The Mountain Cabin

By Willie Cici
published July 3, 2018

Eric finds refuge in the woods …

The autumn chill of October slowly crept into the wood-frame cabin perched atop Kelly Mountain in Elkins. Slowly, Eric turned his face away from the piercing sunlight that invaded his southern exposure bedroom. He so enjoyed the comfortable bed of the cabin that he did not want to rise, but the sun would not have him idle. He lumbered out of bed and stood before the vertical two-pane window, staring at the forest as it blanketed the hilltop all the way to the winding stream at the base of the property. (To see Eric, click here). He yawned and stretched his muscled frame. He almost never slept without some clothes, pajamas, shorts, sweats, anything, but not at the cabin. Eric wanted the fresh, crisp air to seep into his pores and his soul.

Three years ago –

Eric Jackson loaded his Jeep Wrangler and headed down the driveway of his suburban townhouse. He could not wait to reach the Kelly Mountains Campground, only two hours or so away from his suburban nightmare. From his home near Maurertown, he could hop on Interstate-81 and then take US 33 all the way to the Kelly Mountains.

Eric hated his office job, and truly hated his daily, forty-minute commute to Winchester. He tolerated all of it because his income now afforded him a lifestyle where he could enjoy the fruits of his education and labor. Eric grew up working poor. His dad and he took advantage of the outdoors, making it their playground. He still enjoyed his time outdoors, preferring to live his days working his old landscaper’s job. As he ventured down the highway, Eric scratched his beard. Long enough to be manly, short enough to tickle, Eric had only recently sported a beard. The women of his office insisted that it did not help his appearance. Eric did not care for their opinion. He wanted a beard and liked what he saw in the mirror every morning.

When he reached the campgrounds exit off of US 33, Eric opened the windows of his Jeep and let the brisk mountain air fill his lungs. With practically no traffic, Eric reached the campgrounds before 11am. He could pitch his tent and enjoy the remainder of the day. As he slowly approached the campgrounds gate, Eric greeted the attendant. “Do you have a reservation?”

“Yeah.”, Eric said. He handed the attendant a printout confirming his reservation.

“Very good, Mr. Jackson. Do you mind the lakeside?”

“No. That’s what I booked.”, Eric said.

“Oh, because some campers prefer …”, the attendant said.

“No. I’m good.” Eric drove through the gate and parked his vehicle in the adjacent parking lot. The oversized pick-up truck parked nearby sported a weird collection of bumper stickers: sports, NRA support, and a multi-colored rainbow. Eric shook his head. He was not a homophobe. Eric just wanted ‘those people’ to disappear. He retrieved his gear, strapped it to his back and began the trek to the lakeside space where Eric would pitch his tent and set up camp for the long weekend. The tent resembled an igloo but made of water-resistant fabric that kept Eric free from the elements. He only suffered one storm in all his years of camping. Even in that storm, Eric remained dry and safe. When he finished arranging and securing the tent, Eric returned to his jeep to retrieve some supplies and his fishing tackle.

As he returned to his tent, Eric spotted a man resting against a large oversized oak tree. At first, Eric though the man was in distress. As he drew closer, Eric was horrified to find, not one man, but two men in the woods, one his shirt opened and trousers at his ankles, the other, wearing a scant pair of underwear, kneeling and sucking the other man’s cock. The man leaning against the tree moaned as the other man pleasured the man with his warm, wet mouth. (To see the men in the woods, click here). Shocked and disgusted, Eric retreated and took another path to his tent. “At least I had the decency to fuck Diane in the tent. Bitches in heat.”, Eric muttered to himself, his disdain for gays evidenced in his tone. When he returned to the tent, Eric assembled his fishing gear and headed for the lake where he intended to spent the rest of the day listening to the late afternoon ball game, enjoy some beers and maybe catch some wayward fish.

The next morning, Eric rose early and decided to go for a swim. He loved the quiet of the morning hours. For some reason, the lake did not attract the early-bird fishermen. That left the lake for him and others to enjoy without disturbing the fishermen. He donned a pair of jammers, grabbed a towel and headed for the lake. As Eric plunged into the cool pristine waters, he felt the welcome respite from unseasonably humid temperatures.

After his swim, Eric returned to the tent and dressed for a hike. He made sure to pack enough water, given the heat. Around 4pm, as Eric returned to his tent after his hike, he saw something unexpected. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. His eyes had not deceived him: it was a naked man, walking in the forest, wearing nothing but hiking boots. Eric scratched his head. “Where did he come from?”, he thought. He then remembered the pick-up truck. “Man, I hope it’s not some faggot set to ruin my weekend.” (To see the naked man walking in the forest, click here).

Suddenly, the naked man turned around. He faced Eric and shook his head. “Son of a bitch. He heard me.” Eric shook his head. “I’ve got to learn to shut my fucking mouth.” He hustled towards the naked man who had not moved. Eric caught up to the naked man and said, “Are you okay?” The naked man did not respond. “Did someone steal your clothes?” Again, the naked man said nothing. It left Eric feeling a bit disconcerting and annoyed. “Why are you naked?”, Eric asked.

“The sun, the wind and the air demand it.”, the naked man said. His voice thundered with a deep basso profundo, a manly tone. “You should obey the sun, the wind and the air.”

“I’d rather keep my clothes on.”, Eric replied.

“No. I don’t think you do.”, the naked man retorted. He raised his arms to the heavens as if in prayer, lowered them and said, “Awata matawa.” The calm on the naked man’s face unnerved Eric. Inexplicably, Eric began to undress, first his t-shirt, then his shorts, removing everything except, like the naked man, his socks and hiking boots. The naked man smiled. “How do you feel?”

“I don’t know.”, Eric replied. “But … the sun, the wind, the air demand it.” Eric noticed that the tone of his voice had deepened, resembling the naked man’s voice.

The naked man nodded ‘yes’. “We are children of the sun, the wind and the air. Take my hand.” The naked man extended his hand. Eric clasped the man’s hand. The unlikely duo walked in the shadows of the forest, keeping close to each other, making sure that no one saw them. For hours, until sundown, Eric and the naked man walked, enjoying the sun, the wind and the air.

Finally, the couple reached Eric’s tent. In the clearing, the men raised their eyes to the heavens, gazing upon the full moon, its reddish glow casting an eerie feel. “Red sky at night – lover’s delight.” Eric did not understand the naked man’s observation or his comment. The naked man knelt and crawled into Eric’s tent and removed his hiking boots and socks. Eric followed the naked man into the tent. The naked man, reclined upon his back, wiggled his cock in Eric’s face. “Red sky at night – lover’s delight.”, the naked man said again. Eric watched the naked man’s cock. It sparkled, like a light piercing a crystal prism. How it was so, Eric did not know. Eric leaned over and licked the naked man’s dickhead. The naked man smiled, as did Eric. He kissed the naked man’s dickhead. As he did, Eric felt a jolt, something like an electric shock. A bright white light emitted from the naked man’s cock and filled the tent with a warm muted hue. In a flash, Eric swallowed the naked man’s cock, down to the base of the shaft. Eric’s jaw glowed as the light filled his mouth and throat. He bobbed on the naked man’s cock for minutes. His body felt the pleasure of orgasm as long as he kept the naked man’s cock in his mouth. Finally, the naked man climaxed, cum sliding down Eric’s throat. Eric tried to spit the cum, but the naked man forced his head down, forcing Eric to swallow. As the creamy goo slid down his gullet and filled his belly, Eric’s eyes blazed with a light show of rainbow colors. When the flash of multi-colored lights ended, the naked man released Eric’s mouth from his cock.

“Awata matawa.”, Eric said. The naked man smiled. He bid Eric to lay on his back. As Eric reclined, the naked man kissed and licked Eric’s cock. The naked man stroked Eric’s throbbing member. With every stroke, Eric felt a wave of energy. Eric’s eyes bulged when the naked man’s fist could not cover the length of his semi-hard shaft. As blood engorged his member, Eric could swear that his length and girth had increased. “Impossible.”, he thought to himself.

“Not impossible.”, the naked man replied, as if he read Eric’s mind. The naked man opened his mouth and swallowed Eric’s growing cock. Eric gasped and howled, making a noise that sounded like a song. The naked man smiled as heard Eric’s song and the song of his brothers as they delighted in the glow of the red moon.

The following morning, Eric opened his eyes. He turned his head and stared at the naked man who shared his tent last night. He could feel the warmth of the naked man’s body, his thick morning wood buried in his ass. Eric closed his eyes and pumped his ass upon the man’s hard cock. Soon, the man awoke, realizing what Eric was doing. The man pumped his rock-hard cock in Eric’s ass, satisfying Eric’s wants. Eric stroked his cock, keeping rhythm with the man’s back-and-forth motion. Finally, the two men moaned and wailed, as each experienced the first climax of the day. Eric turned and faced his lover. “Good morning.”, Eric said, his voice still trembling from the force of his orgasm.

The man said nothing at first. He only smiled. “Do you cum here often?”, he said. The two lovers laughed and kissed. Their kisses sparked another explosion of sex.

Eric crept out of the tent and stood basking in the sunlight. He waved to the man, who remained in the tent. Eric stood proud, naked and slightly erect, the blood slowly receding from his engorged member. (To see Eric, click here). Naked and alive, Eric walked towards the edge of the nearby lake and dove into the chilly mountain waters. “I am a child of the sun, the wind and the air.”, Eric sang. His song resounded throughout forest and echoed in the valley.

When Eric returned to the tent, the naked man was nowhere to be found. Eric felt alone, but not lonely. For some reason, Eric understood: he was a child of the sun, the wind and the air. His brothers would not leave him lonely or alone.

Back to the present –

Eric walked into the bathroom to rinse the sleep from his eyes. He smiled at his reflection in the mirror. Gone was the beard. Gone was the paunch of his early thirties. He relieved himself, brushed his teeth, and exited the bathroom. Eric found a pair of compression shorts and a lycra-tight blue athletic shirt. He found his running shoes and sweat socks and headed for the kitchen, there to brew a cup of coffee and start his day with his needed kick of caffeine. With coffee enjoyed, Eric stepped onto the deck of his mountain cabin, breathed in the air of late July. He raised his eyes and arms to the heavens and offered thanks to the spirts for his good fortune. With his mind cleared, Eric began his three-mile run around the perimeter of his property, the property he purchased three years ago on Kelly Mountain, across the lake from the campground site. His cabin was modest, but it was his, a place where he and his guests could enjoy the sun, the wind and the air.

Towards the end of his run, Eric stood near the edge of the lake. He surveyed the area and sighed. How he loved his mountain retreat. (To see Eric, click here). Without a further thought, Eric stripped his exercise gear, his socks, and his shoes, and waded slowly into the lake, to enjoy the cool refreshing waters. From the time of his rebirth, Eric chose a healthier lifestyle and an exercise regimen that crafted a sexy, muscle-sculpted body that pleased his brothers. (To see Eric as he wades in the lake, click here). When he felt the water reach his chest, Eric dove into the lake and swam for minutes, venturing not far from the water’s edge. He floated effortlessly, letting the sun caress his face, his chest and core. When he grew tired, Eric swam to the lake’s edge and walked out of the lake. He gathered his clothes and running shoes and walked back towards his nearby cabin.

As he trekked back to the cabin, Eric spotted a man, wearing hiking gear, staring at him. Eric smiled, but said nothing to the man, who approached Eric.

“Why are you naked?”, the man asked.

“The sun, the wind and the air demand it.”, Eric answered. His high-pitched tenor voice had changed three years ago. His deep baritone, manly sound fit his body, his aura, and his cock. “You should obey the sun, the wind and the air.”

“I … I don’t know … what you’re …”, the man stammered.

“No. I think you do.”, Eric replied. He raised his arms to the heavens for seconds, lowered them and whispered, “Awata matawa.” Eric smiled as he watched the man slowly undress before him. The dense forest offered privacy and gave the man courage. Eric scanned the man’s body as he removed his clothes. He sported a trimmed beard, and beautifully sculpted physique, tanned and ripped, which alluded to his rugged allure. The huge ancient oak provided the perfect backdrop to camouflage his naked body. (To see the man, click here). “How do you feel?”, Eric asked.

“The sun, the wind, the air demand it.”, the man answered. Eric drew close to the naked stud. He caressed the man’s chest and fondled his groin. He kissed the man, ever so gently, and smiled. Eric led the man by the hand back to his cabin, not saying a word. As they entered the cabin, Eric asked, “Will you be my brother? The sun, the wind, the air demand it.”

The man nodded yes and smiled. “Yes. My brother.” Eric welcomed the naked man and spent a glorious weekend in his favorite retreat, his mountain cabin.

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