So, My Best Friend is a Sex God: Part Three

By The Influencer -
published June 30, 2020
5060 words

Sid begins to take advantage of Reggies powers, but also starts to discover his friend’s limitations

Sid and Reggie walked in silence. Sid mostly looked down at his feet. Reggie looked at Sid. A few times Sid looked up and saw Reggie looking back, causing Sid to avert his gaze. Since Reggie wouldn’t, Sid broke the pattern.

“What?” Sid asked, a little too loudly.

“Do you know what you would like to change next?”

“I told you: no.” Sid was still wiped from the incident on the bus. As fun as it was, he was still pretty overwhelmed, and also having cum twice in the last hour left him pretty depleted anyway. It wasn’t exactly ideal conditions for sexual exploration.

“I realize,” Reggie said cautiously, “that you would prefer I not intervene without your explicit consent, but your stamina concerns are manageable.”

“My stamina?”

“You were just concerned with how depleted the incident on the bus had left you.”

“I told you to stop doing that,” Sid said, looking at his feet again.

“Nevertheless,” Reggie responded.

“What do you suggest?” Sid asked.

“I can eliminate your refractory period completely. It primarily exists as a means of regulating reproduction, but given your lifestyle that hardly seems to be a priority.”

“Yeah, sure, let’s do it,” he said, twirling his finger. Sid stopped and blinked a couple times. The tingly sensation he felt in his penis from having multiple orgasms immediately vanished. Beyond that he didn’t feel much different. “Is that it?”

“Yes. You will have no further difficulty performing even after multiple orgasms.”

“Nice,” Sid nodded. That was the first change he had allowed Reggie to make on himself. It was strange how ordinary it felt. He thought about the people he changed, and how they didn’t seem to react to changes either. It was unsettling, but the thought of being able to fuck repeatedly was a worthy trade-off.

“Do you have any other upgrades to suggest?” Sid asked.

“Upgrades? I supposed I see how you’d view them that way. Your sexual preferences are externally directed, so most of what I see in you revolves around influencing prospective partners. I can offer general suggestions, such as increased pleasure sensitivity in your erogenous areas, increased control of the timing and intensity of your orgasm, an enhancement of your primary sexual characteristics, a shift in pheromone output to create a more —“

“Wait,” Sid said, holding out his hand to stop Reggie. “Enhancement of what?”

“Primary sexual characteristics. In males this refers to the penis and testicles.”

“And ‘enhancement’ means bigger, yeah?”

“If that’s how you choose to interpret it.”

“I didn’t know you could give me a bigger cock,” Sid said. “I thought all your powers were psychological or shit like that.”

“Why should they be limited only to modifying brain chemistry? The body plays a far greater role in attraction than the mind,” Reggie said.

“Sure, yeah. Let’s do it.”

“Really?” Reggie asked.

“Of course. What guy doesn’t what a big dick?”

“Very well. By what degree would you like me to enhance it?”

“I dunno,” Sid said. “What’s the biggest dick there’s ever been?”

“The largest naturally occurring penis, converted to imperial measurements, was 14 and 3/8 inches long. In Egypt approximately 4400 years ago, a pharaoh had a penis that was 20 and 1/2 inches long with the assistance of a previous incarnation of mine.”


“He didn’t have it for very long. He also altered his semen to be highly addictive and his concubines brutally murdered him in a savage frenzy.” Reggie paused for a horrified Sid to respond. “So, what were you thinking?”

Sid shook his head. “I guess just make mine as big as the biggest penis around today. That should be plenty.” Sid had begun walking again but had to stop for an unbelievable pressure in his jeans. It felt like he was being kicked in the nuts. He popped open the fly, unzipped his pants, and from over the top of his underwear a massive penis and testicles flopped out. The weight of it was startling and felt like he was falling forward.

“Fuck,” he muttered as he lifted it in his hand. It looked exactly like his cock always did, but just like it was under a magnifying glass.

“I made the testicles proportionate to your penis’s new size. Shall we make any adjustments?” Reggie asked as Sid examined himself. Sid wrapped both hands around the soft shaft.

“No, it’s good. Let’s head home so we can try it out.” Sid tried to stuff his dick back into his underwear, but his briefs were not designed to accommodate such massive genitals. “Hey, any way you can get me bigger pants?”

“I don’t have any influence over the nature of your clothes. You’d have to find a god of textiles for that,” he suggested without any irony.

“I’ll keep an eye out,” Sid remarked sarcastically as he rolled his penis into his underwear. The zipper only came up about halfway before it was too painful. When that didn’t work, he pulled the end through his underwear leg, but that was too constricting when he walked. “Fuck it,” he said, removing the pants and underwear altogether. “Just keep everyone cool until we get back to my place.”

“Of course.”

“You know, you’re more like a genie than a sex god.”

“Historically, I’ve often been described in that way.”

“Any other tragedies I should know about from your past?”

“Possibly. There are a number of gaps in my memory of my past incarnations, likely from being left dormant such as it was in that cove. There was a famous emperor though, during the fall of the Roman Empire…” Reggie recalled his past experiences as Sid walked with him, wearing only a shirt and carrying his pants under his arm. The two men’s dicks swayed in unison as they walked down the street, Sid hanging much lower and swinging much further than Reggie.

Sid examined all of himself in the full length mirror in his bedroom. Completely stripped down, he looked at his profile from the side. His new penis jutted out in front of him and hung down low. He picked it up with his hand and dropped it a couple times, examining how it bounced.

“I can adjust the structure of your pelvis to increase the angle of the arc of your flaccid penis.” Reggie made his comment from behind Sid, observing from a different angle.

“What does that do?”

“Nothing. But you were thinking about maximizing the visibility when wearing pants, and increasing the arc would force your genitals forward slightly.”

Sid sighed, looking down again. “Yeah, let’s see how it looks.” If he hadn’t been staring right at it, he might not have noticed, but when he checked the angle, it did appear to be hanging forward from his groin a bit more. “Yeah,” he said with a smile, “that’ll do. All right, let’s do this,” Sid said, clapping his hands together.

“What did you have in mind?”

“I mean, I should take this for a test drive, don’t you think?”

“That seems valid.”

“Great. Bring on the dudes!” Sid announced his request, but the response was anticlimactic to say the least. Sid glanced back and forth. “I said, bring on the dudes!” he said with the same flourish, but still nothing happened. “Where’re the dudes?”

“What dudes?” Reggie asked, perplexed.

“The hot dudes that I want to fuck.”

“I’m not sure which ones you’re referring to. There are approximately 3.5 billion male humans on the planet, of which, just over 220 million fall within your standards of attraction. Which men specifically did you intend to fornicate with?”

“Any of them! Just, I dunno, pick one.”

“And what should I do once I’ve made a selection?”

“For fuck sake,” Sid said, “I don’t care. Teleport them onto my bed or something. Surprise me.”

“I don’t have powers of teleportation. I have no means to transport objects from one point in space to another. A god of matter or perhaps even time could do such work, but I am neither.”

Sid groaned. “Fine, then just make a hot guy for me to have sex with. Whatever you think I would be into.”

“I can’t create life, at least not directly. At best I can encourage two fertile humans of the opposite sex to mate, but it would be nearly two decades before they reached your standard of attraction.”

“What can you do, then?” Sid said, lifting his glasses to massage the space between his eyes.

“I can adjust the sexual attitudes and attributes of any human as needed. Their proximity to you will be fixed.”

“Oooookay,” Sid said, “is there someone close by I can fuck?”

Reggie started ahead, either thinking or scanning the area. “If we limit our search to a one mile radius, there are 124 eligible men who currently meet or exceed your attractiveness standards.”


“If we limit our search to just this apartment complex, there is one eligible match.”

“Perfect. Who is he? Actually, I don’t care. Where is he?”

“He lives on the first floor. Apartment 106.”

“And he’s hot?”

“He exceeds your attractiveness standards.” Reggie offered no other details.

“Fine, whatever. Anything else I should know?” Sid asked as he redressed, having found a looser pair of pants that could fit over his excessive genitals.

“He’s primarily heterosexual, so I should make some adjustments before you engage with him.”

“Actually, don’t,” Sid said, “not yet anyways. Here’s what I want you to do: …”

Derek’s doorbell rang. He looked at his phone, but his delivery order hadn’t said it was on its way yet. He pulled himself off the couch and lumbered over to the door. He opened it to find some skinny guy in glasses with a smug smile on his face.

“Can I help you?” Derek asked, towering over Sid.

“Hell yeah. I’m coming in.” Sid confidently strode into the apartment when a large hand pushed him back into the lobby.

“You out of your fucking mind, kid?”

Sid was confused but caught his error. “Shit, sorry, I forgot before I rang the bell,” Sid began to unzip his pants.

“Dude, what the shit? Get outta here.” Derek held up his hand and turned away, stepping back to slam the door in his face.

“Fuck, wait, fuck. Just look at it. It’s important,” A panicked Sid requested. It was too late the door was closed.

Derek stepped away when there was another knock. “Are you that same creep?”

“… no?”

“Fuck off.”

Derek was about to sit down when a third knock happened. “Dude, I’m gonna call the cops if you don’t piss off.”

“It’s not him,” a deeper voice stated. “I’m a completely separate person and will not be exposing my genitals to you.”

Derek shook his head and grabbed the baseball bat by the door before opening it. “I’m giving you to the count of three before I break your fucking jaw,” he announced when he opened it to find not the creepy kid undoing his pants, but a perfectly ordinary nude man with blue eyes and a cool sleeve tattoo. “Oh sorry, I thought you were some pervert.”

“It’s perfectly all right,” the naked man politely acknowledged.

“I’ll take it from here,” Sid said, shoving Reggie out of the way. “Take a look at this,” Sid said, gesturing to his pelvis.

Despite himself, Derek looked down, and instead of retracting, his eyes grew wide and fixed on Sid’s enormous cock. The bat fell from his hand. He couldn’t look away from it. He had never seen a dick that massive before, and on such a small guy, too. His entire body relaxed and he just sunk into his gaze, his mouth falling open as he watched it move with Sid’s body.

“That’s better. Now I’m coming in.” Derek absently nodded as Sid squeezed past him through he doorway. When Sid was in the apartment, Derek released the door and trailed behind him, trying not to lose sight of the huge penis. Sid’s genitals whipped around as he examined the space. “Nice place.” Derek didn’t respond to the compliment.

Reggie changed anyone near Sid to be fixated on large cocks when he saw them, and to feel an urgency to comply with its owner. Sid wasn’t expecting this strong of a reaction. Reggie wasn’t wrong about Derek; he was definitely Sid’s type. He wasn’t much older than Sid, but a lot bigger, mostly muscle and a healthy layer of fat. In his apartment, he was just wearing a T-shirt and boxers.

“You’re pretty hot dude,” Sid pointed out. Derek just nodded absently again. Derek desperately wanted to touch the large cock in front of him, to feel the girth as he wrapped his fingers around it. Out of an abundance of respect for Sid and his large penis, he didn’t dare do anything without being asked. If he did whatever Sid asked him to, he might get a chance to touch it.

Sid frowned. “Hey Reggie!” he called out.

“How may I assist?” a polite voice called back from outside the apartment where Sid asked him to wait.

“I think you may have overdone it. Can you turn down his… drooliness by like, I dunno, half?”

“Consider it done.” Derek blinked a couple times and stood up a little straighter. He still felt an urgency to gaze upon Sid’s cock, but he could now tear his eyes away to address Sid directly.

“Whoa dude,” he said, looking him in the eye before shooting back down, “that’s a really big cock. I’ve never seen anything like it.

“Thanks,” Sid said proudly. “I’m gonna fuck you with it soon, but you need to do something for me first.”

Derek inexplicably got hard when he said that. He’d never been fucked, had no interest in every getting fucked, and certainly had no experience handling a massive piece of meat such as that which dangled between the skinny legs of this random gay guy. “What do you want me to do?”

“Grab your phone,” Sid instructed. “You’re going to text the hottest male friend you have and tell him to come over here. Tell him whatever you have to to get him here right away.” Derek nodded as he scrolled through his phone. For the first time, he found himself comparing the features of every guy in his contact list, scoring their faces and bodies and matching them against each other. Based on those fuzzy rankings and narrowing the list to who he could actually count on to show up, he settled on Alex.

“Done,” Derek said eagerly, setting his phone down and swelling with pride and completing his task. “He should be here soon.”

“Perfect,” Sid said. He had pulled his clothes off while Derek sent his messages. “Go ahead and touch it. You’ve earned it.”

Derek grinned widely. He practically lunged forward and clasped the giant penis in his large hands. He could hardly wrap his fingers all the way around it. He put both hands on it and massaged it along the shaft. Sid exhaled a breath as he stood over the large dude, worshipping his cock on his knees.

Without any prompting, he started to take the head in his mouth. He had to stretch his jaw as wide as he could to let it all in. His tongue explored the tip and savored the subtle saltiness that came with it. “Keep going,” Sid said, hardly louder than a whisper. Derek inexplicably opened wider and started to feed the monster down his throat. As it pressed back, he started to gag and had to pull away, but his own desire to take it all in was fighting against his body’s rejection.

Derek couldn’t see, but Sid gestured to Reggie to get rid of his reflex, and moments later, his hard cock started sliding down his throat. He felt like a snake stretching to swallow it’s prey whole. It didn’t move easily, but with some effort, Derek’s lips found themselves pressed against Sid’s light dusting of pubic hair. Every inch of him was inside of Derek’s throat, which he could only hold for a few seconds before retreating for air. He audibly gasped as the beast exited, taking a trail of drool with it. A couple choked breaths and he was ready to go back in, diving headlong onto it all the way to the hilt.

Derek was able to bob up and down the entire length of Sid’s cock. Sid bit his lower lip as Derek’s tongue brushed against the underside on each pass. He could feel a stirring in his balls and knew he was getting close. Derek had at some point reached into his own boxers and was approaching the point of no return himself.

Before either of them could get there, the apartment buzzer went off. Sid and Derek looked to the door, neither one in a position to extract themselves and answer it. They paused and looked each other in the eye, silently deciding how to proceed. The decision was made for them, however, as the front door to the apartment opened.

“Thanks for letting me in, man,” a man’s voice said.

“It’s no trouble,” Reggie responded, still waiting patiently in the apartment building’s lobby.

“Hey,” the man announced, walking into Derek’s apartment, “I’ve got a delivery here for — what the fuck are you… what the fuck is that?” The delivery guy dropped the plastic bag holding styrofoam containers onto the floor when he saw Derek deep throating Sid in his living room. At first, the sight of two guys having sex caught him by surprise, but then as he saw the shaft of Sid’s dick pull out from Derek’s lips, his shock turned to fascination. “Is that, is that your cock, man? Why is it so big? I feel weird,” he said as he distractedly rubbed himself through his pants.

“Is that your friend?” Sid asked.

“No,” Derek said, releasing himself only for as long as he had to, “I ordered Thai. That must be the delivery guy.” He didn’t care about getting answers and just went back to sucking.

Sid looked at the mysterious delivery driver. He was on the skinnier side, like Sid but with a little more meat on his bones. “What’s your name?”

“Cameron,” he answered.

“It’s nice to meet you, Cameron. Are you straight?”

“I, I think so?” Cameron said with more uncertainty than he intended.

“I have that effect on people. Literally. Hey Reggie!”

“Yes,” he called from the lobby.

“Give this guy the same treatment, yeah?”

“Very well.”

“Treatment?” Cameron asked.

“Don’t worry,” Sid said, “you’ll like it. Increased sex drive, low refractory period, lower inhibitions, and a bunch of other crap he upsold me on.”

“Yeah yeah, cool. Can I try when he’s done?” Cameron asked, squirming with need as Sid drove his cock in and out of Derek’s willing mouth. Derek’s protests were muffled with the giant penis obstructing his throat.

“Hey now, everyone will get their turn. But Derek makes a good point. For now, I’ve got an ass back there that could use some attention.”

“What exactly…”

“You ever eat a guy out, before?” Sid asked bluntly. Cameron shook his head. “You’ll like it. Do a good job and you can have a turn with my fun stick.”

Cameron smiled when Sid said that, and wasted no time kneeling behind him. He swallowed nervously. Cameron grabbed both cheeks and separated them. He brought his face right up to Sid’s hole and just barely touched it with his tongue. Even that small tap was enough to feel a rush of exhilaration. He forced his face forward and dug is tongue deep into his hole. Cameron was scared it would be dirty, but what little hints of flavor his senses picked up actually excited him more. His lips and tongue lapped at Sid’s insides, trying to go deeper and deeper as they could, and no matter how far in he went, he only became more turned on, which drove him to want to do more.

Derek was in a similar feedback loop. With every push into the back of his throat, he could feel the sensation all the way down to his loins, which echoed the pleasurable sensations as he stroked his own dick. He’d already cum once shortly after Cameron arrived, his hand sticky as it moved rapidly against his unwavering penis. The normal exhaustion he felt after shooting his load didn’t happen, and spurred him only to suck harder. He quickly approached his second orgasm.

Sid was nearing his first. With Derek in front and Cameron behind, the sensations of both mens’ mouths was soon too much for him, and his whole body tensed up and an excessive amount of cum sprang from his monster cock down Derek’s gullet. He tried valiantly to take it all but had to withdraw, the volume proving to be too much for him. Sid continued to shoot and coated his face and body with his cum. Derek was delirious as he came for a second time in just a few minutes, but he seemed elated to have Sid’s seed all over him.

“Th-thank you,” Derek managed to spit out. He swallowed as the entire inside of his mouth was coated with Sid’s thick cum.

“You’re very welcome. And how are you doing back there?” Sid looked over his shoulder to see the top of Cameron’s head. His face was buried deeply between his cheeks. He had lifted his shirt and was feeling his chest while his other hand held Sid for support. Cameron didn’t seem to register Sid’s question and was lost in the heat of his newfound lust.

“Jesus fuck, Derek,” a deep voice called out from the hall as it barged into the apartment. “I swear to god, if Megan Fox isn’t really naked in your bed, I’m gonna kick your… what the hell?!”

“This must be your friend,” Sid said. Alex walked in on quite the scene, two skinny gay guys, one of which was getting a rim job from the other, and Derek kneeling in front of them covered in more cum than Alex had ever seen at one time. “How did you get in?”

“The naked doorman let me in. Fuck, since when are you queer?”

“Now now,” Sid said. He examined Alex. Derek did a pretty good job picking his hottest friend. He was built exactly like Derek, but Alex had deep blue eyes and stronger cheekbones. “Yes, you’ll do quite nicely. Reggie, give him the usual, yeah?”

“Already done.” Alex, moments ago furious, felt all of his anger and confusion escape him and his neck craned downward. His gaze focused on the long cock that stuck out from Sid’s body, still hard as ever after shooting his load all over his friend.

“Whoa,” Alex said absently.

“Yeah, I think I want you on bottom. You want this, huh?” Sid asked, holding his dick firmly in his hand. Alex nodded rapidly, as did Derek and Cameron, still face deep in Sid’s rectum. “Good. Get on your hands and knees. And lose the clothes.” Alex pulled his shirt and shorts off and scrambled onto the floor.

“But I thought… you said…” Derek stammered.

“Be patient. I said everyone would get their turn, and you just had yours. While you wait, get in front of him and have him suck you off. He could probably use the practice.” What reservations he may have had about getting oral from one of his closest friends was far from his mind as Derek positioned himself so his crotch was directly in front of Alex’s face. Alex felt so disoriented, and hardly fought back when Derek began to feed his hard cock into his mouth. The taste of his drying cum filled his senses, but remembering what Sid said he powered through and pleasured Derek as best he could.

Sid smiled as he witnessed Derek pulling Alex’s head down further. Sid lifted Alex’s waist, forcing him to prop himself up by the balls of his feet. Sid spread his legs wider and placed the tip of his cock so it was lined up with his virgin hole. Sid pressed ever-so-gently, and even this elicited a deep moan from Alex, who almost buckled from the sensations. Sid pushed in a little further, his ass spreading wide to accommodate his unwieldy girth.

As Sid pressed in, two things happened. First, his dick created copious amounts of precum and lubricated Alex’s insides, which allowed him to slip in more easily. Secondly, the muscles in Alex relaxed to an extreme degree, actually shifting and moving out of the way as Sid pressed in, a change Sid was grateful Reggie had suggested. He pushed further and further down, and every inch, Alex thought it would be the last he could take, but Sid only kept going further.

Finally he did eventually reach his base, Alex shaking from the sensation of it all. Sid savored this first moment before pulling out nearly the entire way, and slamming back in hard. Alex let out a painful cry, briefly releasing Derek from his mouth, but the cry turned into a pleasurable whimper as the nerves all resonated together celebrating the fullness that Sid gave him. Sid fucked him from here, alternating between short strokes in and out and long deep strokes that ran the length of his entire cock. Alex’s eyelid’s fluttered when Sid pulled out like this, the vacuum it created felt nearly as substantial as when it forced its way back into him.

The four men couldn’t keep this up for long. All of them were glistening with sweat and semen. Sid dug his fingers into into Alex’s waist and blew another load deep into him. Alex felt the warm sticky fluid fill him up, which sent him over the edge as he came all over the floor underneath him. The orgasmic moans that came from Alex’s throat triggered Derek’s third climax of the day as his cum shot down his friend’s hungry throat. Cameron, having a sympathetic reaction to the other three’s orgasms started to cum himself, his hands nowhere near his penis.

All four came in unison which continued longer than any of them had anticipated. When it did subside, Sid was the first to pull out, and Alex collapsed to the floor. Derek kneeled in front of him with a dopey smile, catching another glimpse of Sid’s penis which had been hidden from his vision while he and Alex fucked. Cameron was also kneeling, leaning to the side to steal a glance at the mythical cock.

Sid caught Cameron looking. “You ready for this?”

“Yeah,” was all he responded.

“Settle in boys, it’s gonna be a long night.”

Sid flipped on the light switch to his apartment and let himself in. He dragged himself to his bedroom and flopped face first onto the bed. His penis nearly touched the floor. Their impromptu orgy had gone on for several hours before Sid had to call it a night.

“That was wild. I lost track how many times I came.”

“Sixteen,” a helpful voice stated from behind. “Eighteen, if you count the two instances earlier this afternoon. If we’re considering your whole life starting with your first nocturnal emission at fourteen, you’ve had 2,647 orgasms.”

“Thank you, Reggie.” Sid turned himself over. He was still completely naked; he hadn’t bothered to put on clothes when they were done. He stank of sex, even after they all took a shower together, though that ended up in more fun anyway. “So, is this my life now?”

“If you’d like it to be,” Reggie stated.

“Yeah. I mean, I can’t complain, can I?” Sid sat himself up. “Not a bad way to spend my time, having great sex all day every day.”

“Certainly not,” Reggie agreed. “Even if you move in with your parents, you should have no trouble finding —“

“My parents? Why would I do that?” Sid looked up with concern at Reggie, who seemed puzzled by Sid’s surprise.

“I don’t suppose that’s your only option, it just seemed like the most likely. If you quit your job to have continuous sexual intercourse, you wouldn’t have a means to continue paying rent, correct? Your savings will be depleted in a matter of weeks.”

“I mean, yeah, but… well, then we’d… arrgh!” Sid said, falling back onto the bed with his hands over his eyes. “Jesus, why does everything have to be so hard? Can’t you just make me rich or something?”

“A wealth god would be better suited for that task, but I am not aware of any that are unattached.”

“Forget it. Whatever.” Sid sighed. “So I still have to work like everyone else? Even with this thing?” he said batting his soft penis with his hand.

“It would appear so.”

“Bummer. Maybe I can find a different job. Hey, remember that summer when you and I convinced them we could be lifeguards even though neither of us knew how to swim,” Sid reminisced with a smile.

“I do,” Reggie responded plainly. Sid didn’t get a follow-up.

“Yeah, that was fun…” he muttered to himself. Sid sighed. “I guess there’s no way around it. Unless,” Sid said, sitting up, inspiration hitting him. A mischievous smile crept onto his face. “Unless, I use Sid Jr. to solve my financial problems, too.”

“What did you have in mind?”

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