Trax Bar

By Stroppy Author published June 20, 2018

A college baseball player gets recruited at a bar, but not for baseball

Menasha is a pretty small town but a great University. Well, great because they were the only ones to give me a Baseball scholarship but in the middle of nothing. And a dry town to boot! I had to drive 90 miles to the larger city if I wanted any fun.

I googled Gay Bars in my city to get their addresses. It’s just as well the bars were so far away. No one knew I was gay and I didn’t want to jeopardize my scholarship, and I didn’t really identify as gay anyway. No limp wrist and no hip to my hop when I walk. A new bar I hadn’t heard of before popped up: “TRAX”. Hitting the link, I looked through their site and it promised Men, Muscle and Beer specials. Why not?

I hopped on my Ducati Diavel and raced to the city in a personal record time; 38 minutes. The bar was in the industrial area of town in an old abandoned warehouse. The front was a block wall patio with huge muscle bound guards in skimpy rubber wife-beaters showing off incredibly overdeveloped arms, shoulders, chest and serious gorilla bellies. Their junk was trapped and wrestling to get out of neoprene compression shorts and their legs were like tree trunks. The one at the hole in the wall entrance was a ginger with a thick red beard and totally hairless body. Holy Fuk, I’m in! He checked my I.D. card and looked me up and down. I posed as best I could to show off my biceps and flat belly. I flexed every movement flirting with this stud. HIs outfit didn’t do much for me. Actually kind of a turn off, so faggy and shite but no doubt we could have some fun!

There was no interest in his eyes but he kept staring and watching me as I walked through. I didn’t know what to think. I’m not sure but I think he put his finger to his ear and was speaking into the air as I walked through the entrance of the bar.

Once inside I was blown away. It was a full two-story building but only one level was being used. A catwalk around the perimeter and through the long axis of the war both broke up the immense height but also gave access to several dark enclaves where once in a while you could see two bodies come out of hiding, disheveled and sweaty. Inside the three hanging cages were men secured to a backboard like the ones they put you on after a car accident or an injury on the field. They were encased in a rubber suit. They were too high up to see clearly but their heads were in rubber hoods and only their mouths were open. Pink full lips showed contrast to the dark black shiny rubber, Their arms were pulled straight to the floor by rubber sleeves that started from the suit naturally but covered the arms and hands like a tube secured to the floor of the cage. I had to see this shite up close.

I made my way to the bar where I found another hulk of a man. This guy was a brute. He looked more caveman than man. He had a thick brow and a mop of sweaty hair. His face was covered in stubble and his body was a mat of wet fur. He was sweating up a storm and dripping it on the glasses and drinks as he mixed them. Safer and cleaner, I ordered something in a bottle. He locked his stare on me and maintained it while he reached on to the cooler and palmed a bottle to me Even as I walked away he maintained his stare. Weird!

Man, my beer had a metallic taste. he prolly got some sweat in the bottle. No way I was going to stand in line again so I chugged through it all. I climbed the cat walk and looked at the first man in a cage. He was totally immobilised but he had a rhythmic pulsing or spasms timed to the dance lights flashing directly into his eyes and off the ceiling. There were holes in the one piece rubber suit where his nipples lay. Dark red and puffy and wrapped with a coil of copper wire. Similarly, his balls were exposed and pulled away from his body with rings of weights pulling them down. Bands of rubber surrounded his totally engorged cock with thin wires coming down from each band. Something was up his bum attached to a pole and what looked like a mechanised hinge. it too was moving in time to the dance musci.

Speaking of which, the loud music and pulsing lights were disorienting me. The colours seemed too intense and the music was causing me to loose balance. I chugged the rest of my beer so I could use both hands on the rail and make my way down. By the time I reached the ground levelI was feeling pretty good. People brushed against me and it was like a sexual thrill.

I removed my shirt to give the guests and competition a show. I was cut! My arms were buff from a pre-party workout to show off my best assets. My arse was bubble and my legs strong . My tight pants made sure you could see the steel cable muscles of my thighs and the huge calf muscles born of a sprinter. My abs were in good form and the total body sweat I had formed made them even more noticable.

Another guard stood at the back bar and yet another massive gorilla tended bar. This one was friendlier. As I walked up he made eye contact and smiled. Finally, a friendly fucking face! I hoped he was flirting. I was horned beyond belief. My cock was straining to be free and leaking copiously. He noticed and said " You look like you could use something cool" and he handed me another cold beer. I downed it in one tip again tasting metallic. But it was free and I was thirsty. He handed me another and said “Lets pace yourself.. try one of my specialties”. He poured a white milky shot , added a shot of something clear and what I recognised as Goldschlagger. I downed it on one gulp. By this time my eyes were heavy and I was slurring my words. “Delish”, I slurred “Sho wassh innit” I asked?

“My own invention. I use Bull semen, and if thats not available, horse. Add a bit of some prescription hypnotic to make you more receptive and Goldschlagger. The animal semen is for my own pique of interest. The Goldschlagger is for you. They sedative is for all of our paying clients”. His words ran right over my head and I slammed my hand down on the counter. “AH HA!! I knew it was Goldschlagger” feeling triumphant.

" Yep.. Youre ready" the bartender said as he signaled two more of his brutish security. They draped their arms over my shoulders and carry-walked me to the back. They were sweating hard just as I was. I was in heat. My cock finally snaked above my low hung waistband and was burping precum. I looked left and started licking the pec supporting me. His nipple erected in response. Though Virgin, I wanted his cock in my arse so badly I was humping the air.

We moved past several small One man airstream pull alongs. More like pods than trailers I heard grunting and flesh slapping from each one. I hoped that would be me soon. Me so horny!! We arrived at a converted steel shipping container and they swung the end doors open. There on backboards were men secured to the boards by wrist and ankle straps. I’V’s running in to their arms. Above each was a litre bag with more of the semen mixture; swirling of clear and semen mix running down a tube into their mouths like a Camelback hydration pack. Lights strobed into their eyes from a small projector in front of them. Familar mechanised and hinged dildos disappeared into their bums.

"HEYA BLAKE!!! " I slurred to one of my fraternity Brothers. Fuck.. There’s Tracy from the other team. I guess he really does swing for the other team, I joked to myself. My two security led me to my own backboard and secured me similarly. I never felt the I/V. go in but when the strobing lghts came on I was lost. I hadn’t noticed the headphones being placed either.

Slow deep baritone words poured through as my mind softened. “You love the feel of rubber. You need the security of tight rubber. Rubber is your skin. You’re vulnerable without your skin. Pain is your companion. Rubber and pain mean pleasure to you” and with that a release of IV fluid was followed by a euphoric high as the probe in my arse began a long slow entrance lifting my bum off the ground; holding it there, slowly retracted and pausing. Slowly it re-entered me lifting me again and again. I was being made love to. The drugs and lights made it impossible to swell. Small electric charges made my cock and nipples react. When it became painful more drugs were released and the fucking began again.

Pain and Pleasure. Pain and pleasure. More words. “Submission is your purpose. This is the rest of your life. Pleasure is for your Masters to take and share if you’re deserving. You need to serve master. You love your master. Only master can give you this”. and more drugs, semen mix, mild electric current and arse fucking followed. I was beyond capability of screaming in pleasure. My mind was shattering form the orgasm that wouldn’t come, yet had me on the edge. From the monitors in the dance hall, people could see my body convulsing in it’s restraints. All of our restraints. We were a sex show for the patrons. No one knew it was for real.

I was incapable of knowing how long this went on .There was no sleep.. just non stop programming and streaming. I never felt it when they moved me to a cage above the dance floor. I never heard the muscle beasts talking when they said “Saturday night is going to be wild. This new crop is hot!! I wanna fuck this one” he said as he hoisted me in to the cage. Another night of programming and pulsating. Had I any awareness I would have recognised the voices of two more of my Fraternity brothers on a night of “Drink or Dare”. I played that once. You go to a Gay bar and in you refuse a drink or you cant finish one you have to French kiss a fag. Of course I didn’t mind but they needn’t know. Yet there they were.

Another full night of no sleep, just programming and at close of bar I was moved to one of the small travel trailers. I would find, over the course of the week, that the programming would never stop. My mouth was propped open by dental specula. Multiple piercings were placed along the length of my tongue, my septum, my ears and a rubber gape tube was introduced into my arse. Any time someone wanted a blow job or a fuck I was prepared on a kneeling stockade ready for their pleasure, not mine. I was to give pleasure and if deserving, given some. I served Master.I loved Master. I would die to please master. When someone presented themselves as Master I would cry in happiness and suck or swallow or pulse my arse to make it pleasurable for them.

Finally it was time to be freed from my programming and I was led to a sleeping porch with twenty other rubber slaves. We were each zipped into a rubber cocoon . All the air pumped out. A catheter removed our bowel and bladder waste and a gas mask was fitted. Cigar smoke was filtered in along with fresh air and obvious body odour. he I.V. still metered out low dose drugs but they really weren’t necessary anymore. they were more to keep us calm so we didn’t fight to serve. We all became erect when a sweaty caretaker or sigar smoker entered the roomT

The voice never stopped giving us instructions though. "This is the rest of your life. You are no longer a person. You area a fuck toy. An object. A thing to be used for our pleasure. You are nothing without your master. Repeat again and again (and we all repeated muffled through our gas masks) “I am nothing. I am a fuck toy. I am an object for the pleasure of Master. I am nothing….”.

I was so excited. I woke up feeling great. I had a personal trainer who forced me to work out every day for four hours a day. Always plugged with a cock gag or a butt plug or nipple clamps. My balls and nipples had been stretched five times their normal length. Injections of Hyaluronic acid made them soft and flexible. I could life five pound plates with my nipples alone and gasp in pleasure every time a Master would say “Good Boy”. My cock had been pumped to triple it’s length and girth and my scrotum had been silicon infused with a litre making it a round obscene punching bag. We would endure weeks of steroids injected in to the muscle groups worked that day. I added more muscle in these six short weeksthan I did after a year of normal daily gym life.

Tonight was my first night as a urinal. My brothers and I were lined up along a wall. Chains securing our necks into a sniffing position and a funnel gag placed in our mouths. Spreader bars forced our legs apart and we squatted our weight resting on a 18" snake dildo.

Our masters (every free person in the bar) would come in and use us as their urinal. Some would spit down the funnel. Some would reward us with beer or bottled water (Had I mentioned the owners spiked the complimentary bottled water with X so even the most straight laced would blend in)?

All I know is TRAX is my favourite bar. I never want to leave.

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