An Email Could Change The World - Chapter 1

By WeirdKinks published June 13, 2018
Ryan has gotten a strange email that seems to be spam at first glance.

This story is inspired by this manga here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The day was simple in the small town called Carnela. Carnela was a peaceful town, the kind of town that has pretty sights that are gentle on the eyes. Most of the residents themselves match the quiet town as well, as they’re generally kind-hearted people. Due to this, the town rarely has any changes but when they do happen, things get pretty uneasy for a while.

In a small flat lived a father, Tony, and a son, Ryan. Tony was a massive father standing at the age of 45. He has dark brown hair with a small goatee. His eyes are a forest green. However Ryan, at the age of 20, has dark brown eyes with black hair. His build was pretty skinny as he doesn’t work out that much in contrast to his father.

The two men sat together for dinner at the small dining table. On their plates laid some steak with rice underneath, sprinkled with some broccoli. Ryan stabbed the steak with his fork and ate some of it, while Tony was cutting them up into neat little pieces to eat. Like any typical millennial, Ryan was scrolling on his phone, looking at his social media. The two men sat in silence the whole meal through.

Halfway through, an email popped up on Ryan’s phone screen. The email subject read: “Important mail! Must read now!” It looked like spam. Ryan was confused as it should’ve headed straight to the spam folder but no, it seems to be an actual email. He opened it after a bit of hesitation and contents seems to be bizarre.

“This email has a special quality to it, as the user who receives it gets a special gift at the end,” It began. “What?” Ryan muttered under his breath. His father’s ears seemed to pick up on Ryan’s sudden sound but quickly dismissed it as something not important. “The email has been blessed by a holy spirit, as it’s magical properties seem to grant the user the ability to make people, and by extension the world, accept what they say with no resistance. As you are reading this piece of writing, the power is slowly inserting itself into you right now. You may not feel it, but as this email ends, the power will work regardless whether you intended to or not. Now, we have reached the end of this enchanted email and I hope this newfound power of yours will help you on your journey through life, Farewell,”

Ryan obviously found it to be a bunch of crap and dismissed it as such. The email was now living in the trash folder, with the rest of the spam/unwanted emails. He continued to eat his dinner questioning what kind of weirdo would send that.

Dinner ended and it was time for the dishes to be washed. “Clean the dishes please Ryan,” commanded his father for the seventh time in a row. Ryan stood up and mutter “Why don’t you do it?” just loud enough for his dad to hear him. Suddenly, his arms grabbed the dishes and his legs walked him over to the sink. “Ok son, I’ll do the dishes tonight,” He said, scrubbing the first plate. Ryan’s mind was full of confusion. Did his father actually did the work himself or did the email make him? Eventually, he rationalized it to his father trying to be nice for once.

Laying in his bed, Ryan was browsing the news on his phone when a shout could be heard. “Ryan!” the voice boomed, “ Mr Teal has brought over some dinner for us!” The voice seemed to be Tony. Groaning, Ryan rolled off his bed and left the room.

Standing at the front door was a large man with a muscular build. His hair was blonde and spiky, with some tiny hints of greyness in it. His eyes were brown and he had a bit of a mustache. In his giant hands was a container full of soup. “Diana and I made too much soup so we decided to give it to you two!” He explained. Ryan grabbed the container and thanked the man.

As Ryan walked over to the table to place the soup down, a thought immediately popped up in his head. “Hey, Mr Teal, why don’t you have some soup with us?” Ryan asked. If Mr. Teal made too much soup to eat with his wife, surely he would politely decline the offer, right?

“Sure, why not?” Mr Teal replied as he let himself into the flat. Ryan was shocked but quickly told himself that Mr Teal could just be trying to be nice. After all, you can’t jump to conclusions with absurd ideas.

The three men sat at the table, quietly eating the soup. Ryan and Tony seem to be eating it pretty fast-paced while Mr. Teal seems to be taking his time. Ryan didn’t mind as his eyes were exploring the man as much as he can. A secret Ryan withheld from this town was the fact that he was gay. The town had a peaceful exterior, but the people were surprisingly homophobic despite this. If Ryan’s homosexuality ever saw the light of the day in this area, chaos would ensue everywhere. But if he played his cards right, he could use his powers to inflict revenge on the people here, that is if his powers even exist at all.

Tony and Mr. Teal started to have a small conversation with each other, leaving Ryan to his own soup and ideas. “Hey, Mr. Teal?” Ryan asked, “What’s your first name? Feels weird calling you Mr. Teal all the time,” “My name is David,” replied Mr. Teal before quickly going back to the conversation he had previously.

More thoughts rushed into Ryan’s brain at a time. That brief interaction made him believe that the power does in fact work, but a small part of him is screaming that it’s all in his head. The next conversation the two men will have should help confirm whether the powers are real or just a fake.

Ryan started to pretend to pant a little, before saying “Hey David, it’s pretty hot in here isn’t it?” Soon, David started panting a little too. “I haven’t notice that before but you’re right, it is pretty hot in here,” he replied. Deciding to push a little further, Ryan said “Why don’t you take off your shirt? I’m sure it would be cooler,” And David did just that. He ripped the shirt right off his torso and threw behind him, leaving behind a muscular six pack for Ryan to lust over. There’s no doubt now, the email was real!

Excited, Ryan quickly stood up and commanded “David, go to my room and wait for me there,” David then stood up and walked himself over to Ryan’s room. His father didn’t seem to notice or care about the sudden action David just executed or the commands Ryan made, he just kept on eating his soup.

Ryan dashed into his room where he saw a motionless David standing there. Once he set foot inside, David suddenly regained movement. “What do you want, Ryan?” He asked, not angrily but more confused. Ryan slammed the door shut and sat down on his bed. He took off his shirt which revealed a typical torso with not much muscle. He unzipped his pant and underwear, showing off his raging 9-inch dick that he managed to conceal. Finally answering David’s question, he said: “I want you to give me a blowjob,” David walked up to Ryan and collapsed his knees, making him face to face with the cock. He leaned in slowly until his face with touching the cock. His tongue came out and licked the base up and down before slowly inserting the entire thing into his mouth. His eyes looked up at Ryan’s face, which made it hotter for Ryan.

Moans escaped from Ryan’s mouth as David worked his mouth and tongue around Ryan’s shaft. Soon, David slowly sped up the pace, making Ryan moan even louder. ‘‘OH! MR. TEAL!’’ Ryan shouted. David was going even faster until he felt a liquid suddenly enter his mouth. He swallowed it, disregarding it and kept going at it.

“You.. can… stop now,” Ryan panted. David did just that and stood back up. “You can leave this room now,” Ryan says. David obeyed and left the room, leaving Ryan tired and in awe.

He placed himself underneath the covers of his warm blankets and fell asleep thinking about what he could do the next day.

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