Following the Game--Part 1

By Hypnothrill
published June 13, 2014
4404 words

Just watch the big game in hi-def, and everything will be so much clearer….

Author’s Preface: Thanks for your comments on my earlier stories, guys! I’ve got another Musclehead story in the works, but I wanted to share an earlier, unfinished story. It has some of the stuff that you guys were clamoring for, including more sex and a college setting. But it doesn’t yet have an ending, so I’d love some suggestions on how to wrap this up!

Following the Game–Part 1

Brandon didn’t really follow professional football. Unlike his roommate Kyle, who rarely missed a Sunday or Monday night game, especially when his beloved Bengals were playing. But he’d agreed to miss this one—the first game of the season—so that he and Brandon could spend the long holiday weekend on a camping trip.

“Hey, thanks for doing this, man! I know I’m taking you away from your game day,” said Brandon.

“No problem, man. We need some good bonding time before things get too crazy with school and all. ‘Sides, I brought along a little radio so I can listen to some of the Sunday night game.”

Brandon barely suppressed a chuckle, “You can take the dude away from the football, but…”

Kyle smiled back, “Yeah, yeah, I know. I brought along my headphones, though, so you won’t have to listen to it.”

The camping trip went off without a hitch—they spent Saturday and Sunday setting up camp, hiking, and fishing. Then, on Sunday night, Kyle listened to the game with his headphones on, while Brandon read and listened to music. They didn’t notice anything remotely strange until the next morning, when Kyle turned on his phone and checked his messages. First was a text from his friend Carter: “GR8 GAME LAST NITE HUH?” Kyle grimaced and texted back, “44-10 PATS-JETS? SEEN BETTER”

The next message was even weirder, so weird he had to read it out to Brandon. “Listen to this text from Tony: ‘AWESUM GAME LAST NITE!!!’

“But I thought you said it was a shitty game…like a blowout or something?”

“It was! And what’s more, Tony’s team lost! He’s like a diehard Jets fan, and the Pats kicked their asses last night!”

“Maybe it’s just like bad sarcasm or something.”

“Well, maybe…” Kyle mused, “Except Carter sent me a text saying almost the same thing. Maybe those guys were just like…starved for football, or something”

Driving home late on Monday night, Kyle missed the game that was airing that night. But later that night, he got texts from Carter and Tony and three of his other buds, all telling him how awesome the game was. And the next day at the gym, Tony still wouldn’t stop talking about it: “I can’t believe you missed it! The best game in years!” Tony enthused, scratching himself as he tossed his shorts into his locker.

A blond guy standing a couple of lockers down overheard and joined in. “You guys talking about the game last night?” He adjusted himself in his jockstrap as Tony nodded eagerly. “It kicked ass, didn’t it! Especially in HD.”

“Really?” Tony asked, “I don’t have HD.”

“You gotta get HD.” Staring into Tony’s eyes, the blond guy slowly stepped out of his jockstrap.

“In HD, everything’s so much…clearer.” He reached down to scratch his balls and smiled, “It’s so cool.”

Tony stood there in his own underwear, looking dazed, his mouth hanging half open, “Wow, man. Cool. HD. Cool”

Kyle didn’t know what to make of it, and was even more confused when, after their workout, Tony turned to him and said, “I’m thinking about getting one of those HDTVs. Sounds pretty cool.”

“What? Those things are like a thousand bucks! At least! You can’t afford that!”

A pair of guys in the locker room, towels slung over their shoulders on the way to the showers, stopped and offered their opinion:

“But HD’s totally worth it, man!”

“Yeah, it makes everything so much clearer!”

“So are you gonna stay here this afternoon and watch the game?” Brandon asked his roommate.

“Uh, no,” Kyle responded, and after an awkward moment of silence, Brandon interjected, “Cause if you are, it’s no problem, man. I can just head to the library to study.”

“No, no, man, it’s not that. It’s just…a little weird. Tony’s wanting me to come over…like, insisted that I come over…and watch the game on his new HDTV.”

Brandon let out a low whistle. “How’d he afford that?”

“Dunno, man. The whole thing seems pretty messed up to me. Like, we were in the gym and these guys came up and started talking about how much they liked watching the game in HD. And after that, Tony just couldn’t stop talking about how cool it would be to have an HDTV to watch the game on. It was like…I don’t know…extreme peer pressure or something.”

“Good thing they didn’t ask him to jump off a cliff with them”

“I know, right? Anyway, I’ll report back when I get home—let you know if it was worth it.”

It all started off normal enough, just a few guys hanging out, eating pizza and beer, waiting for the game to start. Tony and Carter were there, of course, and so were Sean and Danny, along with this one guy Kyle didn’t recognize, who turned out to be Carter’s lab partner Josh. Apparently, Josh hadn’t watched the games last week either, so the guys were razzing him and Kyle, taunting them for missing such amazing games, calling them pussies and fags, that sort of thing. It was sort of funny, but also a little obnoxious, and Kyle was happy when Carter spilled beer on his beloved Packers jersey and distracted the group’s attention.

Once the game started, though, everyone started to get real quiet. Kyle figured that they must be really wrapped up in the game, but he didn’t quite understand how—the famous new HDTV had developed some kind of nasty flicker, and it seemed to be getting worse by the moment. Kyle had to really concentrate in order to follow any of the action onscreen. From his left, in the distance as if through a deep tunnel, he heard a voice complaining, “Dude, can you do something about the picture? That flickering shit’s giving me a headache!”

Sluggishly, Kyle turned his head toward the voice: it was Josh, the new guy, and he sounded upset. (Briefly, Kyle wondered why HE didn’t feel more upset). “Dudes? Can you hear me? Dude? What the fuck?” Kyle followed Josh’s gaze down to see his buddies, Tony and Carter, seated next to him on the couch, their eyes blank, mouths slightly agape, hands down their pants, slowly groping themselves as they watched the game.

Part of Kyle felt disgusted, but another part, a growing part, envied them for being so comfortable, for their pleasure in watching the game. Through the tunnel, ever more distant, Kyle could hear Josh moaning, “Gross, man…fuck…I’m getting…out…” but he tuned it out as he turned back to the screen, back to the flicker, faster and faster, making his head throb, until…it just…seemed…to…burst…

Kyle felt a splash of something warm hit the side of his face. Slowly, as if just waking up, he pulled his hand out of his jeans and tore his eyes away from the TV screen. Next to him, Carter was sitting with his pants and briefs pulled down, using his Packers’ jersey to wipe away the pools of cum on his bare chest, even as his half-hard dick still dribbled traces of cum onto his hairy thighs. To his left, Tony was tucking his dick back into his briefs, licking his fingers before he fumbled with the zipper on his jeans.

Kyle knew there was something wrong with this, something very, very wrong, but he couldn’t really remember what it was. What was wrong with letting out a little steam after the big game? It was just guys being guys! (Kyle had heard that somewhere, and it seemed so right, almost like he’d thought of it himself).

Out of the corner of his eye, Kyle saw something a little strange: Josh was splayed out on the floor by the door, head tilted towards the television, but knees bent, as though his legs had suddenly given way beneath him. He wasn’t moving, just starting at the screen, and so Kyle called out, “Josh? Dude? You okay?”

Slowly, he could see the consciousness return to Josh’s face, “…huuuh?…yeaah…I guess so…”

“Awesome game, huh, man?” Carter called out as he pulled up his track pants.

Suddenly, Josh seemed to come alive, “Yeah, dude, SWEET game!”

Kyle hadn’t thought of it before, but quickly he could think of nothing else: That had to have been the best football game he’d ever seen. And he had to agree with Tony, it was a million times better in HDTV, everything was just so, so much CLEARER. And HELLS YEAH, he couldn’t wait to come back and watch the Broncos game tomorrow night!

“So how was Tony’s folly?”


“You know, that huge high-def TV he maxed out his credit cards to buy?” Brandon asked.

“Oh…yeah…well…it was worth it!”


“Well…there was a…” Kyle seemed to be struggling to remember something “…a flicker or something…but…but it didn’t last for long, and then everything was clear, clearer than it’s ever been! And what a great game!”

“Who won?”

“Um…Packers…The Packers won, 26-22, after Aaron Rodgers made a 50-yard pass in the 4th quarter.” Kyle rattled off the details quickly, as if reciting from Sportscenter.

Brandon was nonplussed and a little weirded out—Kyle didn’t seem like himself somehow, seemed a bit spacey and overenthusiastic at the same time. “Um, okay, good for them, I guess.”

“I’m going over there again tomorrow night. Why don’t you come with? Tony and Carter both invited you, practically begged me to bring you along!”

“I don’t think so, man. Football’s not really my thing, y’know?”

Kyle just rolled his eyes, “Your loss, man. Just know you’re missing out on a great game!”

All the guys were there for Monday night’s game, plus two of Carter and Tony’s neighbors, Wes and Scott. (They’d gotten talking to Tony about last night’s game and, once they heard how much clearer everything was on his hi-def TV, well, they couldn’t resist coming over to see for themselves). Kyle took a seat on the floor, next to Josh, grinning at him in anticipation of another great game. And this time, when the flickering started, it only took a moment…for everything…to become…brilliantly…clear…

Kyle lazily reached for his T-shirt, then began mopping up the cum that was starting to drip down his abs. All done, he turned to Josh (still sitting there blissed out, dripping boner resting against his pubes) and wiped up the string of cockslime that ran down his right pec.

“Thanks, bro…” Josh slurred.

“Just helping a buddy out,” Kyle smiled, then stretched sleepily, in no particular hurry to pull his sweats and briefs back up.

Behind them, though, there seemed to be a flurry of activity—Carter and Tony and Danny and Sean, all dressing quickly, grabbing phones and car keys. Wes looked at them through heavy-lidded eyes, still lazily fingering the damp spot in his jeans, and asked: “Where are you guys off to?”

“Didn’t you guys hear?” said Sean, urgent, incredulous. “Victory Jocks go on sale tomorrow! Doors open at 6:00! Gotta get there fast, get there first!”

Kyle could feel himself boning up again at the name “Victory Jocks”; out of the corner of his eye, he saw Josh’s dick twitch too. He could see, in quick flashes, all the pros who wore Victory Jocks: Tebow, Rodgers, Favre, the Manning bros and their dad. He definitely wanted a Victory Jock of his own (hadn’t he always pictured himself in one?), but waiting in line all night…? It just seemed a little…

“But dude?” Josh sounded puzzled. “What about our Chem test tomorrow morning?”

Carter scoffed, “Whatever, man. I’m a WINNER. Not gonna let some faggy school shit keep me from being a Victory Jock.” He turned and walked out the door, followed in quick procession by Sean, Danny, and Tony, who called over his shoulder, “Lock up when you leave, dudes!”

Brandon had welcomed the chance to head to the gym with Kyle that morning. Ever since he came back from watching the game on Sunday, Kyle had seemed like a stranger; maybe a few sets of reps would give them a chance to reconnect.

Fat chance. All Kyle wanted to talk about was last night’s game, his favorite teams, his favorite players, even his favorite products advertised during the game. (“Did you know,” he said with no trace of irony, “that a revolutionary new energy drink hits the shelves next week?”) Brandon grunted out a few disinterested responses, but eventually the inanity of the conversation got to be too much for him, and he put in his earbuds. Kyle barely seemed phased by this; he just redirected his chatter at some of the guys around them, who appeared more than happy to talk about the game, the ads, whatever.

And now in the locker room, Kyle was acting weirder (if that was even possible), staring at other guys’ asses. He seemed to have settled on one guy in particular, a lanky brown-haired dude in a jockstrap. Brandon looked away in embarrassment as Kyle walked up to the guy and started talking to him: “Hey, is that a Victory Jock?”

The other boy beamed with pride, “Sure is! I got the last one! I felt so pumped I couldn’t wait to head to the gym and break it in!” He swiveled around as he spoke, showing off the form-fitting contours of the jock. “Had to wait in line all night, but man, it was worth it!”

“What?!” Brandon let out an involuntary shout, “What the fuck, man? You waited in line all night for…for a jockstrap?”

The brown-haired guy looked confused, “But…it’s a Victory Jock. Tom Brady wears them!”

Kyle added helpfully, reverently, “Tim Tebow wears them!”

“Tebow!” Brandon scowled, “But…you hate Tebow! Didn’t you call him a brainwashed bible thumper?”

Other guys in the locker room started crowding around, chiming in:

“Drew Brees wears them!”

“Aaron Rodgers wears them!”

“Big Ben wears them!”

Brandon scanned their earnest, fervent faces, feeling trapped, until he made eye contact with a blond guy who had the same incredulous “Can you believe this shit?” look that was no doubt on Brandon’s own face. Brandon vaguely recognized the guy from his film class, Graham something-or-other. Eager to get back to the land of the normal, Brandon waved his hands in the air—“Okay! Okay! I stand corrected! Enjoy your jockstrap, dude”—then picked up his gym bag and strode out of the locker room, slightly afraid to look behind him.

Graham came out to join him in the hallway a moment later: “Man, it’s like the freakin’ Twilight Zone in there!”

“Tell me about it! My roomie’s the one who’s cuckoo for Tebow all of a sudden! The jockstrap thing is new, but he’s been on a football kick all week.”

Graham nodded sympathetically, “My roommate Drew’s the same way. Yesterday he even went out and bought a big-screen TV because, get this, ‘The game’s so much clearer in Hi Def.’”

Brandon felt a chill run down his spine, “God, our friend Tony said the exact same thing, right after he blew a thousand bucks on an HDTV set! And Kyle, that’s my roommate, he’s been acting weird ever since he went over to To…Tony!”

“Hey Brandon! I thought I heard your voice! Long time no see! We keep telling Kyle you need to come over, watch the game with us!”

Graham turned to walk away, mouthing the words “Pod people” behind Tony’s back, but not before Tony added, “…and bring your friends. The more the merrier!”

For his sanity, if not his safety, Brandon kept his distance from Kyle the next few days. It was surprisingly easy, given that Kyle seemed to be spending less and less time at home every day. As he awoke from his Friday afternoon nap, though, Brandon could hear Kyle’s keys in the door. Through the open bedroom door, he could hear Kyle calling someone on the phone:

“Hey man, guess what I got for you!…No, guess, what do you want more than anything?…That’s right! I got the last one in the store!…Uh huh, I figured you were a Large…Yep! I’m wearing it right now—couldn’t wait until I got home!…Yeah, it feels AWESOME! I feel like a WINNER, man!…I can’t wait, either…can’t wait to see it on you…okay, don’t run any red lights! See you in a few!”

Brandon’s curiosity got the better of him, and he stepped out into the main room. “Who was that you were talking to?”

“That’s just my bud Josh. He’s coming over in a few minutes.”


“You know, Josh! He’s like my best bro!”

“Uh, no, I don’t know Josh. Where do YOU know him?”

“Oh…right…well, I met him at the game, at Tony and Carter’s, and he’s a great dude, you’d real…”

“Wait, you’ve only known the kid for FIVE DAYS and suddenly he’s your ‘best bro’ and you’re fucking…buying him JOCKSTRAPS?!”

As Brandon started to rant, Kyle got a confused look on his face, like he couldn’t begin to comprehend what had gotten his roommate so upset. Then the confusion cleared, and he gave Brandon a reassuring smile: “Don’t worry, dude. They’re getting another shipment in soon. Then we can get you a Victory Jock of your very own!”

Kyle was still singing the praises of Victory Jocks and the athletes who wore them, as Brandon stomped out and slammed the front door behind him.

That weekend, Brandon got to meet Kyle’s new “best bud” Josh in the flesh. Literally.

Kyle had been out somewhere all Friday night and Saturday, so Brandon had thankfully had the apartment all to himself. But Sunday morning he awoke to the sound of someone rummaging around in the kitchen, so he headed out in his T-shirt and boxers to see what it was.

For a second, Brandon wondered if he was still asleep, having some sort of weird dream: Kyle and some other guy were at the kitchen counter, pouring something into a blender, wearing nothing but their white jockstraps. He knew it wasn’t a dream when Kyle turned to him and smiled, “Hey dude! Josh and me were just making some protein shakes. They’re really good—we make ‘em with egg whites! You want one?”

Brandon could only stammer and point. “You…you’re both…you’re only w…”

“Dude! That’s right! You haven’t seen us in our Victory Jocks yet! Aren’t they the best?”

Now Josh chimed in, “It’s just like the one Tom Brady wears!”

“Just like the one Drew Brees wears, too!” Kyle added.

Out of the corner of his eye, Brandon could see the two men adjusting themselves in their jockstraps as they spoke, so he quickly tried to change the subject. “So, um, you guys have any plans for today?”

Now it was Kyle’s turn to stare in shock, though he quickly recovered: “Course, bro! Don’t you remember? Today’s the big game!”

Fighting back the impulse to roll his eyes, Brandon plastered on a fake smile: “So then you guys must be heading over to Tony’s soon…?”

“Heading over to Tony’s? Naw, dude, they’re coming over here.”

This time, Brandon didn’t even bother to hide his irritation. “But…but..I thought you said that you liked going over there! That they had that super-special HDTV or whatever!”

Josh nodded vigorously, “Dude, watching the game in HDTV is the BEST! It makes everything so much CLEARER!” He groped himself through his jockstrap, then added, “But we don’t need to go to Tony’s for that!”


Kyle slapped his forehead and then grinned, “Aw, man! That’s right—you haven’t seen it yet!” His jockstrapped ass jiggled as he bounded from the kitchen into the living room. “Ta-da! Isn’t it a beauty?”

Sitting in the living room, fresh out of the box, was one of the largest HDTV sets Brandon had ever seen.

“Wha?…How…how did you even afford this? You must have maxed out your credit cards buying this thing!”

Kyle just shrugged, “Well, yeah…but it was on sale! They were practically giving them away! And anyway, we split the cost, so it wasn’t so bad.”

“You guys…bought a TV together…?”

Josh gave him a reassuring smile. “Yeah, but don’t worry—it’s for you to watch too! They even gave us a disc of highlights from the last few games to help you get caught up! Wait til you see it, dude—you won’t believe how clear things are!”

Looking into Kyle and Josh’s eager, expectant faces, Brandon got the feeling that they weren’t going to just take “No” for an answer. So he tried the non-committal approach: “Maybe a bit later. I’ve got some errands to do this morning.”

A note of irritation crept into Kyle’s voice, “Like, later when, bro? You gotta have time to see it and get caught up before the big game this afternoon!”

“Oh, I won’t be long,” Brandon lied, “I’ll be back before noon…”

Instead, Brandon spent the whole day in the library, barely daring to venture out of his cubbyhole for fear of running into some guy he knew, some guy who’d rope him into watching “the big game.” Finally, when the library closed at midnight, Brandon summoned up his courage and headed home.

Stepping into the darkened apartment, he wasn’t too surprised to hear the TV still blaring, airing some infomercial for exercise equipment. But as he walked over and turned off the set, he was surprised to find a guy sprawled out asleep in front of the TV set. A guy he’d never met. A guy he’d never met whose pants were down around his knees.

Brandon prodded the skinny, nerdy-looking young man with his foot. “Hey…hey, man, wake up!”

The young man slowly stirred, stretching and yawning. “Sa…sorry ‘bout that…Must have fallen asleep after the big game. Wha’ time ‘zit?”

“Past midnight. Now, would you mind telling me who you are? And, uh,” Brandon turned his head, “pulling your pants up?”

The skinny boy looked down, as if noticing his partial nudity for the first time, then quickly pulled his jeans back over his stained boxers. “Oh, sorry bout that…just guys being guys, you know? I’m Ricky. Josh invited me over to wat…”

Brandon cut him off, “And where are Josh and Kyle?”


“Never mind, doesn’t matter. The other guys who were here before—where did they go?”

Ricky’s face furrowed in concentration, “I can’t…I…I…oh…I remember now! They went to get Victory Juice! It’s a revolutionary new energy drink! All the pros are drinking it! You should try some today!” The boy beamed as he dutifully recited the advertising copy.

“Uh, huh. Well, sounds like I should let you get out of here and get some ‘Victory Juice’ of your own.”

Now a mixture of confusion and desire passed over Ricky’s face. “I…I can’t…Not yet…I’m…not ready yet…”

“OK, well…” Brandon gestured toward the door, “It’s past midnight, so…um…Good luck…and I’ll see you around…”

“Yeah…Yeah!…Tomorrow night! Eagles and Jets! Can’t wait!…See you then, dude…”

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