Please Confirm For The Viewers At Home

By SneakyT published June 11, 2018
A gay wrestling porn site hosts a live stream featuring two straight guys. Little do they know that the wrestling isn't the porn.

“Please confirm for the viewers at home that you two are straight.” Asked the director, panning the camera between the faces of the two men before him, both clad in wrestling singlets.

“As straight as they come” smiled Hank, nervously. Hank was 5’10" tall, blonde, and well built. He had only agreed to do this porn gig because he needed a little cash to pay for his college fees, plus, it seemed like pretty softcore wrestling shit.

“I ain’t no fag either” replied the other man, John, less eloquently. John was 6’2", also strongly built (or swole, as he liked to say), and had medium length wavy brown hair. Like Hank, John was also only here for the money, but he didn’t want to spend it on college, his parents were covering that. He wanted to spend it on alcohol and drugs for his frat’s parties. His parents had cut off his (more than adequate) allowance after learning of how he wasted it, so he needed a new source of income to keep his bros assuaged. “Fags” repulsed him, but it was the best way to make cash.

“There you go guys, John ain’t no fag!” Laughed the director, surreptitiously.

“Let’s get started. The rules are: You two wrestle. At the end of each round the loser suffers a sexual penalty that the audience at home helps to pick while the winner receives a bonus. There are five rounds in total. You cannot avoid penalties or bonuses. Ready to get started?”

“Yeah, whatever man” grunted John. Hank, however, was a little concerned. Why would you want to avoid a bonus?

“Um, what kind of penalties and bonuses are there?” He voiced, nervously.

“Oh, nothing too hardcore. And like I said before, we won’t make you perform any sexual acts that you don’t want to.” The directors voice said from behind the camera.

“Okay then, I’m ready” said Hank, relieved.

“Okay, please make your way into the ring.”

The two men moved to opposite sides of the wrestling ring.

“Three! Two! One! Fight!” A bell chimed and the two lurched at each other. Hank was a bit apprehensive and John detected this, catching him off guard. With his head trapped between Johns huge thighs, Hank had an epiphany. John was an asshole. Hank, no longer apprehensive, brought his own legs up around his assailants neck and flipped them over so that he was on top. He grunted in triumph as John struggled beneath him.

“10, 9, 8”

John was struggling trying to remove Hank from his back.

“7, 6, 5”

He was taller, he should have been winning! He tried again, but still failed to get him off.

“4! 3! 2!”

He gave up struggling as the energy left his body. John was held tight.

“1! Hank is the winner of round 1!”

Hank removed himself from John, who begrudgingly got up and spat on the floor, anger plastered across his face.


“Now for the penalty. Our audience at home is currently voting at home for the category of penalty.”

Two titles flashed up on the screen above the ring. They read “Mind” and “Body” A horn sounded as “Body” faded out, leaving “Mind” selected.

The director was reading the comments and struggled to stifle a chortle.

Anon15295: confuse that gay basher lol DominantDom: Make him a fag sub, the world needs more.

“Mind? What’s that mean?” Asked John, still fuming, but now a little concerned too.

“We still have to spin the wheel.” Said the director, ominously. As a wheel appeared on the screen and began to spin. It slowed and finally stopped on an image of a blue droplet and three wavy lines.

“The fuck does THAT mean?” Asked John incredulously.

“You’ll have to play and find out”, winked the director. “Now for Hank’s reward”

A different wheel span and landed on a picture of an eggplant. “I’m confused. How does that help me?” asked Hank as he adjusted himself in his pants. Something felt weird about his junk, like it was plumper. He just put it down to the increased blood flow.

“Please return to the ring”, smiled the director slyly.

As they moved back to their starting positions, Hank couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy. What ARE these penalties and rewards? But his thoughts were interrupted.

“Three! Two! One! Fight!” Boomed the voice over the loudspeakers.

Immediately, John lurched at Hank. He would not lose again. John flipped Hank and managed to sit on his chest, holding down his arms. Hank struggled a bit before finally finding purchase and thrusting John off. He managed to get him in a headlock, but his victory was short-lived as John flipped him over his head, causing him to land on his back. Hank rolled over onto his stomach, but John climbed on his back, lying over him so that his face was directly in line with Hank’s ass.

“10, 9, 8”

Hank couldn’t budge at all. Beads of sweat rolled off his legs and down his face

“7, 6, 5”

John was face-to-ass with Hank when he caught a whiff of something. It was Hank’s sweat.

And it turned John on. A lot.

“4, 3, 2”

John leaned down to just above Hank’s ass and took a whiff. It smelt so good. He couldn’t resist. He buried his face between his opponents sweaty butt cheeks and inhaled deeply. Hank felt something hard press into his back. “What the fu-”

“1! John is the winner! Time for Hank’s punishment.” Said the director.

“What the fuck dude!” Shouted Hank. “What was that about?”

“Idk man, I just couldn’t stop myself!” Replied John, a little bit frightened with himself.

“I thought you were straight!” Cried Hank, confused.

“I am!” Replied John, angrily. He wasn’t a fag.

Meanwhile, the director was checking the votes for Hank’s punishment.

The two categories appeared yet again, and the boys were interrupted by a horn as the category for Hank’s punishment was revealed. “Body”

Hank was more than a little concerned after last round. John’s punishment must have actually had an effect on him. Either that or he’s got some REALLY internalized homophobia, which was actually a possibility in John’s case.

The wheel spin before stopping on a segment labeled with a picture of a circle with a dot inside it. The wheel flashed before spinning again.

“What! Why is it spinning again?” Asked Hank, angrily.

“You landed on a blue tile. Blue means spin again” explained the director.

“You didn’t mention that earlier”, complained Hank, before the wheel stopped once more. This time, the segment was clearly labeled with a picture of a cock and balls.

“Now onto John’s reward” Smiled the director. The wheel span and landed on a picture of what appeared to be a mans ass, clad only in a jockstrap. John suddenly noticed that his singlet felt noticeably tighter and reached around to feel his ass. Meanwhile, Hank’s package started to feel different. It wasn’t a distinct feeling, more like he was suddenly aware of his genitals in the singlet. As he moved his hand to check, the suspenders of the singlet rubbed against his nipple and he moaned in surprised pleasure.

“Oh my god. How did you… How did you actually do that?” He asked, scared and confused. “My- My ass! It’s huge! What the fuck have you done to me?” John shouted

“Now’s probably a good time to go into more detail about punishments.” said the director wickedly. “Mind punishments alter your mind a certain way. John, yours made you addicted to men’s scents and sweat. Body punishments alter your body, often making you more sensitive. That explains your ahem, predicament” explained the director as he gestured at Hank. “Rewards are different. Most rewards give you a size bonus to a part of your body, but some rarer rewards allow you to affect the minds of others.”

Hank was thinking through all of this when John piped up, “You fucking fag! Let me out. I swear to god, I ain’t playing your fucking game!”

“please return to the ring or you will be dealt a punishment”, replied the director, nonchalantly.

“Fuck. You”, responded John, furiously. As he made his way over to the director. He drew back his fist and prepared to punch him square in the face. However, as he was bringing his fist down he froze, and the wheel came back to life behind him. He started slightly convulsing as the front of his singlet became stained with cum. The wheel slowed, before stopping on a blue tile adorned with a picture of a man spreading his ass to reveal an asshole. The wheel span again, landing on an image of a clear droplet. Suddenly, the dark spot in his pants grew substantially.

“Just in case you were wondering, that first tile makes your ass SUPER sensitive, and the second one makes you cum and precum ten times as much as you previously did. Now return to the ring or suffer more penalties.”

John was panting, but he realised the only way for him to salvage a modicum of his heterosexuality was to win. And he would. By any means possible. However, Hank had also had a similar realisation, as well as tricks up his sleeves.

The two returned to their starting positions as a voice counted down yet again.

“Three! Two! One! Fight!”

John, yet again went straight for Hank, but Hank had a plan. He ducked low and grabbed John’s legs. John’s body continued to travel forwards while his legs were rooted in place. He crashed face first into the mat, and Hank immediately got to work. He spun around and ripped the back of John’s singlet before vigorously rubbing the hole presented before him. John, unable to restrain himself, let out a huge moan as his soft cock leaked precum. He had to find a way out! He wasn’t going to lose to Hank. He suddenly had an idea. Reaching behind himself with his arm, he struggled to find his target. He pawed helplessly at the chest behind him before finally finding what he was looking for. “Ahhhh!” Moaned Hank as John roughly twisted his hypersensitive nipple. Hank, distracted, stopped rubbing the hole in front of him and John seized the opportunity, flipping the pair so that he was on top. He continued tweaking Hank’s sensitive tit while also trying to rip off the singlet that was protecting his cock. He finally succeeded and buried his face in Hank’s package, licking whatever he could. Hank was moaning in pleasure and frustration while John breathed and licked his musk.

“10, 9, 8,”

Hank writhed in pleasure underneath John. He opened his eyes and saw that John’s bare ass was right in front of him. In a last ditch attempt he tried to attack it with the only thing he could. His tongue.

“7, 6, 5,”

John jumped at this unexpected stimulation, but couldn’t stop or he would lose. He ramped up the energy as he inserted Hank’s erect cock into his mouth.

“4, 3, 2,”

The two were frantically performing sexual acts on each other, each trying to win. Sweat was pouring down their faces as they frantically pleasured eachother, aiming for victory.


They both lurched as they came. Hank started pumping cum into John’s mouth while John just soaked his singlet even more with a fresh load of cum. They convulsed in synchronised pleasure as they ejaculated, unable to stop.

“John is the winner of round three! Let’s see Hank’s punishment.” The director said as he read the comments

Faggatron9001: Give him mind, He’s already done body! MasterJake5123: Yeah, fuck with his head

The votes continued to roll in before finally body faded into the background and mind was selected. “Mind! Let’s spin the wheel!” Hank stood there, dejected but consigned to his fate. The wheel landed on a yellow tile with a picture of a tongue. A siren sounded as the text “Wild Card!” appeared on the screen. “So, Hank. Your landed on Oral Fixation, but it was a yellow tile which means you get a Wild Card spin!”

The wheel spun, flashing rainbow before landing on a tile labelled “Pitcher”. Before anyone could respond, what remained of Hank’s torn singlet dissolved and what materialised in it’s stead was a mockery of a baseball get up. He had the tight knee-high socks, a blue jockstrap with a lace up front and a backwards baseball cap. That was it.

“What the fuck?” He said in a deep bass voice. Before he could say anything else, his cock got even bigger than it was before, it now totaled at around 8 inches and THICK as it bulged obscenely in his newly acquired jock.

“Now for your reward” said the director, turning to John, who was amused at Hank’s new getup. “Better him than me” he thought to himself.

The wheel came to life again before it landed on a picture of a heavily muscled guy. “Haha. You got Adonis. Nice.” John’s body shifted as his waist slimmed and his pecs grew. His skin adopted a new golden glow."

“Now, time for round four! Return to your starting positions”

Hank was starting to get desperate. He’d lost twice, and while his changes weren’t too bad, he didn’t want to run the risk of losing again.

The two moved into position.

“Three! Two! One! Fight!”

Instead of lunging at each other like they had last time, they were both more careful. Hank couldn’t help but let his eyes drift to John’s crotch, but he immediately came to when John lunged for him. Instead of dodging out of the way, Hank tried a different approach. He ducked to the side, letting John run into his shoulder, before reaching up between his opponents legs and plunging his finger straight into John’s tight ass. John immediately moaned and started producing precum, unable to move. As a bead of John’s precum landed on Hank’s face, he had a sudden idea. He reached up to John’s cock and squeezed the precum out of it before rubbing it all over his other hand that wasn’t currently knuckle deep in John’s ass. With this hand, he stretched it up and smothered John’s face with his own precum. John inhaled deeply, before he started squirting cum everywhere. Hank quickly reached back down and collected it all before plastering it back over John’s face again, feeding back into his orgasm.

“10, 9, 8,” John continued to convulse as he came an inhuman amount, most of which landing on Hank’s face which was positioned directly below him

“7, 6, 5,” John stopped cumming as he realised that he was losing. “What the fuck man, no fair!” He cried. “Oh like what you did last round was fair, you asshole”

“4, 3, 2,” John started writhing, Hank almost lost his grip before plunging another two fingers into John’s hole. That shut him up.

“1! Hank is the winner!”

“Hnnnngggggggggggggggg!” Moaned John as he let out another huge wad of cum onto Hank’s face.

Before the two even had a chance to right themselves, the audience had finished their votes and the mind category was selected. “Not mind aga-nnnnngggggggggghhhhhhh!” moaned John as Hank removed his fingers from his ass, triggering another anal orgasm.

The wheel sprung to life before settling on a yellow tile with a picture of a jockstrap. Yet again, the words “Wild Card!” appeared on the screen. “Oh fuck” muttered John as the wheel span yet again. It finally settled on a picture of a rainbow flag. “Oooh fuck” he said again, as his torn, cum stained singlet disappeared and was replaced by a tight pair of rainbow briefs with a removable flap covering his ass, and a rainbow collar also faded into existence around his neck. A rainbow ring piercing appeared on his left nipple which made him leak precum when it moved and finally, a loose rainbow mesh crop-top appeared over his chest, but it didn’t cover much. “I feel so faggy.” His voice was slightly higher than it had been before.

“The first section, by the way, was “bottom”, and the second was literally called “fag”” Laughed the director maliciously before turning back to the wheel as it decided Hank’s reward. It finally stopped on a segment marked with a picture of a leather cap. “Natural dom. Men feel compelled to follow your orders. You like it rough” explained the director. Hank smiled as he grew a few inches taller.

“Now for the final round. Round 5 works differently to the others. Round 5 is a sex round. Instead of wrestling to decide the winner, whoever cums first decides the loser. The winner gets to pick what changes they keep and what changes they lose, while the loser receives 6 spins of the wheel. In the event of a tie, you split the loss spins between you. Get into position.”

As the two moved to their sides of the ring, both of them were determined to win.


John undid up his butt flap


Hank unlaced the front of his jockstrap and pulled out his hardening cock.


The two ran at each other and immediately went for their weaknesses. Hank buried his face in John’s ass and viciously licked his hole while he slapped his ass. John, while moaning, suckled aggressively on Hank’s sensitive pectoral while he stroked his cock. John was clearly in the lead as Hank’s face started to turn red. “Sit on my cock, boy”, said Hank. “Wha-what?” stammered John. “Sit. On. My. Fucking. 8. Incher. Fag.” Commanded Hank as John stopped jacking him off. Unable to resist, John followed the order and slowly impaled himself on Hank’s lap. As he was gently sliding down, lubed only by spit, Hank suddenly thrusted up, burying all 8 inches into John’s hypersensitive hole and abusing his prostate. Precum squirted out of John’s cock onto Hank’s face as John moaned in ecstasy “Ohhhhhh Hank”. “Not Hank anymore, fag. Sir.” Replied Hank, aggressively as he started pounding away at John’s quickly loosening asshole. John felt a pressure mounting in his ass. He couldn’t lose, 6 spins would ruin him! But he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. “Fucking get in here, you fucking butt-slut”, grunted Hank in his deep voice as he grabbed John’s head and forced it into his sweaty pits. As John inhaled, he almost came. There was only one thing John could do. He reached both hands around to Hank’s nipples and pinched tight as he seized control of the fucking, no longer being thrusted into, but now moving his own ass up and down on Hank’s thick cock. He couldn’t last much longer, but he knew Hank was as close as he was. He just needed one last push. He threw away what remained of his masculinity and shouted, “OH FUCK ME SIR!” before pulling himself entirely off Hank’s cock and sitting on it, swallowing all 8 inches at once. Immediately Hank started pumping cum into John’s tight, warm fuckhole. John tasted victory for a sweet second before desperately trying to hold off his own orgasm. He tried so hard.

But failed even harder.

As Hank pumped his jizz into John, John became unable to hold it in anymore. He squirted his huge load of cum all over Hank’s face and body, coating him in cum. It was over.

“It’s a tie!” Yelled the director as the audience spammed the chat room. “Time for the roulette.”

The wheel span and stopped six times.

“Libido” read the director as Hank’s dick grew hard inside John yet again “Toy Boy” John longed for his toys “Dirty Talker” “You thought you were done you fucking fag? I’m gonna destroy your fucking asshole” “Exhibitionist” John turned to the camera and bit his lip as Hank pressed his cock back into him “Punisher” Hank spanked John. John liked it, and he showed the camera just how much he liked it. “Secondary sex organ” John felt his cock begin to shrink and pulled down his underwear it wasn’t tiny, but where it used to be 6 and a half inches hard it was now only 4 and a half. At the same time, his ass seemed to loosen. Hank took this as a sign that he could pound away, much to John’s pleasure.

The director walked up to the two men who were fucking vigorously in the wrestling ring. He held the camera up to John’s face, who looked at it and surreptitiously moaned “fuck me daddy”. “At the start of the night you were saying, and I quote, that; ‘you ain’t no fag’. Do you still believe that, Johnny?” Antagonised the director. “No sir, I’m a faggy little butt slut!” He looked directly at the camera and smiled. Hank just pivoted away at poor Johnny’s tight ass. “Take it, fag”

“That’s our show for tonight.” Said the director as the two men behind him came yet again. “OH FUCKING FUCK ME HARDER SIR” cried John in the distance “We’ll leave the stream live until they… settle down. If they settle down. If you have any nominations for men you want to play, send them our way and we’ll try to get a hold of them. Until then, goodnight”

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