and placed both his feet on the coffee table in front, and began gazing at the screen. It was a young twink, smooth, blond and virile who was a pizza delivery guy; he was being fucked by a smooth and muscled Arab hunk. Will felt his cock slam against the underside of his gut again and fondled his way to grab his cock and began to stroke it. He looked at the Arab man penetrating the young twink’s ass, and remembered how good it felt every single time he had invaded a twink’s ass. He imagined himself now fucking the twink in front of him. He felt his breathing become shallower, and his heart began to race. His free left hand began tweaking his left nipple again, and he could feel the veins in his cock pumping blood to his member. He began stroking his cock harder, faster again. He could see the twink being invaded from behind, the expression of pain and pleasure on his face adding to Will’s fantasy. Within a minute Will could feel himself about to climax. He opened his mouth to moan:

“Fuu…. fuuuck me!!” he whimpered.

Will gasped and was shocked at what he had just said. There was no way he meant to utter those words, yet they had escaped his lips. Not wanting to lose his hard on Will concentrated again on the screen, this time beating his cock even harder and faster. He tried envisoning himself fucking not only the blonde twink, but any twink that he could remember making him cum in his past. A slew, a parade of gorgeous men with gorgeous bodies passed through his mind, remembering how he had fucked them all with a huge nine incher that made them gasp for more. Minutes passed yet no matter what he did Will was simply unable to climax. He felt his cock began to soften in his hand. Not willing to lose the battle, Will let go of his cock and placed his other hand on his other nipple and began tweaking it, his full attention on the screen where the Arab man had now turned the twink on his back and was fucking him while kissing him.

“Oh yeah” he whispered as his hands kept on tweaking his nipples. He began to feel a warm sensation down where his crotch was and cracked a faint smile. He knew his cock would never let him down. It was all simply a matter of the psychological stress he was under, he had never had erection problems before and assured himself that he never would. He removed his right hand from his nipple and reached below his gut to grab his erect cock. What he grasped though was air. He moved his hand left and right and realised it was suddenly difficult to locate his cock, his hand having to explore the area close to the underside of his gut, closer and closer to his crotch. He felt the thick bush of white pubic hair that crowned his crotch but still no sign of his cock. He lowered his hand even more when suddenly he then felt something in between his crotch hairs.

“Oh God” he whispered. “Anything but that”

Will gulped as his hand explored the tiny protrusion inside his crotch hair and realised that the small protrusion was what was left of his large penis. His penis had shrunk immensely; he couldn’t see the damage due to his large gut, but he felt that his cock was now a full 2 inches erect. Will touched the head of the penis and it felt immensely sensitive.

His immediate reaction was to want to get off the couch and see with his own eyes the change that had happened to his penis. But something kept him pinned to the couch. Will placed his thumb and index finger on his small penis and began to stroke it rhythmically. He didn’t want to continue this, but he had to. He had not felt any pleasurable sensation in the last four days, and his current pleasure was keeping him and restraining him from investigating what horrible transformation he had undergone again. Will gazed at the TV screen at the Arab hunk fucking the twink and continued to stroke his minute cock with his two fingers. Yet no matter what he tried, his cock would become soft, withering in his grasp. He closed his eyes and tried again, managin to make his cock hard again. He was trying to imagine himself in the place of the Arab hunk fucking the twink, when a flash of images entered his brain. Images where he was the bottom, where his hole was being invaded and he was being fucked raw. He felt envious of the lucky twink being fucked by such a gorgeous man. His cock tensed, becoming harder. He tried to clear his mind of the invading thoughts and concentrate on imagining how wonderful it would be to be fucking the young twinks ass. Yet his cock became limp and flaccid again. Within seconds the thought of him being fucked returned, stronger and more vivid. His cock sprang to the full 2 inches again in his fingers.

He could feel a new sensation in his behind as his asshole began to throb, now wanting to feel the sweet pain of being penetrated. Will shifted his massive frame on the couch, trying desperately to grind his ass on the couch and appease his lust from behind. The throbbing intensified to the point where it was actually becoming unbearable. His breathing became shallower and his heart beat intensified as the need for filling his hole became greater and greater. His one hand reached over to the neon coloured dildo that was on the couch. He did not want to, but his body was not responding to his thoughts. He placed the dildo on his asshole. The touch was electric, and he let loose a low moan. His free hand proceeded to begin to increase the pressure on the dildo. Will could feel his hole tensing, it had never before experienced anything like this and his reflex was to tense his ass muscles. His free hand continued to push though, and in the end his sphincter muscle gave way and he pushed the dildo inside him. He felt his asshole engulf the dildo and he let out a yell and curled his toes as he felt the pain shoot through him

“Oh god… fuck me… please” he whimpered again.

He felt his insides opening up, making way for the large dildo now invading him. Part of him did not want to do this, he was no bottom. Part of him was begging for the release, for the one good feeling that he would feel throughout this ordeal. He began rocking himself on the dildo his large beergut swaying in respomse, watching the arab muscle man tear into the boys ass, and all Will could think about was how lucky the twink was. With one hand placed on the dido in his ass his other free hand went to his minute cock which was now erect again. Will stroked his cock rhythmically to the motions of the Arab man fucking the twink, and as if in synch with the porn movie, as the couple began to climax, Will let out a low yell as he felt himself climax. He felt his muscles tense up and squinted his eyes in anticipation of the buckets of cum his cock produced each time. But his climax peaked, and all his cock mustered was a drop or two of cum which fell on his large beergut. Will let go of his tiny cock, and with a feeling of discomfort, removed the dildo from his ass, and chucked it to the side of the couch. He sat for a while on the couch, spent, flooded by feelings of pain, pleasure, relief and guilt. Cumming had taken a much greater toll on him compared to what is used to, and he felt exhausted. He simply felt like falling asleep on the couch.

He lifted himself up from the couch, and walked over to the mirror to check out what had happened to his penis. His gaze drifted below the bald head, below the hairy chest and giant gut to his crotch. He saw a thick white bush of crotch hair beneath his gut. He used the mirror to place his hand where his cock was supposed to be. He searched deeper and then used both hands to part the pubic hair in the middle, revealing the small head of his penis situated amongst the hairs. Looking at it he realised he had guessed correctly, there was no way this penis would be anything more than 2 inches fully erect. He fondled further down, and located his testicles which seemed to have also shrunk. He could easily hold both of them in the palm of his hand.

He wanted to react, but he simply couldn’t. He was simply too exhausted his climax had taken a huge toll on him. He felt sleepy and he realised that he would probably never be a top again. His dickie would never be able to enter someone else ass, he thought, and even if it did he simply did not the want or need to penetrate someone. He felt guilty for having succumbed to the fantasies that had invaded his mind. He turned away from the mirror and walked towards the bedroom stopping by the bathroom on his way.

Entering the bathroom, Will did his best to try and avoid looking at the mirror. He stood in front of the toilet and aimed his penis in an effort to urinate. But Will realised that urinating like this was going to be a challenge from now on. Despite his gut, his previously large cock had allowed him to feel and aim towards the toilet properly. Now with his tiny dick, it was nearly impossible. Will tried a couple of times to aim properly, but it was simply impossible and the result was him only making a mess. Cleaning it up Will admitted defeat and sat his rotund figure on the toilet. As he sat on the toilet he felt the weight of his ballgut rest on his legs. “How emasculating” he whispered as he urinated, before heading to the bedroom. Will drifted off to sleep within seconds.

Day 5

Will awoke, horny again like yesterday, but he refused to touch himself. He had spent the rest of the day feeling guilty to succumbing to the lust that had taken over him yesterday. He had vowed right before going to bed that he would never repeat it. He rolled off his bed, and walked to the living room. He had decided that he would not check to see the computer today. He had had enough of being toyed with by a simple machine or whatever force it was behind his life changing transformations. He sat at the TV, his now large frame taking up more space than what he was used to taking up, and with the remote in hand resting on his gut flicked through channel after channel. The day seemed to pass and nothing happened. Will hoped inside that his long journey had come to an end, that he would be left alone to come to terms with all that had happened. He wondered however how could he ever manage something like that. Within 4 days he had gone from a handsome young 26 year old, with a wonderful body and strikingly good looks, to an old fat balding hairy man. How could he ever come to terms with something like this?

Morning turned to lunch time and lunch time turned to evening. Still nothing from the computer he thought. And within four days he had eaten almost nothing. Yet the overstuffed feeling still would not leave him. His gut was exactly the same size and was not shrinking.

He heard a different ping coming from the computer this time. He sat down on the computer and put on his glasses. As he flicked on the monitor he was greeted by a new message on the website. This one though was however different.

“You personal statement has been edited and changes to it are now visible to you and members of the site”

As he clicked on the profile to open it, something told Will that this was not going to be good. As he opened his profile, he saw the altered personal stats, the stats that one by one upon their altering, had transformed him into what he has become.

His eyes drifted lower to the personal statement. There was a lot more there than what he had written. As soon as his eyes laid sight upon the first word, he began to read the statement out loud.

“An older gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life. Retired professor of Political studies from the UK recently moved to New York, I am always up for good conversation. Anything that involves politics, economy and current affairs is right up my alley” As Will read this he could feel the contents of his mind being rewritten, as knowledge and memories filled his head. He remembered being born in the UK and graduating and moving on to become a university professor. Memories filled his head of years of endless lectures in politics that he had delivered, as he spent most of his life teaching, becoming through the years wiser and older. He remembered retiring from his job once he hit 62 and wanting to move to the USA. His love for web designing and art were simply deleted, and replaced with a love for politics, economics and current affairs. His knowledge of the hottest new designs and trends in web design were negated, filled with knowledge and wisdom. His aggressive stance and headstrong attitude were simply removed, and Will felt himself become much more complacent and passive in his attitude.

A small voice was ringing in Will’s head, warning him to simply turn off the monitor and walk away, but Will as if in a trance continued to read in a now heavy British accent

“If I had to describe a weakness of mine it would have to be good food. I love cooking and eating out. I am a big chap with a big appetite which I am completely comfortable with. A man without a belly is a house without furniture I always say” As Will read this his feeling of feeling overstuffed was gone and was replaced by a feeling of content. Memories began to flow into Will’s mind of endless dinners and buffets where each and everytime he would stuff himself, filling his giant gut to the max. He leaned back in his chair and gazed down at the belly he was still sucking in. He felt his abdominal muscles automatically begin to relax, and he watched as his round gut grew bigger and bigger rising higher and rounder. His gut grew to form the beachball that he had first laid eyes on a couple of days ago. He then felt his gut begin to grow even bigger. A feeling of pride filled him as he placed both hands on his round gut, the feeling of its gigantic growing mass erotic. He began to rub his gut, his hands brushing through the hairy chest, tracing the arc of his belly reaching down to his outtie bellybutton. He rubbed the outline of his bellybutton with his middle finger. He saw the bright red stretchmarks turn from crimson to a deep purple, and then faded into a white colour that matched his skin, giving the impression that the stretchmarks had been there for a long time. Will traced the stretchmarks down the sides of his gut with pride, like a warrior reminiscing of the time he received a battle wound. His gut stopped growing, now even bigger than what it had started out as. He sat back in his chair fat and content.

“I need to get something to eat soon. I am absolutely famished” he declared as he patted his gut.

Will continued to read

“I am a gentleman who is looking for another gentleman fellow. A chap within my own age range. Younger men hold no interest to me and they have nothing to offer me. I prefer men with a big appetite for lengthy conversations, and good food. What I am looking for is friendship and a potential a monogamous relationship. Hirsute, heavy, and bald men are my ideal” As the words echoed through Will’s mouth he felt again the contents of his mind being rewritten. The first to go was his taste in men. He suddenly found himself appalled by younger twinks. Younger men were silly, they could not hold a conversation and engaged in sex like it was washing the dishes. Older men were so much more attractive he thought. They could hold a proper interesting conversation and could stimulate his mind. Not to mention what a turn on they were from their huge bellies, to their gorgeous white hair. And he loved it if a man was bald and wore glasses. It made them look all the more sophisticated he thought as he ran a hand over his bald dome and exclaimed

“If I do say so myself” and chuckled to himself as he read on

“In bed I assume a passive role. I try everything to please the one I am copulating with. Please do not ask me assume a more dominant top role. It is simply not in my nature”

As he read this the next thing to go was his urge for being a top. His mind’s contents were rewritten and he now accepted and remembered being a complete small dicked bottom all his life. He remembered all his past relations, both long and short term ones, all of whom had eventually fucked him. Will’s sphincter muscle became more tender and sensitive, and reflecting the years of penetrative anal sex it had been subdued to, lots its firm elasticity becoming wider and loose. As Will remembered his past encounters, he felt his tiny dickie become erect.

“I will have to take care of that tiny fellow in a bit” he whispered as he leaned in to read the last line in the profile.

“Thank you for taking the time to read this. Wilbur”

The echoing of the word Wilbur was the final stroke. Will’s identity, like a cracked piece of glass that was dealt the final blow, simply shattered and faded from existence. The voice that struggled to resist simply faded away. The last remnants of what was Will, the 26 year old male looking for sex, and all hopes and dreams, vanished and were replaced by those of the 62 year old gentleman he had become. Will was no more. There was only Wilbur.

The drastic rewriting of his mind proved too much and he fainted, his head tilting back. It was as if someone had simply turned the lights off.

A couple of minutes later Wilbur opened his eyes and exclaimed:

“Good heavens” he said. “I must have dozed off in front of the computer. Lord knows all this technology is taxing on this old goat”.

He regained his posture and placing his hands on the chair’s arms, hoisted his huge bulk from the chair. He stood up and began to walk around the room naked, surveying his surroundings, his giant gut jutting out from his body and leading the way. Before he could wonder where he was, memories began to fill his head again. Memories of him coming to NY to settle down and retire and of finding this apartment at a good price. He remembered the landlord telling him that the previous tenant had just upped and left leaving some things behind and that Wilbur could buy the place at a lower price if he disposed of the previous tennant’s things himself.

Looking at the furniture found in the living room, Wilbur shook his head disapprovingly.

“No no, this simply will not do” he muttered. The bright colours found everywhere, on the curtains, modern furniture and abstract paintings were an eyesore to Wilbur. They could never suit a man his age. He walked through the entire apartment each room receiving a disapproving shaking of the head, and Wilbur began to make plans of redecorating the flat. He certainly had enough money since his retirement. The only room that was mildly satisfactory was the bathroom. As Wilbur examined the bathroom, he noticed a small scale in the corner and seized the opportunity to step and weigh himself. He glanced down to try and read the numbers, but found that his large gut obstructed his view. He stepped off the scale and moved a bit back till the numbers were visible.

“280. Wonderful” he exclaimed patting his 60 inch gut as he walked off to look at the rest of the house.

The next 5 days:

For the next 5 days Wilbur kept himself very busy. Using his computer the first thing he did was to use his credit card to order some new clothes fitting for a fine gentleman like himself. Suits, shirts, suspenders, briefs, everything that was essential for a man his age was delivered to his door. The next thing was him ordering food from an online supermarket company that did home deliveries. He replaced the yoghurt bars and cereal snacks and oatmeal packs that filled the kitchen cupboards with more fattening and energy rich foods; he had to maintain his figure after all. The next thing he set his mind to was remodeling the house. He arranged for a moving company to get rid of any furniture which he deemed unsuitable and replaced it with furniture more appropriate for his age. Brown leather couches replaced the bright blue couches, and grey curtains now adorned the windows instead of the previous hideous bright orange curtains. With everything done Wilbur spent his days inside his house, happy with his decision to move to the US.

It was during one of these days that Wilbur heard a beeping sound originating from his computer. He moved his rotund body to the computer and put on his spectacles. Turning on the monitor he saw that he had received a message from the gay website he was a member of. It was from a member named HarOLD_Man

“Good evening. I came across your profile and thought I would say hello to you. Looking at your stats you seem to have amazing features and I think we have a lot in common”.

Wilbur felt a sense of Deja Vu. Why did he feel that he had spoken to this person before? But he quickly shrugged the feeling off. There was simply no way that could have happened. Opening up the profile Wilbur saw that HarOLD_Man seemed to fit exactly what Wilbur was looking for. He was 63, weighed 330 pounds, was bald with white hair, and was a top. His interests were politics, economics and all current affairs. This was simply too good to be true Wilbur thought and wasted no time in replying.

“I am very glad you did dear fellow. I have to say you have a very interesting profile yourself. Seems that we do indeed share many features and interests. How are you this fine morning? My name is Wilbur pleasure to make your acquaintance”. Within a minute he got a reply.

“My name is Harold and the pleasure is all mine believe me. I am fine at home relaxing in front of the computer. So tell me about yourself Wilbur”

The messages went back and forth between the two men for hours. Wilbur gave his life story to Harold, from being a professor in the UK to moving to the US after retiring. It seemed that Harold had also been in academia, and had retired lately as well. Wilbur was amazed as the conversation went on at how clever Harold was, and how many things they had in common. He could feel himself becoming enamored with his character. The conversation took a turn for politics and economics. Wilbur stated at some point:

“It is quite a shame that we can’t have this conversation in person. You seem to have a riveting personality and would love to hear more about your opinions”

Harold replied: “That can be arranged. Are you doing anything tonight? I could easily come and continue this discussion in person with you”.

Wilbur wasted no chance in accepting the invitation to meet up. He invited Harold to his place for a drink and conversation that very same night.

That evening, a couple of minutes before their arranged meeting time, Wilbur was standing in front of the mirror. He was surveying his attire and looks to make sure that he looked as good as he could for Harold. He took it all in. The bald shiny dome surrounded by a horseshoe fringe of white hair. His eyes moved lower to the wrinkled face with the bulbuous nose with white nostril hair coming out, the large ears with white hairs poking out, and the large thick moustache that crowned his lips. He moved further down and was amazed at the amount of back hair and chest hair that was poking through his collar. He moved further down to his gut. Wilbur looked at his belly, curving out from his chest and forming a perfect 60 inch sphere that stretched in front of him. He marvelled at the size of his beergut, contained by the buttons on his white shirt. He placed both hands on the sides of his gut, and slowly brought them forward to the edge of his gut, and then continued feeling his way down to his belt.

“Wilbur you handsome devil you. Let’s hope Harold thinks the same”

The shirt contained his massive gut well, though the buttons were beginning to strain. It seemed that American food had increased Wilbur’s girth much to his delight. That morning his scales had read 293 pounds. However he had bought the shirt when he was 280 pounds, and the increase in girth was straining his shirt buttons.

“Too late to do anything about it now I suppose”

No sooner had he uttered those words, that the doorbell rang and Wilbur opened the door to be greeted by the sight of Harold. Harold looked like a true gentleman. He was about Wilbur’s height, with much darker skin. He had a handsome face crowned by a horseshoe fringe of brilliant white. He had striking blue eyes, complemented by a walrus moustache. Looking down Wilbur saw that he was wearing a white shirt which concealed a ballgut which was bigger than even Wilburs. His shirt and pants were all neatly pressed and ironed. He looked amazing.

Wilbur I presume? asked Harold

" Yes of course you must be Harold" replied Wilbur and wasted no time in inviting Harold into the house.

Wilbur led Harold to the living room where they sat on the couch and began talking and drinking. Harold was much more than what Wilbur had initially taken in. He was not only handsome but he was an incredibly intelligent man, and stimulated Wilbur’s brain throughout the conversation. They talked politics, economics.

Wilbur found himself more and more enamoured with Harold. He was simply too good to be true. He found himself eating a fair amount of the chips and other treats he had served in his stress.

At one point Harold observed a painting on the far wall and walked towards it. Wilbur followed feeling his bloated gut straining against his shirt, and regretting eaten so much during the conversation. As Harold was looking at a painting, he marvelled at the brush strokes, the use of colours, and asked who the painter was. Wilbur raised his hand to adjust his glasses and raised his hand higher to place his finger on the name of the painter to read it out.As soon as he did this, he heard two popping sounds from below. He realised with horror that he had just popped the two bottom buttons of his shirt. He blushed immediately. His bloated gut was now free of restrained and was now exposed peeking through his shirt.

“I am so sorry Harold this has never happened before” he explained as he tried to push the ends of the shirt together. In his confusion he failed to see Harold’s hand simply move past his arms and onto his shiny smooth belly. The feeling was electrifying and he found himself letting out a small gasp.

“Don’t worry about it Wilbur. It just happens with men of our age and weight. No need to feel embarassed” Wilbur felt better, but noticed that Harold’s hand did not move away. Instead it moved along his gut, tracing a trail along his gut. Wilbur closed his eyes in pure pleasure. He only opened them when he felt another emotion on his belly, as if something was pressing into it. He opened his eyes and saw Harold standing belly to belly with him, Harold’s belly pressing onto Wilbur’s belly.

“You excite me” stated Harold.

Wilbur simply stated “Thank you. You are too kind”

No sooner had he said that, Harold leaned in to kiss Wilbur. He felt Harolds moustache blend with his own, as their lips touched. Harold was a good kisser, exploring Wilbur’s mouth and sending waves of pleasure all the way down.

“Where is the bedroom?” asked Harold.

“It’s the second door on the left” stated Wilbur.

“You go on ahead I will be right there” said Harold.

Once inside the two men kissed again. Harold took off his shirt revealing a gut considerably bigger than Wilbur’s, and unlike Wilbur’s was covered from top to bottom with white swirls of hair, an outtie bellybutton poking between the hairs.

Harold took off his pants, revealing white keyhole briefs. Wilbur caught sight of Harold’s erect member, and guess it must have been about nine inches erect. Harold took off his briefs and surely enough a nine inch erect penis was uncovered.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Very much so” Wilbur exclaimed and he undressed himself as well. He could feel his small dick standing erect at a full two inches. He could feel his anus throbbing with want as he gazed and approached Harold. He marvelled at the size of Harold’s member, and felt slightly embarrassed at the minuscule size of his own. He wondered what it felt like to have such a huge penis.

“I am sorry I don’t have much to offer on the phallic department” said Wilbur

“No matter, I have enough for both of us” stated Harold as he fondled Wilbur’s small penis. “Besides I find men with a small penis very arousing”

Harold kissed Wilbur once again, then put slight pressure on his shoulders, lowering him downwards towards Harold’s gut. Harold pushed his gut out and brought Wilbur’s face to his gut. Wilbur began kissing and licking at the giant man gut, tracing its curves with his tongue, taking a moment to flick his tongue a couple of times over Harold’s outtie. Harold then sat down on the bed and opened his legs exposing his rock hard cock. Wilbur knew what to do. He got on all fours his giant gut touching the floor and began sucking on Harold’s cock. Wilbur could feel Harold’s hand on his head stroking his bald dome, the feeling electric. Harold pushed on the back of Wilbur’s head and Wilbur deepthroated Harold’s cock. Wilbur wanted to taste every single inch of this man and fought his gag reflex.

“I hope you don’t mind I found this by the side of the couch” said Harold as he took the neon-yellow dildo and placed it on Wilbur’s asshole. Wilbur felt the dildo go in and let out a low moan. The feeling of him being on all fours, his huge ballgut touching the ground and rocking with Wilbur’s movements as he was filled from both sides was intense. He wanted to touch his own cock but knew that he would never be able to reach it in his current position with his gut in the way.

Harold then pulled Wilbur’s head away from his crotch and motioned for him to get on the bed. Wilbur lay on his back on the bed. Harold stood up and lifted Wilbur’s thin legs upwards, as much as Wilbur’s belly would allow him to and rested them on his shoulders. Harold came closer to Wilbur, and lifted his gigantic gut and placed it on top of Wilbur’s. He then placed his cock on Wilbur’s asshole. Wilbur shuddered, he wanted this so badly.

“Are you ready?” inquired Harold

“Yes” stated Wilbur.

“Beg me to enter you” requested Harold

“Please, I want you inside me” begged Wilbur.

Harold began to increase the pressure and Wilbur felt his asshole stretch and engulf Harold’s cock. With one thrust, Harold’s massive cock entered Wilbur as Wilbur let a loud moan escape from his lips. He felt the nine inch penis enter deeper and Harold’s massive figure come close to his own. Harold began to thrust in an out, his massive cock entering deeper and deeper into Wilbur. Wilbur began to moan uncontrollably. He loved the sensation of having Harold inside him. He could feel Harold’s gut sliding against his own gut the two massive mounds of fat rubbing against each other; Harold’s hairy gut tickling Wilbur’s smooth one. Wilbur moaned:

“Oh yes fuck me”

“Beg me” demanded Harold with a slight grin on his face.

“Please I beg you fuck me Harold” begged Wilbur.

With a smile on his face Harold proceeded to fuck Wilbur with even more zeal and intensity. The bed creaked loudly as Harold pounded Wilbur again and again. Both men’s guts rocked backwards and forwards with the thrusting motions of Harold. Wilbur began tweaking his one nipple with one hand. The other rubbed Wilbur’s own gut and then began to explore Harold’s furry gut as he ran it through the dense belly and chest hair, tracing the arc of Harold’s gut. The sheer size and might of Harold awed him; he resembled a wild beast the way he was fucking him. Wilbur could feel himself getting close to climaxing and he was not even touching his cock; Harold was simply hitting all the right spots.

“I think I am going to cum” moaned Wilbur

“Beg me to make you cum” yelled Harold.

“Please make me cum” yelled Wilbur

Wilbur could contain it no more. The feeling of Harold’s cock inside him, of Harold’s massive gut rubbing on his own, and the sight of the hairy bald fat man fucking him was too much. He felt his entire body surrender to the man fucking him and the emotions he was creating in him. He felt himself climax and moaned loudly as he came, feeling a small amount of cum coat the bottom part of his gut. As Wilbur climaxed, Harold felt Wilbur’s asshole tighten and began thrusting even harder, bringing himself to a climax and with a loud yell began to unleash torrents of cum inside Wilbur. Wilbur felt the warm cum pouring into him and filling him. He placed his hands on his gut, savouring the warm feeling emanating within and the feeling of belonging to Harold.

Panting, Harold withdrew his cock from Wilbur, Wilbur already longing for the next time he would be filled again. Harold lay next to Wilbur both men exhausted and their bellies touching each other. Harold kissed him.

“I think we may have the beginning of something wonderful” exclaimed Harold as he stroked Wilbur’s gut.

“I think so too” stated Wilbur.

The two men kissed.

“Life is good” Wilbur thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep next to his new companion.

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