The Wrestling Coach 2

By Jockboi published July 10, 2014
A young jock wrestler is turned into a coaches play thing and is commanded to recruit another jock slave
The Wrestling Coach 2: Recruiting

I grabbed a towel and dried myself from the shower I just took. I could still feel the cum inside my ass from our new wrestling coach. All I knew was that I had to work harder at wrestling, to please coach, and to love men’s bodies. I looked at myself in the mirror and put my arms up exposing my blonde hairy pits. My biceps and triceps flexed and bulged with every movement and I loved it.

“See you tomorrow my little jock boy” he said slapping his hand on my ass. He stopped for a second and fingered me. I gasped in pleasure and closed my eyes knowing I was filling out my purpose. Then he walked down the hall wearing his spandex orange shirt and tight athletic shorts lightly closing the locker room door behind him.

Flexing some more in the mirror I got a glimpse of the time and decided it was time to leave. I needed to go to the gym and build some more muscle for coach. Walking over to my bag I grabbed my jockstrap and slip on. It was my uniform and it was mandatory to wear it at all times. Again the rubber jockstrap caressed my balls and cock and a wave of pleasure came over me.

After a few minutes enjoying the feeling of the jockstrap I grabbed my new singlet coach had given me. Instead of our school colors it was black lycra and it showed every curve and muscle of my perfect muscle body. Coach told me it was my uniform only for sleeping, serving him, and anything, but wrestling practice our tournaments. He also said I should wear it at all times under my clothes if necessary and could only take it off with him permission.

The lycra hugged my body and it had a slight hint of the coaches BO reminding me of the pleasure that comes from obeying his commands. Then I put on my head gear that gave off binaural tones through the ear pieces programming me more to serve my coach, love to work out and sports, and to please all gay men. I put a second pair of head gear and rubber jockstrap in my gym bag because I was told orders by the coach. Then I put my regular clothes on and put my school singlet in my gym bag and ran out the door before the janitor came in.
I drove home and walked inside my house. My mother was gone on a 3 week business vacation in Hong Kong to talk about building plans and my dad stayed home. His eyes lit up as he saw me walk into the door and he stood up showing his 6 foot tall frame. He had chocolate brown hair on his face that was drizzled with a little bit of salt and pepper. Since he was in so many sports he still had his muscular form. The only difference from back then and now was that he had hair all over his body. Not too bad, but just lightly covered on his chest, in his armpits, in his ass, and above his penis.

“Hey kid! How was practice? Did you enjoy it?” he said with a smile. The light coming in through the window showed off this perfectly chiseled chin which gave him a pure aura of masculinity.

“Yes I did dad.” I said blankly, “Would you like to practice with my outside. I would like to show you some of the stuff I learned today”
His smile became bigger because that was what he exactly wanted to hear and he gladly agreed. I smiled knowing I was 1/3 through my mission and told him that I was going to change into my uniform.

I went upstairs and into my parents’ bedroom. Opening their walk in closet I grabbed my dad’s only pair of wrestling head gear and quickly walked into my room throwing it under my bed. Laying my gym bag on my bed I stripped down to my jockstrap and put on my school uniform. I heard some shuffling in my parents’ bedroom and I knew my dad was looking for his head gear. I unzipped my gym bad and pulled out the extra pair of head gear coach had given me. They were a special kind, he said, and that they were 10 times stronger than mine. Grabbing them I walked out the door and saw my dad walking down the hallway.

“Hey have you seen my head gear anywhere?” he said with a voice of confusion. Putting the extra head gear out in front of me he smiled.

“Thanks, you don’t mind if I borrow this right?”

“Not at all.” I said smiling

We both went down stairs and outside to our backyard lawn which gave us some privacy because of the 8 foot wooden fence my dad put up last summer. He unfolded the mat he had in his garage over the green lawn and told me to get ready. He was wearing a yellow singlet that was completely spandex and showed off this body well.

While he was tying his shoes I looked at the shiny black dial I had in my hand. The numbers on it meant the intensity of the binaural beats in my dad’s head gear. I turned it up to 10 just as coach had commanded me to. My dad stood straight up for a bit and then turned around with a smile on his face as usual and asked me if I was ready. Smiling I nodded examining my dad’s 9.5 inch boner he had already had.

Starting in the neutral position we started to wrestle. It was a bit of a struggle because my dad was about as strong as me, but I finally tackle him to the mat. He tried to get back up but I held him down. With my free hand I grabbed his balls and acted as thought it was a hold. Looking at his face I saw him smiling, not the ordinary happy dad smiles, the smile that meant he was enjoying something.

He brought his hand around and grabbed my ass with his middle finger sort of extending into my hole. I knew the head gear was working. We were still wrestling and struggling to pin each other down. I put him in a hold were my armpits would be over him and I could feel him taking in deep big breaths. He already loved the masculine scent of my body odor and that meant my commands were almost fulfilled.
Then I after keeping him in the hold after 10 seconds I knew I won the match. I got up and looked at my dad who was laying the ground.
He started stroking his cock hoping I wouldn’t notice.

“Need a hand dad?” I said to him. He shook his head no and got up by himself.

“Good match son!” he said a little dazed.

“Thanks!” I replied back grabbing his ass and rubbing my hand over it. He gave out a small moan of pleasure and that’s when I knew his mind had been fully programmed and activated to serve the coach and like men.

We went inside and as soon as we walked into the door he completely stripped and walked up to his room naked. His ass was perfectly muscular and he was sweaty all over his body. I decided to strip as well and followed him up the stairs with a boner showing in my rubber jockstrap. Hearing the door close to his room I went into mine and went straight for the gym bag that was one my bed. I grabbed the second pair of rubber jockstrap and walked out of my room and into the hallway. Opening the door slowly that led into my dad’s bedroom and I saw him lying on the bed, naked, sweaty, and ready to serve.

“You need to put on your uniform in order to show that you are owned by The Coach” I said in a monotone voice.

He sat up in bed and turned his head towards me. He nodded and walked over grabbing the jockstrap from me and putting it on. There was a snapping sound and then he stood there with a face of pure absolute pleasure.

“Come to The Coaches office after wrestling practice tomorrow.” I said to him. He nodded back to me like he understood. Then we both went to our closets and pulled out some spandex to wear. We put it on under our jockstrap and both went into the car and drove to the gym. We needed to work out for Coach. We needed to gain more muscle for him. We need to obey the Coaches commands.

The next day I wrestled the coach again at the end of practice and pinned him down instead. Being on top of him I sort of rubbed my cock against his and he smiled at me then gave me a wink. We wrestled some more, one time him putting me in a hold where he grabbed my balls and chest and shoved me to the ground.

When practice ended I went straight to the coach’s office and waited for him. My dad walked into the coach’s office 5 seconds after I sat down. He waited as well for the coach.

When he finally walked in we stood up at attention for him. I was wearing my rubber singlet and head gear uniform for The Coach. He walked in wearing a red spandex sweatshirt and short tight athletic shorts that showed his bulge and this leg muscles. You could defiantly tell he was sweaty because the areas on his lower stomach and under his arms were wet. Me and my dad were both thinking the same thing.

“You are a good jock slave.” He said to me, grabbing my hard on and stroking it a little. I went into complete bliss and a wave of pleasure came over me for I had fulfilled my coach’s commands.

He looked at my dad who was standing in just a rubber jockstrap and smirked at him.

“He will make a good edition to being one of my jock boy’s” The Coach said to both of us.

“Fetch me his uniform boi!” he said to me. I quickly went to the broom closest in the back of his office and pulled out another rubber singlet. Quickly I walked back and handed it to The Coach. He took it from me and gave it to my dad.

“This is your new uniform from now on slave. You must wear it at all times, under clothes if necessary.” He said to my dad who took the clothing and put it on over his jockstrap.

“Yes, coach” my dad replied in a monotone.

“Good boy. You will also come to this office every day at the same time to please your coach or be given new commands to recruit new jock boy’s I have selected.” He commands my father.

My dad nodded and The Coach said good and came up to my dad pressing his hard dick against his and grabbed his ass. My dad moaned in pleasure and The Coach stopped and then looked at me. He told me he was sweaty and needed to take a shower with my dad. I knew that meant that he was going to initiate him into being his good little jock boy like me.

I was commanded to stand there and the sounds that came out of the next room gave me pleasure. There was murmuring and moans of pleasure. Then there was the smacking of thighs and butts cheeks. A few yelling here and there and then complete silence marking the initiation of my dad becoming of my coaches little jock boy’s like me. Then I was called into the room so I quickly rushed to see what it was.

The coach and my dad were standing in the shower butt naked. They were both erect and the coach had some cum dribble a bit out of his cock.

“Clean.” He ordered.

I quickly grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth having my tongue go over the shaft and the head cleaning every single drop of cum that was left. He was still sweaty so I knew he wanted me to clean his whole body. My tongue then drifted to his balls where I lick every piece of sweat of it and then I made my way to his ass which was the best part. Afterwards I licked his sweaty masculine alpha male pits and topped it all off with a French kiss. His hands drifted down to my ass and he started feeling it pressing my body close to mine. He then proceeds to finger me and feel up my balls which were covered in rubber.

“Good boy. Now that you have fulfilled your assignment it’s time for you to have a little treat. Your dad is all yours.” He said.
I smiled at him then at my dad eyeing his body greedily stopping at his long erect hard dick. I told the coach I wanted to wrestle him and whoever won got to fuck the other one of the mat. The coach agreed and told us to go wait on the mat. We did so and when he came back he told us to completely strip naked. We obeyed and saw out of the corner of our eyes that he had a bottle of oil.

Putting a huge amount on his hand he genoursouly applied all over our bodies. On our cocks, in our holes, over our abs, on our big chests, over our arms, and all over the neck and butt. Then he told us to get in our neutral position and started the match.

It was pretty short, because I pinned my dad down quickly and then shoved him to the ground. He squirmed as I put my hairy armpits over his face. He gagged, but then started breathing like the smell of sweaty was fresh air. Flipping me around he got on top of me thrusting his spandex covered package into my ass. Even though it wasn’t technically going into my hole I still felt the pleasure of it. I put my hands behind me and felt his ass on top of me and then made a switch on him while he was distracted.

I put him in a half-nelson and waited 10 seconds which meant I had one the match. As soon as the match was over I grabbed my dad’s ass. It was so big and perfect for handling. I quickly and greedily shoved my face in between his cheeks. His taint was sweaty for the wrestling and I licked every single drop. He didn’t care if he lost or not because he was enjoying this. Finally the moment came and I stripped my rubber jockstrap away and planted my dick right in his ass. We fucked right there on the sweat soaked mat in all of our glory as the coach watched us from the side. He was butt naked jacking off on the side and it was like a miracle because when he cummed I knew he was giving me permission to cum. I thrust deeper into my dad and when I finally, and suddenly blasted into him, with all my force it was amazing. My muscle bulged and was beaded with sweat. My ass tightened covered in sweat as I thrust into him letting out a sigh of pleasure.
We finally fell down on the mat in exhaustion with smiles on both of our faces.

“Clean this mat you two. We don’t want anyone getting suspicious.” He commanded us.

We both then got on our knees and started licking the cum, sweat, and oil off of the mat. Licking up coaches cum was the best and that when I knew that it was great to serve coach. To be owned by him. To please him. Because that’s what jocks are meant for. To serve and please the coach.

The End

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