My Best Friend Todd 3

By Yourmind123 published June 15, 2018

Todd stays with Scott over summer break and becomes very close with Scott’s whole family

It was finally, finally, FINALLY summer break! Three months of no responsibilities, no lectures, no exams—just sitting back, playing video games and swimming in the pool. Not that I’m some lazy tool or anything; I work summers, but it’s part-time at the library, and half the time I’m just sitting at the checkout desk on my phone. It does mean moving back home, back under my old man’s roof with my annoying brother Peter. Though honestly, these past few months he and I have gotten along a lot better.

Ever since crashing with me over winter break, he’s been visiting me at school whenever he can. He’s even wormed his way into my apartment to the point where he has his own space in the fridge, his own toothbrush in the bathroom, and I can’t even always tell right away who Todd’s fucking in the living room when I wake up. I swear, Kareem and I started the year in August as two cordial but distinct entities cohabitating our apartment, him a conservative and religious muslim, me a more free spirit with a different girl each night; fast forward to May and we’re an inseparable foursome with my brother and my best friend who come and go as freely as the two of us with our names on the lease.

You’d think there’d be some friction, some squabbling over who has to take the trash out to the dumpster, whether we should make Peter and Todd pay on the utility bills, if it was fair to make me suck Todd off after he’d been in both of the other two’s asses. But somehow, we made it work. (And really, as I realized during one of Todd’s pointless hypnosis sessions while my mind was anywhere but on what he was saying, a little ass to mouth builds character. What’s college for, if not for character building? I actually felt bad for the guys who didn’t get to try anal because they thought it was ‘gay’.)

As Todd pulled up to my dad’s house and parked by the curb, I hoped that the summer would still carry with it the kinds of close bonds of friendship that I’d gotten used to this past year. Heck, once we’d realized how thoroughly addicted to giving blowjobs I was, Todd was the only friend I had who understood enough to let me suck him off whenever he was in the mood without judging me or my heterosexuality.

“Thank goodness your summer job makes you travel,” I said as I put my clothes on. (Todd focuses better on the road when he has my naked muscular body in his peripheral.) “I know Peter’s super excited you’ll be able to visit on weekends.”

“That kid needs to learn patience, Scott. He got accepted; he’ll be living with you in the fall. Sometimes I worry he’s a little too eager to please me, ya know.” I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, that’s it. He enrolled in my school just to be your slam piece. I swear, I need to stop blowing you so enthusiastically. It gives you a big head.” Nobody was home as we moved my things back into my old room, so Todd and I had the place to ourselves. I started changing into some of the lounging clothes I’d gotten for my apartment—just a comfy tight thong —but he stopped me. “You think your father’s gonna be chill if he comes home and finds his eldest son wearing nothing but that? With his gay friend?”

“Probably not,” I sighed. My dad was annoyingly old fashioned.

My friend squeezed my bare ass cheek comfortingly. “Don’t worry, maybe once he gets to know me he’ll be cool with it. Heck, that’s the thing now, right? Men being more accepting of their sons?”

I laughed. “Yeah, don’t you wish.”

He looked hard at a picture of Dad, Peter and me at the beach a couple years back, whistling at the sight of the three of us in our swimsuits, beach bodies on display. I had to admit, Dad was a looker for a man pushing forty. He given me my chiseled facial structure, and Peter his muscular build. He was a personal fitness trainer so his body was in great shape. We’d spent a lot of our childhood watching older women try and fail to slip into our lives, but he never wanted to remarry after our mom. Like I said, old-fashioned (almost biblical).

“I sure do,” he confirmed. “Gross, Todd. That’s my friggin’ dad, ya know. I know you guys tend to have a thing for older men, but seriously.” “Of course not, don’t worry. I would never do something like that. Speaking of, did he give you any idea when he’d be home? Peter said he’d helped bring him around.” “Bring him around?” I asked. “To what, exactly?” “Just a little hypnosis,” he assured me, placing a calming hand on my penis. “Nothing sinister. Peter mentioned to me in passing how he was trying to learn Spanish, and I thought maybe I could help. So he talked to John, told him how I’d helped Peter with his studies and you with your stress, and got him to agree to giving it a try.” “Huh.”

For some reason, the idea of Todd hypnotizing my dad didn’t sit quite right with me. I guess because everyone else he’d hypnotized was now sucking and getting fucked by him ten times a week, though that was just coincidence. “Well yeah, good for him, I guess. Maybe this time you’ll get somewhere with it.”

He pinched my cheek, and I swatted his hand away. “Still so skeptical, Scott. I see the difference, even if you don’t.”

Hours later, Todd and I were in the pool in the backyard when we finally heard a car pull up in the driveway. I had just enough time to find where my swimming trunks were floating but not enough time to put them on before the sliding glass door opened.

“Well hey, if it isn’t the hot-shot college boy, returned to his lowly roots! And this must be your… boyfriend?”

I laughed at him thinking we were boyfriends. Todd answered for me. “No, not at all. I’m just a friend of his. Todd. I’d shake your hand, but…” He looked at his wet pruny hand and shrugged.

“Nonsense, any friend of Scott’s is a friend of the family.” He walked over and bent low, taking Todd’s hand and shaking it firmly. “Frank Taylor.” “Pleased to meet… you.” He paused, frowning. “Frank? Not John? I’d have sworn someone said it was Frank.” I shook my head. “John is my dad, Todd. This is my Uncle Frank.” Through his trunks, I felt his erection growing against my bare ass. “Oh. You just… you look just like him. Err, the pictures, hanging in the, um, hallway.” He laughed. My dad and uncle had had a lifetime to get used to this. “Yeah, we’re twins, so no worries there. You’re not the first to get us confused.” “Twins… I-id-identical?” he stammered. “That or we just work out at the same gym,” he answered with a laugh. When he didn’t laugh back, he clarified with a modestly worried expression. “That’s a joke, Todd. Yes, we’re identical twins.”

I couldn’t help shooting him a dirty look as his cock turned to a bar of steel, cold water be damned. I guess the twin thing surpasses the age barrier. Assuming he had one. He damn well better. God, Todd being attracted to my dad was weird enough.

“So what’d you stop by for, Uncle Frank?” I asked, breaking the silence, wishing to god he’d step back from the edge of the pool so I didn’t have to feel so self-conscious that my trunks were held in my clenched fist. “Actually, to meet your, ah, friend there,” he said, noticing that Todd was pressed against my backside with an arched eyebrow. “Your dad tells me he’s going to try some kind of hypnotherapy?”

Todd was just staring. What was his problem? “Yeah, Uncle Frank. He practices it a lot. Helped out me, my roommate, even Peter.” Not that he’d really done much for me and Kareem, but he was my friend. I could humor him, same way he humored me when I woke up in the middle of the night needing some dick.

“So I heard. I guess Peter swears it’s the only thing that turned his grades around this past semester. So I figured what the hey, if he’s just giving it away, I’d give it a go. If that’s all right by you, young man?”

I had to pinch him before he finally snapped out of it and replied. “Oh, uh, sure. I mean, I’d love to. Err, I’d be happy to. No problem. As much as you need.”

He gave us a look, then shook his head with a little chuckle. “Well you two have fun out here, then… I’m gonna go inside and help your dad get dinner ready. But I’m sure he’d like to see you whenever you’re… done,” he said. And from the look on his face, I knew I’d been caught. Luckily, I knew uncle Frank was cool. His most recent girlfriend’s daughter was a lesbian and he’d even been to a few Pride marches much to my father’s chagrin. Maybe he even had a pocket Todd himself at some point to help him out between girls. He knew it wasn’t gay.

“Mind telling me what that was about?” I demanded once he was back inside. “You didn’t tell me… twins…” he said, staring in the direction Uncle Frank had gone. “Yeah, so? Dude, don’t start… lusting after my father,” I said with a shudder, sliding my swimshorts back on. Just in time, too, as the curtains in the kitchen window slid open then, and there was Dad eyeing the two of us like he was the one who’d caught Todd fingering my ass in the pool. “Wouldn’t dream of it,” he said.

Week 2

“ I know I agreed to it, but I’m still not sure I approve of your friend sleeping over in your room,” Dad said as we sat waiting for him to arrive. “Dad, we talked about this. Where else is he supposed to sleep? If we put him on the couch, he’ll be in everybody’s way in the morning. Do you want him to camp out in the backyard? He’s gay, not a predator. Nothing’s gonna happen.”

“I’m really trying to be tolerant here, but having someone like him sleeping a few feet away from your bed just… doesn’t sit right with me.”

“Oh calm down, John,” my uncle said to his brother. “I don’t know about you, but I like the kid. Even if he and Scott were up to no good, he could frankly do plenty worse.”

“Frank!” my father exclaimed angrily right as I was saying “Uncle Frank, I’m not gay!” in the same mad tone.

“What, I’m not saying you’re gonna start dancing naked on a Pride float.” He eyed Dad and cut him off before he could begin his retort. “I’m just saying that regardless of who Scott likes, Todd’s not too bad. Not exactly good-looking, but he’s nice, and very mature.”

“Uncle Frank, for the last time: I’m. Not. Gay,” I repeated impatiently. “I like girls. Dad you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Dad nodded, and the two of them stared off into space for a minute. “He’s here,” I blurted into the silence, grateful for his arrival as an interruption. The three of us greeted him with polite words and firm handshakes. We spent a few minutes catching up with him—even Dad and Uncle Frank, like Todd was a friend of mine they’d known for years—and settled in.

Then it was time for their hypnosis session. I made myself scarce, having realized during my own session last week that watching two middle-aged men be hypnotized was something that just bored the shit out of me. I was glad they’d seemed to enjoy it, but it was nothing that concerned me.

Once we’d all had our sessions, Dad seemed in good spirits the rest of the night, checking in to make sure Todd and Peter and I had enough snacks, were having fun in the pool, were comfortable in the den. He didn’t even question that the three of us were snuggled up under one blanket, Peter and I on either side of Todd. Just as well, because if the blanket had come up, he’d have found his two sons tandem jacking off their guest, who was in turn jerking them both off. (Conan was on just for noise cover whenever Peter whimpered.)

“Can’t you just let the kids be kids?” I heard my Uncle Frank ask him back in the living room.

“Do you remember when we were that age?” my dad responded, only his voice sounded more wistful than cautionary.

I made it a point to stop by my dad’s room before going to bed, knowing how hard a time I’d have walking down there after Todd gave me the ass-fucking he’d won during our game of Mario Kart. (fucking red shells.) “Hey Dad, you’re sure you’re OK with Todd staying here? I promise there’s nothing romantic going on between us. I’m straight” (A whole lot of fucking and sucking, sure, but we didn’t attach a bunch of messy emotions to it. Dad wasn’t one to appreciate nuance anyway.)

Dad gave me a tight hug. “Hell, Scott. You’re growing up right before my eyes. Of course I don’t mind your friend staying over. What kind of a host would I be if I denied a young man who’s been such a help to my sons something as simple as a bed to sleep in?” I hugged him back. “Thanks. He said he appreciates it a lot.” “Did he say anything else?” he asked quietly. “Uh, like what?” I stepped back. “I dunno. Just… I want to make sure we’re being hospitable is all. I won’t get to play parent to your friends much longer, with Peter going away to join you in the fall.” “He’s fine, Dad. Promise.” “Good. If he needs anything, anything you can’t get for him yourself, you just let me know, all right?”

Week 3

I couldn’t believe how crazy my dad got about the housecleaning before Todd arrived. I swear, it was like the president, the pope and Sean Hannity were coming over for the weekend. He’d made me and Peter pick up, vacuum, dust, scrub, polish and practically exfoliate the entire damn house. Even Uncle Frank got roped into it when he came over after work to wait for his session with Todd, though he seemed to share my father’s fervor and knit-pickiness.

Peter and I literally ran out to greet Todd when he arrived, we were so relieved to be done. (I’d been in the midst of scrubbing the underside of the kitchen table, no joke.) “Todd! You have no idea how glad I am to see you.” “Not nearly as glad as I am,” gushed Peter. “You should feel hard my cock is.” “Not as hard as mine is, I bet.” “Whatever, you could never suck cock as good as me!” “Do too, I just don’t brag about it for the whole neighborhood!” “BOYS.” Todd’s firm admonishment shut us up. “I’ll take care of each of your dripping fuck-sticks later, promise, but for now, I need to get to work on Frank and John.” They’d insisted when he was leaving last weekend that he called him by their first names. Dad had never let a friend of mine do that before. “So what’re we supposed to do?” sulked Peter. “I dunno, go sixty-nine one another until I have time to see to you.”

I had to admit, my friend was a good problem-solver. Peter and I did just that, while attempting to to continue our argument about whose cock was the hardest. It was difficult since we had each others’ dicks buried in our mouths but we still tried. For a long time I’d felt weird sucking off my brother, much less the make-out sessions and masturbating, but then I’d realized how stupid it was to pretend we didn’t have needs. Incest was just when there was a risk of siblings getting each other pregnant; two brothers didn’t have anything to worry about.

Neither did a Father/son combo, or a uncle/nephew combo, I’d realized during one of Todd’s sessions last week. Not that we’d ever consider such a thing, but it was a good point. On and off all week I’d been thinking about how sad it was my dad and his brother didn’t have a friend like Todd, a cock on hand to fill holes without attachment. Peter and I were at it so long I’d lost count of how many times we’d swapped positions before Todd came in. It was a warm evening, so our sweaty, sticky bodies were basically stuck together. Peter’s bare ass was probably permanently stuck to the floor. Before the door had even swung closed, Todd’s pants were off and he was balls deep in my ass. Peter whined about favoritism, but when Todd spent nearly four more minutes fucking him after (I liked to time how long Todd spent in each of our holes, kind of a quirky little hobby of mine), he sure didn’t have anything smart to say about egalitarianism then.

“Man, what got you so worked up?” I asked some hours later, panting, as Todd finally finished alternating between me and my brother’s mouths and asses. “And tell us how to make it happen again,” Peter said with a chuckle. “Just feeling charitable, I guess,” he said. Though it turned out, his charity paled in comparison to my father’s. He arrived on Friday, and during dinner Saturday night, he insisted that he stay in the master bedroom. “What? You mean… with you?” I asked. Peter flat-out dropped his fork in shock. “Scott,” my dad responded sternly. “Of course not. But it’s the biggest bed in the house, and God knows I don’t need a king-size bed all to myself. It’s just courtesy. And that way he’ll have a private bathroom so we will have ours, and the Man of the house will have his.” “Sounds pretty great to me, John, thanks,” Todd said around a mouthful of mashed potatoes. He probably felt pretty good with the male owner of this place calling him the man of the house. “And where will I be staying then, brother dearest?” Uncle Frank asked. He stayed over with my dad some nights after drinking too much to drive home. “I’m sure he’d make room,” my dad said, then cracked a grin before anyone could have a heart attack. “No, I’ll roll out the hide-a-bed, and you and I can share that.” Uncle eyed Todd with a mischievous little twinkle over his wine glass. “Or maybe he’d make room.” “Get in line,” said Peter. “You guys are being GROSS!” I shouted. When did my family suddenly decide to go gay for Todd?! Todd was so startled by my outburst he removed his foot from its place between my legs rubbing my hard dick. “Scott, we’re just joking around. Relax, no one’s out to make a move on your boy-toy.” “My…! He’s not my- He’s just my friend! Just my plain, boring, platonic friend! I’m straight! He’s gay! How many goddamn times do I have to say it?!” I stormed away from the table; behind me I heard Todd’s voice. “I’ll go talk to him. Sorry everybody, and thanks for the amazing meal. Almost as amazing as the gentlemen who prepared it.” I heard my stupid dad and my stupid, stupid uncle chuckling.

He joined me in my bedroom a moment later. I rolled away from him on my bed. “Can we talk?” he asked softly. “No,” I said furiously. “We can either talk, or I can take that ass you’re presenting me with and spank you until you change your mind. Your call, if you want the whole house to hear you in here squealing like a brat as you get your bubble butt paddled.” After a moment, I grudgingly rolled to face him. “It’s not fair,” I said. “What’s not fair?” “This. You, and Peter, and Uncle Frank, and Dad. This isn’t fair. You were my friend. Then you started spending all this time on Peter, and now my dad and uncle are going crazy trying to spend time with you, and… I want to go back to just the two of us being buddies. I miss the way things were.” “Oh come on, cockgobbler,” he said, jokingly using one of funny nicknames for me. “You know you’ll always be my favorite.” “It isn’t the same.” “I know. I tell you what, why don’t we do a session to calm you down, and then we can talk about what just you and just me can do for the rest of the weekend.” I paused. “Just the two of us? No Peter?” “Just the two of us. C’mon now. Listen to my voice.”

And I relaxed, letting him work his dumb hypnosis trick. Whatever else it might fail to do, it always succeeded at relaxing me. Maybe I was being uptight, after all. I should be glad I have friends my family likes. Really, it was a blessing. If Dad hadn’t liked him, he wouldn’t let him stay over to begin with, or worse, he’d probably have tried to beat the gay out of him. Maybe I was being unfair, refusing to share my friend. After all, I’d shared him—in every possible way—with Peter, and even if he was still an annoying little brat, we were a lot closer than we had been. (I could still taste his dick on my breath.)

Maybe that was all I needed to do—share more. Give him some time to get to know dad and Uncle Frank, and we’d be able to enjoy all the more together. Heck, I was probably starting to bore my friend, seeing as how I usually just wanted to do the same old shit, sucking his cock, begging him to fuck me, modeling thongs and jockstraps for his website. (Oh yeah, I’d started modeling sexy underwear for his website. Easy money, and he promised he wouldn’t show anybody.)

Later, when we’d finished our session and I’d finished rimming him by way of apology for embarrassing him at dinner, I told him my thoughts. Next weekend, I’d find some excuse to get Peter out of the house, and he could have the whole weekend to just get to know my dad. Uncle Frank too, if he wanted to come over.

“Wow, you’re sure?” “Positive. Hell, take two weekends. We can visit Kareem at his folks’ place next week, and the week after… we’ll figure it out. But I want my dad to like you. You’re my best friend.”

Week 6

Dad had been surprisingly chill about having alone time with Todd. I’d been worried he’d be annoyed at having to entertain my friend, but as it turned out, he was the one who thanked me. I guess he’d wanted a little time to himself, and he insisted Todd was no intrusion at all. “A very pleasant gentleman,” he’d said. That was the first time he’d said anything nice about a gay man that I knew of. Uncle Frank had even volunteered to take him out to dinner, in case Dad wanted to be by himself, but they’d wound up all three together.

Dad raved about the weekends—he said he and Frank hadn’t been so close since they were kids.

He’d certainly been in a better mood lately. Borrowing clothes from me and Peter—even some of the lounging clothes I’d bought for when Todd was over—engaging in lots of guy talk, even some stuff that got to be a little TMI. (I definitely did not need to know He and uncle Frank had recently shaved their body hair together.) He’d been eating better and exercising more, too. I guess Todd just brings out the best in people like that.

At one point, I’d even worried Todd was maybe getting a little too close to my dad and uncle, if you know what I mean. I’d texted him as much, and friend that he was, he’d driven all the way out to our house on a work night just to see me. A hypnosis session was just the thing to mellow me out, and as my mind wandered, I realized that if he could get my father to quit being such a republican, or my Uncle Frank to stop thinking I was gay for Todd… well, one more win for Todd and my family.

We were all four of us in the pool when Todd arrived three weeks later. I missed getting to wear some of the tight, european speedos he’d had me buy, since I didn’t want Dad to freak, but as Peter and I were taking our first dives, he and Uncle Frank sauntered outside in sexy swimwear that he would’ve killed me just for thinking about buying. He probably would have called me a gay prostitute (in much worse language) if I’d shown up in those.

I was so startled that it took me a moment before I realized Uncle Frank had gotten a haircut. The exact same one Dad had. I could barely tell them apart.

Actually… I wasn’t 100% sure I could.

Peter wolf whistled, and one of the twins (Dad?) told him to can it. Todd’s matching sound of appreciation, however, was met with broad grins. “It’s not too much?”

“Surprised you’re not worried about it being too little, stud,” he said casually. I wondered when he’d started calling my relatives Stud. (Except for Peter. And me.)

“Hey, we gotta rock it while we still got it,” said… Uncle Frank, I was 90% sure. I made a note that he was in the red speedo, with Dad was in the white. It really framed their packages well.

“Muscles like yours don’t go out of style,” he reassured him. Then he stripped down to his boxers and dove in. I stared as eagerly as anyone, I admit, but it had been three whole weeks since I’d had him inside me, and I was going (as Todd calls it) cock-crazy.

I swear, our family had never been closer than we were that night in the pool. Emotionally, sure, but in terms of proximity? Forget about it. One by one we took opportunities to splash fight with Todd, to rub suntan lotion on him (which he let us each do, kindly enough), to ask him what he thought of our speedos. My dad beamed proudly at me when Todd said that my ass was hands down the sexiest one in the pool.

“Damn, you’re sure?” teased Frank, kneeling on the steps in the shallow end and thrusting his nearly naked butt at him.

“Well, there’s a lot of room for honorable mentions,” Todd said, before slapping my uncle’s butt cheeks. Then he pulled them apart so wide they practically clapped when he let go.

Todd hypnotized each of us that night, and I endured mine as stoically as possible. I just wanted to get fucked, damnit! When he’d finished with Peter’s, the last session, we gathered back in the living room. We were still in our swimsuits, we’d had so much fun showing them off for him. If I’d been a little embarrassed for my dad earlier, now I had to admit he’d be crazy not to want to show it off while he still had it. It was sex positive, after all, and Todd showed me that I was all about that.

“Dad?” I asked in my meekest voice. “I haven’t seen Todd in weeks, and I was wondering… do you think I could sleep with him in your room tonight? Then you or Uncle Frank could take my bed.” “I don’t know,” he said, “I don’t think that would be fair to Peter, or anyone else who wants to join him.” “Yeah,” said Uncle Frank, crossing crossing his muscular legs. “Just for tonight! C’mon, please? Peter can stay with him tomorrow night. And Uncle Frank Sunday night, if he wants.” In an instant, my uncle was on my side. “Maybe some kind of rotation would be fairest,” he urged my dad. “Obviously we all enjoy Todd’s company, so if we each had him one night…” “I don’t want Peter sleeping in the same bed as a gay man. He’s not old enough and he might make a decision he regrets,” Dad rebutted firmly. “Dad! I’m nineteen, Christ! I’ll be twenty next month! You’re just trying to take me out of the rotation so you can guarantee yourself a night!” “Young man, that’s absurd,” he said, a little too defensively.

In the end, it was unsurprisingly Todd who put an end to the argument. We’d draw straws, and the one who drew the short straw would wait until next weekend. We all had to admit it was pretty fair, so he snagged a few straws from the broom, and we drew. Peter drew the short straw. He stormed off to his room, insisting it was rigged somehow, and we all laughed a little when his door slammed.

That night, Todd fucked me in my father’s bed. It had once been the least erotic place in the house to me, but I had to admit that my dad was one handsome man. I’d been wondering lately if he’d taste like Peter, or like me. Or neither. Was semen flavor genetic?

It was almost too bad Todd wasn’t fucking my dad, or I could ask him.

Uncle Frank got to have him Saturday night, and Dad took him Sunday. The whole weekend was kinda weirdly sexually charged, all of us flaunting bulges and asses and chests as much as we could without allowing accusations of partial nudity to gain credence. The four of us were smiling and flirting with Todd whenever we saw him. It was like being back in school, only with my dad and his twin brother instead of Kareem. Then I thought of some of the things I’d seen Todd do to Kareem, and suppressed my gag reflex (like Todd had taught me). That would be so weird.

Or would it?

Week 7

The next weekend, I tell ya, I could hardly have even noticed Todd was in the house. He spent almost the entire time in a room with someone or other hypnotizing them, to the point where we had to start knocking on doors before we entered to make sure we wouldn’t intrude. I asked him why he was so urgent about it, but he said that the summer was already almost half over. Besides, he added, he had to make up for the time he would be losing when he was going on a trip the next week with this hot guy from his office to Miami.

“Oh, gonna try to make your move?” I asked. “Nah, he’s just my work husband,” he said. Typical Todd, letting every handsome guy he knows leave him in the friend zone.

Week 9

It was Dad’s idea, actually, to have us all wear matching clothes when Todd came back to us two weeks later. We all wore no shirts and tight red shorts, all way too short and tight, but I had to give him credit that we looked dynamite and the tight pants really accentuated our ass…ets.

Sure enough, Todd loved us in them. “Damn, you gentlemen have to be the four most fuckable studs on the planet,” he exclaimed, his eyes roving over the feast of exposed flesh before him. Then he looked between us, almost nervously. “You all right with that, John? Saying how fuckable your sons and your brother look?”

He laughed. “Oh, Todd. As the source of half the boys’ DNA, and as someone who shares identical DNA to Frank’s… I’m flattered.” Uncle Frank nodded.

“And boys, you’re OK with me pointing out what hot pieces of ass your dad and uncle are?” he asked Peter and me.

“Well duh, I mean, they’re obviously pretty hot,” Peter said. “And it’s nice of you to make the oldies feel good about themselves.”

Todd’s face slowly became a broad grin. “Well look forward to a lot of compliments this weekend, gentlemen.” He wasn’t joking. All weekend long, my friend didn’t miss an opportunity to point out how great Peter’s bulge looked glistening wet in his new thong, or how much Uncle Frank’s ass was calling to him to take a bite out of it, or how if Dad learned to cook any better, he’d have no suitable way left to thank him but to bend him over the stovetop and fuck his brains out.

“So… you’re saying I need to learn to cook better,” he teased with a little smirk. “Gross, dad, don’t be such a man-whore,” I complained. “Relax, it’s no big deal,” said Peter. “You just want to try to get some ‘cooking lessons’ in yourself, Peter,” laughed Uncle Frank.

As it turned out, he got them. As soon as he finished clearing the table, Peter crawled under it to where Todd was still sitting, fumbling at his belt and openly pleading to be allowed to suck him off.

“Peter Jensen Taylor!” my dad scolded. “You stop that this instant!”

Peter banged his head on the underside of the table, and even Todd looked pretty surprised. “Sorry dad, I just really need it…”

“We all do, son, but you could at least have the self-respect to beg for dick in the bedroom, where a proper young man does such things.”

After a patently insincere apology, Peter practically dragged him to the master bedroom. Uncle Frank, Dad and I sat there in the living room, hearing Peter and Todd’s noises carrying down the hall and to our waiting ears. He was quiet at first, no doubt beginning their fun with a nice long blowjob as he usually did, but before long we could hear him grunting and moaning for him. A sound I knew well. Dimly beneath it, I could hear the sound of Todd’s balls slapping against my brother’s ass, only audible because they’d left the door a crack open.

None of us in the audience bothered to go close it. In fact, Uncle Frank eventually pulled out his cock and began playing with himself, and that was so hot that Dad and I couldn’t resist joining in. It wasn’t awkward at all, I was surprised to find. Just one big happy family, all enjoying ourselves in total comfort. My whole life, I’d always been able to tell my dad anything. Now, I was glad to know I could show him anything too.

Todd fucked Peter into the night, and eventually the other three of us crowded around the sink in the bathroom I normally shared with Peter, brushing our teeth. The only sounds were the water running in the sink, the soft scraping of bristles on tooth enamel, and Peter gurgling gleefully around our houseguest’s fat cock.

“I think we need to have a discussion about your relationship with my son,” Dad said softly over breakfast. It would have come across as stern, but it was hard to take anything too seriously from a man wearing nothing but a novelty apron reading “fuck the cook.”

“Which one?” Todd asked casually. “The one with the huge cock or the one with the round ass?”

My dad did a double-take between his son as his mind quickly resolved which one of his sons had the braggable cock length. “Both, apparently,” he said. “I don’t think what happened last night was at all appropriate, and I won’t have it happening under my roof.”

“So why didn’t you come in and say something? We only gave you like four hours to come complain about the noise,” Todd said. Peter snorted in spite of himself.

“Because I’m not nosy, that’s why. I let my sons live their lives, but when it’s happening under my roof—in my own bed!—then I have to help them correct things. You’re a great guy, but I don’t want you spreading your homosexuality to my clan.”

“So you’re saying no more sex with anyone in your family.”

“That’s right,” he said after the briefest of pauses.

“Well now…” began Uncle Frank, but his thirty-minutes-older brother silenced him with a look.

“That’s not fair!” exclaimed Peter. “Just because he’s not plowing your withered old prostates doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy ourselves!”

“Peter, you are already grounded for a month. Do you want to make it the whole summer?”

“You can’t ground me anymore, old man!”

“Fair enough,” Todd interrupted, ignoring him. “So, how about we get started with the day’s hypnosis sessions?”

“Me first!” Peter blurted.

“I think it’s best you two take a little time apart, Peter Jensen. Or do I call you ‘Dumb little cocksucker,’ as I heard more than once last night?” Dad said, red in the face. I winced, wondering what he’d think about some of his pet names for me. I doubted he’d be too keen on having Dumb little cocksucker and his big brother Fucktoy Cum Guzzler for sons.

“Fair enough. Scott, how about you first, so I can really spend some quality time with Frank and John here. Sound fair?”

Everyone agreed. He did mine out by the pool, and as I lay there suntanning in a small black thong, I tuned out my friend and started thinking about what had happened at breakfast. My dad had been really unfair to my brother. And to me, really, because it could just as easily been me in there sex-chillin’ with my friend. He’d sat there the whole night before listening to it, jerking himself, obviously enjoying it—then wakes up and decides it’s Peter who crossed the line?

He was jealous. Just like I had been a few weeks ago. His young, attractive, sexually active sons were getting some mind-blowing casual sex from a pleasant young man, and he was jealous. The old if-I-can’t-have-him-then-no-one-can routine. Even Uncle Frank had recognized it. (God, that’d be so hot, I thought for the hundredth time, imagining my best friend nailing those hot DILFy twins.)

So what was the solution? Dad needed to get dicked, plain and simple. He needed to get what he was missing. More than that, he needed to earn it. And have us see him earn it. That way we’d all know he wanted it as bad as the rest of us, he was no better, no more pure or deserving. Just another set of mouth & ass for Todd to fuck, same as me and Peter and Kareem. One more friend in his friend zone.

I couldn’t wait. As Todd ended his session, I was lying there imagining Todd fucking the shit out of my dad—literally—as he moaned for more. I just lie there on the back deck, not caring who could see me playing with myself.

Todd spent most of the day with Dad and Uncle Frank. It had definitely been doing wonders for Frank’s diet and exercise, but I had no idea why it took him so much more time than it did to help the rest of us.

When he finished, he excused himself for a nap while Dad and Uncle Frank co-created dinner. Naked. They were both completely naked. In spite of myself, I sat in the living room where I could peer into the kitchen and watch the show. Todd had us guys cook for him naked all the time—reduced the chance we’d make a mess and ruin our clothes, so it made perfect sense—but I was still surprised to see Dad on board with this. Much less his brother doing it alongside him.

“Dinner’s ready,” Dad called out.

We filed in, but I paused near the table. “Uh, Dad? There’s only three places set.”

“That’s right, kiddo, your uncle and I are going to serve you ourselves. So just have a seat and enjoy.”

We did, and they did. Todd seemed totally unsurprised to find them waiting on us hand and foot. He was always really classy like that, letting people just be who they were without embarrassing them. Good thing, too, because the twins paid twice as much attention to him as they did to either of us, cutting his food for him, serving it right into his waiting mouth, letting him use their muscular bodies as napkins.

“That was excellent,” he said when he finished, patting his satiated belly. “What’s for dessert?”

“Oh, we whipped up something real special for you,” Uncle Frank assured him, wiping the grease off his abs with a paper towel. “Our own personal recipe.”

“Ew, it’s not that rice pudding thing you tried last Thanksgiving, is it?” Peter asked.

“Nope,” our uncle replied. “It’s a DILF sandwich.”

“A sandwich? For dessert?” asked Todd.

“And for another fun twist,” my father answered, “you don’t eat this dessert. In fact, it eats you.”

Todd slid his chair back from the table, then eased out of his pants. I scooped them up and folded them for him, so they didn’t get dirty. Dad knelt at Todd’s left foot, mirrored by his brother at his right. He was already crazy hard, as hard as I’d ever seen him. It reminded me, somehow, of that day in the pool on our first day of summer break. I bet he’d never imagined this day would come back then.

“Hang on, this is so unfair. You totally chewed us out for screwing around this morning, and now you go and do this? I call bullshit,” Peter said, folding his arms across his chest.

“He has a point, John. I think you need to explain yourself to your children. Otherwise, no cock for you.”

“No!” he cried. “I… I can explain.” Dad turned to Peter, still on his knees. He looked meek. Submissive. Something I’d never seen in Dad before. “So when I yelled at you guys this morning, I was being irrational. You see, my asshole has never been filled by a real man. A man like your friend Todd here. So when I found out he was fucking my sons, I… I got jealous. I wished that it were me.”

“I knew it!” I said.

“I tried telling him myself, Scott,” said Uncle Frank. “But he just wouldn’t listen.”

“I’m sorry, OK? Looking back, I see that all summer long I’ve been the cause of discontent around here. Not letting our guest fuck who and when and where and how he wants. Making my sons feel self-conscious about their basic urges to suck and fuck. Telling my brother it was wrong of us to be lusting after a boy, much less one half our age. I was wrong, and I know I’ve ruined half the summer.”

“Aw, Dad…”

“Don’t interrupt, Scott. You know it’s true. So for the rest of the time you’re here, for the rest of the time Todd is a guest in this house, I’m going to make things right and make up for lost time. From now on, we’re going to be perfect hosts. Whatever he wants from us, he gets. And I’m going to be a more understanding father. However you boys want to have fun with your friend, I want you to do it. And if I can help, in any way, then I want to. Starting right now.”

It was quiet for a moment. This was one of the most emotionally honest moments I ever remember having with my dad. Maybe as much so as when he told us about why mom left, or when he’d hugged me goodbye when he dropped me off at college my freshman year. I was genuinely moved.

Peter, on the other hand, was still miffed from this morning. “Beg,” he said.

“Beg? Beg… for what?” Dad asked.

“Beg your sons to be allowed to suck their friend’s cock.”

Todd laughed, then nodded for Dad to comply. He was a sucker for a good beggar, my friend. “Please?” My 6’2 muscular Dad began. “Please let me suck your friend’s dick. I’m a far cry from giving the kinds of blowjobs I heard you giving last night, so I need all the practice I can get. Please let me blow him, Peter. Let Daddy blow your friend, and… and…” “He’ll double your allowance,” Uncle Frank cut in. “That is, if I can join him.”

I saw the dollar signs reflected in Peter’s eyes. Sheesh, to sell off his friend’s cock for a few lousy bucks a week. Todd sometimes jokingly paid us insultingly low sums of money for sexual favors, but that was a game. This was just embarrassing, frankly, for all involved.

“Fine,” he said at last. “You can blow him.”

Dad already had Todd in his mouth to the point of making gagging noises before Uncle Frank asked, “and me too, right?”

“You too, Uncle Frank,” I assured him. He grinned at me, then started lapping at my friend’s balls.

Todd, meanwhile, was obviously in heaven. I’d seen him happy before, but I’d never seen his eyes rolling back in his head like this. All over a simple dessert, as a favor to his friend’s little brother. He really was a Godsend sometimes. When Dad asked us for permission to have Todd fuck him, I just told him to go ahead and spread ’em. He deserved it, just for being an awesome dad. Todd pulled out the lube and they began.

He had Uncle Frank make out with him while Dad rode his cock. Laughing exultantly, I watched the twins grope and fondle one another, marveling in the wonders of what were essentially their own bodies. Todd invited me to cop a few feels myself, and I couldn’t help it. I was naturally curious what boys felt like, and I knew it’d make Dad feel like I was including him in my stuff instead of just giving him a pity fuck.

Uncle Frank had Todd stuff his ass too; Dad licked him clean afterwards. Peter and I cheered them both on. We were a family.

From that weekend on, things were back to normal around our house. No more walking on eggshells, hiding stuff from each other, afraid to say what was on our minds. When Peter greedily sucked Todd to hardness just so he could ride him, Dad was there to remind him to do a full and proper blowjob. When Uncle Frank had a stressful day at work, I was there to give him a soothing handjob so he could relax. When I spilled a glass of grape juice on one of my favorite white jockstrap, Dad was there to help me get them off, and remind me I looked even better with my cock out in the open.

As for Todd, I felt closer to him than ever. To think, not even a year ago he’d been a guy professed his love for him and I’d let him down. Now, he was basically the god of my sexual universe, while simultaneously being an all-around cool dude. The perfect friend. Only he wasn’t just my friend—he’d gotten my brother’s dumb ass to clean up his act, get accepted to college, and learn to give a proper blowjob. He’d taken my crazy Uncle Frank and made him more than just the quirky uncle with a beer gut who swung by to get drunk and nag at my dad, and make him the hot stud with a perfect set of abs and beautiful pecs who handled the lion’s share of the butt fucks.

And he’d taken my dad, a conservative single divorcee of almost twenty years, and given him a new purchase on life, fresh confidence and all the practice he could handle at serving and pleasing gay men. He learned how to cook for Todd, do his laundry, bathe him, rub his feet, and of course to share in the family fun of satisfying his every carnal urge. He was happier than I’d seen him in years, and even finally got that little tattoo he’d been talking about getting. (Only instead of a few lines of scene from Walden, he’d gotten this is where good things cum from tattooed above his butt.)

The twins were so inseparable, sometimes pulling off their shorts and inspecting their asses for the brand was the only way I could tell them apart.

We all knew that in the fall, the world would turn again, and Peter and I would leave the nest and go off to school, taking Todd with us. Dad and Uncle Frank promised they’d call often, and we told them they could crash with us and orgy it up with his sons and Kareem and Todd whenever he wanted.

It was like Todd had said, he’d just wanted to be the cool dad. A part of his son’s lives. We had a bond now that couldn’t be broken—how do you break apart from a man once you’ve had his son’s and brother’s cocks in your mouth?—and we were happier than we’d ever been.

Sometimes, I wondered if I’d been wrong to reject Todd way back when. If I’d have been happier not just as his platonic fuck buddy, but as his boyriend. I know I’m not gay, but would it feel better knowing he was well and truly mine when he had me drop to my knees and blow him? Would I be less jealous of the way he fondled Peter and Kareem and Dad and Uncle Frank? Would I feel more pride knowing I was the only ass he’d fuck tonight?

Would we be in love?

As I watched him stretching Uncle Frank’s asshole to new limits as he howled and grunted into Dad’s dripping cock, as Dad jerked off Peter while his balls were being served by occupied by yours truly as I bent over so Todd could spank my round muscular ass crimson, I asked myself all these questions. But like before, the answer was simple.

Todd and I? We’re better off as friends.

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