The Break-In

By Dat Spicy Ramen
published June 29, 2020
1854 words

Lee wakes up to two intruders who broke into his home, demanding secrets from his past.

When Lee came to, he was tied to a chair. He was in his kitchen, and it was dark. He tried to remember the last thing that happened, and with a jolt realized that intruders had broken into his home. They knocked him out before he could react.

With a sudden rush of adrenaline, he struggled against his bonds in a panic, realizing too late that the intruders were still there. They were talking to each other, and stopped when they heard Lee struggle. One of them started walking up to him.

He focused on his attackers. There were two of them, both had on ski masks and gloves, plain black shirts and pants. One was obviously built, his shirt barely containing the muscles in his chest and arms. Bit of a stomach, short-cropped hair. Lee couldn’t help but think that he looked like a typical goon. He remembered that this was the guy that clocked him. He made a mental note of that.

The other one was less bulky. He was lean, but obviously still had the capacity to beat someone up. And he walked towards Lee, brandishing a nightstick, as if he was ready to do just that. He put a gloved hand to Lee’s chin and tilted his head up so they meet eye to eye.

“You’re finally awake,” the man said. Only his eyes and mouth were visible through the ski mask, and the expression from both were terrifying. Would be terrifying for most people, Lee thought. He just needed an opening. “Nice place you got here. I’d hate to trash it. So you better cooperate.”

Lee snorted loudly. “Yeah, sure buddy. Nothing like trash to know how to trash a place right? Once you’re done could you do me a favor and throw yourself out in the morning with the rest?” He smirked in the most arrogant way he could.

The man was taken aback, and his eyes instantly flashed anger. He brought up his nightstick and swiftly brought it to Lee’s side. Lee got the wind knocked out of him, but he barely felt it. He was thankful he preprogrammed the nanites in his body to cancel out any pain beyond a certain threshold. Couldn’t stop him from blacking out when they sucker punched him though. He took a note of that for later.

He looked at the lean man and gave a small laugh. “I hope you have a day job, because you suck at this. If you wanted me to cooperate by teaching you lessons on how not to hit like a girl, I’d be up for the job.” Lee could only see the man’s eyes and mouth, but he knew he was going internally ballistic.

The nanites inside Lee transferred to another body by even the smallest transference of body liquids. Sweat or oil worked. All he had to do was touch them skin to skin. He knew they hadn’t yet, or else they wouldn’t be able to hurt him. Lee chanced a glance at the other guy. He was just standing there, his hands looked like it was itching to get its turn with him.

“Fuck you, you dirty faggot. You’re going to cooperate or we’re going to fuck you up. Now where are the fucking nanites?”

Now that was unexpected, thought Lee. He thought they were just a couple of hoodlums either doing a hate crime or just looting his house. For them to know about the nanites… well, that’s not good. Were they sent here? “That’s not a word I was expecting out of trash like you. But I guess trash has better manners than to say faggot.”

The lean man brought his nighstick down one more time, straight at Lee’s jaw. It was enough to knock him down, chair and all. The pain was dull, but it was there. “Fuck.”

“Feeling the pain now, asshole? I don’t care how jacked you are. You’ll talk after a couple of hits.”

Lee smirked. It was only five years ago when he was a college student with no muscle mass to speak of. Things changed when he got control of the nanites and used them on himself. Also, he made a mental note that the man specifically called out how jacked he was. That’s interesting. Maybe something to explore later.

The man turned around and faced his colleague. “Charlie! You’re up!”

Charlie, the bulky man, started moving towards Lee, like a boulder dislodged from a cliff and heading down the mountainside. This man would be perfect in leather, thought Lee. Maybe a cock cage.

“Hey, trashbag. You really are piss poor at this. You shouldn’t use real names when you’re doing a job.” The lean man gave visibly bristled at that. Man, that guy has a temper. Charlie though, he’s all business, thought Lee, as the Hulk of a man grabbed him by the front of his shirt and brought him up face to face with him. Not a light feat, with Lee still strapped to the chair. Lee could feel his breath on his face.

Charlie’s eyes bored into Lee’s. “Where are the nanites?” All business. Lee was impressed. But he could see this one didn’t call the shots. He barely seemed to care. He was just the muscle. An impressive specimen of muscle. He couldn’t wait to have his way with him.

“What are you getting out of this, ugly? Your boyfriend here seems to want me to suck his dick or something, but what about you? You looking to get your first kiss?”


Before Charlie could react, Lee thrust himself forward just enough to kiss him on the lips. He could have licked his eyes, but where’s the fun in that?

Charlie did not react well, and threw Lee against a wall with enough force that the chair broke. He was now loose, but to little effect. Lee got the wind knocked out of him again. He might not feel pain, but his body could still get damaged. He was seeing stars. “Fuck.”

“What the fuck did that faggot do?” The lean man was furious.

“I don’t know! He just… it’s sick!” Charlie was dumbfounded. Not as unflappable as Lee thought. Really soft lips though. It’ll take a minute or two for the nanites to propagate in his system and eventually take over his brain functions. It was only a matter of time now.

The lean man strode up angrily to him. “You may have mind fucked a whole town once, but you’re helpless now, you fag.” He kicked Lee in the stomach. “We can do this all night.” Another kick. “You’re ours.” And again. Lee knew the nanites would heal him rapidly, but this kind of damage would take a while to fix. Some of the pain was already coming through, sharply. The nanites were working overtime.

The man hunched down, wielding the nightstick threateningly. “Now where.” He thrust the nightstick into Lee’s side. It was fucking painful, now. “Are the nanites.” One more thrust, and there was a crack as one of Lee’s ribs broke. The pain exploded into a thousand shards, and Lee’s vision turned red.

Lee coughed. “Ok. I’m sorry. Yes, The nanites.” Cough.

The lean man smiled. “Where?”

Lee took a deep breath and shouted “Command: restrain him and standby!”

The lean man paused. “Wha-“ Before he knew it, two huge arms had reached out from behind him, putting him in a firm chokehold. Charlie had him. He could barely breathe, let alone speak. “What the- fuck are- you doing- you moron?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know!” Charlie could only blabber.

“How? How, he didn’t inject either of us! There was no chance to! Fuck, Charlie, get off of me!”

The lean man kept shouting expletives at Charlie as he struggled. Lee, in the meantime, took a minute to get his bearings. It would take overnight for the nanites to heal his broken rib, but it wasn’t long before he felt well enough to stand. “Command: don’t speak. If your companion speaks, tighten your chokehold on him until he shuts up, then you can return to just restraining him.”

“No, Charlie no-“ the lean man started, but was quickly deprived of air as Charlie tightened his hold around his neck. “Kkkhhhkkhhh.” After a few seconds of silence, Charlie loosened his grip, and the man gasped for air. He stayed silent after that.

Lee slowly went to the fridge, making sure to take his time. He poured himself a glass of water, drank rather slowly and in a dramatic fashion, and did some stretches, like he just woke up. He put his glass down and stood in front of the lean man.

“What’s your name?”

“Fuck yo-“ he started, before Charlie started choking him again.”

“Oh, fuck right, sorry.”


“Command: just restrain, let him talk,” Lee said, followed by a huge gasp for air from the man.

“Ok, let’s try that again. What’s your name?”

“Fuck. You.”

Lee sighed. “If you know about the nanites, you know what they’re capable of, and you know what I can do to you. And you’re still being a little shit huh?”

The man stared at him. A bit uncertainly this time.

Lee shrugged. “Have it your way. You see, I don’t need to inject the nanites anymore. I’ve had five years to improve it. I just have to….” Lee brought a hand to the man’s cheek, almost tenderly. It’s done. And with a swift move, Lee punched him in the stomach. The man gasped violently.

Lee tore off the man’s ski mask. He was handsome, with well defined features. His cheekbones were his best feature, framed by a mop of curly blonde hair. Surprising that someone with a face like his could turn out to be such a thug. He brought a hand to his crotch roughly. “So let’s try this again. What’s your name?” Lee started unzipping him slowly.

“K-Kevin.” Kevin’s eyes held true fear.

“Hello K-Kevin. You gave me a hard time back there.” He brought out Kevin’s dick. Even it was frightened, trying to retreat into his body like it was in a cold shower. “Now I’m giving you a hard time. Get it? Hard? Maybe not. You’re not getting hard at all.”

“P-please, please don’t-“

“Oh, Kevin, you have no idea what I’m going to do to you tonight.” Lee started squeezing Kevin’s balls, tighter and tighter. “You should have some idea, if you know about how I used the nanites.” He tugged quickly and harshly. Kevin squeaked. “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun, don’t you?”

“M-Mercy.” Kevin’s voice was mouse-high.

“No, no, I don’t think so. Command.”

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