An Email Could Change The World - Chapter 2

By WeirdKinks published June 16, 2018
Ryan reunites himself with his first crush and his first crush's son.

The next day, Ryan woke up from a simple dream. The explicit scene from last night replayed in his mind over and over again. Did that really happen? His mind repeated that question over and over again in pure shock.

Walking to the kitchen, Ryan grabbed a box of cereal and poured it in a plastic bowl. As he poured the milk in, his hunky father walked in. Ryan’s eyes focused on him as his mind slowly get covered with lust. As he stared, liquid started to pour onto Ryan’s foot. He quickly looked back, cursed under his breath and retreated the milk back into the fridge. He made a small puddle of milk below him.

Ryan believed that it was his father fault for making him waste the milk, so he did what any horny gay man would do and used his power for his own enjoyment. “Dad! Can you please clean up this milk puddle with your tongue?” He commanded almost too casually. Thankfully, Tony dropped down onto all fours, like a canine and walked over to the mess he supposedly caused. His tongue slowly came out of his mouth and gently licked the floor. Ryan, on the other hand, was sitting on the couch and jerking off to the erotic sight he made his dad play.

After ten or so minutes, the mess looks to be cleaned up and such, making Tony go back to his normal routine. Tony walked back into his bedroom to get changed. In the meantime, Ryan decided to use this time to actually eat.

The water rinsed the empty messy bowl as the cloth dried it clean. Ryan scrubbed the spoon he used when Tony came back out of the bedroom. He was wearing a grey suit with a dark red tie. “I’m going to go to work, ok?” Tony says to Ryan. Ryan slightly nodded and Tony left, leaving Ryan all alone.

The dishes were finished and Ryan was laying on the couch, full of thoughts. What could he do now? Anything, really. But does he want to do now? Or who does he want to do? As these questions surround his brain, a man appeared in his mind. Well, technically two men appeared. Justin Albert and his son, Spencer Albert. Justin was Ryan’s first crush and is still is to this day. His lust for Spencer came soon afterwards after he decided to have a similar body type to his dad. Ryan got up from the couch and walked outside with a grin.

On the way to the Alberts’, Ryan couldn’t stop thinking about their physiques and features. Justin has pale white hair with a chinstrap beard. His eyes were brown and are usually behind his glasses. Spencer, however, was much younger. He still has the blonde hair his father used to have, plus a goatee, and has managed to inherited green eyes from his mother. Their body types were so similar as they were both really massive. The only difference is that Justin has a little bit more chub than Spencer.

Approaching the house, the doorbell rang. The front door was opened by Justin, who greeted with “ Hey Ryan, what are you doing here?” “I’m just here to talk with you and Spencer. Is he home?” I answered, walking into the household. Justin replied with “Yep, he’s here. SPENCER, RYAN’S HERE!”

Justin guided Ryan to the living room. There was a massive T.V with multiple single couches and one double in the middle. Ryan sat in the middle while waiting for Spencer. A few seconds later, Spencer walked himself into the room and sat down next to Ryan, while Justin sat on the opposite side.

“So what do you want to talk to us about?” Justin asked. Ryan pondered for a quick sec, before saying “I want Justin to do a striptease for me!” Justin agreed and walked over in front of the T.V. He stared at Ryan in the eyes and slowly undid his belt. The belt was soon chucked away as his hand are now reaching for his shirt, slowly pulling it off, revealing his abs to the small audience. As the shirt flew off, his subtly hairy chest was exposed and his jeans fell down, revealing his underwear. He grabbed the waist of the underwear before slowly sliding it downwards to the floor, showing them his soft 5-inch penis. He then sat back down next to Ryan again, unaware of what he just did.

“Now Spencer, I want you to do the same!” Ryan commanded and Spencer did just that. He added a bit more flair as he bit his lips while undoing his belt and such. The removal of the shirt shows a more refined 6 pack than Justin. As the pants and underwear drop down again, his soft 7-inch penis was the centre of attention. Ryan wondered the length of the thing when hard. Spencer then sat back down next to Ryan, not questioning what he did or what his father did at all.

Soon, Ryan was unzipping his jeans and Spencer and Justin was questioning his actions. “What are you doing?” Spencer barely yelled. Scared and confused, Ryan just said “I’m showing you guys my dick,” The father and son then calmed down, like nothing was wrong in the first place. As he unzipped his jeans, his raging dick rises again to see the light.

“I want you two to give me a blowjob!” The two older men collapsed onto the floor and started licking like a kid with a lollipop. They would occasionally kiss each other through the dick, with the help of Ryan, and slurp on the side base. The two men would also look at Ryan’s face from time to time, to see how much Ryan was enjoying this which Ryan found hot.

Pleasurable noises were heard from Ryan, as he felt like he was in heaven or in a better place than heaven - if such a place exist. The mouthwork from the two was extraordinary. Justin was using his beard as a way to give Ryan more pleasure than a simple clean shaven face while Spencer was sucking the side as much as he can and also sucking the balls.

Eventually, Ryan felt like he was going to explode but he yelled “STOP!” before doing so. The two men stopped and stared at each other for a bit. “Where’s the lube?” Ryan asked. Spencer didn’t answer vocally, instead, he ran off to the hallway. Once he came back, he was holding some lube in his hand.

Ryan lubricated himself before saying his next set of commands. “Justin, I want you to insert my dick into your anus while Spencer jerks off to us,” Justin happily complied as he climbed on top of Ryan. He slowly but surely impaled himself against the cock. Spencer seems to happy just beating his meat to his father and a random neighbour going at it with each other.

As Justin tried to reach the base, groans and moans came out of his mouth. Eventually, he reached the base. “Oooo~” Ryan moaned, as he pumped himself a bit. He ordered Justin to pull off his shirt and he did. Using his muscular arms, he grabbed Ryan’s waist and pulled it up, making the shirt fly off his skinny body. “Now we’re somewhat even,” Ryan chuckled as Justin continued to girate himself on Ryan’s dick.

After a few minutes, Spencer exploded and his goo went everywhere. Acknowledging this, Ryan told him to clean it all up using his own mouth, in which he did.

Focusing back on Justin, Ryan used his arms to grab onto Justin’s big pecs. Justin seems to like that a lot as he moaned louder than before. “Ryan, I need to, oh~ cum!” He moaned. “I need to c- uh~ um too! Let’s do it together!” Ryan replied. Justin nodded in agreement. “3, 2, 1!!!” Ryan shouted as he exploded himself into Justin! Justin erupted his white liquid all over Ryan’s chest.

Despite cumming, Justin kept on pleasuring himself with Ryan dick. That’s all he cared about. Ryan would’ve love to live like this for the rest of his life, but alas he knows he couldn’t. “Justin, I want you to stop and get off me,” Justin managed to get himself off Ryan’s lap and onto the floor.

“Spencer, I want you to clean this mess on me up,” Spencer rushed towards Ryan’s cum covered torso and began licking it all up. Once he finished, Ryan said “As a reward, I want you to make out with me,” Spencer happily did that as the two men’s lips connected. Their tongue was entwined together as their hands reached for the other’s face.

After a minute of full-on making out, Ryan pulled back and told Spencer to stop and he listened! Ryan ordered the two men to dress themselves back up while he put his shirt back on.

Before leaving the house, Ryan told Justin to give a little kiss and he did that. That kiss enticed Ryan to redo everything again but his better judgement told him not to. He waved farewell to the father and son as he walked back into the calming town of Carnela.

“I wonder who I should do next?” Ryan says.

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