Spin the Bottom

By TickledPink published June 11, 2018

Piggy in the Middle or Blind Man’s Butt would also have been acceptable.

“Now rim each other’s holes!”

Matt felt his cheeks being pulled apart, roughly, by Jared’s hands, and then felt as Jared’s tongue assaulted his hole. Licking greedily at the pink puckered centre, moustache rubbing up and down his crack. And as good as it felt, (and based on how far his green jock was stretched out, it felt pretty good) victory felt even better.

“Ah ah ah!” the gamemaster was wagging his finger disapprovingly at Jared. “Simon, didn’t say to do that!”

Matt felt as Jared’s tongue, poking inside his hole, stopped moving suddenly. He felt the other man stand up and lean forwards. He leaned back on the other man, each keeping the other upright. Matt felt the other man’s chest hair tickling against his back and saw as a pair of strong arms encircled him. The swarthy arms pulled him back into a tight hug, and he felt the other man’s bulge (slightly damp from precum) press into his exposed arse.

“And with that, the winner of this round is Matt!”

Matt pulled out from Jared’s arms and walked over to the scoring table, triumphantly grabbing the green two point butt plug.

“Here, let me give you a hand.” Teddy said, and Matt obligingly handed the plug over to the yellow-clad man. Matt felt Teddy’s rough fingers rub down his crack, teasing at his hole, and applying more lube to it, before he felt the push of the butt plug. It was thicker and larger than the previous one, and he found himself slightly bent over before Teddy had it fully secured inside him. Matt felt a twinge of pleasure as Teddy tapped it lightly, and he straightened. He walked over (slightly bow-legged) to the refreshments table and grabbed a drink while the gamemaster instructed the others in setting up the next game.

“Now then, gents! We’ve got an exciting game here, not much more in it now! The jolly green ginger Matt is in the lead on two points. The golden boy Teddy and little boy blue Judah follow behind on one point each, and Jared’s left red in the face and yet to score.”

The gamemaster was speaking more and more as though he had an audience beyond the four guys, but Matt ignored it. Honestly with how horny he was it was a wonder he could concentrate on anything at all. Something about that thought tried to get his attention, but as he shifted from foot to foot the pressure of the plug inside him sent any further consideration scuttling away. His dick was pressing urgently at the front of his jock, causing the straps to press in behind. It was slightly uncomfortable. Usually he preferred boxers, something roomier, but he had to admit that these games would have been difficult to play in them, so the jocks made sense.

“If! This round, if Matt is the victor then the games are over for the evening! He will have three points and be the recipient of the evening’s fabulous prize!”

“Prize?” asked Teddy. Matt was surprised too, there was a prize?

“No interrupting!” snapped the gamemaster “Now as I was saying! Matt requires but a single point to win, so it is in the best interests of you three-” he gestured towards Teddy, Jared and Judah “-to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“To that end! Our game this round is a little bit different. Gentlemen, if you’d be so kind as to get set up, we can get started with Spin the Bottom!” With a flourish he indicated the playing area, in which a single office chair sat, angled back practically to 45°.

“Spin the Bottle?” asked Jared “but we’re all guys. Won’t that be weird?”

“No, no, no, no, no!” said the gamemaster dismissively, “not Spin the Bottle, Spin the Bottom! That one you have to be all guys! It’s part of the rules.”

“Ohhh.” said Jared, curiosity assuaged.

“So in this round, you will be in teams, on Team Top, we will have Teddy, Jared and Judah, and on Team Bottom we have Matt.” Matt opened his mouth to protest the blatant unfairness of this but the gamemaster raised a hand to intercept his complaint. “And it is entirely possible for Team Bottom to pull a victory off here, not to worry.”

“So, Spin the Bottom, the rules are as simple as they are sexy. Our lovely bottom is strapped into place on his spinner, and Team Top takes turns spinning him around. The top that our bottom lands arse first towards gets the chance to finger him into ecstasy for three minutes. You can do as you like with him otherwise, but no touching the cock. Team Bottom’s cock is to show how much he likes what you’re doing to his arse.”

Matt bristled at those words. His cock was more than a measuring stick, he looked down at his cock as it measured how much he was enjoying his evening. It was encased in it’s green jock-brief, and the sight as it stretched against the fabric seemed right to Matt, though he couldn’t say why. But it definitely had other uses. He looked back up as the gamemaster continued.

“If they get a second turn, our tops can finger or rim him for up to five minutes. And on a third turn? Well on three goes round, we get to seven minutes in heaven! Our lucky top will have seven minutes with which to plough that arse and bring our bottom to heaven.”

“So how do I win?” Matt asked, pointedly.

“Besides the joy of participation? Well, as you recall, in the previous rounds, cumming meant disqualification?” The guys nodded in agreement. “Good, well that’s the only way out this round. If all three of our tops cum, they are out of the round and Matty gets his third and final point. But if one of our strapping tops can make Matty cream his jock, then all three will earn themselves a point!”

Beaming, the gamemaster gestured them over to the playing area and Matt sat down on the chair. Jared came over, grinning like the devil under his red cap, and put a firm hand on his shoulder, pushing him down. Matt shuffled down the chair, until his arse hung off the edge. His friends helped him lift up his legs and using some green rope pulled from somewhere, bound his thighs to the armrests, exposing his arse, where the green buttplug still proudly displayed the “2” on its base. They also strapped his hands to the chair, but more for stability than anything.

“Excellent! Now as the player coming in last, I believe we should let Jared have the first spin.”

Matt looked up at Jared who continued grinning, while he reached for the top of the chair.

“Oh wait!” exclaimed the gamemaster. “Almost forgot.” He threw something green down to the group and Judah caught it out of the air. He looked at it and smiled, walking over to Matt. Matt looked up questioningly. Matt saw as the green fabric came towards his eyes and he felt as Judah affixed the blindfold, pulling it over his cap. Now unable to see, he wasn’t able to anticipate when the chair would start to spin, and so it caught him off guard when it did.

The chair whirled around and Matt waited as it came to a stop. Nothing happened. And then he felt as the plug was pulled gently from his hole, making a “pop!” as it came out. And then he felt fingers. They tickled gently at his hole at first, before realising that they didn’t have to tease it open. He could hear Judah cheering from the side, so he knew it wasn’t him. He felt as two (three?) fingers penetrated him, gently curling inside him. He could feel them searching for the spot they wanted, and he curled his toes involuntarily when they found it. The fingers relentlessly teased at his prostate for what seemed like an eternity, before they pulled out.

The seat whirled once more, and he heard Teddy give a whoop, but again not in front of him. These fingers were different, rougher, and they had a much harder time finding his p spot. He thought he’d get away this spin, before finally they hit the jackpot, and he gave an uncontrolled whimper. But shortly he was spinning again.

Ready for a third set of fingers he was surprised to feel a wet tongue jab at his hole, prodding at it. He the scratch of facial hair surrounding it, and the warmth of the mouth lapping at his ring. He shifted in his seat, squirming under the attention. He felt his cock twitching in his jock, giving a favourable review of the rimjob. But soon it finished and he span around once more.

As surprised as he was by the tongue before, feeling a cock press at his hole was something completely different. Honestly if it weren’t the rules of the game he might have put a stop to the whole thing then and there. But then, as the rhythm of the cock built up he started to feel completely differently on the subject. His eyes rolled under the blindfold as he felt the cock push in and out, using his hole. He felt his own cock, rising and falling with each thrust, extending in its approval when he was filled and falling with disappointment when the cock pulled out, only to spring back up with the bucking of his tops hips, but he held off, refusing to climax.

Soon enough he was spinning again, becoming slightly light-headed from the spinning, before fingers once more assaulted his hole. Reflexively he pushed onto them, attempting to guide them to his p spot. He moaned softly as they found it, sending waves of pleasure through him. And spinning again brought another set of lips into play. He felt as one of his friends, he was beyond caring who, kissed at his hole and slid their tongue in as far as it would go. He shivered when the tongue retreated and fingers tickled at his prostate again. Alternating tongue and fingers continued and he felt himself rising up, supporting himself on his thighs to give them better access.

The next spin came quickly, preventing him from gathering his wits, and soon he had another cock inside him. He moaned loudly at the penetration, and heard a moan he recognised as Teddy. The realisation that he was being fucked by Teddy hit him. This was Teddy, his friend! His coworker! There was no way he was going to lose to Teddy! He willed himself under control, despite the sensations his hole was sending him, and concentrated on the cock filling him. He knew he couldn’t lie back and take it, he had to take charge of the situation.

He breathed deeply as he was fucked, feeling the firmness of Teddy’s hands on his legs, and the warmth of his body on his arse. He carefully tensed, just slightly, and released, in time with Teddy’s thrusts, and soon heard his breath become more laboured. But soon the seven minutes in heaven were over and he was spinning again.

Now prepared for a cock, the third tongue came as a real curveball, licking at his already well-used hole. He felt either Jared or Judah’s nose nuzzling in his crack as they lapped at it, hands pulling his cheeks apart for better access, and he couldn’t help but arch his back, even bound as he was. But soon that too passed, and another spin brought the cock he was waiting for. He felt his cock jump at the feel of it against his arse, betraying his anticipation.

From the beginning he put his strategy into action, gaining in confidence with each moan he extracted from Team Top. His own moaning was both a genuine expression of pleasure, and a calculated method for making them think he was closer than he was, the better to bring them to the abyss. Turn after turn the seat went round, and finally he felt the top shiver, felt them shake. Jared groaned audibly, and Matt felt a strange feeling inside him, which he realised was a cock rapidly filling a condom. Jared pulled out of him, and he felt the chair spin once more. Two more turns with Teddy (in a row based on the noises and who was cheering from offside) brought him to climax as well, and then it was just Judah and Matt.

He felt the now more confident cock push inside him, sliding easily in, and how it set up a rhythm. Matt’s own cock was singing the praises of Team Top, drenching the front of his jock in precum, but he refused to give in. And then he felt Judah shift. He felt a pressure, and some soft lips met his own. His tongue shot out, uncontrolled, and he licked savagely at the mouth he could feel next to his. The roughness of the stubble against his beard was new, different. Exciting. Their tongues fought for dominance, and this sensation distracted Matt from his carefully executed plan. His moaning became more guttural into Judah’s mouth and he barely registered Judah’s hand leaving his thigh, until it came to rest on his nipple. Judah gave it a squeeze, and the sharp pleasure that spread from it swept through his body. It was too much.

And then he felt it. Judah, twitched and spasmed, cumming in a sudden, jerking movement. The sensation was the final straw for Matt and he came, white cum seeping through the front and oozing from the sides. He collapsed backwards, too spent to contemplate his victory.

When the blindfold was removed and he was untied Matt took in the scene around him. It was like seeing it with fresh eyes. Waking up the day after a bender and remembering the alcohol soaked night before. He and his friends sat, him on a chair, them just on the floor. They were dressed in bright, primary coloured underwear, with matching hats socks and shoes. They were covered in sweat and cum. He could see his own skin practically glowing red from blushing.

“What. The fuck. Is going on?” he asked, barely containing his anger, but for some reason wanting to. He addressed this to his friends, but it was a man nearby who answered. The man was… unremarkable? Matt shook his head, trying to get a good look at the man. But his eyes just seemed to slide right off him.

“It’s the post-ejaculatory moment of clarity. When you don’t have all the horniness clouding your brains, helping you play. Don’t worry it’ll pass.”

“Don’t worry?!” Matt yelled, now not trying to contain himself. But he found himself shouting at the wall next to the man. He tried again. “What the fuck do you mean don’t wo… worry.” he trailed off. He was shouting at the wall again.

“There’s nothing here to concern yourself with, you’ve won! All that’s left for you to do for yourself is to go hop in the shower and get ready for your prize to be awarded.”

“Shower like fuck you… you… prize?” Wall. Again.

“Yep, a friendly shower. All you guys hop in and help each other clean off, get into all those nooks and crannies. Then you can get dressed up and we can finish up the evening.”

“I mean…” Teddy began, breaking his silence “we do need a shower.” He gestured at them, rapidly drying cum glistening on their chests and jocks.

“And the place does need to be tidied.” Jared continued, gesturing at the red, blue and yellow discarded condoms, lying used on the ground.

“We can discuss what’s going on after.” Judah finished.

“Yeah.” Matt said. “Alright. We’re having a shower-”

“Together.” The gamemaster interjected

“-a shower together, and then after that we’re going to have a very serious talk about what’s going on here.”

“Of course.” The gamemaster said pleasantly. “And I’ll take care of the social media on this one, so don’t you worry about that.”

“Yeah.” Agreed Matt, firmly. “Wait what?”

“What?” The gamemaster responded.

“Alright then.”

“Now I believe you were interested in finding out the prize for the evening, yes?” The gamemaster asked.

“No,” began Matt, busy inserting a large green butt plug with a “3” on the base “I mean, I think there was…” he trailed off. As he brought his hands back he traced them along his arse, feeling the tight straps framing it. He had to admit, he was liking the uniforms a lot more now. Having some support for his measuring dick was certainly helpful, and keeping it covered was one way to ensure the attention went where he wanted it. And besides, he won. He should be able to enjoy the feeling of his points total for a while.

“You were annoyed that the prize was still a mystery of course!” Continued the gamemaster, heedless of Matt’s failed objection. “Well, lucky enough for you Mr Matt, the prize this evening is one free…” he drummed his hands on the table, “Nipple piercing!” he opened a small box where a small silver ring glimmered.

Matt raised his eyebrows. He’d never considered a nipple ring before, he raised a hand to tweak the left, and then the right nipples appraisingly.

“And guys,” the gamemaster said, as Matt tried to determine which nipple was more sensitive, “Just personally, I wanted to say, you’ve all been such great sports tonight. Really getting into the games and cheering each other, on even when you were against each other. So as a parting gift I’ve left a box in your foyer, and in it you’ll find everything you need to run your own games night! So make sure, next games night you invite your friends, your co-workers, teammates and brothers. Everyone deserves a chance to have a little fun.”

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