Codename: Bear_mkr - Case 2

By Bigger published July 2, 2018
Ashamed of his body in comparison to his peers, Wallace the college student seeks confidence on Chaturbate from chub lovers... until some odd watcher called Bear_mkr have a little chat with him.
  • Codename: Bear_mkr - Case 2 -

Wallace did not feel confident for his body. First, he wasn’t as hung as his other classmates (he’s noticed in the showers after swimming class). Second, he felt ashamed of having a bit of gut on him. He did not pack muscles like his other classmates and it dawned on him everyday. Plus, he’s realized in the midst of his teens, years ago, that he was not as attracted to girls as he was to boys. Everything seemed to make his life miserable.

After crossing the critical age to enter adulthood, he’s joined that website where he could watch other guys jack off live on cam. While lurking in the shadows, it’s only now that Wallace finally had the guts to reveal himself online. He’s noticed how many chubby guys or less endowed ones seemed to show themselves without shame and it boasted his confidence. Perhaps, after giving it a try, he’d decide if it would humiliate him more than feel good. For good measure, in case somebody he knows recognize him, he wouldn’t show his face.

He started out in a blue t-shirt and black boxers and judged he’d discard clothes slowly as people would gather on his channel. Suddenly, someone got on his channel and typed him a “Hi”. With his mic cut since it was broken, Wallace felt compelled to type an answer back, but he figured he’d wait a little to see more people gather on the page. Unfortunately, nobody else seemed to get on. A bit flustered, Wallace proceeded to respond.

Wally_boy: Hello

Bear_mkr: How are you?

Wally_boy: Good and you?

Bear_mkr: I’m fine, thank you. But you don’t look good. Why the gloom face? Something’s on your mind?

For a moment, Wallace double-checked the screen. His face didn’t show up on screen, so why did the guy say that? Perhaps he said it more figuratively? Maybe because of the way he slouched in his chair? The college guy sighed and typed back.

Wally_boy: Just a bit self-conscious about my body. First time showing on here

Bear_mkr: Aww. Don’t be. Why don’t you just pull off that shirt of yours to start with?

Wally_boy: I’m a bit fat…

Bear_mkr: So? There are people who like chubby guys. I certainly do. Wallace smiled at that. He gripped the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over to show the expanse of his paunch to the stranger, stopping mid-chest.

Bear_mkr: Hmmm… nice fuzzy belly. Looking big and sexy, Wally

The boy blushed at that. It was the first time someone said to him he was sexy. He did not remember being fuzzy though.

Bear_mkr: You should change the smooth in your description to fuzzy, Wally

An odd sense of weirdness overtook Wallace. A few hair maybe, but he was not fuzzy at all. He looked at the screen and noticed that a fuzzy treasure trail went down on his belly. Maybe he was hallucinating things, his camera was old and sometimes grainy to be honest. He went to pull down the shirt again only to notice it did not cover all of his gut now. Plus, it felt a bit snugger than it should.

Maybe he was just bloated, but he couldn’t recall being that bloated. Shame overwhelmed him. While he tried on pulling down the shirt and struggling doing so, he had completely forgot the chat was on and that many newcomers may have seen him act so miserably. It was the ultimate humiliation to him. That was until he noticed there was still only one person on his channel. He quickly went on to type, dismissing the two inch gap at the bottom of his now taut shirt.

Wally_boy: Sorry you had to see that. Probably just bloated a bit. I swear it fitted right this morning.

Bear_mkr: Aww. Don’t sweat it. It was kind of sexy watching you struggle a little heh heh

Wallace blushed red. In an impulsive manner, he almost closed the internet browser.

Bear_mkr: You’re still in college, so it’s normal you’re still having growth spurts especially if you’re a late bloomer

An odd shiver ran down Wallace’s spine. A sudden warmth travelled all over his body and for a moment he seemed to stand straighter on his chair. On the screen, his once previously seen neck seemed to disappear as his shoulders stretched higher to close the gap with the screen.

‘Has the cam slipped down a little?’ Wallace thought, moving his hands toward the eye on the computer to move it so he was shown again up to the chin. Only now did he notice that at least six inches of his belly were displayed at the bottom of the tighter shirt.

Bear_mkr: Why don’t you just take off the shirt, big boy? Or should I say big guy instead? With all that fuzz you’re definitely not some boy anymore

Wallace smile grew a little mischievous at the remark. Upon reading the big guy comment, his smile changed for a smirk and he spread his legs a bit wider under the computer desk. A tingling in his crotch flushed him with a wave of testosterone as the fuzz grew a little thicker on his belly and spread over his body.

Wallace struggled a little to remove the shirt, finding hard to pull back his thicker hairier arms in the shirt and to pull it over his head. Bare-chested, Wallace noticed yet again his shoulders were pushing higher offscreen. He groaned at the thought of buying a new cam and went on to recenter it. Then, he went to type again.

Wally_guy: Better?

Bear_mkr: indeed. You’ve got quite a bod for a college student

Wallace wondered for a moment if he’s ever told the guy he was a college student, but the warmth still present made the thought sooth away.

Bear_mkr: So, how tall are you anyway? Your description says you’re 5’7”, but you look bigger than that

Wally_guy: I’m 6’4”.

And just as Wallace typed it, he felt weird about the whole thing. Wasn’t he supposed to be shorter than six feet four? Confusion seeped out on him.

Bear_mkr: And how much does a 6’5” guy with a big belly like yours weights?

Bear_mkr: Sorry typo. *6’6”

Wallace’s hands on the desk clenched a little as the warmth intensified. And suddenly, he felt like he was tearing apart from the inside. His shoulders peeked higher a little, but his legs under the desk buckled and the knees hit the undersurface. Before he could answer, he saw another message from the stranger.

Bear_mkr: Sorry, I shouldn’t ask this kind of stuff. It’s just that you’re built like a wall, Lace.

Lace’s shoulders stretched a bit wider, but so did his whole torso. His hips stuck into the armrests of the chair while the width of his back eclipsed the backrest. A sudden thought echoed in his mind: ‘Lace?’ That wasn’t his name. It was… it was… was it Lace? Something wasn’t right.

Wall_guy: What are you

Bear_mkr: What do you mean?

Lace’s mind hit a wall for an instant. He licked his lips at the thought of asking if the guy was a cub, a twink, an otter, a bear… or if he was a bottom or a top…

Bear_mkr: You look horny, Lace. You jacked off today?

Lace wanted to scream, to debate himself, to punch something, but the only thing that came out was a low tenor grunt. His boxers were getting tight around his beefy thighs. But they were also getting tented as an erection popped, comically small at four inches on such a tall guy. Lace wanted to tell the man to stop, to leave him alone, but his mind was growing narrower, lust filling him.

Wall_guy: U r doin it again

Bear_mkr: We’re just two guys wanting to have fun aren’t we? You know it’s not safe for those big bull balls of yours to be confined in tight boxers like those. Whose are these anyway? Your roommate’s?

Thoughts of living at his parents escaped Lace’s mind. He remembered living with his roommate Jack, a fellow college friend whom he towered over. The thoughts of wearing his friend’s too small clothes triggered a lust for wearing them, especially since he knew he was so big he’d just burst out of them on cam. It was part of his show, showing how big he was made for average people. Lace brought both of his hands down, gripped the boxers and his newfound strength made him rip his junk out of it.

Wall_guy: Yea there jacks

Bear_mkr: You always go commando, don’t you, Ace?

Wall_guy: Fuck yea

Ace’s big balls jutted out low and fat like small oranges between his thunder thighs. He brought a thick hand engulfing his pecker and started to jack off to the sole member on his channel.

Bear_mkr: How does this thing can fit in guys? It must be larger than that beer can on that nightstand behind you

Wall_guy: Wanna compare?

Bear_mkr: Fuck yes.

Ace pulled back from the computer desk and stood. Or at least he tried to. His hips were stuck in the armrests of the chair. With both of his thick hands gripping and pushing the rests forcefully, one of them broke off the chair and the giant wall of flesh and brawn stood up, his short cock visibly thickening with every bob, sustaining the hairy round belly on top of it like a strong pillar.

With every lazy step he took to get the can, the room visibly shook and the old wooden floor creaked loudly under his tremendous steps. When he came back and sat down on the chair, this one’s valve broke under the heavy weight and brought the giant a bit down, half of his face showing for an instant. Dazed off, Ace tried to bring it upward again to show his dick but it wouldn’t: he was just THAT tall. Plus, he was so big now that he filled most of the screen and had to pull the chair backward a little. With a bit of manoeuvring, he pulled down the cam to focus on his cock. And certainly, it was bigger around than was the beer can, even at only five inches.

Bear_mkr: Must be hard to find some guy who can take all of this foot long club in his ass

And suddenly, with the pace at which Ace resumed jacking off, the dick started to stretch a bit bigger in his hand with each strokes. Making it to six inches, then seven, up to eight inches. Resuming to stretch toward nine inches, toward ten inches, then to eleven inches. Finally, topping at a thicker than a beer can foot long of man meat. But sudden flickers of Ace’s old face resurfaced. He’s never put his dick into anyone’s ass, nor had he taken anyone in his ass, but he’s always been keen to push dildos up his ass instead.

Wall_guy: not rly. I’m a sub bottom

Bear_mkr: No you’re not.

There was something cold and dominating about these few words. In contrast to the pleasant warmth that filled him in the last few moments, he felt something ease itself up in his core. The old Wallace tried everything he could to hold onto who he was, but like death, this cold hand strangled the old person away to be reborn as who Ace was going to be.

Bear_mkr: You could be verse for the right guy, but what gets you off is how big and dominating you are over any guy. Whenever you are in a room with other guys, you’ve got to have the biggest everything. The bigger dick. The bigger balls. The bigger height. Hell, the bigger feet if you’d have to. You are not just like any guys. You are the alpha. You are the top topping other tops.

Ace growled in delight as he crushed what was left of old Wallace in his mind. The giant swelled with pride, with lust and confidence. In his frantic masturbation, Ace’s hands grew coated with pre as his body demanded more of this unheavenly bliss exploding in him. His dick swelled even thicker in his hands, forcing the thick fingers apart. His feet, which had grown to thick 15s with the accumulated growth resumed swelling to outgrow the biggest feet at a size 18, then 20, and bigger.

All the while more height resumed to pack on his already tall body. Soon thoughts of growing to 6’7” occurred on his mind as he outgrew old little Wallace by a foot. Feeling the doorframes becoming a problem was another memory as he grew to 6’8”. The crowds and classmates in school grew shorter around him as he hit 6’9”. He remembered the time he fucked with his roommate Jack in the janitor closet at college, feeling his head push against the ceiling and his large shoulder squeezed between the narrow closet walls, plowing his 13” monster into the jock’s ass like a champ while his massive bear belly almost crushed his partner’s body against the opposite wall: he was 6’10” that first time.

Real-time Ace felt the chair finally give way under his incredible weight and he crumbled to the floor on his massive plump hairy ass. His face came on display on the screen but the bear no longer care. The changing guy looked at the screen as the stranger typed some more.

Bear_mkr: Big bear’s gotta rut 3 times a day, right? The very least. You’re gonna nut for me, giant Ace?

Ace’s spine stretched some more, making him seven feet tall… then just past that at seven feet two. The big bear of a man stretched an incredibly long arm to the cam and pulled it off the computer to point it toward his hand jerking the monstrous dick. And in moments, he came with a guttural groan that rattled the windows and shook the room. He painted his hairy torso with cum so white and thick that he’d not even have enough tissues in his room to clean it off. There was just so much of it he actually made a puddle of cum around him. The bear grinned and growled in relief. He stretched his hands toward the keyboard and typed.

Tall_wall_dom: Oops… looks like I’ll need another chair

Bear_mkr: Thanks for the show, big brute

Ace grinned at the name. He looked at the time and noticed it was almost dinner time.

Tall_wall_dom: I should probably clean up now. Jack should be back home from work in an hour and I’ve really got to fuck that tight ass of his.

Bear_mkr: Go on, and try not to make that much of a mess again.

Tall_wall_dom: I crave these messes and breaking things. It turns me on

Bear_mkr: I know. Just trying to help you with the wallet.

Tall_wall_dom: Don’t worry, with this size I’ve received enough money on the internet to pay for both my tuition and my boyfriend’s so cash is not a problem

Bear_mkr: Take care. See you.

The unknown member disconnected and Ace did as well. He couldn’t wait for the guy to get home, so he opened up another channel and prepared for another intense jack off session. After all, those grapefruit sized low hangers of his refilled abnormally fast.

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