My Best Friend Todd

By Yourmind123 published June 12, 2018
Scott has been best friends with Todd for years! But that's all they are, right?

“Adapted from a straight story”

“It’s open!” I yelled from the bedroom as Todd rang the bell. I was still getting changed from my workout clothes into something appropriate for hanging out around the apartment. Todd usually didn’t even bother buzzing, but when he caught my roommate Kareem sitting in the living room in his underwear eating breakfast before class a couple months ago, Kareem had thrown a big fit about it. They were getting along better these days, but he still rang the doorbell. To me, it seemed like a lot of unnecessary fuss—they were buddies, after all, or fast becoming so. I guess they just weren’t friends like us. I mean, I didn’t care if Todd saw me in my underwear. Or buck naked, if I’m being honest. Friends don’t worry about that kind of superficial shit. Kareem’s loosening up day by day—he’ll get there. I really think so. Todd’s just so damn infectiously likeable.

Looking back, I guess I could remember a time when it might have bothered me if he saw me naked. You see, Todd used to have a crush on me. It was one of those super obvious ones that was, unfortunately for him, a one-way street. He was gay and I was straight. (and quite frankly, even if I was gay, I’d still be way out of his league. Not to be mean, but Todd’s a bit pudgy. And pale. And sweaty.) I was pretty homophobic back then and I was kind of in denial about his crush because he was my best friend and I didn’t want to lose him, while he kept hoping I’d wake up one day and be head over heels for him.

Unfortunately for Todd, I’m just not built that way. I’m completely straight. I was never even bi-curious. I’m pretty good-looking and I work out a lot, so I’ve had plenty of opportunity to fuck a lot of college chicks, and I’ve never wanted anything else.

I was kind of harsh when I told him no. I may have called him a few things. I kind of shunned him for a while. Eventually he asked to talk to me, and he explained some things to me. Now we’re best friends and it’s like nothing ever happened, which I’m grateful for, because I overreacted and was a really big bigot before.

Don’t tell him I said this, but once he started talking about going on dates with other guys after we started hanging out again, I actually started flirting with him a little—a back massage here, a suggestive comment there. I didn’t want to lose my time with my best friend. At least unless I was busy with someone else. Although, I’ve kind of stopped with dating lately.

Since then we’ve gone back to being platonic best friends—no strings attached. Honestly, we’ve probably been closer than ever. We hang out probably five or six nights a week. He helped me and Kareem move into our new place, scored his own space in the fridge, and was being a big help in getting me to quit smoking by using some of this hypnotherapy stuff he was into.

(Between you, me and the jock I was slipping into… I don’t think the hypnotherapy crap actually works. He just drones on and I always wind up zoning him out, then telling him it helped. Whatever. The first time he did it was during the conversation we had after I shunned him, so I want to be supportive.)

Anyway, I was good and dressed and headed out to greet my friend. We hugged, like usual. He cupped my muscular ass for a good twenty seconds, like usual (I’ve been incorporating more ass exercises into my workout since Todd suggested it). He stuck a hand down my shorts to see if I was hard, which wasn’t usual—just some little quirk he’d picked up lately. What a rascal, right?

“Hey, watch it! You’re gonna stretch ’em out, bro, and then you’ll have to buy me a new pair.” I chuckled as he withdrew his hand, then wiped off my precum on the bottom of my shirt. (Turns out I was hard and leaking a little, after all, though these days, I was hard almost all the time when he was around. We’d talked it over, and he speculated it might be some kind of allergic reaction to his cologne or something. Whatever. Just an erection between friends.)

“Hey, did I feel that little pink jockstrap you know I like?” “Maybe,” I said coyly. Gay guys, right? One-track minds. “Anyway, what’s our plan? I was thinking maybe get caught up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, order in? Sound cool?” “Eh,” he said in total irreverence. “Oh? Well what do you wanna do then?” “Your butt,” he said, and in the next breath was undoing the button and zipper on my shorts, then lowering them to the ground. I just rolled my eyes as he pulled my mostly-naked ass onto his lap.

(Not that it was a big deal or anything. It reminded me of Justin Hurstweiler, this kid I’d been friends with in first grade who always wanted to come over to play with my G.I Joe action figures because he didn’t have any. It wasn’t like he was using me; I just had something he wanted but didn’t have.)

By reflex, I started thrusting against Todd’s hard-on, grinding my scantily covered cock against his as I rocked front to back, the head of my penis sometimes pushing into his belly. The stripper moves hadn’t come easy—Todd had gotten me a strippercise home workout DVD as a gag gift for my birthday a few months ago, but it turned out to actually be a good cardio exercise, and over time I guess the moves just got ingrained in my head or something. “Well just so you know, Kareem’s gonna be home soon. If you’re gonna fuck my ass, we should either head to my room or get quick with it.”

Todd reached over to pinch and knead my pecs. I was wearing a loose muscle tee so he could easily access my chest. “What’s with that? I mean, Kareem’s caught me bending you over like a little slut plenty of times—why do you get so self-conscious about it?” “Well for one, Kareem’s complained before about it.” “Really? Recently?” I nodded. “That’s… actually kind of surprising.”

Poor guy. He’d been trying some of his hypnosis stuff on Kareem for the past few weeks to help him with his studies—I practically had to beg him to let him. Kareem came from a much more conservative family, so he naturally never really liked Todd. He’d finally allowed Todd to do it—mostly to shut me up, I think—but he told him not to do any “faggy shit” while he was under. As if Todd would ever. Some people are so stuck in the past. Still, I think Todd always assumed it was going to be some weird bonding thing between them. They were chummier for sure, but the idea that his stupid hypno-sessions had anything to do with that was delusional.

“Well, you know Kareem. He’s pretty cool about you feeling me up, or walking around the place with your cock out, fucking my face and all. But he doesn’t like the mess—all the jizz and sweat we spill around this place bothers him sometimes. You know what a neat freak he is.”

“Ah, right. Well, I’ll talk to him about it, see if we can figure something out. So c’mon, spread those cheeks already, Scotty.”

“Can I finish? For two,” I went on obstinately, even as I stood up and bent over, pulling my butt cheeks apart right in front of his face, “I just think being fucked in the ass is kinda… you know… private.”

When I was ten, and I had to tell my friends I couldn’t go on a big camping trip because I was crazy afraid of the dark. I felt like a total sissy for admitting how squeamish I was about something that was, on a ten-point scale of things worth worrying about, a zero. This was just like that. Ever since Todd taught me that anal sex isn’t a gay thing.

Obviously having Kareem see me getting my ass pounded by Todd was nothing to blush over, no more than when he’d caught Todd using his prayer beads on me like mini anal beads; or when he’d heard Todd spanking me a dozen or more times; or last week when I sucked Todd off for almost three straight hours while the three of us watched Stranger Things. (Todd had said that was a really meta blowjob, but I have no idea what he meant. It had felt pretty normal to me.)

My friend ran his hands up and down my thighs, lazily stroking my hard, precum-leaking cock every once in a while. “Well, maybe you’re right. OK, let’s hurry it up then. Get some vaseline, and let’s get that ass fucked.”

The cool thing about Todd is that we can do anything together, or nothing at all. I feel really comfortable around him, you know? We can just listen to music and stare into space for hours. We could sit up into the dark hours of the morning talking about nothing.

We could bend me over the arm of the couch and make me wail like a banshee as I cum over and over and over as he stretches my incredibly tight asshole.

There was a time when I felt a little self-conscious having an orgasm in front of him. I mean, we’re best friends and all, but there are some things I just don’t feel comfortable doing. I don’t pee with the door open, or talk about religion. And until recently, it felt as if letting him see me grunt and moan in bliss as he worked my cock until I was lying there with my cum drying on my abs and chest… well, it felt like that would make things a little uncomfortable.

Luckily, Todd brought me around by showing me over and over and over again how he got off. Sometimes he’d bring me into the shower and I’d try not to drown while I squatted down and blew him under the spray of water. I’d enter a yoga position and he’d fuck me six ways from Sunday while I tried not to move. He’d dress me up in these sexy costumes and just jack off while I posed for him. (I didn’t think he’d ever get tired of watching me scrub and clean the apartment in that little sexy butler outfit he’d found.) click here

During breaks from school, one or both of us usually went home to visit our folks, but we’d still do phone sex. I’d gamely murmur about how my empty little slut asshole felt so lonely without the biggest bestest dick in the universe, how I’d sell my soul for ten minutes impaled on his cock, telling him in every excruciating detail the ways I was pleasuring my tight, naked, muscled body and how much I wished he could be watching me, or better yet, fucking me like a cheap piece of meat.

You know, like friends do.

Over time, cumming in front of one another just felt so normal I wanted to kick myself for ever having been nervous about it. Just like how I’d always said I hated pineapple on pizza, but then I finally tried it—now it’s all I ever wanna order. So when I was in the middle of yet another hands-free, prostate-fueled orgasm as Kareem walked in the front door of the apartment… I almost forgot he wasn’t always a big pineapple fan, so to speak.

It surprised Todd—he won’t admit it, but I think he still feels a little more formal around Kareem sometimes, always says he’s “not as far along as I am” (in friendship, I guess). He pulled out suddenly just as he was climaxing, leading to a bunch of heavy spurts all over my bare back and ass.

“Well hey there, party people,” he said irritably. “You’re cleaning that up, right?”

“Welcome home, K! And of course I will—why would you think I wouldn’t?” I asked, lying on my stomach trying to catch my breath.

“Oh, maybe because last time Todd pulled out of your butt and came all over your ass, you belatedly realized you’d forgotten to pick up paper towels and so I had to lick it all up off of you myself. I’m not your housekeeper, you know, and I assure you, I do not appreciate having to slurp you guys’ juices off each other like I was.”

Todd mumbled something under his own ragged breath. Was that “not yet”? I swear, he could be really annoying at times, assuming we should do all the tidying up even though when it was his mess.

I had a feeling Kareem still thought this was kind of gay which made him uncomfortable. I guess I understand where he’s coming from, but even if this was gay (which it definitely isn’t), he doesn’t have to be such a homophobe to Todd. Plus, it would be much easier to lick Todd’s jizz off me now that that he had convinced me shave off all body hair from the neck down.

“Well I’m happy to report we are well-stocked this time, so if you wouldn’t mind, could you bring me some?” Kareem set down his gym bag and backpack. “I just got home, Scott, geez. Can’t you do it yourself?” “If I do it, it could drip all over, and then you’d have to lick it off the floor. The floor, mind you, which hasn’t been cleaned in days, unlike my ass, which I just sponged off not an hour ago.” “Fine—just gimme a minute to get settled, all right? These clothes are insanely uncomfortable.”

I looked at him over my shoulder; it was an outfit I’d seen him wearing a dozen times, just a shirt and some loose-fitting trousers. “You’ve been saying that a lot lately—I’d think you were putting on weight if I didn’t know better.”

“I know! With the new diet and exercise regimen I’ve been on, I’ve been building muscle, but not enough to make my clothes not fit! But my old clothes all feel… wrong.” He frowned deeply.

“I’ll pick something out for you, Kareem, while you take care of Prince Jizz Stain over there,” Todd said surprisingly helpfully. Maybe he wasn’t such a nuisance after all. He’d been doing that more and more lately, and Kareem had learned to trust his fashion sense, just like I had when I hit my own discomfort-with-my-wardrobe phase. After all, gay guys know way more about fashion than us. By now, if there was even a chance Todd was coming over, I couldn’t sit still until I’d put on some of the new clothes he’d bought. Well, I’d bought. He’d recommended. They were all so tight and short and revealing, perfect for lounging around the apartment in.

Kareem seemed disgusted, and went about getting the paper towels and mopping up my butt as Todd went off to his room. I was good and dry by the time he came back, just about to say something to Kareem about how he didn’t need to keep probing and dabbing every square millimeter of my butt to check for wet spots. Sweet, but unnecessary.

How’s this look, Kar?” Todd said, then unceremoniously tossed a wad of clothes at him. As he unfurled them, I saw it was a nearly identical outfit to the one I’d just been stripped out of—no, make that exactly identical! Tight white shorts, and a red loose-fitting muscle tee. Even identical jockstraps. “Look at us—we’re twins!” I laughed as I began putting on my own.

Kareem winced a moment (he normally was pretty conservative in his tastes, or had been until recently at least). But as he stripped out of his own clothes right there in front of us and began putting his outfit on, he looked more and more relieved by the second. He was really struggling to get those tight shorts over his bubble butt (his gym regime had changed as well); Todd stepped in and helped slip it over them, poking and nudging everything into its proper place. The fabric was stretched so thin I could see the exact shape of his cock even with the jock. His ass looked very snug as well, the pink line of the jock peeking out contrasting with his brown skin nicely.

I don’t get how he could be comfortable looking so slutty in front of his roommate’s friends—but I guess Todd was growing on him. Who knows, maybe Kareem was suppressing some feelings for Todd of his own and Todd would have to friend-zone him. I smirked at the thought.

Kareem had actually brought home dinner, and there was enough for everyone. So we plopped down on the couch, one of us guys on either side of Todd. We must’ve looked funny, two muscular jocks snuggling into the arms of this small, chubby gay dude, but that’s just how friends are. He wrapped his hand comfortably around my cock and idly jerked me; when he did the same to Kareem, I could tell Kareem was a little uncomfortable but wanted to be part of things. (If you’re wondering how Todd ate his dinner with his hands full of two college guys’ big dicks, don’t. Kareem and I took turns feeding him by hand. To help us out, he’d suck our fingers clean in each pass. Thoughtful, right?)

Eventually, as was pretty common these days, my horniness got the better of me—I’m always “thinking with my cock” as Todd jokingly calls it. I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “wanna go back to my room and nail me? I need it pretty bad.”

I could tell Kareem heard me, but whatever. I could see the wet spot in the crotch of his shorts that was every bit as big as mine was. Not my fault he didn’t have friends like Todd to plow him when it got unbearable.

“Nah, I’m still feeling pretty good from fucking you earlier , Scott,” he said, patting my chest sympathetically.

Hmm. Sometimes he sincerely got worn out; lots of times he was just punking me and wanted to see if I’d beg. Well, I almost always would, and tonight was no exception. “I could maybe suck your cock for a while? Huh, would your dick like that? A slutty mouth to call home for a while?”

“Shh,” said Kareem. He hated when people talked during shows.

I didn’t care though. I needed cock, bad, and he was always a lot more apt to give it to me if I groveled a little. It was one of our fun little games like any good friends had, like the way they’d all stare at Weird Naked Guy on that sitcom. One of those little quirks unique to your cadre.

So I took off my shirt to expose my rippling muscles, knelt at Todd’s feet, and stuck my ass in the air. All the while, I murmured my wishes. Easy enough to ignore my tight ass but just try concentrating while someone’s saying “let me fuck you let me suck you let me blow you let me please you let me rim you let me drink you” over and over. It was like when Patrick Swayze in Ghost sang I’m Henry VIII I Am to get people to do what he wanted—just my personal brand of nagging.

“Todd, seriously, if you don’t gag him with your cock I’m going to lose it,” Kareem said, obviously annoyed.

“Nah, all it does is teach him to keep doing it. Behavior like this can’t be rewarded—it has to be punished, if you acknowledge it at all.”

It was pretty rude of them to talk about me like I wasn’t there, but then Todd said he wanted to punish me, and suddenly I redoubled my efforts. “fuck my mouth fuck my face fuck me in my sleep fuck me in my ass fuck me in front of cameras fuck me in your car fuck me in the park fuck me in the ass please please in my ass fuck me…” I went on. God I needed to be punished. I was such a bad little fucking gutter slut of a fuck-toy friend and such a no-good two-dollar cum dump of a roommate. I deserved some good punishment, damnit.

“OK, that’s it,” Kareem snapped. “I don’t know how you put up with that shit. Scott, get your ass up here.” He patted his lap. With a triumphant grin, I jumped up to my feet and just as hastily laid myself down, bottom up, across his lap. One of them—probably Todd—tugged on my belt loops until my butt was right in the middle of both their laps. I could feel Todd’s cock poking my washboard abs.

“Sorry,” he said to Todd. “He was just driving me crazy. My ass’s twitching and my cock’s hard as a rock too, you know, but you don’t hear me pleading for Todd to stuff me so full of his cock that I can feel it in the back of my throat.” “Really?” Todd asked, amused. He reached into Kareem’s tight little shorts and groped his meaty shaft. “Damn, you’re not kidding, Kareem!” “I can’t help it,” he said. “Just been that way a lot lately. Maybe next time you take me under, you can help me work on it?” He was being really nice, pretending their sessions actually did anything. “I think I know just the thing for it, bro.” “Hey, watch it. Just because I let you grope me and finger me and dress me up like a sex toy doesn’t mean I’m like one of your faggot friends you fuck around with.” “Obviously,” Todd said. “That would be, what’s the word? Right, Haram. Now, for Scott here—shall we get back to his training?”

Training, he said, like I’m a dog. Ugh. I’m no dog—just a horny fucking stud in desperate need of some deep dicking in the ass, a depraved nasty cock whore who deserved to have his ass smacked like—

“OW!” I yelped. I’d been so excited that I’d not expected the first actual smack. I couldn’t be sure, but it felt like they were actually taking turns. After the first few, with Kareem telling me I was being a naughty selfish asshole on legs who needed to learn to respect the wishes of others, I felt so much better I barely begged for cock any more.

When I did, they just spanked me some more. I tried not to do it too often, so Kareem wouldn’t realize I was doing it just to be spanked. I think Todd knew, but he’s cool about it—I put up with his leaving the seat up in our bathroom, and he put up with me being an insatiable masochistic slut. Friends just do like that for each other.

Eventually—I didn’t even really notice when—I wound up with my shorts and jock around my knees, the two of them smacking my naked backside whenever they felt like it. To keep me quiet so he could concentrate on the TV, Kareem slipped a couple lubed fingers from his non-spanking hand into my tight little hole and fingered me. I shut up altogether, content to lie there and get finger fucked by my roommate in exchange for giving him a little peace and quiet time. My cock got harder between Kareem’s thighs. We managed to fill most of the night with this, spanking and fingering me while we binged TV. I must’ve had multiple orgasms from it—plus one when Todd stuck a finger in my mouth and let me pretend like I was blowing him. So considerate, bringing me dessert. Weird how blowjobs used to be something I only let girls do to me, but now I just couldn’t get enough dick in my mouth. Kareem was just annoyed because every time I came it dripped between his thighs, pooling onto the sofa.

Finally, we’d watched to our fill. Kareem had class in the morning, as did I. Todd was a night person, but he said he understood. Kareem begrudgingly set about licking my dried cum off the leather sofa so it wouldn’t stain. “Before I go, maybe a quick induction, just to help you guys sleep?,” Todd asked.

I honestly wasn’t interested in the least—not unless he was going to fuck my brains out at the same time—but it was important to him, and I was a good friend. He supported me and my hobbies (sucking his cock, bondage, sending dick pics to him), and I should do the same for his.

“Tonight, let’s just do you both at the same time,” he said, laughing at his own stupid double entente. Ew, gross. I mean, I don’t mind seeing Kareem naked or being licked and sucked and groped and spanked by him. That’s all part of being cool roommates. The thought of an actual threesome was disgusting. He looked like he felt about the same way. Although he probably didn’t want to because it was against his religion or something dumb like that.

Then Todd got out his cheesy little crystal and started dangling it back and forth. Like always, I ignored what he was saying and used the time to think about actually useful things—what groceries I needed, tests and quizzes coming up, all the numbers from one to a thousand… That kind of thing. Before long, my brain was totally shut off.

I didn’t even hear him, honestly. Blah blah “turned on by seeing and touching your roommate, and by seeing your roommate get touched.” Yadda yadda “perfectly natural to suck and lick one another when you’re in your apartment.” “You want to suck your roommate off” and so on and so forth. “Put on a hot show for Todd” et cetera et cetera, ad nauseam.

You know, pointless boring stuff. A couple stray words got through, something about “a time when you shared but didn’t want to,” and I thought about the time my brother and I got into a huge fight over who got to drive the new car, and in the end, I just drove him around and we wound up hanging out and having a great time together.

Weirdly, part of me wondered if my selfish disinterest in having sex with Kareem was like that—just me insisting on my own way, when sharing would actually be way more fun? It was kinda hilarious, how often I stumbled onto these epiphanies during Todd’s pointless sessions, taking some part of my life and learning something from it. So I guess at least some good was coming from what was otherwise a total waste of time.

Eventually he was done, and I brought myself back into the present. I found myself glancing over at Kareem and that wet spot on his shorts. I wonder what he tasted like? Would it be like my own ass juices, when I sucked them off Todd’s cock? Oooh, or I could suck his juices off Todd’s cock. I just had to talk him into letting Todd fuck him—it’d be good for him.

Help us all get closer as friends.

“Whew. Relaxing as always Todd, thanks,” Kareem said. Was he looking at my cock? Man, that’d be pretty cool. We’d look so hot together, Todd would go nuts. That’d be such a hilarious prank, having him walk in on me fucking his ass, or sixty-nining on the balcony. That was technically still part of the apartment, so it wouldn’t be weird.

“My pleasure,” Todd said. He gave him a hug good night, which was not something he usually did, since Kareem didn’t like touch Todd if he could help it usually. I was really glad to see how good they were getting along. As he lifted up Kareem’s shirt to expose his huge pecs and began sucking on one of them, I smiled at how smoothly things were going for the three of us.

It had been months since Kareem had started his crazy “he’s doing something to you” bullshit—to see him now, reaching down his shorts to stroke his cock as Todd sucked on his pecs, I was so glad that paranoid homophobic shit was behind him. I wanted all my friends to get along, to have the same kind of awesome relationship with Todd that I had. As Todd took me by the hand to say goodnight to me in my bedroom, Kareem got on his knees to masturbate in the middle of the living room before bed, a before-bed tradition he’d recently taken up. As we left, I could hear him whispering Todd’s name over and over as he almost furiously jerked himself off.

Back in my room, Todd helped me out of my clothes for bed, planting a soothing kiss on each reddened ass cheek. They really hadn’t been that harsh about my punishment, but still, he was always good about reminding me his teasing was only that—teasing. I knew he’d never spank me out of malice, just like he was only kidding when he called me the dumbest, easiest, sexiest, sluttiest cum dumpster he’d ever laid eyes on.

Classic Todd, right? Such a way with words.

After, he laid me down in my bed and mounted my face, fucking my mouth like it was his personal fleshlight, plunging into my throat so vigorously I was glad he did this fairly frequently so I’d learned to relax my muscles to accept him. It wasn’t long before he pulled out and sprayed all over my face, my hair, my pillow. The first two I could clean up in the shower in the morning. The pillow case, honestly, was just as saturated with Todd’s old cum stains as the rest of my sheets, that I didn’t even bother more than bi-weekly.

“Todd?” I said softly as he pulled his pants back up after. My asshole was still woefully neglected, but I knew it was selfish to think he’d satisfy my every sexual whim (Sometimes I thought about paying him to fuck me, but then, that wasn’t what friends did. Was it?) “What’s on your mind, Scottslut?” I smiled at his nickname for me. “Do you, um, ever regret that I never… you know…” “Are you asking if I’m bitter you shot me down, or are you saying you wanna reconsider, that you want to consider experimenting?” “I dunno. Some of both, maybe. I honestly don’t know.”

He sat down beside me on the bed, smiling his reassuring Todd smile that always made me feel so safe. Then he put his hands into shape for “the shocker,” as they called it, and I moaned in delight as he plunged his fingers into my hole, while pumping my cock with the other hand, while I squirmed and wriggled like the dog in heat I was.

“You know Scott, there was a time when I was pretty down, yeah. But then I realized… you’re right. Relationships are messy. But this? This is simple, wonderful, uncomplicated by emotions and attachments. What we have right now is so great, I’d never jeopardize it for anything.”

Then I was cumming so hard I almost blacked out. When my brain was working again, I saw he was in the doorway, smiling at me, bare-ass naked and spread eagle on my bed, my cock drooling at the thought of him turning around to come fuck me. He snapped a picture of me with his phone, mumbled something about how the guys would appreciate this one.

I ignored the joke about showing the shot to his gay friends; he obviously respected me too much to ever do such a thing. (He had said something about having his buddy Luis over soon, so he could watch us hang out, but that was totally different.)

“Thanks for that,” I said. I didn’t say whether I meant the shocker, or his reassuring words. I felt completely at peace, knowing our friendship was working for him just as well as for me.

Todd grinned. “Hey, what are friends for?”

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