By MorningSalad published June 30, 2018
An unsuspecting businessman is offered a popsicle that causes extreme horniness and other side effects.

Lex was having a relatively normal day. He had just finished a work day at the office, still donning a crisp mauve dress shirt and tight grey slacks, taking a walk at the Gerard Beach Promenade like he always did. He liked walking along the seaside to hear the relaxing waves, the chirping of the birds away, to be away from the city’s noise. Having a stressful job as a marketing analyst took a toll on his sanity, and this is how he coped.

What Lex didn’t enjoy, however, was how despite the omnipresent breeze, he would always sweat a ton during his walks. Perhaps his attire wasn’t particularly suited to any physical activity, but he always preferred to change when he got home instead.

And it’s not like he’s not used to sweating either. After his walks, he would routinely change into his gym clothes— an underarmour tank and basketball shorts under compression leggings— before hitting his private indoor gym. His hard work showed. Generally, Lex tried to keep a lean figure. His muscles were visible under his shirt, but he didn’t quite like the idea of them bulging so drastically. He also noticed that the ladies were more interested in those lean surfer-boy builds.

Despite his affinity to sweating, Lucas had to admit that the heat was starting to become a consistent and irritating problem. As he strolled down the boardwalk, sweat began to gather around his armpits. Before he knew it, his whole dress shirt was near drenched in his own juices. He was sort of embarrassed, considering how visible it made his entire body to the general public. His pecs and abs were painfully visible, as sweat clung the fabric onto his muscles. He needed to cool down right away. Lex crossed his arms in the meantime, in an attempt to obscure his chest from passersby. He could already see a few women glancing sheepishly.

As if by fate, Lex stumbled across a bright pink ice cream stand near the ferry docks. Strange, he thought. There were never ice cream stands there when he made his previous walks.

Not that he’s complaining.

Behind the stand was a rather muscular guy wearing a pink shirt bearing the logo of a rainbow popsicle. Lex thought the man was way bigger than any ice cream man had the right to be. Despite that, a certain aura goaded Lex to walk closer.

“Hiya,” the man greeted. He examined Lex’s body and grinned. “Looks like someone a little hot, if you know what I mean.” He grinned. “Hey, at least you look good, am I right?”

Lex stood there dumbfounded. Was the man flirting with him? He didn’t like being objectified and certainly not by other men. “Umm yeah, I guess.”

The ice-cream man chuckled. “Well, it’s good to be modest. Anyways, I’m guessing you’re here for some ice cream?” The man lifted the panel on his stand. “Lucky for you, we have a whole selection right here.”

Lex scanned the assortment of cold desserts. For a small stand, it had an overwhelming amount of treats to choose from. There was ice cream, ice cream sandwhiches, popsicles, creamsicles…

“How do you have so many things in here?” Lex asked.

The man laughed. “Business secrets. Are you having trouble deciding?” He didn’t wait for an answer. The ice cream man reached into a cylinder, pulled out an unwrapped rainbow popsicle.

He presented it in front of Lex. “Here.”

Lex stared at the popsicle, then the man. “Are you sure you’re supposing to be offering me free merchandise? Isn’t that bad for business?”

The man just smiled. “Just give it a lick. I’m sure you’ll end up wanting more anyways.”

Lex shrugged. He grabbed the popsicle from the ice cream man and gave it a lick. In a quick second, a colourful burst of flavour bombarded his taste buds. Lex closed his eyes and moaned, savouring the sensation. He had never tasted anything so sweet, yet so delicious. He had to have more.

He kept licking the popsicle, furiously and enthusiastically. Lex noticed that no matter how many times he licked, the popsicle wouldn’t get any smaller. He didn’t care though; he was too busy savouring the taste of the big popsicle.

The ice cream man watched in delight. “You know what would make it taste better? If you try putting the entire thing in your mouth.”

Almost instinctively, Lex began insert the juicy popsicle in his mouth until the entire thing was inside. Then, he started ramming the popsicle down the back of his throat.

“Good boy,” the ice cream man teaswd.

Lex’s attention was fully fixated on the enormous dessert in his mouth, but the ice cream man’s words still resonated in his ears.

“Doesn’t that popsicle look like a big fucking dildo?” The man suggested.

Lex nodded. He took the popsicle out of his mouth and began to lick the slobber running down from it. All of a sudden, Lex realized that it was a dildo that he was sucking. It was almost identical to a real cock- seven inches with long thick veins running down the shaft.

His innermost subconscious mind realized that something wrong was going on here. But for some reason, he didn’t stop. After all, it still tasted like sweet, glorious popsicle. He continued to lick and suck and deepthroat the dildo popsicle.

“Yeah, deepthroat that dildo.” The man said. “Isn’t it just so nice to have a huge cock down your throat?”

Lex nodded dumbly. All he could focus on was the dildo popsicle in his mouth. For some reason, the popsicle was really starting to resemble a really big cock. It had a slit right at the tip, which started oozing a milky liquid similar to precum. Lex gobbled the juices up. It tasted like corn syrup, he thought.

“How’s it tasting?” The ice cream man asked. He was clearly enjoying the show.

“Mhff… So good…” Lex felt a wave of pleasure with every lick, making it hard to concentrate on talking.

“You know what would make that popsicle?”

Lex’s eyes widened and his attention fixated on the ice cream man.

“If you made that popsicle cum.”

Something clicked inside Lex’s mind. It was like he knew exactly what to do. “Go on, stroke that big popsicle cock.”

Obediently, Lex gripped the popsicle with his free hand and started moving his hand gently up and down, all the while he ran his tongue down the shaft. He expected the popsicle to be more sticky but for some reason it felt slick and lubricated instead.

“Look at you, so helpless.” The man continued to laugh. He had thought that Lex would’ve provided some sort of resistance, but he was completely hypnotized by the cocksicle.

“Why don’t you try shoving that popsicle up your ass? I bet it’ll cum really fast.”

Quickly Lex took off his slacks, revealing his toned thighs and prominent bulge, nestled under some tight briefs. He pulled his briefs down and slowly slid the cocksicle up his pretty pink hole. Lex moaned as the long shaft slid up and down his ass. He had never thought of shoving anything up his ass, but now he felt a heaven-like pleasure when he fucked himself with the dildo popsicle.

All of a sudden, Lex began to feel a weird sensation around his ass. It was a warm fuzzy feeling, slowly growing and growing. Lex looked at his ass to see that it had become bigger and bouncier. His butt looked almost twice as big, like two huge globes of fat and muscle attached to his legs.

For whatever reason, seeing his own ass grow so huge was beginning to turn Lex on. “Oh fuck… This feels so good.” He started to ride that cocksicle faster now, watching his ass bounce to the rhythm.

“Look how big of a cockslut your turning into. You love being a cockslut, don’t you?”

Lex nodded.

“You probably know this already, but that popsicle makes anyone who consumes it a horny slut for cock. But it also has other effects that change you physically.” The man walked over to Lex who was on his knees, pleasuring himself with the cocksicle. In one swift movement, the man grabbed Lex’s dress shirt and tore it open, revealing his muscled pecs and abs.

“Go ahead, you cockwhore. Rub that popsicle dick all over your muscle tits.”

Lex was confused since he didn’t have pecs big enough to be referred to as “tits”, but there was this overwhelming desire to obey the ice cream man. It felt good to act like a slut. It felt good to display his muscles and play with himself.

Lex took the cocksicle out of his ass slowly and started to rub it up and down against the crevice of his pecs. To his amazement, the crevice began to deepen as the muscles in his chest began to grow more pronounced. His pecs began to inflate like balloons, until they were sticking out of his chest quite prominently. Lex wedged the popsicle in between his new muscle tits, covered in sweat and some of the cocksicle’s precum.

“Now you’re looking more and more like a muscle slut.” The man teased. “Do you like fucking your tits with that dildo?”

“Yes…” Lex groaned.

“Yes…?” The man urged.

“I love being showing off my slutty body.” Lex said.

“Good boy. Now, are you ready for that cocksicle to cum on you?”

Lex’s excitement went through the roof. “Yes! I want to swallow all of that popsicle juice!”

The man laughed. “Well then you better fuck your muscle tits harder then.”

Lex’s juiced up pecs began to vibrate as he drove the cocksicle up and down even faster. He wanted to make that popsicle cum. He wanted it to release its thick sweet juice all over his mouth. Lex began to feel an intense heat radiate out of the cocksicle. It’s about to cum, he thought.

“Oh yes, fill my whore mouth with cum!”

Suddenly, thick ropes of white liquid began to squirt out of the cocksicle’s head. It spouted endless amount of cum on Lex’s face, covering his face in a thin layer of cock juice. Lex scooped some cum off his face and began to lap it up like a dog.

The ice cream man watched the poor business man in heat, ass out like a himbo slut, pecs so huge they were looked unnatural. “Who’s a good muscle himbo?” He teased.

Lex moaned “I’m a good muscle himbo.”

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