An Email Could Change The World - Chapter 4

By WeirdKinks published June 24, 2018
Ryan had a sweet time with his father, and his father's father.

“Ryan!” boomed Tony, waking Ryan up, “Help me finish making dinner!” Ryan pretended to not heard it and went back to sleep. “Ryan!” “Come here!” Tony kept calling out to Ryan and all he did was groan. In his half-awake half-asleep state, he tried to leave the bed but didn’t want to. It was too comfy in his mind.

Suddenly, Tony came into the room with a face full of anger. “Ryan! I told you to get up and help me make dinner!” He yelled. Ryan’s eyes forced themselves open and what he saw was something great. His father was fully naked and so was he! He didn’t expect that statement to work but it did!

Tony’s body was made out of muscles with some fat holding it back. His goatee looked more manly than before. Before he knew it, Ryan’s lips curled into a smile. “Why are you staring at me like that? It’s grossing me out!”

“Hey Dad, let’s have sex,” Ryan smirked and Tony’s face changed from an angry one to a lustful one. He dove into the bed and onto Ryan’s face, making out with it gracefully. Ryan returned the favour, lovingly making out with his own father.

Soon, Tony started to lower himself, giving Ryan’s neck some soft kisses. Ryan gasped in pleasure as Tony gave sweet little kisses to his neck. Then, he went further down to his chest, licking and sucking the nipples. This made Ryan moan even harder and louder.

Eventually, Tony made his way to Ryan’s erection, giving him more small kisses along the way. He gave Ryan a sexy glance, licked his lips and devoured the cock entirely. His head was bobbing up and down super fast as his tongue swirled around the shaft. Occasionally, he would look at Ryan’s face to give off that sexy vibe even more.

Ryan, obviously, was moaning like nobody’s business. He would moan things like “More~” or “Faster~” but most of the times, they were just ordinary moans. As Tony kept going at it, Ryan could feel his dick about to explode but at the last second, Tony stopped.

“Huh?” was all Ryan could say as Tony repositioned himself. Soon, however, he liked what his father was going to do. He hovered over the raging erection and slowly inserted himself into it, with no lube. Tony felt bold as he tried to penetrate himself with Ryan’s dick.

After many “ooh”s later, Tony felt comfortable and decided to grind his ass against Ryan’s cock faster, making it more pleasurable for both of them. The two men moaned in unison as Ryan felt the need to cum again. “I’m going to cum!” He yelled. “So am I,” Tony yelled back. Soon, the two men came at a similar time, with Tony making a mess of Ryan’s torso.

“Let me clean that up,” He said. He managed to get off the dick and started to lick the cum off Ryan’s body. The sight itself made his dick tingle again but he chose to ignore the feeling.

Once Tony finished seductively cleaning Ryan’s body, the two men headed towards the kitchen to prepare some dinner. “Oh yea, Grandpa John is coming over for dinner,” Tony said as he chopped up the carrots. Ryan was excited yet nervous to see his grandpa again. He’d be naked like everyone else, which made Ryan make some guesses on how he’d look. Would he be secretly ripped? Chubby? Who knows?

Finally, knocks were heard from the front door and Ryan rushed over to open it. Standing there was his grandfather and he looked similar to his son. His hair was rough and white and so was his beard. He had a big bushy moustache and wore some glasses. His body was similar to Tony’s but it was a bit chubbier but his pecs were huge.

Nonetheless, Ryan wanted to bang John as he wondered if Tony got his seductive skills from him. He made John follow him into his room and slammed the door shut. “We are going to be having sex!” Ryan said. “Oh finally, some action,” John replied as he leaned in for a kiss. The two lips pressed against each other as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

As Ryan was enjoying the moment, he felt a manly hand grab onto his dick. The hand slowly stroked it up and down, making Ryan crave for some more action. His hand soon found itself on John’s thick dick, in which he repeated the actions John was doing to him.

Eventually, Ryan pushed John down onto his bed, him on top of his old, old man. “Please bang my hole!” He moaned. Ryan was happy to comply but first, he needed to grab some lube.

After applying some lube into the hole, Ryan rammed his hard dick into John’s ass, with his legs spread upwards. John moaned as Ryan pounded and pounded. He loved pounding John’s ass, made him feel dominant.

“Dinner’s ready!” yelled Tony. Ryan took this as a sign to finish this business quickly and John thought the same. Faster and faster he pounded until the two men had both came. John quickly cleaned the cum off his body with one of Ryan’s shirt. Ryan didn’t mind however as all he wanted was to get back to the kitchen before his father gets mad again.

The two men rushed out of the door and headed to the kitchen, only to find Tony in the living room instead, watching the news. Ryan and John both sat beside Tony and watched the news with him.

Ryan didn’t care much about the news in general but the newsmen would excite him most of the time and this was no exception. The man was naked, just like every other male out there, and his body was incredibly sexy. He was slim but he had defined muscles. Unfortunately, the sexy news reporter did not have anything sexy or happy to say at all.

“Recently, there has been a load of deaths in the world as they decided to not wear the appropriate clothes, or clothes at all in this case. Many have drowned or had frozen to death because of this,” the sexy newsman reported. Ryan felt his heart growing heavier and heavier, knowing that it was his fault that these innocent died. As much as he let his lust control him, the deaths of many managed to snap him back to reality. Scared, he said, “I want those who died because my actions to live again and that every adult male shall be wearing clothing again!”

Soon, newsman’s suit slowly started to appear, hiding his muscles. Ryan looked beside him and found that his father and grandfather were wearing normal clothing again! He looked down at his body to find that his clothes have reappeared as well!

The newsman was interrupted by another man who found some really recent news. “It turns out that those people had managed to come back to life! Nice to know that there’s a god out there helping us,”

The guilt in Ryan’s heart slowly evaporated as the lust poured back in. He smiled, knowing that he is, in a sense, a god in this world. A very lustful god to be exact.

As he slowly turned back into his normal self, he commanded “I want you two to suck my dick,”

Needless to say, he had a great time that night.

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