Who Said Moving Couldn't be Fun?

By Anonymous - jakestatefarm@comcat.org
published June 24, 2018

Ed moves into a new house, where he discovers a strange power that allows him to take revenge on his neighbors for what they did to him in the past.

Ed Tate was 24 and finally living on his own. He had obtained the financial stability to move out of his father’s basement and into his very own place. It was small and falling apart at the seams, but at least he was further away from his father and his past.

Things were starting to look up for the young man. He had been in not so good condition a few years ago because of bullying at his school, but he had finally begun to bounce back. Things were finally starting to go right for the guy, and they were about to get even better.

Ed’s neighborhood was actually pretty nice despite his own decrepit residence. His building was the only place in the area without freshly mown grass, pristine flowerbeds, and a polished exterior. It was obvious that his new house hadn’t been lived in for a while, and it was definately the ugly duckling of the area.

Ed pulled his car into the gravel driveway and hopped out. He got to work moving his stuff into the house. He and his dad had already dropped off some furniture. It was just the smaller things that needed putting away.

Ed discovered quickly that this simple task proved a lot harder than he had originally thought. The 100° weather didn’t seem to help much either. He was already sweating like a pig. He dripped with sweat and had dark circles around his pits, neck, and crotch. He decided he needed a break.

Ed stepped into the shade of his new home, got some water, and relaxed in his recliner. He closed his eyes trying to cool off and ended up drifting off to sleep.

Dreams began to plague his mind. He saw his new house, only it was different. The house looked well taken care of and brand new. In the dream he saw a man go into his house, into the very room Ed had fallen asleep in. The man took two things out of his coat pocket; a chain watch and a knife. The man used the knife to cut a slit through the wall. He then placed the watch and chain inside the wall. Ed didn’t see anything else in the dream, but he did feel something. He felt a strange power coming from the watch.

Ed woke up. He looked at his own wristwatch to find that barely 45 minutes had gone by. He was much less tired and more curious about his rather strange dream.

He examined the same wall in the same spot that he had seen the strange man put the watch. There was faded wallpaper on the wall. He looked around for a piece that he could peel away.

He stopped and laughed at himself, “It was just a weird dream. Why should I even bother.”

He stepped away smiling at his gullibility. Then he heard it: a ticking. His smile faded and was replaced by a look of disbelief and curiosity.

Ed turned around and pressed his ear against the wall. The ticking got louder.

“I’ve got to be tripping.” He said.

He found a piece of loose paper and peeled it back. It revealed the drywall, which had a hole cut out of it. It was the same hole the man cut in his dream and the ticking was definately coming from it.

Ed stuck his hand in the hole cautiously feeling around for the watch. It had to be in there somewhere. His fingers finally bumped into some cold metal. A blast of light and energy shot Ed back a few feet and on the ground. He was knocked out. He had experienced the same sense of power from his dream in that moment, and he could feel that power now coursing through his veins as well.

Ed woke up from his second sleep session that day and checked his watch. A couple of hours had passed since he had been knocked unconscious. The day was beginning to end.

Ed stood up and looked at the peeled wallpaper and the hole in the wall, “Great another thing I have to fix.”

He was still curious about the mysterious watch, but he needed to finish his unpacking. It would simply have to wait.

Ed stepped outside. It was still very hot and very sunny. He began to collect the various boxes from his car.

“Is that you Leadie?”

‘Oh shit,’ Ed thought to himself, ‘Not this guy.’

Only one man called Ed, Leadie. It was his old gym teacher from high school, Mr. Jacobs. The man had given Ed the nickname because Ed never tried in his gym class. He just walked around or jogged really, really slowly. Because of this, Jacobs would say that Ed’s feet were full of lead. Hence forth, Eddie became Leadie. Needless to say, Ed didn’t hold his old gym teacher in high esteem.

“You moving in here?” Mr. Jacobs added as he sauntered up the driveway, to Ed.

“Yeah, I guess.” Ed got a good look of his old teacher. He looked pretty good for his age. He had the dark hair, eyes, and a tan skin tone he remembered. He seemed pretty healthy and muscular too with exception to his beer gut, and he sported a full beard.

“You guess?” Mr. Jacobs chuckled, “You kids make me feel so old.”

Ed faked faked a chuckle to be polite.

“It looks like we’re gonna be neighbors then too.” Jacobs added, gesturing to the house next to Ed’s.

“Cool,” Ed answered. He gave the old teacher’s house a glance. It was bigger, cleaner, and much nicer than Ed’s. He was not looking forward to being neighbors with this guy.

“This house your moving into has been a mess for quite a while, Leadie. I hope you fix it up soon. So don’t drag your feet like you used to.” Jacobs laughed at his own joke.

Ed felt his anger grow. He really hated the way this jerk had treated him at school and he was sure as hell that it wasn’t going to happen now. He felt something rise from his gut as the jerk laughed. It was a sense of power, raw and unrefined. He felt it fill his body and settle in the muscles of his mouth.

“Shut up,” Ed commanded.

Jacobs stopped laughing immediately.

Ed realized what he had done. At first he was embarrassed. He had never told someone to shut up. Then he realized that it had worked. Had this man just listened to what he had said. In the entirety of the time that Ed had ever known Mr. Jacobs, he had never done anything others told him too.

Mr. Jacobs seemed confused too. Why did he just do as this boy had said. Jacobs knew he had been humiliating the kid, but he wasn’t going to stop. So why did he?

“Hey Leady,…”

“Don’t call me that!” Ed commanded. He hadn’t really meant to, but he wanted to see if the asshole was actually doing as he said.

Jacobs stopped. Why were these weird things going on? Who in their right mind would go against his word. But then again, why would he, in his right mind, obey the words of another.

The two took a moment to try and figure out what was going on inside their minds and bodies.

“I think I’d better go now.” Jacobs started to turn around. He was beginning to regret coming over.

“Stop.” Ed commanded.

Mr. Jacobs stopped in his tracks and Ed smiled.

“Bark like a dog.” Ed chuckled.

Mr. Jacobs began to bark like an idiot. He wasn’t sure why he did it but he couldnt stop himself.

“Stop,” Ed took his turn to laugh at the man, “Now sniff my pits.”

Mr. Jacobs looked at Ed confusedly for a moment, but then approached him and sniffed Ed’s freshly sweaty pits. Ed laughed at his old gym teacher as he sniffed up his rank pits. It was degrading.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Ed stated, and Jacobs obediently stopped. Ed was beginning to feel the hang of this thing, while Mr. Jacobs was beginning to panic inside.

“You want to help me move into my new house don’t you?” Ed asked. He wondered if he could control not just the gym teacher’s actions but also his thoughts.

Jacobs’ expression warped from one of fear to one of confusion and then one of acceptance.

Mr. Jacobs smiled, “Yeah, I want to help you move into your new house.”

Ed’s smile widened as he grasped the extent of his new power over this man. Ed wanted to test it further.

“Ok thanks, old man. I’ll be inside relaxing. Get to work.” Ed stated and then strutted inside.

Jacobs didn’t like how the boy had just called him ‘old man’ but he got to work, because he wanted to help Ed move into his new house.

The gym teacher worked up quite a sweat as he brought in box after box. Ed enjoyed himself as he sat in his recliner, watching the muscle show.

Ed wanted to test his powers even further. He wanted to know his limits.

“Alright Ed, that’s the last box.” Jacobs panted as he set down the box next to Ed. The teacher got up and made for the door out.

“You still need to unpack the stuff in their for me, don’t you?” Ed asked with a grin.

Jacobs stopped and stared at Ed for a second, " Yeah, I still need to unpack the stuff in their for you." Jacobs knelt on the ground and got to work unpacking the many boxes.

“Its a rather hot day, isn’t it?” Ed asked.

“Yeah, it is a rather hot day.” Jacobs agreed with him.

“Don’t you hate wearing a shirt on hot days?” Ed suggested.

Jacobs looked confused for a moment, “Yeah, I hate wearing my shirt on hot days,” He paused, “Would you mind if I took mine off?”

“Not at all.” Ed answered. So his powers not only made subjects obey commands, but also made them prone to suggestions.

Jacobs stripped off his work shirt, revealing his hairy chest. He was very muscular, with broad shoulders. The man’s belly protruded and bounced around as he worked.

“Mr. Jacobs,” Ed started, “start rubbing your chest and belly as you work.”

Jacobs began to rub his sweaty, hairy muscles and gut as he worked for his former student. Needless to say, he felt uncomfortable. He thought that something was strange with this situation. He didn’t feel in control. He was usually always the one in control.

“Mr. Jacobs?”

“Yeah?” He looked up to Ed.

“You desperately want to obey me to the best of your ability,” Ed added, “What’s your first name?”

“Greg,” He answered, “but you can call me Mr. Ja…”

“I’ll call you what I want.” Ed interupted, “and you’ll a dress me as sir.”

“Ok, sir,” Greg answered.

“Just say ‘Yes, sir’ when I tell you something.” Ed added.

“Yes, sir.”

Ed reached over for his glass of water. Watching all this physical exertion was dehydrating him. His hand hit the glass and incidentally knocked it over onto the ground.

“Shit!” Ed exclaimed.

Apparently Greg heard this and understood it as a command, because he paused his work for a moment and crapped his work pants.

Greg had never been so embarrassed. He hadn’t had a bathroom accident since the toddler years. Why now? He got up, hoping that he could dodge out of Ed’s company so that he could change his underwear.

“Where are you going?” Ed asked.

“Home, sir,” Greg answered. He desperately wanted to escape the embarrassing situation.

“Why?” Ed asked. He hadn’t realized that Greg had obeyed his accidental command, and he hadn’t noticed the smell yet.

Greg blushed as he didn’t want to admit what he had done. “I just shit my pants, sir.” He answered Ed.

Ed stared at his old gym teacher for a second, and then burst out laughing. The man who had ridiculed him during his school years had just shit himself on his command. It was too good to be true.

When Ed had composed himself, he told Mr. Jacobs, “Just forget about it, and get back to work. But clean up this spill first”

And just like that, all knowledge that he had just shit himself floated out of his mind. He simply grabbed a towel and cleaned up yhe spilt drink like nothing had happened. All with underwear full of fresh shit.

“Tell me, who else lives in your house with you?” Ed inquired, moving along the one sided conversation.

“Just my son, Kyle, and me, sir.” Greg answered. Ed remembered Kyle from school. He was a few years older than him. From what he remembered, Kyle was tall, muscular, and hot. He was going to be fun to control.

“What happened to your wife? I thought you were married.” Ed asked.

“I left her because she wouldn’t put out for me, anymore.” Mr. Jacobs answered.

Ed chuckled at this and said, “Wrong. She left you because you are a worthless price of shit.”

“Oh yeah, she left me because I am a worthless piece of shit.” Greg answered, looking sad. So he could also alter people’s perception of the past.

“Interesting, now, go get your son and bring him to me.” Ed commanded.

“Yes, sir.” Greg answered and obediently got up, and left without his shirt and with pants full of crap, to retrieve his son.

Ed took this time to devise how he was going to get back at Greg and his son, Kyle. Both of them had made school almost unbearable for him. He wanted to humiliate them and strip them of their dignity.

Ed glanced across the room to the hole in the wall. He had almost forgotten about that. He crossed the room and inserted his hand again to find the watch and chain. His hand met only a pile of dust and ash. Whatever used to be there, was gone. Or was it?

Kyle Jacobs used to be hot shit back in his schooldays. At the height of his reign, there wasn’t a student or faculty member who would cross him. He simply had the presence and confidence of a king, and he thought he should be treated that way.

Things changed after his education ended. He hadn’t really learned anything during school or planned ahead for his future. This left him working in various low paying jobs.

However, he did manage, similarly to Ed, to turn himself around. He worked hard and eventually got a decent job in sales for a small business.

At 26, he still lived with his father, but that was because he had been waiting to earn enough money for his own space.

Kyle sat at his desk in the room he’d grown up in, going over some monthly reviews his boss had asked for. He knew his father was around somewhere. He thought he had heard the door a while back. He probably just went out on a walk.

“Son.” Greg said suddenly. Kyle whipped his head around.

“You didn’t have to sneak up on me like that,” Kyle said, glancing at his dad. “Why’d you take your shirt off, dad?”

“I was hot.” Greg answered simply. “You need to come with me.”

“Um…alright,” Kyle answered, “Give me a second.”

“No, now.” His dad said. Kyle seemed to notice something was up. Why was his dad acting so weird, almost like he was scared of something?

“Um…OK. Where are we going?” Kyle asked as he got up to follow his father.

“The new neighbor wants to see you,” Greg answered as he turned around and lead the way down the stairs.

“There’s a new neighbor?” Kyle asked. What the hell was going on? Why did his dad answer like that? And what was that awful smell?

Back in Ed’s new place, he lounged in the recliner waiting for his loyal subject to bring him his son. Ed had thought up of some ways that the Jacobs could pay him back for what they had done to him.

Greg ’ s smell entered the room before he did, followed by a thoroughly confused Kyle.

“Greg, why don’t you get back to work on unpacking those boxes,” Ed suggested.

“Yes, sir.” Greg answered, and then obediently set to work unpacking the boxes.

Kyle was now more confused, and even more insulted. His father never addressed anybody as ‘sir’. It was a rule. And why would he agree to be unpacking for some new kid on the block.

“Hi Kyle,” Ed smiled to the stud. Several years had gone by, but Kyle still had his tan skin, hazel eyes, light brown hair, and impressive physique, “How’ve you been?”

“Fine, I guess,” Kyle answered awkwardly, “Do I know you?”

“You should. It’s been less than eight years since you bullied me into doing one of your assignments.” Ed stated. He found this conversation amusing. He liked it when Kyle was uncomfortable.

“Wait you’re that nerd from school. The one I paid to do my homework,” Kyle blurted out.

“Paid?” Ed shot back. This asshole had never ‘paid’ him for any of the work he had done, and if he had, it would have been with one of those beatins Kyle always threatened him with.

“Yeah, I’m sure I paid you.” Kyle answered plainly. He was starting to feel more in control of the situation. That wasn’t going to last.

Ed stood up and stared Kyle down. He felt the same power from before pulsing through his blood and filling his voice, “No. You never did pay me. But you will, now.”

“What! Like hell. Dad let’s get the fuck out of this creep’s house.” Kyle stood and headed for the door. He looked back to make sure his father was following.

Greg looked from his son to his new master.

“Stay, Greg, and get back to work.” Ed commanded.

“Yes, sir.” Greg replied and continued working shirtless.

“What the fuck is up with you, Dad,” Kyle looked upset, “I’m getting out.” He went to leave.

“Kyle, stop.” Ed commanded. Kyle stopped in his tracks.

“What the f…” Kyle began, as he realized he had just obeyed an order.

“Shut up, Kyle,” Ed commanded, cutting Kyle off.

Ed walked over to the stud. Kyle was standing in front of the door, ready to leave. Ed stepped in front of him and looked into his hazel eyes. They were panicking.

“Give me your wallet, Kyle.” Ed demanded. Kyle fished the wallet out of his pants and handed it over. Why in the world would he just hand someone his wallet. He had 200 dollars in there.

“There, now you’ve paid.” Ed chuckled.

Ed took his hand and started caressing Kyle ’ s muscles. This made Kyle panic more. Kyle hated fags.

“Take your shirt off,” Ed smiled.

Kyle hesitantly pulled off his wifebeater. Why was he doing this? Why couldn’t he control his actions?

Ed began to rub Kyle’s chest. Ed could tell Kyle hated it. Ed took Kyle’s right nipple in his left hand. He began rolling it around and massaging it.

Kyle was screaming inside. This couldn’t be happening. He was the one in control.

Ed smirked to Kyle, and then pinched his nipple hard. Kyle’s face expressed his pain, but his voice was silent, as commanded.

Ed laughed, “Moan. Moan like the pathetic girl you are.”

A small, high pitched moan escaped his lips. Kyle couldn’t believe himself. He was moaning like the girls he used to fuck.

Ed enjoyed watching as the poor jock begin moaning against his will.

“Stop,” Ed commanded once he’d had enough. Kyle immediately stopped moaning. He was scared out of his mind of the power this guy possessed, but he was glad he wasn’t moaning like a little bitch anymore.

Ed left Kyle in the entryway and checked on the progress of Mr. Jacobs. He had unpacked almost everything, and was almost done. Ed went and sat in his recliner.

“Kyle, get in here, now.” Ed commanded. Kyle went to the room and stood before the lounging Ed.

“Kyle, massage my feet while your dad finishes up the unpacking.” Kyle knelt in front of Ed and began to untie his shoes. His expression displayed his displeasure of the situation.

Kyle removed Ed’s shoes, and then pulled down the sweaty socks. Ed’s feet were hairy, sweaty, and smelly, but Kyle’s hands got to work rubbing them.

Ed smiled at his obedient foot massager. Revenge was sweet.

Greg eventually finished the unpacking completely. He had worked up more sweat and now reeked of it and shit.


“Yes, sir.”

“Go sit on the couch.”

“Yes, sir.” Greg answered. He was still very confused about what was going on. But he knew that he desperately wanted to obey this man to the best of his ability.

“Kyle, stop rubbing my feet.” Ed stated and then shoved his sweaty feet into Kyle’s unrelenting face for good measure.

“Kyle, do you know what is in your father’s pants?” Ed asked, “Answer truthfully.”

“Yes.” Kyle said against his will. He didn’t want to believe it, but he knew the contents of his father’s pants by the smell.

Ed leaned closer to Kyle ’ s face, “Say what he did.”

“He didn’t do it. You made him.” Kyle screamed in his moment of rebellion.

“Wrong,” Ed answered. “He did it. Say he did it.”

“He did it,” Kyle answered dejectedly.

“Say what he did.”

“He shit his pants, okay!” Kyle yelled. He needed to express his anger somehow.

Ed looked at Kyle. He was so hot kneeling before him angrily, without a shirt. Ed wanted some of that.

“Kiss my like you’re kissing someone you’ve always wanted, needed to kiss!”

Kyle ’ s angry look turned to one of infatuation. He moved into Ed and put his big hands around Ed’s head, and pulled him close. Kyle pushed his lips into Ed’s with a passion he’d never felt before. He worked his toungue and mouth in ways he’d never thought of. He was usually the lazy partner, but he didn’t feel that way now.

Then he realized what was happening. Kyle pulled back and fell to the floor.

“You asshole!” He cried, “How could you make me do that!”

“Oh shut up.” Ed said. Kyle continued to silently gag.

“If you thought that was bad,…” Ed added, chuckling to himself, “I wanted you to kiss me before I had you do your next trick.”

Kyle stopped gagging and listened to Ed. Kyle didn’t know how much more he could take. He needed to get out. All he had to do was get up, walk a few feet, and leave through the door. But he couldn’t.

“Kyle, go to your father and ask him to sit his shit filled self down on your face.”

Ed couldn’t do it. He wouldn’t. He would never say that to anyone, let alone his father.

Nevertheless, Kyle’s limbs crawled to his father.

“Dad,” Kyle gulped, “Will you sit your shit filled self down on my face?”

Greg was confused. Why would his son ever ask a disgusting question like that. It was perverted and wrong.

“Greg, do it.” Ed interjected.

Greg understood now. He should do this to obey his master.

Greg got up and let Kyle lay down on the couch. Then Greg set his large self on top of his son’s face.

Kyle cried from underneath his father’s ass. It was sweaty and smelled awful. It was also extremely uncomfortable. He couldn’t believe where he was, or what he was doing. He hated it. He hated it all.

Ed enjoyed the scene of his past jerk gym teacher sitting on his son’ s, the bully’s, face.


“Yes, sir.”


“Yes, sir.”

Greg ripped a nasty one that Kyle felt on his face. He didn’t think he could take any more of this.

“Now, piss.”

“Yes, sir.”

Kyle felt his father empty his bladder on his face. A dark spot immediately encircled Greg ’ s crotch. Then, Kyle noticed that he was peeing now too. He pissed his pants.

Ed laughed at the happy accident. He could tell that Kyle was thoroughly humiliated and degraded.

“Alright stand up, you two.”

The pair stood. Before their master. Each had visible signs of the piss and Kyle’s angry face was dripping with it.

“Make out with each other.” Ed commanded.

Kyle couldn’t believe this. He was about to make out with his own father, and he had piss on his face.

The two began to kiss each other over and over. It was clear to Ed that neither were enjoying the perverted situation.

“More toungue,” Ed threw in. The two immediately brought their toungue out to sloppily lick and kiss with it.

“Enough,” Ed finished, “You two are going to clean all this mess up in here. Then you are going to go back to your house and clean yourselves up. Once this is acheived, you will not remember what actually transpired here. Instead you will remember happily meeting your new neighbor and then going home.” Ed paused to make sure they were following.

“Over the next few days you will develop the mutual desire to give your nice house over to me, in exchange for this crappy one. You will volunteer to still do the cleaning and upkeep of my new house even though you gave it away. You will perceive all these suggestions as your own ideas. Now, go.”

The two cleaned up the mess, and then left to do what they were told. They had already developed a vacant expression that indicated the brainwashing and memory wipe were in work.

Ed lounged back in his chair. It had been quite a day. And it would seem that the next few days were only going to get better.

A few weeks later, Ed was now living in the Jacobs residence. It was cleaned and cared for by his two servants, Kyle and Greg, who worked day and night to keep Ed happy.

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