Bookstore makeover

By Stroppy Author published June 20, 2018

A seedy bookstore sells a shy man something he didnt expect

It’s Friday night and I had thought about fetishes since my first wank but it wasn’t until I entered this seedy little space that I really had any idea of what turned me on. I was so nervous about what people would say or think that when I entered an adult shop that it had to be the most remote one with a rear entrance (no pun intended). I was struck by the seedy smells; stale piss in the dark alleyway, stale beer in the dumpster behind the dive bar next door and WHAM! The smell of Cigar, leather and rubber hit me as I entered the bookstore. I was feeling so dirty and so sexy at the same time. These would forever be my favourite and sexy go to smells.

The man behind the counter was imposing. His stare seemed to pierce me. He was, by immediate impression, overweight and unkempt. His hair was full and hung to his shoulders. His belly was large and pendulous. and served to support his large chest. HIs arms and hands were equally large. there was no doubt this was a powerful man. He had a bushy beard that covered the centre of his chest and it’s blackness seemed to absorb light. His brow was pronounced and looked like a hair-covered ledge protecting his eyes which were so clear they almost glowed. His stare seemed to pierce me.

In an instant I imagined myself pinned under his full weight; his arm around my neck and his other hand on the top of my head pulling himself and his cock deeper into my. My arse ached just thinking about it and precum wet the front of my pants. He nodded approvingly and kept his stare on me the whole time I was there.

My hands in my pockets, I leaned forward and avoided the other people also milling about. After 15 minutes I was about to chicken out when the clerk was behind me. I’m not small by any means. I stand 5’10" and weigh about 180 pounds. I wish I could say it was muscle but in all honesty I’m pudgy but when I turned he was towering over me. He had to stand 6’6" and about 300 pounds. My face planted it’s self in his chest and I inhales sharply in shock.

What seemed like weeks of sweat, body odour, leather, cigar and Rubber filled my lungs. Rather than pulling away, my eyes closed and I actually rested my face into him. His chest was softish but not moobish. My hands found their way to his doughey belly and I started kneading him. I felt him growl deep in his belly. Just as suddenly my eyes shot open and I pulled away.

He grinned at me and in a thick Russian accent said “You’re too shy. You came here for a reason. All of these people come here for a reason. Perhaps to discover your desires your fantasy? do you even know what turns you on”? I stared at him in awe. “How could you know that, " I asked? “I see all the time: trepidation walking through the door” (He nodded his head at the closed circuit of the entrance and the rooms in the store”, “Fear of touching; to really explore. Your quickness to leave”.
“what do you suggest, then”, I asked. “A simple thing” he said". He handed me a rubber jock. It smelled amazing. I touched it and a shiver ran through me. He handed me a small bottle of lube and said, “On the house… I’m sure I’ll make more off you over time. Who knows, maybe you’ll become model for me”. I blushed. Hard! I stuttered a thanks and he sensed my hesitation and offered: “It’s small enough to hide. You can feel what it’s like to have a secret. Your first step towards realising it by wearing it in public and no one will know this but you. This is safe chance to discover yourself”. And with that he returned to the counter.

I raced home. I reminded myself of a little kid running up to the ocean and dipping my toe in the water then running back to the shore so proud and a sense of having taken a big risk. I stripped and placed the jock. My head was spinning with excitement. I chubbed to my full proud 4.5" of man pleaser. I looked in the mirror disregarding the belly I had to hold up, or the love grips covering the side straps. I marveled at the feel and smell. Even my fingers smelled of the rubber and brought them to my face. I was a little dismayed, though, at how much of my hairy bush rolled over the rubber. I looked like I was smuggling a clown wig.

I ran to the bathroom and began manscaping in earnest. With the hair trimmed flat, I looked in the mirror and still disappointed to see the hair on my balls making me look like a chia pet someone forgot to water, I brought out a disposable razor and shaved my cock and balls then wiped them clean. Framed by a hair mat I looked hot! So hot that I used some of the free lube and gave ten wanks before losing a load into my hand. I was about to bring it to my mouth to eat, as I normally do but thought better: I wiped it inside the jock and pulled it back up. Though I normally cum and the urge is gone, I was still horned.

I pulled and pulled but just couldn’t get completely hard so I replaced the Jock and dressed. Catching the tram I rode into town to a local pub. A straight worker class bar, I was definitely out of my element but it was part of my urge and dare to explore my kinky side.

Normally I’m disregarded where ever I go. I’ve made a habit of not drawing attention to meself but when I entered the bar, people looked. While I stood at the bar people next to me would sniff the air and turn, looking at me. After 20 minutes or so they turned fully and came closer. Some actually looked horny. One brutish looking man with thick shoulder, a belly, what looked like a four day stubble and a 0 edge razor cut leaned his face into me and took a long sniff. His pupils dilated and he pushed my half empty pint glass down low.

He fished his cock out of the fly and filled my glass with his piss. His cock still dangling, he lifted my hand and the glass up to my mouth and tipped it. I drank my beer and his piss in one long gulp. He reached behind my head and his cupped hand brought my head closer. He opened my gob with his thumb and hocked a lugie straight into my gob then re-packed his cock and turned back to his group I had been forgotten again. I scurried out, trying to make eye contact with the fireplug who just filled me up but he was laughing and flirting with a woman at the bar. What the Fuk?!

I ran back to my apartment, booted up the computer, used more of the lube and began tossing it to images of raunch and scally porn in the internet. I was rock hard but no matter what, I couldn’t cum. I played and fiddled but couldn’t cum. I looked at the clock and I was shocked to see 5:00AM. I had been tossing it for six hours to porn on the computer. Exhausted, I thought to catch a couple of hours sleep but that wasn’t to be. I looked up the bookstore on line and saw that they didn’t open until 10AM so I made some coffee and breakfast. I was ravenous and made four eggs and a proper fry up. Four slice of toast to eat my bangers and catch the runny eggs and I was still hungry. I poured a bowl of cereal and ate that, then four more fingers of sausages and some tatties. finally sated I went to the bathroom to shower and gasped when I looked in the mirror. I had a two day stubble. My jaw appeared a wee thicker and my hair a bit longer and thicker as well. what really caught my eye was my cock was thicker too. usually a pencil dick and only 2" soft and 4.5" hard it now looked like a proper mans cock: Easily 4" in circumference and a re-asserted foreskin. You could normally see the tip of my cock when soft but now with a semi chub there was still bunched foreskin and a constant drool of pre-cum.

it was 9:45 so I took the tram back to the bookstore just as the clerk was unlocking the door. He didn’t acknowledge me but held the door for me to enter with him. Turning on the lights, opening the blinds and setting the low music in the background I suddenly felt dizzy. The smells and the sounds suddenly pierced my brain. He steadied me and said “Give it a second, You’ll feel better” and pulled me in to his belly again. I resumed my kneading and moaning. I pushed my face into his and he brought my mouth up to his nipple. I began chewing and sucking on it. He brought one of his sausage like fingers up to his mouth and wet it with a runny string of gob and presented it to me to suck on. I did with gusto, deep throating, sucking and tonguing it.

Again, I suddenly regained composure and looked up at him as I pushed away from him, though I left my hands on his belly still kneading. He looked hungry and continued his deep belly growl. “So I take it you had a good time on the jock”? I nodded furiously. “But you’re having trouble cumming after”? Again I nodded vigorously. “Perfectly normal”, he said. “Now you need something else to help you through.. try this. You can go in the booth over there” and handed me a larger than starter butt plug made of the same rubber and another larger bottle of lube. “Trust me.. use half the bottle of lube to put it in”. I grabbed them greedily and went in to the booth. I put some lube on my fingers and fed one into my bum. My cock started it’s drool and then I placed two fingers. When I had three inside me I knelt and tipped the bottle in and gave a squirt. I felt the slime fill me up. about 50 cc’s.

It quickly became warm and I felt it penetrate and flow higher and higher. I then started moving the plug inside. When it was fully in and clamped around the smaller neck I felt so full but I also felt the plug absorbing whatever was in my rectum. All the lube started flowing backwards. I felt it. My arse juices too and whatever waste was in there had also been absorbed. The thing was huge and balloon shaped. I tried to pull it out but it wouldn’t budge. It was now too large to remove. I was in a panic and about to call for help when a cock appeared through a glory hole in the wall of the booth. I stopped all movement, hypnotised by the perfect organ in front of me.

By the coffee colour, he had to be Latino or Mullato. It was so smooth and ribbed by veins. It’s foreskin was pulled halfway back and the head was wet with precum or lube. I smelled it and it responded with a bob and more drool. I licked and kissed it and the owner began humping the wall causing the cock to arch and move further hypnotising me. I began sucking on it, bringing it deeper and deeper into my throat. Here I was on a floor that had prolly never been washed. Rough from god knows how many loads of cum. There was crusting on the wall and I didn’t care. My chin and lips brushed against the crust trying toget every mm of cock in my throat. He banged hard on the wall as if he were trying to tear through when He suddenly stopped and only his cock lurched deep in my throat and volley after volley of cum emptied down my throat. I Sucked hard and tongued his cock trying to keep it inside but he drew it out slowly and back through the rabbit hole.

I was about to rise when another cock came through. It was pale and white and perfect. No blemished and the skin was pink and light, like blushing lips. His head was red and shiny; A dollop of lube had been added to the head as if he wanted to fuck me. I would have but for the expanding vastness occupying my hole.

I sucked his cock in so fast hard and deeply that I heard him moan loudly. I bobbed my head and twisted trying to capture every inch of his cock. He started fucking back and I established a pace that had him coming in seconds. Cock after cock presented it’s-self until I was finally too exhausted to continue. My knees were actually bloody and the wall had been so re-hydrated from the amount of saliva I produced it was cleaned and migrated to my face and hands. I saw a few shots of cum that had escaped my mouth laying on the floor and I dropped to the ground to lick them up.

When the clerk finally came in to check on me he nodded his head in approval and picked me up. He turned to look at the clean wall and floor, then lowered me again saying I had missed a couple of spots. I cleaned the wall and the one spot on the bench and he carried me out of the room. With some manoepulation, he turned and removed the huge buttplug out of my arse and showed it to me. It was the size of a fist resting on the stem of an asparagus. My hole was open and panting almost as hard as my lungs were. He brought over a fresh butt plug. This one was 8" long and much thicker then the first before absorption with a similarly tapered neck. he emptied the other half of the lube in my gape and replaced the plug then renewed my jock strap. He brought over a rubber undershirt with holes cut out for the nipples, which didn’t remain uncovered for long. He spat in two suction cups and with a squeeze, placed them on my nipples sucking them in to the cups. I arched my back and humped the air. I still hadn’t cum and looking down, my belly was distended by the amount of cum I had consumed.

He licked my cheek and said “Yer in it now. Only invisible people find me. The one no one notices. And when they’re no longer around, people rarely miss. You’re going to love your new life. I’m going to make you perfect”. He helped re-dress me and sent me on my way. It was cold and dark out. When I looked at my watch it was nearly midnight. I had been here for 14 and a half hours. I made my way home with tubes making an obscene bulge under my button down shirt and my jock making an equally impressive bulge in my pants. I didn’t care.

I was dehydrated and needed a drink. I had to clear my head. I made my way back to the workies bar I had been at the night before. This time all heads turned to see me. As I walked by, all men started sniffing the air. I ordered a water and a shot of Knob Creek but the bartender gave me a hard stare with almost an aggressive frown and slammed a tumbler full of whisky down in front of me. I downed it in one gulp. He threw down two more pints of beer, which I also downed quickly then turned to hit the loo.

I moved to the old style trough urinal when I heard the door behind me open. Two pair of hands grabbed me: One pair held my head up while the other wrenched my arms behind me. A third pair appeared through the door and tied my hands behind my back. Having dispatched me they lifted me into the urinal with my legs sticking out. They tied me up so I couldnt close my legs. The first who followed me in was a tall brute with a hairy belly that stretched his shirt open between buttons so you could see his fur. His hands were rough and thick as he pried my mouth open. He spat a particularly slimy load into my mouth and said “No teeth or else” and showed me a piece of pipe. Man after man came over and face fucked me for only a minute before they spent their load down my throat then relaxing, filled me with piss. Pulling their cocks out, I still sucked trying to keep them inside but the line never seemed to end.

When it did end and they released me I staggered out of the bathroom with my clothes ripped and shredded. My nipple suction still in place and saw daylight through the windows. Again?!? I thought. The Barkeep looked at me as if for the first time and said “Oi! We dont let that shite in here. G’home and get decent, ye fukin perv” as if he hadn’t gobbed and face fucked me just a few hours ago.

Through all of this I still hadn’t cum yet. I made my way home avoiding as many people as possible, but some were unavoidable. As I walked through the park across form my flat a Bobby stopped me threatening me with public indecency unless… then led me behind some bushes, face fucked me and blew his load all over my face and what remained of my clothes.

Beaten and exhausted I felt las if I had just worked out for ten days straight. I trudged up to my apartment and collapsed on the bed. I woke some time later smelling the piss, cum and filth on me. I stripped to take a shower but the rubber shirt, jock, nipple suction and butt plug wouldn’t move. not ever roll or peel back. They were firmly in place and even felt stretched as if they had shrunken.

I looked in the mirror and rather than the overstuffed Kielbasa looking back, I saw a hairy man with a thickened brow, permanent full day growth, bulky but not defined man-beast. I looked like one of the labourers I was an accountant and pear shaped just hours ago. How did I become this? My arms were thick and muscular hidden under a generous pad of fat. My belly was firm and round. My cock: My God! My cock was actually a snake straining the jock. I wanted to pull it out and examine it but it wouldn’t budge. A huge burp of white thick precum oozed out of the top of the strap. I ran my calloused hands along my chest. Fuck me I was Hot!!!

Again, I made up a monster breakfast: A steak, more tatties, some black pudding and two full pasties I had been saving for work the next two days. At 9:45 I was back at the bookstore. Again he let me in without ceremony but this time gave an appreciative nod. He sad “You’re coming along just fine. My best one yet”. I blurted out “What are you doing to me? How is this possible? How can I go to work tomorr…” when he held up his hand and said “SHhhhh”. I stopped and couldn’t speak. “Stay there” he ordered" and I couldn’t move.

He brought over a gas mask and placed it over my head. It smelled foul, of body odour and stale smoke. He placed one end under his sweaty armpit while he lit up a cigar. I just stood there motionless watching through the dirty humid lens. “Breathe in as deeply as you can and dont let it out until you feel dizzy”. I did as instructed. With each exhale of smoke into my breathing tube I sucked in his pit smells, cigar and his morning breath. My head was spinning but I held on until my vision darkened. We repeated this exercise for three cigar cycles. By the end I was a drooling thoughtless mess.

He assisted me over to a sling display in the centre of the store and removed my too large plug. Emptying a full bottle of his special lube into my gape, he introduced a similar diameter plug but this one had to be two feet long. it was a fukin python! I moaned and groaned as he fed it in. Again to prepare for opening, he turned on the lights and music and my head filled again. I was in gaga land. He fitted me with Grindr Boots and woolen stockings, then thick leather restraints on my wrists and ankles then secured me back into the sling. I was todays display. He raised my arse in the air, too high really to fuck but it lowered my head and all the blood rushed there. He removed the hose from my gas mask and screwed a pocket pussy on to the front. Patron after patron entered the store and seeing me, fucked my mouth pussy until they came then went back to shopping as if they hadn’t seen me.

Twice the clerk pulled the snake out of my arse and emptied a bottle of his lube inside. Nothing ever came out but with each bottle he emptied I felt heavier and my restraints tighter. The two foot long dildo always came out dry and I would gasp in pure pleasure as he reintroduced it Each time he removed it I felt as if he had removed a piece of my essence and body. I only felt normal and content when I was full.

finally he released me and moved me back into a booth like the one I had started in yesterday. This time I needed no prompting. I presented my mouth at the entrance and waited until cock after cock came and fucked my face. Again, I had cleaned the wall and floor and was kneeling head to the ground when my Master came to remove me from the booth.

The windows were dark and I knew I had been there for over 14 hours again. He lifted me again into the sling and pulled the toy out of my arse, I moaned and wriggled in protest but he opened his pants and his own magnificent cock fell out. It had to be as large as my new arm. It hung almost 16" and plump enough to require two hands to encircle. He slowly fed his half limp member into my hole as I sucked air in through my teeth. I had never experienced such fullness. No pain, no discomfort only satisfaction and completeness. My mouth was in a permanent “O” and my eyes wide open focusing only on his face. His Balls to the wall against my arse and his huge belly covered my new long cock! I lay there trying to lift my legs higher and knead his belly. I needed him in me. I would die if he ever pulled out.

He continued his slow in all the way, rest, then out leaving only the head half way in, then almost all the way out; pause, then back in again, rest and pull almost all the way out, pause then all the way back in. So slowly. Making love to me. as he rocked he pulled a tray over with piercing equipment. He cradled my head with his hands as he pulled me in for another longfuck then tipped my head back and introduced my septum piercing. It hurt like hell.. three sizes too large for a first piercing but as I tightened up in pain, my squeezing arse made him groan. His pleasure made the pain worth it.

He repeated the piercing on each nipple groaning and savagely slamming his cock into me with each squeeze. My tongue and the bridge between eyebrows received a bar. My ears each got a 4g. He pulled almost all the way out of me and leaned back. using his arms to hold his belly, he gave my cock a PA. Now that I could see it, I had a huge 14" cock with a bunched foreskin. He added three frenum bars and a lorum ring just at the taint. He pulled a pair of headphones out inundating me with the same messages I’d heard through the stores background music: devotion; worship, adoration, love of cock. He continued to long dick fuck me for almost 20 minutes and when he came I was overwhelmed. My body shook and arms flailed and I passed out.

When I awoke I knew I had changed again. this time I anticipated it. He was the first thing I saw and it was as if I were in the presence of God himself. My heart skipped several beats. I began to tear in joy. He released me again and I fell to my knees grabbing his legs and kissing his belly. I wanted to suffocate myself in his body.

He lifted me off the ground to walk me to a mirror. "Every load of cum you accepted; every load of piss you swallowed gave you a genetic attribute of that person. You were always attracted to bigger more powerful men. I gave you those attributes. The subliminals played through the store music and the light shows here made you receptive to my suggestions. I was looking for a new store display but I’ve waited a longtime to find someone for myself.

??? I was his? He chose me? I was overwhelmed with Joy. He turned me to see meself in a mirror and I almost passed out again. I had a belly to match his. I was almost as strong as he; my muscles padded by a generous helping of fat. My beard was long and thick and equally dark but where his eyes were furrowed and darkly covered, mine were revealed and soft. When I looked at him it showed adoration and devotion.

He placed a leather collar on me and oeled my rubber shirt and jock. and presented me with my dog tags “Property of Master Rasputin”. We went behind the counter where he waited on customers. There was a dog bed large enough for me to kneel on and sit by his side.

I never returned to my apartment. No one at work missed me, ole’ whats his name, the accountant. I was where I was meant to be: at the feet of my Master.

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