EX-Slave State Trooper finds Love Pt 5-Redemption

By Homoerotic-Hypno
published July 2, 2014

Keven’s fomer Master returns, and he wants what he once had.

A black, silver-sparkled, underwear jockstrap with a white puffball bunny tail; that was all he was allowed to wear unless given specific commands to do otherwise. In the large, castle-like mansion he had gotten so softly out of bed as not to disturb his Master, and gotten his morning tea and coffee.

He loved his Master, even though he obeyed solely because Master had hypnotized him and programed him, and reinforced that programing over six and a half long years, to him it was because of a deep, mutual love. He would do anything for his Master.

Alejandro placed the tea tray on the lavish bedside nightstand and crawled like a seductive cat to his Master. The room around him was more decorated and opulent then the royal bedchamber of Emperor Justinian.

Underneath a large mirror that hung over the oaken head bedpost. Master slept soundly, gracefully within a rich gold and brown afghan on an emperor sized bed. Alejandro approached the quintessence of grace and beauty, worshiped the embodiment of a god of sex and amorous hypersensualness. His mouth watered all the endless while.

He wrapped his lanky, twink arms around the man he loved and kissed with his soft, Brazilian lips. Master easily awoke and relaxed in the sweetness and triumph he felt. Alejandro Mars, Cassandra Mars’s adopted son from Brazil; was entirely enthralled in his power. He was his prize, and what a prize he was. He had deep olive eyes, flawless Latin skin, full, pouting, irresistible lips. Those lips were great for morning kisses as well as cocksucking.

Alejandro reached over and retrieved Master’s morning tea. Master took it and sat up. He started drinking it as Alejandro got to work on Master’s morning blowjob. Master relaxed calmly into the morning routine. He looked with his blue eyes to another slave still asleep from last night’s exhausting sex; Abodgi, another twink of Indian descent. Master always went for the twinks-one of the few exceptions being Keven Miller- Caucasian twinks only occasionally, but by and large he had a taste for the exotic and the different. To own the alluring foreign. Their slender bodies, their dark completion, the hairless asses that just protruded from their backs like enticing, sexy, curvaceous, hilltops. He could fuck those asses endlessly while he commanded them to beg for more.

With a pat on the arm Master ordered the slave to awaken. Abodgi-Master ordered him to forget his real name and replace it with this one-was awake without any hesitation. “Time to use your cocksucker, cocksucker. Service me.”

“Yes, Master” the Indian softly replied. Abodgi had the same body as Alejandro, the features that separated them were Abodgi’s skin tone, it was a few shades darker then Alejandro’s and his hair was longer, curlier, and thinker, to the point where it hung to frame his face, while Alejandro had much shorter, boyish hair.

He joined Alejandro in between his Master’s legs. The Brazilin was already deep in the Haze, the single-minded fog of grey that engulfed everything around them when cocksucking. Master loved it this way, programed it this way, because it pulled their minds, or what little thereof, and focused it on the task of pleasing. He reveled in the knowledge that they lost themselves on his cock, and reveled in the pleasure of their expert mouths. They were his bitches, sluts for his amusement in any way and every way he pleased.

He loved the power he held over them, the mindless thoughtlessness he could make them experience with a single command. How he could manipulate their thoughts, behaviors, personalities, and memories into whatever mold he wished.

However, the thoughtless, doting sweethearts they were now was their default slave-modes He closed his eyes to enjoy the blowjob from two slavish cocksuckers, as they obediently and affectionately licked and sucked him, double-teaming him. Master looked at his triumph Alejandro, the Hispanic was drilled in with all the skills and techniques a cocksucker could acquire, but the best thing about having one experienced mouth to service him was to have two. The both of them were as slavish as they were adorable.

They begged him to cum, begged him for the pleasure of cum. The greatest thing about two cocksuckers at once is that they competed to see who would be awarded Master’s delicious semen. Master sipped his tea in bliss as they slurped and sucked like mindless drones, he smiled to himself; they were mindless drones. They kept him on the edge; on the edge of the edge’s edge. So in sync with each other yet so desperate to surpass one another. Abodgi toyed and teased the shaft itself with his soft, expert tongue and worshiping lips while his companion licked and worshiped the balls. Alejandro moved to the tip and engulfed the whole thing into his cocksucker. Abodgi moved to balls and made Master feel paradise. As the cock was in his mouth, Alejandro licked and twirled his tongue around it. He inhaled the musky aroma of his Master’s godlike cock. He succulently pulled himself off, leaving a shiny coating of drool for Abodgi to compete with. Master was halfway done with his tea at this point, but he couldn’t bring himself to take another sip, he couldn’t control his body at this level of pleasure.

He opened his eyes in his effort to bring himself under control, took a deep breath and suppressed the inevitable need to cum, he wanted this to last. He sipped the last of his drink and laid it down nest to him. It was a tough decision, a really tough one, but he had to decide Alejandro the victor. The Hispanic slave was awarded a mouthful of the nectar he groveled for. And he drank it, guzzled it down like he had been programed to need to do. Abodgi watched as he got nothing, he held not anger at either Master or Alejandro, he was incapable for such a thing, he only took the information that he must work harder next time.

“Caress each other.” The Master said. “Lover’s mode.” That was a command trigger that activated one of their many slave modes. The instant they heard it, there memories changed, and thought’s changed. Now they were each other’s lovers, completely and madly in love. They pulled each other into their arms, passionately rubbing, and stroking their companion, making beautiful twink love.

The Master watched as he stroked his still-hard dick. He could make these toys believe anything, he could have them struggle for sexual dominance over each other, and then have them desperately beg the other to subjugate them. That was kind of what was happening now.

They were begging the other to take them, for the counterpart to become supreme so the other may service in loving devotion. While the Master wanted to see who would be the bottom and who the top, it did not matter to them what position they took, it had nothing to do with dominance and submission. As long as they pleased their lover to the best of their ability they were in euphoria.

The Master stoked to the sight. Abodgi’s dark brown skin glistened like it had a shiny membrane, and he was a great fuck and sucker. His ass had a graceful curve that made the Master’s mouth water, and his lips were full and enticing. But as hot as he was, Alejandro was hotter, His skin shined like Abodgi’s, his obsidian hair glistened. His eyes were deep and lustfully amative. His skin was lighter than Abodgi’s, sometimes that was good sometimes it was bad. And his lips were always in a seductive pout.

And his ass, soft, plump and tight, tight, tight, even after six years of endless use. As hot as Abodgi was, Alejandro was his favorite.

Alejandro pulled the black jockstrap off Abodgi, freeing his cock and signaling that Abodgi was going to be the top. He passionately pushed the Latino on his back, Alejandro gasped in pleasure. As his lover buried his lips into his lips, Alejandro prepared to be penetrated and given over to blissful love making.

As the two lovers fucked, the Master admired the curvaceous ass the Indian possessed. His lips curled and he pounced. His hard nine inch penis, fucked the twink mercilessly, causing Abodgi to spasm and tremor in orgasmic thrill form both penetrating and receiving stimulation. He fell on his palms and looked into the eyes of the man he loved, worshiped almost as much as Master. All Abodgi could do was kiss and caress him, and convert his orgasmic energy into fucking Alejandro harder. The Hispanic twink gasped again, he loved the thrill of being fucked, especially by the man he loved, he looked from Abodgi to his Master, “Thank you so much, Master. Thank you for bringing Abodgi and I together so we could share our love.” Abodgi tuned and kissed his Master passionately.

“Yes, Master, I… we… are eternally grateful.”

“We would do anything to repay you, Master.” Alejandro said. The Master smiled as he fucked the living daylights out of his slaves. The programing of this slave mode caused them to feel unending gratitude to him. To the point where they would do anything he asked without question, without hesitation at all.

Both boy toys spasmed in ecstasy as the Master fucked harder, completely exploding all their senses as he had done so many times before, that was another programing that he installed into all his slaves. All experienced mind-numbing, earth-shattering orgasms whenever fucked hard. The effect was astronomically magnified gay men like Alejandro and Abodgi, who were already gay bottoms before needed programing.

But what was best was when that was combined with the oral sex Haze. The empty trace of the Haze countering with surging orgasms of anal sex caused the mind to rampage. The mix of these two opposing sex modes combined to make the slave wiled, spasmodic and hypermanic all while single-mindedly focused on pleasing and servicing the men it was being dominated by.

Abodgi came first, it was too much ask the poor little twink to hold it in when he was fucking and being fucked at the same time. Alejandro came seconds later with such force that his sperm ejected to his flawless face. Sperm that his lover joyously cleaned for him. The Master, however, was not done at all, Abodgi head was pulled back as his Master grabbed his hair. He treated his slave like he was a bitch, but in all reality it was. Abodgi was the slave, the plaything, Master’s needs were primary, while his never needed to be considered. His body flexed and cringed as his feet popped from his unimaginable pleasure and exhilaration. His mouth opened to scream in mindless ecstasy, but his body couldn’t pull itself together enough to make a sound. Master came, and Abodgi’s world went pink.

To help settle his lover, Alejandro began to kiss and caress him. Master looked as the honeymooning couple, Abodgi and Alejandro-along with a blond haired, blue eyed Caucasian named Connor- shared a genuine, romantic ménage à trois outside of their service to him. The Master didn’t mind amorous relationships between his slaves, not even polygamous ones, in the end he owned their minds and they served him first, last and only.

Master swatted the Indian hard on his brown ass. “Get in the doggie next to each other, I want to fuck your asses and alternate at my leisure.” They immediately obeyed their Master’s commands without question or hesitation, falling over themselves while still wrapped in their loving caress.

They were parallel in the doggie position as Master examined the lustful boys. Both had amazing asses, both were seductive, enticing, mindboggling alluring. The mooning loverboys transfixed on each other and exchanged tongues in deep, passionate kisses; awaiting their Master’s next instructions.

Master climbed on Alejandro first, the poor boy grabbed fistfuls of bedclothes as he was fucked mercilessly, just the way he was told to like it. He gasped as a mix of intense pleasure and hypnotic reinforcement overwhelmed his senses. To anyone on the outside, it would look the Brazilian slut wouldn’t be capable of handling the inconceivable intensity, but he had been trained for six and a half years, he would handle anything his Master wanted him to.

The Master huffed and puffed, he grunted in primal power as his boy toy, his slutty slave, his triumph’s body contracted in pleasure he couldn’t imagine his slave must be going through. His slaves were taught to revel in the feeling of powerlessness that came from being dominated by a superior man. Were taught to long for utter submission as they knew that they gave themselves to be toy for another’s amusement.

He pulled out and spanked the little twink hard on his hairless ass. Alejandro winced in masochistic pain/pleasure. “Thank you for fucking and spanking this worthless slut slave, Master, it is devoted to your pleasure.”

The Master switched his attention to Abodgi. The Indian twink hand slight look of jealousy; completely understandable. After seeing the surging orgasm his lover just went through, he should be craving some. He fucked Abodgi just as mercilessly as he did his favorite. He rejoiced in the control he had over these two, over all his slaves, they knew with all their brainwashed minds that they were his bitches and the bitches to everyone he rented them out to. They would obey any order, every order, that was given no matter how degrading and take any punishment. They were his slaves, it was there position to be the bitch always.

He pulled out of Abodgi to his obvious dissatisfaction and plugged back into Alejandro. The brainless twink slut contracted and curled like a roly-poly in the same, inconceivable, orgasmic euphoria. His eyes rolled into his skull and his toes coiled to the brink of popping off, “Oh, please Master, show no mercy on this worthless boy, please don’t go soft, do me hard, fuck me hard, practically rape my asshole, leave me in a wheelchair if that is your wish!” He turned his head to look at his Master with a sly smile. “I’m a whore, treat me like one.”

Master slapped that Latin’s face and came like a volcano, erupting stream after stream of hot cum. Alejandro deserved the reward, he was the best fuck. His ass was full but soft, like a doughy pillow for his Master’s dick to sledgehammer. And it was tight, so very, very tight.

“Both of you clean my dick of your asses.” He commanded. They did so, without question and without hesitation. Alejandro flat-tongued the shaft and Abodgi teased the balls, the whole time making moon eyes at each other and the Master they served. The lover’s slave mode was still in effect.

Master draped the length of his semi-hard dick over his favorite’s face, he smiled, lustfully as the Lastin boy let in cover his right eye and half his face. He licked it, greedily, even then. He could play with these boys all day, and he would have for a little longer if he didn’t have other commitments today.

A knock at the door broke the silent worship. “Enter” the Master said, deciding his cock was clean enough, after all, the slaves kept their holes clean as part of a morning routine they did before the Master even woke up. Pulling his cock away, he snapped his fingers and broke his slaves’ Haze. If not they would have mindlessly sucked until he came.

A blond, heaven blue eyed, angle of a Caucasian twink opened the door, and instead of standing at attention, alluringly prostrated himself against the open door. Instead of a black, silver-sparked, jockstrap that Alejandro and Abodgi had to wear to complement their skin tones, his jockstrap underwear was baby blue with white sparkles. That jockstrap clothed, or better-worded, framed an ass the slave seductively protruded as he leaned his slender, desirable body against the door.

Both Abodgi and Alejandro gasped in excitement. “Connor’s here, Master!” Exclaimed the vivacious Abodgi.

“Please, can he join us?” Alejandro begged. Master looked at his favorite slave. The deep olive puppy eyes he possessed with those pouting, tempting lips. How could he resist a face like that? He looked at the slave offering his body on the wall. The Master would have a hard time resisting that to. From all accounts, Connor was the top in the love triangle the three shared. Abodgi was vers, and Alejandro was an absolute bottom. But for his Master, Connor was just as seductive and captivating as any slutty bottom could hope to be.

Connor put a finger to his rose-red lips and sucked the tip then grazed it down the frame of his body. God, that boy wanted it. He had already came three times that morning but the Master’s dick was starting to re-harden.

“Master.” The devilish angle said. “Mister George is here for you, and your breakfast is ready.”

The Master sighed, He knew George was coming but why did he have to arrive now? And why did Connor have to put on such an erotic display if he knew the Master couldn’t take him right now? That slut was a tease. He’d fuck him that much harder next time he got the chance.

“Can Conner play with us since you have to go?” Alejandro pleaded. God those, irresistible puppy eyes. Master had gotten out of the bed and put on black underwear and his royal green morning robe.

“Pleeeaasse, Master.” He begged, entrancingly waving his ass as he was still on the bed. He looked at his favorite slave, amorously. He hated to deny him the love making he so desperately wanted to do. But he had little choice.

“I’m sorry, slut, but no. Go to the bathroom and draw my bath.” Alejandro obeyed instantly. “Abodgi go to kitchen and tell the kitchen slaves to put breakfast over low burners so it doesn’t get cold. Then return here and fix my bed.”

“As you wish, Master” The Indian slave said then he left the room.

The Master looked then at Connor, the boyish twink showed childlike innocence and impeccability. He wanted to both fuck him in sheer lust and punish him for being such a tease, but he didn’t have time for either.

“You, slut, will go to George and tell him that I have been unable to prepare for the day. Tell him I will see him as soon as I may. See that he is entertained until then.” The Master turned to the bathroom.

“Of course, my Master.” The twink said, like the slutty Incubus he was. He pushed from the wall and started down the hall.

“Wait.” The Master said, holding his finger out. “Bring Gavin with you, George would like him.”

The slave’s lips curled in a smile. “Of course, my Master.” He restarted down the hall, a slight swish in his curvaceous butt, and a devil-may-care smile on his lips.

My watch vibrated as the alarm I set it to went off, Six thirty. Jacob didn’t use an alarm. How in the hell of it did he naturally wake up this early? I had fallen asleep on my stomach, he had fallen asleep on my back. But did my best not to wake my stud up as I slithered out of bed.

He began to stir. “Keven? What are doing?” He groggily asked. He began to sit up.

I immediately, but gently, pushed him back down. “Shh, baby. Today I’m making you breakfast.”

“I make breakfast.” He protested as he started to slip back to sleep.

I kissed his adorable cheek. “I know, but you should wake up before me.” He was already sleeping again when I said that, in his sleep he pulled the cover over his shoulder and rolled onto his side. I smiled and my heart rose in my chest. I kissed his cheek again.

I went to our kitchenette and began making pancakes and turkey bacon, I pulled out the remaining red velvet cake from Friday night. By 6:45 my lover walked out of our bedroom in an iron-grey button down and underwear. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, “What are you doing?”

“I’m making you your food, stud.” I said. He walked to me, still visibly groggy. “Come on, stud, wakie wakie pancakes and bakie.”

“And cake to.” He said, kissing my arm. I pulled my attention from the stove and picked him up and sat him on the counter.

“After breakfast I want to get fucked like an animal.” I said in-between ferocious kisses.

He broke the kiss and gave me a guilty smile. “I have to supervise an ACT test and Riverside today.”

“Ah, damn, I forgot. And I have to prepare for the raid tonight later today. What time do you need to leave?”

“Before seven thirty. I’d like to be there half an hour before eight to prepare any last minute things.”

“Is there any way you can stay a little longer?” I rubbed my body against his.

“Baby you know I love you but I need this gig for my student loan debt.”

I gave him my award-winning puppy eyes. “Don’t do that to me.” He said. “It’s not fair.”

I pulled him in for another kiss that turned into a long caress. “Here” He said. “If you drive me there then you can pick me up, and I’ll use some of the money I make today to treat you to lunch, OK. You’ll have time to prepare for the raid, right? You need to be at the station at seven, right?”

“Can we go to the Steakhouse?” I begged, playfully. My fingers weaved through his thick brown hair.

He gave another guilty look. “That place is expensive, if we go there you’ll have to pay for the tip.”

I kissed his nose, he giggled like a cutie pie. He hoped of the counter and hugged me. “OK” He said. “I’ll be monitoring the accommodated test for students that need extra time. The longer the test the more money they’ll pay me.”

“How long do you think you’ll be?” I asked.

“Six hours.” He kissed me again. “I need to take a shower. I’ll eat afterward.”

“OK.” He kissed him wrapped my arms around him. He tried to leave but I would let him. I wanted him to fuck me, to completely explode my senses and take me to space. He could give me such mindboggling pleasure it left me longing for more

“Let go.” He said playfully, so I let go. As I walked back to the stove he spanked my ass. I loved being his boyfriend.

The Master; cleanly showered and freshened, walked into his mansions grand parlor. He still wore his royal green bathrobe on his lean, but firm body. His black, curly hair still retained some wetness as it sat on his head with his crystal blue eyes.

In his parlor he saw George. The blond, brown-eyed man was getting the cum pounded out of him by Gavin the Blackbear. Connor, ever the attending slave he was. Leaned his enticing body against the wall; his pelvis protruding out; waiting to be grabbed, flipped over, and fucked mercilessly.

The Master pounced on him, taking Connor’s wrist and slamming above the boy’s head on the wall. “You are little tease aren’t you, fucker.” Connor had been nicknamed the Incubus by the clientele that frequented him. The name suited him well, the twink had an insatiable libido, and an irrepressible aura of alluring captivation and erotic seduction that drove him to be the sluttiest slave wherever he went.

The slave looked at him with innocent puppy eyes. “What do you mean to say, my Master?”

“You know exactly what, you slut.” He looked at the mischievous twink. In wasn’t like he didn’t like the teasing, he loved it, but he also like being in charge. “Why did you beg me to take you, get me all frenzied up for you, knowing I could not have you?”

The cream-skinned Adonis looked at him flirtatiously, adorably pouting the rose petals he called lips. “What’s the point of having this body if I won’t show it off?” He placed his slender hand on his Master’s shoulder. “I want you Master, I want you to dominate me, to subjugate me and use me. I want to be your slave in every sense of the word. Besides…” He put his hands through the lapels of his Master’s robe. “I like it when my teasing makes you a little frustrated, it ensures you’ll be brutal.” His soft hands sensually aroused his Master’s skin at their grazing touch. “I like to fell the rush; to push the dangerous.”

The Master slammed his slave against the wall. “Then you’ve picked the perfect day to do that. I’m busy all day, but when we get to the orgy tonight, I’ll obliterate your senses.”

The twink cringed in pleasure and excitement. “Oh, Master, that’s all I could ever want. I could never repay you for the orgasmic ecstasy you can give.”

God, he could teach Alejandro a thing or two about seduction. He wanted to fuck that slut, to tear that ass to pieces. He really, really, really wanted to tear that ass to pieces.

He pulled away from the Incubus. And turned to his guest. George was completely naked at this point, his clothes were all over the floor, obviously loving the sledgehammering he was receiving from Gavin. The Master turned back to Connor, “Get one of my bathrobes.” The slave; ever a mischievous smile on his face, did so immediately.

George was lean like the Master was, with a roman jaw and short, standing, blond hair and stood at six foot two like himself. He seemed in pure bliss as his prostate was being hammered in by the musclebare Gavin.

Nicknamed the Blackbear, not for his skin, which was Caucasian, but for the thick, black fur that covered every inch of his 6ft10 body. On top of that, the slave was only allowed to where BDSM wear, assless chaps, crossing leather straps on his torso and black boots that added two inches to his height, making him fully seven feet in the air; and sunglasses to complete the whole thing. The Master had pulled a few strings to have this guy, inconspicuously, pulled out of a federal prison.

He was, by far, the largest and most muscular slave the Master possessed. Not many were willing to rent such a behemoth of a slaveboy, but those that were, were willing to pay through the nose and frequently, making Gavin one of the most profitable money cows in the Master’s stable.

His size had nothing to do with sexual position. Same with Connor or any slave the Master possessed, the thing that determined their sexual position was the will of their Master and the Sir that rented them.

The Master approached them. George tore his gaze from the monsterman fucking him to see. “William, he’s such a welcome gift.” George had another gay men’s pimp station in the Golden State. The two were actually roommates in college.

Gavin looked at his Master, his mouth visibly drooling at the sight. “Suck… Master.” He struggled to say. Yeah, William had drastically reduced the Blackbear’s intelligence to, he wasn’t good for much anything now except servicing. He was also cocksucker to be admired.

“Not now, slave Gavin. I don’t want a blowjob.”

“But I do.” George said. “Get to it slut.” He would have reached up and slapped the behemoth across the face, but he was too far to be reached.

As the Californian sex trafficker sat up, the slave got between his legs and went to town on his cock. “Have you fucked him, George?” William asked. “I thought you were vers not bottom.”

“Oh, I am, and I have. I couldn’t resist this monsters ass the instant that angle brought him into the room.” He rubbed the top of Gavin’s head. The slave had to hunch over to get to the penis. “I had him begging for more, guy can really make you feel like a man, you know?”

“I know, I’ve fucked him several time myself.”

George threw his head back in pleasurable bliss as the Blackbear mindlessly sucked and slurped away, not consciously listening to the conversation. The Haze would have taken over and overridden any other function of the slave’s mind-fucked mind.

George pulled his head up and pushed the slave off his cock and bade him to stop with word. He walked to William, weaved his hands in the lapels of his bathrobe and pulled him into an embrace. They kissed and caressed passionately. While both George and William had a romantic relationship in some sense, it wasn’t love, exactly; and they both knew it. Love was lifelong and mutual, the desire to spend and share one’s lifetime and life with someone and for that someone to feel the same. No, He and George held no love for each other, affection maybe, but not love.

“So how is it in the Lone Star State?” George said, has arms still wrapped around William. “I imagine business may not be good in such a red state.”

“Acutely, because of the homophobic culture, gay men come to me with nowhere else to go, with libidos and fetishes that have been repressed for decades. If you were a conservative you’d know how business works, lib.”

George chuckled in their embrace. “Hey, a homophile culture like the great state of California has its advantages. And at least I’m not a self-hater like you GOProud types, witch, by the way, is closing its doors.”

“Shut up.” William said, nudging the blond but not braking the embrace. They stilled their laughter and unintentionally fell into another kiss. What were they doing? These feeling, there were just aftershocks of the past. OK, love had the possibility to bloom between them. But William was a bachelor and wanted to keep it that way. Even through George wouldn’t have minded, had they actually had love between them, if he still played around with slaves; and William wouldn’t have cared for the vice versa, he didn’t want to give his heart away.

George pulled away from the kiss, he and William looked into each other’s for a few second, and then he said. “I’ll be sad when you leave? How long do you think before you can return to the States, or at least come visit me in California?”

“I don’t know George?” He answered honestly. “To abscond may put me on the federal radar for a while, maybe a few years. But I’ll keep in touch.”

They stared at each other, unconsciously drawing closer to one another. Before the distance closed entirely, George interrupted. “Conner, or Camron or whatever… said that you had a breakfast waiting for us.”

William couldn’t respond immediately for some reason. “I… do.”

George pulled his arms off of William. Connor was walking bake with a black bathrobe. The lustful twink made wonton eyes at his Master but it was seen by blind eyes.

William watched as George draped the robe over his body, finally pulling his mind to reality. He snapped his fingers at Gavin. “Get George’s clothes and fold them neatly.” He turned to George. “Follow me. Connor get the kitchen slaves to set my… our… breakfast.” He had to stop this. It was time to stop lingering on an amorous romance, which was all it could ever be.

I had two 45 pound weights on both ends of my 45 pound bar. Giving a grand total of 225 pounds I was benching. I didn’t feel the pain, only determination to get bigger, sexier. I had to have big muscles, perfect pecks, flawless arms and abs, calves that could cut diamond and a mouthwatering bobble butt.

The sexier my muscles were the hotter I’d be, the hotter I was the more Jacob would want to fuck me. The more Jacob fucked me the more I’d please him. The more I’d please him the better slave I’d be. The better slave I’d be the more I’d try to get sexy.

I finished my rep, my arms weren’t tiered at all. All I could think about was getting pumped, both muscle-wise and sex-wise. I jumped up to a pull-up bar and started my set for those. I kept my gaze straight ahead, solely focused on doing my duties as a muscle slave.

Wait, what? I wasn’t a slave. Well, in the bedroom I was a total bitch boi, but not outside. I wasn’t some blank-minded slave. Jacob was Master as well as my boyfriend. Wait what?

Why was I worried about this anyway? I’m probably just horny, that’s all. All I should be focused on is my workout, nothing more. How many reps had I done? I couldn’t remember. I got down form the bar thinking I had done over my quota for this rep.

I did a few sets of those. Then I moved on to dumbbells for arm curls. Today was my upper body, I had done lower body yesterday with Jenifer. I preferred to do lower body, but I had to alternate because it was healthy on the muscles and I needed to keep both up.

I preferred lower body so I could work on my butt and legs. They enticed Jacob the most. I felt hormonal. I wanted to get fucked. I pushed all that energy into working out, to getting buffer. Sometimes I took Jacob to the gym as free personal trainer to help with his workouts. My libido got really bad then. Jacob, being a major and teacher in biology, had told me that it was because aphrodisiacal pheromones were realized during exercise, he had to tell me what ‘aphrodisiacal’ meant. In any case, it always left me in a state of craving sex when we got home. The best thing about being in a gay relationship, both guys want it all the time. It wasn’t hard to get sex from him.

I dropped the dumbbells and they hit the floor. I looked at my watch, I had been working out for three hours. Having done all I could and deciding that was enough time, I went to locker room and packed my stuff. I wondered what time Jacob would be done with his test.

“Please turn to the last section of you test book.” Jacob said as read the instructions for his class of test takers. “Do not open the seal until instructed.” He monitored the students who needed time and a half for issues such as dyslexia. He smiled at himself, he too was dyslexic. The reason he monitored these test was because they took longer and because ACT paid by the hour, he got paid more.

He finished the instructions and sat at his desk. He pulled put his papers he had to grade, that’s what he usually did during these test. If he’d been monitoring the mainstream students he’d probably need to keep his head up to make sure they wouldn’t cheat. But for accommodated students; there was only four, and they were spread so far there was no way they could copy.

His phone vibrated. He got a text from Keven and rolled his eyes. The state trooper had sent him a naked mirror selfie, his bubble butt facing the camera with a devil-may-care grin. It had a caption.

[Keven] When are you done, all this is waiting for you back home.

[Jacob] Don’t send me a picture like that when I’m working.

He had to admit, though, he liked the picture and desired more.

He got another picture with a message. This one was his face, one hand held the phone up to the bathroom mirror, the other had fingers in his open mouth. He looked like he was begging for a drink of water. Jacob knew it was for something else.

[Keven] Why, stud? I’m just teasing. When will you be done? It’s one thirty.

[Jacob] Ok, I forgive you. Come get me in forty five min.

Keven sent a picture of his perfect pecks and abs.

[Keven] Ok, please forgive me of my photos. I went to the gym and got so pumped on adrenaline I can’t help myself. I’m at the point where I’ll do anything for some action.

[Jacob] God you are libidinous.

I picked up my boyfriend at 2:15. He looked a mix of frustration and arousal. He wore a black coat and had his laptop bag over his shoulder. “You are a horny dog, you know that.” He said getting in the car.

In response I barked like a wolf and let my tongue hang loose out of my mouth as if I were panting. He responded by climbing on top of me and kissing me passionately. After a while he pulled off but didn’t get out of my lap, I liked being under him like this. “You will never do that when I’m working again.” He said, passively assertively. “Or I will never do that again.”

I rubbed my pelvis into his. “When can I do that again?”

“I’m still deciding that, but never when I’m at work.”

“Ha, I knew you loved it!” I projected in triumph.


“If you didn’t like it at all then you would have told me to never send you those pictures again, but you just gave me a window. You want me.”

“Fine, your right. I did like them. Now let’s go to the Steakhouse.”

“I’m not sure about the Steakhouse, I want to go home and devour a massive hotdog.” I rubbed his chest as he rolled his eyes. He rolled off of me.

“The Steakhouse, I’ll tear your throat apart later.” I laughed. Even though he was a little mad he loved and wanted me just the same.

Every thrust only reinforced his mastery over me. I craved deeper and deeper levels of submission, stronger and stronger levels of control. As I was lost in the Haze, my subconscious knew that this man, this god, was my Master, and I was meant to be his slave.

As my tongue slurped the shaft, I knew that I held only eternal gratitude in my soul for him. I was so thankful for him letting me be his slave. I would serve him for all time if that was his wish. My mind only know serving, servicing, at this point.

My mind was solely focused on pleasing that cock, on pleasing this man. The only thing that existed was it and his voice, his beautiful, calling voice. I only heard it and the sucking noises my mouth made. Everything else was grey. Everything else was nothing. I didn’t even know my own name.

He thrusted in and out of my front fuck hole, that’s all it was. His hands were pushing my head down, they didn’t need to. My mouth was perfectly willing to impale itself on his member. Without me even realizing it I came, it was almost strong enough to pull me out of my trance, almost.

He let out a howl of triumph. He thrusted and thrusted, harder and harder. He came to, my mouth flooded with his precious semen. I swallowed every drop like the glorious nectar it was and looked at his face with worshiping eyes, and a mouth that couldn’t close.

He was breathing heavily. He pulled me off my knees- they popped and a carpet indention had been pressed into them from being on them so long- And pulled me into a mouthwatering, delicious kiss.

He pulled off and flopped on our bed. “You are voracious.” He said. “Are you finally satisfied after four blowjobs?”

I crawled on top of him and kissed him. “Not even close” I said. “I told you this morning I wanted to be fucked like an animal. I still do.”

He grabbed my shoulder and flipped me over. Now that he was on top of me, he wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me into another kiss. I loved kissing him, he knew I loved kissing him, but we also knew that he loved kissing me.

He pounded his naked pelvis against my naked ass. “You want to be fucked like an animal, get in the doggie position, pig.”

I gave him another kiss, he liked it when I was dominate bottom, and so did I. But I truly went bonkers when he was in charge. I couldn’t get in to the doggie position fast enough. I wanted him to fuck me, to fuck my ass, to rip it to shreds as he did so many times before.

He rubbed my cheek with his hand affectionately. He was teasing me before giving me what I wanted, he denied me my immediate pleasure. I loved it, I loved him having that control. I wanted him so badly. He lightly spanked my ass and rubbed the head of his dick on my asshole.

“Come on, Jacob.” I barely whispered out, I was so overpowered that it was all I could manage. “Don’t tease your slaveboy, just fuck him. Fuck me, fuck my ass.”

He leaned over and whispered into my ear, I trembled in his supremacy as his hot breath just made my submission more intense. “Oh, I’ll fuck you, my 6ft4 plaything. I’m going to ram you so hard you won’t know your own name.”

“What is my name, Master?” I asked like the bitch I was.

He spanked my ass, he liked this game. “Right now, it’s slut. Try to remember that.”

“I will try, Master.” No guaranties if I’d succeed.

He started fucking me and my world turned pink. My world went wild. My body spasmed in pleasure as brutally overpowered my in every way. I loved being his fuckdoll, his plaything. I pushed my ass back in response to his ruthless pounding, knowing I could never match the utter domination he held over me, my mind, and my body. Nothing but his toys.

He fucked me so hard- I took it so hard- I would have worried about the bed possibly braking. But none of that mattered, all the mattered, the only thing in the world that could possibly matter, was Master and pleasing him in any way he desired.

He climbed on top of my back, sledgehammering me all the while. “Come on, baby.” He said, panting. “Show me how much of my bitch you are.” I would, he was Master, I was slave, I was bitch. I think that was my name. I don’t fully know, I couldn’t fully know anything. How could I with my brains being fucked out of me by this sex-god.

“Come on, kiss me.” I turned my head and we kissed a sloppy, wet kiss. He kept mutilating my willing ass. I wanted to curl up into a circle in pleasure I just could not withstand. But still I kept locking lips with my Master, the man I loved. He owned my mouth, owned everything. I begged for more of his dominance with the mouth that would suck him for hours straight if that was his wish.

He broke the kiss and sledgehammered harder. My eyes rolled, my body jerked, the world became nothing but white. It was like all my senses shut off so my feeling could intensify. I came like a volcano as did he, my Master.

He stopped and collapsed on me. I stayed rigid in the doggie position, my unseeing eyes fix straight ahead, and my mouth hanging open. I could see nothingness, but in that nothing I understood; I understood the meaning of girth, the meaning of power, the meaning of pleasure. To anyone on the outside looking in I must seam pathetic, humiliating. Here I was, a 6ft4 state trooper, allowing myself to be the fuckdoll some 5ft4 teacher. No one could understand the sheer pleasure I felt from him, could understand the sheer power a bull like him possessed.

My senses retuned, I could see and hear again. My rigorous, unyielding body, liquefied. And I collapsed in unthinking exhaustion. I teetered on the edge of consciousness when I felt Jacob’s soft lips kiss the back of my ear. “Don’t fall asleep, remember you need to be at the station at seven.”

I tried to stay awake, I felt like I was going to pass out at any moment. “Hey Jacob?” I asked.

He kissed the back of my ear again. “Yes”

“What’s my name again?” He giggled at the joke and kissed my ear again.

William slammed Connor against the wooden wall. The slave cringed in anticipation, although his demeanor made him seam cunning and in charge, underneath his surface he was as desperate for domination as any slave could be. He just found a way to stand out among his Master clientele.

“I’m going to mercilessly rape your ass, slave.” William gruffly spoke. “You’ve been begging for this all day.”

The poor boy quivered in excitement. He gave his Master a more amorous puppy-dog look William thought was possible for those heaven blue eyes could give. “I know Master. Please, be as brutal as possible.”

The Master pushed his slaveboy harder into the wall. All the boy could do was cringe and gasp in pleasure at the power his Master held over him. God, that slave was going to get it, finally going to get it. William pulled him by his arm and pulled him to his privet room in this harborside mansion he used as a brothel.

He threw the cream-skinned boy onto rich red and black sheets. The Incubus was right at home and pushed his willing ass up to give it an irresistible curve. He wanted cock, needed it with all his soul. And specifically his Master’s cock. He turned to look at his Master dead in the eyes, his mouth watering from insatiable lust.

William tore himself out of his cloths. Connor wore nothing more than a baby blue jockstrap that allow easy penetration into the slave’s wanton asshole. William pounced on his toy, his property. And fucked the teasing boy he’d been waiting for all day.

Connor felt more pleasure then his Master could ever dream off. He’d been wanting and waiting all day for this and knew from the beginning how to get it the best he could. He really live up to his nickname. He had teased his Master, made himself has alluring and erotic as possible, knowing his Master would have to wait and watch. All that sexual frustration, all the sexual tension, it built up and now was coming in like water from a collapsed floodgate.

Master fucked his perfect twink body so hard the whole house must have been shaking. William was surprised the bed itself didn’t collapse beneath them. He was going to make good on his slave’s request, ‘be as brutal as possible.’ The angle-haired adonis was going to feel this a week from now.

“Oh, please Master, please, don’t show any mercy treat me like what I am, a whore.” Connor looked back as his Master brutalized his ass. “I am nothing if you say I’m nothing, I’m a slut if you say I’m a slut. I am a mindless, unthinking, whore if you say I am. I am your slave, and you own my body, heart and mind.”

Master William reveled the sheer power he held over his slave. How much of the slave’s mind was his to mold and shape. He could make Connor believe anything he wanted and want whatever he wanted. That was true power, to be able reach inside someone and control what they were. And he had that with Connor, like he had with all his slaves.

William’s head rolled back in pleasure, Connor had been trained to be an expert bottom. His ass was young and tight and sexy, soon he’d be shooting streams. He reached forward and hooked that boy’s mouth with his finger.

All Connor could do was brace himself and enjoy mindboggling orgasm. He came in his jockstrap. His eyes rolled in his head and his body contracted. He couldn’t control his body at that point the undeniable pleasure he was in could not be repressed. William came in his undeserving ass, his body spasmed and finally collapsed.

“Thank you.” He said breathing heavily. “Thank you for letting me be your slave.” His in-control façade, his alluring seduction, all was gone. Now spent on the bed, he had not the energy to preserve such false masks. “My life would be uneventful and bleak without you.”

He got up, visible trembling. “Sex with Alejandro and Abodgi is fun, and I love being their top. But the truth is, Master, I have tremendous needs as a bottom that only you and the Sirs can fill. Rolling around on the floor with Alejandro won’t be enough.”

William spanked the little blond’s ass. He then pounced on him and pinned him on his back. “You don’t like Alejandro, do you?

“What, no Master, Alejandro is my lover.”

“Well, yes, but you hate the fact that he’s my favorite.”

“No Master. I’d like to be your favorite. But I’m not jealous of him. I love him.”

The Master kissed those roses Connor called lips. “Do you love Abodgi?”

Connor held no shame. “No, Alejandro and I have sex with him and he’s a very close friend, but not love.”

“Dose Alejandro feel the same way?”

“Yes.” Master William kissed his slave again. He didn’t know why he was asking a slave about his amour with his favorite. His slaves were his playthings, nothing more. Normally he didn’t give any heed to their love lives. George being here stirred up feelings he intended to be buried, and a human need for romance he wanted to forsake.

Speaking of the Californian, were was he. William got up. “Connor go to the docks. You know what you must do there.” As if going to a default setting. The boy’s mouth turned to a seductive pout and his demeanor of lust and lasciviousness. He gave his Master a teasing look and left the room.

William walked through the orgy house and saw George fucking the life out of Gavin. The muscleman was seven feet in his BDSM wear, but George knew that this slave was just as submissive as a slave could be. Gavin was pinned to the wall, in bliss that all William’s slaves were trained to feel when getting fucked by a superior man. And that what George was to Gavin. He may have been seven feet in the air with shoulders as wide as a house and muscles like a hulk, but he was nothing more than a punishment-craving, cocksucking, ass-pushing, masochistic bottom when told to be.

George fucked him like an animal, conquering the helpless, Ex-felon like the Master he was. All Gavin was, was a plaything. A mindless behemoth of a man meant only to do what was told of him. Unlike Alejandro, Abodgi, and Connor; who were or would have been gay without William’s hypnosis, Gavin was full-blown heterosexual. As a result, he would never truly enjoy gay sex, not to the extant Connor and Alejandro did, with explosive orgasms and mindboggling ecstasy. But he could be made to be submissive and obedient. While he did not feel the earth-shattering euphoria a truly gay slave could feel, he could not dislike the prostate stimulation he got.

William smirked as he leaned against the wall. Right now, the small hetero part of Gavin’s mind may have been screaming to get out, screaming to get free. But there was no way. I would have been drowned out by the hundreds of hour of hypnosis Gavin had been exposed to. He had allowed Gavin to cook longer than usual. He had been placed in a maximum security, federal prison for a reason. He didn’t want that hetero getting loose.

George’s head rolled back in bliss. He no doubt loved the idea of fucking a man so much larger then him. So powerful and imposing yet so, so conquerable. He came in the Blackbear’s ass, well his condemn. And spanked his hairy ass.

“On your knees, slut. Clean your ass off my dick.” The obedient slave did what he was told. That was his whole world. Obedience, obeying every order that was given to him by his Master and Sirs, to anyone his Master told him to. He was a mindless thing that only could obey.

Master William had drastically reduced his intelligence, both for the protection of his clientele and the entertainment of his clientele. Only the basics remained, the base desires and thinking of his mind. Sex and obedience, wasn’t it great that those went hand in hand with the line of work William had provided him.

George fucked his throat savagely, calling him a bitch, a slut, a whore, and so many other things. William smirked, had the muscleman been his true self, the one that landed him in a federal prison and was only harded further into an animal by his time, he could have and would have ripped George’s head off. But as the mindless cocksucker he was, there was no way he was even capable of conceiving of the idea.

William looked back at George, he had developed a sheen of sweat as he fucked and dominated the mouth of the mindless, brainless Gavin. There was no thought in the Blackbear’s head except obedience. In some cases, that was better. A lot of William’s patrons would rather use someone who was blank, unfeeling, unemotional. Someone who felt nothing more then what they were told to. A slave that was a slave because he was truly unthinking, rather than a slave who cringed in ecstasy as he experienced a divine orgasm.

George stopped suddenly and breathed in exhaustion, obviously he came in Gavin’s mouth. He looked over at William. Pleased with what he saw he pushed Gavin away and moved towards him. “I love your parties.” He said placing his hand on William’s shoulder. “You should have invited me to more.”

“We live on separate halves of the country. It would be hard.”

George giggled, the sight made William’s heart rise. George took his hand and pulled him down the hall. “Come on, I want you before you leave.”

He led them down back to William’s privet room. The bed was just as Connor and William had left it; messy. George rolled onto it and reclined on his side. William got in bed with him and they wrapped in an embrace. “You know, William, I’ve been thinking.” George said.

“Yes.” William said as they tangled the sheets around each other.

“What are you going to do, when you feel that you’re no longer under the government’s radar? You currently can’t come back here. Cassandra would spot you in a second.”

“If I do decide to come back, I may go to Florida or somewhere like that.”

“Or, maybe California?”

William’s blue eyes straitened. “What do you mean?”

They hard rolled to where he was lying on George. “I mean that you come to me, in the Golden State.”

William rolled over so they were lying there side by side. “George, I don’t know.”

“Why not?” George said sitting up. He paused and took William’s hands in his. “We have something with one another. Don’t deny that.” William couldn’t, he had closed his feelings of to so many others but he couldn’t to George. “We’re both very successful and we could be even better together. And…” His sentence broke. “I don’t know to call it love or infatuation, but what we have could grow to be love one day.”

“That’s… why.” William said, answering the first question. “I don’t think I’m ready to give my heart away like that. I don’t know if that’s how I want my life to be.”

George reach out and placed his hand on William’s shoulder. “Do you deny that we have something between us?”


“And has that hurt you in any way?”

“No.” He said frustrated.

“Then why do you feel the need to isolate yourself? Please answer me that question.”

Try as he may he couldn’t find one. Then he asked the question to himself. George was intelligent, witty, vivacious and sexy, and a master when it came to sex, the whole package. Why did he feel he had to close of his heart? He looked into George’s eyes. “You’re right.”

He pulled George in and kissed him deeply. “I’ll spend some time in Brazil, get a footing for my business there. When I have a thriving trade and the U.S doesn’t care about me anymore I’ll come back to you in California.”

He pulled George in and kissed again. He broke it and said. “I love you, George.”

George looked dumfounded. “I love you, too, William.”

They tackled each other for what William knew was going to be the best sex of his life. George was a better bottom the Alejandro could ever be, and the only man in the world he’d bottom for.

The door slammed in. William looked up to see two policemen with hats covering their faces pointing guns at them. One of them, a woman, yelled “Freeze.” William and George put there hand’s up and slowly got up out of bed. Then William made a brake for it and ran out the glass door to a wooden balcony. The male policeman shot but he missed.

George tried to run to but the woman ran him down and kicked him to the floor. “Freeze. You’re under arrest.” Jenifer screamed as she placed him in handcuffs.

William jumped from the balcony to a blank terrace that had no entry point. He ran to its very edge, looking down to see the ocean. “Freeze, Reavencroft.” I cried. William teetered on the edge, just about to fall over.

The wind blew and the policeman’s hat flew off. The Master’s eyes widened at his luck as he realized the irony of the situation. “Keven Miller, I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it, pal, I’m going to put your ass in jail.”

“You won’t be putting my ass in anything, slave trooper.”

My eyes widened as I couldn’t suddenly move. My body went rigid and I couldn’t pull the trigger. William put his hands down and shashayed to my helpless form. “I can’t imagine my luck. You were my most profitable of slaves in the time I had you, now you’re here at my side again.” He came over and groped his hands on my biceps. “It seems the universe want’s us together.”

I couldn’t speak, but my eyes said everything. What the hell was going on?

“You don’t remember?” He said as if reading my mind. “Well let me remind you. You were my best, my most profitable money cow. But you, being a state trooper, drew too much attention to me and I had to relive you, I had wanted to keep track of you, to one day find and re-enslave you but that was impossible.”

William admired the physique of his former slave. “You troopers were so easy to seduce to come here. Do you really think I would have let my operations rated out by the wife of one of my patrons?”

I couldn’t give a reply. But how did he know about the informant? “I set it up for her to rat me and her husband out. It was all part of my plan.” Answering my unasked question. “Cassandra; she would have found me sooner or later. I’ve known that since the day I kidnaped her son. So as soon as I had the money to, about two years ago. I started setting up a footing in Brazil. This party is simply a ruse, and a giant ‘fuck you’. I have a privet ship with all my best slaves and money on it ready to leave tonight. All the slaves I have here, save few, will be left here to be found by you. This terrace is… was my escape route. Now you can join me.”

“No” I managed to wheeze out.

“Oh, yes.” William began to ogle and play with the muscles of my arms. The cold, winter wind crashed against us. “I see you have developed some resistance in the time we’ve been apart. I’ll easily reprogram you on the ride to Brazil.

“Negative” I said, unexpectedly, like a robot. “Only the Master can reprogram the slave.”

Reavencroft looked dumbfounded. “But… I am the Master, unless…. You’ve found a new Master! Now I understand, why your programing had worked so well, why you had uncontrollable orgasms. I don’t fucking believe it, you were a gay bottom slut to begin with. And now, sense I disowned you, your subconscious sought out to found someone else. I can only use the commands a Sir could use.”

New Master or not, William was not going to let me loose. “Follow me.” He would still obey an order like that.

“Negative, to do so would take me away from Master.”

“GAAAHHHH.” He screamed and paced around the balcony. He slowed down and caught his breath. “OK, fine. Tell me about this new Master. What’s his name?”

“Master’s name is Jacob. I service him and beg for him every single day.” Why was I saying this, why couldn’t I move?

“So Jacob is his name. Oh, and you may speak freely.”


“A year ago, I kidnaped you from a failed raid on my orgies and turned you into a gay slut. Well, you were already a gay slut, I know that now. I just made you a slave. Now tell me more about this Master of yours, how big is his cock?”

“Master’s cock is fully twelve inches long, Sir” I replied instantly. “How do I know that? I’ve never measured him.”

“Ah, yes, all my slaves were trained to accurately predict the size of a penis trough either anal or oral sex. That is a cock you could only dream off. He must drive you wild. Tell me more about him. I want everything.”

I kept feeding him information, helpless to stop.

Detective Mars prowled around the room like a wolf ready to pounce. She looked around, four police and state troopers were wrestling down a seven foot monster the rest of the partiers were on their knees on the ground.

Jenifer ran into the room. “I’ve caught a man that was in bed with Ravencroft. Ravencroft himself has fled, Keven’s pursuing him now.”

“Take me there.” At that point, the seven foot goliath broke out of the man-pile and pushed them all to the ground. A lanky, slender, man in a hood and cloche to cover his face took the opportunity to make a brake for it. He ran down the hall, Cassandra cursed and started to pursue him, seeing that someone needed to bring him down as well.

Jenifer did the same, but the goliath acted as a wall and blocked her. He tried a hammer fist but she jumped back. Pulling out her Taser; she shot the devise at the muscleman. He cringed in pain but pulled the darts out of his chest. He took another swing at Jenifer, she ducked and went for his waste. The thing to do to take down someone bigger then you is to uproot them. She made him loose his footing and toppled him over, the other four policemen got up and joined her.

Cassandra ran out of the house and followed the hooded man. He ran to a peer and stopped next to a boat, it was already occupied by a blond, slender man. “Freeze, hands up. Hood down and turn to face me.”

He complied slowly. He pulled the hood down with light brown hands, reveling olive black hair. He turned to the woman who pointed a gun at her adopted son.

Cassandra’s hands trembled at the sight. Six and a half years, and finally she saw him again. She lowered the gun, unable to hold it up any longer. Alejandro climbed into the boat and the blond sailed it away.

All I heard was diabolical laughter, as my senses returned to normal. Then I saw him fall off the edge backwards and plummet. I ran over and looked down. He burst to the surface as a boat captioned by a blond twink sailed by. Ravencroft climbed in with the help of a twinkish Hispanic. He looked up at me, said some things I couldn’t hear from the distance. And the blond sailed the boat away.

I looked out at the distance as it cruised away. What had happened? He must have put me in a trance. Then realization struck me as the trigger he implemented took affect now the he was gone. Eight months; I now recalled all of those eight months.

Eight months of begging and serving, of degrading myself for the pleasure of any who would pay. I had been a slave whore for 36 weeks, mindlessly and humiliatingly doing whatever demeaning thing I was ordered to. All the while I had begged and groveled for more.

I felt so much shame, so much humiliation. I couldn’t live with that, I couldn’t bare it the rest of my life. I looked at the gun in my hand, I could pull its trigger.

My legs were unable to support me and I fell backwards onto my butt, my arms fell into my lap. I felt my left arm land on a rectangle shaped thing. Without wondering why I pull it out, I was my cellphone. As I looked at it my mind drifted to a more pleasant time. This phone was with me when Jacob found me on the side of the road, when we first met in the hospital.

Those eight months of humiliation and deration were nothing compared to the bliss in the four months thereafter. I thought back to the holiday party and his ridicules outfit. To the simple fact that he made a ton of coffee the morning after out of the kindness so I’d be awake for my work day while he got a day off. To the moment I fell in love with him.

To when I came home and he had made stakes and red velvet cake and got my favorite movies. To when he told me that he wanted to spend his life with me. I wanted to spend my life with him. Despite what I said to Ravencroft about him being my Master, he was my boyfriend, my lover, my soulmate, and one day, my husband.

I looked back at the gun in my hand. How could I ponder suicide when I had already promised my life to the man I loved.

Wiping away tears from my eyes, I spoke into my walkie-talkie. “Miller to Mars. Ravencroft escaped but he told me he has a yacht heading to Brazil with the rest of his kidnappees onboard.”

“Understood. Miler meat me down here ASAP.”

“This was all a setup.” I told Cassandra as she looked at a tablet connected to the police files. “And a big middle finger to you.”

Cassandra got a blank look and stared at nothing, “It was so much more than that.” She said. Her hand trembling he slid through file after file. “I’ve notified that chief. He’s dispatched all other units to the docks.”

“What shall we do?” Jenifer said.

“For now, hold down the crime scene.” She flipped through the tablet. “There,” she said, pointing to a yacht. “This was bought by a known allies of Reavencroft. I’m sending it to the chief now.”

My phone vibrated. My heart lifted when I saw it. Jacob, I would be relieved to hear his voice. “Jacob, I’m so happy you called.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you.” My eyes widened, that was not Jacob.

“Where is he?”

“Your Master?” Ravencroft asked. “He’s right here. Go on Jacob, Keven want’s you.” In the apartment William put the phone to Jacob’s ear.

“Jacob, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Keven” he said. “I’m handcuffed to a chair. But I’m fine.” That bastard Ravencroft, I’ll rip his head off.

The phone was taken from Jacob and back to William. “Ok, Studmuffin, do you know that’s your name in his contacts?” I would have been flattered if not for the fact I was going to murder this man. “Here’s what we’re going to do.”

“I’ll rip your intestines out and feed them to the police dogs.” Cassandra and Jenifer looked at me, they knew who I was talking to.

“Now, now, don’t be like that.” I heard the sound a gun slam against something and Jacob cry out in pain. My jaw tightened in so much rage my ears rang, the phone might have cracked from me holding it so tightly. “Be respectful,” he made an evil laugh, I heard the gun press against Jacob’s head. “Or you’ll pick his skull fragments out of the carpet.”

My rages softened at the idea of losing Jacob forever. “What are your demands?”

“Give me to Cassandra, I would speak to her.”

I looked at the detective, she looked back and took the phone. She began speaking to him. But I had no intention of waiting. Like a hulk I moved to my police motorcycle. I heard Jenifer scream, but I didn’t look back.

Back at the apartment complex, I looked at the three story building our apartment was in. Instead of using the stars or doors, I climbed up the wall. Soon I was on the second floor, where our apartment was.

I jumped to the roof a peaked through a window to the kitchenette and looked inside, one man was there, a little taller than I was, in the living room. He couldn’t see me. I pulled my knife out and stuck it under the window, I lifted up the window and pulled it up.

Silently as a cat, I maneuvered inside and closed the window behind me. I snuck under the counter. I peered around it. He was still there, I pulled a fork from the counter and dropped it on the floor. The 6ftfive looking muscleman took the bait and walked to my location. I hid behind the counter.

Just as he was about to round the bend I jumped like a frog and roundhouse kicked him in his head. Before I fell to the floor I grabbed his shirt in midair and pulled him into a headlock. I held him back as he silently fell asleep.

I noiselessly settled him down. When William walked out of the bedroom and saw me. “Well, well, well, Keven. You’ve come. Just as I knew you would.”

Jacob sat handcuffed to the chair while Alejandro stood guard over him. As the Brazilian paced, Jacob reached into his pocket and pulled out a bobby pin. Inconspicuously, he began to fondle with the shackles. Four months of living with a state trooper had given him some knowledge about handcuffs. That sounded a lot dirtier than he intended, he didn’t want it to but he did.

When they released, and Alejandro was turned, he took the chair and bashed the twink with it, knocking him out.

He pointed the gun at me. “I made it very clear to Cassandra. She lets me walk, and so do you, and I won’t hurt either of your loved ones.”

I looked at the man I hated, the one I had once loved simply because I was hypnotized to. I began to back away slowly into the kitchenette, and he followed. “You will be coming with me, and so with he. Some people in Brazil will love him. A five foot four cutie pie with a cock like his will sell. I’ll let you still be together, until someone buys you or him for good.”

I remembered all the hell I went through. All the degradation and humiliation, I would not let him put Jacob through that. He stoked towards me, I was taller than him, but he was in charge. “Now be a good boy and turn around and give me your handcuffs. When I’ve reactivated you I will be fucking you’re ass for years.”

There was a loud clang as Jacob hit the back of his head with a frying pan. William’s eyes lost focus and blurred, I took the chance and grabbed his head and crashed it against my knee. When he fell unconscious I looked at my trembling, terrified stud. My heart burst with happiness, knowing he was OK.

I pulled him into a deep embrace. I loved him, I couldn’t say anything different.


“So Cassandra told me about you… and your hypnosis thing.” Jacob said as we sat on the couch at the apartment.

I looked at him, the man I loved. “And?” I asked.

“If you want, I can try to remove the triggers he placed on you.”

“What do you mean?” I said.

He looked guilty. He straightened his shirt nervously looked me in the eyes. “When I was in college, I… dabbled in that sort of thing.” He said, referring to hypnosis. “I used it to satisfy my… urges, with the jocks and athletes.” He looked so guilty. “I mean, I didn’t make them my sex slaves, but I used them for one night stands and I feel so guilty about it. It’s not what Ravencroft did, but…”

He didn’t have to finish. I knew Jacob he would never do what Ravencroft did, nothing close. I pulled him into my arms. “I love you, Jacob. That changes nothing.” He looked me in my eyes, I loved his eyes. “Why do you want to remove the triggers?” With Ravencroft put away, no one knows them.”

“I do. He told me some.” He put his hand on my chest. “Keven, I don’t want to have that kind of power in our relationship. I love you and I never want to… maybe use those against you.”

I couldn’t help but smile. I kissed him. “Ok, but promise me one thing.”


“Leave one, or make your own. One that gives me an insatiable, voracious, lust for you.” I pushed myself into his neck

He giggled vivaciously. “OK.”

William walked into his cell at a maximum security federal prison. He looked to his cellmate, George. “Well at least we’ll spend our lives together.” He said.

William sat down next to George. “I thought I’d never see you again. I thought you’d be shipped to California.”

“I was. But sex trafficking on the level that we did, kind of puts me on the federal crime list. They could have stuck me where the federal government reigned, which is everywhere. So they stuck me here.”

George had known the orgy had been a ruse, but he failed to escape in time. William looked at his lover. “At least we can be together.”

The ground shook as a massive behemoth walked across the hall out of the cell. “Oh, crap, Gavin’s here.”

“I guess being turned into a mindslut doesn’t pardon your sentence. But don’t worry, he still has his triggers, he’ll be a big help when we bust out of here.”

George giggled and kissed his cheek. Yeah they had been burned. But they’d rebuild, together they could do anything.

“When we leave, where not coming back here.” George said. “Not just Texas or California, but not to the U.S at all.”

“Oh you got that right. My operations in Brazil can hold by themselves. If we play our cards right we can be out of here and over there within the year.”

George wrapped his arms around him. Right then, they started laying out ideas.

Cassandra looked through a one way mirror to a room where a hypnotherapist worked on her son. With all the prays a mother could give she hoped the hypnotherapist would be able to peace Alejandro’s mind together.

The hypnotherapist; Roberta was her name, had been assigned with a few others to help the victims of William Ravencroft. She had said that Alejandro’s mind and personality had been crushed because of the six years of hypnotism he had been exposed to for the sexual fetishes of Ravencroft. It would be difficult to reverse, but not impossible.

She held nothing but gratitude for Keven Miller. He saved her son, when she was about to let William walk away with him out of the promise the no harm would come to him. Now he was back, her heart burst with happiness.

When the session was done, Alejandro was escorted to a room with some of the other freedmen. At this point, most of the ones that had been under Ravencroft’s control for a long time, simply walked aimlessly around. Alejandro walked over to a vary slender, blond man and sat down next to him. In their catatonic state they didn’t interact. But when one left to go to therapy, the other would wait patiently by the door. They followed each other, never once saying anything at all.

The hypnotherapists had said they might still hold a subconscious bond from their times of slavery. They would soon begin to schedule their sessions together, thinking it could be used to peace their minds back together.

“I don’t believe this” Jacob said as he carried his luggage into Ravencroft’s own mansion. I lowered my own bags and wrapped my arms around his back.

“Believe it, stud, Cassandra has pulled some sting’s, this place and the mansion at the harbor and everything else Ravencroft owned is being auctioned off to help his victims get their lives together. But we get it for two full weeks.”

Because of my success. Cassandra had done this for me, I specifically timed it for school winter break. So we both had two weeks of vacation. I tightened my embrace around the man I loved. He turned to face me and I kissed him passionately. I loved him, he loved me to, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

I pulled his arm, “Come on, I’m so horny for you I’m still debating with myself whether or not to spike your food with Viagra.”

“OH, FUUUCK, GOOOOOD, FUCK MY ASS.” I cried. He fucked me face to face. His beautiful body dripping with musky sweat. He looked like a hulk of a man conquering his prey. He was. And I was his submissive victim.

“Oh, fuck my ass, my god, it’s yours to fuck whenever you want. I’m your plaything to use and abuse whenever you want. I am your plaything. I am your plaything. I am your plaything. I am your plaything.” He leaned down and kissed me. I was entranced by his power, his ferocity. I couldn’t even begin to describe how much I felt like I was in my rightful place.

He placed his hands on my face as we kissed like lovers, he was my lover, my soulmate. All the while pounding the jize out of me and shattering any power I had. His thrusts increased. My body contracted in orgasmic nirvana. His head lifted and he closed his eyes, unable to open them. He let out silent screams of pleasure as he experienced orgasmic climax. I pulled his head down and kissed his jaw.

He struggled to return his face to normal. When he finally did he looked and me and locked me in a deep, wet kiss. “You put Viagra in my food, didn’t you?” He accused.

“What makes you say that?” I said kissing him.

“I’ve been fucking you for almost four hours without stopping, and dumped so many loads I lost track.” He kissed me deeper.

“No, not your food, but maybe your drinks.”

“Jerk.” He said. He rolled off of me and lied down next to me, spent. I rolled over to my side.

“So have you used all your Viagra-induced energy? I can get more.”

“One sec.” he gasped “I’m exhausted.”

“Ah, poor, overly sexy stud. I’m sorry I have such a strong libido, it’s just you’re so drop dead gorgeous I can never control myself.” He pulled my head in to steal another kiss. It became a long caress.

I looked around the room, the whole place was bright and extravagant, just what Jacob deserved. “So Cassandra’s giving a large pay raise, and possibly going to get me promoted.”

“Ah that’s great.” Jacob snuggled into my shoulder. I felt so at peace with him there. He kissed me and looked me in the eyes, his beautiful brown eyes.

He got out of bed and pulled his clothes on. “I’m going to make us lunch, have anything special in mind.”

I just looked at him. Then I pulled my underwear and pants on to. “Hello” He said. Still facing away from me. I grabbed his arm and turned him around. “I’ve already spent my new paycheck on something.”

“Ok what?”

I was trembling. This man; he found me on the road and bought me to a hospital. Cared for me, held an incredible relationship with me. I loved him, he loved me. And I wanted that for the rest of my life. I knelt to the ground and pulled out a navy blue proposal box. “Jacob, I love you, and I want to be with you forevermore.” His eyes were wide and he gasped. “You make me want to get out of bed in the morning and fell alive. You are the whole reason I’m here now. Please, will you marry me?”

“Yes.” He screamed. “An infinite times, yes.” He took the ring and me he pulled me into the most passionate, loving kiss I had ever had. “I love you Keven, you have no idea how much I love you.”

He pulled me into his arms and whispered into my ear. “You are my Studmuffin slave.” My eyes widened. I suddenly had an intense desire for cock, to get fucked. I wanted cock, I needed cock. I had to have it now. It was a burning need, the hunger of a thousand suns. Insatiable libido for sex. I needed cock. I needed cock. I needed cock. I needed cock. INNNEEEEDDDED COOOOCK

With the activation of my trigger, I through Jacob on the bed as he giggled like a schoolboy, I was going to toss him all over the bedroom, having him fuck me in every way I could imagine. With a watering mouth, I pounced.

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