By GlamGod
published June 30, 2018

A small intro to a couple I’m bringing to the site; Lucio and Andres.

Andres had been chatting, sitting at the table while Lucio made dinner. He was fidgeting nervously; recounting the stressful day at work was never successful in relieving the tension itself, though fragrant spices and the hot sizzle of meat had his mouth watering. They both loved cooking and always had; taking turns in the kitchen was essential when both were…well, bossy.

“I have to take on more.” His voice was taut, a thin edge to it as he looked up, eyes flicking quickly to Lucio. “I know I’m not home often as it is, but—”

“You work for idiots.” Lucio was watching him through the reflection of the kitchen window—his partner’s face stark in the light and depressingly apologetic.

“I’m sorry. I just can’t let anything…slip through cracks. There’s a lot on the line,” He trailed off, swallowing hard; looking back at the table, drumming his fingers and chewing on his lip.

With one smooth motion, Lucio slipped from the stove, leaving the cookery to itself as he wrapped a strong arm around Andres’ shoulders, delicately straightening his collar before pressing a kiss to the top of his head. The bulky silhouette draped over the smaller man’s nervous frame was protective, and Andres reached to hold his hand, smiling with some relief in his lined face.

“You’re a hard worker, Ande. It’s admirable. I only wish you didn’t let it stress you out so much, when you pull the weight of everyone around you.” Lucio had drawn his own hair back in a ponytail; running his fingers through the dark, short waves as his boyfriend relaxed, his smile less nervous. “Luci, I don’t know if that’s—”

“It’s true. I’ve met your co-workers, remember? Believe me, you are the only one in sales who knows what he’s doing. I’m shocked you haven’t made manager yet.” Lucio’s voice was calm, deep and—firm. He always had that timbre, comforting and decisive, and Andres smirked a little; tilting his head back with a smile as he kissed softly at Lucio’s shaven cheeks. “I’m flattered, honey.” He sighed. “I just need some sleep, really. I hate these late nights. You really don’t have to wait up for me—you need your rest too, y’kn—”

“Hold that thought, darling.” Lucio had been stroking his hair evenly, rhythmically as he stood, coming around to face Andres with that soft, museful smile. “that’s my boy.” Andres was smiling too. A warm sense of…security had cloaked his mind, the worries of work and deadlines fading, held behind closed doors as he stared at Lucio; taking in his features, every detail of his face all that Andres perceived. Lucio was stroking his hand, speaking softly and letting the words sink in slow and steady.

“You can relax, Ande. You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to relax. Let yourself just be—a good boy for me, right, Ande?” He was smiling—that smile that Andres couldn’t bear to look away from, as he nodded, lips parted and a slight flush to his cheeks. Each time his name was spoken, a warm pulse of pleasure spiked, Lucio’s hand trailing from his own to his thigh, enticing and almost as mouthwatering as the food on the stove. “You deserve a rest. Let yourself go, don’t think of work or stress. Just be a good boy for me, Ande, and let me…” He was stroking the front of his slacks, gentle and teasing as he palmed the growing bulge. Andres’ hips were moving, twitching slightly as he bit his lip, his eyes still fixed lovingly—if perhaps a bit glazed—on Lucio. “that’s it. You just need a bit less tension, Ande…” Andres shivered, a flushed grin on his lips as he nodded, Lucio continuing to stroke and tease. “Let your shoulders loosen…you don’t need your hands, Ande. You’re a good boy, and I take care of good boys like you.” He leaned in, using more pressure as his tranced partner squirmed and groaned—soft, needy little whines that slipped out unbidden. “Look at you, all dressed up for work. Looking sharp in your suit, Ande, but you’re just worn ragged.” He clucked his tongue; one hand back to stroking his hair as he continued his fun. “You need to put it all aside, let me play with you, let yourself be mine. I’ll take care of you Ande, see?” He could tell the man was close, whimpering and just barely grinding himself into Lucio’s palm—seeing that needy, trusting expression was arousing in itself—watching his boy pant with desire. “Good boy, Ande, my darling—you’re such a good pet for me, aren’t you?” His words were laced with affection, as he drew Andres into a kiss, chuckling as the man eagerly latched onto Lucio, arms around his neck, hips rolling in his seat. “there you go…all you need is a little enjoyment. A little distraction. You don’t need to think, or worry…All you need is to let me take care of you.”

It was enough. Andres shivered, his blankly loving stare falling away as brown eyes rolled up, lip bit in pleasure as his back arched—Lucio careful to hold him so he didn’t hurt himself on the chair, one hand still stroking, encouraging as his slacks, bulging with need—soon grew dark, his hips bucking once, twice—three times, before Andres, panting, began to settle, his face flushed and his suit ruined. He looked exhausted—still tranced as Lucio smiled, giving him a soft kiss before he gathered up his smaller boyfriend; carrying him bridal style, letting his head fall back and eyes fall shut. “What a good boy, Ande.” He praised, carrying him smoothly into the bedroom, laying him down on the expensive mattress. The pair’s cats leaped up, already curious, and he didn’t shoo them away. “Why don’t you nap, now, darling…I’ll wake you for dinner.” He leaned forward—pressing a kiss to his forehead before backing out—leaving the door just barely ajar as he hurried to finish up the meal, smiling with satisfaction all the while. He knew Andres would be much less tense when he woke up—a little stress relief went a long way, for the both of them.

probably not very good–it ‘s my first time even attempting some thing like this. feedback positive or negative would be appreciated (if it ‘s constructive <3) I’d like to do more with Andres. fairly tame for this site, perhaps; but I’d like a place to store such writing.

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