The Boxer Briefs Chapter 3

By Marketingbatman published June 30, 2018

Transformation begins. Justin learns about the power of the briefs and becomes owned.

Justin laid motionless still unsure what had just happened. He felt the heat from his breathing against the cape. He felt exhaustion setting in. His mind raced as he was turned on, frightened, weirded out…’who was this man, and what did he want with HIM?!’

Justin felt his cock bobbing with excitement as he heard the voice in his mind “boy”. Justin liked the sound of this. He had always enjoyed the thought of having someone to answer to. Justin’s mind replicated the man fully nude now. The man’s cock was fully erect and pointing at Justin. Justin moaned under the cape desiring to jerk but was still unable to move. Justin remembered the feeling of taking the man’s cock deep down his throat. Justin imagined the man moving to his other side and skidding between his cheeks. Justin felt a rush jolt through his body and could tell he was cumming without any hands. He felt the wetness and glob settling on his leg. Justin’s panted and tried to control his breathing. He again went to thinking about what the man wants, ‘Was he being taken captive and going to be used as his sex toy? Was the man going to kill him? Was he going to develop feeling for his sir?’ Sir, Justin’s mind raced as if being reprogrammed. He wanted nothing more than to worship sir. He wanted sir to be proud of him. He wanted sir to mentor him, develop him, make his a muscle boy…sir’s boy.

Justin could hear footsteps coming back towards him. The cape was pulled back, the man smiled down at him. Justin felt the man releasing his mouth guard. “Good boy” he smiled down, and petted back Justin’s hair.

“Thank you, sir” Justin replied placing his cheek into the man’s palm. The man reached down and felt Justin’s wet crotch. He chuckled, “I think it’s done.” He said. Justin was unsure what he meant by ‘done’ but he didn’t care. Justin felt on cloud 9 with his sir there beside him. Justin felt the cape being removed and the man took a step back. “Come boy” he ordered. Justin felt his body release as if shackles had been undone. Justin sat up and began following sir. They went through a thick wood door that had a elegant and rich feel to it. Justin was in awe as they went down a hall with sculptures of young body builders. The sculptures had such unique details making them feel so lifelike. Justin was amused but didn’t care much except for sir’s lead. They reached another room at the hall and sir opened the door.

“Here we are” he held the door open for Justin to go inside. Justin went through the door and saw a room full of different excitement. There was a sling, bed covered in rubber sheets, a stall with a glory hole, a giant cube that looked big enough for someone to sit in. Justin felt his cock growing. Justin looked down to be reminded of the black boxer briefs he was still wearing. He now saw the band on them, they now had ‘Property of Sir’ stitched across it like a logo. Justin’s heart thumped with excitement.

Justin looked over to see sir transforming before his eyes. The man’s clothes shifted from black pants and dress shirt to a beautiful rubberized wrestling singlet. “That’s better” sir said looking at his reflection in the mirror. Justin gazed at sirs muscle figure and how well he filled out the singlet. Justin saw the giant outline of sirs cock and his mind longed to service sir.

Sir approached Justin, “now what for you…” he said thinking and examining Justin. Justin watched as his underwear transformed into a jock, he felt the material stretch up to his chest and created a harness, and then his arms developed cuffs. Justin for a split second wondered how the hell that happened, but was flooded with the eagerness to please his sir.

Sir grabbed Justin’s harness and forcefully flung him to the bed. Justin’s face was met with his sirs pit and Justin did not hesitate to begin taking big whiffs and licks of his sirs pit and bicep. Justin felt the weight of his sir lay on top of him. Justin had a hard time breathing but continued to worship the man’s body. Sir sat back up and laid down next to Justin. Justin smiled and got on top of Sir. He continued to worship Sir’s body. He placed his hands on Sir’s massive arms exploring each defined muscle. Sir teased him with flexing his arms. Boulders formed on his biceps and Justin became even more excited. He watched as everything from the indention in Sir’s forearm, to the part between his pecs made Justin desire him more.

“Stop” Sir commanded, and Justin raised up. “Good boy” Sir smiled, “I like a quick learner.” Sir’s singlet began to shift and Justin watched in amazement as Sir was framed in a bulldog harness. Tight gloves began to form across each of Sir’s fingers, and an armband and thick black cock ring completed the transformation. “Time to have some fun!” Sir exclaimed. Sir reached up and a cat o’ nine tails whip formed in his hand. Justin gulped at the thought of what was to come next.

“I told you, you’re going to pay MY price” Sir now had a very sinister and dark but exciting smile. “You steal from me, and I’m going to get payback. You see, those briefs you took from me, are part of me. You taking a part of me, now makes YOU MINE!” Sir pointed with the whip at Justin.

There was something terrifying and arousing by Sir telling Justin he was his. Justin wanted nothing more than to be his, he was willing and eager. Desire clouded his mind. He was owned.

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