The Boxer Briefs

By Marketingbatman -
published June 24, 2018

Hot muscle men at the gym can make you do unexpected things.

Justin sat on the chest press machine admiring the bodybuilder across from him. The man was beautiful - 6’2, 210lbs, and wore a red and black spandex outfit that made him appear like a superhero. Just continued to do his modest 100lb reps on the chest press. His gaze fixated on the man as he began squats. Justin felt himself becoming hard as the man bent over and two watermelon sized ass cheeks pulled the fabric tight as if wanting to burst the seams of his tights. Justin gulped as he tried to think of anything else to get himself to calm down. Justin breathed and allowed himself to become soft again. He stood and headed to the locker room before he could look back at the man. Justin reached the locker room and sat down on the bench. He removed his shoes and sat back against the cool lockers. Justin could feel the soreness setting into his chest. He closed his eyes slowing his breathing. He heard the rumblings of someone entering the row he was in. Justin opened his eyes to see the beautiful red and black covered ass directly in his field of vision. Justin gulped and turned away quickly. Justin began fidgeting with his lock trying to open his locker quickly. The bodybuilder began shaking a shaker bottle and undressing beside Justin. Justin watched out of the corner of his eye as the muscled man slowly stripped. He could see the detail and muscle rippling down the mans legs. His legs flexed as he pulled off his tights. The man reached for his boxer briefs and peeled off the damp black garment. The man slung his boxer briefs over his open locker door and walked towards the showers. Justin sat mesmerized as he watched the man walk away, his bubble ass strutting away. Justin quickly grabbed his things and began to walk out when he felt compelled to grab the mans boxers. Justin quickly tried to ignore and avoid the desire, but turned and looked at the boxer briefs. He noticed that the man had thrown all of his other garments into the locker, but left the briefs on the locker door as if to bring attention to them. Did he want Justin to take them? Justin shook his head, of course the man didn’t want some random guy stealing his underwear! Justin paused and couldn’t help his next moves. Justin felt himself reach out and grab the damp underwear shoving it into his bag. He quickly dashed out of the locker room. He felt so invigorated and so daring. He quickly got to his car and left the gym. Justin made it to his first light and sat fixated on the briefs he had just snatched. There was something drawing him to the briefs and making him so excited. Justin unzipped his gym bag and reached in to grab the briefs out. He felt the moist sweat and clenched the briefs in his hand. There was something empowering and intoxicating about these briefs. Justin felt a rush of dominance and encouragement course through his body. He arrived at home and went into his apartment. Justin took out the boxer briefs and decided to put them on. He could tell they were a little large for him. He stood at his closet mirror and admired how surprisingly well it framed his ass and bulge. Justin watched himself become erect as he began feeling invincible in his new garment. Justin smiled and posed; he felt stronger. He could smell the garment and the mans sweaty odors. This made Justin even harder thinking of the man at the gym. Justin couldn’t help but reach into the boxer briefs grabbing his erection. Justin began pleasuring himself as he thought of the man bending over showing off his bubble ass. Justin continued jerking as he thought more about licking the man’s legs and body, his biceps, chest…worshipping the man. Justin thought about how great it would to be his partner at the gym working out, growing stronger together, becoming one. Justin felt a surge come over his body as he lost control and began to cum into the boxer briefs. A smile spread across Justin’s face as he sat back on his couch and admired the new wet spot on the boxers. Justin flexed his bicep approvingly and reached down to take off the boxer briefs. To Justin’s astonishment he couldn’t find the separation of the waste band from his waste to take off the briefs. Justin followed the waste band to get between it and his skin, but there was no separation. “What the fuck?!” Justin exclaimed standing up and trying to pull off the boxer briefs. The material seemed to have fused with his skin. Justin panicked unsure what to do. He jumped in the shower and began to try and scrub the material off, but to no avail. The material was melted on, it was now part of him. Justin thought for a moment of other ways to take off the briefs but his mind became clouded and every thought began to focus back on the bodybuilder at the gym. Justin continued to try and focus on the briefs but then the man dressed in a red and black spandex outfit now with a cape and boots came to mind. Justin couldn’t help but become intrigued with the man’s new outfit in his mind. There was something spectacular about the man’s new form. Justin began imagining the man posing like Superman. His physique was strong and filled the spandex like a tight glove. The boots had a dominating personality of their own. Justin’s mind began to race as the man stared directly at him. The man smiled as he took off his cape and walked towards Justin. Justin could feel his heart race as the man pulled the cape over Justin’s head and everything went dark.

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