The Cordz - Part 3

By Anonymous
published July 16, 2014
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The dress code at the after-party? Corduroy of course!

Thank you all for your feedback on part 2! Enjoy!

“Hey Jakob, you coming to the party tonight?” asked my best friend Riley. We had just won our first game of the year and him and a bunch of guys planned a celebration at his place. “Of course bro, count me in!” I replied as we both entered the change room. There was a gym class already changing, so we weaved our way through everyone to get to our lockers. As I kneeled down to unlock mine, I noticed that some guys were changing into the same outfit that our quarterback Brett wore everyday. Was it a new fashion trend? Probably not. Something fishy was going on, and I didn’t like it. Some people were even helping one another get dressed! As soon as they fastened their suspenders on to their corduroy pants, their eyes went blank and then immediately walked out. I changed as fast as I could and ran home.

4 hours later…

Riley and I both arrived at the location of the party. It was Reid’s house. He was one of our best players, so I could see why he was hosting it. Riley knocked three times and the old wooden door was opened by Brett, wearing that disgusting looking outfit. “Oh, it’s you guys! Not following dress code like everyone else I see.” “What dress code?” I questioned. “Well, Cole had this id…” “Cole?!” Riley exclaimed. “You invited that nerd here?!” Brett was shocked by his reaction. “He always wears those clothes everyday,” Brett explained. “I wondered why he did, but when he gave me my own outfit, everything became clear. We have some extra shirts, pants, and suspenders if you want some.” he said, pointing to the neatly folded pile of clothes near the closet. “We’ll pass.” I muttered.

Cole’s POV

Everything was going according to Master’s plan. The final member of the football team had just arrived, so I began handing out tons of drinks so the bathroom would be a high traffic area. I commanded Brett to move the stacks of clothes into the cabinet in there. We jammed all of the locks so no one could escape their brainwashing. Soon everyone would become a slave of The Spiral. There comes my first victim…

Jakob’s POV

Now the party was really getting exciting. Everyone had at least three beers and we were all pretty buzzed. Reid was the first to use the bathroom, but he took forever. When he finally emerged, his normal clothes were gone and were replaced with that nerdy outfit! “Welcome to the family!” Brett said as he patted Reid on the back. Now I was freaked out. What is happening? The party moved down into the basement where we watched a movie for a bit. Brad had to take a piss after awhile, and Dan went upstairs to refill the chip bowl. Both of them came back down looking much different. You can probably guess what happened to them. Riley was one of the last normal-clothed boys to go upstairs. I decided to go with him just to be on the safe side. As he went into the bathroom, I fixed myself yet another drink and stared at the door intently. I could hear shuffling, zipping, slapping, and moaning coming from behind the door. “Is Riley that horny?” I thought as I walked up to the bathroom. My hand reached for the doorknob, but I decided to knock instead. “Are you almost done in their dude?” “Yes Master.” Master? What? The door was pushed open by Cole and Riley was standing there in cords and a smile on his face. His half-hard dick was still visible through the deep green fabric. “You need to join us Jakob. Follow the dress code.” Cole said. I instantly turned and ran towards the front door. Jammed. The open window in the basement was my next best option. I bolted down the stairs only to find the window closed. Every guy on the team was spread throughout the room; some piled on the couch, laying on the floor, or standing. The TV had some sort of spiral pattern on it and everyone had their erect cocks sticking straight up out of their corduroys. Cole and Riley caught up with me at last. “Do not resist, Jakob.” Cole said. “Everyone here is feeling good because they are obeying The Spiral. Do you want to feel good too?” He motioned to Dan and Brad and they both pinned me down on the carpeted floor. I struggled against their grip, but it was no use. More guys snapped out of their trance and helped remove my clothes. Cole commanded Riley to stick his teenage meat into my mouth. He straddled me and began thrusting. Everyone else rubbed their hands all over my naked body. Some found their way to my cock and rubbed it for me. I was overloaded with pleasure. Riley moaned and released his crud into my mouth, forcing me to swallow. I was left alone, and just as I was about to get up, my mind went blank and I started shaking like I was having a seizure. After that subsided, my cock sprung up and began leaking pre-cum. I was lifted to my feet and Reid grabbed a white dress shirt. My heart raced. Why was I so excited to wear this? He stuck my arms through the sleeves and buttoned it up. My eyes drifted towards the TV screen where they became stuck. I watched the spiral and felt way more relaxed. Next, someone handed Brett a pair of corduroy pants and he walked towards me. “This is the best part.” He explained as he positioned them in front of my feet. I involuntarily stepped into the legs of the pants and he pulled them up my body. I shuddered and moaned as Brett hiked them up. It felt so good to wear my pants this high. It felt right. Cole walked behind me and I could hear the clip of suspenders on the back of my new cords. Brad brought them over my shoulders and fastened them on to the front. I was completely dressed up and satisfied. Cole crouched down and undid my fly. He stuck a few fingers in and drew out my rigid man meat and began to suck. I just kept watching the TV while the other boys started reciting the word “hypnotize” over and over. I joined in as Cole sucked faster and faster. The pressure in my cock grew and it ached for release. “OBEY THE SPIRAL. HE IS YOUR MASTER. HYPNOTIZE. DO NOT RESIST. LET THE PLEASURE BUILD. HYPNOTIZE. YOU LIKE WEARING CORDUROY PANTS. EMPTY YOUR MIND AND OBEY. HYPNOTIZE.” The mantra repeated itself over and over. I had to obey The Spiral. Watch the TV. Relax. My cock finally erupted and I threw my head back followed by a loud moan of pleasure. I was now hypnotized. The Spiral was now speaking through the TV. “Good work boys. You are now all mine. Cole, do you have any fun ideas for the rest of the night?” “Yes my Master. I have some bow ties to wear and pomade for hair slicking.” “Very good. Carry out your plan and then continue to bring more boys to me.” Cole ran upstairs and brought down a bin full of red bow ties. “Everybody put one on.” he said. We passed the bin around and helped put them on one another. After that, we took turns slicking our hair in the bathroom. Each slave walked out looking so much better.

It was my turn next. I scooped up some pomade and massaged it through my scalp. My dick hardened again. Was this a special concoction from Master? It opened my mind up and I felt much more relaxed. I reached for the comb and parted my hair. After I was done styling, I looked in the mirror and smiled. I was such a good looking slave. Cole commanded us to put on our leather dress shoes and walk single file out the front door. We stopped at the school and went directly to Mr. Ellis’ office. “Had a good game boys? You should all build up your endurance for the next one. Show me your cocks!” We followed his orders and we had several orgasms together all night long.

To be continued…

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Category: Hypnosis   Tags: #geek #football #nerd #oral #jock
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