Band of Brothers in Blue

By Author Hidden
published June 30, 2020
3952 words

When they try on their new “Blue Strong” bracelets, the officers on the Pineview police force join a whole new brotherhood…

This story is very heavily indebted to New Guy In Town’s “Bargain: Rank and File,” which is itself a continuation of Wishbone Blue’s “Bargain.” I loved the basic premise and plotline of New Guy’s story, but he and I have very different storytelling styles, so I wanted to see if I could reimagine the story in a way that really hit my kinks. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy this one just as much as I did! Let me know in the comments below!

When you joined the force, you learned pretty quick how to keep your head down, how to not make waves. Troublemakers, guys who asked too many questions, they never seemed to last very long on Pineview’s police force.

So when the chief told the day shift they had to come in an hour early on Wednesday morning to take some PR photos, there might have been some private grumbling among the officers, but to a man, they were all at the station by 7:00 in the morning.

Chief Roberts and his second-in-command, Lieutenant McCann, greeted the officers as they filed into the briefing room. A few of the officers noticed that Roberts and McCann were both wearing mirrored sunglasses—an odd thing to be wearing indoors at 7:00 in the morning. Officer Jenks thought about making a joke about how they must have had a “rough night” last night, but then he thought better of it. Chief Roberts wasn’t really the kind of superior you could joke with.

“Now that you’re all here, we can get started,” Chief Roberts said, his commanding voice booming through the room. As he spoke, Officer Tran noticed that Roberts looked bigger, more muscular than he remembered—his pecs and biceps were practically bursting out of his uniform shirt. Actually, that was true for Lieutenant McCann too. Both of them must have been hitting the gym hard recently. Maybe Tran could ask them for some tips on how to bulk up; the Vietnamese-American officer was tired of being the skinniest guy on the force.

“We called you all here to take some promotional photos,” Chief Roberts continued, “Wearing these.” He pointed to a table in the corner where they could see over a dozen blue bracelets, each individually wrapped in clear plastic. The bracelets looked like they were made of some kind of thick rubbery substance, and on each one was emblazoned the words, “Blue Strong.”

“Rubber bracelets?” Jenks whispered to his partner, Officer Jimenez, “What are we, 12 year old girls? What kind of fag shit is this?” If there was one thing Officer Jenks couldn’t abide, it was fag shit. In his younger days, not long before he joined the force, he’d even beaten up a few fags for looking at him the wrong way.

“You said these are promotional photos, sir? So what exactly are we promoting?” This question came from Brady, the youngest officer in the room, the one the others had nicknamed “College Boy.” It wasn’t entirely an affectionate nickname; some of the others rolled their eyes with annoyance when Brady asked questions like this, like he thought he was still in a college classroom.

Chief Roberts answered him, “They are a gift from a very powerful benefactor. All he desires is for us to wear them. Simple. And then he will share his power with us. He will make us far more powerful than we have ever dreamed.”

Brady made a face of alarm. Taking gifts from a “powerful benefactor” in exchange for favors? That sounded shady as fuck! But he knew better than to say anything.

On the other end of the room, Jimenez was getting worried as well. He’d always had a kind of sixth sense for danger. It ran in the family, actually; his Tia Angela had been a bruja back in their home country, making herbal remedies and telling fortunes and shit. And even though Jimenez liked to tell himself he didn’t believe in that kind of superstitious shit, he’d learned to trust his own sixth sense; it had protected him from a lot of dangerous situations in his years on the force. And now it was practically screaming to him that there was something wrong here. Something very wrong.

“Now Lieutenant McCann will distribute your bracelets to you. Do not put them on until I tell you to.”

McCann quickly went around the room, handing each officer a plastic-wrapped bracelet. When Jimenez got his, he noticed that it was heavier than he would have thought. And a bit squishy too, like there was some kind of liquid inside.

“Better get this fag shit over with,” Jenks whispered to Jimenez as he quickly unwrapped his bracelet and slipped it over his right wrist.

“Jenks!” Captain Roberts barked at him angrily. “I told you to wait before you put that on!”

“Come on, Captain, what’s the big deal?” Jenks asked sarcastically. “It’s just a…just a…” suddenly his voice trailed off as his expression changed into a slackjawed smile.

“Now, men! Put on your bracelets now!” Captain Roberts sounded frantic. “That’s an order!”

The men on the force were so used to following orders by now, they did it without thinking. And so they all slipped the bracelets on over their left wrists as Captain Roberts commanded.

All except Jimenez that is. He stared at his partner with growing alarm on his face. “Jenks? Jenks!? What’s wrong!?”

But Jenks said nothing. He just stood there twitching, a big dumb smile on his face and a faraway look in his eyes. Eyes that were beginning to cloud over with an eerie shade of blue. The same blue that was in the bracelet. Jimenez looked down at his partner’s wrist. To his horror, he saw that the rubber bracelet had somehow tightened around Jenks’ wrist and it was pulsating, almost writhing. And the veins in Jenks’ forearm were now throbbing as well, pulsing with that same unnatural royal blue.

Suddenly, Jimenez remembered fragments from one of the stories that his Tia Angela had told him when he was a little boy. Something about a powerful demon who corrupted mortal men, poisoned them with his venom, entered their veins and transformed them into huge monsters with milky blue orbs for eyes. And at that moment, he knew that he needed to run.

He didn’t get very far. As he bolted for the door, Captain Roberts and Lieutenant McCann tackled him to the ground. As he tried to wriggle free, Jimenez could feel their muscles bulging as they pinned him to the floor.

“Looks like we’ll have to do this the hard way!” McCann sneered as he tried to put Jimenez in a chokehold.

“Help!” Jimenez shouted to his fellow officers, “Please, somebody, help!”

But they did not come to his aid. They just stood there, twitching in pleasure, dumb grins on their faces, feeling the demonic ichor from the bracelets coursing through their veins. Some of them were already starting to grow larger; you could see the blue veins popping in Jenks’ and Tran’s necks by now.

Only Brady was putting up any resistance, sweat pouring down his face as he started at the scene of police brutality playing out in front of him. “No…that’s…What are you doing?….that’s…wrong….wrong” he muttered. “That’s…stop…it’s…Feels so good!” he suddenly moaned in a guttural voice, “So good!” Then he went back to whining, protesting incoherently, “No…stop…wrong…”

Jimenez was desperately trying to reach for his police belt, to grab his taser, his nightstick, anything he could use to defend himself. But the two superior officers restraining him had superhuman strength, and they weren’t letting him get his hands free. Maybe he still had a chance though. One of them would have to let go—at least for a second—if they wanted to cuff him with that demon bracelet thing. If he could time it right, maybe he could still break free!

And then Chief Roberts called out, “Officer Jenks, please pick up the bracelet that Officer Jimenez dropped beside you.” Slowly, still distracted by the demonic pleasure coursing through his veins, Jenks looked over to his right, then bent down to pick up the discarded rubber bracelet.

“Now, Officer Jenks, you will have the honor of initiating your partner into our brotherhood. Lord Gor’goth commands you to place that bracelet on Officer Jimenez’s left wrist. Use force if necessary.”

“I must do as Lord Gor’goth commands!” Jenks shouted excitedly, his dopey smile growing even broader as he slowly walked towards his partner.

“No, don’t do it, Jenks!” Jimenez shouted. “This isn’t you! I know you’re still in there somewhere! You’ve got your own mind, your own free will! Don’t do this to me, Jenks!”

“I must do as Lord Gor’goth commands!” Jenks exclaimed again, leaning down to place the bracelet on his partner’s wrist. Jimenez could see the unmistakable outline of an erection tenting Jenks’ uniform pants, and that’s when he knew it was helpless.

A minute later, Jimenez felt the bracelet tighten around his left wrist. And then he winced as he felt something icy cold start racing down the veins in his arm. A moment later, it reached his brain. Enveloping it in a cool blue haze. Fuck. Jimenez knew he should resist, kept trying to resist. But fuck. Fuck! That felt so good. So fucking good. That cool blue, seeping through his brain. Fuck fuck fuck fuck… so good!

Jimenez barely noticed as the two muscular men released their grip on him and pulled him to his feet. He just stood there, feeling too fucking good to do anything but sway and twitch and grin.

Captain Roberts surveyed the room, smiling as he saw the bulging blue veins running up his officers’ necks and the blue fog clouding their eyes. He removed his mirrored sunglasses, revealing his own equally opaque blue eyes. “Very good,” he said, “It looks like you are all almost ready. Now tell me who you serve.”

In response, he heard a chorus of dreamy, sleepy male voices call out, “I serve Lord Gor’goth. I am a vessel for his will.”

All but one voice, that is. At the end of the line, Officer Brady was still struggling. “I…I ser…” he was muttering. “I…no…I don’t…I can’t…No…stop…I…fuck…so good!…No…I won’t…I…”

“Who knew he was such a strong-willed one?” Lieutenant McCann sounded faintly amused. I’ll grab a second bracelet.” He grabbed one from the table and unwrapped it, then said, “Now, Officer Brady, please raise your right hand.”

“No…I…no…” Brady muttered. Then a look of horror crossed his face as he realized that his right hand was moving on its own. “No…stop…I won’t…” he kept muttering, yet he could not move a muscle to stop Lieutenant McCann as he slipped the bracelet over Brady’s right wrist. And once the second burst of cool venom shot into Brady’s veins, all he could say was, “Oh fuck…fuck yes…so good…fuck yeah…

Once he was satisfied that the last bit of resistance had been dealt with, Chief Roberts told his men, “Now, you all serve Lord Gor’goth. But you will not fully belong to him until you receive his seed. You must expel the last of your mortal seed and accept his demon seed. Only then will you be granted a demon-cock like mine.” Chief Roberts unzipped his uniform pants and pulled out a fully-erect foot-long dick, crisscrossed with bulging blue veins and topped with an angry purple head. Dangling underneath that monster cock was a pair of egg-sized balls, visibly churning in Chief Roberts’ hairy scrotum, roiling with demonic seed.

“Now, who will be the first to accept Lord Gor’goth’s seed from my demon-cock?” Chief Roberts asked.

No sooner had he finished the question than one officer shouted out, “Me! Please sir! I need Lord Gor’goth’s demon seed inside me!” It was Officer Madison, the family man and devout Christian. The father of four boys who always took time off work to teach Sunday School. And now here he was, ripping off his pants and underwear, then straddling the table with his ass raised in the air, his hungry hole twitching as he shouted, “Please sir! Seed me! I need it! I need your demon-cock inside me so fucking bad!”

Chief Roberts was happy to oblige. He didn’t bother with foreplay or lubrication. He just shoved his monstrous foot-long cock up Officer Madison’s virgin hole, then began thrusting forward, muttering some kind of incantation in an ancient language with each thrust.

Lieutenant McCann watched the scene with satisfaction as he unzipped his uniform trousers and pulled out an equally thick and veiny foot-long dick. “Now, who wants to take my demon-cock?” he asked.

“Fuck, man!” Jenks shouted. “That’s a fucking hot dick! I’ve got to have that inside of me! My ass is hungry for that hot demon-cock!” He clumsily pulled down his pants and underwear as he stumbled toward Lieutenant McCann. Drooling with anticipation, Jenks licked two fingers, then slid them into his hole, eager to loosen it up for the Lieutenant’s foot-long cock. In no time, the Lieutenant had Jenks shoved against the table, fucking him with powerful strokes as he too chanted the ancient incantation.

As the two superior officers continued to fuck their subordinates hard, Jenks’ and Madison’s bodies began to change, filling out with thick swollen veiny muscle.

Powerful new blue veins spread all over Officer Madison’s body, down his quads and calves, then up through his chest, delts, and arms. The blue veins started crisscrossing through the cross tattoo on Madison’s right forearm, reducing it to rubble. Once the veins and muscles in his forearm finished swelling, all that was left of the cross was a series of indistinguishable ink blots. He didn’t need it anymore; he served a new God now.

Finally, with one last strong thrust in Officer Madison’s no-longer virgin hole, Chief Roberts cried out, “Here it comes! Accept Lord Gor’goth’s seed, brother!” before flooding Madison’s guts with a torrent of hot demon cum.

“Yes! Yes!” Officer Madison shouted in ecstasy, “I belong to Lord Gor’goth now, brother! His demon seed is now my own!” He reached down to cup his balls, which had now swollen to double their normal size, blue veins crisscrossing his roiling scrotum. Then his rock hard cock—which had by now also swelled to an equally thick and veiny nine inches—began to spew cum all over the briefing room table. At first, it was a normal milky white, but as he shot and shot, a blue tinge appeared. Meanwhile, his cock continued to swell, growing even larger until it matched the foot-long monster dicks that Chief Roberts and Lieutenant McCann were sporting. When the last jet of cum finally shot from the flared purple head of Madison’s foot-long cock, it was an opaque milky blue, almost the same shade as his clouded eyes.

Beside him, Officer Jenks moaned feverishly, “So big! So hot!” staring at Madison’s foot-long dick with lust and envy, then reaching down to paw at his own swelling cock as Lieutenant McCann fucked him silly. Jenks had always been embarrassed by the size of his own equipment, barely four inches when fully hard. But already it had engorged to twice that size, throbbing blue veins spreading over his thickening shaft as Lieutenant McCann continued his demonic incantation.

“You want one of your very own, don’t you brother?” the Lieutenant whispered in his ear as he thrust deep into Jenks’ bowels. “Then accept Lord Gor’goth’s seed inside of you!” He grunted and began to shoot a hot thick load that coated Jenks’ insides.

“Oh yes, Fuck yes!” Officer Jenks shouted, “Fuck yes, brother! I belong to Lord Gor’goth now! His demon seed…oh fuck…is now my own…Fuck here it comes!” He howled in ecstasy before shooting jets of milky white cum across the table, jets of cum that soon took on a corruptive blue tinge, jets of cum that finally became an opaque demonic blue, dripping from the head of his foot-long monster cock.

“Very good, brothers,” Chief Roberts said as he pulled his still-hard foot-long dick out of Officer Madison’s now-gaping, dripping hole. “Now, are you ready to introduce your fellow officers to Lord Gor’goth’s gifts?”

“Fuck yes!” Officer Jenks shouted, ready to sink his foot-long dream-cock in some fresh ass.

“I am but a vessel of our Lord,” Officer Madison said piously as he stroked his veiny foot-long shaft, “I am eager to welcome others into his flock.”

“Well, then, what are you waiting for?” Chief Roberts chuckled. “Pick a fellow officer and fill him with Lord Gor’goth’s seed.”

Officer Jenks knew just who he wanted to pick. Jenks may have been a jackass, but he was a loyal jackass, and there was no one he wanted to share Lord Gor’goth’s gifts with more than his partner, Officer Jimenez.

“Jimenez, drop your pants and spread that caliente ass for me!” he barked.

Jimenez didn’t wait to be asked twice. He loved that delicious cool feeling of Lord Gor’goth’s venom running through his veins, fogging his brain with pleasure. And he couldn’t wait for Lord Gor’goth to claim him fully, body and soul. So he pulled down his uniform pants and briefs, braced his arms against the wall, and wriggled that tight honey-colored ass of his like a puta just begging to be fucked.

Officer Jenks shoved his foot-long monster cock in Jimenez’s ass, then whispered in his ear. “Oh yeah, partner, you’re gonna love getting fucked by this demon-dick!” he said as he gave Officer Jimenez’s earlobe an affectionate nip.

Somehow Jenks knew all the right things to say. Even all the ancient incantations, which he muttered with every thrust of his demonic dick. Because he was right; Jimenez did love getting fucked by that monster cock. In fact, he didn’t even know why he’d tried to resist this. How foolish he had been, trying to run away, when he should have been running towards Lord Gor’goth’s powerful embrace. Fuck Tia Angela and all her white magic bullshit! He was meant to serve his dark Lord and Master; he could see that now, as he felt his muscles bulge and swell with Gor’goth’s demonic power.

Bending over beside Jimenez, Officer Tran was undergoing his own transformation, welcoming the invasion of Officer Madison’s foot-long demon-dick up his virgin ass. The two men had clashed before over religion; the Buddhist Tran had objected when Madison had pressured his fellow officers into Christian prayers before they went on duty. But that was all in the past; now the two men worshipped the same Lord and Master.

And that Master was busy rewarding Officer Tran with what he had always desired: an intimidatingly big, muscular body. Tran’s skinny frame blew up to unnatural proportions as layers of thick, corded muscle and engorged veins exploded up and down his body. By the time Officer Madison flooded his ass with hot cum and Tran screamed out his submission to Lord Gor’goth, he was a hulking gorilla, more muscle beast than man.

And once they had fully transformed, fully accepted the seed of their demonic master, Tran and Jimenez turned to grin at each other, shaking the last few dribbles of milky blue cum off their foot-long monster cocks. The rest of their cum was dripping in globs down the briefing room wall, the base coat of white cum covered with sticky dollops of thick blue demon seed.

Jimenez felt his foot-long demon-cock aching with desire, desperate to breed a fresh ass with his Master’s seed. Luckily, there were still a few stragglers in the room, officers who had become infested with Lord Gor’goth’s demonic venom, but had not yet received the rest of his gifts. And there in the corner, Jimenez spotted his target: Officer Brady. He would enjoy fucking the last drops of free will out of the “College Boy.”

But of course, with a Blue Strong bracelet on each wrist and a double dose of Lord Gor’goth’s venom flowing through his system, the “College Boy” had already devolved into a drooling, whimpering mess. Officer Brady’s pants were down around his ankles as he frantically thrust three spit-slick fingers into his tight young hole watching the fuckfest unfolding around him. He couldn’t articulate words anymore; his only sound was a strangled pathetic mewl of desire, wordlessly begging for one of those monster cocks to claim his hole for Lord Gor’goth.

Officer Jimenez was happy to oblige, filling Officer Brady’s tight young hole with a dick nearly as thick as his fist. And as Jimenez began to recite the ancient incantations, Brady started to change, even more than the others before him. With twice the demonic venom running through his veins, he not only gained layer upon layer of veiny muscle, his whole facial structure began to change. His jawline became thicker, his browline more pronounced, until his face took on a Neanderthal quality. No longer would he be called “College Boy”; he was “Brady the Brute” now. And as he let out an equally brutish simian howl as he felt Jimenez’s demon seed coat his insides, the last remnants of Officer Brady’s capacity for independent thought shot out of his foot-long dick and spattered onto the briefing room floor.

Now that the policemen had all been fucked into submission to their demonic Lord and Master, it was time to move on to the next step. Reluctantly, the officers wiped the sweat and demonic cum off their bodies with the remnants of their underwear, then dressed in the uniforms that now just barely contained their bulging muscles. It was almost time for the night shift to arrive back at the station. Officer Brady and a few of the others would stick around to make sure that the officers on the night shift got inducted into their new brotherhood. After all, it was only fair that Brady get a chance to stick his throbbing young demon-cock up a fellow officer’s ass sooner rather than later.

And as for Jimenez and Jenks and Tran and Madison and the rest of the officers…well, they had a different assignment. Community outreach. And as they each slipped on a pair of mirrored shades and grabbed a bag full of rubber “Blue Strong” bracelets, their veiny demon-cocks throbbed in their tight uniform trousers, just thinking of how they would introduce the community to the firm, powerful embrace of their master, Lord Gor’goth. With the long arm of the law placing the tight grip of Lord Gor’goth on the wrist of every man in town, this was one community outreach program that was sure to succeed!

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