Motivational Speaker

By RobinHood70 & EdIam -
published June 23, 2020
18256 words

Steve is bored at home and contemplating meeting up with a guy that isn’t quite his type. Perhaps Rick can motivate Steve to adjust his narrow ‘preferences’.

(Hey friends! Here’s a new on that I made with my friend, @RobinHood70. He started out a story that I took a strong interest in and we worked together to make this for y’all! I hope you enjoy.

I’ll be working on my other stories, especially Retirement, which I’ve been working hard on for a while now; but also starting a new story with a colleague I met on the Discord. He and I have some great ideas for a nice, long, wonderful tale…more on that later. Also tempted to write a small story for the Supernatural theme going. Nonetheless; I hope you all enjoy this story! @RobinHood70 and I are excited to share it with you!


It was a boring, slow afternoon. That was about the best way to describe my Grindr experience today. Of course, it probably didn’t help that it was the middle of the workday for most guys. I’d taken the afternoon off to help my brother move into his new place, but he’d called earlier to say that there was a problem with the rental van and we wouldn’t be getting it until tomorrow morning. Luckily, it being Friday, I’d now have a three day weekend to relax.

Being rather bored, I’d naturally turned to Grindr to find something to do for the rest of the afternoon. Of the guys I’d found, most weren’t my type, weren’t in the area, or they were exclusive tops like I was. Or they were just plain weird. Even I had to admit, I was usually incredibly picky when it came to the guys I chose to top.

I’d pretty much given up when a new message popped up on my screen. The guy wasn’t even remotely my type. He wasn’t bad looking for his age, I supposed—very distinguished—but mostly, I went for the average-to-masculine bottom-boy twinks, which he didn’t even remotely resemble. “Sorry, not my type”, I responded, dismissing him from my mind almost as soon as I’d replied.

“LOL, you’re not mine, either. It’s been a slow afternoon here. Just wondering if you wanted to join me for coffee. Nothing more, I promise. I just need a little social time”, he responded. I gave it some thought, but ultimately decided not to respond at all. I was still hoping I’d get some, if I was patient. And I most definitely was not going to have sex with this old guy.

An hour later and still nothing. Fuck it. Like old dude had said, I could use some time out of the house. I was feeling cooped up. Sure, I could go on my own, but I’d never liked going somewhere and sitting alone at a table. It felt like you were alone, which I’d always found kind of embarrassing, though I knew I probably shouldn’t let it bother me.

“Still want coffee?”, I texted him. “Jumpstart, half an hour. If you’re there, you’re there, if not, no worries. JUST coffee, no more.”

I didn’t even get his response until twenty minutes later when I was finishing my shower and getting dressed. It turned out to be nothing more than “See you there.” Ugh! Old guys and their replying to things that didn’t need it. My message had made it abundantly clear that a reply wasn’t necessary, but guys like him thought it was polite or something.

Almost exactly half an hour after I’d first sent the message, I wandered into Jumpstart and looked around. There was no sign of Old Guy, so I got in line. As I was waiting, I heard a soft, yet moderately deep voice beside me. “YoungTop2000?”, the voice asked melodically. Turning, I saw the guy from Grindr. He was probably a couple of years older than in his photo, but he looked more or less the same.

“OratorRick?”, I queried, nodding ever so slightly to confirm that I was who he thought I was.

“Nice to meet you!”, he said, offering me his hand.

“Is your name actually Rick, or should I call you something else?”, I asked.

“Officially, it’s Richard, but only my mother calls me that. Everyone else calls me Rick”, he smiled. “And what’s your name?”

“I’m John”, I informed him politely, but falsely, in return. In case he turned out to be some kind of weirdo, I didn’t want him knowing my real name, not even just my first name.

The two of us chatted for a few seconds, but we didn’t have longer than that, since we were next in line. “I’ll have a barbajada with whipped cream”, I said, glancing at the board to make sure I’d gotten the correct name for it. It was their version of hot chocolate mixed with coffee. It wasn’t something I had all that often, usually preferring something stronger, but I was in the mood for something sweet this afternoon.

“I’ll get a double-espresso with lots of cream”, my coffee companion said beside me. Fishing in his wallet, he tossed a twenty on the counter. “I’ve got it”, he said.

“Thanks, but I’ll pay for my own”, I countered sternly, all too familiar with the make-them-feel-indebted-so-they’ll-give-you-sex routine. I wasn’t fond of it, but I’d used it myself on occasion.

“Relax, John”, he laughed. “I’m not trying to brag here, but I have more money than I know what to do with. If I were playing games with you, I’d buy you something more expensive than a cup of coffee”, he continued smiling.

Coming back from getting the coffees started, the girl at the counter grabbed Rick’s twenty while I was still fishing for my wallet. She looked at me questioningly for a second, obviously understanding the byplay, even if she hadn’t heard it, but I just shrugged and waved her off. She was punching in the amount he’d given her before my hand was back at my side.

Taking a seat, the two of us chatted amiably for a while about the weather and our lack of luck on Grindr this afternoon. While Rick seemed to be looking at me once or twice, at no time did he ever give the impression that this was anything more than just coffee for him. As I’d noticed when he came in, his voice was very expressive and almost musical. The rhythm went up and down in an oddly engaging way. He would’ve made a great radio announcer or DJ—I often found myself hanging on his every word, waiting for the next one to see how his voice would shift.

“So, if I may ask, what do you do that you’re so well off?”, I asked him bluntly at a lull in the conversation.

“I’m not sure they actually have a name for it, though I’m often referred to as a lobbyist. I’d say I really have a talent for motivational speaking in high risk situations, though. A traditional lobbyist uses all kinds of different techniques, and is often part of a team whose sole goal is to change a legislator’s opinion on something. Most of my work is for corporations, and I like to think of what I do as motivating people with my charisma to possibly make decisions they’d never really make otherwise, generally for the benefit of whoever happens to be paying me large sums. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind on political issues and such, I just help convince them to do something they might be a little reluctant to do at first”, he explained with a bit of a rise and fall of pitch and a sing-songy voice.

“Like what?”, I asked, intrigued by the way in which he spoke about his job without really understanding why.

“The most common goal is to get them to sign a deal, naturally”, he said, “but there are all kinds of other things too, like agreeing to back off of doing a specific project, supporting a particular position in negotiations, and sometimes, I’ve even been hired by an out-of-work exec to convince a certain company to hire them.”

“Wow! How do you do all that?”, I asked, eager to hear more of his musical voice.

He went on for some time after that, talking about various processes like neurolinguistic programming, reciprocity, the Ellsburg paradox, and on and on. I didn’t really have much to say, so I let him keep going. Between the sound of his voice and the tediousness of his topic, I found myself fazing out, to the point that I almost nodded off before suddenly jerking myself back awake. I apologized, assuring him that I was listening to his every word, and encouraging him to continue. In point of fact, I wanted to do anything but sit there and listen to him drone on, but I didn’t want to seem rude.

My eyes glazed over again not long after he started talking and I started listening to his rhythm more than his words. Up, down, deep and slow, then up again; engaging, yet boring. How could someone be both at the same time? The longer I listened, the more out of it I got, occasionally jerking half-awake before falling even deeper asleep as he continued.

“I’m sorry”, I apologized once again after I woke up. “I guess I must be more tired than I realized!”

“You should’ve had something stronger”, he joked, smiling somewhat mischievously at me.

Sipping at my drink, I realized it was now completely cold. I must’ve been asleep for quite a while. “Why don’t you let me take you to dinner to make up for it?”, I suggested.

“Don’t feel you have to”, he reassured me. “That said, I certainly won’t say ‘no’. I could use a little something to eat, actually.”

We stayed and chatted for a few more minutes, but it wasn’t long before we got up and headed for a restaurant a few blocks away that Rick had said was good. It was very quiet, with a dim interior. A little too romantic for my taste, but I’d made it abundantly clear to Rick that nothing was going to happen between us, so I didn’t worry about it too much.

“Why don’t you head down to the bathroom and relieve yourself, Steve, so dinner doesn’t get interrupted”, Rick suggested.

“Uh…yeah…okay….”, I agreed. Weird thing to say, dude, was what I was actually thinking, but I instinctively got up to head to the bathroom. “Wait, how did you know my real name? I never told you what it was!” All of a sudden, I was feeling very creeped out. Who the hell was this guy?

“You talk in your sleep”, he explained briefly with a smile.

That seemed unlikely, but I let it go and headed downstairs to the bathroom. I didn’t really need to go all that much, but I took a quick leak to make sure my bladder was empty. The more I thought about what had just happened, the weirder it seemed. Why on earth would I ever have spoken my own name while I was sleeping? Something just wasn’t right here. Feeling increasingly alarmed with each passing second, I headed back upstairs to tell Rick I was going to head home.

“Just relax, Steve”, he said, putting a comforting hand on my arm. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind this strange old man who was effectively a complete stranger touching me. “Relax and listen to my voice. There’s nothing to worry about here. Like I said, you just talk in your sleep sometimes”, Rick reassured me. I didn’t believe it was anything quite so simple, but at the same time, he had such an open, honest demeanour, I found it hard to believe that he was up to anything bad. “Look, you can leave at any time if anything seems off in any way. But I assure you, there’s nothing weird going on here. I apologize if knowing your name freaked you out a bit. I probably should’ve mentioned that you’d been dreaming.”

Reluctantly, I sat down with him in the booth and let him strike up a conversation again. I was definitely more on my guard this time, though, and I was very careful not to let myself fall asleep again. When the waiter came, Rick told him that we weren’t quite ready to eat yet but asked if he could have a beer. I wasn’t really thirsty, so I just asked for some water.

Rick certainly had a way about him, I had to give him that. Then again, given what he did for a living, I supposed that was to be expected. By the time his beer and my water arrived, we were talking fairly comfortably once again. I was still wary and kept asking myself if what he’d said had happened was actually the truth, but I held that at bay, since he seemed to be so honest.

As had happened in the coffee shop, the longer we talked, the more I found myself absorbed in his voice. It was just so damned relaxing! I tried very hard to remain awake, but in the end, I just didn’t want to, and I let myself doze off listening to the rhythmic quality of his voice.

I didn’t wake up again until the waiter showed up with dinner for both of us. Since I’d been napping, Rick had taken the liberty of ordering for me. I smiled up at him as the waiter set the food down in front of me, struck by how odd it was that this older gentleman had ordered my dinner for me and it didn’t even bother me. I was so bemused, I barely noticed how the food tasted, or even what I was eating. Mostly, my focus was on him.

Now that I’d gotten over my earlier suspicions, the conversation flowed more smoothly. I wasn’t sure why I’d even been so upset that he knew my name. It was such a small thing. If I’d been polite, I would’ve given him my real first name when I’d introduced myself. After all, I knew his real name; there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he’d been telling the truth, even if I hadn’t.

I nodded off again for a couple of minutes after we’d finished eating, but no more than that. The waiter hadn’t even removed our food by the time I woke up again. “Hey, did you want to come back to my place for drinks?”, I offered. “I only live a few blocks from here.”

“I probably shouldn’t”, Rick looked at me predatorily, “but okay. Just give me a few minutes here, though. I’m kind of ‘indisposed’ at the moment.” I wasn’t sure quite what he meant by that, but I didn’t want to pry. Maybe ten minutes after, Rick paid for our dinner and the two of us got up to leave. He led the way most of the way to where I lived, while I walked a half-step behind on his right. He only stepped aside when it came time for me to unlock the door.

“How did you know where I lived?”, I asked as we walked inside. “I didn’t have to give you directions even once on the way here.”

“Oh, you were talking in your sleep again”, he chuckled.

“Oh, okay”, I blushed. Weird how I seemed to talk in my sleep so much. I’d never known I did that. My brother had never mentioned it the times we’d slept in the same room growing up.

“Can I get you anything?”, I offered as Rick settled down in my living room. It was only a bachelor’s apartment, so you could pretty much see everything from any spot in the house. Considering how much he made, this probably seemed like a broom closet to Rick. Honestly, it didn’t seem like that much more to me, but it was enough.

“Another beer would be nice, if you have any”, he suggested.

I only had two in the fridge, but I stepped over to it and pulled one out, returning a moment later after I’d opened and poured it for him. As I handed it to him, I noticed he had a bit of a bulge in his pants, which he made no effort to hide. “Uh, dude, like I said earlier, you know this isn’t going anywhere, right?”, I asked.

“No, I know! There’s nothing to worry about here, Steve. I’m sure it’ll go away in a few minutes, and even if it doesn’t, I’m not expecting anything”, he responded melodically. “Why don’t you just relax and join me”, he suggested, motioning to the floor at his feet as he spread his legs to make room for me.

Even knowing he had an erection, I sat down between his legs. It just seemed an appropriate place for me. It was that or sit beside him, which I wasn’t about to do when he was so obviously aroused; it just didn’t seem right. Taking my place at his feet, I relaxed as Rick began to stroke my hair, encouraging me to listen to his voice. I could feel his erect cock pressing against the back of my head—when had I let it fall back?—but I was just so comfortable and relaxed that I really couldn’t bring myself to be concerned about it.

As I listened to Rick talking, I relaxed even further, all but slumped on the floor now. There was one part of me that wasn’t so relaxed, though, which eventually woke me up. I knew I should be embarrassed by it or trying to cover it up so that I didn’t send the wrong message, but for the life of me, I just couldn’t seem to care. Besides, I’d obviously been erect while I’d been dozing, so if Rick was going to look, he’d already seen everything he was going to.

“That seems like it must be uncomfortable, Steve”, Rick suggested, leaving no doubt what he was referring to. “Why don’t you let me help you out with it?”, he offered.

Standing up in a bit of a daze, I watched unconcernedly as Rick undid my pants for me and pushed both them and my boxer-briefs down just enough to expose the bar of steel underneath. It wasn’t an understatement to say that I was above average and it felt so nice to let my dick hang free, even if it was with Rick, a complete stranger, staring it at. It felt a lot better now that the pressure had been taken off. I even let Rick give it a couple of tentative strokes just to help relieve some of the tension.

“There now, that’s much better, isn’t it, Steve?”, he asked, still stroking me lightly.

“Yeah, much better. Thanks!” I genuinely did appreciate his help. “I don’t want to send the wrong message here, though”, I explained. “I’m a total top, and I’m into younger twinks. You’re much too old and hairy for me, so this isn’t going anywhere.” I almost felt bad saying it, but he took it well enough.

“No, that’s fine. I understand completely! Still, it’d probably be fairly uncomfortable to put that thing back in your pants. Why don’t you just kick them off and stay that way until things settle down”, he suggested.

“You’re sure you don’t mind?”, I asked. “I don’t want to get you turned on when you’re not getting anything out of it.”

“It’s okay, Steve, I don’t mind at all. I suppose the cat’s out of the bag now, though”, he said. “As you can probably tell by this thing”, he motioned towards his own bulging midsection, “you’re totally 100 percent my type in pretty much every way, except your demeanour, of course!”

“Yeah, I was getting the impression that you were really attracted to me”, I laughed. “Sorry if I’m being a bit of a tease! But what do you mean by demeanour?”

“Like I said, no worries. You do you. I can deal with watching a hot young guy parade around naked for a bit, even if it’s not going anywhere good. And I just mean I tend to like my boys…err…my partners to be a bit more submissive. I’m pretty much a complete dom top and, well, as you said, you’re a top too. So it’s nice to see you nude, of course. But clearly we wouldn’t be much of a match, as submissive as I prefer my partners to be,” Rick grinned.

Having agreed that we clearly weren’t a great match, him being completely not my type, and me being physically his type but not personality-wise a match, I stripped off my pants, making no effort to hide anything from my new friend in any way. He was right, there really was no harm in being nude around him. Figuring I was already showing him the important bits, I stripped off my shirt as well, letting Rick see me completely naked.

“Do you mind if I…you know…take care of things?”, Rick asked after I’d taken my place at his feet once again.

“Ummm…I’d rather you didn’t, to be honest. Like I said, you’re really not my type at all”, I asserted, “and I am kind of sitting at your feet with my face right next to the thing.”

“That’s okay, I understand.” That seemed to be his favourite phrase. No matter how many times I turned him down, he always understood where I was coming from. Setting my head back against his cock, I let myself relax, feeling him thrusting ever so slightly against me every now and then. I let him get away with it, mostly because I was too relaxed to worry about it as I listened to his voice.

Staring up at his face while we continued talking, I really began to appreciate how impressive he was for a guy his age. He wasn’t my type at all, of course, but he looked good for the type of guy he was. It wasn’t so much that I was attracted to him as that I respected him. He was very distinguished and commanding. A natural top, like me. I only hoped I looked half as good as he did when I got to be his age. I was starting to see why some of his partners would be as submissive for him as he stated he liked them to be.

I realized that as we’d been talking, I’d zoned out yet again. Why did I keep falling asleep or zoning out today? It was just so unlike me!

“So, about that blowjob…”, Rick said as he saw me waking up.

“Blowjob? What blowjob? I am not giving you a blowjob”, I informed him, turning to look at him. As I did so, the mound in his pants caught my eye.

“Yes, actually, I think you will be”, he laughed.

Without even thinking about it, I started undoing his pants. “What are you doing to me?”, I asked, unable to stop myself from taking him into my mouth the minute his cock was exposed. He wasn’t even my type! There was literally no sexual attraction here at all beyond a deep and abiding respect for the guy.

“I’m a natural top, like you. And like I said before, I’m very good at motivating people to do things they might feel a little ambivalent about or are reluctant to do. It’s really nothing more than that”, he told me.

I knew he was right, too. He hadn’t “done” anything to me beyond convincing me through the natural force of his personality that I wanted to give him a blowjob. “Holy fuckin’ cock-penis!”, I exclaimed as he firmed up to his full size under my ministrations.

“Come again?”, he asked.

“Oh, yeah, guess you’re older. A cock-penis is like a big, man’s man type of penis. The kind that’s so big, you just have to show the guy respect”, I explained.

“Can’t say I’ve ever heard that one before”, he laughed, “but okay.”

Rick sat back and enjoyed himself, paying very little attention to me as I continued to blow his seriously man-sized cock. I pitied the poor bottoms he must’ve put that into over the years. I was pretty sure he nodded off to sleep at one point while I was sucking him off, but I kept going anyway. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to keep blowing him as it was just my place to keep blowing him. It was the appropriate thing to do in this situation. I mean, I’d been so rude earlier in the day by lying to him, then I started teasing him with my naked body despite knowing he was attracted to me. It just made sense I pay him back at least a little by sucking his cock for how I’d treated him.

Whether he was actually asleep or not, his cock kept producing precum and I kept lapping it up, paying thorough attention to the rest of his shaft and his balls whenever I could.

Maybe half an hour later, my mouth was really starting to ache, and I was getting kind of bored with his lack of response to my attentions, so I stopped. He still didn’t react, so I left him alone, heading off to relieve myself and make a cup of tea. I deliberately didn’t make him one because I didn’t want to encourage him to stay any longer than he already had. If he wasn’t awake by the time I got back to the living room, I intended to wake him up myself and tell him it was time to go.

As it turned out, he was just blinking open his eyes when I got back. “Oh, you made me some tea! How nice of you”, he smiled.

“No”, I laughed somewhat nervously, “this is for me.” I looked down at his still half-hard cock. I couldn’t believe I’d actually been sucking off someone that old for the last half hour. It was still spongey and thick while his graying pubic hair was quite damp with my saliva.

I felt a small wave of nausea form in my stomach. What the hell had gotten into me? This wasn’t me at all. “Actually, I think it’s probably time for you to go”, I asserted. “I said before you weren’t getting anything out of me and I meant it. I honestly don’t know what came over me, but I’ve clearly given you the wrong impression.”

“No worries, Steve, I haven’t gotten the wrong impression at all. Even if you’re my type, I’m not yours. I get that. But listen, why don’t you just relax and listen to my voice for a minute. I don’t have to be your type for us to have some great sex”, he asserted as I began to relax. “In fact, I expect you’re wondering what it would feel like to have it inside of you. Let me tell you, the longer you stare at it, the more you’re going to realize that getting fucked by someone with a cock as big as mine has to feel pretty god-damned good, especially in a virgin ass like yours!”, he insisted. “It’s going to feel absolutely fantastic when I fuck you! That’s really all you need to focus on right now.”

Rick went on at some length, reassuring me that he understood exactly how I felt about his cock and how, even though he wasn’t my type at all, I wanted his cock up my ass so fucking badly! In the end, the latter part won out.

“So, listen…”, I said shyly after he was done talking, “I was wondering…how would you feel about spending the night?” I blushed profusely at how forward I was being. I was such a slut! I realized, just as I woke up, how slutty I wanted to be for such a fantastic cock. I couldn’t believe I’d only met this guy maybe eight hours ago, though it seemed like a lot less, and I was already inviting him to spend the night. I noticed he was back up to full size once again, and I didn’t doubt what his answer would be. In fact, he didn’t bother to answer me at all, he just sat there sipping his tea that I had made for him and idly stroked my cock.

Leading the way to my bedroom, he pulled me along by my cock, ordering me to get into my own bed, face down. I’d never had anybody order me around before, but I liked it—it was kind of kinky. I knew he wanted to fuck me, just as I knew I was going to let him, but man I couldn’t imagine how painful it was going to be. I’d never had a cock up my ass in my life, and now I was going to start with that monstrosity? I was more than a little nervous.

I watched tentatively as Rick pulled out some lube and stroked his massive cock in front of me. Walking forward slightly, I could feel the pressure of his lubed-up cock against my ass crack. I was shaking like a leaf, knowing that I was about to lose my anal virginity. “Just relax, Steve”, came Rick’s voice. “Relax and listen to my voice.”

As Rick continued talking, I started to relax. There was nothing to fear here. I wanted to lose my virginity to a hung, older, gray-haired, dom top like him. It was my place to submit to him. I could feel my hole opening up for him entirely of its own accord, even though he hadn’t started pushing it into me yet. I just really wanted my hole to be loose and comfortable for him, so I did my best to relax it.

When he finally did start to push his cock inside of me, I was more than ready for it—I was eager for it! Contrary to what I’d feared, I took his massive cock inside of me easily. My hole just stretched open to accommodate him, and from the moment he’d started to penetrate, I felt myself relax even more than I had been beforehand. Getting fucked by him turned out to be heaven! I almost hated to say it, but I could see myself becoming a total bottom if this was what it was like. I’d always imagined it must hurt and that the bottom would feel somehow “less than” for being violated. I’d never really understood why bottoms were what they were, I’d just fucked them anyway. Now that I was beginning to feel like one myself, I totally got it!

Rick must’ve fucked me for at least an hour, maybe more, and the whole time, I just lay there, doing what I was told, loving the feel of an older man taking me. After he was done, and he’d filled my hole with his seed, I drifted off to sleep in his arms, wondering why I hadn’t tried bottoming sooner.

“Hey, tiger!”, he greeted me the next morning.

I jumped out of his arms immediately, completely shocked at the sound of his voice as he had been spooning me and his mouth had been right by my ear.

“Whoa! What the fuck?”, I exclaimed, sliding away from him before all of last night came back to me. I’d never let anyone stay the night at my place before. This was my sanctum. The few times I’d spent the night with a bottom, it had always been at their place. Then again, I had been the bottom last night, so maybe this was appropriate. What the fuck? I’d been the bottom!

Looking at Rick now, I felt a not-insignificant amount of loathing. Not so much directed towards him as it was towards myself. I couldn’t believe I’d actually slept with the guy. All I wanted was for him to leave.

“I had a wonderful time last night. You’ve got a seriously hot ass!”, Rick smirked.

I wanted to hurl.

“Relax and listen, Steve. Calm down”, he said, seeing my look of revulsion. Amazingly, I did just that. “We both had a great time last night, and the more you look at my cock, the more you’re going to want to do it again. You loved the feel of my cock sliding up into you, dominating you, commanding your love and devotion. Every time you look at my cock now, you want to service it and, by proxy, me more and more.”

Once I’d calmed down, I could feel Rick’s finger sliding inside my hole, warming me up for a pleasant morning fuck. I was looking forward to having his huge dick inside me again. It had been so fucking amazing taking his cock up my ass last night! I was just starting to loosen up for him when I heard a knock at my door.

“Hey, Steve, are you up yet? Come on, we’ve gotta get going! We’ve only got the truck for eight hours.”

Oh fuck, it was my brother! With everything going on with Rick, I’d completely forgotten that I was supposed to help him move today. I quickly explained the situation to Rick, then went to answer the door. Thankfully, I wasn’t hard, since I’d realized that bottoms didn’t really need to be hard to get fucked. It wasn’t like I was attracted to Rick and would be horny; I was just needy to be fucked by such a perfect cock-penis.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, Chris! I kind of…forgot”, I blushed. “On the bright side, I’ve got an extra pair of hands to help us out, so hopefully that’ll make up for the lost time. Let us just run through the shower quickly. We can grab breakfast from the McD’s drive-through on the way.”

Chris went back downstairs to the lobby to explain what was going on to his friend Alec, who was the one driving. The two of them waited while I told Rick I was going to shower quickly. He took a moment to tell me to relax and listen, reminding me how much of a hurry we were in, so it would make more sense for both of us to shower together.

While we showered, we talked about how I should introduce him, and I decided that there was really no point in denying that Rick was my new boyfriend. It made the most sense, even if I would never actually date someone as old, hairy, and out of shape as Rick. I let him grope me a bit as we finished up, Rick reminding me that I’d prefer to go commando today as I dressed.

Chris and Alec both gave me a skeptical look later when I told them Rick and I were dating. I’d always been really close with Chris and his best friend Alec, despite both of them being straight. Chris and I had always been insanely close as brothers and were truly best of friends as well. I knew about his preferences in women and vice versa. He’d never admit it, because he’s not remotely homophobic, but he liked that I was a bit more stereotypically masculine, being a top, into sports, and acted much more like a straight dude most of the time. But, as a result of how close we’d always been, they both knew my type, and Rick clearly wasn’t it.

Beyond that, I wasn’t much of a guy who dated to begin with, unlike Chris who’d been a very monogamous guy and was dating his first and only girlfriend he’d ever had, an amazing girl named Rebecca. He’d even told me he wanted to marry her sometime soon. Alec was much more of a ‘manwhore’, currently dating his girlfriend of the week named Kara. Neither of them would expect me to be dating anyone, let alone someone as old, hairy, somewhat rude, and lazy as Rick.

It was a busy day, and three of us all worked really hard moving things out of Chris’ old place and into his new one. Noticeably, Rick didn’t do quite as much work as the rest of us, and often found “work” holding doors and such for the rest of us, but I supposed he was older and probably not up to as much as we were. He was clearly not as physically fit as us three younger guys.

Chris and Alec both gave him dirty looks a few times, but when I tried to talk to Rick about it, I decided the best way to deal with it was to cover for him as much as possible by asking him to hold doors open, giving him lighter boxes when I found them, that sort of thing. Once they were convinced that he was helping out more, even if not quite doing his full share, the dirty looks stopped.

“Man, I am wiped!”, Alec said as the four of us lay back in exhaustion, waiting for the pizza to arrive. “I don’t think I could move another box if I tried!”

“I know a little trick that might help you recover faster, if you’re interested”, Rick offered. “Just something I picked up from a friend a few years ago after we’d spent an afternoon rearranging his house.”

Alec looked intrigued and asked what it was.

“Okay, well, first, you have to sit back and relax. I think we’re all doing that about as much as we can already, so let’s move on to step two”, Rick laughed. As I watched, Rick guided both Alec and my brother through a variety of relaxation exercises, encouraging them to focus on recovery and ignoring any little aches and pains they might be feeling. Once they seemed to have gotten into that, he also started suggesting to them that whenever he tried to comfort them, especially if he touched them, that they would relax immediately, feeling better about anything that might have been bothering them.

I found that a little bit strange and wondered what on earth he was up to. This didn’t seem like any kind of relaxation or recovery, it was more like some kind of hypnosis or something. The doorbell rang just then and seeing how the other three were occupied, I got up to get it. The fact that both Alec and Chris seemed unaware of the doorbell at all only furthered the idea that they were under some kind of hypnosis.

My suspicions were confirmed when I got back to hear Rick telling my brother and his friend that any time he told them to relax and listen to his voice, they’d find themselves returning very quickly and easily to the suggestible state that they were both in right now.

“Whoa, dude, are you hypnotising them?”, I whispered accusatively.

“Just relax, Steve. Relax and listen to my voice. I’m not hypnotising them at all. I don’t even know how to hypnotise someone. I’m just motivating your brother and his friend, like I always do. It’s nothing more than that, no matter how it might seem. You know I’m very charismatic and can convince people do to things, including you, your brother, and his friend. There’s nothing strange about that at all”, Rick explained.

I felt better after his explanation, and I was really glad he’d taken the time to do so, or I would’ve been very suspicious when he told them that they’d forget everything since he’d starting helping them to relax, remembering only how great it had felt and how energetic they both were right now.

Once the two of them had opened their eyes again, Rick asked how they were feeling. “Wow, man, that was fantastic!”, my brother exclaimed. “Damn, I almost feel like I could move a whole other house!” Alec was equally affected, and at Rick’s suggestion, all three of us unpacked another two boxes each while we ate. Naturally, Rick sat back and did nothing, but none of us minded that in the least. He did his best to cover it up, but I could tell Rick had a hard-on. Just thinking about it made me want to bend over for him. He couldn’t keep it hidden forever, though. It was Alec who noticed his little problem first, as Rick had asked me to cuddle into him after I’d unpacked enough boxes to his liking.

“What the fuck, man? I realize you’re Steve’s boyfriend and all, but Chris and I are straight. And we don’t even really know you at all. That’s disgusting. Why the fuck do you have an erection right now?”, Alec yelled as he and Chris came back from unpacking their boxes. I was already finished and had curled up beside Rick, letting him reach up my shirt to fondle my nipples. “Keep it in your fucking pants, dude! Jesus!”

“Just relax, guys. Relax and listen to my voice.” As the three of us listened, Rick explained how getting an erection was really not that big of a deal. These things happened sometimes, even to old dudes like him, and it was nothing worth commenting on. By the time he was done his explanation, the three of us were all feeling so great that we went to unpack a few more boxes.

“Man, this is amazing! I can’t believe how much energy I have and how quickly I’m getting shit done here. We all are!”, Chris commented, easily overlooking that all Rick was doing was sitting back and sometimes groping himself as he watched us work. Despite how tired he was, Chris even got up and brought Rick back a beer when he asked for it. Surprisingly, none of the rest of us had had any beer since dinner. We were all much too focused on working.

“Why don’t you and Alec go unpack a few more boxes for me while I spend some time with my boyfriend”, Rick suggested. The two of them didn’t even notice that he’d said “for me”, his dominant toppishness clearly asserting itself. I noticed his phrasing, of course, and stayed with Rick and wasn’t too shocked when he told me to give him a blowjob while my brother and Alec unpacked. I still couldn’t believe I wanted to blow someone like him so badly, mainly because he was so far from my usual type, but when he told me to do it, I didn’t even stop to think. I just undid his pants and wrapped my mouth around his remarkably large cock-penis. It didn’t even matter to me in the least that my brother and Alec could walk in on me at any moment.

This time, it was Chris who was back first, by several minutes. “Oh, man, I don’t need to see that shit! Steve, Jesus, that’s not something you need to do out in the open or at my place in general!”, he cried out when he saw what I was doing.

“Relax, Chris. Just relax and listen to my voice”, Rick began, helping to motivate my brother to look at things differently. “As you listen to my voice, you’re going to go deeper and deeper into the relaxed, suggestible state you’re in right now. It feels so wonderful! All you can do is relax and listen to my voice, following every suggestion I give you and enjoying them more and more each time.

“Now, when I count to three, I want you to open your eyes, Chris, remaining in this pleasant, suggestible state the whole time. Listening only to the sound of my voice—” Rick broke off momentarily as Alec came into the room. Before he could even notice what was going on, Alec was relaxed and listening to Rick’s voice as well.

“Now, as you both stare at Steve sucking me off, I want you to think about all the porn you’ve seen. You’ve seen other guys’ hard cocks in porn and you didn’t mind at all. In that same way, seeing my cock won’t bother you, either. Seeing Steve sucking my cock won’t seem unusual to you in any way, just like watching a woman sucking someone off in porn doesn’t bother you. In fact, it might even start to turn you on. Yes, seeing Steve sucking me off will turn you both on immensely, just like watching the hottest woman giving some guy a blowjob.

“You can be very open and honest about how it turns you on, and just like it feels natural to see me with an erection, you won’t feel a need to hide yours when you get an erection, either”, Rick explained.

He repeated his suggestions several times with slightly different wording, motivating each of them to be very comfortable with what I was doing and encouraging them to be extremely turned on by it. It really did come across like hypnosis, but I knew it wasn’t. Rick was just very good at motivating people to see things his way and do the things he wanted them to do. It was so hot the way he did that!

Rick also spent a bit of time talking with me, but I didn’t process much beyond him and I being boyfriends, especially in the eyes of Chris and Alec. It wasn’t too shocking, considering we had lied about it this morning, but I was feeling increasingly needy for Rick’s approval and if he wanted me to be his boyfriend, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t be. Even if I didn’t find him attractive at all, he was increasingly convincing me of what I actually wanted even when I had doubted it at first.

“Hey, do you guys mind if I join you?”, Chris asked after Rick was done talking. He’d actually had his eyes open ever since Rick had first suggested it, so he was staring straight at Rick’s cock as he spoke. I felt better knowing that Chris was okay with me blowing my new boyfriend right in front of him now.

“Sure thing, Chris. As you can see, your brother’s just giving me a blowjob. I hope that doesn’t bother you…?”, he said tentatively.

“Nah, not at all man. It actually looks kind of interesting. I dunno, man, it’s like watching porn or something”, he asserted, having apparently forgotten that Rick had suggested exactly that.

“Yeah, the little hungry cocksucker gives great head!” All three of us took exception to that, but that just seemed to turn Rick on even more. Chris stood up for me then, knowing I couldn’t with my mouth full of Rick’s cock, saying it was kind of cruel to refer to me in such a demeaning way, even if he was my boyfriend.

Holding my head in place and fucking my mouth, he told all three of us to relax for a moment as he explained to all of us that that was my place. I was his little bottom-bitch, and there was nothing wrong at all with him calling me exactly that or any other demeaning yet accurate assessment of who I actually was. I’d already had some feelings along those lines anyway, so it was easy enough for me to get in line with what he was saying. I was a hungry cocksucking whore for Rick’s dick! Chris and Alec didn’t take a whole lot longer to look at me in a similar light.

“Man, he’s a total fucking whore for my cock, now. He loves sucking huge top dick, don’t you, you little bitch?”, Rick asked.

“Yes, Sir!”, I replied eagerly, diving right back onto his cock as soon as the words were out of my mouth.

“Oh man, that’s hot!”, my brother said. “You’re like totally degrading him and calling him your bitch and stuff, and he loves it! I wish I had a girl I could do that to. I mean, not that I’d want to treat her like that all the time, but it’d be fun just to have some girl be my bitch for a bit like my brother’s yours right now!”, Chris said with more enthusiasm than I’d ever heard him talk about girls before. Apparently, he had a bit of a dominant streak in him. I supposed it ran in the family—or had until I’d met Rick.

For his part, Alec just sat there going red in the face, but not from embarrassment or anything, I thought. He was getting flushed from how turned on he was. I could see the rod in his pants. It didn’t rival Rick’s, but it was clearly larger than even my larger than normal one. Curious, I looked over at my brother, but if he had an erection, I couldn’t see it from where I was. It was only a passing curiosity anyway, so I returned to servicing Rick’s dick, like I was supposed to.

While I was busy, Chris and Alec both went on at some length about how turned on they both were at watching me suck Rick off. Both of them commented frequently on how hard their cocks were, how much precum they were leaking, and how horny it made them watching Rick get his cock sucked. They weren’t the only ones turned on at the idea of me sucking Rick off, though I wasn’t actually hard right now myself, despite how turned on I was. How could I be? Rick was a bit overweight, hairy, and quite a bit older than the rest of us. I was a slut for his cock, not actually sexually attracted to him as a person.

Rick actually kept encouraging the two of them to talk at length about how horny they were, how hard they were, and how much they loved watching me suck his cock. If I didn’t know better, it seemed as though it might have even turned him on a bit knowing my straight brother and his straight friend were hard while they watched me suck him off. But honestly, even if that were the case, it made sense. Rick was just such a dominant and sexy top of a man.

After Rick came as deep inside my mouth as he could get, which wasn’t actually all that deep given his size, Alec and Chris both seemed to nod off again while Rick spoke to them. I, too, nodded off a bit with Rick’s cock still spongey in my mouth and some of his cum leaking out the side of my cock-hungry lips that were, honestly, only hungry for Rick’s cock.

“Hey, Chris, do you mind if I spend the night?” Alec asked after he’d woken back up and pulled his large erection through the fly front of his shorts for him to stroke. “I really just wanna stay and get to know Rick a bit better, you know?”

“Yeah, sure dude! I kinda wanna get to know him better myself. Right now, though, I am totally exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for a week!”, he said, stroking his cock gently through the fly of his pants as well. I figured Alec and Chris were both proudly showing off their dicks thanks to Rick’s motivating influence. Now that I could see them, I could see that Chris’ cock looked a fair bit like mine, though I was guessing he was a tiny bit longer and thicker. It was hard to be sure at this distance, however.

Alec appeared to also have an extremely long dick, but not quite as thick as Chris or mine, just clearly longer. Rick, however, was thicker and longer than all of us.

I was the smallest guy in the house, and that was just fine with me. That really helped put me in my proper place. Granted, I hadn’t sprung an erection the entire time I’d been here, so I couldn’t completely properly compare myself to the other three anyway. I was quite a ‘grower and not a shower,’ as they say, when I was horny for a bottom twink, that is.

“And there’s no question that you two will be spending the night”, Chris insisted. “I’m not letting the two of you out of my sight!”, he told us, his dick throbbing as he looked towards us three, my brother and his friend eagerly showing off their erections and me, kneeling before Rick, still lightly lapping at the glans of his huge cock-penis.

“Well, now that that’s settled, I want the two of you to go unpack another couple of boxes for me, but keep those lovely erections poking out the front of your pants as you do and be sure to stroke them to keep them nice and hard for me,” Rick ordered, though I didn’t think either of them really noticed his phrasing. Despite how exhausted my brother had just said he was, he leapt up to go unpack some more, eager to please my boyfriend, his cock dangling, forgotten, from the fly of his pants.

Rick went to check on the two of them a few minutes later, and I started to doze while he was gone. When he got back, Rick led me to my brother’s bedroom, not bothering to close the door as he stripped completely and ordered me to do the same. We kept it fairly short, since I was pretty tired, but I still rode him for over half an hour. Chris and Alec both stopped by to see what we were doing, but neither of them stayed. They even complimented me on how sexy it was watching me ride Rick like a whore as I watched some pre leak from their incredibly hard dicks. I wasn’t sure where they were going to sleep tonight, but it apparently wasn’t going to be here unless they didn’t mind me fucking myself on my boyfriend. With him still inside me, I fell asleep after Rick told me I could relax. It seemed like he was still talking a bit as I lulled myself into relaxation, but I didn’t really focus on his words too much.

I woke up alone the next morning, though I could hear sounds coming from outside the bedroom somewhere. Wandering into the kitchen, I saw my brother and Alec standing completely nude on either side of Rick getting their cocks stroked by him. Oddly, I felt embarrassed to be naked in front of all three of them, especially since I still had morning wood, but both that embarrassment and my erection faded quickly as I got on my knees to suck Rick off. He hadn’t really told me to, but I figured it was the right thing to do when he was clearly so horny and hard.

“Good morning, little bro”, my brother greeted me. “Did you sleep well?”, he snickered. “Seems like being Rick’s horny, needy cock bitch must be very…fulfilling!” He wasn’t even trying to restrain his mirth. “Pretty sure you were even louder than he was when he came! You’re just a fantastic little slut-whore for him, aren’t you? You’re such a worthless, greedy, disgusting little fag for Rick, aren’t you?”

I looked up at him, unsure how to react. I was a fantastic little slut-whore for Rick, and I didn’t really mind my brother saying so, but this was just so far from what I was used to our relationship being, I didn’t know what to say or do in this situation. Ultimately, I fell back on the simple solution of continuing to suck Rick’s cock and simply ignored my brother’s banter altogether.

“God damn that’s hot!”, Alec said after a minute. “Wish I had someone to give me a morning blowjob! Like, some cock hungry whore who knew where they belonged like Steve.”

“You could, you know!”, Rick asserted. “I could make him suck you off right now, if you wanted. He’s such a cockslut, I’m sure I could easily convince him to help you out,” Rick claimed, offering me up. I felt a small amount of anger at him for assuming I’d be willing to blow my brother’s best friend; a straight guy I’d known for over a decade at this point. I didn’t want to suck Alec at all, only this thick, long, wonderful completely dominant dick in my mouth right now.

“Nah, dude, I’m totally straight!” …said the guy getting his cock stroked by a gay man twice his age.

“Okay, fair enough. But if you’re not interested in a free blowjob from a needy bottom boy, why don’t you boys just relax and listen to my voice”, Rick suggested.

All three of us seemed to zone out for a moment and then, suddenly, Alec interrupted the silence.

“You know, it wouldn’t really be that gay just to get a blowjob, would it?”, Alec asked.

“Probably not”, Rick smiled. “But if you want to use my boy, you’re gonna have to earn it”, he suggested, pulling his cock out of my mouth somewhat forcefully and waving it suggestively. I just stared at it, wanting it back in me as soon as possible. It was such a gigantic, gorgeous, manly rod. I truly was his, I realized. More than a mere boyfriend, I was his submissive boy. I loved that he brought that out of me! Especially so suddenly and without any coercion!

“What, you want me to suck you off? Like your cocksucking bitch has been doing?”, Alec clarified, motioning towards me. My heart swam knowing Alec knew what I was too.

“That was the general idea, yeah. You don’t mind, do you?”, Rick leered.

“Naw, man, it’s all good! I mean, okay, that’s totally gay, but I’ll suck you off if it means I get a blowjob in return, even if it’s not from you”, Alec agreed. “C’mon, man, let’s get to work so we can get inside your slutty whore of a brother later”, Alec suggested, obviously talking to Chris.

I couldn’t really believe it when Chris kneeled down next to me without hesitation at Alec’s invitation. As straight as I knew Chris was, I was considerably shocked when he and Alec joined me in sucking Rick off. His dominant streak must be more important to him than I realized if he was willing to suck some old gay dude he’d just met yesterday off just to get me to suck him off in return.

Then it hit me that I was actually contemplating sucking my own brother off. I knew it should bother me, but any time I came anywhere close to a negative feeling about it, I just thought about how much I wanted to be Rick’s total bottom-boy bitch. The idea of getting whored out by him to whomever he wanted, but especially to my own brother, was seriously kinky…and hot! God, Rick really brought out the completely hidden need to be a submissive bottom-boy for him. And that made me so so horny…even if my cock didn’t respond at all, as limp as it was between my legs.

Once Chris and Alec had joined me on their knees, I found that the two of them were mostly just getting in the way and impeding my style. In an unexpected turn, I realized that that was because they had absolutely no clue how to suck cock, so I ended up explaining it to both of them, the three of us passing Rick’s thick, veiny, old man cock around between us as I would show them different techniques and then let them practice what I’d just taught them.

I found it incredibly interesting how I didn’t really get hard by being Rick’s bottom bitch at all, even though I absolutely adored sucking him off. It was kind of just my duty to fulfill his sexual desires…but Alec and Chris were both hard as steel and leaking as they lathered the old gray pubes, droopy balls, and thick manly cockstick with their saliva. Even though both of them were, as I’d always known, 100% heterosexual dudes.

My brother started backing off slightly, becoming less enthusiastic about sucking Rick off after a while, even though his ramrod straight cock continued to throb with pure horniness. I didn’t think Rick had noticed it, and it certainly wasn’t my place to tell him, but it was obvious to me. After Chris started gagging, though, Rick realized what was going on and intervened; he had him relax and listen for a quick moment, and motivated my brother to get over his reluctance, setting him back to work, which Chris did eagerly.

I was pretty sure Chris and Alec would’ve been happy to suck him off all day, but Rick had promised them my hot little mouth, and he apparently lived up to his promises. At Rick’s direction, the two of them stood up and pointed their cocks in the general direction of my mouth while I heard Rick slathering lube on his massive stick.

I started with Alec’s cock, which was somehow easier for me to take inside of me than my brother’s, despite it being longer. He had a magnificent cock. It was every bit as long and enticing as it had looked from across the room last night. Unlike Rick’s, it fit a good way into my mouth, despite the above average lenghth, though I still couldn’t take him all the way in like I would’ve liked. He was uncircumcised, unlike my brother and I, and I loved lapping at his foreskin.

Despite loving what I was doing and knowing it was absolutely my place to have Alec in and out of my throat, I still didn’t get hard. It wasn’t particularly about my sexual gratification, honestly. Rick had told me to suck on Alec and so I did. I was his extremely motivated, proud cock bitch boy and I knew I wasn’t going to argue with his amazing commands. Even though I knew, after about five minutes of worshipping Alec, I had to move on to my brother Chris. Despite the massive amount of desire I had to follow Ricks’ instructions to blow him, I had slight reservations there.

Eventually, though, I knew it was time. I pulled off Alec and looked over at my brother. He had always been an attractive guy, but being my brother, I’d never really looked at him in a ‘physical attraction level’ kind of way. And now I was actually going to suck his cock?

My brain processed it as my hand reached out to grab it and it couldn’t quite balance out entirely what was going on. I knew I was Rick’s bottom bitch and he had told me to suck on my brothers’ dick…but this was incest. This was wrong. I couldn’t do it…

Rick, sensing my hesitation, spoke suddenly, “Relax and listen, Steve. Look over at my cock-penis. See how much more powerful it is than yours. See that you don’t even get hard anymore; you just know you have to serve it. Let that completely invade your mind now. You are a bitch to my cock and my will because you know that it and I deserve to be worshipped and served because you’re my completely submissive bottom.

“It and I want you to suck your brothers’ cock. It doesn’t matter that you’re related, it doesn’t matter that it’s incest, and it doesn’t matter whether or not you even want to because I want you to and that, as a bottom bitch, is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter what you want because I want you to suck your brothers’ beautiful cock.”

That all made so much sense to me that as soon as Rick finished, I lunged onto Chris’ cock with abandon. This was where I was meant to be: nude, soft, and in servitude of the cocks in front of me. I was a whore for Ricks’ will at this point, honestly.

My older brothers’ beautifully hard cock filled my throat wonderfully, as above average as he was. He wasn’t quite as long as Alec and definitely didn’t match the impressive perfection and size of Rick, but it still felt wonderful knowing I was sucking on my brothers’ thick, straight dick at the command of Rick.

“Holy shit, Steve. You truly are a needy cockhound! Shit, no chick has ever given me this good of head. Fuck, slut, suck my dick, bro!” Chris screamed, grabbing my insatiable head and humping into me.

After a few moments, Rick laughed as he stood up to reposition behind me and said I had to share my mouth with Alec still too, so I let my brothers’ tool escape my lips and I moved over to Alec again, this time starting by sucking his ballsack vigorously. As I shifted over, I felt Rick line himself up with my ass and ease himself in. He’d clearly lubed his giant tool so I knew it’d slip into my hungry hole easily. At this point, just knowing his cock wanted entrance to my hole was enough to relax it completely. I was so happy to become this insatiable bottom for Rick as I sucked any cock he demanded of me.

“Oh fuck. If all I have to do is suck on your cock a little to get this greedy cocksucker on me again, just let me know when you need a bj, Rick!” Alec announced, his knees seeming to buckle as I started fellating him deeply.

“Oh, don’t worry! I’ll let you know. Would you two want to go any further with my bitch?” Rick asked as he gingerly slid his gigantic dick in my hole.

Chris, stroking his meat waiting for his turn for me to blow him again, chimed in, “You mean like fuck him? Like you’re doing now? I don’t know man. Blow jobs are one thing, but seems completely gay to fuck a dude. Even a huge cumdump slut like my brother. Plus, like, even though I know he’s a whore and your bitch, I still don’t want to, like, belittle him by fucking him or something. Seems really wrong.”

I moved back over to my brother, feeling Rick’s cock surge in my ass as he repositioned to stay inside me during my movement and I engulfed Chris’ hard dick with my drooling mouth.

“Chris, Alec? You do realize you’d likely never have even though of getting a blowjob from another man just 24 hours ago. And now your brother and friend is sucking you off like your cum is giving him life. So…I want you both to relax and listen. Relax and listen too, Steve. Deeper than you’ve all relaxed this time. So deep…”

I felt myself floating there, feeling Chris stay rock hard in my mouth as we all seemed to allow our minds to wander as Rick continued fucking my ass. Even that felt so distant and far away as Rick spoke to us, his massive tool going in and out of my rectum at a quickening pace. I couldn’t explain what was happening. All I knew was that Rick was talking, I was absorbing it, and my brother and his friend were in the room too.

Suddenly, I got back to sucking greedily and even more hungrily on my brothers’ somehow even harder cock.

“God, this is so hot. Thanks so much for you sharing your filthy, disgusting, slutty, worthless bitch with us, Rick,” Chris gloated as he started thrusting somewhat painfully into my throat. I gagged a bit, but as nothing more than a bottom bitch for all three of them, I was meant to be used and abused for their sexual gratification. Chris even slapped me a couple times, clearly showing how much contempt he had for his cock-hungry brother.

“It’s truly no problem. My slut loves a good dicking. Have you put any more thought into fucking him?”

Chris increased his pace, seemingly unable to cum despite the massive amount of pleasure I knew my slobbering mouth was giving him. “Come to think of it, I’d love to fuck this cockwhore. I realized it’s not really a matter of straight or gay. He’s a slut, nothing more, nothing less. So, he’s got a dick too. But it’s pathetically soft and nonresponsive anyway. Might as well get some pleasure out the whore. It’s all he’s really good for at this point. My worthless brother at least has one use now: being fucked like the disgusting, perverted faggot he is. You agree, Alec?”

“Oh, fuck yeah. I gotta stick my dick in him. But, kind of like last time, I feel badly just using your cockwhore without given you anything in return Rick. I can’t speak for Chris, but you can fuck me too if it means you let me have a round on your bitch. My ass hasn’t ever been fucked though.”

I could feel Rick increase his pace even more as my brother and his friend spoke to him, clearly becoming more and more turned on by what was happening. Who could blame him? He’d said earlier that I was exactly his type and now he’d motivated me enough to have my inner submissive bitch completely take me over just by being the most dominant and amazing top I’d ever come across.

My ass clenched around Rick’s cock as I heard him moan in ecstasy, spraying his dominant and wonderful seed up my needy ass. Clearly, he enjoyed Alec and Chris admitting they’d let him fuck their straight asses for a round on mine.

Panting, and leaning on top of my back, clearly completely depleted by fucking me, Rick gasped out, “OK, boys, all of you relax and listen. Get to work now. I want this house completely unpacked and ready to go by the end of the day. I’ll stay here and watch TV. Oh, and you can all do it completely nude.”

There wasn’t a question in my mind that Chris, Alec, and I would work hard to follow Rick’s orders.

All three of us worked tirelessly all morning and afternoon to completely unpack Chris’ new kitchen, his living room, bathroom, and bedroom. It wasn’t the largest apartment by any means, but Chris had a lot of work out equipment, video games and consoles, and books, which all took quite a bit to sort out. It actually was kind of hard to focus, too, with Rick sitting on the couch, that perfect cock constantly catching my eye.

Chris and Alec stayed pretty focused on unpacking too, but I couldn’t help noticing that they, too, kept looking over at my wonderfully dominant top boyfriend. Occasionally, Rick would ask us to relax and we’d kind of zone out, but we always woke up feeling so much more energized.

About halfway through our work, we all noticed that Rick was pretty much completely horny and hard again. As large as that dick was, it was hard to miss. Rick just sat there, stroking his mouth-watering cock that I had just decided to serve as Chris, Alec, and I unpacked the living room.

“Hey, Alec?” Rick suddenly interjected. Understandably eager, Alec turned to Rick, “Now that you’ve had some time to think on it more, why don’t you come over here and earn the right to fuck my bitch.”

We all knew what that meant, and Alec could hardly contain his excitement. He put down the Playstation games he’d been organizing next to the large TV while Chris and I kept unpacking our respective boxes. I could tell that Chris was a bit jealous that Alec had been asked to earn the right to fuck me, but, just like me, it was clear he knew that Rick was just such a dominant presence that what he said was obviously going to be what happened.

Alec grabbed the lube that had somehow been placed on the coffee table in front of Rick as if he knew beforehand it was going to be of use. He started slathering it on his ass and once it was good and lubed up, he started doing the same to Rick’s member.

“Remind me again, Alec. You’re straight right?”, Rick asked as Alec excitedly spread the lube to every part of the huge shaft in front of him.

“Oh yeah, pretty much only into women, honestly. I’m chill with gay guys of course, especially considering I’ve known your bottom whore pretty much his whole life and he’s a gay guy. But all I’ve ever really been into is girls and I’m actually pretty much falling hard for my current girlfriend, Kara, for basically the first time in my life,” Alec responded as he stood up, turned around, and lined up Rick’s ramrod straight, thick dick with his lubed asshole. “Why do you ask, Rick?”

Rick chuckled to himself as Alec started easing himself onto the cock. “Oh, just wondering…mmm…” Rick groaned in pleasure, “And remember to relax and listen to me Alec, nice and slow. You’re so able to relax, it’s so easy to slip me inside you.”

Alec started to sigh and moan, likely from pleasure as much as I knew I adored the dick of my dominant top, “Oh God…this feels so good. Mmm…thank you so much, Rick. I can’t say thank you enough for letting me get fucked by your dominant dick so I can fuck your stupid, pathetic cumwhore. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to use him like the slut he is.”

Alec’s eyes rolled up into his heads as I saw him bottom out on the huge pole. I felt a surge of jealousy knowing how utterly orgasmic it was to have such a wonderful man inside my ass, even if I’d always previously been a top. I even chuckled a bit thinking how foolish I knew I’d been before I’d met Rick. I was so fortunate to have met him so he could help me feel so motivated to become what I’d always really wanted to be: a bottom slut…at least for him.

“Doesn’t that cock feel good up your ass, Alec?” Rick asked, clearly knowing the answer before Alec could even respond.

“Mmmm…yes. But honestly, it just makes me even more eager to fuck your slut. If this feels so good, I can only imagine how putting that little cumwhore in his place will feel.”

“That’s a good boy. Now, ride the cock. And don’t cum. You know you need my permission to cum from now on, right?”

Alec started riding him, clearly thinking on what he said, “Oh, well, now that you mention it…mmm…I guess that does make sense. You are, oh fuck yeah, after all, such a dominant…ooooooo…guy and you’re being so generous with not only your slut, but your…fuck you feel good…your…ahhhh, mmmm…perfect dick. I guess it only makes sense that I’d need to ask your permission to…good God this is amazing…to, uhhh..mmm…cum,” Alec gasped between the groans he was letting escape as he rode Rick’s huge cock as his own huge dick bopped erratically before him, dripping with pre.

“You too, Chris. No cumming without my permission from now on, right?”

“Most definitely, my man. Like Alec said, that kind of makes sense considering how much I trust, respect, and idolize you, Rick. You’re the epitome of dominant guy that just, like, deserves to be served. And I’m glad you made my faggy, slutty, cum-addicted brother realize that about you even more than Alec and I,” Chris laughed as he gave me a pitiful look.

Then, Chris seemed to realize something, “Oh but fuck, Rick. Doesn’t that mean that I’d need to call and ask you if I were gonna, say, fuck my girlfriend? Even if, as I’ve planned, I end up marrying her?”

Rick was now eagerly and powerfully holding Alec as he used his ass and fucked him senseless. Alec, for his part, was drooling from the onslaught and insane amount of pleasure Rick was obviously providing him as Rick responded, “Of course, Chris. You and Alec can both relax and listen to me now. You not only know you have to have my permission before you cum, you both want to have to have my permission before you cum. It makes so much sense and will make your orgasms even better knowing you had my permission. It’ll motivate you to have mind-blowing orgasms every single time I give you permission. Especially because you know I might not give you that permission again for a long…mmm…long…uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh,” Rick moaned so loudly as he thrust deep into Alec, spewing his amazing cum deep in my brothers’ best friends’ heterosexual asshole.

“…time,” Rick finished, coming down from the high of his mind-blowingly sexy orgasm. If my dick was even capable of getting hard anymore, I probably would have orgasmed from seeing how turned on Rick had been.

“Hey, slut,” Rick finally said as Alec sat there, hard as steel, still allowing Rick’s dick to fill his ass as the cum started to leak out, “get over here and clean my cock completely then clean out Alecs’ ass. I think we both know you want every last drop of my cum, right boy?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” I said enthusiastically. Alec eased himself off the beautiful, softening dick as I latched right on, savoring every delectable morsel of semen I could. Alec clearly was trying to hold in as much of the cum from his ass as he could, but some was dripping down the back of his legs as he awkwardly stood there, waiting for me to clean him up too at Rick’s instruction. This was clearly something I’d never have even thought of doing even two days ago, but Rick just had a way of bringing out the insatiable cum-guzzling bottom I now knew I was.

“While you’re doing that, I just wanted to confirm you understand that what I was saying to Alec and Chris didn’t really apply to you at all, slut?” Rick gazed down at me, my puppy dog eyes staring up. I nodded as I continued lapping away at every part of his penis and balls, unwilling to allow even one minor glob of cum to go uneaten. “Good boy. You know you’re doing this because you love serving me completely and fulfilling my every sexual need. It’s not about pleasure for you now, is it? You’re so aware of how dominant I am, that you couldn’t care less about cumming or even having an erection? You’re purely motivated by your need to make me feel good. Isn’t that right, bottom boy?”

I finished up on Rick’s dick and started licking the lower part of Alec’s right thigh as the cum was dribbling down his leg. I mustered an energetic ‘mmhm’ as I continued up to the asshole of my brothers’ best friend, a straight guy I’d known my entire life and now would intimately know the inside of his asshole with my tongue. I couldn’t really disagree with Rick. Somehow, in a matter of only about 48 hours, Rick had made me feel like his pleasure was the only thing that truly mattered to me. I didn’t care at this point if my cock never hardened again. In fact, I hoped it wouldn’t! My pleasure only really came from knowing I was providing Rick with pleasure.

I let my tongue lap up every last stray area of cum inside Alec I could, truly digging in as deep as I could. I’d never actually rimmed a single person before, even though I was a top. I had to admit, this new perspective really made me feel like I was a selfish asshole before. How blessed was I that Rick had helped me realize I was so much better at pleasuring other people!

As I was finishing up cleaning the inside of Alec’s ass, Chris was nude, hard, and still organizing the living room when I heard Chris’ phone ring. Looking at it, Chris said it was his girlfriend, Rebecca. He glanced at Rick, seemingly silently asking for permission to answer his own cell phone. When Rick nodded and smirked, Chris clicked on the phone and put it to his ear, “Hey, babe! Yeah, we’re nearly done. Just finishing up. Yeah, we got a bit distracted and it slowed us down a little. Yeah, he brought his new boyfriend. Great guy. Yeah. Mmhm.”

“Hey, Alec and bottom bitch?” Rick whispered, catching all our attention, including Chris. I don’t think any of us could even begin to argue that we weren’t hanging on Ricks’ every word at this point, “Why don’t you relax and listen. I think the two of you would absolutely love to give Chris a nice long blow job while he’s on the phone with his girlfriend. That’d be great for all three of you, I think,” Rick’s cock noticeably hardening yet again as he suggested it.

I couldn’t disagree. I’d already blown my brother this morning, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t again now, even if he was on the phone with his girlfriend and his best friend was going to be doing it at the same time.

Alec and I got on our knees before Chris and Alec immediately deep-throated his friend’s cock as I started hungrily lapping at his balls. He sighed in pleasure, trying to maintain some composure as he told his girlfriend all about how great his apartment looked, when she could come over to see it, and how much help Alec, me, and my new amazing, brilliant, fantastic boyfriend had been.

Alec slurped next to me as I lathered my brothers’ scrotum in my saliva while Chris continued on the phone, “Mmmm…yeah. Sure. Yeah, Rebecca. Mmmmm…what was that? I’m sorr…sorry. I’m a little distracted. Mmmmmmm. Fuck. Oop, I’m sorry, I’m sorry Rebecca. I, uh…I gotta go.”

Chris hung up on his girlfriend as I heard her shouting at him to wait through the phone, but I knew that Alec and I were likely giving him in insane amount of pleasure. Glancing back at Rick, I saw he clearly enjoyed what we were doing as well. His alpha cock throbbing again, even after cumming in Alec not ten minutes ago.

I continued licking at the inner thighs and tilting my head towards his taint as Chris grabbed the sides of Alec’s head and starting thrusting maniacally into his longest friends’ skull with reckless abandon, “Fuck, Alec. If I’d known your throat would feel this good, I woulda had you blow me years ago!”

After about five minutes of me lapping at the balls swaying and banging into my face, I felt Chris’s balls tighten and a loud moan of pleasure as he stopped fucking Alec suddenly.

“Hey, uh, Rick. I think I might blow. Would it be ok if I came down Alec’s throat?” Chris pleaded, clearly on the edge of orgasm.

Rick stroked his cock as he lewdly stared back at Chris, “Hmmm…I don’t know. How much do you want to cum, Chris?”

“Fuck…so much,” Alec continued sucking, clearly not letting up just because his friend was in such a dilemma. I, too, lapped at his balls greedily, loving the salty and musky taste of my brothers’ pheromones.

“I mean, I’m over here stroking my cock, clearly turned on by all this for sure. But, in the end, what kind of pleasure would your orgasm give me?” Rick asked, making perfect sense to me. His pleasure was all that was important, after all.

“Oh, God…it feels so good. My balls…mmm…please, Rick!” Chris begged as Alec and I continued with renewed vigor.

Rick laughed, stroking even faster, “Again, what’s in it for me Chris?”

“Anything! Whatever you want, Rick! Please, please just let me cum!”

Rick paused, listening as Chris moaned and the sound of our slurping and sucking filled the room.

Finally, after what likely could have been ten minutes or more of silence and Chris constantly begging, “You can cum, Chris.”

With one of the loudest and longest groans of absolute pleasure, Chris erupted into his straight friends willing throat. Thrusting deeper in, Alec gagged slightly, but kept the tool there, clearly wanting what he’d earned.

In little under a day, Alec had already learned to deep throat my bro’s massive tool and now he was guzzling his cum as though he was a hungry for it as I was!

“Great work, boys. And Chris? We’ll definitely have a long talk at some point regarding what you’ll owe me for that gift of me allowing you to cum,” Rick said, stroking his addictive meat. “Now get to work, why don’t you all relax and listen: no distractions now; I know you want to get that bedroom completely ready for me. I want all three of you to finish up, order me dinner, and meet me back in here when you’re finished. Oh, and when you’re done, I want you three to…”

His voice faded a bit there, but we listened intently and then, suddenly, without missing a beat, the three of us resumed unpacking and organizing the living room so we could finish up the rest of the house as quickly as possible. Rick put his feet up, that tantalizing dick hard as steel leaking lightly onto his abdomen, and clicked on the TV to relax as we worked. It made sense, honestly. We should be serving such a dominant, amazing, brilliant, perfect specimen of a man.

As much as the three of us were focused on finishing up, it didn’t take incredibly long to finish up and organize Chris’s new apartment at all. Chris did ignore several calls from his girlfriend and even Alec ignored one from his, but it was just so important to finish up so we could get food ordered for Rick and then continue serving him.

Only about an hour or so later, the three of us walked out and asked Rick what he wanted to eat. Listening, Chris instantly pulled out his phone to order the pizza that Rick wanted even though we’d had pizza last night as well. Sure, he wanted anchovies on his pizza and none of us cared for them at all, but if Rick wanted it, that’s what we’d get, eat, and like it. It wasn’t even a question that Chris would pay for it, despite me knowing Rick was incredibly well off.

After the food was ordered, the three of us kneeled in front of Rick, eager to hear what he planned on doing next. Chris and Alec were clearly hard and horny, loving serving this powerfully domineering man. I was justifiably soft, given how much everyone elses’ pleasure mattered to me more than my own at this point.

“You three all done with unpacking and decorating my new apartment?” Rick asked, knowingly.

We all nodded, so happy to have prepared the place for Rick. A part of me knew Chris was going to live here, but there was zero argument in any of our minds that Rick actually owned the place.

“Good, good. Now, Alec. I want to do some brotherly bonding in my new place. Why don’t you get dressed, go to my place, pick up the things you somehow feel so motivated to bring back here, and let me talk with these sexy brothers. Feel free to pick up my pizza while you’re at it.”

“Of course, Sir!” Alec enthusiastically responded, already hopping up to get dressed and follow the orders.

After Alec left, Rick shifted his attention down to Chris and me. My heart skipped a beat having my dreamy older dom even blessing me with his gaze.

“Aren’t you happy you’ve prepared my apartment for me, Chris?” Rick looked down at my older brother, stoking his large, thick, masculine cock, clearly enjoying his boys kneeling at his feet.

“Oh yeah, it’s naturally all yours to do with as you like, Sir! So happy to have gotten it for you! Even though I just met you yesterday!” Chris replied joyously.

“Very, very good boy. You’ve both learned so fast. So happy to have motivated you all to become who you’ve all wanted to be,” Rick said, quickening his masturbatory pace. “And what about you specifically? What can I do with you, Chris?”

“Oh, God, Sir. Anything. Especially after you were so gracious to let me cum earlier today! You’ve also helped me see my whore of a cock-sucking brother can give me more pleasure than I’d ever had with any women before, including the girlfriend I’ve got that I love, and I can’t ever repay you for that! So, feel free to order me around however you want!”

“Such a good boy. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to use my bottom bitch however you want from here on out. But for now, I’m going to enjoy my new apartment for a while. I do have to thank you, bottom bitch,” I perked up, being talked to for the first time in a while, “for being so stand-offish and fake in the beginning.

“Clearly, you had a stick up your ass a bit and, well, I love removing those sticks up prissy bitches like you and getting my meat up there instead. Especially when they so foolishly think they’re actually tops. So, thank you for being my type to a tee and treating me like I was a waste of time for you! You’re my favorite kind of guy to motivate. Your brother here, and his friend for that matter, are just icing on this sexy cake.”

My heart felt like it was going to burst from pride at his thankfulness, but I did feel incredibly guilty for having been such a clueless jerk when we first met. My body, soul, everything was his now to make up for my indiscretion, obviously. I almost burst with excitement as I saw Rick stand up and walk towards me, his giant, beautiful, manly meat bobbing before him.

I felt so immeasurably blessed as Rick continued, slapping his hefty cock-penis on my face somewhat painfully. “You’re just a long line of previously useless, overly cocky young bottom sluts thinking they’re something they’re not before I meet them. Imagine it now, boy, as my cock smacks your slutty face. You thought you were an exclusive top! With no interest in anyone older than you! But it’s clear to both of us now, I’m sure, that you just needed a little motivation to see things correctly about yourself.”

I allowed myself to think about what he said as trails of pre-cum were left around my cheeks, lips, and eyes. I wanted that cock to let me worship it now. I wanted it in my ass. I wanted it so badly that I had to giggle slightly thinking about how, just a couple days ago, I did, in fact, think I was a top who only cared about fucking young twinks. Before Rick, I was exclusively topping young guys and pretty picky about who and how I had sex to begin with.

But now, with Rick’s helpful nature and incredibly motivational charisma, I’d realized I was an absolute bottom bitch for giant meat, most especially Ricks’. God, his cock was perfection attached to the pinnacle of masculinity and superiority. I wanted to worship him completely and endlessly without another thought in my brain if he’d let me. I, in short, was an absolutely cock-hungry, slutty, bottom bitch.

My useless dick would have been hard as steel if it were of any use to me at all, as horny I was. But, honestly, as a bottom bitch, there really would likely never be another erection in my future. I’d been slowly realizing that it just didn’t matter at all. I was a bottom bitch. Bottom bitches didn’t get their dicks sucked or stick it in anything. They pleased dicks…they didn’t please their own dick.

I didn’t mind at all though. I got pleasure and excitement out of knowing Rick was being pleasured by me. Who cared if I would never cum again if he was cumming buckets in me? His semen meant more to me than mine ever could.

“Now you, my sexy bottom bitch, you’re going to come home with me after I’m tired of your brother and his friend. I’ve got a bunch of other extremely motivated bottom bitches that weren’t much different from you when they first met me that I’ve accumulated. Like I said earlier, I’m very well compensated for my talents and, well, have more money than I’ll ever know what to do with. So, we’ll talk through what you’ll say to your job, to your family, to your friends when we’re ready to go.”

He started swatting me incredibly hard with his steel rod to my forehead as I just drooled, longing for a command. He was right, of course; in just these last few days, he’d truly motivated me to becoming his, and only his, bottom bitch. I’d forgotten what else I may have wanted to be or do. I couldn’t think of a single person that was more important to me than Rick. And that was just in a couple days! He was just so intoxicatingly dominant and perfect to me. I couldn’t resist going with him and becoming and doing whatever he had planned for me.

“Now, boys, I think we’ll move to my bedroom for my housewarming party,” Rick ground his cock and balls roughly into my face before turning and motioning for my brother and me to follow him. The cum and musk he’d built up attached itself to the inside of my nose and face and I groaned from the joy of his smell.

Once we made it to Rick’s bed, that I knew deep down was the one that my parents had bought for Chris a few years ago when he’d originally moved out of the house we’d grown up in, Rick told Chris to get even harder, lay down flat on the bed, and to allow me to sit on his dick.

I knew that I wouldn’t dream of not following a single one of Rick’s orders at this point. He was my dominant master, truly and fully, quite frankly. But it still did give me a very slight pause knowing I was about to insert my own brother’s dick into my ass. There was no way I wasn’t going to do it, but I knew this was quite a taboo I was crossing at Rick’s request. Even as I was already walking over to get my brother’s thick cock into me, Rick told me to listen and relax…and after he’d finished speaking, I wasn’t in the least bit fazed at being fucked by Chris any more.

I was nothing more than a slutty, cock-obsessed, cum whore, bottom bitch after all. Incest meant nothing to an insatiable cock fiend like me.

I turned so I could face Rick at the doorway as Chris kept his hard cock straight up for me to insert myself onto. Rick stood there, intoxicatingly dominant, willing me to do what he’d said with only a look. His aged face gave him that masterful look that proved to me I should do whatever he told me to. His silver chest hair looked so wonderfully thick and domineering. Even as my brother’s thick dick penetrated me, I was completely fixated on the sexiest, most dominant, most perfect man I’d ever met: Rick. A man I likely would never have even glanced at just a couple days prior.

“Fuck him, Chris,” Rick commanded as he stroked his own cock.

Without even missing a beat, my older brother went to town on my ass. I was absolutely certain he’d never done anything with another man before sucking on Rick and letting me suck him off, so I was obviously the first ass he’d ever fucked. From what he’d said, he was a pretty vanilla guy with his girlfriend, so he’d likely never fucked her ass either.

He was going crazy on my ass now, though, but I couldn’t blame him at all. I was nothing more than a cum-receptacle, after all. And following Rick’s orders likely drove him mad with lust.

“Now, bitch, I want you to relax and listen…listen and relax…” I zoned out as Rick approached me talking to me. I allowed Chris to continue fucking wildly into me, even as my mind wandered completely, just absorbed in what Rick was saying.

When I came to, I felt incredibly full. Not in my stomach, but in my ass. I was laying down on top of Chris now and could see that Rick was so much closer to me. I could feel Chris continuing to flail beneath me, still fucking into my hungry rectum. But I was surprised to see that Rick was thrusting into me as well.

I had both my brother’s and my master’s cocks in me! I swear, if I even could anymore, I’d have shot a geyser of cum from how horny that made me. I was being double penetrated…I was living out one of my newest and biggest fantasies as a cock-needy bottom bitch. My useless cock rolled around lifelessly and limp as my brother’s and my master’s hard cocks got immense pleasure from my slutty asshole.

Goodness, I was such a proud slut.

Rick and Chris seemed to have an endless amount of energy as they used my hole for what it was designed to be used for. I could feel the pleasure building in Chris, likely even hornier knowing his heterosexual cock was rubbing intoxicatingly right against Rick’s more dominant homosexual one. I figured that thought of that likely made Rick hornier and hornier: having my straight brother so willing to fuck me and rub erections side by side at the same time.

Eventually, Alec returned with a box full of stuff that Rick had sent him for. There were clearly some clothes at the top, but as Alec went through it at Rick’s command, I saw him pull out sex toys, harnesses, dildoes, lube, and other random fun stuff that I knew Rick would use on me, my brother, and Alec while we were staying here. Alec said he’d put the pizzas in the kitchen, but couldn’t wait to come in here to see what we were doing. Alec had clearly stripped the moment he walked into the apartment so I could tell he liked what he saw with his long, straight cock pointed directly at us.

Alec even described Rick’s house a bit, clearly impressed with how big and clean it was. He said that he was mostly shocked by how comfortable he was being nude there around all of the other nude gay guys that lived there. Rick just smirked as Alec said, “Even as a straight guy, I couldn’t help but be turned on by all the bottom sluts you’ve accumulated, Sir!”

“I’m glad I could motivate you to appreciate my hard work, boy. Now get beneath me and lick my balls as I cum in this dumpster with his brother. Chris, when I tell you, you’re going to shoot your massive load deep inside your brother too, you hear me? And hey, since you were so helpful, Alec, you can cum when I tell you. But no touching that cock. Let it happen naturally.”

“Yes, Sir!” both Chris and Alec enthused, Alec getting into an obviously uncomfortable position to lap at the swaying, hairy, massive, old man balls Rick carried and Chris quickening his fucking even more, clearly excited to finally be allowed to cum.

Rick continued with his fucking and moaned orgasmically, clearly enjoying his boys completely. Eventually, I heard him let out a massive grunt and then shouted, “Cum, boys!”

And I was in heaven.

I could feel both my brother’s and my master’s cocks quiver and shoot time and time again, filling my hole with their semen. Shot after shot after shot, filling me up completely. I could feel some dripping out of my hole, leaking between the two rock hard shafts deep inside me. I had never felt more me in all my life. My heart melted as Rick leaned forward, still deep in me, and made out with me somewhat tenderly.

I heard Alec moan too, clearly having shot his load just from licking Rick’s hefty ballsack. My suspicion was verified as I was instructed to get off of my brother’s softening cock and saw the huge mess on the floor and around Alec’s genitals.

Rick, always so thoughtful, asked me to lick up all of Alec’s spilled seed and I did so gratefully.

I felt so blessed to have finally been motivated enough to embrace my true self.

I was Rick’s bottom slave. Now, forever, and endlessly.

The week we spent at Rick’s new apartment with Chris and Alec flew by so fast. We played with the toys Rick brought, stayed nude the whole time, and, after the first couple mornings in which I uncomfortably woke up with morning wood, Rick helped motivate me and my cock to stay soft even after I slept! He was just so good to me.

Finally, however, it was time to go. Rick was ready to bring me to my new home to I could truly start serving him 24/7. Chris even offered to stay at Rick’s apartment after we left and was even gracious enough to pay the rent for it, but we all knew it was still Rick’s place. My brother was such a generous guy.

Rick began immediately ensuring I could live out the fantasy life I now knew I wanted desperately. I wanted to be his complete slave, a bottom bitch who only cared about his pleasure. There were several times he had to tell me to listen and relax, especially before I called work and quit and when I told my parents I was going on a long vacation and wasn’t really sure when I’d be able to chat with them again. But every time I felt even a little bit of worry or apprehension, Rick motivated me to get past it. He was just so dominant and charismatic and perfect…I honestly couldn’t help but listen to everything he ever said.

He’d even helped Alec and Chris feel motivated to embrace their bisexuality fully and completely and, most importantly for me, Chris’s powerful fetish for a dom/slave incest fantasy he realized he’d always had with me. So, even when I moved in with Rick, Chris would come visit me and fuck my stupid slutty brains out!

Chris came out to his girlfriend as bisexual and Alec did as well. Chris’s girlfriend, Rebecca, understood, but did decide to end it after all those years together. Chris was slightly heartbroken, of course, her being his first girlfriend and love. But, unfortunately for him, she couldn’t get past the fact that Chris was now also into men. She felt it was a bit beyond her ability to move on from but wished him the best with his new life.

Alec’s girlfriend, however, embraced it completely. Now, Chris, Alec, and Kara seemed to be in a bit of throuple…but from what Chris had told me last time he came over to fuck me, Alec and him tended to have most of the sex while Kara watched. It was kind of how all three of them preferred it.

And I was living a life of pure bliss serving Rick in his giant house with all of my fellow bottom slaves. He loved us all in our own ways and we loved serving him completely. Occasionally, he’d leave for extended periods of time, but always came back with a new bottom slave to help us take care of all of his needs. We never really chatted much with one another or learned anything about each other, but we all shared our love and desperate need to serve Rick, and that’s all that mattered. To be honest, I never even learned any of their names…but, honestly, I didn’t even remember my own name anymore.

We did everything for him we possibly could, including serving him sexually, sometimes together, sometimes solo. But none of us ever, ever, ever got hard for a moment. We were there for Rick’s pleasure…not our own.

I’ve been serving him now for Lord knows how long and I’ll continue to until he gets tired of me. Occasionally a boy will leave after spending some alone time with him, especially as they got a bit older and likely didn’t fit the requirements of being one his perfect slaves anymore. But I honestly hope I never have to.

I don’t really spend much time thinking about that though. How could I when I was allowed to be a slutty, cum-obsessed, bottom bitch for the best person who ever existed?

All I could really do, day in and day out, is to thank Rick: my life, love, and obsession, for motivating me to be what I’d always longed to be.

An insatiable, needy, cock hungry, submissive, bottom bitch.

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