Symbiosis - Part 4

By s10boi published June 23, 2018
The Master wants a new drone, and R01 knows how to make that happen

Days passed, and R01 settled into its role. It trained more each day, its muscles becoming ever more defined under the rubber suit as the symbiote enhanced its muscle growth.

It would service its Master as required, the frequency increasing each day (and its craving to do so growing stronger and harder to resist). It would quite often become a milking machine for its Master - continuing to suck or ride his cock even after he had shot his load, providing enough pleasurable stimulation that the Master couldn’t help but want to continue using the drone.

Each night, it would lie on the rubber bed, its suit forming into the tightly fitting, seamless sleepsack. Over time, more of Matt’s consciousness was allowed to be aware in the drone’s brain as it was made to relive the stimulation and programming cycles required to further embed its new role into its mind.

As each program came to a climax, the drone moaning loudly into its gag and straining in its bulge, its mind would clear for a short period of time, allowing it to process what had just happened.

It had no sense of how much time had passed, it could only lie there, feeling the rubber slowly rubbing its body all over, focusing its mind on each part of its new body in turn and reminding it that everything felt so good. It would stretch and flex the rubber, and enjoy feeling it pressing against its body, holding it in place - stored, as a drone should be.

It would start to moan into the gag as it began to feel as if something was sliding into its ass, and its mind became more overwhelmed again - more programming was required.

One day, it finished its final exercise for the session - a new personal best, as ever. The drone spent a while standing in front of the mirrored wall, cockily smiling to itself as it flexed its muscles and looked at its shiny rubber body from every angle, enjoying the reward it was feeling in its rubberised ass. It had become what it had always wanted to be - if only its friends from its previous life could see.

Later that day, the Master entered the room. “I want another drone, R01”, he said, seemingly aware of the drone’s thoughts. “I want you to find a suitable candidate for the process - someone who can join you in serving me”.

R01 smiled cockily once more - “I know just the guy, Master”.

R01 confidently strode through the bar area of the noisy club. Matt had gone to the occasional gear event with close friends, but often found them overwhelming - too many people he didn’t know and too busy to properly enjoy any kind of play. R01, on the other hand, didn’t care - it had a mission to complete. On top of its rubber body, the symbiote had formed what looked like a pair of tall lace-up rubber boots and a hooded S10 gasmask - enough to temporarily hide that something out of the ordinary was going on.

Matt had bought his ticket to the gear event a few weeks before he had been kidnapped. It was a large, once a year event that people flocked to from around the world to be a part of, held in a club big enough for social spaces as well as several playrooms towards the back of the venue.

R01 greeted a few of Matt’s old friends as it walked around the venue, with them only recognising him either by voice or by reading the ID badge with Matt’s screen name printed on it, dangling from a lanyard around its rubberised neck. The drone made small talk as needed, giving vague excuses about taking a break from things for a bit and exercising a lot to try to deflect any suspicions about Matt going quiet online or why it was suddenly in such good shape. It didn’t care about being too convincing - it just needed to chat enough to try to get any information on where its target was located.

Walking through the social area, the drone suddenly stopped in its tracks as it saw him - Alex. He was 5’10” tall, slightly stocky but muscular and wearing a shiny skin-tight black catsuit, pinhole-eye hood, rubber bulldog harness, gloves and white MX boots. Even though it couldn’t see Alex’s face, R01 could recognise him a mile away.

Despite living thousands of miles away and seeing each other rarely, Matt and Alex had become good friends, chatting online a lot and exchanging ideas. While Matt had some experience with gear, bondage and play, Alex was by far the more experienced and confident of the two. Matt had always fantasised about turning the tables on Alex, taking control more and turning the stronger, more confident guy into his controlled rubber object.

Alex of course was taken aback when the muscular, rubberised stranger in front of him turned out to be his old friend. “Holy shit - what happened to you?!”, Alex exclaimed loudly over the music, genuinely surprised but turned on by what he was seeing.

R01’s rubber mouth smiled under the gasmask - it was finally about to make the fantasies it’d had for so long come true. “Come to playroom #3 in 5 minutes, gimp - and bring your sleepsack”, the drone confidently replied. Alex smiled excitedly before practically running off to the gear lockers to fetch his sleepsack - his favourite form of bondage.

Playroom #3 was decently-sized, dimly-lit with grey walls, and contained a metal-framed king-size bondage bed, covered with a large rubber sheet and rubber-covered pillows. The main thing the room had was privacy - once Alex had entered, R01 closed the blinds over the window and locked the door. Meanwhile, Alex had laid out his leather sleepsack on the bed, ready for what he assumed was a teasing a storage in bondage session.

The pair rubbed each other’s rubberised bodies for a few minutes - enjoying the sensations of each other. To Alex, something seemed off about his friend’s rubber - there were no seams or zips visible at all, but he was too horny and swept up in the moment to care enough.

R01 helped Alex into an eyeless rubber hood and then the sleepsack. The drone’s movements were calm, confident and felt powerful, which seemed to help Alex relax further into a subby headspace. With Alex’s arms in place in the internal sleeves of the sleepsack, the drone zipped and then tightly roped up the front of the sleepsack. Alex made a small moan of pleasure as everything was pulled tight, and R01 spent a few minutes slowly rubbing the gimp’s leather-covered body and rubber-covered head - it was time to move on to the next step of the plan.

The rubber pouch that had been covering R01’s groin for what felt like forever began to shrink away - revealing its perfectly formed rubber cock and balls, seamless with the rest of its black, shiny body. It had been given permission to use its cock for this scene, as it was needed for the mission, and it was going to make the most of it. Its cock was already fully hard, excited by what was about to happen, and stimulated by the movement of the symbiote. Some precum was visibly leaking out the end of its rubberised urethra in anticipation.

R01 climbed on top of the bed, kneeling on and straddling the sleepsacked gimp’s chest. It moved a couple more of the rubber pillows under its hooded head, so that it had a better angle for what was about to happen. It began by slowly inserting a rubberised finger in the gimp’s mouth for it to suck, then two, then three - letting it know what was about to come. The drone positioned itself and slowly pushed its rubberised cock into the waiting mouth of the gimp.

R01 thrusted deeply, slowly, moaning into its mask and enjoying every millimetre of sensation as it face-fucked the gimp. It felt better than it had ever imagined - Matt had fantasised about using Alex like this for so long, but had never had the balls to make it happen. The gimp thrusted in the sleepsack slightly, enjoying being used, creaking the leather as it did so.

Minutes of slow thrusting passed - R01 didn’t want it to end, but it had a mission to complete.


As much as the drone tried to fight it, it began to speed up - thrusting into the gimp harder, deeper. The gimp breathed deeply through the nostril holes of its hood, trying its best to stay calm and keep sucking. R01 began to feel its entire body come alive - every single cell of the symbiote pleasuring its nervous system. Its vision blurred, its hearing becoming muffled as it moaned loudly, deeply with ecstasy, shooting its shiny black, symbiotically-enhanced cum into the gimp’s mouth.

Alex could instantly sense something was wrong - the thick cum tasted of nothing but rubber and seemed to be moving and squirming in his mouth. He tried to pull his head away from R01’s cock, but the drone tightly held the sides of his hooded head, keeping him in place. Alex tried to squirm in the sleepsack to get R01 off him, but the drone was strong, tightly clamping Alex in place using its thighs.

The cum spread through Alex’s mouth, coating everything inside. R01 slowly pulled its rubber cock out, watching the black cum spread out of Alex’s mouth, covering his lips and visible skin, and eventually reaching the rubber of his hood. The black symbiotic cum hardened, fusing to the hood and to Alex’s mouth and forming a seamless rubber gag. Although it would be temporary, it was effective - almost no noise escaped, no matter how hard Alex tried to scream.

“Calm down. You’ll enjoy this - trust me”, R01 said confidently, smiling as it watched its friend struggle, knowing that soon Alex would be just like him. Alex eventually seemed to tire himself out - the squirming stopped and his breathing through the nostril holes of the hood became more regular. The drone stood up, and noticed its cock and balls had once again been hidden by the rubber pouch, their work done.

It unlocked the playroom door, checked that there weren’t too many people nearby, and used its newly-found strength to pick up the rubber and leather-clad gimp with ease. Alex did his best to squirm and struggle, but it was no use - he was being tightly held in place and had little energy left to fight.

R01 carried the sleepsacked gimp out of the room, up the corridor past the other playrooms and through the rear emergency exit doors, where the Master was waiting in an unmarked van, its rear doors already open. The gimp was loaded into the van and R01 joined it in the back for the journey back to the facility - mission complete

Alex lay in darkness and silence. He’d been left alone for who knows how long, his sleepsack tightly roped down to a bondage table made from silver-coloured metal and padded black leather. His attempts to scream through the gag had faded to nothing more than a feeble, muffled whimper, and he no longer had the energy to try to escape from his bondage.

The Master and R01 watched the gimp through the two-way mirror. “I think it’s time we created R02”, he said.

“With pleasure, Master”, R01 replied, with a smile across its rubberised lips.

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