My Brother's Controller (Part 3)

By Down The Foxhole -
published June 16, 2018
3309 words

Jon plays around with Emmet’s cock and feet!!

Jon woke up a little better than usual. After stretching out his yawn, he looks down beside him to see that Emmet had barely moved an inch from his last position. He had the covers just below his chest with one arm draped over them and another raised to showcase his fuzzy armpit—that luscious, dark, musky, ripe, tasty-looking armpit.

The earphones he had placed on were still there and a quick look on his laptop confirmed that the somna-track was still effectively playing in a tight loop. He’s only programmed it to act as an extended softener track and to amplify the effects of the softener track that he has to play before every screen session. To be honest, whatever shady company was behind this questionable program certainly didn’t skip on user-friendliness.

He crosses his legs in a lotus and sets his laptop on his thighs. He then goes to tinker away at the Personalization Kit, confident that nothing will disturbed Emmy unless Jon says so.

The Kit starts running with a small chime, indicating in the screen that it recognizes ‘Emmy.’ Jon smiles fondly at the time, looking down at the snoozing hunk and gently combing his fingers through his lush, dark blonde locks and caressing down his stubbly cheek.

The screen opens with three distinct options: skills, attitudes, persona. Right now, Jon didn’t feel like he should encroach so much as to force a new person into the honest-to-god nice man, but maybe he could tinker a bit with him.

That’s when Em suddenly flails, as if he was being defibrillated. Jon nearly drops his laptop but thankfully Emmet remained asleep, this time both arms were further spread out from his body, showing his insanely ripped lats for better or for worse.

The skills window opened with two distinct columns, one for programming and another for programmed, which, through careful minutes of inspection, were tabulated and painstakingly reported skills that Emmet had.

He accidentally clicks on one as he was scrolling down, pressing on ‘college algebra.’ He got scared when a message popped up warning ‘15 other skills require this to operate. Are you sure you want to delete this skill?’

“Abso-fucking-lutely not.” He nearly yells, clicking to go back to the window before he does something regrettable. A pop-up window suddenly launches showing that the skills were also properly inventoried in discrete tags.

He clicked on ‘sex/sex-related’ and was surprised by the other long list. Of course, there was the standard fucking, cunnilingus, and all that straight stuff, but he was a little surprised that Emmet knew how to give a blowjob, eat ass, and some other stuff that couldn’t be anything but gay. He then saw some stuff that seemed to point to certain kinks, like shibari and other forms of bondage.

As exciting as it was, it was also a bit disheartening to know that Emmet had such a different side to him that Jon didn’t know. Then again, Jon has been completely mums about his lustful desires for him in return.

Anyway, after a bit more digging, he took some quick tutorials and instructions to get a feel of the Kit.

He learned that attitudes were either general dispositions or specific emotional responses to certain things—how Emmet is scared of a bat flying towards him.

Personas were combinations of attitudes and skills that were integral for an integrated response to certain stimulus—Emmet is an ER doctor when he sees a patient in need and he acts accordingly.

If he was going to do anything to Emmet, the best would be to upload a Persona…or edit one that was already there. He scrolls through the tags and sees his own name.

There he sees a comparatively shorter list, but he still needed to scroll down to see all of it. What peeked his interests were: Supportive and Serious.

He decides to click on the former and makes an identical copy of it. He then retitles it: “Submissive.” He then overloads “obedience,” “eagerness to please,” “precision,” and “accuracy,” while downplaying “critical analysis,” “contrariness,” and “exasperation.” He then links it to his sexual skills and his sexual attitudes, increasing his inclination towards body worshipping and romance. He gives triggers of when this persona was to activate and deactivate and then let’s the system run its course.

While that was running, he decided to check out the other tags in the attitude section and food caught his eye. Knowing Em’s very clean and lean breakfast, Jon started sorting out Em’s regular breakfast items like poached eggs and avocados and his homemade bread. Then, he set Em’s ‘pleasure response’ to an all time high, qualifying it as sexual pleasure. He also increase physical expression.

He pressed start once everything had been satisfactorily converted into working programs. Instantly, Emmet sprang up, eyes open.

“E-Em!” Jon felt his heart clench, near painful. “Look, bro, I-I’m sorry. It was j-just a joke. Come on…” he started begging on his knees, rattling and pleading with his hands together. When a few seconds pass without comment, Jon braved to look.

Emmet was simply sitting up with his eyes droopy and mouth ajar. Jon waved his hand over his beautiful blue eyes and he got nothing but a little line of drool dropping from Emmet’s pink lips.

“Please run personalized program within five minutes.” Emmet says mechanically and he repeats it after every five seconds.

Jon scrambles to get his laptop and places it on Emmet’s lap. He then plays the program, making sure to put on the earphones on Emmet.

And just like that Emmet was yet again, looking at the screen for almost an hour. Jon decided to cup a feel or so while his adoptive brother was being rendered putty by the program once more.

He goes for the shoulders and then up either side of his thick neck. Then, he plays with Emmet’s lips by running a finger up and down. He squeezed Em’s thick pecs and started twisting and tugging on the hard, dusky nipples. He wanted to do more but his laptop was a cumbersome little thing.

He pouted, looking at the time it would take before Emmet was ready, which was going to be about fifty minutes or less. Yes, patience was absolutely a virtue in this thing and it’s been rewarded before, but with his morning wood still stirring and Emmet being a piece of delicious meat no matter what time of day, Jon couldn’t, didn’t, want to wait any longer for just some action.

Jon sees the lapdesk he barely uses, being an on-the-elbows kind of man himself, but now it seems to have finally found a real use for the desk besides making him look studious. He reaches for it, placing the two legs on either side of Emmet’s thighs. Jon gently places his laptop, making sure that Emmet’s eyes did not leave the screen as it moved. Once safely placed, he pushes the table carefully, moving it closer to his brother.

Now Jon had access to Emmet’s studly legs and his crotch, neatly and tightly packaged in blue, low-riding briefs. He kneels between Em’s legs and then starts kissing and nuzzling Em’s thighs, jumping left to right until he reaches the musky, hot, humid space between.

He moans around the large bulge, nearly teary eyed to have finally be this close to the manly anatomy that he had but only seen from a safe, prying distance or imagined as he sniffed down Em’s underwear in secret.

But now, he had it, the hardening cock that emitted that wonderful heady scent of man. He had Emmet under his thumb and in his mouth, as he continues his wet and eager treatment, moving up and down and pushing forward, as if coaxing the wonderful cock until its cut head was poking out of the waistband.

Licking his lips, Jon pulls down the briefs nervously until the large organ flops out with equally sizable balls. Emmet had to be at least nine inches. Nine glorious inches. It flinches in his hand, which was stroking it near reverently as his lips mold over the exposed head, letting the tongue inside the swivel and prod on the sensitive slit.

Emmet moans softly above him, more felt than actually heard as Jon started sucking and slurping at the head and moving down a few inches down at a time. He suckled on it desperately, going nuts over the briny sleek of precum sliding into his mouth.

The strong scent of Emmet’s cock makes Jon roll his eyes as he tries on gagging down more of the cock, but when, seven inches in, it hits his uvula, he taps out and tries to minimize his coughing for the sake of this whole operation.

He decides to stroke and nuzzle the cock instead, nearly rubbing it all over his face before kissing the hairy base with a prayer of sorts, like it was an idol and maybe it was with how reverently he treats it.

Jon decided to leave the slobbered cock out in the open, dampening the bright blue underwear cradling its hefty weight. His eyes don’t leave as he crawls away, moving away from the desk and back onto Em’s lovely thighs.

He kisses the knees messily before moving down the hairy calves. He lifts one and starts kissing up until the ankle and he does it to the other leg.

Setting them down gently, he starts inspecting Emmet’s large feet. They were probably nearing 13 inches, wide-toed, with obvious knuckles and visible veins crawling towards the toes. They were smooth and nevertheless soft where it counted, the nails seemed to be in a bit of disrepair but other than that, they were gorgeous.

Jon starts rubbing the sole of his large right foot with his thumb while he tastes the musk and sweat of his toes. How could they have been so smelly when Emmet had barely walked in the past ten hours? Still, Jon couldn’t help but he thankful as he presses the feet together and give them another long smell.

Emmet continues to smile dumbly at the screen, mumbling incoherently. If he only knew how much he really was feasting himself on this opportunity.

He enjoys himself for as long as he wanted, slobbering and sucking the fine pair of well-worked feet. He moans whorishly as he savors the sensation of smooth and soft soles on his lips and the tangy taste of sweat on his tongue. He shudders just by the thought of actually being able to do this in real life without the fear of damaging a relationship he holds so dear.

The thought that some day Em would be cooing at Jon from down there, encouraging him to take more toes, to slurp harder, to sniff deeper, made Jon shiver in delight. He pulls out his own cock from his shorts, jerking it impatiently with his left hand. It relieved him quite a bit of course, thrusting into his rough palms as he got lost in the daydream, egged on by the minute sounds coming from the hypnotized hunk.

“Mmmm….so fucking good.”Jon was getting high on the feeling, mouth just spitting what he really wanted, unfiltered and careless..He was already palming his fat hard-on while he takes a deep whiff of the small nook between Em’s toes and then slides his tongue to get even more of that sweaty taste.

Emmet moaned louder, eyes still focused on the screen, but body definitely moving on its own accord as his feet flex with each suck and how he sighed shakily when his pinky toe pops out of Jon’s desperate mouth. The sensation rocked through his body, clenching his ridiculous abs and twitching his large cock.

Jon would have just cum from that, but he squeezed and pulled down on to the base of his own weeping cock—no way was he gonna cum on the sheets. He grins as he sits up to his knees, admiring the sloppy wet feet before him when he gets an idea.

He places his cockhead on the curve of Emmet’s feet, which were now held together by both his hands. He starts a slow pace, letting his cock follow the natural line. He sighs shakily, feeling the pinpricks of pleasure jolting up his spine.

Jon moans contentedly, changing angle to rub across the toes. He nearly purrs at the change in sensation, nearly making him gasp as it tickled somewhat. He ruts against the right foot, letting himself get lost in the pleasure as Emmet gets programmed. He did this until his torso started to cramp from the awakened upward angle he had to take on to do it.

He stops and looks at the clock, figuring he still had a good twenty minutes left. He lets himself rest for a while, so that he could catch his breath and relax his muscles. When Emmet started to grumble again and when his cock was obviously deflating, Jon took the challenge once more and started stroking the cock under the desk.

Jon watches in delight as Emmet reacted louder this time, breathing harder and legs twitching more frequently. He smiles, making his way down to Em’s flushed feet that he then carefully turns inward, making a small, tight space between the arches. He adjusts the size to fit the girth of his cock, which he tested by taking experimental thrusts. When he finally found the right size, he continued.

Jon shudders with a moan as he thrusts through the hole, bucking into it as he went in and out, in and out, in and out, ,”FUCK! Em!EM, fuck so good…” he started slurring his words, desperately bucking into the firm hole. He grips harder on the feet, digging his nails as he sped up. He bares his teeth, cursing loudly as he starts slapping the feet and clawing, while he thrusts on whatever surface the magnificent pair could afford him.


“AHHH! FUCK!” He curses, emptying himself onto his adoptive brother’s feet. They were now covered with splatters of sticky, white fluids, adding to the pungent smell of foot musk and sweat.

Panting heavily, Jon falls on his haunches and looks at the man before him, smiling a little dumbly like he had been watching a nature documentary on the monitor—calm, unperturbed, and mindless.

Jon lets out a deep sigh as he catches his breath. When he recovers enough, he gets a towel nod starts rubbing Emmet’s feet dry. He even goes to wiping off the beads developing between his brows and down his muscled torso. He thinks twice before lifting Emmet’s large right arm and takes a deep whiff of the damp armpit. He shudders at the intoxicating smell and struggled to wipe it off when he was surely craving the sensation. Jon makes sure to d quick work with the other arm, looking away so as not to be distracted.

Once all was done, he then scoots back to bed, trying to throw over the duvet over him as messily as he could. Jon makes sure to keep the dirtied towel close to him as he savored the lingering taste and smell still fresh on the fibers.

Not long after, he hears Em yawn and stretch after a few minutes, saying: “mornin’ bro, no better way to start the morning that with a puzzle, huh?” He said cheerily.

Jon turns around and gives him his best “just woke up and you’re annoying me” face, but he just couldn’t. Em looked cute, a little sleepy and very earnest, eager like a puppy. His brilliant blue eyes were soft and his smile so gentle, but then his brows shot in surprise and his cheeks redden in embarrassment.

Emmet hurriedly reaches below the lapdesk. “Everything is under control little bro, don’t look and don’t come near me.” He says clearly embarrassed but somehow injecting intended humor nonetheless. “It appears that my family jewels had nearly been bamboozled, since their not in the chest anymore.”

Jon was definitely turned on, but he was also clearly exasperated, if not embarrassed that Emmet was a hulking dork.

“Ta-da!!!.” Em finally pulls his hands away, jazz-handing them as if he had just finished a gimmicky mission on stage. “Crisis averted.”

Jon decided to play along. “So…how did they get out?”

Emmet chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “Beats me. These briefs are kinda low-cut to begin with.” He himself doesn’t seem convinced but he also didn’t seem to mind an utter lack of explanation beyond the obvious that Jon had something to do with it. If that were the case, Em didn’t seem to be acting in any ill will. Jon was fairly sure that Em was just being Em, not really because he of the program, but it wouldn’t be beyond reason for the program to have made thins easier.

“You coming down? Gonna make you breakfast.” Emmet jump off the bed, taking out the earphones I the process. He shivers and cracks a shoulder and for a moment, he seemed to have been powering down like a real robot toy, but he snaps back up and smiles at Jon.

“Nah, I’ll make the bed first.” Jon answered and waited until his hunky brother was out of sight and out of sound. He was going to clean up the bed anyway, but now he had to keep check of Em’s progress.

“Total exposure: 00:00:55:41”

“Time under trance: 00:00:49:55”

“Resistance met: 18%”

“Edits have been acknowledged and programmed. Please try activating such changes for inspection. For any difficulty, you made contact at…”

Jon took a screenshot, thinking that he should have a backup ready to either reverse and erase this whole process or have an emergency failsafe to get Emmet under in a second. He discretely sends himself a copy of the instructions and gives himself a quick look at the mirror—his tank top was a little damp around his chest, but his shorts weren’t, so that’s good.

He head down, greeted first by the music blasting in speakers, which was easily followed with Emmet dancing, swaying his hips and thrusting his junk in beat to Destiny’s Child while he flipped pancakes—all obviously for Jon.

Jon smiles, thinking how sweet it was for him to be doing that. “Hey, Em…” he begins.

“Yeah, Buddy?” Emmet flashes that beautiful smile at him, but then it vanishes like thin air, being replaced by his mouth being slightly ajar and his eyes were in complete and utter focus…on Jon’s exposed cock.

“U-um…” Emmet begins to stammer, eyes dashing around but always glancing back as Jon counters closer. “W-what I mean is, do-do you want anything from me, sir?”

Jon chuckles, wrapping his arms around the stiff hunk of a man. “Nothing. Just finish cooking and come sit with me and eat after.” He kisses Em’s temple, before leaving the man be to finish his pancakes.

As Emmet shyly shuffles back, Jon sees the outrageous outline of a hard cock—as he had easily programmed.

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